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H 'Kit Wi
I Eastern Utalf .
H&ard Law and Precedent1 In Haste ;to Make
Good Pledges to "Sagebrush Saloon"
H Element and Others.
n newly olocted official for
BHf county t& high boon lost
BBS aasumea tho dutioa of their
BHTe offices. Tho routing
HHbtoaera met In tho forenoon,
Hl2 o'clock tho now camo In.
H- Joseph It. Bharp of Price
HHJ. T. Hamilton of Holoor.
HHJ Randolph, tho holdovor, wan
on of Bharp mado chairman
HHJ board, llelng tho oldest
HHJ he was onUUed to this
HHJ It also gtvoa Sharp nnd
n, progressives, full Bwlng
Hni genorally 4ho bit In tho
ts It were. Tho flret thing
p m that of. passing upon
HHabatch of bills handed down
Hrt retiring board. A largo
Hot theeo woro disposed of.
HHBero camo a lull and Fred
HHster applied for a Saloon 11
HHVt Sunnyaldo, followed by
HHsumenU, who asked to con
HHBalooa at what la known as
Wx House, above Helper.
HHBplloaat, has heretofore been
HHYslmllar requoats at cACh
HHB the old board. I
HHMffH Make Argument.
Hil Bollcltor Uraffot, roprc
HHatho Utah Fuel company as
HHYsldc, as well as Castlo Gate,
HHBient and opposed both np-V-
Ho based his opposition
BBHkoa of law and not tochnl
BBHknd personallUos. Haraucl
Bof Bait Lake City was prca
tho Intoroat ot DlumonU.
ho afternoon and nil of the
BHHtcssIon woro takon up with
or, resulting In tho licenses
bolus granted orer Attor-i
BBHJffot's objections and tho
vf tho county attorney, At
BBHJraffet left Price yesterday
and by this Umo has prob
irM a writ e wo h I VI t km.
flBHjVdlr Chrlteurnl'ManTr. -I
likely bo set-rod on the
commlMlonors tomorrow,
BBHJ expected matters wilt bo
Bn their merits at the Feb
BBBu of district court at 1'rlcu
BBBBftHmUii rt-niNtct'.
BBBBk tho (tuitlru of doing Com-.
BBBJ Sharp and Hamilton an i
BBBBJlt appeared during tho I
BBBBIh nnd questioning by
HHHJ that 'they were moro In
BBBHui Paternoster's welfare,
BBBBftt beer at Sunnysido, man
BBBVUvery, mothod of doing
BBBBvtc , tlian tho merits of ,
BHBHjitloA of Pnternoator (os- I
BBBBr tho law governing. In
BBBBJrnoster rms as well or
BBBBJbn enro of by these two
BBBRof the board than he
BBBBJp boon If repreHnted by
BBBKgo nttorney, QuosUons
BBBBlo Hraffet ns to prices of
BflBJfl Sunnyslde, his Interest
BBBBSons thoro, nnd If ho was
BBBvlally bonofUod Uirough
BBBPla Trading company and
BBBB1I of which ho natlsfae
BBBJnlned to those present, If
HHf board. Uraffot told of
BBBJ also, as attornoy for tho
BBBBJ company, Magnolia Trnd
BBBBny nnd allied interests.
HHHf othor authority hu lias
BBBjHn to rests ho serves, ho do
BBBBfrtnte Thoy did not In
BBBJevor, as to how of ton ho '
BBBHth or changes his socks, j
HK "f IfcMiwi Profit. I
HHHfrpaii, John Dlumontl and ,
BBBBp wont Into tho priced nnd
BBBB"wot goods," manner of
BBBtc , but tho sensation of '
BBBBamo whou Commissioner I
BBBrd Attornoy Ilrnffot If lio
BBBry reason-, legal or moral,
BBBfnoster should be denied ,
BBBBt Arising and facing
BBBJrt Uraffot anaworod In
BBBptlvc, assorting that I'nt
BBBft'l run n saloon at Sunny
BBBHlo year without a llconse, '
BBBat Paternoster had bribed
BBBBv'ies, fonucr county clurk
BBBBJer, with a hundred nnd
BBBflfii. Detected In thU al
BBBBK'ry, Uraffot sUtvd that,
BBBr luid como before tho
BBBJers nnd mode good tho I
BBBBtho llcenso In proof of
BBmt Uraffot cited Sharp to
BBHBk of tho commlflslonors '
(their own records) In substantia
tion of the charge. l)raffotiiaJd
Paternoster had further admitted
tho same In tho prcaonco of three
witnesses. Ho nUll further charged
that at this very time I'atornoAtcr,
belloTing he would bo successful un
dor this board In securing a license,
had agonta out to secure proetitutcs
for his proposed place at Bunnyeido.
Bribery Is Charged.
About this Umo Commissioner
Sharp again camo to tho rcscuo of
Paternoster by asking if ho (Pater
noster) was present at tho Umo tho
minutes wero sproad and when Pat
ornoster mado good for tho year's
HcenM. Tho lottor said ho was not.
QuosUonod as to tho hundred and
fifty dollars nllegod brtbo money
given to Jones, Paternoster explained
Uiat tho Jonow money was In tho
naturoof aloan and not to "square"
tho llconao matter. Parenthetically,
Paternoster Imparted the Informa
tion that tho Jones hundred aad
fifty dollars Is still coming to him.
This and live approaching dinner
hour brought an adjournment of the
board until 7:30 o'clock, when an
evening session was hold. In tho
meantlmo It had occurred to tho
commlnnionors that an opinion from
tho county attornoy might bo of use.
This was ordorod.
McNVhlanoy tilt on Opinion.
County Attorney McWhlnncy was
prepared at tho reconvening with a
written opinion, which declared
ngalnat tho Issuance of tho licenses.
Commissioner Sharp was not satis
fied with what McWhlnncy advised
and suggvstod ,that It ho referred to
somo othor attorney a disinterest
ed ono practically discrediting Mc
Whlunoy. This disinterested (?) one
was there ready for tho Job. Ham
!llfhn, avedthotnxpayors, a fee of
probably' flfip'To" sutentyfivo nor
lars by Intimating that the HcontwM
bo cither granted or not grnntod, In
dicating that he was roady to act.
Hamilton whispered with Sharp nnd
then moved that' tho Pnternostor li
cense bo granted as requotod..
Sharp voted with htm. Tho samo
action was taken with Dlumontl.
Thero Is an irregularity In tho bond
of Pnternoetor as submitted. It
was prepared by a surety company,
but drawn by Attorney Mcllroom of
Rait I.ako City, n relative by mar
rlago of Commlstdonor Sharp. ThU
ia being remedied, however, Dlu
montl was given "a day or so" to
get his bond hero from 'Aon.
Tilt J r Honesty Questioned,
During tho aftornoon tho matter
of publishing notice nnri f urnlahlng i
prlnUng and stationery supplies-
come up. A resoluUon was passed
leaving this to Auditor Piorson, but
at the evening mooting it was re
scinded and now tho work will be
let by bids. Enough will bo asked
for at ono Umo to last the several
county officials until the first of
Soptember, next. The chaage camo
over the commissioners during the
adjournment for dinner and was
InsUgated by two or three "bull
moochers in Prlco through an In
significant follonr who poses, as an
attorney. His representations were
that as tho original resoluUon stood
tho county was In grave danger of
being robbed or grafted. Whether
his 'nalnuaUons are directed agalmit
local publishers and printers or the
county clerk and ex-officlo auditor,
or both, Is not explained. In view
of this, It has boon suggested that
It might not be a bad idea to have
the butch Jf, Uio .grattir, coalman,
blacksmith and all ofnerAtimUsh,
Ing Uio county anyUiing, whatsoever,
make bids on whatever tho county
may bo in the market for from Uae
to Umo.
More Haloim Wanted.
During tho controversy over con
ditions at Sunnysldo Commissioner
Bharp gave it as his bcllof that thoro
ought to be fifteen saloons at Sun
nysldo, Instead of two as now, and
that Uio peoplo would bo bottor oft
at thla camp it such was tho condi
tion. Ho Inquired as to the price of
beer at Prlco v.tth Its ten saloons,
as to tho regulaUon ot tho samo
nnd many other matters which had
no bearing, so far as tho, persons
present could detormlno, upon Uio
matter undor consideration. Tho
mnltor of scarlet women at Sunny
side was not touched upon by Sharp,
although Attorney Ilrfafct citod con
ditions there wjwm the place was
"ivldo open." Sharp's general argu
ment was that tho voters of the
county had put Uio progressives in
power on a saloon platform, and ho
was ready, so far as ho Is Individu
ally concerns, to enforce it. If the
Utah Fuel company should not win
lis oaso to be filed In the district
court it Is mora than likely tholr
camps will be Incorporated Into
towns. T)io rovenuo would then bo
taken from tho county, togethor
with othor moneys. This amounts
to several Utousands of dollar an
nually. During his argumnot Uraf
fot oxplaiped that his corporatloss i
wnniod to bo friendly and in hr-'
mony wiUi Uio rest of the county, I
clUng Uiat Uiey did not opposo the,
high school, court house and ether
Improvement that taxed them hoa-
Fighting For .Urputlri.
County Clork Piorsoo nnd $la
Joshs Fitzgerald, recorder, asked
for depuUcn in their offices, bufc at
the nttornoon soanion wero doafod
any he,lp whatever, Commissioner
Hamilton asking it Miss Fitzgerald
hndn't Just roturnod from a two!
wcoks vacation in a manner that
Implied to his hearer that tho work'
of hor office Jml been in the inoah
Umo nogloctod. At Tuesday's meet
ing, however, thoy rolontod nnd
Mrs. Piorson was named as doputy
clerk for two years1 at a salary of
seventy-two dollam a w6nth, whflc.
Mia Fitzgorald was allowed holp tor
threo weeks to catch' up with tho'
work of hor offlco. Mrs. Isabella
Murphy, a slater,. Is' now -assisting,',
(Concluded on page eight.) " ,t
Advocate . 1
i v FBI
Mmi mam
nT' ( Bprr H-raI State
jfclals to llo Hem.
fvjjrectlon of Carbon county's
hlaf sjMM building will occur on
the lpHftho month, next Satur
day WepT InvltoUons are being cx
IoMUMjOoy. William Spry, SUte
8upryHaswit ot Schools Nelson,
eta4 fm erfunty officials, Uio otfi
WUHlcC'$icr of lno lrtato odu
wMiQuWtutlons and tho public
Weiff 'of the legislature are
ate fSl, but It is not known
wheUwr they will be ablo to mako
th. xWa F'ron 10 o'clock in the
foriqyi to i o'clock In tho oftor
noett A building It to he thrown
opes rieoral InspccUon, follow
ed by 4.Jhiiv -concert ,
At vwctock In tho afternoon Uio
etM-flcejjfill he formally dedicated,
Uie siMeh to be by Ilov J K. Fer
ris oh Pnc (Methodist) nond
eny, vjth .talks following by Qovor
Ber"Jry and Superintendent Nol-
Frwn,7t30 o'clock to 8 30 o'clock
In tisJialiHC a mimical and liter
ary liWiiMI is to be rendered by
hlsA.sMH siudcuts,;followod by. a
daMe,jroi high noon to 1 o'clock
lunckj..! be served In tho do
meetlMieseo,, .department.
i ITUmpItu as abovr may bo
ChajMf jfefaewliat, but not materi
ally. v4ft Tuesday F C Moore,
th aMtect, and J. 1 Kckert. con
raotWcgan a forty-eight hour
"tryott" ftf Ujo healing and plumb
lg';flkirea at tho building, which
was Jot saUlfactory to all con-
cerHtf ,
ThftudenU ot tho lkUch ' school
last "iday fcgan using tli6bulld
Ing, which was tit Uiat Uras practi
cal lrfnplettl llBt HtV oAtras
aRLJtljfthlng touches here and tliero
wer4(U )o tkMM after last weok.
vftt i-srir Uio HuuungSw7irF;
ln the nwthorn iart of Emery coun
ty and irrigate Duckhorn Flats, In
cluilo a,.iww railroad from Price (o
Uiat sequel and n sugar factory to
handlo (iio beets expected to bo
grown. ' '
Tho land company will dam tho
river ami' dig canals to Irrlgato a
largo trait on Uio flats, twonty-flvo
miles oiith ot Price. In about a
year tho, now farming district will
bo ready for occupancy. When Uio
construction work la completed the
farms will bo sold.
i , T
. An unidentified man, working for
alio Utah Construction company, was
found )lcad on tho railroad tracks
above. Helper about a mile and a
half last Saturday. Ho was buried
at county oxpomo.
Z 1& SCEWE AFTER WILUE . . ' ss ' ?'7- '
F ?Wi. TAKEA BATH atdsw ' -" '
X FATHER L00KINGk' ' LT7' S&jiSiScmL' ' '
CURtY R EWilToitMll - "' ' COOP
headed Bjr M.wJlMwfim ' x,
C&2 JL Hr-FGbJl MOTHER -v Mrk'l
lljr iBsCT SCREWDRIVER 5g 3?
Carbon County Credited Wu I
Close to Three Million 1
Tons Last Year. I
Most of the Coke Made
At Surmyside Used
In the State.
Moro coal was mined In Utah In
IB12 thnn over boforu In tho his
tory of Uio state, and tho lncrcaso
over 1911 was greater than for any
othor year, according to tho report
of J. K. Pottlt, stato coal rulno In-1
spector. Tho total amount ot coal
produced was 3,088,366 tons, an In
crease ot C86.88& tons, or 23.4C por
cent. Tho coke production Increas
ed 134,088 tons, or 83. 5C per cont.
Hydrocarbon production fell off)
3303 tons, or 0.1 per cont decrease.
This decreaso is duo, it is assorted,
to a peculiar markot condition. East
ern capitalists havo control ot the
supply and domand.
Ot tho total amount of coal mined
in tho state, 378,074 tons wero con
sumed In Salt Lnko City alone,
whtlo tho state as a wholo mod 2.
4G0.74C tons.
Tim Ookn PrmliicUou,
The total coke production was
347,380 tons, ot which 17,144 wero
usod In Utah and 170,212 tons wero
oxportod, Increased domnnds or
Utah coko cauio much of tho In
crease In tho output ot coal, It Is
stated, as 003,4 40 tons of coal, or
moro than the year's Increase in
production, wore uzed for tho innnu
Jucturvef toko
.CQjllJiroptloil of coal .in the stato
I year, -Jio amouat1ani-'bolf.tj2jf
124, S00 tons nnd in 1912, 2,4Ss,74t
tons. Tho exports Increased from
418,671 tons to 403,340 tons. Ne
vada smolters took 13C,80S tous, ns
ngalnst 80,714 In 1011, Idaho usod
804 tons and Utah Increased hor
consumption from 123,702 tons to
170,420 tons.
Number of Accidents.
The report Hits a hundred and
sixty accidents at tho mines during
tho year. Of those eighteen wore
fatal, thirty-ono sorlous nnd a hun
dred nnd etovun not sorlous. As a
result of tho fatal accidents sovon
women wero made widows and
olghtccn children fatherless.
No labor troubles occurred during
the enr, though the wages ot men
employed In tho mines aro about
tiu same, A good fooling exists,
for tho most part, botween employer
and employe. i
ihreu now proportion wero du-
volopod during tho yoar, Including
the Panther Canyon mine, tho tt'll-l
low Creek mine and the Noslonj
mine, No sorlous sltortago of cars
has occurred during the oar.
Four thousand and sixty-three
men wero employed on un nvorago
throughout tho year, an lncrouno of I
two hundred and sixty-five over the
number for 1011. The nvorngo of,
days worked by thu regular produs
Ing mines was two hundred nnd
eighty nnd the average amount of J
coal produced by each mnn was
hovoii Jin ml rod nnd sovonty tons.
Output of Counties.
Carbon, 2,700,265 tons, an In
create over 1011 of 004,210; Sum-
mil, 100,010, a decroase ot 14,470; '
Kmory, 213,873, un incruuso ot 03,-'
0S2; Sanpete, 2127, an incroaso oPi
727, Uintah, 072, an ncrouo of!
872. Urand, 2S00, nu incronso of,
2600, other small mines, 0000, no
lucreaso or docroaso. j
Of tho mon employed In the
mines, tho various nationalities wero
roproBentod as follows: Americans,
1421, dormant), 12; Flnlandors, 07;
AustrlnnB, 434; French, 21; Oruuks,
1240; Italians, 063; Scandinavians,
7; Swede, 1; Japanese, 133; ne
groes, 24, making a total of 4003.
IVttlt (Jive HiMory.
The report contains a table show
ing tho production of coal In tho
stnto each year since 1870. The -v iVJ
production thnl year was fifty thou- " TH
sand tons, nnd It has grown uatll IjBJ
the past year the production was hU
moro than 3,000,000 tons. Produc- ifl
tlon first reached tho mllllon-toa '
mark In 1000, when 1,233,978 tons fflj
were produced. A dotatlod report laflj
Is mado ot evory fatal accident, and !
the romatndor of tho report Is do- I'iB
voted to detailed descriptions of Uio I
various mining proportles, their cob- I U
dltloni, etc.
lloturns ot tho production ot coal -, fjH
from tho Ilocky ountaln districts to - !
the United Btates geological survey jH
Indlcato that, taken as a whole, Uio
yoar 1012 may bo classed as fair. JBl
Cold weather In tho first three LsBj
months of tho year was ot material Bfl
bonoflt In cxhausUng winter stocks, iBl
but with the advent of warm we- Bfl
liter tho domand, not only for do- ll
mostlc use, but for railroads aad NB
othor commercial purposes, tell off BJ
sharply Dullness was tho chief jM
foaturo until Soptombor, when Uio B
bountiful crops and gonoral pros- BJ
purity created an Improved condl- IH
tlon in tho coal trndo, although BJ
prices did not ndvnnco as rapidly as IH
operator dctlrod nor reach Uie H
(Continued on pago two.) iH
sEiiinp m
Mui-denrrs nf A. IV.MvuUmr Mast HJ
3" Judte Alel 2444' J '' " "" "8H
an adJounMd tmffi of iMiir4st,eiHK.,,, HJ
for Carbon county nt Price last 84- HJ
urday, coming over from Maati on Bl
the evening train and not arrlvlag HJ
hore unUI 10.25 o'clock In Uio oven- B
Ing. TJio session was to pam sen- H
tonco on Frank Ilomeo and Itobert HJ
Zaffoy, convicted In court hore a 1HJ
year ago of the murder of Abner V. Vfl
Jenkins nt Sunnyside. Tho defend- ftV
ants had appealod from the first H
sontonco to tho supreuio court, Bfl
which recently uphold the decision H
of tho lownr court. They woro IH
brought back from Salt Ioko City IH
on tho samo train as tho Judgo camo IHJ
In on by Sheriff Keller, having been FH
confliutd in the state penitentiary LH
Uiero In Uio moantlmo. EH
Tho defendants woro to havo been f H
executed on tho 19th of February, jH
1 1012, when an npponl was taken aH
I and tjuiir uvea thus prolonged for
iilultQ awhile. Arraigned on liitur- IH
I day evening, Itomeo was firnt In- H
terrognted and expressed hla prefer-'' -SI
enco for shooting Instead of hang- VflJ
lug. "Thu court," said his honor, IB
"will sot Uie 20th day ot February, mm
1013, and order that tho Judgment jJH
heretofore rendered bo executed by "fifll
thu sheriff on that dato, und Uiat HjH
you bo put to doath by shooUng as IH
hurotoforo ordered." Hja
'Alout t)io same langungo was1
uaed In the sontonclng of ZaXfey, Wm
Frank Orouao bokng used aa an lu- PH
torprotor for the condomaud man. , IH
Tho mon were undor heavy guard -iHI
und Immediately woro hustled -down , 'HJ
to tho Jail below, afterwards being ' BH
tnkon back to Salt Luke City for
safekeeping. Neither of them dls- !H
played any emotion when final nun- !fHJ
touces woro pronounced. The mur- Hfvjl
dor of Jenkins was perhaps as bru- Tfll
tal and unprovoked as any Uiat has uxlH
ever occurred In Utah. ' ' fl
John Carter, who was glvoa life, gfl
is said by Frank arosso, Uio l
interpreter in Uio case, to bo Jl'H
crazy, A fow minor muttera wore tflfl
disposed of by Judge Chriiitosson, IHJ
utter which court adjourned to meet JJ
In regular session at Price In Fob- IH
ruury. IH
Our Job department turns out oH
liiom of that good printing seon lo- eHJ
cally. Advocate Publishing Co. llH
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