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Eastern Utah advocate. (Price, Utah) 1895-1915, January 30, 1913, Image 1

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a.H4M-, ,,,,.,iK.. -m ).y i utif),,tp ...... , ai ..iHwMWw-',8Mrv WtyFWf j flHfl
Br1 J x oHr flfctff'7i JBBHHI
B ai. 'jl 11M. iwP ' , -" flHii jiiHMV4f . -MP'rA -- "4 LHfl
- - - . MS-1
dsmen of Former County
Treasurers and Others
I "Sweat Blood."
B' ;unsel Graft
K.-snty-Five Dol-
-B a Day Is to Be
H)ped By the Out-
itK Taxpayer.
Tftork Plerson and County
"Hbody nro busily. engaged
Rig lists of void county
Bi tho hand of tho gonernl
H ot void warrant horoto-
lB by tho county treasurer
JtHcounty, with a Mow of
"feiunty, 4uPIt&EHii
""Hc -aeceswuy dnta (or tho
'N"Hpt ncttonn for the rccov-
"tft count) of money law-
1 IHlug tbo public iron
m tWWyO'QUKbt (bat these dofl-
Ih ItCT&lciul bnck about four
flBSSftbat tho bondsmen of
ltt''JjyrfA llomlo), It W
'"JrwfllOllvtr T Harmon will
, rffflppSolviHl In ultnntlnl
nl tJB8Bnw ore also contompla-
P'ffCplli bondsmen of County
"VjffSBt nml McKlnnon, oaoli
i dgMli'1'111' t0 ll,uo Hlroly
yM-Hfho litw b) over crlf-
&i ngilnsi the county
"flSHHE" followt'J '" irob
WfijBJTjnMttiitlon of direct ao
ilierJwiSi I ho ..rcnBurer and
trlct (! bondsmen for ull
llf' issMfout ot tho public fundi
jjfitJtloii of void wnrrant
n,BaHTsVmM of tliulr ropoctlvo
,ou, il535?flVtrrimtM (lotrriix.
o fftt5lB!amUutloii nullifies ob-
wMjwilfcixco of tho taxoa for
.. .'rtsjrflyonr, tho ordor ot in-
rtrKt; flggSbllgatlon will govorn,
ag. itetlftio ordor In which war-
iver 4wwtt)ocn directed to have
i" 1ily ,ll county commls-
M HTfii, M U probable, that
vTKMJtlwtyo tho board ot county
MJIUmh havo contracted ob-
5PSS by ronton of tho law-
r ,tf3Bv'"K t,oou xrov'oui,y
!.,r,'fflKSltt to hucIi contractu
the MHi. lofiallty of tho action
act jlMB In uultfl against tl(0
'"tBbS tho county commU-
"",.,I51V'o In such caici im
o KirtSSSSonUid that tho county
oiu lJQnmko tho contracts, or
- ' WBJinatorlals, oa tho cose
)tl (SMSticro would Boom to bo
i:N' JS" ot nctlon ot thU
.JjSBwlrtually wlpo out norno
'Ites flH bonda.
t BSwIKuu or TdtlRiUion.
th imB
d it r'pi0Se run ot litigation may
v cou()Stwt,ero Innocent pur
lJrc? LU&otlable warranU may
bob cl0 restitution ot mon
gU itiBodita lfinorantly iald
taKftBBKdoniptlon, and In turn
' wtljRSBtnco0 there are othor
'H will find thwnBidvoa
SSStglllomma. as euch on-
'3E! warrant becomes a
d fl'"gBlt validity na to ull
nU ciMSluxdOTBon Iu "'or
nilHiexteiit that void war-
ranU havo boon Itiucd to rcipout
blo partlo. they may bo required to
rotund tho faco amount ot such
warrant, so that tho Iomcw In nuch
caea will fall upon tho partle In
whojo favor tho original warrant
woro drawn. IntUtutlona that hvo
boon partlo to heavy contract with
tho county 'will loao heavily It tht
lcijal prlnclplo should bo nppllod,
and that it mut bo uppUcdJ tho
opinion -of County Attorney' Mo-hlnnr,-who
ha oxhauillvoly oxaui
Inbd tho law regarding tho Bltua-
'flio Courtj IfoiiHO Klcphiint.
It nppear thuj tho Urge deficit
accrued Jfho thboarJ of oounty
Htruct tho aovent)-(Uo thounund
dollar court bouto with but forty
thousand dollar In cash tlu differ
'encc of thirty thousand dollar wan
In extt of thu ruNonuo for tho
current enr derhinl from taxation,
and I ui piimnt uutomntleiill) In
IUIatel nil other warrant Usuod
diirLng tho curront year, with tho
' (HMslblo exception of salurlo. which
I nro prcdlcatetl upon a statutory ob-
I ligation, and nro theroforo untitled
to bo treat oil a alld contrnot
TakUiK thl vlow or tho case, norno
of tho vor largo warrant drawn
for tho completion of tho court
house, nnd tho paxuent of extra,
are wlioll told, nnd tho county
triMuiurcni wlio may )iavo received
such warrant Into their account
will bo llablu upon their official
bond to mnko good.
1'iMir Mm tin Hurfiiirn.
Tho wort featuro of tho entire
entungoment appear to bu that
there la no lawful moan by which
any of tho void obligation ma be
validated, and thl moans that In
ucoro ot Instance poor people and
workmen will suffer great lossca ro
HUltlng from their obligation to re
turn money recolvod for uervlce
nnd materials reudored and furnish
od to tho county, thoro being no
methotl provided by tho law whoro
b) any contract void at thu time of
It making maj bo HUbsoauently
made good. Tho couutltutlonal lim
itation a construed by our Hupromo
court constitutes n jxjrfoct barrlor
agatnat tho Incurring or paymout of
any obligation In oxcoa of the
taxes ot tho current year, and In
determining tho extout ot lndobtod
noss which the board of county
commissioners Is authorized to con
tract, tho court has alio held that
consideration must bo glvun to tttat
utory obligation, such a nalury
contrncts, and othor fixed charges
which are necessary to bo Incurred
In tho conduct of county govern
ment. These provision havo boon
imtiroly disregarded by tho outgo
ing commissioner, ami what 1
equally doplorable, tho Incoming
I "bull moochor" commissioners Im
j meduttoly proceeded to put out largo
ibuuchoa ot rotten and worthless pa
I per, without making any Inquiry in
to their lawful powora. Ihl stain
upon their official record might
havo boon nvoldod had these gentle-
( ! VOU 0VT A I
men nil) dcsjre to work In hnrmon)
with tho other duly elected non
ant of tint people Hut about their
flrt net wa to organize a war
against thu count) nttornoy, count)
clerk nnd county treasurer, In the
conduct of whloh they omplo)cd
outstdo help, whom the) nought b)
bluff to Instnll tu place of these of
ficer. CominliuloiiorN (Mtlng Kh-ii.
That tho legal advisor no em
ployed at u charge ignlut tho coun
ty of twenty-five dollar por day
was of no posslblo service to tho
county or to tho commissioner 1
apparent from tho fact that ho
either waa not called upon to advuie,
or being called upon, did not ndlu
the "bull moochor" commissioner
or tho Illegality of tholr conduct In
appropriating revonue of the year
1913 for tho payment or obligations
accrued during t)u year 1912, which
I dlstlnotly prohibited b) thu con
stitution That theeo men have boon more
Interested lr getting oven with their
political opponent, nnd In cnrr)lng
out extremely foolish nnd antagon
istic policies In tholr attitude to
ward tho Jieav) taxpaylng Interests
or tho county than tboy have been
In ascertaining und porformliiK tho
duties or tholr office na roqulred by
law, must bo apparont to tho most
casual observer 11 y so doing they
l have merited and nro receiving the
I contempt of tho general public,
I which doos not look with favor up
jon either favoritism or persecution
entering Into tho motive ot public
Clerk and Treasurer AiMmiI,
County Attornoy McWhlnney, not
withstanding tho contempt and dls-
rogard with which hi opinions ren
I dored tho board havo boon received,
I Immediately on detectlug the condi
tion of the- county tisasury, prompt-
(Conoludod on pago eight.)
W. V. Olson, mii)or of I'rlee o
tho dlsguHt and regret of nlne
tonths of tho reripectnble people of
the city now that ho ha had op
portunity to display thu "dunghill
that 1 In him, nnd a tramp attor
ney, got It Into tholr drunken nog
gin last 8aturdny afternoon to hnrwe
whip tho editor of "tho i;reat moral
and religious " What their grlov
jnnco I tho editor of Thu Advocate
' I not aware, and luclduntally cure
I a darn night loss Iloth had rilled
up to tho guards during tho day
and night provlous with rotgut
whisky and woro thus mado more
than bravo.
Tho Advocate man was going
about )ils business around 0 o'clock
B-iturday ovontng, and when in front
of tho Prtco Commrcolnl and Having
bank, was hallod by Clt) Marshal
Hrynor and fcoarched ror n conceal
od woanon IIo had none, however
Thl wo at tho liiBtanco of Olson
and tho tramp, who woro w niching
tho procedure from the recess of
Charles Avorlll' barroom Crock
ett wont to Tlio Advooato office, thu
next door In the meantime, Olson
had vlsltod tho Consolidated Wagon
nnd Mochtno company's deadfall for
buyer or anything in tho implemont
lino and procured a bugg) whip
Thl, wo are told by reliable wit
nesses, Olson dollvATod to hi pal
(the tramp), who paraded up and
down Jn rront or Tho Advocate for
several mlnutos nnd nt time peek-1
lng In undor tho drawn curtain of
tho window. While this waa going
I on tho duns' came up In Olson's
neck and l'o staggored off home,
about two blocks aw a) A friend
tipped off tholr game to Crockett,
who aftorwardt. was In n position to
protect himself While waiting ror
Crockott tho whip was twice taken
from tho two bad men by Charles
Avorlll, Howovor, tho tramp Jwid
j tho whip whon tho "terrible Bwedo"
hlkod for homo. j
1'roUoua to Uryner' Boaroh of J
Crockett, the two had approached
N 8 NelUon, president or tho
l'rlco Commercial and Savings bank,
has been confined to hi horn nt
MU Pleasant with rheumatism for
leveral day Ho Is expected to bo
In Price na soon na ho I able to bo
around lit connection with tho twen
ty thousand dollar cosh loan made
the rounty some months ago through
Die outgoing commltononi. Nell
son hns the county' note nt 8 per
Mr I. K Kldrldgo ontortalned
tho member of tho bridge club
yesterday afternoon. Refreshments
were served and prize given.
Deputy Sheriff I'aco to mnko tho
search, but tho latter doollnod to
do ho without n warrant, thus show
ing hi good ono a an officer.
The plan of Olson and tho tramp
was to catch tho editor In no posi
tion to defend himself Tho) then
would have beutvn him up Very
bravo men, Indeed
That thoro bo "no uliorlff to de
mur," a 'Ocno rield put It in
' Casey' Tnblo D'lloto," Olson, a
mayor or t)io clt), told Uryner and
Deputy Joo Hanson, early in tho
evening, that they might go home
for thi. night.
It. U. t'liMkitt of UikUrn Utuh Ail-
VIHIltO i:MIIM- Allgl) CltlzlllK.
HpVtlnl to the Trlbuno
PRICK, Jan 2711 W. Crock
ott, editor of Thu Eastern Utah Ad
vocate, barely escapod an uttack by
citizen hero Sunday night The
citizens alleged that Crockott had
mado misstatement In his papor
comer.itng tho county commission
er and other rosldonts of the coun
ty A number ot angry men gath
ered In front of Tho Advocate office
and, it is Ifntd, threatened to rough
ly bundle thu editor Crockott, ns
soon as ho buoamo cognizant or tho
gathering, tolophouod to the sheriff
for permission to arm himself nnd
also asked that he bo oscorted
home Whon It was learned that
these action had been tnken the
gathering dispersed, but threat aro
said to have boon mndo b) tho citi
zen that tho) "would got tho edi
tor later "
Ihe above npponrod as u special
dispatch from Prlco to Salt Lako's
I Tribune tu lost Tuotduy's ismo.
'The Illg (Ass) Kid Mayor Is thu
f i lliuiio correspondent jluro Tho
Dim jot i.u: in passki). !H
(linjnnnii ItnnduSpli K) Ttint Kf Jt
prytlitnir Done Ily tlic Old Hoftrel tH
Wa Umiu the Advlcn of CVmntjr
Attorney Hoffmann "Hull Mcfr
rlirrn" An iry Much Agttntnl. (
Their hollies filled with dining jH
car and Salt liko City Commercial liil
club grub nl tho expanse ot tho nl- liH
road) ororburdonNl taxpayer1 of IH
Carbon county, Commissioner Bhorp 'H
nnd Hamilton returned to Prlco iH
from SCIon lnt Monday nnd held n jH
mooting ot thu bonrd that afternoon. jl
It had been intended lo havo an nd- ifH
Journcd meeting on Tuesday of loot iiaH
wcok nnd again On Thursday, but tfl
for reason host known to theao fl
"bull moochor ' thcmcyc, both Ll
meeting were called off The ox yl
oiio for going to Zlon w to at- sLH
tend thu session ot Uie Midland Jl
trailer and Incidentally to consult IILl
coutuiolgJlitro o to the logAllly ot H
the opinion of County Attorney Mo- iiH
Whlnney on tho Imuanco of Invalid 'fiaiaH
warrant, nnd also whorcln tholr In- ul
competency and vlndktlvonreM rtftid 'H
out llko a wart on a coon dog'tt UiHV fM
About tho first thing sprung X jH
Monday ncmdon wa tho emptor? iifl
mont of a Menogrnpher, Mr. 11 iU il
Thomiwon, very competent by tho iil
way, to take down the proceedings (iH
of tho mooting Thl In tho hope, lH
no doubt, that tho nowspnper giro a
space to tho oratory (T) ot inmn- jH
bar of tho hoard County TrcM-
uror Cody asked tho commissioner. M
tor help In hi office, uuggoslingb H
tho npiKlntmnnt ot a deputy at slx-v' y
ty-tx dollar a month Th requeetl '(
was utterly Ignored. . t H
Umvi-mI lllddt r Het It. J
Carbon County' Nw pretventod M
a bUljfor furnishing tho county it
smnll quantity ot printing nnd nU- jH
tlonery supplies for Immertlate1 lH
n, .nihr, sovRtM county otriclal. K "..i, H
board, anil Hamilton mad a flW , . H
Hon, duly fltconded by Ulinrp, that fa. H
tho bid or tho Now be accepted, S Viai!
and that thu nudltor Ui Insrucltcd IViaH
to ADD ANY OrilKH BUl'l'J.IKB fM
may liavu been overlooked Tlio jM
motion prevailed The bid of Tho H
Advocato was turnetl In to thu nudl- I'H
tor Inst Saturday and it wo lower 'a!
by about 26 per cent than that ot 1LH
B tho Now Thu Advocate 1 doing 'LaLal
tho work '.iH
Two Onlii- A IV Mode, ,H
Thu board also wont on rcord iii Liil
the matter or Invalid wnrrunt In TL!
passing thl resolution "Do it ro- !iLH
solved by the bonrd Hint all claim LaH
horotoforo ordereil paid and war- i H
rant Issued theroun, that havo not 'H
been dollvercl, bo withheld by tho 1'L!
clerk and treasurer, nnd not dollv- jH
end to an) claimant, payee or na- ojtLLa
signs, until further ordered by thl oLa!
bonrd ' All of which, b) the way, N4 H
has alnndy been donu b) tho clerk H
nud treasurer, acting upon tho writ-
tiii opinion lo them by County At- ' H
tome) MoWhlnney H
It waa orderid that thu county H
treasurer and count) clerk furnish H
n detailed statemont showing tho VLH
dato of receipt of nil money, and 1 H
also tho dato of all contract on tor- A H
od Into by tho county commission- 4.aH
era, and tho dato tho same wo nl- , ' LLa
lowed, covering a period ntneo tho ,J 'i iiii
time Carlon county first attempted i-Lfl
to uxcoed It debt limit " & T!
Printing WorH-N Thtiii. Bl
Then an lden occurred to Sharp aifl
111 tho ahupo of u motion, seconded " H
by Hamilton, which was that tho ' H
resolution paused by tho board at M
It first rtgular meeting in Junu- H
ary, authorizing Auditor Plorson to H
mako up a list of printing and sta- "LH
tlonery required by all county offl- iLH
clal and sufficient to last until 'LH
Boptomber 1, 1913, bo reeclndod M
and tho ono prlntnd below bo sub- , 1 M
stltutod. Thl roads HjH
"lhat tho auditor bo Instructed tH
to got from tho head of tho vari- H
ous dopartmonts ot the county cutl- ' M
matos ot stationery nocoaeary to M
supply thorn until September 1, M
1913, und submit the estimates to H
the county c6mmlsslounro for their M
approval, attop which he will aide ,H
uf advertUo ror bllds as tho caso tl
may bo ror furnishing same, and ho ' 'H
(Conuluded on pago four.) H
' citizens" reforred to nro tho mayor jH
and tho tramp attornu) Tho mayor H
evidently forgot to stnto Uiat tho H
dung came up In his own nock and tH
he quit tho piny earlier In, tho game ' , H
than whon ho was "fired" from the t H
local tommurclal club for tho theft I H
of another fellow's check In a H
poker soiree H
.' m

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