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Eastern Utah advocate. (Price, Utah) 1895-1915, January 16, 1913, Image 1

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fl wY' Jife
D n k
IS ldpJi
j Eastern UtahflHl
I Structure and the Best
Slipped of Anything
j In the State.
Bam Spry and
atatc Offic
WComing. ft.
jJBr of thU week tho
! most beautiful and
4B school In tho atnto
jjjJcoptlon (o taxpayer
8jH of Carbon county
3!iBBk an anxious pub
JBd tho Announcement
jBon of tho county high
Bjk All U now in
Btbo formal opening.
) been busy far ilay
jHrnlture, hanging tho
Mb, cleaning tho bulld-
SQkc Tho Instructor
..jtiBiavo put In dn) of
OjPi: nnd netting up tho
flHUho nun.orou labor-
. jUAiulldlns i completely
BK equipped throughout
IBB work In Ml tho
Ha high school courwo
Be the nood and con-
JBSto ntudont hno been
IjBJt by every ponslblo
BBopon'ng occur Salur
BBl8tl) On tho procod
'"BBrrvrlU babeoaeorl
jBB t(mt number of tbn
VjKcoum course Neither
BB)iiblc lint boon apnr
BBwcnlng concort a tlrt
BB)ii)'rnt An n result
!&Yef t'tah's famous so
Kgjjbtgglo Tout Drowning,
'tlured Him Ik nceom
tJMat llrownlnn of Ogden
JStFwIII lie doubt bo u.i
ytiyyill lover of music
lyy linn delighted ov
tSHftieniU of KurojH) with
)JJlQ voire nnd Jinn also
jgjjiio prlnrljwil cltlo of
uBjit the bonrd of trim
IBjilty, HtudiMitH and nil
iWBi tint IiLrI" nchool will
Mygtond hand ' to all who 1
ItiSillng At 10 o'clock It
pmmi nnd pornonii itcqunln
i structure ii.tul tu
I bo on hand to ox
iiib nnd laboratories
til half pait 1 o'clock
III bo served vlnltorn
c science department
roparlng a rciutHt for
nber ot ponton who
high hcIiooI Saturday
llttlo one Ilut the
co department 1 anx
tliu public Mlllpln It
In order to glvo tax-
oldor people nu op
mrtnko of tho lunch
Wbo imposslblo to sorve
Mnn under the eighth
jMti grado student of the
Mto fcchool hnvo arranged
SBkn tho vIhUIiik eighth
5h tho qthor towiiH of Die
y nro providing place
nt and Bleep while
opening An effort Is
indo to nrrnngo for tho
MMiiodation of all viidtors
3o place Qovernor Spry,
S-lntendent of Public In
TOolriun and other proml
JJSc tho Htato will bo prtw-
Sli a probability or the
turo coming In a body
iK tho dny hum The
tlotnll for tho ovent of
,lven below
o Judicatory program
h) an intermission until
Inn nnothor will bo ron
e followol by a grand
gymnasium On account
W11 following tho program,
j( U urged to bo In the
! promptly at 7 o'clock po
ogrnm may bo flnUhed In
for tho dance
Warn Spry will arrive In
tjjrrow ovonlng, It Is expect
wanted by D It Christen
Intondont of tho Salt Lako
3 b Prof J A Wldtsoo of
Wltural College of Utah at
Ppf J T Ktngabury ot tho
B of Utah and oUier eduoa
K Btuio,.
Ilomo two thousand luvltu-
Hon nro bolng eont out by tho hleh
chool board, tho "dolnp" of next
Saturday nro for tho public gener
ally and ono nnd alt aro-mot cor
dially Inrltod.
Ion of Schodula K ot tho tariff law
n to plaoo a tariff duty on ncourod
contont of wool ot not Ion than
tho ditferonce In cost of tho produc
tion In tho United States and 0U0
whero. Other ronolutlona oppose
any reduction tho tariff on meat
or meat productn, requesting the
passage ot a puro fabrics bill nlral
lar In Intention to tho puro food
law; declaring unalterable opposi
tion 'to any system of leasing tho
public range; Indorsing Ilouso lllll
No 26113 by Representative Mon
dell ot Wjomlng, providing tor tho
appropriation of two hundred thous
and dollar annually ot federal
fund for the payment of bounties
on predatory wild animal killed In
Western Btntea, requesting tho ad
option by tho Wetorn Ktaten ot
From 10 o'clock to 2 o'clock ot tho afternoon, Inspection of high
school building
Prom 12 o'clock, noon, to 1.30 o'clock, band concert and free lunch
eon. At 2 o'clock In tho afternoon, dedicatory program.
I'rof C II. Mnrcunon will bo tho master of ceremonies
"Sextctto from Lucia" .. .. nigh School Orchestra
Iryer .- . . .. . . .. . .. . ..
"Carad Unto Me" . -. ... . nigh School Choir
Welcome L . . irof. C II Mnrcusen
llopoaso . .. - -.Hon. 'Joseph It Sharp nnd Mayor W F Olson
Heading. "Tho J'OTfoct Tflbutc." Mary Shlpmnn Andrews'.. MU Hurat
"Wo I'ralso Thee, 0 Ood," Park. .. ..High School Choir
Dedication -. .. .. Itov Jami K ForrU
Solo, "8ong of tho Soul" .. . ..Mis Lorn Harmon
AddrcM . . .. . . .. .. .. .. stato Superintendent Nelson
"Melod In K," Ilubtnstoln High School Orchestra
Addroji .. .. .. . .. . .. .. aov William 8pry
"Amorlca" .. .. fc. . . .. ......... Choir
"Among tho Miles," K, II. Frcy .. . .. .. High School Orchestra
"Thero Is a Beautiful Country," 1'nrk .. . .. .. .. .. . Choir
"Jano Jones," lien King .. . ., .. .. .. . .. Agne MncLenn
"Mountain Mold" -. .. .. . .. .. .. . . .. .. Violin Duot
"What We Think of tho High School" ,. . ,. Lowry Nelson
"Prior to MlmT IJolle' Appearance," lllley -CnTH , ISHoUcT WliltuToro"
'A I.lfo Lesson," Illloy, "How Did You Die," Kdniuml Vnnco Cook
.. .. .. .. .. .. . Laura Uurr
Bcnrr Dance," Clmminadn .. . . . . High School Orchestra
' Saul of the Violin." Margaret Merrill .. . .. .. Emma Johnson
' Hose or My Heart" .. .. .. - .. . . .. .. MIim Lorn Harmon
"Uncle Dan'l Introduction to a Mississippi Steamer," Mark Twain
- . .. MIh Mary Mnthl
"O, Da) of CoodiMMi," l'urku .. . .. . ..High School Choir
CIir.VKNNK, Wyo , Jan 11 Thl
was Salt Lako City da) nt tho forty
ninth convention of tho Natlonnl
Woolgrowora' association. Dcforo
adjourning slno dlo tho com on t Ion
selected Salt Lnko City a tho placo
In which will bo held tho anaocla
lion's 1914 convention, iimondcd tho
mwoclation' constitution to mnke
Salt Iako City it pormanont head
quartorti, clectcl I'rnnk J, Hngon
barth of Salt Lnko City and Spencer
Ida , prosldont of tho association,
nnd proidod for moving t)io iuuio
elation' organ from Oooillun, Ida,,
to Salt Lake City. Incidentally, ten
thousand dollar wuh provided for
tho support ot tho publication wlillu
becoming established In Salt Iako
City. Noxt to tho Wyoming delega
tion the Utah dulogntlou was tho
HtrongoHt nt tho convention
I'riK tilling In ihiiUI.
K D Clyde ot Heber City uoml
nnted Salt Lake City for uoloctlon
n tho 1914 coinontlon city The
telegram of invitation wore nad
from (loeroor Spry of Utah and
the Salt Lnko Commercial club
Nomination ot Salt Lako City for
pormnnont hoadquartora was made
by tho oxeoutlvo oommlttoo Albert
Krlckson of 8lt Lako City no in In a
tod Hngonbarth for president In u
glowing spoech, referring to U
worth nnd tho good work ho had
dono for tho woolgrowlng lndustr)
Illinois, Idaho, Now Mexico nnd
Cullforula seconded t)io nomination
Other offlcor are A J Knollln
ot Chicago, Kastorn vice presUIont,
and M I 1'owor of Flagstaff, Ariz ,
I Western vice president The exec-
. utlvo commlttoo ro-olectod F 1)
Miracle of Holena, Mont, troasuror,
I and S W. McCluro ot Ooodlng, Ida ,
Nocretnry McCluro will nt once
move his off Ico to Salt Lako CItj
Of tho ten thousand dollura raised
for tho National Woolgrowor Presl-
idont Hagonbarth contributed thru,
thousand dollars, tho Utah Wool-
i growers' association flvo hundred
nnd tho Uintah Oraxlng nusoclatlon,
u hundred dollar
Tho loading resolution adopted
by the (onvontloiicalls (or a rovls-
I uniform bounty law, protesting
ugalnitt the creation ot additional
federal game prettorvts, requesting
woolgrowora to follow tho rules laid
down by tho National Wool Ware
house and Storage company for the
preparation ot wool tor shipment
nnd mnrkot, and Indorsing the com
pany, which U n co-oporathe con
corn, requesting that flvo exhibit
of woolen product mndo durliifc the
convention by tho National Wool
Wnrohouse and Storage company be
placed on oar and sent throughout
tho woolgrowlng Htato that Hoik
(Continued on pitu fle )
Aaxhni JB K Commis-
At Uio hU BBBV ...
Troll amoclBBBHjK Frldfli
evening at 'IPBBBWH- front J. 8,
Antlora, necNirW thy Utah autt
Colorado Hi wa r4d, lie- target!
that action N tdm to hare the
road. iroHjk le ?& Canyon
Icomploted ! tX4e over tlie
I'rlco river, Wfdf.)t Ml cot-
Mltton biyj- tl arrW ihe
fleet ot tM'eni' wHMi will be
'sent out i)i4NaUo)i Antoai.
'bUo asat lMB( if iXHP? tbo T;
eral rontSirf$UJtU nyuMu
which re4MSocl(UteB -im ap
propriate mmrtCirnt (m nilllltw
dollars, whMvtHibk expnded on
tho trontinMkl Hmd ,
HeroaryrUw Nittanc) dftW
work OBvfVBM tor oarsest
efforts tQsWirft thoVo-ul wejrf
raado by m t,JUy, ChM"niUfteli'
It Wari(jtjbBlbUer, nnllfXhw;
Jesse KlAtjSUi,Mud p ?mS.
st In tbWfFc tmifl it dtirtnliw
lon to . Jl iiJtmu K K, AlU'tt
troro ad4cBBHdEr(nbornhir"V'
mlttoe t fiIntd' appointed, X,
which JojjKt",itrrer U cialr
man, and Srmn wa8 aMkdv
Ixed to jnJKyu BotmbrsM ot
tho comiAWId tww)i)r The m3
uilttoo yg&pwp- mk n Uva
lampalfjJBjBmtfMlier. ,
HecreWHiVmiA Vm fna
wa lnC(JBjfc worwtiaiii with
tho lrlJjJBylfldi isjjiuh
what MnBn dc'ntBB74
ioilomtiBylruproejl, ib to
a't fof.iBi pt'nttlo t securing
' lUxly JmmeUt irJH JmncWiim,
IflE '
MImII tlarrli, tho li-jar-old
datiftB of 0 8 MmtW,
away at,BKom ot hr taAkef m
North Nfe street 1-M. Mo-Jay af
ter n BfW iltnnM (row UibuhMt
of tho Hfiv- Tho b4y, attsr W
ln yef4fl for lmrl4 Hk Uy
Pace T3lhV. was tatou to Grand
JunctljyryVMkiK 1itr a4
i i??iili2KS'li
Karri before' coming here ,
Ilrlof funeral snnrtcrs wore hold
tnt tho famll) homo, conducted by
I Itov It II Flsk of tho Mothodlrit
j church, n gnat many friend ot the I
J deceased nnd tho family attending
Tho casket wa Imbedded with
I flower sent by tho Hu)nl Nclf'h
Ibor. and the classmate of tho
voting lady In tho flftli grade of
the public schools, as well ns from
frlond ot tho family.
Tho fnthor of tho deceased ac
companied the remains to Colorado,
but Mr. Harris remained at home,
owing to clrcumstnnce which did
nut permit of her attending tho
funeral Tho family ha tho ympa
thy of manv friend In the loss of a
most lovable child nnd nu utremely
blight and popular )oung lady
' For distribution among the firm
i or, the Htato bureau of Immlgratlm
I and labor Htntlsttc ha sent out It
I annual agricultural schedule to
count) aiuuMHor
4" it
I ' v
1 AS V
lUs me
whn A
-M tl
" - ' J'AOB THnKH JiH
Doula A t Uio Omflnimllon t.f
tliarl,,, ,. (;JU' Huccr-or at
I'rlco Hlnco Uio Kennto linn IH
crtietl Tlwt "to the ictor Delorgr
Uio HmiII" lnirmlvm Help.
President Taft on Wedneadar of
last week aont tho nomination of
Honry A Paoo to tho senate for
confirmation a pontmanter at Price
to succeed Charloa A Oulwlt, ro
gned. aad whoso term expires on
tho 22d ot this month. Januarj In
TIow at theattltudo of domooraUo
senators In Iho mnttor of federal
patronafce, K b a quentlon w bother
t !"?!?nt wl" be conflnue.1
n?J!.0r .fctff;mtl" ould permit
aulwW lOiold on unUI after thu
. of Marh, ndxt, when tho office
would go to iome one locally of
-. ? , "'-ll " A dispatch
day reatti; ,
' Under . the democratic caucus
Agreement of,thl morning none of
tho fedornl appointment In Utah
whoso nomination have been wmt
to tho m.nato by Prwddwt Taft this 1
U ml1' 1nUh0Un, 'hero I a po.
j. "r that the plan ot tho demo- I
k'TeSb". pfr09t p.f 0l0 ninwmnt
MmSifll10 Mrc"tlT aosslrtn when- k
-VtStWU'l" "ora'waod nnd then
1,, 1? lomocrdt vote" btlt)ly
r HJ 'Irtnatlop of jti rc
" FfedVkf jTlT ?MPM" Ji
uMtl. v-t? ?a .WptowftUo
4, -J'ougKJf, W
Wiarn and lUmMTf. "-
ki.A .t.. l. aTSSIIj lain Uia
k-tU, ta onrtsry way M Om .MtfT
'mm Ira otttw, tWfi lt-Hfthl
-wig )ntve to ! llwlr turji. Y
fM IhH. refuse to Uo Oiotin, bnP
ajM. wy would cohio In, their -fSw.MfftMW
worn Hout a huadrt)
' im Mk4 W hmwi aWti-'A
1M-t Pmv1oh tK Oil tkMr lwwrt
tuwl, Vever, rweowaiil tko reaol--tlcHi
ot tKe prmrtott NMwtUg ap
po4ttla; Mr nwon a tteputy fftr
a jterp ft two yenn. V. '
jt 4HHe AimiKkt l)etwty. J (
Fi4y tko weetlag or TMBm
ita''lvt W 'toijitti h-M fc-BBB
a deputy, flrat undorLT)ond'oTB
thousand dollar, but Oil wa lattir
Increannl to eight thousand, at a
I salary of seventy-two dollar n
month An attompt wa made to
i foroo Plernon to doltvor tho book of
blank license to Sautord, that tho
latter might comply with Uio board'
order to license Paternoster nnd
Dlumentl Plernon deollned to do
thl and wont so far, when It looked
n though force might bo used to
get tho book ot blank licenses, that
ho throw tho combination to tho
itafe vault, and told them to "go to
it " Tho commlHnloner were ac
companied, and advised alt tho
time, by tho way, by an attorney
"Foiled ngaln," as tho villain In tho
play would tuy, tho matter undo!
here In the meantime tho commis
sioner had dispensed with tho ser
vice of County Attorney McWhln
tie), tho chargti being that ho had
not sliown up at their Thuntda)
night met ting
l9Bk tV?L "" v Kr9IBBjSMr'
vT)Bk- v v iPp9
yj rf . - .isr r w, yNLjBBB
BBBBBw -' Ty a jIWI. i fl?BBB
Mb w JM .yiBf'. JSS',?!jsTtijJ Jj, !4flCi wfs
BBCT v jf"TftiJmj''irfv'' 7 " VWlBSBj
OuIm.ii fount) HIkIi Krlion' Itiilldljig, Ctmtlni; Vtvuiitl tll.VIIMHM) t'oniplt ltd, urn! Uliltli
Will I lit I iiiiiiiiII) Dtdltutttl Hatiiitlit) Next, .luniiui') IHtli.
(iTuiil I
Eastern Utah's Modern Denibt fl
All Services Guaranteed For HB
Fifteen Years. ' '
Painless Extraction of . I
Tooth Or No Pay. t 1
Examinations and Estimates . I'fl
Given Free of Charge.
Telephone. Lady Attendant - I
Over Golden Rule Store M
Price, Utah, : '
-i.1 'BB
11 pro- Ssv.. )m "o-l
53"a JvL Sw fc H
vMk. c' 'V w- JvVvE? ' H
rtwia; KcoNM, AaArK,!' BBB
malsMt, OOmHi D4pta jj'J H
lfnTfB-l -''" -" 0. AV9iK)HH BBB
MiamBBBv McDertnttNjuv'11'). BBB
HftLL & H
doputy at Price, jTlZnBIBMaaMs) &,- .t-" tmf
und Janitor, J O. Fausott, and dt- ' " "TtIW'IBIwmBBB
trtct court bail Uf, II. J. World. Tho W'J ' , TBBj
board rofunetl to confirm Wlleox. QL-?fr VI
but namotl in hi placo Oeorgo Hill vf iBVl
nt a salary of $72 22 per month, Vv,b"i !
tho nppolntmont to go for two year. i-L ' -!
Wilcox ho heretoforo served wltli- jBBBj
out a salary from the county, bo ' ,jL BBBj
Ing paid by tho coal company. Tbo 'WBVI
other doputy sheriff oxcept Paoo K j BBBJ
servo without compensation from .BBBJ
, Uio tiapayor h (BBBJ
Hunu)sl4le Man Itt.wrtnlttl. I JBBBj
Hill was fonuerly a store manager A 'VI
at Sunnytddo nnd a prominent pro- i j'BBBJ
greiutlvo workor In the late cam- ?, BBBJ
palgn Ho I competimt, It Is said, J BBBJ
for tho position, but hi sonrlce ' tBBBJ
cost thu count) about nlno hundred . BBBJ
dollar a year, where Wilcox served , ( ABBJ
for nothing Deputy Sheriff Paco BBBJ
I to get 72 22 a month, while Fnu- QBVi
vott draws down olghty-flvo and I jBVI
World 1 to receive tho same com- BBBJ
pansutlon as ho heretoforo Ixnin BBBV
pnld him A resolution of tho ' BBBV
board, after doing nwny with Attor- i BBBV
uey McWhlnney' advice, pu) a lo- ! BBBJ
cal attorney twenty-five dollars a ' BBBJ
day toward the ousting ot Clerk BBBJ
Plorson Thl follow ia since gono BBBJ
to Salt lnko City to consult otliora i BBBB
a to action to bo brought, and (-BV
preumably tlll more oxpontw to I BV
tho taxpayer I to bo Incurred )Bv
Minor Mattt r CiihI(I( retl, BBBBJ
Dr A W Dowd roporlod a onso BBBB
of destitution at Sunnynlde nnd tho jBBBB
board ordered him to ho ml tho man j BBBB
back to hi homo In Tennooo, run- kBBBJJ
dor I tig a bill of oxpoUMe to tho 4iWl
county Othor minor matter wero BBBBj
disposed of ut tho two meeting of KBVH
Thurwlay ovonlng nnd Friday, in- iVfl
eluding tho allowance of numerous j1
bill, tho approving of bond and BV
tho like, attor which there wa an j-flBVi
adjournment subject to tho call ot BBJBfl
the chairman, or the chairman pro BBBBj
turn ot tho lat two mooting, Com- , Bvl
mlttslonor Sharp i AbI
During tho time of adjournment lBW
during tho week tho commlMalonera BVI
nnd sympathlxoni havo been caucus- WH
Ing moro or le nt 'Tobe" Whit- Vi
more' pawnshop, a cornor grocory BBBBJ
(Concluded on pago eight ) JiBVi
Woman Is tho purchasing hetid of tho homo Hho not only buy mos of the things used In tho homo, but most ot the tiling uwxl by tho HBYI
man ot oach family n woll She puiluiuumi tho food, clothing, furnish ig and ulllltlos, bit) the children' outfit and noVornl time a BVI
much for her own uso u Is neadetl tho average man BVI
It Is natural, thurefore, that Hho kliould road advartlMNiitHvu more ihuii men, boenuso udvtirtlHlng keop hor posted on the nowoet nud beat BBBBBB
merchandise, Uio, best stsraa at which to trade, and 1h bt vkIiih obtainable Sho buy thine to botor advantngo than a man muko tho BVB
money go further by reading Advertisement-. Hoad tho drrtJstiiUl In ru AdvooHto cloy and constantly for the sake ot eeonomy - BVi
, - - - . ; ------ - HH

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