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Eastern Utah advocate. (Price, Utah) 1895-1915, January 09, 1913, Image 2

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HB (Continued from page one )
jHj lorel obtained In 1911 TJio stales
fjH la this region nro not Important iac-
VA torn In tho Iron trade, and the ro-
fiBg tItiU In that Industry was not s
MB pronounced In 1U effect ,upon f
Bj mining la tho Westorn RUOyKaa It
HH wm cant ot tho Mlaslsl2ifrlTor.
HB Tho samo dcflclcryna In labor
HB and car supply ths Influenced pro-
Hl dnctlon In (ho P ul were tho causo
HM of complaint ly Colorado A telo-
HB graphic cotnrrrfnlcntlon from 0. P
Hi llartlolt oOiJenvor state that ro-
Hl porta Uilho state mlno inspector
HI nhow production of 9,790,404 torn
HI for ytbian months Kstlmntlne tho
H output for December nl 1,152,(589
Hjl t;nn, tho totnl production for tho
yoar la placed at 10,943,163 ton, or
, abobl 800,000 tonii over 1911
KB , ' In New Mexico tho car supply
HV ' wan gonornlly good, but tho labor
R supply wan possibly 1C to 20 por
HJ y onnt short, many of tho minora bar
HJ I 'nC I0'1- 'or "lo Halkan war In
MB Montana, on tho contrary, tho high
scalo of wage appears to hno ni
tric I od labor to tho coal mines and
ht, there wm a plentiful supply. Nor
B wero tho Montnna mines seriously
HH hampered by protracted oar short-
0HJ ago. Tho constantly Inoroaslng do-
nA vnlopment of hydro-electric plants
pHj Ik Montnna I curtailing iitoam oon-
nimptlon, but tho Influx of settlers
HB nnd general agricultural prosperity
HE1 la tlio itatu and In other stale In
Bl tho Northwest to whtoh .Montana
Hlj coal la shipped hnvu Increased tho
HI consumption of coal for domMtlc
HJ purposes No comments on tho situ-
Hf atlon In Wyoming havo been ro-
HJE oaWed, but as that slnto Jinn shared
HK In tho prevailing ImproTomonl, tho
HI produollon of coal In 1912 I a ox-
HN prctcd to show na high n flguro as
HJ that of tho record mndo In 1910
Hi Conditions In Utah.
Br In Utah tho revival of the Iron
HJjr tituln hna not exerted any Influenco
HBp oa coal production. Tho inolnllfor-
BH on minus and Industries gonornlly
J throughout tho stale have, however,
HR boon prosperous, nnd notwlthstnnd-
HE Inj: tho tncrenso ot oil consumption
HI In lomo of tho territory reached by
HB Utah cail more particularly Call-
Hfl fornla nnd Western Nevada- tho
HI consumption of coal from Utah
Hi mtnea has Increonod Tho actual
HJj tonnage ot ioiiiu of tho larger mines
H? fur olovon months and estimate for
HN Docombor ludlcato that Ulah'Jr' pro-!
H3 Auction will show an Increaso of 16
HI to 20 per cent oer 1911 The car'
supply durlnr the last half ot tho
yoar haa nojeon all thai could be
dcslredjittt was not worao than
forforal years past. Tho Den-j-efand
Hlo Qrando, over which
most of Utah's coal product Is
shipped, Is making cxtonslvo Im
provomenta and adding matorlally
to Its car supply, so that It la be
llovod that thcro will bo no com
plaints about shortago of car sup
ply or other Inndoquato railroad fa
cilities In tho Immediate futuro.
Tlio tabor Situation.
Tho labor supply has been re
duced by the return of many mine
workors (o (heir Kuropean homes
because of thn llatkan war, but even
nsldo from thnt tho supply hns boon
loss than tor the last three or four
year Tho mnrkets supplied from
Utah coal mines during tho past
year havo been oxlcndod rather
than rpstrlotrd, shipments of Utah
coal to California nnd tho North
western States hnvlng had n healthy
Increase The demand for Coko has
been good throughout tho year, ow
ing to tho prosperity of tho mining
and smelting Industries, especially
copper During tho Inst hnlf of tho
nr there was difficulty in secur
ing a sufficient supply of eoko ears,
and the coko business hns suffered
mure than tho coal, In consequents.
OiilcrlhK Our (Null,
CAItniP!', Jan. 4. Italy hns fol
lowed tho load of the Mgyptlnn rail
ways and has placed an order for
two hundred thousand tons of coal
In America, white she has also In
vited tenders for n largo quantity
from III" Yorkshire mines.
i.oc'Aii ti:m:i'1io.vi: iiaths
aui: down co,.sii)i:itAiii.v
Tho Eastern Utah Telephone
company announces thnt beginning
on tho first of this year tho mini
mum toll rato will bo reduced from
twonty-flvo conts to fifteen cents,
within a limit of fifteen tulles.
The first presidency nnd tho coun
oil of twelo npostle ot tho Mor
mon church hold their rogulnr week
ly meeting In tho temple nnnox nt
8ii It Uko City Inst Thursday, but
on account of press of other mat
tors no doellon was nrrlvcd at ns
to whothor tho lomplo to bo orectcil
In tho province of Albertn Is to be
built nt Cardston or Raymond
HptaT ' V J)lgu lly TRen U Haxton, Arrliltrct, .MInnenmlN, Minn.
W J 1 ,
t aMBfl fl n
V L nmr(.r.-Mb -M' ii-a3-.-
I 5 IT rM I h: -,
" p 11 IX ,
rinsT I'uiou plan. skcond im.oou plan.
T"1?.' . ,ery vrvity ,uu w)i wrrow siding for flnst Urj-
' fJ. ",,,H1 n"0 Wit iHHir woh,! , TllB rwt ,m '
Joctlnjt ovs, supported by braekets, the whole worktnl out on tho
crartaman order. Th dining room has bulltln ldboard. The kllchon
is woll supplied with cupboards and a worklug table.
ir ' , In.the 8M.ni1 t0",J' tr are three olmmbors. a largo bath and a
rtMplDK porch. Tho first story Is nine feet, .wond story olghfoet
" of H?"80,' lB,yu ,oet wlt, ""! twonty-slx feot deep, llasoment
t "'"; n,Urf "- Oak or birch finish first atory nnd plno to paint
J. second story. Cost to build, exclu.ho of heating and plumbing
ar.-KNTii mohkiMk ,
IVnnrr Itcsldent tit rlHJI)
Hpnuif; lnti PniiuiuciiclHlMl
Yrarx Ago lly Ilia l)lscosjHJLf
Ifytlncnrbon Now l)crotln "ftfcio
to Navlgntlon of tlio Air.
B. 11. Ullson, rained an the dis
coverer ot gllsontto and nUo as cmo
of t)io ploneors In tho art of aortal
navlgntlon, has Invented a now type
of flying machine, a hnndsomo work
ing modol of which Is on exhibition
at Bait Iako City Tlio Ollson ma
chine la a monoplane, designed to
navlgato tho air and also capable of
floating on wator.
ailson's lntoroat In flying ma
chines dates back moro than halt a
century. Ho first began to conMsJcr
the quontion ot emulating tho flight
of birds In 1856 and slnco that tfrao
has perfected slxtcon modetoja
aeroplanes. Ills latest crontloli -
'4F? '
f ' Mi-
Hamuel II. tlllson, Pormorly a llesl- i
dont of I'rlce.
brnceti Minn now principles which
may make the navigation of air as
safe an locomotion on lnnd.
"To nafoly nnvlgatu tho air you S
m tint havo power," explains OUson. I,
"To hao iowor, strongth U roquU ',
slto. My now machine Is built all
In nrches, fow If any angles being ,'
found In tho framework. As a ro- i
suit ot the ntrongth thus socurod,
tho piano lit caimblo of carrylnK two
onglned ot a hundred horsepower ,'
nnch, IkUi 'connected with tho - 1 1
chinos onolpropellor, liyOTrtWS ',
od aw to aJl lndepolufontfy, ot caiTi ',
other. Tho nvlntor can tut out
elthor of tho two engine whllo In
midair, tho remaining onglno being ?
fully capable ot suatilnlng Iho ma- (
Another feature of the Ollson ma
chine not found In other noroplancs
Is found In tho fact thnt all portions
ot tho maclilnury nro protected from
the action of tho olomenU by inotnl
covering. Much ot tho troublos ot
aviation Is caused b'nglne trou
ble" resulting from ntmosphorlc
ohungMt. With Ml part ot tho en
gines ooeriMl, QlUon declares that
this source of dlffloulty will bo ob-;
Heslllent wing tips ot the plain's,
modeled on tho wings of birds, Is
another Innovation of tho Ollson ma
chine. As tho compressed air flows
undttr tho plant, the rwlllvnoy of
tho tips will add nl least one-third
to the lifting power of the pianos,
according to the liiwitor'H estl
mates. tlllson sprang Into nntloiiHl prom
llnonco tHir ngo when )ih discovered
the hydrouarbon ushI so largely In
J the arts nnd known tho world over
its gltnonllc, after Its discoverer
1'Assu.s 'io tiii: oriiitu mdi:
W O. Norroll, nt one time n
Unltetl HtAios dput) marshal for
Utah but ot late years n deputy In
the tlt tresurBr's office at Halt
Itke fit), IM there last Monduy
tt the m of K7 yer DeceMaml
whm woll nd favorably known iu
I'srlnni ooiinty, his iliulett hrlngliiK
him here more or less during tho
irlke of tho ooal miners some even
)ears ngo Tuewln's Ks.lt 1iko
rribuno pnjs thU trlbulo to JiUu:
I "When W. O Norroll dktl thoro
PhsnI from this earth n limn who
was In every wjiimi true to hlmsulf
tnd lo his fellow man. Ills death
Is a dlstkiet loss. This U ho not
because ho attaint! any great fnmo
as fame la meosuretl by tho world's
standards, or beeaiuo he iieciimul
utetl vast wealth or becuuso ho
bulldctl great struoiuros ami great
works U Is so beeaiiM whlthoreo
he went there he cast about him
the bntilgn Influence of a truly
great ohamoter, of an honest heart,
of u mind without guile and or n
soul radiating light "Doc" Norroll
lived Itb life In suoli a fashion that
none there be but who will say of
him that he was the noblest or men
Krlends by the hundreds enjoyed
his society and delighted In his
quaint humor. Southern born and
brod, "Doc" Norroll possessed all or
Uio ploaslng attributes with which
tho South endows her children. Ho
was gonial, courteous, gallant nnd
withal an accomplished gontloman."
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U. II. Kunrnoy, special rejiroson-'
tatlvo ot Dr. K. II. 1'ourson and '
Nowmnti Krb, tho Now York pur
chasers ot tho Moffat road, Jins
boon snnt to Utah to mako u com
jiloto report on tho resources ot tho
Vernal section. Kearney has ocou
plud rnvwral weeks In iiinktni; ii i
vory careful examination or tho ro-,
sources or Houtt and Moffat coun
ties, coivrlni; most or th territory I
In thc-so two coiintlen on horsuback, i
and now propose to do tho samo
thltiK In Uintah mid WhhjiIcIi coun
ties In Utah and front that section '
on Into Salt Inko City,
.Moffut and Iloutt county (Colo-1
rndo) people, and also persons In
tho Vernal section, claim that tlio
Krl) syndicate Is nlreudy actiulrliiK
vnluatile land holdlnKs In those sec
tions, It Is looked upon ns nil as
sured thine that the Moffat road
will bo built throtiKh to Bait I.ako
City at an early dale. Several camps
of tlo choppers nro nt work In the
mountains or Colorado getting out
Llos for the layliiK of truck In tho
It Is said that tho Krh syndicate
Ihw something to do with tho uc
iliilrltiK or four hundred nnd fifty
thousand acres or Indian lands thnt
will bo Irrigated nnd sold In mnnll
to ri.NA.Nui-: tiii: coi.oxv
Illshop Orson I llroun, who has
boon connected with the .Mormon
colonies In Moxlco slnco 1887, lias
beon conrorrlnc with tho church
authorities, ondeavorlnR to nego
tlalo a lain from tho church to buy
unimproved land In a nearby stato, '
whoro the Mormons exiled from
Mexico muy mako new homos. lie ,
lslted Oudou recently In the Inter
est or tho enterprise and will lonve ,
shortly ror 111 I'nso. Tex., to con
rer vltli reruKees from Moxlco. '
riiuo.Niu constipation cuhi:i. i
"Klvo joars ago I had the -worst
oat or chronic constipation I ovor
knew or and Chnmborlaln'a Stom
ach and Liver Tablota curod mo,"
writes 8. P. Fish, Brooklyn, Jllch.
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Sunnyslde, Carbon County, Utah. MV
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