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I Eastern Utah Advocate m
M' X PRICK, UTAH. TIUIWRAY, OCT. 21, lota. NU.MIlKlt 43. HmHI
Bu:i:it to viuht tiikiu
Ki vthv'8 iiAirri.r.s.
Hmti Thrco Thousand I'nini
Kil Knit Lake City ( War
Bt tho Turku Ho l'lir tlio
B nml Railroads of l'-natt-ru
BUro Not Affected.
B Skllrls, labor ngont for tlio
Hand Hlo Qrando and otlior
Hrporatlom, ono of tho weal
Brccks In America and whoso
Bgurcd so prominently In tho
Bi strike owing to lili formor
B a employment agent for
Bh Copper company, hns no
Hlo plans for returning to
Bthough lio may do bo later.
Bent ho U engaged with Mi
Bli tha work of equipping to
Hkt who nro answering tho
B m. Ito says
Hjc I no doubt that fifty
Bri QrcekK, nil men of formor
Hln tho army, will lcavo
H under tho prcoont call.
Ht second call bo Issued, fifty
HjTl moro would go. From
Hlly thrco thousand nro pro
Hto answor tho first call,
Hjncludcs only tho rcsonros
BtOO to 1909, that Is, thoso
Ho sorrcd in tho army during
Hears. Nearly tiro hundred
Ht Itnli already.
H Subject to Call.
Hwho nro ablo to do so pay
Hn way homo. Thoso who
H means nro bolng sont hack
Hj tho aid of tho National Pan
Hj oMOclatlon, of which my
HJAngoIos, Is tho local man
Hfrio call to arms from Orccco
HJnuch to her sons, nnd thoro
HJy a man who has served In
HJy at homo but who will ro
HJ Each Orcek, nftor his sor
Hjknown thereafter as a mom
HJthJ reserves, sttllTwalhtaln
Hjmllltary connections. Every
HJ service is carried on tho
Hjd It subject to call.
Hj) conthlent that If tho Euro
Hbwcrs will stand off nnd let
Hkan states nnd Turkey fight
Hj to a finish, tho Turkish cm
Hill bo drlvon ponnnnonl'y
Hjuropo Tho Turks camo from
Hjl tho fooling that they aro
HV upon Europonu soil lias
Hjlfil out In Orccco nnd other
Hjflng e'alcs, If (ho war bo
Hriml thoro Is no doubt In
Hj"! I' 3' Constantinople will
HJl r. c again ns n Europonu
HJ'11''"'' Well Aniieit.
HJ arntv of (lrocco and tho
HJro nnor in bettor condition
HJ"rn times than they nro at
HJ- Hulgnrla hns suporb
Hk army, whllo Montoncgro,
B I't limited resources nnd
HJ' has long boon known ns
Hjrarplct" llttlo kingdom in
HJr'l Ita army already Jim
Hjtra'ci! its ability to copo
HJ Turks.
HjMncd, there Is no quostlon
BJW nations can drlvo Turkey
Hf4 mnI' of Europo pormnnont
B suro, tho emplro of tho
Bf ' great and Its eoldlors
Bfrce and fanatical flghtora,
Hf10? )ns yot to show where
jucasl&n race, with anything
Br ' numbora, ovor wont down
J1' l a war so gonornl and
Hfa' " this will bo, Tho Turk
J0!" Is doomed unions tho
otrs Intorforo."
Jhout Eastern Utah', prlucl
BJ" Carbon nnd Kmory coun
cro aro loss than n thousand
employed. Bo fur qulto a
Bf ot theso havo quit their
pent to go to tho war, nnd
frearo expoctod to if tholr
V should bo roqulrod. Up to
'. howeor, their going )ias
"Br "It nt the coal .mines and
B ""roads.
""Mlll lM).i:
Pfd Done, state insurnnco
"oaer, Issued warning yestor
iB'wt tho Hallway Conductors
" oxchango of Kansas City,
a-ommisslonor Dono doclaros
concern Is not authorised
"laess utah, and any rep
l"Te. soliciting for it in this
,'. i lnK tho criminal etat
jK! n,D.B 'nBuranco solicitation
i ff. t,lat anyono approached
trSonts report It to hU do-
Bo jour bonds." n. W.
(. Price, Utah.
Which Is lest
Over nil tho longth and breadth
of this great country pooplo nro on
Joying almost unprecedented good
limes and prosperity.
In no country in tho world does
tho family llvo ns woll, wear as
good clothos, and havo (U many
pleasures as In tho United States.
When Mr. Tatt entorcd tho Whllo
House, bo faced conditions of panic
nnd unroot, duo largoly to tho Im
petuous nnd drastic methods ot a
prattou pJmlnlatrstlou-f r'' -tf
YoPln thoshor fporlod of throo
yeani ho hns reassured frightened
capital, restored confldonco to field
and factory, regulated trado condi
tions, and brought penco and tran
quility nt homo nnd abroad.
Tho presont prosperity ot nation
nnd Individual is admlttodly duo to
tho sagacity, common setrao, nnd
good Judgment ot I'nxtldent Tuft.
Yot In tho short period ot tlirco
times nro COOI), nnd getting UV.T
TKH, somo people nro rostlvo and
tmpnUont, chafing uudor a tow ad
verso conditions which thoy unjustly
attribute to Mr. Taft and to tils administration.
Some nro ovon short slghtod
onough to listen to tho siren song
of disappointed and ambitious of
flccsoekoru, who hopo to achloYO
political success by attacking boglos
which nro mainly tho creation of
thotr own solflsh alms.
At this pivot point In our htstory
only tho oxorclso of tho sound com
mon senso of tho American pooplp
can avoid a repetition ot commercial
ami Industrial disaster.
Can savo us form that pit ot
panic and poverty Into which wo
descend whonovor wo KXPBRI-
mijnt with ouii rnosi'nniTY.
Tho tariff is mistakenly blamed
by many as bolng tho direct causo
ot tha high cost ot IMnp. and many
other problenu that confront us.
Tio population ot tho Unttod
States is, in round numbers, ono
hundred million pooplo to bo ox
net, nlnoty-thruo million.
Itocolpts for tariff duties for tho
yoar ondod July 1st wero throo hun
dred nnd twelvo million dollars.
YOU pay Just 13.40 n yoar for
protecting tho country nnd for in
suring YOUH8i:LP against tho com
petition of tho cheap labor and
hugo surplus manufactures of der
many nnd England, Franco nnd It
aly and other countries.
Under ABSOLUTE "frco trade,"
with all duties removed, you could
not savo moro than this 3.40 a
year. Under a tariff "for rovonuo
only" you would savo loss than
that. And olther of thoso pollcios
would destroy necessary protection,
and moan disaster to American in
dustry. Tho tariff has boon blamod HE
FORE for many troubles.
And In chopping away at It with
a moat axo tho country has boon
plunged into convuUlons of disrupt
ed markets, financial panic and un
omployod labor.
This is not THEORY, ns some
would havo you bollovo. It Is HIS
Wo aro faco to faco again with
i'-'riii anaaa s- -3
tho dnngor ot anothor recurrence of
this awful mlstakol
Thoso who aro trying to load tho
American pooplo into anothor slough
of uncertainty nnd dospair will have
much to answer for should their
specious promlsci, and plausible
platitudes prevail.
It Is wlso to weigh, carefully, tho
SOLID GROUND ot l'resldont Tatt'n
tariff record, and practical, cotniae
sonso method ot approaching tJte
tarlttjroWe.;iHStUth i)Het
RXINUOW "PROMI8E8, and' trade1
destroying "HIT AND MISS" theo
ries of th o who oppose him.
Mr. Taft ns his record shows
stands llko a rock for tho protoctlvo
PRINCIPLE Hut ho bolloves thoro
nro portions of tho tariff that CAN
benr downward revision.
Ho has ALWAYS believed this.
Recent tariff legislation received
his npproal, not bocauso tlio tariff
bill was porfect for It was NOT
an-1 ho know It but simply becauso
under oxlstlng clrcumstnncos, and
MUCH IIETTER than tho tariff then
In force.
It has Indicated Itself.
Prosperity at a low ebb slnco
tho panic of 1907 has been grad
ually restored.
Nvcvssiiry rovonuo hns been pro
duced. With n LAROER FREE
LIST thau oven tho "tariff for rov
onuo only" of 1893, nnd with tho
LOWEST KNOWN average duty on
dutiable goods, a deficit ot flfty-ona
million dollars has boon changed In
to a surplus of forty-seven million
Tho maximum and minimum
clnuso, introduced for tho first tlmo,
has do eloped tho greatest foreign
trado In our history.
The tariff board was crcatod. Tho
only sane, common sonso, business
method of tariff making ovor do
tlscd. Rash and 111 considered attempts
to destroy this moasure havo boon
promptly votoed by President Taft.
Simply becauso thoy wore hasty and
Impulsive, baaed on no real Investi
gation, nnd wore passod solely for
political effect. Had thoso attempts
succooded, thoy would undoubtedly
huvo brought to ruin several thriv
ing nnd linportnut American indus
tries, Tho president stands for tariff
protection that will Insure fnlr
profit to tho American manufacturer
and high wngo to the American
workman. Ho Is, and always has
boon, opposod to any hlghor duty
than U neoded TO SECURE THIS
And ho ALONE offers a sane,
practical mothod of taking tho tar
iff out of politics, and placing it on
a strictly scientific and business
Under Mr. Taffs plan changes in
tho tariff would be unovonttul in
tholr immodlnto effect. Homo and
foreign trado would progress stead
ily, Instead of by a serloa pf tariff
Jumps. Serious and unlooked for
business disturbances would bo
Through tho uso of a somowhat
slmllSjroVstem, tlcrmnn) has gone
twonuSsoven )ears without nny gen
ral'rjff rolslon Franco wont
fllfHP changes hnvo been mndo
In thtoe countries from tlmo to
those'Eeuntrlcs havo novor felt that
n tnrlKjchanga was In progress.
ThtjFjhave suffered nono of tho
upheavals that havo sevornl times
throslimed our commercial suprem-
Atjjtho prent time, in tho faca
ot jjfcxsmpled prosperity, with
abundant crops, expanding homo
itr!,f7nd foreign commerce grow
'"S.feyXtaT nd bounds,' nro wo so
huuilleM and thoughtless as dollber
nlelyjkriy In tlio face of tho tor
ribteKwons of tho past and tempt
agsUWfAlo that has several times
ovarteyea utT
WMsV Is the better -In other
weneeSJprosporous times, busy fleldi
ami fsKorles, steady employment nt
ReMtBibd Increasing salaries, wltfi
socMWch prices for food nnd clo
thlg?R, impoverished farmers,
Clotfr7hillU nnd business housos,
low-siWtrles or NO BALARIES AT
ALt3$lth LOW PRICES for noces-
Wm,.dttforenco does It mako
he7jprEAP a thing U It thcro is
M-Mkiy with which to buy it?
TAiJveU for Mr. Taft Insures n
cMsjhMMoq of our presont prospcr
Kylvejkk ovorythlng dono that wlso
ftftrffejMe statosmnnshlp can do to
retfMfJsUie COST ot living without
at 'M ime time destroying tho
KMjJk fit Hvlng.
TJyoto against him f.Jo voto
niM UiU policies BSjalBst his
cmSkmm. tariff rVaaj asJMt
P?olpJIm3fRj?iSoleV ymsjggg,
U means that wo shall embark,
again, on a sea of blind EXPERI
MENT nnd dlsprovon THEORY, tho
ond of which no humnn being can
Which Is best -prosperity or experiment?
Humid Cluff, Ily I'avnln of ItixiHtcr
nt Park City, Kni-rly Injunil.
Harold Cluff ot Salt Lako City
was severely burned nbout tho arms
nnd head nnd uppor part of his body
ono day last weok whllo working nt
tho Park City Milieu and DoYolop
mont company's mill nt Park City.
Hq was working at tho roastor when
a part ot It caved in, partially cov
ering him with tho hoatod matorlal
from tho furnaco.
Peter Coloman, who was nt work
with young Cluff, soiled him by tho
legs nnd dragged him from tho de
bris. Just In tlmo to savo him from
bolng completely burled by a sec
ond caveln from tho furnaco. A
physician was Immediately summon
ed who found his Injuries to bo
very eovoro and ordorod him takoti
to tho hospital where his burns wore
Tho eufforer is tho son of Mr.
and Mrs. W. W. Cluff, Jr., and is
23 years of ago. Mrs, Cluff was no
tified of the accldont, and at onco
went to Park City to bo at his bed
side. Latest reports aro that ho
has fulr chances for rocovory,
though In a very critical condition.
Tho Injured young man Is qulto
well known In this city, bolng n
nephew ot Mrs. W. F. Olson and
Mrs. L, E. Eldrodgo.
The Uintah I)aaln will soon be
linked by rail with Salt Lako, pro
vided present plans of the Erb poo
plo, backod by foreign money, nro
carried out according to announce
ment mado tho pnst wook. Work
was reported as actually started at
Steamboat Springs, Colo., last Sat
urday, a thousand men having been
put to work there
Steamboat Springs Is about a
hundred and fifty tnRos oyer tho
Utah and Colorado line In the direc
tion the proposed road la to bo con
structed, and it Is tho reported in
tention to got tho railroad through
to Salt Lako City In time to socuro
part of tho transportation business
of tho world's fair nt San Francisco
In 1916, and that occasioned by the
opening ot tho Panama canal.
Cases Set For Trial In tlic District Court For l 0 IH
November 8th, There Being Three Counts A ' pB
Against Each Negro Murderer From Cas- J !
tie Gate Sentenced to Twenty-Five Years ' fH
Edward B. Johnstone Pleads Not Guilty. g ' 'giB
Owllyni Jones and R. W. Snyder,
former county clork nnd treasurer,
respectively, woro arraigned boforo
Judgo Albort H. Chrlirtenson ill tho
district court yesterday, each enter
ing plons ot not guilty. Thoro is
ono felony charge against Jones nnd
two ot ombozxlomont. Against Sny
der there arc thrco chargos of cm
betxlemont. Their coses nro placed
on tho calendar for trial Novomber
8th. In tho moantlmo each Is out
on bond. Special Auditor Edmunds
plaros tho shortngo ot Jones nt
II.il HAB,
As Tho Advocato goes to press
nt 11 o'clock this (Thursday) morn
ing nows is rcceUod ot tho doath ot
lion. Sumner J. Hnrknoss, ono of
Carbon county's very oldest citl
xena In point ot rosldenco, ho (isvlng
located hero when thU waa Kmefy
county. It cam$ to Noll M. Mad-
JTU daughter, -'TrePlB5iTttiK
on, Julos, nt tho farm homo adjoin
ing Scofleld on tho south, Mrs.
Harknces nnd tlio children bolng In
Salt Lako City, where thoy go each
winter that the children may attend
school In that city.
Tho tulephono wires from Scoflold
to Salt Lako City nro not working
woll this forenoon, nnd tho measngo
to Mr. Madson from L. A. Jacobson
asked that tho formor broak tlio
nows to Mrs. Harknoss. Communi
cation, how ovor, was had by way of
Scoflold so a Inter message stated.
As yet It Is too onrly to nnnounco
any funornl arrangements, but it is
presumed tho remains will bo tnkon
to Bait Lako City for interment.
Judgo Harknoss was about 07 years
ot ugo and a nattvo of Massachu
setts, bolng born In or cloo to Ron
ton. Ho camo Wost oarly In life.
Judgo Harkneea was about his
ranch yesterday and uftor partaking
ot a vory hearty supper retired as
was his usual custom. Ho simply
wont to sloop. Whon his upartments
wero vlsltod this morntng it was
found that ho had peacefully posited
S377S.33 and that of Snydfir at W " ' I H
M909.5C. N' t iBI
Edward 1). Johnstone, charged i nilBl
wlin murder in tho first dagreo in Tl 5 1
the killing ot llrlgham Taylor Just $ '!SJ
nbovo Helper about a month ago, " flJiH
plond not guilty. Tho tlmo for his V V HnaBJ
trial will bo fixed by Judgo Chris- NJI g'.lBl
tnmon today. F. C Johnson, col- i nH
orcd, who killed another negro at I HH
Castlo Oato a short tlmo ago and jH
went to tho hills, but later surrond- HHl
orod to Sheriff Kolter, hoa pleaded t VBB
guilty to murder in tho socond do- KBfl
groo and waa thU forenoon son- !vrSJ
tonced to twonty-ftvo years In the CHJ
penitentiary. ittlfl
M. Mnddon, chargod with burg- WfwM
lory, was to hnvo had his trial yea- ImHI
tordnv, but tho court's ottonUon ho- t&fl
ing directed to tho man's mental rBJ
c6ndltlon, inquiry Is to bo mado aa I'jHj
to his sanity Tho chargo agalust KnlBJ
him Is burglary In the third degree. . 9 hBJ
Ho was "arrested for burglariztng tho V 'I'JPH
No Trust Meat and Orocory markot 1 j IBl
at Pike. I! , I HH
James F. Ilallard, xhargod with m tKHJ
tho burglary ot Dr. F. P. Amo'i c VH
dental oftlco at Price, doctlncd tho fAj HHJ
servlres ot an nttornoy appointed by IHJ
tho court nnd will conduct his own jji HH
iv hBA
Tha enso of the stato ngalnal 1 it HHJ
Perry Curtis, ehnrged with unlaw h HBJ
fully killing gome, was yestorday 1 It, iBHl
placed upon the trial calendar , ifJl. lf t-BJBJ
for lack of sufficient evidence. ' flllttJp- II BB
Btnte of Utnh vs. Chris Sonborg; I BHJ
action for adultory Continued to I KB
Novembar Sth ,; M
' Statu of Utah vs. Fred Eggorl , BB
and Richard Morgan, burglary. Dla- i JBfl
inlssod by district attorney for lack V BJ
of ovldoncc j'j BB
City ot Prlco vs. R. W. Crockett; )'
throo appeals from Justice's court. J
Argued on demurrer nnd taken uu- , fi; BB
dor advisement. BJ
Mnrty Rowan of llolper and Jack i &
Drumgoolo will meet somo tlmo ; Bfl
next month In a limited round bout . Bb
In tho vicinity of Salt Lnko City. 11 BI
Tho two boxers met last Tuosday JA
and agreed to box boforo tlio club I ,( HI
offorlng tha host tnducemonU. A yt HJ
Drumgoolo ngreed to mako a 1 tH
hundred nnd fifty pounds at 4 1 h HJ
o'clock in tho nfternoon nnd an J ; HJ
Rowan will weigh almost that much, 1 C ,'BJ
tho dlfforouco In weight wlir bo I 1 HJ
slight. 1 ; I ,HJ
As Pollco Chief Oront iaa decided f 'J jB
to withhold his sanction for any 1 ,1 HJ
more boxing bouts In Salt lnko I BJ
City, tho contost will be stnged at J tl j B
somo other point In tho stnto. 1 j Bj
. . . . . . 11
J. R. Kdgohtll of Nophl, well
known throughout Eastern Utah ns
ono of the biggest buyors of wool
In tho country with warehouses and
oxtenslvo financial connections at
Salt Lako City and Roston, Mass.,
has Just returned to Utah from a
six weeks' business trip in the Far
East. Edgohlll Is a candidate for
stato sonator on tho republican
ticket from the Nephl dlitrlct Ho
"This has been, so far, ono of the
most prosperous years In the his
tory of tho country Manufacturers
are running full time, wagon are
higher than usual, nnd as a conso
quonco, the peoplo gonerally aro
contented and prospering. Crops of
all kinds oro yloldlng full measure
and command good prices.
"Nobody knows what tho result
of the olectlon will be, but ono
thing I did notlco, that Taft senti
ment is growing stronger every day, jjJIJj B
Tho country In abnormally prosper- lUliil H
ous and many who woro Incllnod to jJ B
favor a change of administration a IjHB fl
fow months ago nro now dotormlnod tBla' '
to enjoy prosperity tor anothor four iftfUf I
years, at toast. lirH I
"Wilson is not popular In his own ilfl I
party Tho way things are shaping jJHn i I
now, and tho rapid chango of all JPfirii m
parties to tho Tatt standard, loads fnlljtl m
mo to think olther Taft will be rjnH' I
electod, or thero will bo no olectlon tlvH i fl
by voto of the people. fc i 'fl
"Iloforo leaving for tho East tho 81 1 ir m
republicans ot Juab and Millard mI 1 L
countlex wore kind onough to nom- M j r
Inate mo for tho stato senate, Slnco tjj Ifig
then, I understand, thoro are two ?JS lim
moro competitors In tho f lold, ono a JEm I jU
full fledgod bull mooser, tho other I jtJu
a. democrat, so I considered It ox- t) ufl
pedlent to hurry homo and look af- n) T
I tor my own political foncos." I ,1 1
: t,: I -
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