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BH ' ( I
BflM ' lAOK TWO. -T I mmmMmbmMMMM jSB
H Prof. M. 0. Maughn Contributes Timely Article
B' On the Game That Advocate Rea-
I ders May "Brush Up."
BflV The gamp of football I a coin
BB' paratlvcly new ntlilotlc sport In Cnr-
Bflfl bon county. Not until a few weeks
Bflfl nco line! Ihcro boon but few Ramos
BflY of rugby played in llio county. Hut
BflY. nt Hint tlmo our two high school,
Bflfl I tho Onrbon County High sohool and
BflY tho l'rtco ncmlomy, mot for tho first
B , tluio on tho gridiron nnd pronounced
B" tho gnmo of rugby to bo of nucli an
BH Inlornitlnc nature that It would be-
Bflfl co mo ono of tho tnaln sports of tho
BflV county. A few Interesting tilings
BflV concerning tho rules of tho gnmo
BflY might bo montloncd which will bo of
BBS benefit to tho public.
BBY First, tho gnmo In played between
HBflJ two tennis, of eleven men each on n
IBB' rectangular flold which In n hun
HBflf -p. drod ynrds long nnd n hundred xlx-
BBf tr feet wldo. At tho middle of ench
Bflm end of tho field I n gonl, conslst-
HBflj lnc of two uprlglitH eighteen feet
BBj nil Inchon apart nnd n crosshnr lio-
flflflf , tween them which Is ten feel from
BflV tho ground. The object of tho gnmo
Bflfl Li to enrry tho ball across the op
Bii ( poncnl's gonl line.
Bflflh To begin tho Kama, tho two cap-
HK Inlng draw to sou which end of tho
Hl field they nro to hnvo. Tho side
K losing linn tho chnnco to chooso
B-' whether they kick the ball to tho
Hj other sldo or rccclvo It. After this
B ' decided, tho two leama lino up In
Bflfl tholr respective place, nnd when
Bflflj thn roforoo blown IiIh whlstlo, tho
Bflfl Knrao begins. Tho sldo "kicking
iPflfljIf ,, oft" tho ball put It on tholr forty-
f yard? lino (forty ynrd In front of
.tholr goal), nnd then kicks off to
their oppononts. Tho opponent re
echo tho ball nnd atari to carry 11
until downed by tho idle vhloh
Ji kicked. They, of courso, carry It
HHHJ toward tholr opponent' goal. Whon
HHH "downed" with thu ball tho referee
flflflr blows his whistle nnd call "first
HHH down and ton yards to go." Note
flflfll tlint tho team In possession of thu
ball ha four chnncet to gain ton
JIB yards, nnd If they fall tho ball goes
PHBj Into tho possession of tho other
', 1 - Mldn nnd It trios four times to mnko
i fl& ' tho ten yards. If they mnko their
HHHj . ' ten yards In four or less downs,
IB they continue until they full or
B cross tho opponent's gonl line. If
HHHr thoy cross tho opponent's goal lino
flflflf It counts n touchdown or six points.
flflflj! Whon n team Is trying to mnko
BBS ton yards In four downs nnd finds
BflBjj It ciulto Impossible to mnko nearly
BBBJ ten yards In threo downs, they
BflBj) "punt" on the fourth down. That
BflflJ Is, they kick tho ball ns far ns pos
BBflj . ntbtn to the other side and then
BflBj. run down to meet their opponents
HHfljj who get tho bnll. They down tho
HHV wan carrying tho ball nnd then
HHHj; "Una up" on scrlmmngo nnd tho
BBB atiln In nosstisalon of the ball then
HHH tries four times to muku ten yards, I
BBflj Mid, so on, unlit n touchdown, nj
BBS! place kick, n safely or tlmo Is up,
BflBj calling for thu end of n first, soo-
HHH ond, third or fourth quarter. Tho
HHHj tlmo of each uunrter Is fifteen win-
BBS ules, unless otherwlsu agreed by
BHH tho captains of tho toams.
BHH Ily ft louohdowu wo mean thu
BBS tenia In possession of the ball car-
BBs rylng It over their opponent's goal
BBS llnu. This counts six points, utter
BBj which tho ball Is carried back to
BBj tho twonty-flvo-yiird llnu, from
BBJ which tho scoring team has a free
BBJ chnnco to kick thu hall between tho
BBJ two uprights nnd over tho crossbar.
BBJ This done counts one additional
BBJ lly iv placu kick wo menu kicking
Bfl tho ball from tho fluid of piny oor
Bfl tho crossbar of tho opponent's goal
Bfl ilu uny way except by n punt or u
Bfl klckofr. This ptuuo kick or goal
Bfl from the fluid counts threw points.
Bfl And by n safety wo menu forcing
BK tho team holding the bnll over Its
Bfl own gonlllne. This counts two
Bfl points. To suiumurliu tho points
Bfl u touchdown counts six points, n
BB goal from u touchdown ono point,
BBJ. ,goal from fluid (place kick) thru
Bfl points, sufoty by oppononts two
Bfl points. Concerning tho men on thu
BB team, ouch has n curtain nnd dofln-
Bfl llo placo to play, Tho dlagrnm will
BBJ IlliuUratot
the opponent's nol, doing s the
nlgimts told him- going to the right
or left, clow In, fur out, etc Thus
every man on thu team knows wlmt
Is going to happen nnd where the
bnll Is going to be enrrlml, anil s
n result, the whole eleven men run
work together ns a single unit nnd
In perfect harmony to effect their
desired plans.
Theso are only n few of the many
rules nnd points thai govern n foot
ball gnme. It Is to be hoped Ihni
Iho render will, ns n result of these
few notes, become more Interested
nnd enthused oer the gnme of foot
ball nnd get out nnd onjoy tho gnmo
of nil gnmes, which whon properly
played, dovelops tho player to n
greater extent than nny other ath
letic exercise.
H O O OO O 0 0
BB U Knd I,. Tackle I.. Guard Center It. (J mini II. Tackle It. Hud
BBJ Qunrterback
BB 1 Half Iluok 'Half Ilaek
BB Full Hack
B The man running thu twin Is the
Bfl qunrtorbaok, Ilu glvus the slgunls,
Bfl which nro supposed to bo under-
Bfl stood only by the mumbers of his
Bfl tiKiin, which notB according to tho
BBj slgu glvon. Kaoh slgnui means
Bfl somothlng nnd when u HUfflaleut
BBt number are given, one mnu In the
BBJ back field opens his hands (thus
Bfl ontllng for tho ball), nnd It Is
Bfl thrown to him by tho coutor. When
BM It Is rocolvod by tho back fleldman
BBJ who called for It he runo towards
NVu UtUlntur Will llo .Uc U
I'nttlili I'or HiiIiiiis,
VKHNAIi, Nov. 22. People of
tho resorvntlon must be content
without n now county for nt lonst
another two years. The constitu
tional nmondment providing for the
creation of new counties by the
slnte leglslnluro was overwhelming
ly defented, as wore nil the other
proposed amendments.
Itobor City, tho county sent of
Wnsntch county, Is eight) miles
from tho Roosevelt, Cednrvlew nnd
Mytou country, nnd to make the
trip, especially In thn winter lime,
works n hardship upon those who
must nttond court.
Thorn will bo an effort to have
tho loglslnturo provide for holding
court on tho reservation.
Oovcrnor Spry recently sent n
telegraphic messngo to Denier In
dorsing tho projected Moffat road
tunnel nnd etprcsslng n hope, on bo
hair or Utnhns, Hint tho tuunul
would bo completed nnd tho now
road built Into Salt Luke City. Tho
governor montloncd tho ndvantngso
tho road would bring to both Utah
nnd Colorado, In giving facilities to
n rich territory which Is now with
out rnllrond transportation.
It has been nroposod thai the
cllUons of Denver raise n fund nnd
build tho tunnel, tho cstlmnted cost
of which Is placed nt 110,000,000.
Thu tunnel would Insuro tho Immu
dlnto construction of tho Moffat
rond through Utah ns It would ell
mlnnto heavy grades In crossing
I the continental divide.
utaii Timi:ui;ui.osi8
Urging health officers of thu
stnto to Insist on physlalnns report
ing nil cusos of tuberculosis In com
pliance with tho stnto law to that
effect, Dr. T. II. Ilentty, secretary
of tho stnto board ot health, has
Issued n circular to honlth officials
on thu subject of preventing tuber
culoids. Dr. Hatty calls uttentlon
to tho fact that thu death ratu from
thu dlsensu Is tho lowest In Utah of
nny stnto In tlio union nnd makes
suggestions ns to how this record
can bo continuously muiniumeu:.
Ilu urges thu co-operntlou of the
ofricInU In promoting the projected
tuberculosis snnltorlum which the
board will endeavor to get nppro
prlntlmut for from the nttxt legisla
ture. Utah was thu first statu In
thu union to enact n law requiring
physlcluus to report tuberculoids
ciiKtts, and according to Dr. llctatty
tho compliance with the law has
"been far from mitUfnotory not
withstanding thu continued efforts
of tho stnto board ot health to en
force It."
No need of patronising mall order
houses when Sumner onn meet their
prlcea on furniture, and onn show
you tho goods. Advt.
Tonight, It ou reel dull and stu
pid, or bilious mid constipated, take
n dose of Chamberlain's Stomaeh
and I.Ivor TahleU, and yyi will feel
nil right tomorrow. Sold by all
dealer. Advt.
Itamembor Sumner Is always
ready to mnku you uu offer for your
socoiuMiuud household urtlcles.
Konio InterPHlInK Figure IToin tlm
(Irfdiglcnl Surry.
The known col fields of ,nc
United States embrace n toUl freB'
according to tho United 8tst" ge
ological survey, of 310,208 l
miles, to which may be added some
thing over n hundred awl "I1'
thousand square miles of wsl'h t'
lie Is known, but which may rontnln
worhable coals, nnd nbout thirty
two thousand sijunro mll where
the coal lies under honvy ce " "n"
Is not considered nvnllnble under
present conditions. Tho PI''y of
tosl Iwfore mining begnn I e"
mnloil to have been 3,07C,:ei ",
000 short tons, of whloh l.2-' 970,
000,000 tons wero consldcrrd to ',e
enslly accessible nnd 1.1BX.X-'' '.
1)00 short tons to bo cither "!'
er the bels so thin Hint the) ire
acceslbl only with dlfrlouli) t'l
sltled according lo the character of
the coal, the original mipp'y con
sisted of 21,000,000,000 short Ions
ot anthracite, 1,661,457,001 noo ton
or bituminous coal, 6G0.U7 ,000,000
tons ot sub-bltumlnous ton I, and
743,690,000,000 tons ot lignite, the
supply ot bituminous real being
something more than that of nil
other grades combined.
Tho total production of coal to
tho close of 1911 hns amounted to
2,270,798,737 short tons t anthra
cite and 6,468,773,690 tens of bi
tuminous coal, or nn nKtW'tJ of
8,"39,72,I27 ton. Tills total pro
duction to tho cloao ot 1M1 repre
sents, Including Iho wnsle of coal
In mining, nn nxhnustUn of me
beds eiual to 14,181,980 000 short i
Ions, or somewhat Icm than 0 ! per -cent
of the original supplr In other (
words, tho quantity of col still re- i
mnlnlng to bo mined amounts to '
3,062,022,020,000 shorl tons, or n
little more than 99.6 tr cent of ,
thn original supply. i
The annual rnto ot oxUustlon nt '
the present time n ropweented by
thu production In 1910 and 1911 I ,
0.02s" par cent of Iho supply. The ,
qunntlly of coal still In 'he ground 4
nt the close or 1910 wm six thous-
nnd times the produotkn ot that J
year, or, estlmntlng n aalf ton ot (
coal lost tor every toa rerovered, i
tho supply Is cqulvalsat to four i
thousand times Iho preieni siinual
rate or exhaustion. ,
irt ktii.Ij vi:uv mv.siii vincj ,
For two or threo ywrs past nn '
nppnront alcknesa nmoac ducks on
tho shores or Great Bait Lake Jms
been perplexing hunter nnd nn ef- ,
fort has boon mndo 14 determine
Just what the maludf la. There
hnva been varloils olVilons regard
ing tho matter nnd no two diagno
ses hnvo agreed, the game wardens
nnd tho hunters finally concluding
that thoro was no pnrtlculnr ex
planation of tho malady.
II Is cortnln, however, thai the
ducks hnvo been nffllcted with Koine
ailment that renders them helpless
nnd death Invariably cnaues nfter
they hnvu suffered tho disorder n
cortnln length ot time. The ducks
In the various stages ot tho ailment
nro stricken with paralysis or the
log and wings and they become
They feed welt and remain fat
all the time, but they nro bereft of
tho power ot locomotion nnd It I
with difficulty that they movo
nbout. Ducks flying rapidly through
the nlr have been known to sudden
ly fall to the earth, tholr wings
ceasing to operate, sad others hnvo
boconio helpless on the water, mere
ly floating nbout as tho wind movea
Government oxperta from Wash
ington, 1). C, nnd fUii where are us
much at sa n those in Utah and
the West.
I'ATIllOTIC (iltllllKS
Itlttl'UMVtJ TO I'imiT
According to f.'lninto made by
the passenger agents of tho rail
roads leading out uf Halt I.ako City,
more than fifteen hundred Creeks
have left for home since war wus
declared on Turkey. The pnsaongor
agents also say thai the (Ireeks aru
great bargain hunters when It
come to buying railroad tickets
nnd the road that ran furnish them
a ticket n dollar iheuper than the
others by sending them In n round
I about wa) to New York Invariably
gots the buslnew. Tho majority ot
them are going In pnrtlos or ton.
The exodus from Carbon county con
tinue right along and Is being foil
at thu several coal mines ot this
Immediate vicinity where largo
numbers are oiiiptojud, us well us
on railroad work hereabouts.
Statu aid to a project contempla
ting the reclamation ot sixty thous
and acres or choke bonch lands In
Uintah county, near Mytou, was
pledged by the tatu land board
Inst Thursday to the V. II. I.utt
Carey Act Project company.
Ilepresentalhes ot thu oompnny
appenred before the bourd nud ox
plalned that the company proposes
to spend ItOO.OOO for a reservoir
and canal stem cnpablo ot supply
lug water to not lees than sixty
thousand acres
The board paeii upon the proj
ect as a worthy and doslrablo ono,
nnd while It did not promlso to pur
chase the company's botids at proa
ant, assurance was glvon that tho
stato would ghu all posslblo nld In
the plan.
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g Guns, Revolvers and Ammunition I
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a ,
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t 5jg Armstrong's Wash Embroidery Silks. ttlH
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s of your work. npjct to tub oomi:n hum: rwiH
I'o-tnmxtro TIioiuum nl 'bin luotnir- (
lliiK .Miiny Otlu'nt. i
A. I.. Thomas, noalinastvr nl Salt
l.uko City, has bu nmlllnn (or a
week iiaiuphlets contnluliii; Instruo- i
lions rvKardlnK tho im reels post to '
liottinnsters throuKhnui Utah. He-
torn tho first of January, when th j
law takes affect, post inastors, tar- w
rlvra nnd othttrs ohkhkwI In iho op- .
crntlon of thv reels iot will bu
furnlsluil with tho official jmrcids
nost map, guide and other para-phornullu.
Tho rntoa hnvo iilremly been for
wnrdiMl, On account of thu In
crttaso In tho welKlil limit from four
to eleven pounds, iwstof flees Mill bo
supplied with scales of sufficient
capacity. They will also rcrdvo
tapo Hues six fet In UiikHi for
menstirhiK packitKes.
Tho postofflce department is l
Ing particular tmphaals on that iw
tlon of thu law regarding parcels
post stninps. The special stamps
must bo used on all fourth-class
mall beKlnnliiR the first of Janu
ary. If the pack a He are stuck
with ordinary stumps they will be
"hold for poitnuB."
Nor oun the people use public
mail boxes for packages. This mall
must bo taken to postofflces, tai
lored nnd local named stations and
such numbered stations as mas be
dealKnatod by the postmasters.
Kvory purcol must bear the return
card of tho sender. Otherwise It
will not be nccepted for mailing.
I'or n distance of fifty miles be
twoon Salt I.nko City and any other
city, postnge will be five cnts for
tho first pound ami three cents for
oach additional pound. Thus, a
pncksKo weighing ten pouuds to 1m
sent fifty miles to or from Salt Uk
City, would cost thlrt)-two cents.
For a hundred and fifty miles
tho rate Is six cents (or the first
pound nnd four cents for each addi
tional pound; for three hundred
miles, seven cents and five cents;
six hundred miles, eight cents and
six cents; a thousand miles, nine
oonts nnd seven cents; fourteen
hundred mllos, ten cents and nine
ocnts; eighteen hundred mllos,
cloven and ten cents; any greater
distance, twolvo and twolvo cents,
Prompt Service DrayB
K. A. TIIOMI'HO.V, ln'rtour. H
Here lo Hervo Kveryono nt Ilcnsonablo rharfti "BJ
Service. flj
Dealer in Aberdeen
llcaldcnco Phono CCx; Offlco 1'houo 99 rflV
No Bj
0 Donvcr, I'uoblo, Chicago and tho but M
2 Dcnvor, I'uoblo, Chicago and tho fr"t H
i Donvor, Pueblo, Chicago nnd tho k
1 38 Sunnysldo and Intormodlato points....
1 Ogdon, Salt Lako City nnd 1'rovo .. ,H
& Ogdon, Salt Lako City and I'rovo .. ,...
3 Ogdon nnd Salt Lnko City "' B
139 From Sunnysldo " ,
No. CB2 Leaves Colton for Scoflold nnd Clef ,
No. 651 Leaves Clear Creok for Colton .
No, C12 Loaves Thlatlo for Mnryevalo
No. Gil Arrlvos from Maryavale
Makes ono or moro round trips dally 'f".., tf"
(Miller Crcok). No regular nchcdulo T,r'"
Utah dopot nt foot of Eighth atroot. Carri"
Makes ono or moro round trlpa dally tf jnj
(Cedar Crook). No rogular echedulo- -all '
Utah dopot nt foot of Eighth atroot Carrie
Stago for Vornnl and Intormedlato P$.ti til (
morning, oxcept SundnyB, nt 8 o'clock. t" &
mall, paaaongors nnd express. Thomos "
Office with Wolls-I-Vrgo Express Co, f
L Stage for the town of Emory and lat"!?el t
Price dally nt 7 o'clock ench morning. ,".! I"
pasaongera nnd oxproas. A. M. Abolln, M0

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