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Eastern Utah advocate. (Price, Utah) 1895-1915, October 10, 1912, Image 2

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SolidDrecch Jiammerless. Safe.
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n light rapid pointing always. I
B Solid U cch 1 Ismmctle pert ct'y baknccxl a .night N
i ' . itrong sweep of beauly from itock to rr utile. , Q
H lluec Safety Devicci accidental ducruree SmpoariSfe.
B Simple Tale-Down a quertcr turn cf iJie barrel docj it
B carrying, cleaning, inlfrehange cf bands made caiy -yetr
Bf j fingers are your only took
H ,s3V""- Fl" ,r,p of f,,,J wk "', '",eJ' M'"l f,3,er'
H I fcT-S&3&.X'l Vnr rfttltr Us oar. LorV II ottf loiir
H ' BKrVj1 Rcmlntf.on Arms-Union
sbbHUsCJ Mettilllc Cr.rJdo Co.
B (Continued from pogo one)
B n cnnnls, ho ulilu supplement nnd
B I make completo t)io gospol na taught
B :.u In tho lllble.
B Ont Hint to Voter.
K J I'roeldout I.und montloned tho
iH M political unreal In tho country and
H I . suggested that tho poopto look woll
JJ beforo thoy leap Into untried ro
B j forma. Ho roforred to tho porlod
H 1 of unroat that porvaded Franco b
H I foro tho bloody revolution nnd tho
H T darkness" Into which that nation
Hif. plunged. With thla ho contrasted
B)M tho aturdy nnd atoady Anglo-Saxon
B M mothods of bringing iiboul reform,
B,l ndTlitng that tho hUtory of tho lat-
M ft tnr noouln tie taken na n guldo. Ho
Ktf 'uxvrcUo thedr boil Judgment and
would vote only for lhoo niuu and
measures of known worth.
At tho afternoon semdon tho
apcakora wero Chnrlea II. Hart, Hu
Ion S. Wells, J. aoldon Kimball nnd
Joseph W. McMurrln, all or tho flral
seven proildonta of tho seventies.
All confined themaelvea to doctrinal
riiiida lNr Old Day.
B& "Why sing that nil la well in
i Z'on when nil la noli" anld J. dot-
, don Kimball, romnrklng upon tho
need for cloaer adhorenco to tho
faith on tho part oT tho younger
coneratlou. "Olvo ua mon llko our
fathom nnd women llko our mothora
who aottlud thla glorloua land. I
Iliftvo uo uio for tho haltwny mon of
which tho proaent generation la
produolng no many They nro but
, planter cnata of men, wenrlng upon
their facoa that which la not true
In their souls."
Tho speaVor declared for more
practical oducntlou In tho ncliooU
nnd leva "fool factory " output Uo
aald ono of tho thlnga tho matter
with tho proaent generation wna too
much IcUuro nnd oxccsiIto prosper
Uplioliln (Jtucniim-iit.
ltulon B. Wells called attention to
how thankful the majority of tho
Mormons ahould bo that they llvo
Undor tho Btnra nnd Btrlpea whon
they contomplnto tho fato of the
Moxtcnn colonists, IIo anld ho be
lieved tho government of tho United
States wna Inxplred or nod Chnrlea
II Jlnrt declared he believed liter
nllv In tho resurrection nnd tho re
union of tho spirit nnd body. Ho
anld thnt in nil hnd n spiritual birth
before coming to thla llfo.
Joseph W, McMurrln urged upon
tho church tho necosatly or doing
moro missionary work nt homo. Uo
"f.. .UTWa.nrqn , uiaaxjincanna.
We should onch couslltuTo ourselves
a mlanlonnry to carry tho gospel to
thoio poraona, who, becauso of their
proximity, wo nro Inclined to over
look In tho great work of rodoomlng
mankind undor tho Inst dispensation."
I'rrtldrtil Smith nnd It. II, IUiImiIn
Ifnvn DlffctrnccH,
SAW LAKu"ciTV, Oct 0. Tho
guarded but persistent advisory re
marks bonrlng upon national politi
cal Issues uttered by church londora
nt Frldny'a aeaslona of t)m cbnfor
curo, cr.no to n startling hend yes
terday whon President Joseph K,
Hmlth. commenting on tho earlier
romnrka or llrlghnm II Uoborta, do
clnrod thnt tho people ahould neck
dlvlno guldanco uoforo oxerctslng
theli prlvllogea In mattcra or govern
mont IIo sntd that freedom of
human Judgment without such guld
mice hnd boon, responsible for much
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Bte sll,tsd-i''"r- iBr,mit-n..t!'9i- DiiMgsg- -t .jr.iwjfc
I Wi la
tr the evil nnd moat of the mlttnkw
in the world.
ItolirrtH Kr rrtftlom.
n hour earlier Hrlghim Jit llob-,
oris, apeaklog or the Inherent Rights
and prlvlleflee of the Amorlcaij, peo-1
pie, had declared that he wna glsd .
the Mormon people enJoyedfie
rUhta, nnd hoped they would x-f,
tlse them In mnttera or government i
He aald thai while the American
constitution waa glon a nn Inspir
ation to the rounder or tho rcpub-l
lit, it ahould not bo considered M
final nor complete He anld It'waa
open to amendment whenover nccef
aary, nnd In tho dltreroncoa of
opinion concerning the conatllutlon I
nnd Ita admlnUtrntlon he rejoiced IJ
the freedom allowed the people of j
the church
The apenker'a words fell upon
the nst nudlenco In direct contra
diction to tho trend of thought that
marked tho nddretsea of apeakers
nt tho previous sessions, who hid i
urged the people to tnko consorts- j
tlvo counsol. I
Hmlth HiM-nka Mainly.
It wna so notlconblo n dirrejrueto
thnt when Prcstdcnt Smith nroflTat
tho hour or adjournment, a,jeno
oxpeclnncy accmed to pervade- the
nudltorlum Artcr rending aovcrsl
nnnouncomentji, tho president .fall
"H my brethren nnd sisters will
Indulgo mo n moment, I reel t nt
to say, nnd oughl to any, n word
with rcfcrcnco to tho discourse
thin morning. I bcllove In nil that!
hna bcon said and I nlso bollovc
llttlo lurthcr than thnt which hu
bcon anld, nnd I would llko Just for
a moment to express brief I), and,
perhaps Imperfectly, tho thoughts
that hnvo occurred to mo In relation
to ono point cspcclnlly refcrrod to.
" ' 1 think thnt In the realm or llb-
orty nnd the exercise or human
Judgment nil mon should oxorclio
oxtromo caution that they do not
chnngo or abolish those things
which Cod hna willed and Inspired
to bo dono.
Ilnn On Judgment.
"11 hna been In thta realm or
freedom, 'In tho axorclso or human
Judgment, thnt moat or lhobtlls
thnt hnvo occurred In thla "world
hnvo been done Tho martyrdom of
tho saints, the crucifixion or tho
Son or Ood himself, nnd much or
tho npostnsy nnd depnrturo from the,
works of rlghteousncM nnd from
tho law a of Ood hnvo occurred In
thta rcnlm of freedom nnd tho uxer-,
clso of human Judgment.
"(lod In his boundlcsa wisdom and
gracious mercy hna provided means
nnd hna shown tho wny to tho chil
dren or men whereby ovon In tho
malm or freedom nnd tho oxerclso
or their own Judgmonl thoy may In
dividually co mo unto Ood In faith
mont nnd wisdom, nndil donl'Mnnt
tho Lnttor-dny Bnlnta to forgot this
Is their privilege.
"I would rather auek Ood for
counsel hnd guldanco than the whola
world of harangues or political load
ers or any loaders or any other cult.
I reel thnt I ahould aay theso thing,
nnd I know thnt 1 nm right."
Tho frank nnd poaltlvo atntemont
or their lender wnn received by the
gront concourso or church members
In hushed alienee. After tho ad
journment nt noon tho episode wna
tho subject or gonernl conversation.
In Uio Mormon faith tho present
or tho church la tho prophet, aeer
nnd rovelntor In llternl aense Ho
la tho Instrument through which 1)1
lnlty la presumed to gtvo guldanco
Mum Titk CoiuimI.
Kvery speaker anvo ono at today's
sosaton or tho Mormon conterence,
before a total nttondnnco of twenty
fit a thousand persons, urged In un
mistakable terms tho nccmolty or
nbldlng strictly by tho Instructions
or those In authority In nil things
both spiritual und temporal.
"Tho rcnlm or freedom nnd hu
man Judgment," mndo nn hwue of
tho conference jestordny In the nd
droases of President Smith nnd
nrlgham II. Itoborta, In which tho
latter mndo nn eloquent plea ror
peraonal liberty or church mombors
In nil things pertaining to civil gov
ernment nnd political Usu.( Wna
taken up by almost otery speakor
Knch echiHht the rebuke their
lender had dollerud upou tli hwu
or tho man who dared to apeak ror
human rights, and ouch dtelnred
without rosorvntlon thnt men should
seek and rollow nrter the dlvlno
guldanco or thoo In authority be
fore they oxorolso tholr rlghta of
opinion nnd Judgment.
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lraItiJarr;''"y' "
TIItlUSDAY, OCT. 10, itit. ji
r ' A
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a 5
HuHbanil Tlwi H1H to Mm. Hlmw,
Vi Itcuciicn Clilld.
KUSINOIIK, Utah, Oct. C Tied
with a ropo and lowered Into n welt
thlrty-flvo rcct deep, Mrs. Thomas
Shaw, n row days ngo, rescued lior
baby girl ol ten months rrom drown
ing Tho mother hnd been bndly
bruised nnd lost a row teeth In ft
runawny, but tho child na not In
jured. Mr. nnd Mrs. Hhnw woro driving
into tholr nrd. Tho horso took
rrlght nt n herd or pigs, renred nnd
Jerked tho buggy nnd then rnn
nwny. Fathor nnd mother wero
hurled out, tho bnby falling rrom
tho mother's arms Into tho well,
which contained fifteen feet or
u,Obllvloua to hor Injuries, Mrs.
chlhntrdgfillhfe-lrrtlfo-Wrtlcr. Tfcr
husband quickly looped n ropo
nround her wnlst nnd she descended
rapidly. Tho llttlo ono wna nlmost
strangled when alio caught hold or
Tho mother wna drawn up and ft
physician summoned. Tho bnby did
not requlro his nttontlon. Her head
wns scratched, but that was nil.
Mrs. Rhaw has fully recovered.
m:vaia coai. mi.m:1h
.most imi'oiitayt oxu
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tho property or tho Nevada Conl
company, situated near Coaldalo, la ,
now being used In (loldflold and
with ih good results ror ordinary
domestic purposes ns nny thnt Is
shipped Into tho enmp. Hevernl car
loads Jinvo been distributed nmong
tho mining camps or Southern Nov
ada, and apparently the time la not
far distant whon theso deposits will
supply nil tho needs of tho torrltory
surrounding tho mines ror n hun
dred mites or moro.
n:oit(jiA Ni:iit iui:.u'iiKii
1H IIL(i(,i:i TO ItKATII
MACON, Hu., Oct. C - Dr. Bamucl
Johnson, a negro prenchor who
llvod nonr l'ao nnd who hna been
holding meetings In Thomoa coun
ty, la doad ua u result or being
hugged Saturday night
Tho preacher created so much
enthusiasm over religion thnt mom
bora or hU Hock rushed to tho pul
pit whllo tho service wna going on
and bogan to ombraco him.
Womon nnd mon did tho hugging.
They shouted and sang na they
acui.1t ni:w w,(i: scaw:
I1UTTE, Mont , Oct. G President
Donohuo or tho Montana Federation
or Labor said today that tho minora
affiliated with Iho United Mine
Workors of Amorlcn, who laid down
tholr tools In nil Montana coal ratnett
last Monday ponding tho ndoptlon ofl
a now wngo ngreomont, would nccej,tj
tho propoaod sclo nnd work would
bo resumed next wook,
Ono of tho most startling ojmngea
over eoon In any man, according to
W. II. Hol&olaw, Clarondon, Tx ,
waa crrectod years ngo In his hro
thor. "Ho Jind such n droadfut
cough," ho wrltos, "thnt all our
ramlly thought ho was going Into
consumption, but ho began to use
Dr. King's New Dlsooory, and was
complotoly cured by ton bottloa.
Now ho Is sound nnd w'ell nnd
weighs 218 pounds. Tor many joara
our family lias used this wonderful
roruody for coughs and colds with
oxcollont results." -It's quick, safe,
rplfablo and guaranteed. Prlco CO
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nt all dealers.
INDUbTJtV IH iu:co.m.mi:ni)KI
INDIANAl'OLI8, Ind , Oct. .
Federal control or marriages and dl
vorco waa recommended by Mrs. Or
vlllo T. Uright of Chicago, who ad
dressed tho fourth national conser
vation congress today na tho rcpro
entatlvo or tho natlonnl congress
or roothors.
Dr. Joseph A. Holmes, director or
tho national bureau or mines, de
clared conservation In tho mining
Industry depends on two reforms,
safeguarding tho minors' lives, both
ns rognrds to nccldonts nnd health
conditions and by stopping tho wnstd
or mine products. Ho said 7G per
cant or tho miners woro non-Hng-llsh
speaking nnd did not know or
tho safeguard regulations.
DENVIt, Colo, Oct I-Oj
with dcsortlng his wlftuii
toon chlldron, Frederick t
arrested horo yestcrdi-
plaint of his wife, Mrs. Wj
Dill says thcro nro onljr at
children In tho family, bat U
Insists that twenty-ons ixn
born nnd four hnvo died.
to separate a boy fron ifc
Ducklon'a Arnica Silre. E.
plos, bolls, scratches, knocUs
nnd brulsos domand It, ul)
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right. Keep It handy for Up,
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