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mm m
ably Flvo Hundred Employed
tho Mlnea nnd at Other Work
Carbon nnd Emery Counties
"Cussing tho llalkan Situation
Their Church In Zlon.
. n monster nine mooting of
kg In tho Greek church nt Halt
, City last 8unday tho llalknn
tlon waa dlocusMd nnd n com
?o appointed to carry out In
Uons received lato Saturday
: from tho head office of tho
Hellenic society In Iloston,
. Tho committee, consisting of
r prominent Utah Greeks, will
t contributions for a fund
i will bo turned over to tho
Cross nocloty for uso In tho
of TiosUlltles.
re than two hundred unnntu
Hit Greeks of Utah havo boon
rd Into tho nrmy of their nn
Hnd It U probnblo that from
o fifteen Uiousand throughout
Houotry havo boon called. Tho
Hiko City commttteo will also
arrangements for tho trans
lon of tho Utah uion to Now
whero they will board a steam.
H IMeraus, whenco they will go
Biens to join tho Grecian forces.
Hro arc about eight thousand
s In this state, nnd It Is ostl
B by their leaders that In caso
Hual war, two thousand of thorn
H be enlisted. However, tho
t outlook, according to to I ft.
c advices, Is that hostilities
V prorentcd by tho European
m. All unnaturalized Greeks
m United States from 21 to 38
H are cllglblo to military nor-
Brdlng to 8. a Skllrls, labor
for tho Utah Fuel company,
envor and Itlo arando nnd
ro hundred Greeks In Carbon
Bmcry counties, engnged in
lining, ranching nnd railroad
ihcr work A consldurnblo
Br of thoso would respond to
B-ountry s call If tlu nccoMt
f nr demand. TIimi local
B havo consldorahlo money ac
Btfil a savings.
H Who IUIti.1 Dun Hmltli ut
Bll(i (Mti Itt-lilml Hunt.
Bk ( Johnson, tho negro who
pbn r.. ilth, nnothor negro, at
Hth!o week hoforo Inst nnd
Mrtlt r:;.ipud to tho hills, waa
H forced to return to clvllUa-
Thursday night last. Ho
jKovucd wandering nround
Jrt house at lr!co nt a lato
' Sheriff Thomaji F. Koltor.
,H accosted Johnson said;
'hoot, I sivo myself up,"
Keller did not know nt tho
' U was tho. negro.
Bman. j,ad remained concoalcd
i canyons nround Cnstlo Gato
B a oxhnustod. Ho said
B had gono thrco Any a without
'I.'"1 Hint ho would rather
fnWuucnt thnu sturvo In tho
on Is a bad man. Ho, orr-
n la jail nt I'rlco laat um-
sy1 " kI1 to bo wanted In
( on a serious charge Ho
FMted a fow wooka ngo on
" of robbing n saloon at
"ut thoro was not onough
to convict Mm.
'on has hcon bound over to
"ct court, chargod with first
Friday afternoon Francis W.
ami Miss vidn Faiuott
rrled by ltov, James E. For
' clergyman's homo, loav-
S!..,N? a ,ho Bamo vn
Mt Uko city, whoro thoy
re tm Uayg roturnln t0
tfay evening. Tro bride
' irlcoa most lovely girls,
wU,,hter ot Mr- na Mni
hom u.ob'nBn nro stopping
"! of "' Qiao's Parent
ocate ,l,a homo furnl8h0d-
to it, ,,h a ,,ost of othora
tho nowly married pooplo
rr n long and happy
Zlv''" ,or nr King'.
" Boats will bo nt n
WjMBBsisisWIBBBjB JjLtfSjiSiWf
J3& j.IB.IH
stern Utafi Advocate H
IMUCE, UTAH, THUHStlAit KT. 10, oi - 'Bisflsaaaaaafl
. &i - 3- NUMIIEH 10. k!8siiiiiiiH
PIIOVO, Oct 6 - Tho i. '
tcrday to hear a report from vtohttCoram0"ln club held a meeting yes
meeting to secure a rRh o .v 6f!orara'l,eo -PPolnted at a previous
yon to Provo for tho Utah rI7r!nm t.ho mouth of 8Pftnl"h " Can
ty to connw;t wt l"o gj railroad to bo built from Carbon coun-
Slnco the commit V.. 1 ko ,l outo ,,cre-
two roads, US' Sd SfiXtf ,U bcctl ".alned that tho
Prallel most of tho way fSm S BBd Ulah ,ncTurban. will
found necessary incre, m Lk to l'r0T0' nmI therefore It
foot, making tho right of wU""1 ,of ,,' tl ot V olfiht
wide. K"1 ol 8 tor toth roads a hundred nnd eight feet
iUSoTerUdL tho .iol.ll. of securing th
r completed, nnd aMurane -, , Tm run hhre 0Mn practical
readiness for tho bu Hdln o" t hi ro',Thnl ,T"',h,n ou!d bo tf
g or tho road beforo cold weather sets In.
nyUn0U,1 C1UM,I" o of the live
I1" " m the atato fair this
yoar U hat of the Uambergcr Inter"
Ogden railway, say. Saturday Dc
?un. t7'u A TiM 0,cctr,c r
trnrl . ' ,pfCa. ar0Und ft "
u.t h" C,0ck noarb' i-cglatora
IVr l ' .h.Ur 1ery r0Una Ot tho
'f'ln,i i!,a.1 bolwc" su
n. J !y .ftnd. K,lcn ih0 ""ny
runs a train "on tho hour every
hour. An Indicator noar tho track
"Cu a ,now Invention tells
which 4ho car Is supposed to stop.
Hi.M kDtWll.M ,b0 lpnon 8lreot ""
Station Indicator and Is to bo In-
tailed shortly on all tho cars of
tho Ilambergor system. Tho dovlco
r..i "T1011 by aporK0 ,IW,on n
result of n chanco remark n lady
onco mndo when sho had boon car
ried beyond her destination. Tho
operation of tho dovlco Is simple. As
aoon as tho car loaves n station an
attachment on tho trolley wlro auto
matically operates tho Indicator,
ringing n boll to call tho nttnniinn
of tho passengers to tho announce
ment nnd bringing tho namo of tho
noxt strcot or station Into full vlow. '
Advertising matter can bo placed i
along with each station namo nnd I
tho dovlco mado extremely profit-1
nblo. ,
.. T.nl" ' tl10 'nvontlon that N. B. '
?fS!!,0J,.i- -gttflSTOTCOTd-nC
Tlio Indicator mndo a great hit at
Uio fair, was on dlsplny nnd usod by'
Ilambergor In making his many nn-'
tiounccmenta to tho public. Tho!
mnchlno nttraoted big crowds and !
caused much comment.
IlutiT will not cost mora than
forty coutu n pound In Salt I.nko
City thU winter, In tho judgmont of
Vlco I'rosldent Corliss of the Jen
noil Creamery oompany, oven though
tho big pnekera of Chicago havo the
nvallnblo supply pretty well tlipl up.
In Chicago the effect of this con
trol Is nlrendy being fell, tho price
being two and a half cents a pound
higher thnn at thU tlmo Inst year.
When this fact was called to tho at
tention of Corliss ho said that tho
Chicago rlso would not affect tho
retail prlco In Salt Lako City.
"ThU corner by tho big Chicago
packors," said Corliss, "not only nf
fecU tho prlco of buttor, but ox
tonda to choose, eggs and poultry.
Howovor, tlico products aro In
creasing In both Utah and Idaho,'
nnd wo liopo to mnlntaln n normal !
market hero during tho winter." .
At n mooting of the republican
stnto control commlttoo hold last
Monday aftornoou nt Salt Lako City
M. II. W'alkor was clootod to fill tho
vacancy caused by tho resignation
of E. I). Woolluy as a pre-sldontlal
elector on tho ticket.
l'lnna for tho Itlnorary of a num
ber of tho prominent members of
tho party wero also dlscused at tho
V. S. McCornlck was nlso consid
ered, but ho being n national bank
dlroctor prevented his soloctlon.
rrlntml notices of tho laws por
tnlnlng to annual corporation llcenso
tax aro bolng mallod by Socrotary ot
State Charles S. Tlngoy to corpora
tions of tho stnto. Tho taxes be
como duo Novombor lGth.
Will A.Mrrw, Uio Votorn nt City
Hnll .dt Hntimlny Va ruing,
Carl It. Marcusen, secretary of tho
republican county central committee,
announces tho coming to I'rlco next,
Saturday ovonlng of Senator Ooorga
??, lhctT ho Penk nt tho
City Hall at i'rlco on tho Issue of I
tho day. Other speakers for tho
party nro booked by Stnto Chairman
Henry V. Oardnor, dates for which
throughout tho county will bo an
nounced Intor.
t It. H. Klrkpatrlck, county chair
mnn, waa horo Saturday and Bun
jday from Sunnyaldo. Ho anticipates
I Uio usual republican voto In Carbon
county. His advices from all tho
I precincts Indicate this. At Sunny
.aldo but ono "bull moochor" ha up
I to dato been dhcovcrcd, and this
ono a man who failed to recolvo n
I nomination nt tho hands of tho ro
publican county convention.
I Bonator Ilcod Sraoot has wlrod
i to tho republican national commit-1
too asking thnt Utah bo Included In
tho Itlnorarlcs of promlnont repub-1
llcan orators who will bo sent West. I
i.Vntlimnl llim-nu Comw Pretty Xmr
tt HltUnK Illghtly. 1
(""Nv'ABHlIvimjNrD." OTbiCtifc
I Fair weather and modornto temper
,nluro throughout tho Eastorn nnd
, Southern States nnd tho Taclflo
; Slope aro prcdlctod for (ho week by
I tho weather burenu. Tho weekly
I bulletin says, howovor, thnt n dis
turbance will appear In tho Far
iWest Wednesday or Thursday nnd
,be nttended by unsettled weather
nnd rnln. It will provnll ovor tho
Middle Wiwl noar tho eloso of tho
week. Following tho dlsturtmnco n
pronounced area of high barometer
, attended by much colder weathor
I will appear In tho North wwrt Friday
or Saturdny, and spread rnpldly
JMistward nnd southward.
J Following Is tho list of Jurors
j drawn for tho September' term of
tho district court which convene In
! I'rlco, on Mondny, Ootobor 21st,
jjudgo Alhort II. Chrlstenion presid
ing: Clear Creek Ed Holman, Carl
M. Soroiuion, John O. 1 1111. Goorgo
'1'otorson, Hormnn O, Andorson, F.
'W. Itobcrts.
I Castlo Gato Andrew Voung, Alf
red Olson.
j Spring Glen John T. Ilowloy.
Wellington Ernost Drnnch, W.
8. Hill, II. A. I'lnogar.
I'rlco Albert Face, McCluro Wil
son, Elmoro Shlnor, II. a. Mathls,
W. J. West. I
Scoflold Victor Uoln, J. E. Whn-j
ln, Ooorgo A. Groen. i
Sunnysldo Androw ChrUtonsen,1
Abncr ICofford, Edward Snow, Da
vid Stevenson.
Winter Quarters 1). J. Iteooe.
Harpor Ed. C, I.ee.
Kenllworth U. O. Edwards, John
Hiawatha. John Ileddoon,
Helper II, F. Mom.
Havo you bought your ticket for
Dr. King's reading? Keep your
oyoe open for students soiling tick
ets or call at tho Co-Op storo.
Offlco and school supplies, Ad
vocato Publishing Co.
IMUir Tim lluttU'i-n UtiUi Ailtocnto:
HUNNVHIDE, Utuli, Oct. H. A rumor liwt cimiio to mo Uiut luy
IMdltlcitl opponeutM mi ntnkUig tl tilk Hwt If 1 urn ulrcUxl coun
ty clork of Carbon county (on Uio rupiilillriiii ticket) that I will
nppolut n tlcpnty to liiimllo Uio offlco nnd kUII ivtaln my position
Jhtv. I wish to UiUi most wnplmtically that If I win olcctwl I
ahull linniiillaU'ly redgn my ikwUIoii with tliu Denver and Itlo
Giiimlu ItullnHul company ut HiiumjhIiIii mul uioto tilth my family
to Frico. Voun. truly, vwmOS.
Wn Candidal,, Fl Hntlofar
I'lng" Individual Fniiu Zlon
fcctlom 1'rrviitnl U.
.ip f UnfnlmcM, Wlmtrtir.
jSW" IKE C1TV, Oct. 7.-8e.
retir.of Btatc Charles 8. Tlngey
yesterday mailed to Harry 8. Joseph
andVoeph Slskow a formal denial
of thp protest filed with tho sooro
I Urypf atato on Friday, objecting to
. Ihoiyiacliig of Judgo Johnson's nama
on th official ballot as n rcpubll
lnnwomlneo for congress, Tlngoy
jaad his reply to tho protcstanta
I In afternoon, Uius coming wlth
Itt statutory forty-clght hours
f row. tho tlmo tho nrnlnl w fllnH
lry B. Joseph, when soon rcla
t'fofto tho matter, said that na yet
Dwbllc was not fully advised as
le facU In tho caso. Ho did not
atwhat further offort, U any,
& bctnndo to provonl Johnson's
, going on tho official ballot.
Jt fcjLbellou'd, however, that thoro
will frh an action filed In court rcla
tlve tho matter.
Tpgoy overruled tho objections
, becio ho was of tho opinion thnt
thotatuto did not authorlto him
.'oJS'JuIro Into tho qualifications of
la cjwdldato whoso namo appeared
,on accrtlflcato of nomination which
confirmed to tho law. Further ho
alataittbat Joseph submlttod no ovl
doncf In substantiation nt his
ohnrfcj, whllo on Uio other hand
Judsst Johnson fllod a dotallod do
ntaljM all of thorn.
prCTfc1 tho"ecrMnry otutlf rasa.
placing tho namo of Jacob Johnson,
candidate for congress, on tho re
publican ticket wns Issued by Judgo
Morso today on petition of Harry H.
j Joseph nnd Joseph Slskow. Tho writ
Is mndo returnable Monday, October
I Hth.
Tho petition of Joseph nnd Sis-
Jkow Is accompanied by an affidavit
In which tho petitioners allege that
the certificate of nomination of Ja
cob Johnson as fllod with tho aeo-
' rotary of stato does not show that
Jacob Johnson haa been n roiildont
lot Utah for aovon years Immediately
I preceding tho election of November
S. 1912.
I Tho nffldavlt recites the filing ot
! the protest of Joseph nnd Slskow
'with tho necretnry of stato October
till last, nnd tho refusal of tho sec
retary of stato to net favorably for
the petitioners. It ngaln roc I to
that Jacob Johnson Is not n cltlxon
of tho United Statos, thnt Ms namo
Is not Johnson, but Jacob Jensen;
that tho placing of tho namo of Ja
cob Johnson on tho state ticket
would doprlvo many thousands of
republicans In Utah from voting tho
! republican tlckot by tho party om
,lilcm; thnt Jacob Johnson haa not
compiled with tho campaign publi
city acts of congreM.
Attack .Miulo On I'raddi'iit Hwuimo
j or Minima DIMcultli.
Democrat aro circulating broad
cast through the atuto it pamphlet
bearing tho title, "Mexican I'olloy
of President William II. Taft," nnd
boarlng a portrait of tho prosldont.
Tbo pamphlet contains sovon pages
of text, nttncklng tho president nnd
his policy towards Moxlco. No namoa
are nttnehod to the booklot. In
fact, thoro la nothing to reveal who
I the uutbora and distributors aro.
I John E. Clark, socrotary of the
j democratic stnto central committee,
sa that tho commlttoo Is not cir
culating the anonymous pamphlet.
Thoro cro no copleu being mailed
I from headquartors, ho sold. Who
i tho authors and distributor aro ho
and other officers would not say.
Despite the foot that tho Mormon
.conferenco clotted Sunday, there nro
still soveral hundrod conferenco vis
itors In Salt Lako City. Tho time
limit on tickets to nearby points la
I October 10th, and thoso to points
farthor nway, Octobor 15th, with
tbo exception of tickets from polntB
In Canada, Arizona and far off
points, which havo a thirty-day lim
it Railroad men say that many of
tho visitors will remain until tho
tlmo limit ot their tickets.
Avoids Direct Reference to President Taft's Ad- 1 SflU
ministration, But Deplores the Spirit of
Unrest Which Prevails Throughout Nation I HIM!
at This Time-Brigham H. Roberts Taken :ttH
to Task Before Eight Thousand People. iT'f H
llmptylng tho vlnts of his wrath It
words that fairly bristled will
wlthorlng denunciation, President
Joseph F. Smith, In bU opening ad
dress beforo tho scmt-nnnunl con
feronco of tho Mormon boats yes
tcrday, took verbal vongennco upon
tho pcoplo of Mexico for tho per
cutlon of tho Mormon colonists. Ho
called them "a rnco of low, degrad
od, godlois, vindictive, shiftless, Idlo
brigands, ronegndes, murderers nnd
plunderers, unworthy tho namo of
humnns. Tho American govern
ment," ho said, "has played tho part
of wisdom In standing aloof nnd lot
ting dog cat dog."
Mbuloit Is AImuiiIoiu!.
Tho church loador mado formnl
announcement that tho mission of
Uio Slormon church In Moxlco was
nt nn end and that tho bravo mon
nnd women who hod risked their
fortunea nnd their lives In tho at
tempt to build up a branch of tho
church In that "barbarous country"
nro rolcasod from further duty In
tho Southern republic.
Carefully nvoldlng all names and
apoclflc references, Prosldont Htnllh
bespoko his warm rouard for the
ur..l ...I -....-irvyiurru-tiiu
nbrond lnh7rwWdTrivllnTt3,
chnngo tho old order of thing. H
urged church mombors to over hold
In roveronco tho constitution of'
America and to always voto to clo
vnto only honorable, wlso and con-i
survatlvo mon to places of powor In
tho administration of tho constitution.
.Not Talking Politic.
President Smith mndo no refer
onco to his recent nrtlclo In support
of President Tnft, printed In tho
Improvement Era, nor npproachod
tho toplo ot politics lu any way
other than to commend tho notion
of tho present administration.
Fully eight thousand persons,
tunny of them pilgrims from
throughout tho world, far nnd near,
whoro tho branches of Mormonlsnt
nro located, hoard their vonornblo
loador. It was tho opening session
of tho eighty-third conforonco or
tlio church. Tho tnbornnclo was
comfortably filled, tho nttondnnco
oxcotdlng that of any opening aes
slon lu years.
Many DlgtillnrlfM Attinil.
Tho church dignitaries wore well
represented on tho atnnd. President
Smith and his counselors, Anthon
I.und and Chnrloa W. Ponroso, oc
cupied tho top tier. On the lower
tier worn Apostles Francis M. I.y.
man, Hebor J. Qrunt, Heed Biaoot,
Hyrum M. Smith, Goorgo A. Smith,
Orson F. Whitney, David O. McKay,
Anthony W. Ivlns, Joseph F. Smith,
Jr., nnd James E. Talmago. Tho
only absent apostles were Iludgor
Clawson, who la In Europo, and a.
F. Itlchanls. Of tho first sovon
presldonts of tho seventies thoro
woro prosont J, Golden Kimball,
Seymour II. Young, Union 8. Wells,
J. W. MoMurrln nnd Charles H.
Hart, nishop Charles W. Nlbloy,
presiding bishop of tho church, and
his counselors, O. P, Miller and D.
A. Smith, wero present. Scoros of
other high churchmen, Including Pa
triarch Hyrum G. Smith, occuplod
Boats of honor.
President Smith called the confor
onco to ordor a fow minutes after
10 o'clock, Charlso A. Callls, presi
dent of tho Southorn States mission,
homo for tho conference, offering
tho Invocation.. After muslo by tho
choir and great organ, President
Smith launched upon his formal ad
dreaH, which la eacji year In tho na
ture of a grootlng and koynoto to
tho church's standing nnd policies
for tho yoar to como.
The church leader tmld that ho
did not foel so strong physically its
was his wont nud that It was only
through tho graco ot God that he
was able to perform tlio duties that
dovolved upon him na hoad of tho
church. All worthy success In llfo ' Jfi, H
must acknowledgo Its sourco In that i trt 'stsssllH
same grace of Ood, ho said. Ho I. Wk H
'compared Iho present atrongtji ot fflp H
the church with Its standing nt tho j $f H
tlmo It was first organlied, and 3 i M M
Ipolntcnl to Its rapid growth as n A lj sBBIH
proof of Its universal mission. j. W.jH
I "Evidences oi prosperity aro on it HeiBHl
'every hand," ho dectnrod. "Tho J.at- ESssHHIH
I ter-day Saints IhroUghOUt tlio world X URH
with Iho ono blnck exception or W sHHIH
Moxlco, of which I shall havo mora ,M
, to say, aro rich In tho tomporal ' K H
bloulngs of earth. Their grana- ' f
rlos nro bursting with tho whont of W H
tho fields, their revenues havo In- t H
creased and nil comforts ot llfo " IH
havo multiplied. For thoso tblnga ' f HH
lot us thank God. Ut us not fall j' f H
victims to pride, nor Indifference, ''"ill ssaaaaH
which so orten Attends prosperity, i I M B
but lot us always hold In mind thnt 1 H
tho Lord Is tho sourco of our wcl- i If I H
faro." 'uim -M
Iteforrlng to tho colonists who '11 1 I 1
wero driven from Mexico, Prosldont 'CI I' 1 taH
Smith said that so harrowing had I H
boon their experiences and so great I L' I asaaH
tho turmoil and confusion ongondar- iFi t" bH
ed In that country that tho church J t 4 'flH
had doomed It wlso to abandon Ita '11 'm' sllH
Mo?lcjn.PtpJcttror-UmJlm.-.u- , i , ,l jj H
Tumi to Outrngcii. iVf' aaaaaaaaal
yoar'VJoplo .hvobcon robbed, .. . jn-to JiE' B. aslH
pluudorod, and drives from thlr,miimmm 2 L" Mt slH
homes;' ho said.' "Homo of-the Lk'JnhMt I " MhsH
havo boon doprlvod of Hiolr liberty "rBr- j riTH
and all havo had to fleo for tholr j (" H
j lives, nnd I regret to say some of ' I H
thorn did not oscapo tho murdoroua . 1 -H
mob." President Smith said that H
the settlors did not go to Mexico by H
choice, but on tho advlco and coun- ' H
sol of tho church, which desired to H
'extend lta empire In thnt direction. ( H
j At this point tho speaker launch- ) H
ed upon his torrent of donunclutlon. 'jH
With it tolcu that trembled with , ; M
fooling und rang through tho vast t I i H
auditorium llko n 'trumput, he hurl I H
od Invective after tnvectlvo upon 1'
tho hoods of tho Muxlcnns, Ho dm . , ' H
clarod thnt ho believed Und would j H
send a scourge upott them to purgo 1 1 ' M
tho country of Its wickedness nnd f t i H
lift tho people to it higher plane of , ty t H
lutelllgonce. Lip saaaaaal
"Many porsons havo condemned M: ..JJH
tho government of tho United Btnten lj ' H
for Its non-lntorferonco In tho Moxl- ' . "l
can situation," said tho speakor, H ' L. M
"but I bollovo It was the part or W .
wisdom that this nntlon should H ', il
stand asldo and let dog eat dog. In- IB l 'sl
tnrvontlon by force of arms would In ssssaal
preclpltato a war that would last m I H
yours and years. Tho mlsorablo H
country would bo brought to tho Ipj " H
very depths ot despair nnd blood- JV' M
shod would bo onormous." fit''
DepIonM Nntlon'd Unreat. T'J H
Digressing from tho Mexican situ- 'ill , J - ' M
atlon, President Smith took occa- im ' IH
elon to deploro what ho termed tho U,! -H
growth of "mobocracy" throughout i;' H
Amorlca. Ho said tho American tm Jsaaaal
constitution was ondaugored by tho fJ I 'fH
restless movements. Ho urged that H'TJ i- . H
tho Mormons renew their alloglanco Pd! 'iH
to tho nation by supporting tho con- fc jj Ilm
atltutlon na thoy do tholr religion, uX x saaai
and to stand against every attack jjjj , H
upon It. Prosldont Smith concluded inl 111 iiaH
his nddroaa with an appeal to the rm V,tH
rank and fllo of tho church to ro- ! H i ) ,H
member and obey tho procepts of f'S ti '- JH
their faith In overy dotal). "Book j 1 ,. ',M
yo tho truth and follow It, for tho ' Si) tH
truth will mako yo free," he said. KM , '
Anthou II. Lund ot tho first presl- 3L V1H
dency was tho only other spoaker ; jHjl 11
nt tho morning sosslon. Ho talked Ml'i"' ' H
ot the Dlble, tho Hook of Mormon 4H V 4H
and tho Doctrine and Covenants, Tm ' 1 iH
comparing tho threo works from tho fll i 1 JH
standpoint of Mormonlsm. The W I 'SM
Dlblo, he said, 'was accoptod aa tho wk ' ', H
word of God In bo far ns It waa fM '( r'iM
translated corroctly. He Insisted, gSl ' , 1 .JH
however, thnt many discrepancies W j TVjH
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"faining Registration Dates Are October 15th, 29th and 30th. Your Name On the List? WM
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