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I Eastern UtJp Advocate I
riucis, OrAii, Titm:sgBjgE. a,, iDi!t. " " NUMm:u 7m M
il II' Willi i
nwSj(l. Wllllnm Hprj mid
Hai3Piton1ny and Makes 11111
J&mJn of tho Munlrr of A. It.
BBBltobcrt Znffj'n Hoiitcnoo
HM Commuted to I.lfr.
rCBsngos to Tho Advocnto
ljftcako City bring tho In
sMsVIWiat Homco wns shot In
pwtwyinry yard nt 0 o'clock
IfWiJlwlny) mornlnR Sheriff
minX Koltor, who has boon
I " g tKo"ilntm for tio ox
o Monday lout, In expect
l'rlco thU evening,
moo, Italian coal minor
K)d Atbort V. Jenkins, a
Bunnyetdo, February G,
'executed at tho stato
early this (Thursday)
horlft Thomas F. Koltor
county arrived In Salt
Ant Baturday nnd com
pnratlons for tho cxecu
i selected shooting whon
tonson of tho district
ced him to death Janu-
IpMslssf a session which contln
MHI12Jo'clock Saturday nlsht,
hsssTIsyrd of pardons nnnouno
jfijjfiA not Intorforo with tho
(mSco of Homco, However,
mmM tho sentence of Robert
ttMMJfcpllco of Itomco In Uio
rjmfo Imprisonment. Zaffy
)jwflUrcro sontonced togolhor
MBlo of tho execution bo
tsssBjfljfc Fobruary 20th. lloth
jSfl'AUy nppoarcd beforo
MNsimturday afternoon. They
ited by Cut A. Iladgcr,
for tho lives of both,
rly for Kaffy, bocamo
', and tho fact that ho
ct part In tho murder
jjeo wm Informed that
srd of p anion refused
piio burUnl hit fare In
I wopt, Zaffy, on tho
ftsMNgfebecami) Jubilant, nl
pkMPI havo to pom tho re
JyjftjjBk life In prbon with
MQm accompllco In tho
SflHliwt Uio Bovcnlh District
KflMlkd to Ilfo Imprison
JpLPlsy tho doath watch wo
IffssSUbo cell of Kaffy and
(MMMP'oca that of Itonieo,
nintfPi-ly. He calletl twlco
mrjpiiyin Italian bndo him
!s"siilVor Cimimiitntlon.
si ,Tkm Indisputable uvldonco
p ,'tmmi, especially tho ovU
tIjSlta,0 that while Zaffy
WMMJfat with tho commission
4ifcw ho wan not an nctlvo
frjtQ participant In the
tssMskgMo had no gun and did
TKSt tho shooting and took
Mjtwg final and real tranti-
tjl b was drunk and groat
hUtXAm Influence of liquor,
VjOJfact ho would not jiavo
' Jfcod with tho transac
kapjsBt of hU Intoxtcatod con
tMjUtir the porsuaaton of tho
wMada of Corlor and
TJtBiworo tho real criminals
tjwjgytlon and who planned
sfessyjaaMl the commission of
tfjfmtty consented to nssUrt
Btilttct. ho did no nctlvo
JtwHM olthor tho commlMlon
ikry or tho homicide.
MM HU youth and provloua
fiiaMMter, as established by
pMMtt of more than two
JtaMic and promlnont cltU
,rf munition whoro Zaffy
jQMtdod. Tho ovldonco In
MJSiJnliowu that ho always
lTjVtt llfo
WfcrT.Tho vldonco without dls
jaWwylthat ho, by his pros
ilptliyod and abottod In tho
psslsmlet tho crlmo through a
ST5fwwiEHl plan to commit u
lyitBsilthnt ho wni Induced to
jgjjjch plan."
BssB or Uio Murder.
jmriui carrying "the bank
JWl)ila gambllni; house to
ffSStho morntns of Kobru
linjnccompnnlod by (Joorfio
wSXljpartncr, when Corlor,
bjSjJjIaffy confronted thorn.
SjtijSld to havo oponed flro
ta(ftiy shooting Jonkfais hi
filMwitlcy fell to tho ground
fJXruBllndo, protondlng ho
43ilpmeo became suBploloua
Hjjijjnnd, turning htm ovor,
mm rovolvnr against Ills
pMBtoirglng It Tho Impact
JMtiB, liowovor, was atoppod
fdMgQjbook and Dontley was
iMifikr, Injured. Whon tho1
I r""
throo Italians took flight, ho rushed
back to n. saloon and jjuvo tho
Tho trio of Italians woro arrested
on tho banks of tho drcon rlvor
nearly fifty miles from Sunnyaldo
by Sheriff Thomas V. Koltor and
Porraor Deputy Shorlff Kdwnrd II.
Johnstono, who tracked thorn ovor
tho dosort Uirough tho snow. Jon
kltu was tho son of tho lato J. W.
Jonktns, votoran Salt Loko City har
noMmnker. Corlor Is said by
friends nnd ncqualntances as woll
ns by tho prison authorities to bo
gradually losing his mind.
mlulng that ho had slain Jonklnn,
Frank Romeo, convicted murderer,
this morning made peaco with his
(lod by confining In dotnll to Oor
onior Spry In porson. Realizing
thnj today Is his lam on onrth, tho
doomed man spared hlmsolf In no
manner, It Is said. Tomorrow morn
Ing nt sunrise Itomeo will faco flvo
lovolod guns In tho hands of select
ed deputies. Four of tho guns will
bo loaded. All will bo dlroctcd at
tho hoart of Homco and doath will
bo mado lnstantanoous as far as
possible Homoo choso to bo shot
rather than hanged.
At tho request of Homco, dovor
nor Spry wont to tho stnto prtaon
this morning nnd wns closeted In
murdurors' row with tho condemned
man lor two hours. On returning
to tho outsldo tho governor said:
"Homco confessed to mo and told
mo tho dotnlls of his crlmo, but ho
also roquootod that I would not toll
It to tho nowspapeni, ho I feel that
I am duty bound to say nothing of
tho man who Is so soon to pay tho
highest penalty that tho state can
exact. Ho will confoaa also to tho
priest tonight. That Is all that I
havo to say in regard to tho mat
tor." According to Warden Pratt tho
condomnod man Is cool and collect
ed. Ho cata all that Is placod bo
foro him and sloops woll, Tho
death guard does not expect him to
weaken boforo tho execution, but as
ho says ono can novor toll, and he
thinks that Itomeo will break 'own
Flint I'ViJglit Htrikiw Foreigner Twi
Mill iltvtt of IldlKT.
Noal Shoya, aged about 38 years,
was nm down and klllod by a fast
frolght of tho Donvor nnd Hlo
a ran do about two miles east of Hel
per last 8undny aftornoou. l'aponi
found on hlo porson tndlcnted that
ho had an account with tho Uintah
State bank at Vornnl, but communi
cation with tho cashier of that in-l
stltutlon fallod to throw any light!
on tho man's Identity.
Tho dead man had beon working'
In Spring Canyon and had evidently
Imbibed too much liquor. Starting
out to walk oast, ho wont to sleep
on tho railroad track. His drees
Indicated that ho was a laboror. No
uio locally wits ablo to Identify tho
dad man. Ho was burled at coun
ly oxponso.
Tho body was brought to thta
olty by tho train crow.
If you nro In tho inarkot for
pianos see Sumner. Ho can uavo
you CO per cont, Advt.
io ovint I'.vritj .iuni:.
Huernl Minor Criinliuil Mnttn Are
IMnpomiI of lly Judge CIirUtviiiKai
In DUirict .foirt Civil .Acttotw
Hct Am 'r Alirod As Uio 1'lnC
of Uio Coming MonUi.
Tho January torm of district
court for Carbon county convened
nt l'rlco last Monday with Judgo
Albert 11. Chrlstonson, presiding,
and qulto a numbor of attorneys
from a distance In attondnnco, as
well as J. W. Cherry of Mt. IMons
ant, tho now district nttornoy. Most
of Monday wns conirumod hi arrang
ing tho calondar.
Tho trial of IMwnrd D. John
stono, charged with tho murdor of
Ilrlgham Taylor, was sot for Tues
day noxt. Johnstono Is reprosontod
by D. I). Houtx of Salt tako City,
and tho case, It Is bollaved, will con
sumo uovernl days In securing n
Jury, examination of witnesses nnd
Upon motion of D. I). Houtx, the
three cases against It. W. Crockett,
appeals from Justice's court nt
l'rlco, woro dlsmlssod. Defondont is
nlleged to have violated tho city
ordinances, which by tho action
taken Is a practical admkMlon of tho
Invalidity of tho ordlnnncos.
Tho civil actions of Carbon coun
ty against dwllym Jones, ex-clerk,
and H, W. Snyder, former county
tronsurer, nnd their bondsmon nro
continued to tho Juno torm of court,
as nro nlso tho criminal actions
against each for ombozzlomont of
county funds.
Stato of Utah vs. Oust Kama; ac
tion for burglary. No sufficient ox
cuso being shown for falluro of de
fendant to appear, his bond was or
dored forfeltod.
8tnto of Utah vs. Jamos M. AshorJ
action for burglary In tho third do
gree. Plea of guilty to potlt lar
ceny ontorod nnd sontenco to be
pronouncod Iator.
Stato of Utah vs. dllbort Olson;
awiault with a deadly woapon. Plea
of guilty to slmplo assault and son
lonco of thirty days In Jail Imposed,
State of Utah vs. Hov DavW; ac
tion for fornication. Caso dismissed
nnd ordorod strlckou from tho cal
ondar, Stnto of Utah vs. It. J, Turner; J
notion for misappropriation of road
fundB. Continued for tho term at
request of defendant's uttornoys.
Stato of Utah vs. C. A. dray and
J. Hakkarlch; action for ombozzle
mont. Dtamluod as to tho latter
and continued far tho term ns to
tho former.
Stnto of Utah vs. Coorgo W. Du
Hoso; action for assault. Continued
for tho torm.
Stato of Utah vb. Charlos dun
dorsonj grand larcony. Dofondant
Plead guilty to potlt larcony nnd
sontonced to thirty days In county
Stato of Utah vs. Chris Sonborg;
action for adultery, Dufondant
glvonVuiXII March 20, 1913, to file
bill ofiexteptlon.
The civil calendar I not n far
nheadH ns tho first of March by
Iirgn Hair mid An I tailor Toiin u
I Prices Irfwt Week.
Corrofpondenco Tho Advocnto.
IlOrrON, Mass., Feb. 15. Special
foatturcii. of Uio wool market havo
ifioa Rtrgecialos, an easier tono to
prlcos MiflflnVtlicr shTpmcnts, of .for
eign wool to England for rwmlo
thoro. Some of this wool, llko that,
noted last wceV, wns wool belong
ing to Now England mills, which
had boon In bond for nearly tho
thrco-yoar tlmo limit allowed by tho
govornmont. Thin week tho inovo
ment has broadoned out further,
and shtpmonts Include not only lots
belonging to tho mill, which had
to bo wlUidrawn nt tho expiration
of tho tlmo limit, olthor by exporta
tion or by tho payment of tho du
t'tr, but also lots sold by dealers
hero to buyers In England, lines
sent ovor on speculation and other
lots, originally shipped hero on
consignment, but which havo now
boon nrdorod back by tho ownors.
The wools thus moved wero grades
wilc. havo been very dull n this
market for many months. OuUldo
of UiIh movomont, which has nntur
ully attracted consldornblo ntton
tlon, tho market has beon moving
within very nnrrow linos, Fleoco
wool j, which constltuto a largo port
of the unsold wool left In this mar
ket, nro neglected. FIno washed do
lalnits ate still being held nt 27 W
to 2b cents, but a small lot Is re
ported sold as low as twonty-soven.
Tho bulk of tho week's sales
havo boon in territory wools, both
greasy and scoured wools having
moved qulto freely for tho season.
Manufacturers aro short of wool,
and aro frcquout buyers of irniall
lots needed to tldo thorn over the
oraorgency. Manufacturers aro now
showing a groat deal of nervous
nous, especially ovor tho garment
workers' strlko, which has played
havoc with tho heavyweight season.
Nov that tho bottor linos of goods
nro being shown, manufacturers find
a strong disinclination to buy unions
a guaranteo Is glvon that prlcos will
bo no higher than thoy woro a year
ago. Cheaper linos sold very frooly
'nt tho advance established at tho
oponlng of the heavyweight season.
Therefore It sooma nil the harder to
accept t)io quotations current last
yoar for tho bettor goods now being
Altogother tho situation Is bo
coming Inoreiisliigly difficult for
both manufacturers nnd wool deal
ers, nnd no Improvement nppoars to
bo In sight. Somo members of tho
wool trado would llko to sua prlcos
break a little, In ordor to help them
buy tho now clip wools In the West
oa what la considered a roosonablo
basis. Tho larger house who still I
havo wool In their lofts aro not bo I
eagor for lowor prlcos HoporU
from tho Wost Indicate that growers
nro very firm in their Idww. Owing i
to tho firm stand taken by tho
growors, no contracting has yot boon
dono In tho West for Iloston no
count, and only a little wool has
boon bought or consigned from tho
oarly shorn Arizona wools.
Officers Criticised and Conditions Here Com-
i mented Upon By Newspapers At
Vernal and Myton. fl
Tho authorities of the city of
Price, Carbon county, Utah, havo ro
f il sod to make a Kottleimntt with
Martin Alirod of Vernal for tho
death of his two boys in tho Jail of
that city several weeks ngo, says
Vornnl's Express of last Friday.
Through his attorneys. King & King
of Salt Lake City, Alirod submitted
n proposition to tho council nnd nl
lowod It four wcoks for an answer.
Tho tlmo has expired nnd no action
wns taken. Now Allred proposes
to bring suit for damages, but Just
how much will bo naked has not
beon mndo public. In IU Issuo of
February Cth tho Hosorvatlon News,
published nt Myton, has this to say
in regard to soiling liquor to
"A fow wcoks ngo two country
boys, ono 17 tho othor 19 years, ar
rived In tho lltUo city of Prlco,
Utah. They had beon soverol days
on tho road from Uiolr homo near
Vernal. Tho woathor was btttorly
cold nnd thoy woro chilled nnd fa
tigued ' from thotr long Journoy
They sought wnnnth nnd client
nnd someone In l'rlco sold thorn li
quor, It Is n orlmlnnt offenso to
sell whlnky to minors, and thoso
boys worn minors. So tho so in co no
who sold tho boys liquor committed
a crlmo. A llttlo Iator In Uio ovon
Ing tho town marshnl arrested tho
boys for drunkenness and lodged
thorn In a cold, filthy Jail for tho
night. Tho marshal dldnt' hunt for
tho somoono who had committed tho
first crlmo of soiling liquor to min
ors. No, ho wont homo and snugly
to bod. At daylight a flro alarm
was soundtd. Tho marshal wns
called to tho Jail whoro tho two
country bois5wVevfoU4dabur9sdo
death. ' ' r y ' "
"Now, suit has boon brought by
Martin Alirod, fathor of tho boys,
against tho city of Prlco for tho
doath of his sons. It will bo Inter
osttng to learn what dofonso Prlco
will mako, What dofonso Is thoro
for u city that permits liquor to bo
sold to minora In violation of law
nnd make no effort to punish tho
criminal who does It, but Instead
arrests tho Innocent victims of tho
orlmo, lodges thorn In a flrotrnp Jail
nnd permits thorn to burn to death?
Isn't that about as deep In crimin
ality as any city could well sink it-
"I'rioo Is a Uirivlng llulo city.
Tlicy linvo !iool and cliurcliiM nnd
many gtuxl people, but Uie city V
rurmxl vtlUi rotten miI1Uc-n. Craft,
gnvd and corrupUim Imvu polliilnl
Uio aUtioNphcm and mm nru iiinklng
nullify out of Uio dcgrnilAlloii of Uio
cW) making money out of wiling
liquor to innocent Itojs li nro cold
niul imny from Urn protection of
tioiiio and frlciitU.
"The domago suit which now hangs
ovor tho heads of tho taxpayers may.
cause tho people of Prlco to awaken
from their Indltforenco, for It is
difficult to soo how any court that
protends to administer Justlco could
docldo against tho father of thoso
two boys who sloop In tho llttlo
comotory at Vernal."
W. C. Earhart, a citizen of Prlco,
wrltos tho Rosorvatlon News at My
ton concerning tho d oat lis of tho
two Alirod boys In tho city Jail
horo. Ho says: "A numbor of
wltnossns wore examined nt the In
quost with tho object of tracing tho
boys' movomonts tho ovonlng beforo
tho tragody, but no effort wm mado
to find out whoro boys of 19 and 17
years of ago could buy liquor In
"Tho main effort of tho officials
sooined to bo to prove that tho flro
cauio from cigarette smoking and
that the boys sot tholr own bod on
flro. Hut a good many pooplo seom
to fool that thoro aro some town of
ficials guilty of criminal ourolosH
notM. Prlco City is In the liquor
business. I understand It has an
lncomo of about ton thousand dol
lars annually from tsaloon licenses.
AIhumoiiiuIIccuno money In Uio form
of uudcrtitood flniti for iionulti,!!;; ,
gambling and proxUtuUoit to exist. ,
"It soonis that with n liquor ln
como of ton thousand dollars a yoar
thoy could build a good, oleau, com
fortable Jail, give thoiu decent boils,
off a cold floor, dooont light nnd
hoat and that tho night watch could
call and seo how things aro doing.
Thoso boys wero put In Jail about
11 o'clock at night, tho offlcora say
In a holplcss condition. Tho bod- 'sifl
ding had been on flro. Aftor sup- H
posing thoy had put tho flro out H
they placed that part of tho bedding M
bad. ovor thorn. Thoy wont away H
and did not como bock to soo It tho H
boys wero safe, but wero called over H
tho phono nttcr 7 o'clock In tho H
morning and told that nmoko was H
coming out of tho Jail window. H
Whon tho marshnl arrived tho boys H
worn dond. jH
"As It Is so profltablo for tbo H
pvoplo of Price to ongogo in solllnj H
Intoxicating bavornges nnd so many H
nro unfortunato from Imbibing too H
frooly tho town should bo compollod H
to toko proper enro of thorn and H
treat thorn humanely." H
(1111 SOME K I
Uiii'Mil lliirnn's EtcfUon As Pro- H
tliliinnl Prrsldciit lly OoiigrmM
Iti'gntilil An CVrtnln Omit TtIIk
lit tii United HlaUti ItrcaUMi T H
Ilrliiglng Alxiiit LViMiitlou of War.
MEXICO CITY, Fob. 19. Tho M
fall of tho Madero administration In jH
Mexico, brought about by tho wtdl ' IH
nr ran god plot ot tho fdoeral military H
loadeni, has. beon r reel red li Ujo
caltarrwlthwCSfHiraAAcclamalloM. H
It Is not lcaown.'hoUHVtr.riBwUm . .-.. . IH
rest ot tho country will recnlvo tan sisssssssssl
chango. TJin part played by tho flsssssssssl
United 8tatri ombasay In tbo sot Ho- J
mont of tho ten days' Imttlo gained
for tho American flag such a trtb-
uto as novor beforo was wltneaso,d
After the messonger from tho '
United Static embassy, Harry Hor- H
linger, had gono through Uio flro ot H
the rebel lines to tho nrsenol, cor- H
veylng tho messago of peace sont H
by Embassador Wilson, ho drovo to H
tho national palaco In an nutomo-
btlo bonrlng a whlto flag on oso H
sldo and tho stars and strlpm on
tho other, lly tho tlmo ho otuorgod
from tho national palace, aftor do- H
llvorlng tho nolo to Oenornl Huerta,
tho crowd outsldo had teamed tho
Import of his visit. Tho rcappoar-
nnco of hU machine was the slcnal H
for u tremendous ovation,
Through iui lmmonso maiw of hu-
inanity gathered In the zocola and H
along San, Francisco street, tho big H
automobllo plckod Its wuy slowly,
nmld doafenlng npplnuke, with tho B
stars and stripes flying In tho, wind.
Oroup aftor group of tjio pooplo on H
tho streets caught up tho cry, "Viva H
los Amorlcanos1" until tho onllro H
city rovorbernted with the cheering.
To Cidl Kp'rliil Eltx-tlon. j
For days tho entire population of
Moxtco City had regarded Jnterron-
tlon by tho United Status us pros-
tlcally Inevitable. Mexicans of Uio
noncombatant clans sufforod divided
emotions of hopo and fear. Thousv-
and, although deploring Intorvtti-
tlon by any power, had como to tho H
coircluslon that tho good office ot H
any nation woro preferable to tho H
wanton destruction of property and H
tho awful loss of llfo which had "H
boon occurring, with uoltbor sldo H
gaining any apparont ndvantago. iH
Aftor Uio arrost of President Ma-
Idoro donoral Huorta declared that .
I ho would deliver tho position to any-
body who was legally named, It is ;H
understood that special gonoral eloc- H
tlona will bo called nt nn oarly date 'H
to soloot a Bucciosor to Madero. In IssH
! tho meanwhile Huorta has assumed 'H
tho post of governor general .nnd H
has appointed donoral Dlanqunt lull- H
i Itary commander ot tho federal dls- :H
IX).N(1 TEHM ,1LHE. '
Wo will give somo farmor or 'H
1 truck gardonor a good layout on a 'LH
1 forty-acro tract, a quarter mllo from H
Prlco, for tho coming yoar or a tonn
of years. Now land, proporty foncod H
but no Improvomonts. Cloeo onougu M
in for tenant to rosldo in the. city. , ' H
H. W. Crockott & Co. Advt. tH
Ono celebrated Bchaffor piano, '
mahogany cose, for two hundred ,
dollars, nt Sumner's. Advt. IH

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