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, , fir- -. ' "'W ' ' ' H
I astern ittril) atactic I
tiUngten GtU Two Prfe None
Three Progrtselves and Two
JOE BAP.00QLIO, Hslper.
W, N. DRAPER. Wellington.
OLIVER J. HARMON, Wellington.
tEE S. THOMAS, Scofleld.
Tt foregoing constitute the) flnt
totrd of education for Carbon county
itltt the law as passed by tho last
IUlature. These appointments
tin made by tho board of county
wmmliiloners at a spoclal session
Joe llarbogllo Is president of tho
lltlper Etnto bank and tho most
eiexlatnt saloon man in the county
tit li a Progressiva
Rotxrt Howard of Illack Hawk Is
iril sod favorably known throughout
iti county Ho occupies tho position
((isipector of tho Consolidated Kui'l
aapinjr Mr Howard has affiliated
tlaitlf with tho Progressives of tho
BE n K Draper Is tho assessor of
MCirtoa county. Mr Draper Is a Pro
Bhmilre. Tho Question Ims arisen as
Btg whether Mr Draper can hold both
Hpnltlons under tho luw, but accord
Hlu la (be legal advlco of tho board
Bju retard to this point, It Is thought
HtUt be may do so. Mr. Draper's rest
H&sc It at Wellington,
H Oilier J Harmon la tho leading
Hctrchant of Wellington, although on
wint of a partial reildcnco In
Price, bo at times claims "tho biggest
utile city as his homo. Mr. llnr
Heoa li a Democrat.
Lee 8, Thomas of Scoflsld Is a Pro
Bbrtulte and Is engaged in tho mer
PSemttJe business. Ills sloro Is located
l99tt on tho dividing lino of tho
4a of Kcofltld and the townilto of
Winter Quarter,
A. 0. Apperson May Succeed Him.
W 8 Martin, general manager' of
tit Denver & Hlo arnndo, will resign,
flectlre Juno 1 Mr. Martin will go
t Memphis Tcnn , to become- pros'
nj,of tbo Tnlon Hallway.
V 8. Martin has boon connected
the Denver & Hlo U rondo mau
ment for ten year with hoadquar
r la Denier, but ho ha mado quar
'tfly trips to Halt Lnko. Jklr. Martin
u concerned moro with tho flnan
al Kiln of tho road than tho opor
Hlorj of trains, K. h. llrown, vice
milaent In chnrgo of operations, will
noiisbiy be tho appointing power to
01 the vacancy It la probabln that
r may be a reorganisation on tho
"r t Hlo Ornndo with tho retire
at of Mr Martin. A. R Apperson,
""'' auperlntondcnt, has been men
'd as a possible successor to Mr.
The Union rnlhvny of which Mr.
martin Is to bo prosldont is thlrty-flvo
aues long and la tho railroad con
fwiiaj tho Ull0n dopot nl Monu,i,,,
't bai no engine or cars.
Most Valuable Metal,
n ettltrntlng tho valuo of any ntotal
t are apt to consider only tho In.
'Jlnilc money valuo of a given quan
tity, snd from this IGw gold Is gen
rally regarded as tho moat valunblo
ttal I ut ihin tsa mlstnkon notion
hie crnslsts not merely In pound
w pound nnnoy worth, but ought to
'"ude '"II consideration of sorvlce
'"Illy aud usefulneea Taking these
Wo sw ..Mj ,cpn ,no wr)tcr p0nU
w that r0n Is tho most valunblo
eetal Icnuse of the mnny different
1 It uhlch It In of nrt&t servlco to
" In tlilu respect It Is'of the groat-
value ard tho world Is fortunate In
" treat amount of It available.
Hsntlles Grow Crooked.
ti.T. '"wnwo aro export In thu ?a
"" ork needed In gardonlng, and
th.n tho JaPanoo farmers on
B aclflc coast that most of tho wood
"sent for usu as umbrolla handles,
iiii . bttndlM were formerly bont
orlously by steaming tho wood to
th nex'lJlo. but tho Jnpanoso force
rrLreUtU n,,a oll,or twl"18 I" th0
ln Mant which by a system of
tart, i ! " ,orcea ,0 nourish the tils
tbrll s' u, wh0, Process tolling
ib lyear" beforo thy nro ""Jy f01'
a manufacturer to atrip and polish,
to ut.- bark and all.
r. w"fld's Deepest Well.
ChVw C,",,t oU ,n tl10 woi-w " Bt
UlMla I" ll, coalleW of upper
ank.n.. t,Ame,ca has throo wells
ell i. . l m oriler Tho Ciuchow
lurfVe ' lhnn 7'33 f00t eow tUe
o ' ono nea" McDonald, Pa.
mrth i m,ea outbeast of PitU
ur l 6.SG0 feet deep.
The Carbon county high school
achieved marked success In tho stato
high school contosts held at tho Uni
versity of Utah on Htnto High School
day, May 14th, through th efforts of
tho soven contestants who represent'
cd tho school. As In the contests last
year, tho Carbon county high school
demonstrated anew Its tlllo to tho rep
utation It has of being ono of tho best
high -schoolr In tho stato. '
In tho contest In public speaking,
(Hen Harmon, who Is a sophomore,
won tho second place among six con
testants, all tho rest of whom were
seniors. Although ho was woaker
than tho rest In organltatlon and de
velopment, he surpassed them In do
lliery. Harold Leonard won second placo In
the 230 yard dash In tho preliminaries,
hut felt unablo to enter tho finals
because ho had not been In
training for two weeks and because
his coach was not (hero to rub him
Tho thrco girls who represented tho
domestic sclcnco department In four
contosts, Vlda llrynor, Anna Jones, and
Ornco PauRctt. hod hod no training for
the contest. In splto of this lock of
preparation, their work was much
complimented. Vlda llrynur received
first ploco among about fourteen con
testants In tho butter cako contest.
Her method was tho simplest und
quickest and her cake had tho boat
tcituro and tho greatest llghtnoss.
alio was tho only ono In Iho Ironing
contest who folded her napkin correct
ly, hut alio failed to Iron It dry.
Anna Jones cooked pan broiled
chops and did excellent work In hand
ling and turning them, but did not re
ceive a place becauso sho failed to salt
Among soven contestants, draco
Paused received second placo In tho
spongo cako contest. Her cake wus
very light and tender.
In the domosttc art contest, tho mak
ing of a dust cap. Cora Allison won
first place among twelve or fifteen
contestants, She was tho only ono
who cut hor cap without a pattern,
ond her work was done moat neatly
and most quickly Sho finished her
cap twolvo minutes beforo the allot
ted tlmo mob up,
In domestic nrt and domostlc
sclonco tho Carbon county high school
scored moro points than any other
school In tho state. Uesldos tho honor
of rocelvlng first place, Vlda llrynor
and Cora Allison recelvod scholarships
to tho Statu University.
TIiojo who attended tho contosts
agreo that thoy woro delightfully en
tertained by the University Kvcry
thing waB done to provide for tholr
comfort and convenience, oven to tho
placing of barrels of Ice water about
tho campus. Varld and Interesting
programs wero glvon throughout the
day. Selections from the opera "I.a
Travlata," presented by tho Univer
sity Musical society, and a sucessful
skit by tho Chi Omega fratornlty. wore
given In tho assembly room. The Uni
versity band played during luncheon,
nt which tlmo every visitor was
served a dollolous box lunch. The aft
ernoon was occuplod by tho exercises
atlondlng the dedication of the Uni
versity campus as a bird sanctuary, a
gymnastic exhibition by tho pupils of
tho Unlvorulty Traltilng school, folk
danolng hy tho Training sohool pupils
and university girls and the state
high school track meet.
' u
Washington, Tho department f
Justfco has filed in tho supremo court
a potltion for a writ of certiorari to
bring tho criminal antitrust case
against the officers of tho National
Cash Heglster company of Dayton, 0.,
before that tribunal,
It realty Isn't hard to l a tnothor,
There really Isn't r try much to do,
The days nro Just exactly like each
You simply shut )our eyes and wan.
dor through t
Kor six o'clock Is tlmo enough for ris
ing, And getting all tho clilldicn washed
and dressed,
And breakfast cooked It really is
surprising. p,
- Dut mothenrticrcr'sodm to need a
Tho lunches must bo packed and
Jackets rounded,
And everybody soothed and sont to
To say that mother rushes Is unfound.
filio's nothing moro to mnnnge, as a
Unless It Is to finish piles of sowing.
And cook nud wash and iron and
sorub and sweep.
To order food ond keep tho furnace
And then perhaps to hide herself
and weepl
And when nt last slio's looked them
under covers
And seen to doors that Dad's for
got to lock,
Triumphantly, at midnight, sho dis
covers, Hhe's nothing moro to do till six
Tosds of Dutch Guiana Have Some
what Peculiar Method of Props
gatlng'the Species.
The toad of SurlnampDutch Oulana.
Is very remarkable In ono respect. It
first awakos to life while on Its moth
er's bock. When the eggs aro laid
tho malo takes them In his broad
paws ond contrives to place them on
tho back of Its mote, where thoy
adhero by means of glutinous secre
tion, and by degrcos becomo embedded
In a series of curious colls formed
for them In the skin. When the process
Is completed the cells are closed by
a kind of membrano, and tbo back
of tho female toad bears a strong ro
scmblunco to a piece of dark honey
comb when the cells are filled and
closod. Hero the eggs aro hatched,
ami In theso strango receptacles the
young pass through their first stages
of life, not emerging until thoy havo
attained their limbs ond can movo
about on tbo ground. Over 120 eggs
havo been counted upon tho back of
a single Surinam toad.
Jackal Broth ss a Delicacy.
Camel flesh doeB not strike the west
crn pnlato as a delectable dlsb, but It
certainly seems preferable to Jackal.
Vol there are parts of Morocco, we
nr told by a r"ronch visitor, where
lacknl broth Is highly cstenmul as a
table delloaoy. A friendly sheik dis
sented vehemently when It was Inti
mated that os Jackals foed on carrion
tho broth must havo a horrible flavor.
"It Is only a question of Uuowlng
bow to proporo It," be sold -You
put tho Jackal, skin and nil, for two
liours Into a vessel of boiling water,
then transfer It to another vessel.
This process Is repeated three times
Aftor ten hours' boiling In five dif
ferent waters the carrion flavor dlsap
pears and the broth Is delicious."
A new garage company Is talked of
for Price, the Idea being to Interest
every car ownor to tnko stock In tho
projxicd enterprise Tho first of the
week (luthell A Itroekor entered Into
negotiations for tho purchaso of tho
Price Auto & Stagti company's prop
erty and business and claim to have
put 'up at u local bank tho sum of
irWkVrldencn-ot good -faith.- Later,
homo of tho stockholders mado an ob
jection to Iho sale, and tho officer of
tho auto company havo mado no effort
to consummate It. It now seems that
both (lutholl &. Ilrpeker and those In
terested In tho starting of tho now
company, aro very anxious to get hold
of tho property.
Tho question as to which side will
win out In tho matter apparently
hinge on tbo point as to whethor tho
good faith money wa accepted by an
action of tho company. Tho Advo
cato understands that tho principal
stockholders In the Prlco Auto com
pany nro strongly in favor of turning
tho property over to J.ho parties wish
ing to form tho now company. In the
meantlmo, however, flulliell llroo
ker aro laying claim to on option on
tho property and tho right to go
ahead In tho matter.
Sidestepping a Theological Query,
"When dot uppity cullld man tried
to statit a 'sputo wld me," stated old
Drother Cuddyhump, "by axln', If do
world Is round, llko so mo folks say
'tis, why do dooso don't da peoplo on
de yuddcr side drap'off, I say to him,
"Putt It In writing', sah; dess putt It In
wrltln'. and I'll consider yo' distention.
And dat sho' took do gas out'n his
b'loonl Uck dat Ignunt nigger kaln't
write, and I kaln't read, If he could.
If ho could write ond 1 could read I
wouldn't tih-lnstlg&ted him to put It
In wrltln', uh-koio I don't know de an
swer no mo' dan he dopsl"
O '
Indian Egg Dance.
Want a new dance T Why not try
the Indian egg dance? Placo 18 eggs
In row on tho floor and dance rapidly
zlgtag among them without breaking
any of them that's all. An expert
says It takes four or flvo year of prac
tice to becomo au adopt and that
learners will do well to uso potatoes
during tho first two or threo year of
practice. It may be added that it Is
advisable to uno strictly fresh egg
at any stage of tho gamo. TbO rea
son for this precaution can readily be
understood by securing a defunct egg
and breaklug tho shell suddenly wit,
an ax.
"Dreary Stuff," Bald Gluing.
0 II. Ilurgln In tho Bookman con
tributes a personal recollection of
George Hissing, whom he met many
year ago at a garden party In Bt
John's Wood "Ho was curiously, and
I should think unconsciously, pic
turesque" write Mr Ilurgln. "his
loose, easy clothes and slouch hat
seeming a part of his own personality
morn than a studied pose, and looking
rathor nt variance with the smart 'got
up' of the Iondon crowd which filled
the little garden." During conversa
tion Olsslng alluded to tho fact that
mnny author wrote with case and
facility, "but." ho added, "I grind It
out with Infinite pain and labor."
When Mr Hurgln hinted that most of
bis material was saddening, ''Yes," he
said thoughtfully, "It's dreary stutr
dreary tuff!
I. W. W. Leader Would Have Capital
and Labor Clash In Death Struggle.
A revolution that would wlpo nut
America' present Industrial and polit
ical system ond establish an Ideal era
of freedom wn described to tho fed
eral commission on Industrial relat
ion Wednesday a tho ultimate ob
ject of tno Industrial Worker or the
World, by William D. Haywood, It
secretary and treasurer.
A world of labor organised Into a
vast compact union should control nil
of tho menns of production and In
which thcro should bo no such thing
it "capital" wa held up by Hay
wood a hi land of promise. He de
clared that only Implncablo war be
tween labor and cnpltaU ending with
a great genernl strike ond confisca
tion of tho mean of production, could
bring tho workers to thnt Ideal exist
ence. "This Is a class strugglo that mut
go on," ho told tho commission. "There
can bo no Identity of Intercut between
the workers, who havo only their la
bor power, and such men a Rocke
feller anil Morgan and their stock
huldors who contrlbuto nothing to
production. Tho bnttlt I Inevitable
Ijibor must fight for what capital now
control, tho mean of production,
tools, machlnory and all of those
thing which should bo controlled by
labor alono,
Dreams of New Society,
' I have hnd a dream of a new so
clety some time In which thoro will
bo no struggle between capltnl and
labor, In which every man will have
free access to tho land and tho means
of production and livelihood. Then
thoro will bo no government, no
states, ns wo know (hunt now. Con
greR will bo mode up not of lawyer
and preachers but of expert from alt
broncho of Industry, coma together
for tho good of nil tho peoplo."
Commissioner Welnstock question
ed Haywood n to jvhnl methods
would be employed to bring about
this change
"I bellovo in any kind, of tactics,"
said tho witness. "I don't enro If It
means revolution. That' all."
In reply to other question. Hay
wood ald the 1. W. W. differed with
the trados unionist because It believ
ed in the organization of a single
great union Instond of craft union.
It ultimate purpose, ho said, differed
llttlo from Socialism.
Saturday of lost woek tho low
school of the (Icorgn Washington uni
versity hold It niinunl banquet. This
year It colebrated Its fiftieth anniver
sary. Dean ICvorott K"rnior spoke on
the "nationality" nt tho school, call
ing attention to th fact thnt forty
states wero represented He Hald
that without disparaging any state,
IMnh has tho best record In scholar
ship and character of tho students nud
that thl wa not the record of a few
but or many, Thl year Utah I rep
resented by fourteen student nt tho
law school. Shirley p. Jone of Salt
!ako gave tho student body nddri'ss,
which was wnrmly received.
Thn statistics of Insanity show that
tho minds of men and women are
often mado aborrant through the
steady drlvo of environment, In which
tho simple life and tho spurring city
Ufa aro equally at fault The figures
show the per capita of Insanity differs
llttlo In city and country Rural soli
tude end the abnormal Hlo of the city
aro allbo responsible for mental dis
ease. It I o bad for man to bo too
much alono a It I for him to bo sur
rounded by a perfervld llfo The his
tory of the race, the Inquiries of In
vestlgaton and thn Judgment of spe
cialist In the disease of mind and
body tell us" that the well tempered
life, void of excesses, Is the piano
upon which men and women best en
duro lu mental and bodily health; a
temperance or action In an environ
ment In which the Individual is neither
submerged by human society nor de
tached from It.
Lull In the Day' Work.
The Instruction In folk-dancing
which tho children now receive In the
publlo schools and recreation centers
ha dono much to dovelop a wholo
somo and delightful form of oxerclso,
and has given plcturesqueness to tbo
dancing In tho streets. Hut yesterday
I found myself pausing on East Hous
ton street to watch a group of chil
dren nssomble at tho sound of a fa
miliar danco from a hurdy-gurdy, nnd
looking up I met tho sympathetic
smllo of u teamster who had nlso
stopped The chlld-en, absorbed In
their danco, rero qilto unconscious
that congested traffic had halted and
that busy people hod taken a moment
fiom their engrosolng problems to be
refreshed by tho sight of their youth
and grace. For that brief instant even
the cry of "war extra" was unheeded.
Lillian D. Wald, In the Atlantic.
Slaying Result of Several Domestic M
Quarrels. M
W. T. Holm of Orccn Hlver shot 1
and killed his wlfo and committed H
suicide some tlmo betwocn 1030 M
o'clock last Saturday morning nn1 3 M
o'clock that afternoon. Mrs. Helm 1
formerly was n Salt Uiko resident, H
and a sister of Mrs. Myrtlo Ilucklo, H
manager of tho Holland apartment. H
No explanatory note wa left. Tho H
Helm hod soveral domestlo lilts, nc- JH
cording to tho sheriff of Orccn Hlver. x M
llolli Mr and Mrs, Helm were found JH
doad In the bedroom of their homo H
when a Mr. Adam called to fulfill an M
engagement to take Mrs, Helm for an H
automobllo rldo. After ringing tho ,M
door bell for soveral minute and ob- H
tnlulng no responie, Mr. Adam, who H
Is a friend of tho family, then walked H
Into tho Holm homo, doing to tho , 'H
bedroom, thinking thnt Mr. Holm H
wa there, she pushed open tho door H
and found both tho Helms dcaJ. jH
Mr. Helm wa lying ncrois the bed H
and Mr. Helm lay on tho bod still M
gripping tho revolver with which ho M
had committed the deed. Thoro wo M
no evidence of a struggle. Tho furnl- H
ture wa bit In placo and tho bed had M
not been mode up. Hoth wore fully ' M
dressed. Mrs, Adams notified neigh- H
bo r who rushed In and physician H
wero summoned, but both Mr. and M
Mr. Helm hnd been doad several JM
Tho last tlmo either of tho Holm H JH
were seen about the Holm homo wa I H
about 10:30 o'clock In tho morning. I M
At thnt tlmo nolghbon saw both Mr. I M
and Mrs. Holm, but no account of ; B
their coming ond going between that ' B
time nnd tho time of tho discovery of
the dead bodle can bo learned. HHa
I Rich Strike Made lit Wasatch Mines A M
U.v Jrm-O" Body ijiaht. A, .; ; ,
I Quito a few Salt Lake people well '
I known In Price, among which are M. : ' VBV
j P. Uraffet, II. V. Caffey nnd C. II. t t
I (Jlbbs are making big stakes out of tt
tholr interests lu the Wasatch Mine i
company, located In I.lttlo Cotton- J
wood. Mr. fllhbs, who Is manngor of )
tho property, ho the following to ny IBV
'regarding the present development, BVH
In yesterday' IIorold-Hopublloan.: 'BBS
'General Manager Olbbs calculate BBB
that there aro at least 000 fee of ,, BBB
bock on the dip of tho vein from tho H
point whero the new discovery wa BBB
made, and ho believe that the or,o will I BBB
yield net molter return of from $25 , BB
to $35 a ton. Tho mlno record BBB
show that No. f stopo, which lies BVB
Immediately beneath tho now dls- i , 'MB
covery, wa mined to a depth BBB
of 400 feel below tho main tun- i ' 'QBAV
no! lovol, or about COO feot below ' ,; , BBB
tho point of the now discovery. Tbo . '
oro (hoot wa 133 foet long and from ' ,-BBB
flvo to twonty-ono feot thick. The ore I BVB
avoroged about twenty ouncos silver 'V j, 'BBB
and 8 por cent copper, or nearly $10 1 !' BBB
a ton at the present prices of these Ai JBBI
inotnls, and tho stupe Is credited on fli vJBJB
tho books of tho company with a pro- J j BBB
ductlon or $500,000 gross, If tho oro ! T II BSb
should continue COO reel to the sur- j ' BBB
raco for n length of 133 feet along BBB
the strlko of the vein, ns In the old ' BBB
workings below, and of an average BBB
thlcknoi of five foet, It would mean ' BBB
an output of about 33,000 tons, which, iH
nt $35 a ton, the average maintained H
'In tho old stopo, would yield gross re- BBB
colptH of more than a million dollars. H
"Tlmborlng I now In progros in , BBB
tho drift, whero tho big dlscovory i ' BBB
was mado, nnd tho working are being BBB
put In shopo for tho extraction of oro. " H
Tho connection with a new raise that ', ABB
la being put up to tap thn oro shoot 'It! yjBBB
will bo m do within ton days, when ft ' flBBJ
stoplng will bo started and shipment -t BBB
will follow immediately ond bo con- BBB
tlnued regularly." $ ' BBB
Tho Carbon County Hoard of Equal. I l, H
Izatlon will meet an follows! June "N BBfl
7th, 9th and 10th, 1015,-at 10 o'clock ' BBB
a. m. of each day. BBB
County Clerk. " JjBBBI
u ' iBH
The Great, Silent Men. 1 H
Carlyle in hU analysis of tho char "-BAh
actor of Cromwell In "Ilerooa ioA Ho- !j JBbY
ro Worehlp," has something fo say In is MPBBJI
pralso or silence. To hlra 't was an. jL '3
attrlbuto or grcatuess. Ho says: "Tho 1 71 5
great, silent menl Looking round on It tuH
tho noisy Inanity of thi world, words pf ' aBBB
with llttlo moaning, notions with little fs ','H
worth, ono lovoa to reflect on thu M ' sVJJ
great Kmplro or Slluuco. Tho noblo ft ' 19Jfl
silent men, scattered hero and there, j g IBBJI
each In lilu own deportment; slhntly " JSBB
thinking; elluutly working; whom no jl 'B
morning uowspapor makes mention or. . BH
They are tr salt or tho earth. A cnun- & " '$B'sfl
try that has nono or few of theso la ( ' A
In n bad way. Like a forost which :i I'BBB
had no roots, which had turned oil 3 nH
Into leaves and boughs which must jfBBB
soon wither and ba no foieat. Woo ''vBBl
for u ir wo bud nothing but what iff inH
wo. can show or speak." ,fi (Br!
mw BBH
Ijjm-i BBB

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