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Remington Arm-Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
200 Bfodwr it cw York City
H Illuminating Article By H. T. Haines On Utah's
H Resources To National Irrigation Con-
H gress Which Met This Week.
m lloallilng tho Imporlnnco of tlio
B Nntlonnl Irrigation congress, which
H "convened In Hull Ijiko City tho (Int
V. throo day of this wcok, II. T.
B llnlnci, Ululi state commissioner of
B Immigration, Inbor ami statistics,
V prepared nn exhaustive nrtlclo on
V Utnh'B agricultural opportunities,
B From tho fnclto pen of llalne cma-
, unto the followliiK facts, which will
t. ho published In tho "National Irrl-
' gallon Congress llullotln"
k It I stated that ono of tho ob-
t' Jocts of the National Irrlgntloit con-
H gross U to illffuio knowlodgo con
H earning Irrigation, nnd while It U
Jv , snnttho, purpose of thin brief nrtlclo
Hr via 'exploit this subject at It relstas
ti to Utah It may bo well to hero
r stato that on 90 por cent of tho
B. farms In this stato Ifls by mean
of IrrlKntlon that crops nro grown.
m A deendo ago tho percentage of lr-
t rlgatod farms was croaler, It l lion
t bolng 03. C por cent. Notwlth-
t standing tho successful development
horn of tho ilry farming Industry in
e ilio past dozen or morn years, nml
K tits still more rapid development
b assured for It, It Is not likely that
v ' In the very near futura tio Irrigated
M eompnred with tho total number
o farms within tho slate will be
K mue less than 00 per cent, owing
S to the foot thnt the average slxe of
B tin lirlgntod farms will Hvadtly dc
iraaio In.nren and comoquontly In-
K crornw ln number. From 1800 to
S IVOi tho nvcrngo nlro of Utnli furms
H dMrensvd from 2l'i.i acres to ICG. 7
Sinull I'll nu Win.
H And this showing brings us to n
HI point wo desire to emphnslio, vl
that 11 very small farm In nn Irrlgn
Ifcd fccllon of Ulnb Is capablo of
yielding n fortuno to tho men who
will Intelligently nnd dllllgcntly
"work" It.
The progress of agricultural Utah
Is to n great extent Impeded by tho
"land hog" tho follow who Is hold
ing In Idleness, In mnny Instances,
several hundred acres of land that
can produce twenty-five dollnrs In
hay to tho acre, or from thirty to
fifty dollnrs In oats, or wheat, sov-enty-flve
dollars to tho aero In
sugar boots or nlnoty dollnrs In po
tatoes, or y from soventy-flve to n
luindfcanjMitweriSjMlvoJollnrs nn
aero In nlfolfn seed, or from two
hundred nnd fifty to six hundred
dollars In fruit.
The reports of tho United Rtntes
agricultural department show Utah
to ho very first ln her yields per
ncrn of tho above montloned ns well
as other farm products. In somo In
stances, notably sugar beets nnd al
falfa eod, sho leads nil other states
In yields per ncre, nnd tho record
shows her to be but n smnll prcenl
age In her yields per naro behind
tho lenders In nil crops that nre
grown here.
Tun KtH Vltnl 1'iilnt.
1'ivsldniit Tafl, In n iikvsmiko on
consorvutlon, recently said: "Tho
feature that transcends till others,
Including uoods, wnters nnd miner
als, Is tho soil of tho country."
There nro volumes of truth In
the nbovu torso sentence, nnd this
being tho case, whut nn Inestimable
asset has Utah In her soils that
lend tho wholo country In their pro
ductivity, ns vouched for by so roll-
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Hxr"---- K"ryrff lgp'':T5'& ' t "l'w''''.7ffiM77rTiSi"lSSi
able and conservative nn authority, ,
ns the United States agricultural bu
reau. A Utah farm has not only 1
one and two, but several lsye" r
soil, and the lowor layer, e',,,c
times to depths of forty or N 'V
fw, are a fertile ns the upper
layers. The plant food therein has
come down from tho washing frm ,
the mountains and ha boen con
served therein for countlei o?9
because of Insufficiency of rsinfall
to wash It out nnd nwny.
in our whole stato thoro are but
slightly over a million acres of now
cultivated land by means of Irriga
tion. If nil tho land within the Ir
rigated farms now under fence was
"farmed" tho acreago would possi
bly reach a million nnd n half acres
and will reach two million ucrcs
when water Ib turned onto ths' land
now Included In now Irrlgnllon proj
ects. Theso two million ncres will
then embrace less thnn n fourth of
the acrengo of tho stato that ' ,,"t"
ceptlble to cultivation by jnestis of
Irrigation from tho known water
resources of tho stale. Perhaps a
million more ncres will eventually
be Irrigated from supplies of under
ground water yet to bo discovered,
Then we will still havo a down mil
lion or more ncres of forllle landB
nn which to produco dry farm crops.
From Ihls It will bo scon that prac
tically thoro Is nt present hot one
twentieth of Utah's ngrlculiurnl
Ismls under actual cultivation.
Kililcnt Opportunity
This fact spells opportunity to
millions of men who nro flounder
ing around In densoly Bottled por
tlnnn of the world nnd In places
where the soil has long since been
robbed of Its nbUlty to supply food
for plant life, nil lamonttng their
ability to mako n living for them
selves nnd thoso dependent upon
As nnturo lias been so generous
to Utah In her gifts of soil of tin
rlvnlcd fortuity ond n climate of un
surpnssablo mildness nnd salubrity,
our greatest need, thcrofore, Is to
securo nmbltlous and Intelligent
farmers to settlo upon our millions
of acres of Idle lands. To such I'tnh
offers belter opportunities for suc
cess thnn nny other stnto In tho
For tho man who hns n knowl
edge of farming, coupled with tho
means (o purchaso land already un
der Irrigation, to bo secured from
prlvnto or corporato ownorshlp, sho
offers thousands of ncres At prices
considerably lower than land of tho
snmo vnluo mny bo ouminea eisc
whore. This statement Is not overdrawn,
for ono hns but to glnnco at a smnll
number of lltcrnturo relating to
"land opportunities" In alt ptrts of
tho country that appoars In news
papers, magazines, circulars. He , to
learn that Utah lands nro tftotod ntl
oxtrsmoly low prices when VripareA
with land and prices for stub adver
tised elsewhere. What Is of con
siderable Importance Is the fact
thnt thousands of ncres of tio best
Irrigated nnd must fertile I'tnh
lands miy be purchased on tho onsl
est posslblo terms, a small cash
payment down nnd tho balance In
Installments coloring 11 period of
ten years. Land of this character
Is n n immediate dividend payor nnd
it strong one hi thnt.
For tho cltlxeu who has never ox
erclsed Ills privilege to nniulro. laud
under the homestead or desert en
try acts, Utah Is a Mrtkulnrly In
viting state. For such thsro Is it
cliolrt) of several thousands of
nori. yes, millions, Upon thoso
lands there Is the particular soil to
meet tho requirements of (ho loon
tor himself. In the selection of his
laud entry ho mny choose n soil
best adapted to tho growth of wheut
nnd other grains, or to sugar beets,
potatoes nnd other root crops, or to
upplos nnd other fruits, or ohooso
n soil where nil such products will
grow fairly welt. Public domain
land of this character Is to bo ob
tained In nil sections of our stato,
nnd for which water Is ncresstblo
for tho price of tho labor required
10 urmg 11 10 1110 innit.
Tho new enlarged homestead net
has proved to bo 11 popular ono In
Utah. Undor 11 ft person may ob
tain throo hundred nnd twenty ncres
or land upon which grain and other
crops 01111 bo successfully grown
without resorting to Irrigation, As
It require but twenty-two dollars
and 11 half to file upon u three hun
dred nml twenty-ncru tract of this
character of land nnd enter Into Im
mediate possession, hundreds of
men of limited means have exercised
their rights to thus acquire a sllco
of tho steadily diminishing public
domain et available for agricultur
al purposes. A special proiWIon of
this law, favorable to Utuh only, re
lieves the settler of the neHlty of
establishing n residence on Hie land
entered. He Is required to clear,
plow and plant to crops a small por
tion of the la tut for 11 period of flvo
avoiii Ki'.n.viivi: ronm mi:ih-
If ou want to contribute directly
to the occurrence of capillary bron
chitis nnd pneumonia use cough
modlcluee that contain coil Inc. mor
phine, heroin nnd other sedatives
when you have 11 cough or cold.
An expectorant like Chamberlain's
Cough Homody Is what Is ueedod.
Thnt cleans out the culture beds or
breeding plncos for the germs of
pneumonia and other germ dleasos
That is why pneumonia never ro-
! suits from it eold when Chamber
lain's Cough Hemedy Is used. It
hns n world wide reputation for Us
cures It contains no morphlno or
other sedative. For sale by nil
. A New and Complete Line of ; . H
g Guns, Revolvers and Ammunition I
Q At Prices That Cannot Be Beaten H
years, after which ho may obtain
patent at n cost not exceeding the
Initial filing fee.
Ilrj- Fanning Successful.
IJy means of so called "dry farm
ing" methods enlarged homestead
land produces from fifteen to forty
bushels of whent per ncre, nnd n
stilt larger yield of oats. Alfalfa nnd
alfalfa need nro very profitable
crops, nnd corn, ryo, barley nnd
evon fruits nnd vegotnbles nro
grown on such land, whero the nn
nunl proclpltntlon nvcrnges four
Icon Inches nnd greater.
Tho vnluo or land ln Utnh Is high
for tho reason thnt tho crop yields
nre high, but tho prlco of tho land
Is low. Tho formor condition will
ever survive becnuso of tho won-
.lM...l ,l...tfl nml fnflllllv ft tllfl
soil, but tho latter condition will
shortly chnngo In fnct Is now
changing. Tho abundance of unap
propriated agricultural lands Jinn
had n tendency to hold down tho
prlco of all lands In tho past, but
Islnco somo of our horticulturists
havo demonstrated that somd of our
land that didn't look cry good nt
first glnnco will produco fruits thnt
sell from two hundred nnd fifty to
six hundred dollnrs per ncro nnnu
ally, tho rise In tho soiling prlco of
nil laud Is nteiuiny upward. Thcro
Is never n downward price, for thcro
Is no wnrnout or exhausted land in
tho stnto.
NiNtl Not Toll luig.
There Is no Intensive farming In
Utah. No farmer 1ms ever fell tho
necontdly for such. Wn hear of
eases where from n thousand to fif
teen hundred dollars worth of tunnll ,
fruit was taken off nn acre of land
here nnd there ln one season. If
necessity required these results
could he duplicated. Ileoause of Jils
possession of ample acres and (he
high productive virtues of the soil
tlm Utnh farmer neither tolls hard
nor long. He takes matters leis
urely and enjoys long spells of rest. I
Ho tnkes pride In good, even blood
ed horsee nnd vnttle. He ought to
raWe moro hogs, poultry and eggs
than lie now does, all of which
fetch fancy prices In the stnto,
which lias to Import of such to meet
tho locul consumption.
Tho dairy Industry U sadly neg
lected hore, nnd tho word sadly Is
hero used In tho broader sonso of
Its full meaning, for Utnh la n
dairyman's paradise, and this fact
ought to bo mora widely reallxod
nnd known,
Alt that hns beon herein said con
cerning tho laud, soil, products,
crop lelds and otlior mnttors re
specting opportunities tho stnto of
fers to homeseukers Is easily with
in tho confines of truth and It 1
anticipated that tho delegates nnd
other visitors In nttondanco at the
Irrigation congress will aid ln Mat
tering broadoasl plain fuels ubout
Utah ono of tho greatest nnd
most Inviting commonwealths in the
One of tho most startling changes
over seen In nny man, according to
II, Holscliiw, Clarendon, Tox.,
was effected years ago In his bro
ther. "Ho had such a dreadful
cough," ho writes, "that all our
family thought ho wns going Into
consumption, but he began to use
Dr. King's Now Discovery, and was
complotoly cured by ten bottles.
Now ho Is sound and well and
weighs 218 pounds. For mnny years
our family has used this wonderful
remedy for coughs and colds with
cxcollont results." It's quick, safe,
reliable nnd guaranteed, Prlco SO
conta nnd $1,00. Trial bottlo freo
at till dealers.
Lot us flguro with you on a loan
for building. It. W. Crockett & Co,,
Frlce, Utah.
HobUI ration days nre October
'8th, Oth, 15th, 29th nnd 30th.
Tho largest crop of sugnr Loots
will bo harvested this year of nny
In tho history of Utah and Idaho.
Tho work of coaxing tho nwectnoss
from tho largo crop will begin with
in tho noxt fojv days. Tho present
cstlmnto hns It that tho Utah-Idaho
Sugar company plants will Jinndlo
470,000 tons of beets; tho throo
plnnts of tho Amalgamated Hugnr
company, 170,000 tons, nnd tho iow
Iston Sugnr company's plant, 80,000
tons, making a grand total of 72C,-
000 tons. The only pro.sB
Is now confronting tfct'iB
panics Is tho stiortars H
tntlon facilities. ThntiH
ont n grnvo lack of can.
to separate a boy froa iH
Ilucklon's Arnica Salit. B
pies, bolls, scratches, kaodsB
and bruises demand lt,uB
Hot for burns, scalds or cH
right. Keep It hand fotVH
girls. Heals crerjuMtt m
and does It quick. I'MtH
piles. Only 25 centi it CB
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Mine I'rops, Ties nnd Bprags and various other local rM
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that our stores are honest
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shoes that are better and dif
ferent from others. If you
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