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Eastern Utah advocate. (Price, Utah) 1895-1915, November 28, 1912, Image 1

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; . - nl ; R
Eastern Utali "Advocate I
'.win. " w .1 VbwJ
1 MK
Bii(M)ij ijui.dino now
NT CO.MIM.I.Ti:i).
With Homo Hplcmlld Out
Went IIcIiik Arranged
1'invnnN of n Hundred
Hd Dollars ntut Hlrurliiiv
Btpmrltl of the l'lnot.
Bckcrt, contractor for the
fth school bulldltiK. In
Advocate that ho will iin
Bturo tho ntrucluro otcr
Bice by tho ISth of Dp- '
Kit It will ho formnlly i
Bhe public on Friday, l)e
ill Tho building nml
exclusive of tho ground,
Bost whon completed un
H hundred thousand dol
Bbonrd of trustee Is pre-B-ntcrtnlnment
Tim fin
Bics nro now being added
Bmp1ctod Mil building
ftnd to nono In tho state.
B regulation clasn nnd ns
Bmi, tho school has h
B swimming pool, rent
Kcnt and other modorn
Bt meeting of the fncul-
Bolllcd to engage ft J1UIII-
Bclass attractions.' It Is
Bjli.iTo tho students glvo
Bj of K.ister concert In
Bk opera will bo presented
Bft lu tho holiday ronton.
B)kn that will tnko pnrt j
Bk 1 -.elude Prof Alfred I
Bjoninnln llydo orchtslrn
Bllnu I Mn Ilnbcock of
im linn Organlid An
B nt llrn- llimcl.
Hji unrits, Nov .r.
H) ulnlil n concert was
Hl lit':rtla- .Uliits
Btr IU ini-plc's of .h-
BV I h ilHam T Kvuns
Bj ury excellent jiro
d r. I Tho h oiiko was
Bll !i mthuslnstlc llston
'' I ' n membership of
Bt11' u number of part
Bl I y p.irtlcit who nr
Bli! the iholr, IiicIiiiHiik
m the orchestra, n coo
Bjitcx Mor on, nml a vlo
Bjrofcior Adumson. Ho
'-d vIollnlHt nnd nil
BJKvi, having finished n
B'? in (lermnny,
BJrtcru now )iaa an ox
BJ Ortcu on Id lit dnyH
v:ibcrs serenade the
IH ninny cliolco selections
i and two MMiibors of
IHard nro in nftoudanco
Bb Teacher' association
BVng hold iu Bait I,ako
Bffihth grade class will
Bm Friday night.
B lurriui lu huslneiia
Bt't of tho wcok that
,'V' w'io hna boon con-
, BJ'ckl Savoy Hlnco lt
, IB" of tho ownon und
B' llio liniiHo, iiad (IIh-
IBjh'-rt-Kt thoreln to A.
"BJ4 1 'rtnur
"'BpovkCNer, Inrornis "tho
(BJ-d religious" that
1 BB ' tlnt an Intercut In
Bu lll bo awuy from
,Br mtwt of tho time,
B dcmandlnu moot of
Boodu depnrted for
B Inst Monday oven-
B'loii, wlio rocontly
B Savoy with Wooda,
Bc"vo nmnngemont of
' B Hl koop it up to
Ha full lino of inoder
Btre nnd ranges.
BH ;Jl4ijLL7rxBB BBV UirJ)tfx Ulllw j.
II BB BBf 9" "vVMBBB BBBBT " ''', i w BrI m
Be one we bad mm m old folks
(low William Spry' annual
ThankuRlvlriK proclamation I wild
to bo one of tho very nhorltMt of It
kind over iMiucd by any prmddent
of tho I'nltcd Stat or a KOternnr
if nny ntnttt. It reada:
"ily tho (Jovurnor of I tit State of
Utah, n Proclamation: llallowcil an
an Inatltutlan of the I'llRrim Vu
thora, tho cuatom of sotting apart
n day in each year for'thankuRUInR
nnd prayer comes down to ua pure
nnd wholeaomo in the aweot simpli
city of Its obsorvnncu.
"In porpotuntlon of this oustom
nnd In purauanco of tho proclama
tion of tho president of the United
States, I, William Spry, Rovcrnor of
tho state of Utah, do hereby deilg
unto Thursday, Novembor 28, 1012,
ThnnksglvlnB Day, nnd urRO l"
tho pooplo of this stato tho obser
vance of tho dny In Its truo spirit.
"At tho altar of every family clr
clo and In tho plnoes of worship,
let thnnka bo returnod for tho bles
sings of llfo nnd liberty, of peace
nnd ImpplnoMi for tho enjoyment
of mntorlal prosperity and for every
good and proolou gift. In humil
ity, lot gratoful noknowlcdgomont be
mndn of the manifold evidences of
dlvlno direction and protection In
nil tho affairs of llfo.
"In witness whereof, I have here
unto set my hand and caused to bo
affixed tho great seal of tho stato
of Utuh. Done at Salt Lake City
tho capital, this ICth day of No
vember, A. D., 1912- William Spry,
I'HOVO. Nov 25. The cltlivus
of 1'rovo tonight mado a determined
I bid to securo the terminus of the
j Utuh railroad coal road from Kmory
and Carbon counties. In response
to n call from Mayor Decker, an en
thusiastic tunas meeting was held.
Tho sense of the meeting was thnt
I'rovo must havn tho terminus, nnd
A committee wax appointed to raise
the necossnry thirty thoiiHand dol
lars, this clty' (juota of the cost.
The company sovornl months ago :
mudo surveys of tho road from th!
coal Holds to Spanish Pork, where
upon tho Provo Commercial club
communicated with tho officers of
tho company nnd made an attempt
to aecuro tho terminus for this city.
Tho railroad people replied that It
would be necessary to purchase the
right of way from Spanish Kork
Canyon to Provo, a distance of
eleven mile. Tho club named a
committee to Investigate tho cost of
the right of way. Tonight the oom
mlllco reported thnt from thirty
five to sixty thousand dollars would
be nocesuury. The committee also
stated thut immodlate notion would
be necessary If Provo was to bo
considered at all.
Among tho speakers at tonight's
meeting who favored tho proposition
wore D. It. Ileebe, W. II. liny, Kera
Decker. P. A. Hulsh, It. It. Irvine
and Jospho T. Knrrer. Mayor
Docker appointed a committee of ten
to take subscriptions for Provo's
share of tho expense. Present nl
tho mooting was H. S. Kerr, engi
neer for the company, who wild
contracts will bo let iu soon as tho
money Is guaranteed. Ho said his
company would erect u round house
nnd other uocessnry buildings nt
Provo nt a cost of a huudrod nnd
fifty thousand dollars nnd glvo tin
mediate employment to between fif
ty und ieenty-fivo men.
It Is believed tho necessary sum
will bo raised within two weeks.
Petition I'lliil For (!iiiuillaii.ilp of
Three Minor Clillilitn.
On behalf of Mrs. Kruncott M.
Snoot, widow of the lute Arthur A.
tfwsot, Frederick A. Sweet has filed
n petition In tho probute division of
iu- Third District court at Salt I.ako
City for tho appointment of hlmbolf
ut guardian of Maroella Wade
Sneet, Harold Arthur Bwoot and
Doils Loulso Swoet. aged 11, 9 and
2 ytara, respectively. Tho petition
declares that the appointment of a
gunrdlan is necessary for thu pro
hnte of the will of docoasod, who
loft an estate, valued nt 1 t7.9C9.24.
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8 p"- rBl
. - Hi YsMs'saMiallaMaMBataiiMail
Sheriff Thomas F. Kclter Serves Notice On Pro- f Jb!
prietors of Saloons and Other Places ' HjH
As to Violation of Law. Irfl
(InmbllnR, open or olherwlso, is
n thing of the past in tho city of
Prlco nnd tho towns of Cnrbon
eounty. Sheriff Thomas V. Keltor
has Issued written orders from )ils
offlco to alt owners or tioo opera
ting Kntnbllng devices in Price nnd
tho other places coming under Ms
Jurisdiction. Tho law, which U to
bo kirlctly enforced, npplles also to
owners of property ns well n to
renters of tho same. City Marshal
John U. Ilryncr has nlso notified
tho Prlco people concerned verbally
of his Intention to enforce tho law.
Bhcrlff Keller's notice, served per
sonally, reads-
Nnlhit In (Iniiientero.
"Price, Utah, Nov. 2S. My atten
tion has been directed to violations
of tho law In your establishment,
where, I am ndvlsed, you )me con
ducted various gambling games. It
Is my duty ns an officer of the law
to aot upon such information when
communicated to mo, nml I accord
ingly havo to advlso you that nny
Information that 1 may rooclvo on,
and nftor this dan ns to gambling
on your promise will luduco to
your arront and prosecution ns pro
vided for In Chapter 134, Hoi w! on
U of Utah, 1011. Yours truly,
(Signed) T. V. Kollor, sheriff Car-
)uia0ijtjiAty1ati.(fci mm
For Mvcral months gnmbllhg' In,
Prlco has been 'wido opon, being
run "both ways from tho deuco," ns
It wore. Those engaged lu It nml
the owners of games hae paid n
flue each month to the city, aver
aging about twenty-rite dollars each
or something like two hundred nnd
fifty to three hundred dollars
monthly. This money has gone In
to the city treasury after deducting
city court cost nnd tho like.
Ilelnr On the I.M.
At lUtjMir thH owner of games
nnd proresslounl gamblom hnve
been fined monthly nllku nnd u con
siderable roenue has been derived
therefrom. In tho coal onmi, It is
said, gambling was discontinued nt
tho saloons when tho now state law
went Into effect making it a felony.
Scofleld has never boon muoh of u
Kntnbllng town at nny time, but
what does exist will now ho stoppod.
Sheriff Keltor, it Is wild, will
play no favorites, but Is determined
that It shall no longer continue it
Is believed that conditions lit Price
und other plncos In Carbon couuty
has boon called to tho attention of
(lovornor Spry nnd A. II. llarnos,
nttorney general, aa hucIi action has
beeu suggested for some time by
cltlions of Prlco. Thoro nro few
business men In tho county but
what nro against gambling.
l).M)i:it AltlO.VA MAX
Strlot (lunrunllno against nil nur
sery stock, hay, grain, alfalfa seod,
straw and fruits from the entire
stato of Utah Into Arizona has been
declared by the Arliona commission
on agriculture nml horticulture.
A. M. Morrill, stato entomologist
for Arizona, state thnt tho com
mission )md declared a quarantine
ugnlnst tho entire state of Utah
and ngalnst it number of counties in
Idaho and Wyoming whero the ul
falfa weevil Is bad.
The object In declaring the quar
antine Is to check the alfalfa wee
vil epidemic thnt exists In Utah nnd
prevent It getting Into Arlxonn, it
Is said.
VKHNAI,, Nov. 2B. It wa not so
very long ago that tho Indians b fi
nal) woe u ring llcousos to wod, but
they nro now becoming clvlllxed
more rapidly and nro beginning to
settle tholr marital troubles in
Tho two Indians who want n di
vorce are Conconlno and his squaw
Kalbab of Ilangloy, Colo. Thoy have
boon married more than twenty
years, but tho woman doolares she
can no longor stand the nbuse
heaped upon hor.
She aska for relief and the cus
tody of tho two children,
AS TO Iffl SUllS ' I 9
('out fnoqw May lnrorMintln An 'BB
Touin to Do Auiiy Willi Tlinn. j
Thnt they may have something to iHbb
tay In tho mnttor of who nnd whnt f sBVl
kinds of business Is to bo carried f BBj
on nt their oamps, it Is rumored ' 1SV
that Utah Fuel company nnd other I If H
of tho corporations of Carbon conn- BJ
ty nro to Incorporate ns towns such , I ,, )BI
camps as Castle Uate, Konllworth, I L 'H
Sunnystde, Winter Quarters, Clear f JBB
Creek, Spring Canyon tuid Panther Bj
Canyon ns soon m tho two latter t MM
hnvo suftlelcnt jiopulatlon. Tho f . ?BJ
others mentlnnrd arc already of i'l 1
sufficient site. ' JM
Tho decision on Ihoso lines eooms '' 'LBJ
to hnvo been formulnted because ot 1 m jRfl
tho Insistence of ostnblUhlng "brush k 1BI
saloons," as they urn tunned, adja- V9sfl
conl to thy coal camps, a condition KBb!
which tho coul coiiipnnles nro not Bwl
desirous of seeing, ns they claim HBI
inch places nre a detriment and a ''
jynncotcjgnaMonu BB
n7ut7boutpcmK "H
commlsilonors license nil snloonBW sm BBh
outside towns. 1' BB
If these places are Incorporated It lH
means ot course thut a very largo i H
volume of tnxea coming Into tho Bl
county treasur will bo out off and VS
n oorrespondlng Inonium mudo in 1b
tuxiM outside of these places, other- )BI
wise, the county unit. It is not Bal
likely thnt any mote will bo mudo, Bl
however, until after the policy ot H
tho IncomlHg board ot eounty com- BS
mlsslotiers Is known. Bl
C. F. Kmory, sanitary inspector Bi
In the office of tho state board ot vai
health, was this weok lu Saupeto jBj
county, whore ho made an Inspec- IBB
lion In connection wltht ho board'n . BB
campaign for pure water supplies. ' BB
Tho board is trying to get real- IBj
dents of thu statu to use springs K flD
Instead of surface wells and Irrlga- K Hl
ting ditches for culinary purposos. K .BB
Kmery mado mi Inspection In Utah IrriBn
county yestordny. IWiH
Tho ImquKtor U gathering data 1V.FV!
on tho disposal of refuse and un- IkIiIB
sanitary corrals. This and tho wa- l?iB
tor supply will bo treated ot fully in U'bVI
tho annual report of the board, iniB
which Is being compiled. j1iB
Kmory is expected to visit Car- ufjB
bon and Kmory counties this weok, luJB
looking especially Into vmtor'eoiidl- IeAH
tlons. Rll
ahi: iiki.d v.i.i)i:u:sh Sb1
Tho teachers of Suit hake City SFil
rocolvod tho announcement tho KlBl
other day thut those touching on kKBJ
certificates from thu state normal NhBI
must take out stato teachers' II- BW
conses at onco. This means that !SvbI
fully half of Uio toacheni of Ion (iSH
and oven tho stato hnvo been teach- HmbI
Ing without a llconse, BIB
This point was decided u weok flfl
ago by Attorney Oonern Albert IU
Iiarnea, who said, in his opinion, KH
tho only legal right to teach wait BU
glvon at tho offices of the utato Blfl
board or education. This will mean Ban
that moro t)mn a thousand certlfl- H
catos of tho stato are void. Mil
HKATTI.K, Wash., Nov. 2G.Mall M
advices from Seward say tho gov- Blfl
ernmont is nssembllng a coal min- Wl
Ing outfit nt Knik, to be shipped IBM
Into the Matanuskn conl field ns HH
soon as the snow Is heavy enough IBB
for travel. Boa
Two hundred tons of Matanuaka Bfil
conl will be mtnod by thu govorn- BflB
mont to 'onablu the navy to toet the fSrM
steaming quality of tho Alaska fuel, if!
Another govornmont ooal oxpodltlon Bl
Is at work In the Uorlng rlvgr field, Bl
i yj

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