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Eastern Utah advocate. (Price, Utah) 1895-1915, February 27, 1913, Image 1

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I r T 1
I Eastern Utah Advocate I
l IN
gRoHcyli (Inlllnnl lluncucri
flBMtfwncy It (lllb Tonguwl
iKt Salt J.nko City i:x
&&S&fn I'-f Hut Not Al
J3Mnlnlr to tho YlrtJjiio.
WBllard nnd his brother,
flBBlard, liromlncnl sheep
afMfctorn L'tah residing nt
.tMBlbuncoed out of nn oven
JMIar nt Silt I.ako City
lay oventng by n glib
i(vldual who had nndo
frtanco only a fow hour
it was tho old panic of
Ssposlt l)ox with "green
ato now found frlond of
11 boys "I'oko both llnllnn
inccorillng to stories rc
tAKVinccUoti with tho "do
sjJMjflflockinnster, thus mak
kHMfc' for htm to Ingrntlnto
MawW their confidences Tho
jjmlBts ntory Is Inlet nbout tho
ftUfift. Sn)s Frldn's llor-
BaapMly did tho confldcnco
ifcag his ilot to shear tho
Snit It wan not until e
JMaMjmg dial they dlscovorcd
laUgjTflcoced In their hands
MBjko deposit box after Jo
aTsaaaaal topped what appeared
l1ftV9llct containing flftoon
lawQJBtar with another thous
jWjfcjsDnfldonco man locked
SiTtSl put tho key In his
fljjafsV tho (lalllnrd brothers
atTsaBkiou at tholr room In
Kdny mornlnit and
y tho deposit box
t contained only
tho form of news
ind tho thousand
ught ho placed In
bo found,
r TiMigurn.
irothcrs came to
ur days ago and
business nffalrs
nco man, cnpablo
Fronch nnd Itnl
1 tongues, appear
Ho dlscusiMsl with
ork which ho had
declaring ho wan
o fifteen thousand
lloctcd for charity
mg churches,
ivltntlon to xo to
"chnrlty workor,"
ters wero oscortod
Lch they bellovo U
itweon Matn nnd
V vftMsVKtho confldonro man
?M aWWdoposIt box nnd dls
'4 wlwVipenrel to be n wnl
yttotmtmt n largo amount of
hjr. , )sannounccd tho wnllot
kstlS fifteen, thousuml dol-
I0- WXllMtod.
away tonight, but
tho morning," ho nn
iti't llko to Ivavo tho
ntnlnlng thnt largo
ey hero unprotected,
tomcono to core for
so," replied Joseph
m a wealthy shoop
in dopoud upon mo "
dgo of TftlUi.
know that," Intor
angor. "Have you
liow that 1 may trust
Qaflnt t0 a local uanlt aml
siUMMand dollars, returning
UvtMsn. Upon soolng tho
fjjteJttor said ho would bo
aatea to double tho thous
jMaaataird would coro for tho
Jfa-NBtt bOX.
)jiMwyou are In good faith,
IJwtWMly plnco thy thousand
tfifisvo box with tho other
arawMand?" suggostod tho
jjjyi-jan. "Then I will lock
MtlWMbox ovor to you nnd
.U5fcsy. 1 will bo back In
'feaSajinnd cnll nt your room
1nrfiM, unlock tho box nnd
aWMatk tho monoy, together
w)nJ,auy develop Into an nd-
SkllUkMMand for you "
';ftti5Uiidcr Mattress.
'ssja.'Iytlllard oujyd nnd Im-
lMRiw tho confident man
-jUmTSmo box nnd turn It oor
, flnJJBiUghted with hUt newest
IfcatMtW, Qnlllard tucked tho
box under his nrm nnd started for
tho hotel together with hU brother
Ho displayed much precaution with
tho box nnd upon retiring tucked it
undor tho mattress.
"1 became suspicious finally,"
said Oalllard last night, "and call
Ing In a stranger I nnd my brother
aponed the boxltby outJnK.tlvOlock.
Tho thousand dollars 1 placed In
tho box waa now hero to bo found,
but It appeared tho wallet contain
ing tho flftoon thousand a.t ntlll
Upon closor examination tho wal
let was found to contain clippings
nrrnngod lit a noat packaKo. To
mnko It appear gonulno dollar bills
wore tucked In tho onds of tho wal
let, four of thorn bolng used. Oall
lard called upon private detective
for nwtlstanco last night. Ho nays
tho, man who fleeced him was tall
and fashionably dressed, having
blond hair. Tho Oalllard brothers
nro French-Italians.
l'riro l.'nd of Htory.
It nppoarn thnt tho Onlllard bro
thora did not havo a thousand dol
lars with thorn when tholr now
found frlond was ready to tako
them In. They got In communica
tion, how ovor, with l'etor Joansolmo
nt l'rlcc, also n prominent uhecp
man, nnd tho lattor arranged for
tho monoy on their account with
tho I'rlco Commorclnl nnd Havings
bank Thursday last. Thp thousand
dollara was tolcgraphed tho victim
ized sheepmon nt Bait l.ako City
through McCornlck S. Co , corres
pondents of tho local Institution. Of
course Joansolmo was not apprised
of what ubo tho brothers wero go
ing to put tho money to.
AUUKSTKI) AT Hl'ltlNOVll.Iii:;
IMIOVO, Fob. 24. A man who
was arrested for vagrancy at Spring
vlllo today confossod to tho city
marshal that ho and nnothor man
killed a I)ouor nnd Illo a rondo
spoclnl ngont near Denver, on tho i
Moffat road, whllo engaged In n
boxcar robbery about n yoar ngo
Tho prisoner first gave tho namo
of John Vobb, but lator wild his
nnmo was John Mills.
He will bo hold until tho Colo
rado offlcora havo bouit communi
cated with. It Is beltevod Mills mn
bo tho man who escaped from tho
county Jail nt Ilrlghton, Colo., after
having confessod to murdering n
railroad dotoctlvo. Tho murdor was
ono of tho most brutal In the his
tory of Colorado.
It vm said that ho nnd his com
panion wore members of u gnns of
boxcar thlovos who had operated In
mnn wostorn stntos
Correspondence Tho Advocate
1103TON, Mass, I'ob 23, -I'rlc
buyers who have boon holding oft
havo como Into tho market and havo
takou n fair amount of wool, Grades
showing tho m out strongth nro me
dium wools, both floocos nnd torrl
torlori, whllo nil other grades nro
lower, In Bonio casos two to thrco
cents lxj r pound In tho grooso, nnd
much moro than this on tho wcourod
basis. Dealers havo firmly hold
Ohio dolalno wools, which made up
thv bulk of high-class wools remain
ing In stock, up to n vary rocant
dato. Transfers nro reported to
hao been mado this week at twenty-six
to twonty-sovon conts for fino
unwashed dolalno, and nothing Ut
now hold nt above twonty-sovon A
llttlo lot of this wool Is said to havo
been sold nt bolow twenty-six cents
by a dealer who wlshod to clean up
his remaining stock, but this Is
hardly a fair criterion of market
Finn washed dolalnos nro alio
easier, being quoted nt thirty-two
to thlrty-throo conts, without sal's
reported. Medium Ohio fleece nro
strongly held, sales of quarter ami
throe-eighths blood having boon
mado during tho week at thirty to
thirty-one conts, which is vory near
tho top price of tho soosou. I'ullod
wools havo boon aotlve, owlni; to
tho lower prices asked. A lot of
Now York Ii supers has boon sold
In this market to a Now England
mill nt thirty-eight conts In the
greotfo, the scoured cost being esti
mated nt about fifty conts. This lot
contained twenty-flvo hundred bags,
and Is said to havo about cloanod
up tho stocks of tho New York pull
era of this grade of wool. Other
salon havo boon pretty well distrib
uted ovor stock, good sales of ter
ritories, both greasy and ocourod,
and foreign erossbrods being made
Territory wools show an vaslor
tomloncy, partly on account of tho
Inferior wools miking up n large
part of tho current offerings, nnd
partly owing to tho unwllllngnotui of
tho buyers to pay thu prlcon recunU
, ly domandod. Thoro la n llttlo moro
ohoorful feeling being shown by
manufacturers, but the situation Is
recognized as still n difficult ono
I The gurmont workers' strlko und
! tariff agitation hnvo turned a prom
ising heavy weight season Into a
partial failure, and every day lost
lnow makes it Just so much more
difficult (or tho good trndo to ro
cowjgUlilosJ ground.
,TOptftttijo curfcntiof further
lots of foreign wool tobo"rp1ih!pp'od
to Kngland to bo sold, but no dofl
nlto figure nro given. On tho
othor hand, somn holders who woro
planning to roshlp tholr wools nro
known to havo decided to koep
them on this sldo, having becomo
onvluced that thoy will nil bo need
ed by mnnufneturers hero boforo the
opening of tho next Australian season
wooixmowKiiH' iwrcit
m commi:miii,i: om:
The February number of the No
tional Woolgrowor was lssuod to
the subscribers to tho magazlno last
Htturday. It is a commendable Is
suo coiitalulng fifty pago of read
ing mnttor that Is of Inostlmnblo
valuo to all concomeit In tho wool
growing Indiuilry. An artlclo of c
peclal Intercut contains on ndilrota
delivered by tho editor, 8. f Mc
Clure, to Choyenno, Wyo , January
9, 1913, It has to do with wool
growing and tho tariff. Among the
other leading articles In tho maga
zlno Is ono on our future beef sup
ply which was contributed by W. T
Tomllnson of Denver, Colo.
r.vrmnt or mu thomij
l'aul S. Thome, 81 years of ngo,
father of Dr. V, 8. Thomo, formorly
of I'rlco, died at tho family rest
donco at Salt l.ako City on Monday
of genoral debility.
Ducoasod was a natlvo of Augus
ta, Ky., and was born February 21,
1832. Whllo yet n young man, ho
moved to Missouri, wboro ho be
came Interested In agriculture. Ton
years ago ho camo to Utah nnd had
made Salt Lnko City h.ls homo since,
living a retired life. Ho U nurvlvod
by Jils widow, five sons nnd ono
daughter. Two of tho sons, Dr F
8 Thomo and Dr. V. M. Thomo,
and tho daughtor, Miss Frances M.
Ihome, reside In Halt Lake City. Of
tho othor throe sons, Dr. W. A.
'lhomo Is living In 1'rovo, K. T.
Thomo in Sprlngvlllu, und C 1
Thome in Clark county, Missouri.
Funeral sorvlccw were hld at thu
family resldonce Tuesday uftornoon
at 2 o'clock, nfter which the bod)
wassonttotha old homo in Missouri
for burial
SYou Should Buy Prudently.
tag iu provldlns ugalnst a rulny day succoss in life, In fact, Is measured by tho way you gpond your earnings All of your
ould bo done with foresight and prudonco, and this Is truo of tho articles )ou buy for our porson nnd your home abovo all
idonco In buying la principally retoroncja to tho things to bo bought and tho moans, place nnd time to buy or not to buy. Unlosa
tul upon tbeso points tho goods moro than likely will provo disappointing nnd your cost of living may rise Quito unnecessarily,
inly exorclso prudonco In your purchases by knowing the boat places to secure tho boat qualities at tho right time. Each buuo
rs of Tho Advocate tell you thoso things, and It Is to your InteroBt to start today nnd rend theso ndvertlsomonts closely and ton-
Kn,iHJyifr'iliSMsttMsMsttsJss Ai lIifjfilLmBimmmm
Agricultural College Professors Will Talk To S
Farmers and Housewives at Carbon '
County High School. H
I'rlco will be tho nceno of tho
fnrmors' nnd housowlvos" eon mo
which la being given by tho Utah
Agricultural Collego nt Logan,
March 20th to 22d I'rof Jolin T
Calno III, I'rof J C Hogcnson nnd
Mlos McChoyno will spend thrco
ln n hero and will giro n series of
lectures nnd demonstrations thnt
are of vKnt Importance to farmers,
I stock misers, housowhes and others
I who lmo nn Interest In the growth
and doelopmont of Hastorn Utah
lllgli School Notes.
With the osslstanco of coal com
panyoflcUUkUiQ iHtudentt'CoWj
morclat club U collecting nn cxnfr
bll of tho commercial products of
Carbon county. Already they havo
seen roil sovoral spoclmons of coal
which nro being placed In glass Jars,
It Is tho plan of tho club to soouro
a comploto collection of tho com
morclnl mlnornls of this dlsrict.
Tho StudonU' Commercial club
was In charge of the tiko thoator
last Friday night. They ronted the
houso for tho purpose of raising
Tho domestic sctonco dopartmont
Is making preparations for a gala
day Friday. March 7th. At 12:30
to 2 o'clock thoy will servo a chic
ken dinner to all who como nt fifty
conts n pinto. Tito evonlng ontor
tntnmont consists of a ball In the
gymnasium Tho danco will bo feat
ured by a prize waltx nnd "Dutch
danco." A prbto will also bo gWn
to tho couple maintaining tho bent
deportment throughout the oven
Ing. I'rograms nro being lssuod,
which stnto the order of ovonts
Tho public Is, of course, cordially
Tho board of education or tho
Jordan Consolidated High School
district of Salt l.nko county vlsltod
the high school Monday. Tho gon
tlomon comprising tho board nro
Messrs. Ilawllns, l'ixton, Dunne,
Kuhro and Countryman Tho ob
Jeot was an Inspection uf tho build
ing nnd a visit to tho classes. Thoy
state that their district will com
monco tho construction soon of a
hundred thousand dollar high school
building. Thoy wero very woll
pleasod with tho building und tho
showing being mado nt tho local
high school.
Tho high school basketball lads
dofoated tho acadomy quintet in n
speedy game at tho gymnasium last
Friday. Tho playing was fast, but
rather wild. Tho academy ran up
a wore of olght boforo Uio high
school scored Hut when thoy did
start baskets wore made rapidly,
Frnncom's work In making baskets
i.Mxmi'OiiATio.v or towns
as tiiuy ahu at iur.si:T
Aftor hearing both sides of tho
Carbon count) dispute Tuosdiiy rel
ative' to tho incorporation of towns,
tho senate committee on Judiciary
decided to leavo tho law na It is
nt prosont. The Utah Fuol com
pany asked that a bill bo passod In
the Intarosts of Sunnyslde and Cas
tle Onto, permitting towns to be
Incorporated on potltlon to tho dis
trict eourt, Instead of to tho county
commissioners Tho county com
missioners of Carbon county nskod
tho passage of a bill making it nec
essary for ono-thlrd of thoso voting
for Incorporation to bo freeholders.
Tho commltteo decided to recom
mend that both bills bo killed.
was especially good Tho lon.mii M
nro evnnly matched nnd tho next H
contest will likely bo nnothor ctoso H
one. lho gamo was won by high i
sshool, thirty-two to twonty-sovon, M
I'rof Maud May llnboock's road- H
Ing of tho "llttio lllrd" noxt Batur- .H
day evening nt tho high school will JLI
be one of tho rnro treats of tho riH
year In ovory sonso of tho term M
sho Is both gonitis and nrtlat. All M
who hear her will bo delighted, For H
several years sho has boon nt tho H
Tiiui:r. days' i'iio(mM. H
March 20th, 2 o'clock H
t'ror. J T. Cnlno, HI The Mvo Stock Iluslness. H
I'rof. J. C. Hogcnson 'Improvement of Farm Crops. H
Hvcfilng, 7:30 o'clock H
MUt McChoyno Tho Kvolutlon of thu Homo. H
I'rof, J. T. Calno lined of Horses. H
March 21st, 2 o'clock H
I'rof. J. C Hngenson- Soil Fortuity nnd Crop notation. H
I'rof J T Calno, III Feeding Mvo Stock. H
Utonlug, 7 30 o'clock H
I'rof. J. C Hogcnson Keeping Hoys nnd (llrls On Utah' Farms. H
I'rof. J. T. Cnlno, 111 The Hoot Cattle Iluslness. (lantern.) H
March 22d, 10 o'clock, forenoon H
I'rof. J T. Calne, III Improvement of Mvo Stock. H
I'rof. J. C. Hogonson l'otntocs. H
Aftornoon, 2 o'clock H
I'rof J. C Hogcnson Dry Farming Thnt I'nys. H
. I'rof. J T, Calne, III. Conformation nnd Soundness of lloroos; H
Judging. 'H
Kvontng, 7 '30 o'clock H
Miss McChoyno Co-Operatlon In tho Home. '; ',H
I'rof. J. T, Cnluu, III'. Dairying nnd tho Dairy Cow. (I.antorn.) fl
head of elocution and public npwvk- H
ing in Utah, and, without doubt, she H
has dojio.moro for tho state 14 H
theseibTMchasUlHMr.aiiyeUw.Mro H
so'tfT" ir lWsho wofhMaiyWl'CrJU-w. "ii--B
In tho high schools throughoutTth 'tH
stnto tho ldoa of perfecting oral aa H
woll as written composition, Bt H
has Initiated contests in public ad- 'H
dress nnd reading which nro aidlnc
tho stntq to maintain tho roputiitloa H
which It now holds of having an ex- H
ceptlonal number of persona who- H
can express thomsslves woll In puV- H
lie. Miss Harmon will render sot- H
ernl vocal solos as a part of ths H
program H
SI Ell 1Y I
mmw I
Tlui trial of Kdward II Johnston jH
for tho murder of Hrlgham Taylor H
tbove Helper last summer has oo- H
cui!cd tho uttontlon of tho district H
cruit since Tuesday At tho tlm H
uf going to press ,thls nfternoon tea H
Jurors havo been selected, loavlnc H
onl two more to bo chosen. Tutsv- H
day, tho first day of tho trial, nln H
Jurors woro selected and yesterday H
ono more, making ten In all. It la H
thought tho othor two will bo boV- H
ected today nnd the trial will pro-. H
Tho Lnse of tho stnto vt Jamba H
M. A slier, an action for burglary lsx H
tho third degreo, mention of which H
was mado last week, was dlsmlueoxt H
nnd Asher wns rearrested for petit H
larceny. Ills trial will como up to- H
day In tho Justico court. H
ST I.OU18, Feb. 25. Art Maglri H
uf Oklahoma lost to Marty Itow&a M
of Carllnvllle, Ills , tonight In eight. 1
rounds before tho Future City nth- M
lotlo club John Kern of St. Lou hi M
knocked out Oeorge Douglas, also H
of St. Louis, In tho first round and
Wllllo Krug of Hummond, Ind., got fl
thq docUlon on a foul in tho first H
round of his bout with I'atsy Mo M
Kouna of Donvor M
Itowan 1b known as thu Denver M
and Itlo Orando boxer Ho lived In, 1
Helper until n fow months ago and M
took part In many mutuhes in Suit fl
Lako City
Wo hnvo scrip for &alo that wilt M
tako any unoccupied agricultural M
land lu Utah without cultivation or H
resldonce, Easy method of acqulr- B
Ing tltlo. No proofs to mnko and H
no redtapo or stringent rules to M
comply with. It. W. Crockott & Co ,
I'rlco, Utah. Advt.

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