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Eastern Utah advocate. (Price, Utah) 1895-1915, March 06, 1913, Image 1

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, mvwi wmi Advocate 9
K In Among Imposing Ceremonies and
Tumultuous Scenes of Populer Greeting.
H Taft Says Goodbye To President Elect
The Inaugural Address.
BBnldciit WUaon'n Cabinet.
Htary of State William Jon-
Bfrynn, Nebraska.
BBrtiryWMInm a McAdoo,
BB-MndJoy M, OarrUon, Now
Biey Oonorat James Mc-
Bbi, Tennessee.
BKinMor General Albert. llur-
BBJoeephu Daniels, North
Hor Franklin K. Lanv, Calt-
Bulluro- DaId A Houston,
BBicrco Wtlllatu C. Kodfleld,
BB- William II Wilson, l'cnn-
HlllNOTO.N', 1). V , March 4.
Hw Wilson became presldonl
Bwnltcd Statos today nmld Im
BBccrcmontos nnd tumultuous
Bot popular greeting Bland
BBtho historic east front ot tlio
BB )io took tho constitutional
BB office, and In his brief Ui
BB nddrem iualo n. fervid tip
BBnll patriotic men for counsol
Bx In not iv tiny ot triumph,"
BBurcd, "It U a day ot dcdlcu
BBloro muster, not tlio force
B but tlio force ot hiimanl
Kn'it hearts watt upon um;
BBUyivi hang In the balunco;
BBtope rolliinu-loVBW
BBn will do. Who shall llvo up
BBcreal trunl? Who daren fall
BBT I Hiimiuon all honcul men.i
Bart otic, nil forward looking!
Bm my sldo. Ood holpltiK e,
ot fall them, If they will but
Wand sustain me"
BB'roiddent Marshall liiul hew
BButod In thti sonnto chamber
BBortly bofpro and at the con
BBf r I'txwldcnt WIUoii'h inuug
BdriMt thu party hurried back
BBwhito houso ahead of tho In
Bx procctudon, whera cx-Prosl-Bft
Mid gooabyu to Frojrfdont
B and prepared to leave at
Br Augusta, On Presldont
BB shortly afterward took his
BBo review tlio procession.
BBlU Inaugural Addrr.
Bj has been a cbanso ot gorern
BB It liegnn two yean ago, when
BBuso of representatives bocamt
Bsrnttc by a decisive majority. II
BBw becu completed. The senati
Bo asoinblo will also bo Demo
BB Tliu offices of president and
BBetldcnt tinvo been put Into tbi
But Democrat. What does tbi
BB menu? That Is the question
BB iipiKTinodt In our minds today.
BB the question I am golug to trj
BBvcr, In order, If 1 may, to Inter
BBa occasion.
Bans much mora than tbo men
BB of n party. The success ot a
BBmonus little except when thi
Bis using that party for n large
BBlnlto purpose No ono can mis
Bo purposo for which tbo nation
BBcka to uso tbo Democratic party
Bh to uso It to Interpret a chance
BBown plans and point of view.
Bold things with which we bad
familiar and which bad begun
Brp Into tbo very habit of out
BBt and of our lives have altered
BBpeit as we hare latterly looked
By upon tbem with fresh, nwak
Bis; have dropped their dlsgulsei
Bonn thuiuKcheH alien and sin
BB Some new things as wo look
BB upon them, willing to lompre
BBhelr real chu rncter, have come
BBme tho aspect of things long bo
BBii nnd familiar, stuff of our own
BBJoii Wo bate been refreshed
Bw Insight Into our own life
Our Modal Govsrnmsnt,
BBmhi Hint In muuy things life'
BBimat It is Incomparably great
BBJumterlnl aspects, In Its lody of
BB, In tlio diversity nnd sweep ot
BBrg), In tho lndustrlis which havo
BBon clrt-d and built up by tho
BB of Individual men and the llui
BBpntcrprlso ot groups of men It
BBt also, urj great, lit Its moral
BH Nowlit.ro clso In tho world'have
Biian nnd Svomcn oxhlhlted In
BBntrlkliig fuims thu beauty and
Bcrg) of sympathy nnd helpful
BBid counsol lu their efforts to rcc
BBonu ullo Into BUfTcrlng nnd si(
BBak In thu wu) of strength mil
BH Wo hnvo built up, morcoven
BBt system ot government, which
BBood through n long ago as In j
BBTTr,pt rfjsj affl?
m:.ii.(i tauth i.v r.iri: I
or wooimow viimon
Horn In Staunton, Vn., Divombcr
28, I860.
Kathor H6v. Joseph It. WHhou.
Mother Josslo Woodrow Wilson.
Chrlstunod Thomas Woodrow WH
hou (dropped tho Thomau boforo
ontorlng collogo).
8tudUd at privato school lu Co
lumbia collego, 8. C; Davidson col
logo, N. C; I'rlncoton collogo (now
Princeton Unh orally) and law
Hohool, University of Virginia.
Practiced law In Atlanta, Ua ,
Studlod ai Johns Hopkins Univer
sity 1883-C.
Marrlod Juno 24, 1885, to MIm
Helen Loulao Axson of Havannnh,
Thrco daughtora Margarot, Jos
slo and Kloanor.
ABsoclnba professor ot history and
political oconomy In llryn .Mawr iol
lego 188S-8.
I'rofossor ot history and political
economy, I'rlncoton University 1890
1002. I'resldont ot I'rlncoton Unhoralty
(lovornor of Now Jersav 1911-13.
Nomlnatod by domoorutlc uutlonnl
convontlon In Ilnltlmoro July 2,
Mooted prosldont of tho United
Statoa November 5, 1912.
Inaugurated March 4, 1913.
many respects n model for thone who
seek to set liberty um foundations
that will endure against fortuitous
rhnugo. agiiliiHi storm und arcldent
Our life contains oury great thing nnd
contains It In rich abundance
Hut tbo ull has come with tho good,
ami much tlno gold Iioh Item corroded
With riches bas como luoxcusablu
waste. Wo buvo squandered n great
part of what ve might havo used nnd
hnvo not stopped to consorvo tbo ox
ceedlng bounty of nnturo without
width our gtnlUH for enturprlse would
hnvo been worthless nnd Impoteut.
scorning to Imj careful shamefully
prodigal as well ns admirably tdlclent
Wo havo been proud of our Industrial
nchlovomenU but wo hnvo not blth
erto stopped thoughtfully enough to
count thu human cost, tho cost of lives
snuffed out, of energies overtaxed nnd
I kronen, tho fearful physical and spir
itual cost to tlio men and women and
children upon whom tbo dead weight
and burden of It all ban fallen pttllcM
ly the years through Tbo groans as4
agony of It atl bad not yet reached
our cars, the solemn, moving under
tone of our life, coming up out of the
mines and factories and out of every
homo where tbo struggle bad Its Inti
mate nnd fatnjllar seat With tbo
great government went many deep se
cret things which we too long delayed
to look Into and scrutlnUo with can
did, fearless eyes. Tbo great govern
ment we loved has too often been
made use of for privato and selQsh
purposes, nnd thoso who used It had
forgotten tho people
Duty of Americans Outllnid.
At last a vision has been vouchsafed
ns of our Ufa as a whole. We sco tho
bad with tbo good, tho debased and
decadent with the sound and vital.
With this vision wo approach new af
fairs. Our duty U to cleanse, to re
consider, to restore, to correct the evil
without Impairing tho good, to purity
and humanize every process of our
common llfo without weakening or
sontlmentalltlng It There has been
something crudo and beartlrss and un
feeling in our hasto to succeed and bo
great Our thought bas been, "Let or
ery man look out for himself; let ev
ery generation look out for Itself,"
while wo reared giant machinery which
mado It Impossible that any but thoso
who stood at the levers of control
should have u chance to look out tor
themselves Wo bad not forgotten our
morals. We remembered well enough
that we had set up n policy which was
, meant to servo tho humblest as well as
the most powerful, with an eye single
to tho standards of Justice nnd fair
play, and remembered It with pride.
Hut we were very heedless and tn a
hurry to be great.
Wo bate come now to tbo sober sec
tnd thought The scales of 'heedless
nrss have fallen from our eyes. We
have made up our minds to square ev
ery process of our national llfo again
with tbo standards we so proudly set
up at tho beginning and have nlways
carried at our hearts. Our work Is a
work of ri'Mtorntlon
Things to ut Aecomplithtd.
We butt1 lleinlml with some degrte
of purtkulnrlty tho tblugs that uugbt
to be altered nqd hero nre some of the
ihlif Items A tnrlfT which cuta us off
from our proer part In tho commerce
of the world, folates tho Just prlncl
pies ot taxatlou and makes the gotern
mo ut n fuclle Instrument In the hnmli
of private Interests; n banking nnd cur
reuey sjstem bnxtd upon tho necessity
of the government to bell Its bonds titty
years ago und perfectly ndnptcd to con
ccntrallug insh and restricting credits
nu Industrial system which, tnlo It on
nil Its sides, financial ns well ns ad
mlnlstratlvo, holds capital iu leading
strings, restricts tho liberties and Urn
tts tho opportunities of labor and ex
plolts without renewing or conserving
tho nnturnl resource!! of tho country; a
body of agricultural activities never
yet ghen the eftlclcncy of great bus!
ncss undertakings or served as II
should bo through tho Instrumentality
ot sclenco taken directly to tbo farm
(Concludod on pago eight.)
Die tVum Injuries Itcvclviil While
Walking On Track.
Dominic llcrtoln of Helper, 24
year of age, was stmck by a. train
nomo-tlnio Mondny eenlng nt the
blue cut, about four miles west ot
1'rlcoand later died of his Injuries
At tho homo of hla undo, Joseph
Oroooo, la this city. Ills body was
found earl) Tucadn) morn'.ng and
brought to l'rlco in nn nutsmobllo
by O. A Nlion, who hnd beun mini
mo nod to tho scene Young llcrt
ola la supposed to hno been ntruck
hy Passenger Train No 2, and to
hnvo Iain out nil night, being found
nboutjnf o'clock Tuesday morning.
Examination by n physician showed
that tho unfortunate man u nuf
fcririgfrom concussion of tbo brain,
causodby a wound on tho left tem
ple. 'Jlls left arm and bolli nnklos
woro broken nnd bis shoulder dlslo
calodj, Docpnaed was a nephow of Frank
ami Joseph Oromo ot l'rlco and hnd
hoonjipro to hco tho former Missing
the epming poMonger trnln ho had
started to walk homo nlong tho rail
road' and met a torrlhlo fate.
Funeral service wore hold n,t
l'rlco yoetcrday nftnrnoon from tho
Methodist church, condueted by Itev.
JamosTl FerrU, nnd interment took
plocaAl tho cemofory nbovo town.
Holpof Local No C87, American
Fodorutlon of .Musicians, of which
deceased wan a mombcr, nltondcd
tho funeral in a body
vi:sti:ui)y of iA.'mi5M:
Dominic MUano died ut his homo
thrcoiinllkH west ot l'rlco )Mttrday
nftonfbon ot gangrono, from which
ho KHTl tmtferod for nomo time .mil
Although abla to got around, )io )ms
bcoujnffllctcd for several years with
tho disease which finally rosulted
fatally. Ho wns known by many
Uarbon county rosldonlM, having ro
sided hero for tho past twenty-fix o
enr, first coining to Cnstlo Onto,
and later moving to his ranch nbovo
Price, lie was C7 years old and
came to, America ihlrty-flvo yoam
ugQfroin. Italy.
DeoaJttdwajt tho father ot Jlf,
' IcfAlfuruil'U.ofwhqni roiddo&t
homo. Funeral sorvlcea wlll"b"oTolil
tomorrow (Friday) nt tho faintly
nwldonce, Interment to bo mado nt
Spring GUm comotory.
Out ot courtetty to Honator Bnioot,
tho sonnto last Monday agreed to
confirm tho nomination ot Jainw
Clovo as postmaator at Provo, which
In Senator Bmoot's homo. All othor
Utnh noulnatlona, howovor, go down
to defeat nnd offlccsi for which
those nppolnUnonta woro vacant on
March 4th, will bo tilled by demo
orals Utah pootoftlcck nominations
which fall aro Honry A. Paco, Prlco;
' John A, lsrnolson, Hyrum; William
' H Capwoll, Trumonton; Utflo Day,
j IiOht, and h. W. Shurtllff, Ogden.
Judge Albert li. Christenson OF the Seventh M
Judicial Court Pronounces Sentence This u H
(Thursday) Afternoon At Two O'clock JifH
A Trial OF Much Interest In the Court. ' LU
1 Aftnr exhausting two special e
inlros tho twolfth Juryman wan bo
: cured last Friday afternoon In tho
'murder oaso of Hdwnrd II John
stone, accused ot killing llrlghnm
Taylor near Helper last Boptombor.
Saturday tho ouso went on trial nnd
lantod until Tuesday ovonlng whon
the Jury retired, bringing In a vor
dlct ycstorilay ovonlng, after being
out nboul iwonty-four hours, of
voluntary manslaughter with a roc
ommimdntlon for moroy Judgo A.
II Chrlstonsou took until 2 o'clock
thin IThumdny) nftnrnoon to )om
Tho Jury was composed of Wil
liam Dennett, Hal Taylor, I-Mward
Cox, Jnmon Ilurton, Jamen W Ilus
will, Nell M Mndson, Martin Andor
son, It. H Klrkpalrldk, Itobort Men
tion, Wtlllnm Dow tor, Irvln Ilrnneh
nnd Holand Cnntroll Tho Jury wan
taken to tho scone ot tho killing
Monday aftornoon
In brlof, tho Uwttmony for Un
'tn4o vm to tho utfoot Hint John
stone, who was noting upoolnl ugont
for tho Castle Valloy Coal company
nnd n doputy shorlff for ICmory
county, lind gono to Castla (Into
with tho expectation, ot mooting tho
paymaster ot tho coal companlos aud
accompany him to Holpor. Tito pay
inantor did not nrrlvo in Cnstlo Onto
tut was oxpected and Johnstono rodo
from Castle Onto to Holpor with
Louis I'oAsnt, w)io hnd boon to Cos
tlo Unto delivering groceries nnd
was returning to his home In Hol-perr-
UpcnnTrlylngM,vU- yx brhtec
croitNlng tho Prlco rlvor, nboul n
mllo and n. qunrtcr north of Holpor,
they encountered two mon on honto-
back who wcro riding colts, which
became frightened nt tho bridge It
bc-Iug vary dark, thoso porsonn
could 'tiot bo rocognlzed and some
wortlx passed between Johnstone
nnd tho horsomon, who passed tho
rig In which Johnatono waa riding
and rodo toward Holpor on tho gal
lop Fonsat and Johnstono pro
ceeded toward Holpor and, after go
ing but a abort distance tho (cam
boenmo frlghtonod nnd two mon
woro aeon to como from tho brush
by tho roadside Johnstono said
"What Is tho mattorT" Ono ot
H t iv gj t .ijbk 5v VIbbU
TJ LiKiraSCjVNjr! V ir - rf
vioij wuaHDi:.T tiiomah it. maushall.
them replied 'What Is tho matter V 'HB
wltli youT" Without further ora- L iBBJ
lory Johrtstono drow his rovolver, llflU
shooting llrlghnm Taylor twlco nnd IlBYal
young Donrdalt onco. IHBafl
Tho laat day ot tho trlsl wan CIH
mado dramatic by tho recounting by DIbVBI
the dofendant of ln-ldonln whldi BVaVsl
ImiwIlcKl him to tiro tho shoUi. Ho BwBI
told of his trip, on which ho had ox- IbV
poctod to guard sacks of money for iIiBBI
tho coal compnnles Ho ndded that (hBI
ho hnd Ix. on wnrncd that n simp I- nBjl
clous character had boon hanging KeVBb
around nnd wns In no mood to trl- 9BB
flo When tho mon npponrod, ho iWBl
said, )io hold his gun ready and UbBI
fired In tho bollof that It wn ncc- ' wflVsl
iswnry to protect himself. Testify- (hBBI
lug ns to remarka which ho won 'AbU
mild to hnvo mado in Helper after 'bBBI
tbo shooting, ho said that ho j JKVfl
thought tho In))m bandits nnd, tiftor ' SH
tho shuotlng, had notified Uio niitb- IJBBfl
orltlen Ho added that ho had mado' MBj
no attempt to oscapa jIBwJ
John H Sax, chlof olork of tho
eonl company at Mohrland, who BBBsl
closod tho ovldonco for Uio dofonso, 91
Hworo Hint prior to tho shooting a jVBB
man had hung about tho mining iBBBJ
oamp nnd ankod quoatlomi iw to Uio ilBVfl
method ot paying tho mon and how UBBJ
tho monoy wns brought to tho camp, ,-BBBJ
an occurronco, ho said, ot whtcji he 'ffAVJ
had warned Johnstone, tolling him llH
to bo on his guard !
.tririt.ti..wiJ..J1u-i . '-""-sjijtoijgjii vIbbI
Hlnrk Hawk In Helif Vu ""' "' """ fHV
At tho rogular mooting of the ' klVsVJ
county commbMlonors Jiold Tuesday ai1
P. b. Sullivan mado application for '1
a saloon tlconso nt II lack J lawk. 3KvB
Tho mattor wan laid over until tho f WVgPJ
next regulnr luootlug, whllo a 11- (
coiwo waa granted to John Dlumoa- BBB
tl at tho Hair-Way Houso nbovo IflBB
Holpar aud John ttcarplcio at Kon- flflfl
llworth. In thu application of Bui- vBVfl
llvan soma objection waa mado by MVal
tho coal company and It was docidod yarBJ
to lot Uio mattor go ovor until their flvfl
attoniey could flla paper of pro- .flBJ
teat. SBjl
In tho matter of Incorporation of t'JHBa
Sunnystdo nnd Castlo Uatu action '-dlBBJ
wan postponed until such time an BlflvJ
tho poUtlonem, W II. Wllllanm for ialBl
Castlo Onto and Samuel Dugmoro IvHijVJ
for Siinnysldo, could furnbih innjxi rfEIBBJ
showing public thoroughfare and lltlBl
otrooUi of such towns. V tU H
N. 8. Nollson waa prtuont nnd ijj Bl
prosentod an order for tho puyraont 1 IBJ
of a noto for twenty thousand dot- !
lars and Interest from November IBB
30, 1912, to January C, 1913. No 8 1BJ
action wus taken In tliht eajto IBJ
Judge William II Fryo waa ap- ' 1BJ
pointed nn doputy to iisstst County ,r j IBj
Attornoy MoWhlnnoy until January u 1H
1, 19H, nt a salary of twc-thlrda . FB
that of tho county attornuy ' 1B
Comnibtslouor Hamilton offered u. 1 IBJ
resolution seconded by Commlmlon- j IBJ
or Bharp to tninafor tho county i IBJ
sinking fund from thu l'rlco Com- ' IBJ
morclal and Saving bank and loan bBJ
tho samo to tho Holpor Btuto bank j IBJ
for ono year at tho rata of 4 vor j jBJ
cent Interest Tho amount ot thin 1 IBJ
fund la somothlng like 12,840.4G. 1 Jfl
Tho resolution waa ndoptod BH
Ilond and application of J. K.
Uuudorson for rotall liquor llconuo ' DBJ
at Cloar Crook and Winter Quartern hflj
granted. i (MB
Ltconito of C C MoWhlnnoy nu i, KB
abstraetor for Carbon county roe- ItW
olndod. 'MH
John M. Btaloy nppolntod mt 11- iBH
consu colloctor at Winter Quartern. iBfl
Application of Wonley lllllo for tH
ussUtant tax1 collector at Clear I
Crook roforred jtroaouror j
Applloatlon of JbwUo Pouts an I
deputy alerk wus road and she waa B
appo'nted nt the regulnr salary. M
MIhs Josle riUgerald, recorder, M ,
was present and naked tor tho np- flj
point in ut ot n doputy MUm Hattlo " !j
Tennyson waa appointed at n oalury 11
of fifty-five dollnra a month
Tho uppolntmont of road uupor- ! fl
visors for tho arloua preeinota vna B.
loft to County Uoad HuporvUor Han- , II'
son and troasuror Instruatod to fur- Mi
nlsh hlni with stamp and Btatlon- U
ory, K
Manifolding salos books ot ovory Mr
description. Wor'o factory agents. Ul
Advocato Publishing Co! Advt. BL

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