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Eastern Utah advocate. (Price, Utah) 1895-1915, June 19, 1913, Image 2

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IVI pacwtvto. ran wumx utah advocate. TIIUBflttAV. JUNE ift, iQio. j I
BS At the Conclusion of Their Deliberations They
3 Visit Castle Gate As the Guests of
fc.j Utah Fuel Company.
H r TIM rwivMitkM of the Rocky
H MMataia Coal Minis iMtttuW.
H,. wliMk taetato in tu membership
H operators, owwtrt, foreman, watla-
7 cot M4 m lb man who work
B. In the pit from Wyoming, Colorado,
B Now Mexico ud Utiih. concluded Its
H three days mutton at Hall Lake
ft: City In Friday. THw FrMsy after-
H noon session was given over to ad-
t , dresses by Or. Jumm K. Talmage
Hkl and David (Irlffltli, general Httperln-
Vu tondMi (if the Victor-American Knot
Hjji coiHjwity ot Colorado, tlefore the
H! niljournmsnt of the eonventlon votes
H'( ot thank were extended lo tlio
f j . iipeakors before tlio convention, and
B,)' pnrtloutnrly to the member ot the
t ontortntnment committee rprfll-
H' ing tlio Utnh delegation. Dr. Tnl-
Pi. iimgo In a luminous and eeholnrly
Lj -way spoke of the geological forinn-
Hi tlon of tho Utah coat deposits, whlto
Bjf Ortffltti took the topic ot tlio sys-
K tomatlc timbering of mines After
ft midnight and following a banquet
E ' tho delegate loft ovor tlio Denver
H nnd Tito Ornndo for CaMIo Onto ns
ft I tho guests of II. 0. Wltllnmi, gen-
B 1 ernt manager of tho Utah Fuel com-
H- pany. They wcro ureakf anted at tho
H ; Carbon county coal enmp, and nfior
H i aavoral hour spent In an Inipcctlon
Hi -of the two mine thoro nnd their
t working and equipment resumed
K tho Journey on to tho cant.
H ' 1 Joint McNeill's Aifdmta.
H 1 Tlio second day nnd third session
H ' of tho Institute was dovoted entirely
H' to tho dellvoranco of a paper by
V John McNolll, stato Inspector ot
H" ) conl mlno for Colorado, upon pro-
H i Tonllon of dlsattors In conl ntllici.
B , About three hundred dolcgntes Its-
H j toned nlLontlvoly to tho exposition.
ft McNeill opened lit talk by remind-
B I In tlio audience Hint, although
H they wore visiting tn a Uvnutlful
B c'l- they should not lot tho charm
1 of It make them forgot tho mon left
K ' tolling uudernonth tho ground In
B : whoso Interest Uiey had gatherod to
ft 1 devlso ways nnd moan of protect-
M j? Ing.
B 'The prevention of accident In
ftf 1 conl mines," ho wild, "has been the
ft f , Ubjrqtof.sravo Uiomt. J !
B I ..,..- t-'gatlon ulnco an early ns 183C, when
Hf ttl0 nBllh government appointed n
Htf commlHslon to search Into lliono
HpI matters. However, there still ro-
B I innlns a toll of mortality nnd Injur-
H j Ion permntinnt nnd otherwise, for
H 1 the prevention ot which 1 will do nil
Hf that lies In my power. In my ex-
V I porlonco I have wIIiummkhI the an
B 1 gulih of widows nnd orphans over
HHJ I tho dead hodUxt of their lnmlmniU
HHe I nnd fathers who met their death In
HHw j coal mlno dUmHterM. In my lmme-
J tllnte family my father nnd brother
ft lost theJr lWea In conl mines. I have
ft wen a slstttr wep irvor tho dead
J j body of her husband killed In a ooal
ft i pit, and I, iiofolf, liuui twice sut-
jj fcirml broken limb.
IVIIImk of
Htiij "Tlis most prolific onuso ot uool-
in do.nu Is from falls ot roof iiud coal,
i,l nnd approximate)) SO per cent ot
l l tho ffttul noeldanta nre due to this
J cause alone Closer nnd better sup-
I irlH sliould be glvon by mlno
ft j aupertntiMidenU and bosses to tholr
I men tn order that thes neoldents
J may bo lewwued. It Is not enough
ft I for a mine boes to say, 'Tom, your
HftBftC I roof Is dHiigerous, and I wwnt you
M, ' tu st some propH hero nnd pull that
r j loosti plecw of cotfl down or prop it
H 1 up,' and thin, hurriedly looking at
ft l his wnteli, Umivu tho room upon re-
V colvlug tho answer, 'Oh, suro, mees-
ft (or, me feux 'em a' right, pltty
B ' soon.' For Tom Just keep on
ft 1
B ' "I talk from experlonco whon I
J any that probably In no other wuy
j tu tho mining ot conl can nccldonts
ftHft bo mlnlmUed more readily and 00m-
j ptetely than by keeping a vigilant
J and oternnl utah on tho miners In
ftft close proximity to tho working fnce,
HftBftft ' In thn nbsenco of tho mlno boss
H thoro should bo un oxporleurod In
H ' spector, cloUiod with nuthortty to tut-
B amine tho roof, not only by ocular
, -obeervance, but by sounding tho top
1 In a onreful 11 nil practical manner
B' 'with a pick. I Ait his orders be ab-
H ualutol) obeyed. Many accidents
H occur when a 'flying' shot may have
H dUlodged eome jirops. Upon nn oc-
H oaslon, whQn nn ovorelinrgod blnnt
V had swept out a number ot props,
ft this dialogue wan heard'
H- " Tom, go up and ee what that
B Old wen and women feel the need
BbH ot a laxative more than young folks,
hut It must be safe and harmless
BbVbB- and eue which will not cause pain.
BaWaH Dr King's New Life nils are eepe-
BB clajly good for the aged, for they
BaWaH net promptly nnd easily. 1'rlee twen-
BkWkB ty.flve cents. Iteoommendtd by all
BkVB donlors. Advt.
B i-orjx)w Tim cuowi).
HftyMftft' Follow thq crowd to Halllnger's
ftyMftft cTilll parlor. Oood oats. Advt. .
lioi did.' 'Mo. yon go John, ami If
nu get hurt I can run fastUtr Umm
you for first aid and lh4 am
balance.' "tat me repeat, we eaniwH take
too strong a ststt In undue; fre
quent and careful Inspection nad
labsolsjte nnd prompt olMrftmw to
order. The explosive diameter ot
coat dtmt la now universally ae
knowledged, and, for many yearn,
systematic experiment hse been
rarrled on la foreign countrtos with
the nbjeet of tlndkig some means 'it
Iliinp't-s I'nim Hplotlini.
MrNelll dwelt at length on the
danger from explosions of oosl dust
In mines, giving example of arlous
axploslotM and their causes. Ho said
thru oxploBlons from coal dust More
frequent and of tho most dangerous
and disastrous nature. Ho told of
tlio measure being taken today In
some mine to prevent conl dust
explosions such a sprinkling tho
mine with wntor from pipes undor
high pressure nnd the Injection of
steam by mechanical means and
flno sprays of wntor.
"Howovor," ho sold, "the most
prolific causo ot coal mlno explo
sions 1 tho uso of highly Infl.im
mablo black powder tn shooting
nnd unlcsft this 1 done nwny with
all the other precautions would bo
useless." Ho addod that tho death
rate In conl mines In Oreot llrltnln
I l.UG per ono thousand portions
emptoyod, whtloln tho United Htntcs
It Is 3.10 per ono thousand persons
Employed. During tlio last year
ear tho death rate In conl mines
hns shown a mnrkod decrease. Ho
ndvlaod tho uso of an electrical fir
ing nppnratus, saying that by It all
shots could bo fired at tho same
time with nil minors on the surfaco
and out of danger.
lm-tvrtM Pint Itlxk.
"Lumber cabins, seats, cupboards
Mid boxes sliould bo prohibited In
conl mines n they lnareaso the tiro
risk," he sold. "All cotutruellons
tfiidernenth tho surface should bo
4iU ta iimtTvar material. Tho
black damp t another grave danger
that confront U10 miners ot today
nnd to do nwny with this a good
wintllatlng eyntom should ba Install
ed In ovory mine. I am a firm
supporter of tho first old lnetrue
tlon being glvon at the different
mines In tho four stntee that com
prise this Institute.
"In conclusion I sincerely trutt
that this Institution, ns a body, will
be known a ti great faotor in mln
lit'lxlng ncoldeuts in the future op
orntlon of our conl mines, nnd that
It may grow In number nnd wisdom,
a the jeurs go by, and boeomo ree
ognlxed as faithful to the human
eause It represents."
HeiMilutloii Adopted,
Tho flnnl day's session opened
Friday. Following 11 paper, whleti
was road by U. J. Griffiths, super
intendent of tlio Victor Amorloan,
Fuel company of Trinidad, Colo., In
which Griffiths urged tho adoption
of u uniform system of timbering
for mines, this resolution was ad
opted by tho convention:
Ilosohed, That It Is tho senso of
this meeting that any systematic
method ot timbering whloh c-outem-pinto
the placing of supiorts at
rcgulnr Intervals Is not applicable
to the character of roof overlying
tho conl moHsiire in llocky Moun
tain regions, and thut the only Mfe
method Is to rouulre Umber to be
sot to eecuroly support the roof In
each JndUldunl working place. It
Is furthor resolved that this Insti
tute, uso nil fair moans to provont or
repeal any legislation which would
attempt to establish systematic
Umbering In tho soutral states in
which Uiq Institute operates.
Ibuiquel In Kteutng.
Tho final ovont of tho convention,
tho banquet Friday night, was
given, us wua nil entertainment, by
the Salt Lake mombers of tho Insti
tute. K. It. CarponUtr, president of
tho Consolidated Fuel company, not
od as toastmastor. Tho first speech
of the evening was made by K, H.
Weltzel of Denver, president of tho
"We Colorndoans havo been so
thoroughly entertalninl while here
that we will senreeiy know how to
make up for It at our convention 'n
November," decMred Weitxel. The
president was enthusiastic oer the
hospitality of the Bait Inkers and
brought forth hearty oheem when
he assertetl Uvat the oonventlon Just
olosed was the most sueeeesful ga
thering of coalmen ever hold.
Forty HM'kerK II mill.
There woto about forty speakers
in all, most ot them giving morq or
loss humorous talks. Probably tho
most striking talk of tho evening
This Agency Is Independent of the Big FiJ
,, Insurance Trust I
Through Connections Recently Made In the East, We're Independent H
Mr and Maintain Our Own Rates.
-.. ft
f,7 Write, Telephone Or Call On Us A Ixmt Vour IiVHtimnco Troubles. M
'( ' "Wiri.Ii GO VOUK 110.VD8." H
(Iraeii .Maud, you've ner mot my husband, hn you? Allow me
to Introtlue htm.
Maud HlmT. Why I wee Id have married him If he'd been n little,
was given by Dr. J. C. Keberts,
mlnlug engineer In charge ot tho
government rescue work In tho
West. Ills subject was risfety
First," and while Ms talk was brcf,
ho said much. He urged (hut tho
miners bo thoroughly drilled u tho
sfety first Idea In order that fewer
nccldonts might occur In the mlnoi.
"It Is well known that about 90 par
cent ot tho mine nootdents aro
caused by carelessness or Ignoranco
on tho part of tho Individual min
ers," sold Dr. Iloberts. "It vo
strike at the root of the evil nnd
train the men so that they will bo
neither ignorant, nor enreless, tho
nccldonts will be made fewer"
Among the other speakers woro
John Mc.Voll of Denver, J. K. I'ettlt,
stnto coal mine Inspector, W n.
Williams, genoral superintendent of
tho Utah Fuol company, C. N. 8tre
vell of tho Independent Coal and
Coko company, nnd most of tho
promlnont visiting delegates
I'ltoii.vriox oi'i'icuus
8lx probation officers wen 8d
iwlaiea b the Juvenile court rorn
Wlsaton at Its regular meeting held
In the office of Oovurnor Spu last
week. Oliver T. Harmon of l'rUe.
Carbon county. u appolmej chief
probatlou officer of the seventh dis
trict, Arthur Nielsen was appointed
probation officer for Slaupevo l0Un.
y; Henry M. ltd of Hmery coun
y, Oharleg leaver of Millard coun
ty and William lloblnsort of Morgan
county. Albert O. Rnger was Z
dlstrlS. Chlf "1CCr fr iU eUth
A.. . ,i, .. , ,,
Many mothers (hluk their chil
dren nre suffering from Indigestion,
headache, nervousness, weakness,
oostlveness, when they nre lctlms
or that most eomrnou ot all chil
dren's ailments worms. Peevish,
HI tempered, fretful children, who
toss nnd grind their teeth, with bad
breath nnd colicky pains, havo nil
tub symptoms of having worms, nnd
should bo glvon Klcknpoo Worm
Killer, a pi oasant oandy lozenge,
which expels worms, regulates the
bowels, tones up tho systora, nnd
makes chtldrou well and hnppy.
Klckapoo Worm Klllor Is guarau
toed. All druggists, or by mall,
I'rlco twenty-tlvo conts. Klckapoo
Indian Medicine Co., Philadelphia
and St. Louis. Advt.
Tho state board ot oqualUatlou
Is consdlerlng n plan to rnlso tho
tax assessment throughout tho utato
to eight mills, tho tax last year be
ing sovou nnd a halt mills, In order
to moot tho appropriations of the
last legislature. Itallroad property
will bo assessed higher than usual,
but property In general will remain,
It Is said, at the usual valuation.
Having leased the Ceorge G.
Frandsen lands In the Heaver Creek
country, west ot Price and embrac
ing about twelve hundred acres, no
tlco Is horeby glvon that nny party
or partlos allowing stock ot nny
kind to rango upon theso lands will
bo proceodod against under tho law
as trospassera. Noo Aubort, Price,
Utah, May 12, 1013.
Go through life suffering with headaches
and painful eyes, not stopping to realize
that a pair of correctly fitted glasses will V
.' give relief and make them comfortable. H
Consultation Free fl
Graduate Optician H
Located in the Lewis Jewelry Store, Price, Utah H
Do not offer your nutter for nnlo H
without complying with tho Btato H
lAvt, hut wrap oocli pound In a, rog- H
ularly H
Stamped Wrapper
Wo are In rocolpt of a largo uhlp- I
raont of lluttor Wrnppora of tho !
best quality, nnd will furnish thorn, I
printed with a Vegotnblo Ink, In a H
neat, plain typo, nt theso prlcoa: H
" 91.00 II
noo UU.OO M
l0 a.oo II
Advocate Publishing Co. I
I'UICi:, utaii I
O. O. !. ItKtiUhATIo.V
The new collect on dollvory reu.
Jallon ot tho parcel post department
t the Unllad States mall "ill ,"0
nto effect July 1st and arrange?
ments nre already being made bv
U10 additional work which will no
'JetiM, nppear as soon as the new
regulation Is put Into force. Sy the
oe lect BJ, Hy .tore or manuf.e!
aisL B.n.Wrn way Mml t Pack
aes and be assured that the nrll
o letted before delivery by the re-
reiur nwl. The postage must be pre
Ptd the same as heretofore
Uefore buying city or farm nron.
Now Is tho tlmo to get rll M
rhoumatlam. Try a twonty-nH
bottle of Chamborlftln's uft
and soo how quickly Jurrt?ri21
pains dlsapponr. Bold by W8
ers. Advt. I
Wo havo a bargain In TjM
Prlco nivor Irrigation conVffZ I
from ton to thrco hundred -.
Uboral torao -with small Wf
down. R. "SV. Crockett v
1' So Do
! Henry Bros.
i Nothing too largo or too
', for ue to move.
j; riioi.0 aax i00- j

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