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I Eastern Utah Advocate 1
M ' fltlCi:. ITAH. TIIIIIMDAV, IKYT :il, tu MlMIlIJU IH I !&
H's Examiner Nails to the Cross False
Statements of the Bull Moochers and
Democratic Spellbinders.
Bcti nntt speakers opposed to Governor 8pry nro boldly cliarg
at tho governor ha "mortgaged Iho property of tho pcoplo
BBfh to Iho amount of two million ten thousand dollars" Thnt
Is untrue
H basis of thnt charge Is that tho last Icglitaturu authorized
Kunnco of a largo amount of stato bonds, somo for roads, somo
bllc school purposes, and somo to provldo for tho erection of
tot building It Is not donlcd thnt tho legislature did nuth
Hthoso bonds Hut tio bonds for tho building of tho cnpltol
Kiot been issued, because tho state docs not need tho mono)
Bcrnor Spry nnd his associates In tho stato mlmlntstratlon
B that by tho Inheritance tax, and by other means found
h their Industry nnd faithful attention to tho Interest ot
Kople, they could provldo for tho erection ot tho cnpltol build
Blthout soiling a dollar's worth, of bonds. And as a conso
Ht, they havo not issued the bonds, though they nro perfectly
Brlzcd to do o.
B havo not "mortgogeil tho property ot tho pcoplo ot Utah"
dollar of tho capltol building fund. The legislature provld
B tho following Imucs of bonds-
st -For redemption of bonds and oroctlon of stato capltol,
Bond For erection of state cnpltol, 1 200,000.
rd For erection of etato capltol, $1,000,000.
irtb For erection ot central building at tho state university,
Hth For building good rondi, $200,000
Btho matter of tho refund of tho territorial bond Imuo, duo
l, 1912, tho legislature authorized tho board or loan commls
Hrs to rclssuo this lond and use tho redemption fund for capl
ilhllng purposes. When tho bond Imiiu matured Jul) 1st of
resent year, Governor Spry nnd tho stato board of loan com
oncrs I'AII) nnd Ilimiti:!) tho $2SO,0Q0 00 bond Issue nnd
Bot reissued u dollar of that amount
B governor and tho board of loan commissioners hns not Is
o dollar' Worth of bonds for tho stato capltol building) nnd
Butemcnt Uiat tho proporty of tha-wtato Jias bcon.iuortgagod
l 200,000 00 In addition to the $20.000.00 above montloncd
Hspllol building purposes, 1 absolutely false.
Hl909 tho bonded indebtedness of tho state was $900,000,00,
Btho constitutional limit for bonded Indebtedness $1,100,000.
Hh the movement began xownrd tho erection of the capltol
Blng, provision was made for tho conversion of the sccurltlct
Ht) tho statu land board covering tho Investment of the fund
B'l from tho salo of tho Innd grant for public buildings, into
H r- tho placing of this fund m tho cnpltol building fund, u
BJB ..J. of $200,000 00 hm nuthorlzod, that bringing tho bond
Hi k Jill's up to tho constitutional limit of $1,100,000 00.
Blt'i Huso two oupltol bills, provision was mndu for tho holding
B juhl election to voto on tho question of u sjicolnl lev) of
Bmlll la crenlo n fund mifflclout to erect u capltol building A
BBlUiiltonil amendment having been passed In the meantime ox
BBing the limit ot bonded indebtedness, tho legislature of 1911
BBj'c I for n bond Jssno of 11,000,000, to complete tho capltol
B appropriation of $750,000.00 by tho legislature ot 1911 for
BBtoI building purposes hns oblutel tho necessity of Issuing any
B in connection with tho capltol building, and It Is portlnont
BBre t.!nto thnt tlio $750,000 00 Appropriated In 1911, waa nocr
Bililu as n cnpltol fund, but was allowed to remain In tho goner
pad of tho stnto, nnd by reason of tho fact that this largo sum
BBonc has remained In tho general fund, tho state ha been
BB to operate during tho post two )onra without borrowing n
BB of money to rcplonlsh tho gonornl fund, which during ovury
BB prior to tho Inst two jeara has been overdrawn during a por
BB of tho time between tax collections
Hbrough tho nctlvltlo of the officials of tho present ndmlnls
Bwon over ouo nnd n quarter million dollars hns been colloctod
BB' Inheritance tnxos nnd tho prospeota nro that sufficient nddl
Bid ttiherltnuco tnxus will bo realized to cover tho ontlro cost ot
capltol building.
B a matter of cold, hard fact, tho bonded indebtedness of this
" when Oovernor Spry camo Into office, was 1900,0001260,-
of which was paid on July first of tho current )oar. Tho log
Bvuro nuthorlzod, nnd tho board of loan commissioners Issued,
MOO In bonds for road purposos nnd $300,000 In bonds for a
rat building for tho university, so thnt tho present bonded In
'edncaa Is $310,000 In excess of thu bonded lndobtdonoss four
" ago And neither tho governor nor tho legislature nor tho
board of loan commissioners need mnko an) apology or oxcusa
(hi additional Indebtedness.
' Governor Bpry'a onomlos deslro to oppose tho magnificent hood
work bolng accomplished by tho present administration, or If
oppose tho construction of n contral building at tho University
Utah, they nro wolcomo to that position
lie whole purposo of tho govornor'a critics Is to make It nppoar
BJt the presoiu administration hoa recklessly pormlltod tho ls
ff oco and salo of bonda for tho purpose of placing monoy In tho
e treasury which tould not possibly bo used The bond Isauo
'Ulng for tho construction of roads was not Issued or sold by
Br board of loan commissioners until there was nctunl nood of tho
Thon tho bonda wero Hold it par nnd accrued Intorest.
Be authorized bonds for cnpltol building purposes havo not been
ycd The peoplo'a property has not been mortgaged
WIHNOTON, D. C , Oct 20
oposed regulation of Western
" that potatoes will not bo
w shipment betwoon Novum
' nnd April lBth unloaa tho
)(tt lino tho car nnd supply
" os suspendod today by tho
ate commerce commission.
Pillows, dresser aenrfa and
for orabroldorlng nl Mlsa
(a vim m:soN iwi
IIKULIN, Oct, 25 According to
Chancellor Von Ilothmaun-JIollwog,
meat famlnoa are caused by tho fast
growth of cltlos. To tho dlot today
ho atatod that tariffs nnd taxes havo
nothing to do wlUi tho problom Ho
Htiggoated nn oncouragomont of Jn
toreat In farming might offor a solution
Now lino of paint brushes. Tho
Advocato Publishing Co.
A Uowmnn, goncrnl manager ot I
tho work of tho Utah Construction
comtianv In tho building of tho
Utah toal railroad from Mohrlnnd In
Kmcry county to a point near Caetlo
Oato, was In l'rlco last Monday on
business, making "tho great mornl
and religious" nn appreciated call
Ho reports everything going nlong
ns well as might bo expected How
built nlong tho twcnl)-elght tulles
ot lino between the two points
things will not movo ns rapidly ns
they might
There nro twcnt)-lghl miles of
this contract which Is to bo rushed
ns fast as men and teams nnd money
can accomplish It Ho expect that1
cither this wcok or next his com
pany will bo given tho contract for
grading tho lino from Thlstlo Junc
tion to Tucker and moro than likely
on to Castlo Onto east or to a point
whoru tho Utah road cromtes tho
Denver nnd Hlo Omndo In Cnrbon
county At Tucker tho survey of
tho now lino Is soma eight hundred
feet nboro tho Denver and Hlo
From Castlu Uato west over Sol
dier Summit tho now road's mirvoy
la not aa )ut fully determined upon
It may follow l'rlco Hlvor Canyon or
It ma) go up through Willow Creek
and cross tho Summit north or tho
Denver and Hlo (Irnndc, traversing
tho park country, dropping down nt
Tucker on n m per cent grade, as
ngalnst tho Denver nnd Hlo 0 ran do's
4 per cent gnulo at present 1'rovo'a
commercial club and nlso Spring
vlllo'a has about secured the right
lot way Into and between thec two
Oencrnl Manager Ilowman Mi)a
ho Is experiencing no Inconvenience
In construction work becnuso of tho
largo number of Oreekn leaving lbs
country to fight against tho Turks
Ha h"a ftlwa)s preferred most nny
labor to' that of the Greek, conso
quonlly ho has but few In tho em
ploy of Ms company Quito n largo
force of, pick nnd shovel men, In
cluding three stoma shovel outfits,
la working on tho contract from
nbovo Helper to Mohrlnnd. nnd this
forco Isielng added to from day u
day as men and teams nro required
. Tho Utah Coal railroad, tho presi
dent of .which Is V (I Sharp, Is be
ing built by tho United States Hmol
tlng, Mining nnd Heflnlng company
Interests, owners ot tho coal mines
at Illack Hawk, Mohrlnnd, Hlawnthn
nnd Panther Canyon Ily tho Urn
tho railroad la completed through
Cnrbonfcounty more thnn tlvo mil
lions of-dollar will hnvo been, itpcnt
within (its borders, to nay nothing
nbout coal mines development
Many ot Iho old time omplo)es
of President Sharp, when ho was
genoral manager of tho Ptcasnnt
Valley nnd tho Utah Fuel company,
nro coming with the now Interests
Chris Pappas, the (Ireck who hns
benn conducting tho bootblnck ntnnd
nt thq corner of Main nnd Ninth
streets In Price, left last Monday
with tho volunteers from this sec
tion ot tho stato to fight tho Turks
IIU couitn, Gcorgo Pappas, u
butcher at Sunnystdc, also went
$P $P tfr $ ip $P $P $ $S $?'
IP mrr 2n I I
Z-itf-iJ' '" - A
It la now onl) n fow days until
tho election
Tho altuatlon U unusual, but no
voter need hesitate over his choice,
of a candidate for tho presidency,
Tho Issuo U clean cut. Tho lines
of difference nro sharply doflnod.
Tho personalities of tho three can-1
dldates, and tho principles they,
stand for, udmlt of no misunder
standing Tho conviction thnt Mr Taft
SHOULD be, nnd WILI, be, re-elected
has taken firm hold of tho on-tl-o
It Is only what might havo boon
expected, however. In the long run
tho good common sense of tho
American pcoplo makes few nils
takes History and ciutom favor a sec
ond torm for a presldont ot tho
United State who hna sorvod his
country worthily und well Notably
hns this boon so at times wbon tho
nation was passing through moro or
less critical periods.
Flvo of tho first bo von presidents
bcrved two torma each Tho coun
try woa In Ita tormatlvo years, and
rure nnd steady growth with fow
changes waa Important.
Tho crista of tho civil war called
forth a second torm for Lincoln.
Q rant served two torma during tho
reconstruction period. McKlnluy
was elected for a second torm nt
a crista when his ubllltlca matched
thu couutry'a needs. Itoosovelt's
two tonus camo at a tlmo when thu
iirmy and nuvy wore much In tio
public oyo.
1 Toduy wo faco Industrial and
I commercial questions of Internation
al Importance. Tariffs, trusts and
treaties demand tho watchful care
if an executlvo poaseasod of wldo
experience, broad sympathy, an an
alytical and Judicial mind, unweary
ing poise and patlonco.
It la not a tlmo that calls for a
man of Impetuosity and impulse.
Not an occasion for academic dlncus
slon or paper debate
It la tho people's broad and meat,
their clothing and shelter that are
at stake! It means plonty or pov
erty! It la a tlmo of problems that
affect tho very life blood of uvery
American homol
At thla crista what so NKCKS
SAHY, what eo WISE, what so
SAFI3 aa to contlnuo in office n
president who boa already brought
now ltfo and prosperity to u coun
try that, wbon ho waa elected less
than four years ago, lay proatrnto
under panic and helpless from In
dustrial distress?
It Is probably truo that had It
not boon for Mr. Taft's courageous
Seventy-Two From Carbon County Leave By 1 ,H
Special Train Last Monday and More , l7.!
to Go Giving Up Money. II
i iJj
8cvont)-two O recks emplo)cd nt
tho coal enmps nnd with Iho rail
roads In Cnrbon county left by spe
ilat train over tho Denver nnd Hlo
Ornndo lost Monday nflornoon for
Now York City nnd from which port
they nro to Hall today (Thursday)
for Athens They nro volunteers
nnd go to fight for their country
ngalnst tho Turks Arriving nt
Athens they will bo drilled perhaps
n couple ot weeks nnd will then bo
assigned to tho nrnt) All tho Cnr
bon county volunteers are most pa
triotic nnd nro anxious for tho war
They wero recruited by L O
Skllrls, labor agent for tho Utah
Fuel company, tho Denver nnd Hlo
Urando, the Western Pacific nnd
other corporations of this section
Light como from Sunnystdo, twelve
from Castlo (late, nineteen from Hl
awnthn nnd lltnck Hnwk, ten each
from Kenllworth nnd Winter Quar
ters, twelvo from Clear Creek nnd
ono from l'rlco. Most of them nro
paying their own expenses, whllo
upwards of six thousand dollars hns
been contributed to tho war fund
from these enmps
Skllrls Is still working In tho con I
enmps and olsowhoro nnd oxpocta to
soon send out n second crowd of
his countrymen However, those
who do not go nro contributing lib
erally to their country's flnnncos
and many thousands or dollars will
leavo this section for tho Oreclnn
war elicit. Utah ns n wholo Is ex
pected to furntsh In tho neighbor
hood of three thousand num.
Tho departure of tnoso mun nnd
those to follow will have no' effect
on tho production of coal nnd coko
in Cnrbon county ns Inbor Is wild
to bo plentiful Three hundred
soldiers may bo hnd from Knsterii
act In signing what was- nt first
mistakenly presumed to be n bad
tariff law (hero would havo been
onv praise and commendation for
hU rdmlnlstrntlon.
Ho hns bcon njuiallod with much
unjust criticism, but people nro
NOW bobtiinlng to realize that the
tariff Is u much hotter law than thty
- In hasty Impatience had iiuppoa
od The) are beginning to ndmlro
tho courage and wisdom of Mr Tuft
In approving It In tho faco of the
storm that III: WFLL KNKW would
break upon him
The taf Iff , its produced the rev
fclltie thnt was AHHOLUTKLY NKHD
HI), and which was one ot tho ob
jects for which it was Introduced
It has douo this with reduced du
ties on necessities and Increased du
ties oil luxuries, nnd with u total
l.()Vi:it average duty on ALL AH
TICLKH It Included Mr Taft's plan for n
tariff board thu sanest, memt com
mon some, buslnessllko inothod of
tariff building that has evor been
It established also thu maximum
and minimum clauso through 1)10
operutlon of which our foreign trado
lias already reached Ita hjghiwt rec
ord It Is a part of Mr. Taft's plan to
grndunll) and Judiciously revise
such portions ot tho tnrlff as the
acouruto nnd exhaustive Investiga
tion of a tariff board klomonstrotcs
run HAKi:LV bo nmondod
Mr Taft's position on tho ques
tion ot tho trusts Is offuctlvo, Just,
und according to the law and the
constitution '
In u llttlo over three years Jio .
has DONI-: MOHK to actually Holvoj
tho nroblom than hail boon done in I
ten years preceding his election '
And bo has accomplished it quietly,
unotcntfully, without blowing of,
'rumpets, and without filling the
Julia Indiscriminately with business
men nnd corporation officials. I
Mr Taft believes there nre bene
fits to be had from modern methods
of economy in manufacturing and
merchandising While at tho name
time he aoeks ever to OUAHAN
TKU and PnKSEHVB tho rights of
tho wage earners and consumers. I
Kvcry country in the world la ex-,
porleuclng high prices for tho no-1
cessltloa of life.
Prion urn )ilghut In Urn coun
tries tlint nro enjoying the greatest I
proNiK-rlty, Ixm prices niv frequent I
I) the forerunner of taiiLa iuuI jh-.
crty. It iiinkcs no difference lion
CIIHAP a thing may be If OU
Utah It their services nre required. JI
have no iiioiicj with vvhldi to buy i r !
Tho Tact that articles that nro an- 1 i
flroly free of DUTY, or on which ' ' tB
tho duty HAS 1IKKN IlKDUGHD, i iH
have risen MOHK In price than nr- B
tides which pay higher nnd Incrrsa-
od duties, clearly proves that Uto (,' 'MBB
tariff Is NOT tho causo of tho high H
cost of living h B
ThU Is further domonstrntcM by ' i
tho fnct thnt prices havo risen all J
over the world Cortalnly tho t 1
American tariff Is not the citino of l jtiH
n condition Uinl Is worldwide. ( . t wiHJB
Mr Tnft proposes nn oxhatiHtWo PB
InlernaUonat investigation of this ' J
condition. Action Is then to bo. Ii
taken In accordant), with the result j 'I
of the inquiry, a
In tho faco of Mr. Taft's splon- I
did fooord of tho put three nnd a f- JBH
half years, nnd of tho certainty and J3H
safety for (he future thnt wilt ac- VJH
company his re-olectlon, it Is un- t VB
wiso to listen to tho appeal of of- B
flccsecklng politicians whoso stock 'flVJ
In trade Is a wordy clamor for' a J i
' change " j flH
Should wo not rather hood tho ; JL H
counsel ot the wise McKlnley, who J Jl M VBJ
mUI "I,it us HOLD FAST to that )v E J
which WK KNOW Is gooil"? v J ' 1 .
It might oaslly bo that like tbo IV I dB
dog in tho fablo In grasping nt j
tho alluring shadow of whoi U AH- Q' 9L Bj
HICUTKD to bo a LAHGHU piece ot Ah f 9
moat wo would lose our firm grip A snH
on tho iMirfeclly gool lrtlon wa I! I
NOW HAVK nnd Vte RUllK OF! ' f9
It Is nlwny the grass nn tho - J B'vBfl
lltfaV.-t,U ih-..(rt tb.t 1,1,111 .Vmh 1 (! Ct
vou get to It-" MSrT0"TrrisJBgiai4 t tjjM
J Which Is merely another way of J ti
'saying that Taft nnd 8AFKTY In L h
I In be preforriHl by the wise, cnutlouit j V-
I voter lo Wilson nnd DANGEHI ' ' i'',i
, Assured and certain prosperity lit "H
I hotter than reckless experiment or . sH
I dlsprovod theory t
I To voto for Wilson and the demo- ';
, emtio party will Inevitably mid logl- , Vl
cully exposo un to the I) A. NO I Ml ot ') "1H
lo recurrunco of tho conditions that L 'WMfl
.plunged tho country Into panic nnd B
povern In 1803 'l
Attempts are being miulo to rid I- ""VH
'cule thU warning of the effects of H
."trie Irndo" und "tnrlff for rev ' Jl
'onuo' but tho rocollootloii of tho ! H
THUTH id UII too vivid to bu thus ' H
twsllv removed. j BJB
it Is NOT THKOHY' It Is lllfl. l
iTOHYl , ,
' vmBB
, To vote for HootMiveft and tho so- 'f C3-B1
mllcHl "thlnl pnrty" which Is "oh- 1 9
structlvo" und NOT "progressive''
I is merely to ASSIST In thu election i ri
of Wilson. , H
It Is a worse than wasted vote- V-?H
for It Is helping to IIIUNU AI10UT, j r
the very condition that muny will f 'loB
THINK they nre voting AOAINRTI ' ''
Kllhur Tnft or Wilson wlIK bo V.a
elected 1 , JMH
Thore are but TWO real onndl- , ,
dalii. (ind TWO Issues' B
Taft and 8AI'J7rYI I ' T?
WUson nnd DANGIHl! i 7BB
Which shall It boT li fH
Moro wool selling and n much t j H
more choorful tone wero tho doni- y. ' v"
Inont features of tho Iloston wool ! 1 i
market Inst week. Prlcus are j i' H
steady and sales lire estlmuted to bo J jll 'ANflB
well over four million pounds Pro- I ,,i Sl
dictions are mado of a higher mar- f , L
kot nfter olectlon i h l
Original bag territories contlnuo 1 PfvaH
to movo freely Hoportod trunsfera j -1HB.
Include sevonty-flvo thousand pobnda j fnlH
of Utah at 19 14 conU to cost CQ 1 ' jk 8B
to 67 cents. Clean scoured valuan y t.-SwJ
are well auatalned In territory tt , , H
wools with current quotations for fl j &B
fhio utaplo t OS to 37 cents. 'el' V ?JH
Half-blood ataplo from 02 to 04 jM I SA
cents, throe-eighths blood ut 57 to rsKi HnPi
68 conta and quarter-blood staple Att I j LiH
at 53 to 65 cents Clothing torrl- mI I1 ft rB
torlos remain nt GO to C2 cents clean, i la ' J B
for fine and 67 io 58 canta for flna li l J
medium Jrfl I ,rSI
f, a k"-Ti
Sumner, tlio furniture morchant . is 8 , p JBJ
oa'North Ninth street, has ono of S " ' ,t H
tho most attractive stores in all ! ' , L H
Kaston i Utah. Paco & Tingley art) ' L ' ' Lfli
to spread oat, as It wore, wbon, thoy 4t fib V!l
get Into their now location in the f XPaBl
Weetor building at Ninth and Main. Am . !-!

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