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Castetn ital) &fc vomit I
r.mii important Improvement on the
' Midland Trail
r t trldce across Prlco river at
f.ILd It rapid' Hearing complo
tf It pccte.l that tho .true.
,m rra,,y ,or BUt0 lratcl r
nu Hrtrlon o( llio coraplotlon of
,.vtMM It is planned to hnvo n
S lathering at Wood.ldo. when
S mm a" orer Carbon and Em
SVeentlcs will bo In atlondanco and
J2iki flnUhlng touchos to tho struc
"talullont havo been nddrcssod to
cZtaet Bpry and other stato of
ul and to Bupt A. J). Appcrson
!2u't Bupt Ten Eye of tho D. &
to to be present for tho occasion.
OaTh.rtday, Mar 20, 1915. tho dec
til ef ofdeere of tho atudent body
Z, ike entulng year was held. Un
id i wry few mlnutoa beforo tho
mIm opened, very llttlo Interest was
Lke nnlll a few of ,tho prominent
okIi were acen proprogandlng
nattMnf that looked very deep.
utfn their machlnatlona wcro rovcal
AKm learned that U Soil Whit
son or Due lludcen, who woro candt
itrt for president, woro not worthy
f tbat offlco (for rcaaona not men
tictM) and theso aald politicians
tekoncd all atudenta to acratch their
itu jd voto for Ilulon Bryncr for
..' -tc It met with tho approval
tf moit of tho atudenta and waa car
ried, Eipeclally nro tho aophomorca
tMtd orer tho Intrigue becauao they
WW til offlcci In tho atudent body
mi the Carbon
,'t yrar'a student body offlccra
vt Preildcnt, Rulon llryncr; vice
KHldent, nella Mllburn: accretnry,
rur Ferguson, athlotlc manager,
HroId Leonard
Carbon otnclala: Editor. Olcnn liar
es, bu'lncus manager, Ilryan Olson
mill brick building, having a
Itntrfoot front, la In tho course of
mcllon on tho Mlllburn corner lot
It U being put up for Chris Papas,
ifco lll put In another shoo blacking
Mud and cigars and tobacco. He
rOl continue to run tho ono on tho
flnt National corner
Sanity school at 10 a. m.
Morning worship at 11 a. m. The
puior will preach Tho aorvlco, whllo
It tome measuro a Memorial aorvlco,
iDI Largely bn concerning peace All
'i toldlers and thoso favoring penco
t eipeclally Invited
At J o'clock tho baccalaurcato
wlce of tho Prlco academy will bo
bid. Tbern will not bo an Epworth
bune service.
Catherine Mcdonald
operated upon
Vttdnetday afternoon Catherlno Mc
Mld was opcratod upon In Salt
for an aggravated caso of ap
Mdlcltli Tho surgeon found tho
Wndlx had been broken. Hoporta
h to her condition up to this tlrao
N favorable for her recovery.
Run Saved Ship From Capture.
effective ruso do guorro In tho
-J of Hag flying was that practiced
th Mediterranean by Lord Dundon
J while cruising in tho British ship
Wdr This llttlo brig had captured
J many of iho enomy'a morchantraon
wta8pnlsh frigate waa specially nt
' out, dlsgulaed as a merchantman.
bring her to book. Dundonald, In
wr to docelva tho merchant craft of
my, adopted similar tactics, and
'"wlied tho Speedy aa a Danish mor
t brig The two disguised boats
wn lighted each other. Dundonald
tonco gave chaso, and discovered his
Make when tho Spaniard auddenly
"ied her true naturo and started
string tt boat to examine tho
Wdy'n paper. But Dundonald was
1l to the occasion. Ho holstod the
ow flag signal of sickness. And
"n the 8panlsh boat waa within hall
8 English olllcer In Danish uniform
"tJd that they were only two daa
' ' Algiers. Aa tho plaguo was rng
fcfUn Algit-rs, tho ruso wna complotely
!!"".ii a mooting of tho Carhon
K V u tba11 'aKuo last night for
P,urPC-i of considering the sale of
K'f'0"8 franchise Prion was on tho
a!?.'1" aoreral roprosentatlves
t'7e application to purchaso tho
. ,Vttncllao, and thoro was then
mr?l Ultpute as to tho percentage
K 7 " to take In tho standing of
leaias In the league Evory team
Been easuo wa ropronontcd at tho
"?'(: except Sunnysldo and Casilo
,:,' w finally votod by tho com
;,' PfMnt thut Btorra bo permit
tfl.'"11 u,0,r 'ranchlso and tho
I,fU to l'rlco, hut Ith tho
me ,J?A 1 tliat 'co ahould buy
rot, ?S8lderatlon 'or tho throe
tr i, 8 Won ln tho first of tho
H " was then ag.ood by all pros-
cnt that Price ehould go ln the league!
with five games played, thrco lost
and two won, giving her a MOO per
cent at present with ono game to
mako up, which means a double head
or with Hiawatha on Prleo grounds
Prlco will Journoy to Mohrland next
Sunday and thon will havo two games
at homo.
There will be a special train leavo
Prlco Sunday for Mohrland to accom
modate tho ball fans Train will
leavo Prlco depot at 1 20 sharp tl
round trip f
What Ara We Waiting Fort
Why should wo postpone our lov
ing and tho being happy that goes
with ItT Tho wife wo aro going to
show moro affection for as soon as wo
havo made a llttlo moro of a pile, tho
husband wo aro going to be moro
companionable and sunshiny with as
soon as wo get a llttlo more scrvlco
In tho house, tho children whoto lives
wo will enter moro fully as soon as wo
feel tho pressure of circumstances a
llttlo less, tho peoplo wo aro going to
show how gental wo really aro as soon
as wo havo time nono of these woya
of loving depend on the things wo aro
waiting for Indeed, our opportunity
comes moro now than It will como
when wo havo theso things. The very
pressure of our day brings us in con
tact with peoplo who must need a
ehow of kindliness, and who will
warmly respond to It. Tho wlfo most
needs and will valuo nost lovo In her
daya when she Is most being a help
meet. The husband most needs and
moit prltes lovo In his years of strug
gle What aro wo waiting for? Tho
kingdom of heaven Is within and will
not como of circumstances,
Wild American Plums.
Tho wild North Amorlcan plum haa
glvon rlso to moro cultivated varie
ties than any other of the natlvo fruits
except tho grape. Theso varlotles
havo mainly originated In tho Missis
slppl vnlloy, Iowa alone having fur
nlshcd 17S, Minnesota 71, and South
Dakota H In Toxas 97 varieties bavo
originated. In tbeso western and
southern regions whero sovcral of tho
species appear to havo reached their
greatest perfection In tho wild condi
tion tho greatest development In the
fuluro, under cultivation, may proba
bly also bo expected to take place.
Wkh few fruits has tho.ro Vcn an
equal opportunity to report step by
step tho advanco which haa been
mado slnco tho original of tho first
named variety was planted and culti
vated In a garden A bulletin Issued
by tho United States department of
agriculture, places on record a dis
tinct achlovemcnt of American horti
culturists who havo developed a fruit
tho valuo of which was long over
Odentlflo View of Universe.
"Sclenco," saya ono of tho best
known writers on astronomical prob
lems, "regards with complaccnry tho
probability that there aro regions In
tho unlverso whero no organic llfo ex
ists, stara which shine on no Inhabit
ed worlds, planets which nourish no
animal crcaturos Tho astronomical
view of tho universe Is that It con
sists of matter In every stago or evo
lution; aomo nebulous and chaotic;
aomo Just condensing Into stara
(suns) of every magnltudo and order;
shaped Into finished solar bodies sur
rounded by dopendent planets, some
forming stara that porhaps havo no
plarcta and will havo uono, somo con
stituting suna that are already aging,
and will soon loso their radiant en
ergy and disappear, and somo aggro
gated Into masses that long ago bo
camo Inert, cold and rayless and that
can only bo rovlvlllod by means about
which wo can only form conjectures,
but of which wo actually know noth
ing." .
Hill of Tara.
Tara has becomo doubly dear to
Irishmen from memories of tho kings
of Ireland and tho famous "million
meeting" of O'Conncll. A few yenrs
ago tho sacred hill was tho sceno of
strango excavations, but not for the
discovery of relics of thoso glorious
daya about which Moore sang In "Tho
Harp That Once Through Tara a
iiniia " Tho search was mado for tho
Ark of tho Covenant, which somo re
ligious enthusiasts believed to bo bur
led there' Their digging among the
mounds was Anally stopped b) a storm
of public protests But tho hlstorlo hill
of Tnra has already been closely con
nected with "alien nobility" It formed
part of tho property bestowed by tho
duka of Bedford on Lord John Husiell.
when created earl. In order tha ho
mlRbt maintain tho title with dignity
In Every Drop of Water.
In every drop of water wo drink,
and In every mouthful of a r we
breathe, there la a "Jve,me"teTnen
collision of particles so rapid In every
second of tlmo that It cftn i only I bo
prosacd by four wlrt n neto-m
naughta If tho mnvemtn "
particles were attended by frlcMon. or
f tho energy of their -- e
ranslated Into heat, what
fuls wo should have! But the i heat,
well aa the particle, f '"J'
lraal, and U not perceptible -John
Burroughs In the Yalo Review.
' - " i .i .. . . . , i i.- .i i ,
I 1 1 .... . ... . -. .
&P(r -K
2 Every-day Patriotism 2C
Stella KausolL
As I look back upon my high school
career, I sea a long stretch, and on
that stretch a mllo post, or a land
mark, and that land mark It this very
commencement day Our passing out
of high school la but tho beginning of
life's race, and In thinking of that
land mark, I am reminded of somo
lines from Holmes Ho writes, "Com
menccmcnl day nlwaya reminds mo of
Iho start for tho 'Derby,' when tho
biautlful high bred thrco-year olds aro
brought up for trial. That day Is the
start and llfo Is tho race Hero wo
aro at Cambridge, and a class Is Just
graduating Utep out hero onto tho
grass behind tho church, ahl thoro It
1st But this Is tho start and here
they nro, coats bright and shining as
silk and manes smooth and lustrous.
Somo of tho best of, tho colta ant
prancbed about for a few mlnutoa
each, to show their paces. But what
Is that old gentleman over thcro cry
ing about and tho old lady and tho
three girls by him covering their eyes
fur? Oh! Uint Is their colt Uiat has
Just been trotted up on tho stage. Do
they really think thonn thin legs can
do anything In tha slashing sweep
stakes which aru to follow In tho next
forty years?
"fifty )cara. Unco over All who
aro left ou tho courso aro coming In
at a walk No moro running. Who Is
nheadT Ahead! What! and tho win
nlng post a slab of whlto or gray
stone, standlnr out on tho turf, whero
thoro Is no moro Jockeying and strain
log for victory Weill tho world
marks their places In her betting
books, but bo sure that theso matter
very llttlo, If they havo run tho best
thoy know how "
Aa this Is tho starting of tho raco
and our high school work has been
Iho beginning or tho training, I havo
been thinking of somo of tho things
I havo learned whllo In this institu
tion which will help us to win In tho
raco Among the many things I found
Is "Patriotism" and I havo made this
tho theme of my address tonight
Tho word, patriotism, la derived
from tho Latin word, patrla, meaning
country, and patrla Is derived from
pater, or father, hence patriotism
suggests a kind of filial love. It la a
passion, Inspiring lovo and devotion
to country It la tho vital spark of a
nation's glory, tho fount of a nation's
prosperity, and tho aword of a na
dun's safety Tho human raco pays
homage to patriotism boiause of Its
supremo !ovollncss. Patriotism goes
out to what la among enrth'a posses
slons, tho most precious, tho first best
and dearost. country and Its olfu
bIoii Is tho fragrant lloworlng of the
purost and noblest sontlmenta of tho
heart It la Inna'e In all men, tha
absence of It betoken a porvoralon or
human naturo, but It growa to Ita full
growth only whero tlioughta nro ele
vated and heart heatings generous.
Patriotism has had a dedntto Inter
prctatlou In tho pasL It haa always
i.onn munlod with military aorvlco
Kor In tho past years all persons who
havo typified patriotism havo been
military heroes
Many havo given their II es froely
for their country's cause, and many
havo laid aside wealth that Croorus
might havo envied, and havo given up
ease, luxury, refined company, and
cultivated omploymont for tho hard
ships and sufferings of the camp
Thouunds havo abandoned tho sym
pathy and tondor hno of tho homo for
tho triala of n military career And
even somo of iho parents, who havo
becomo so o that nolthor their mere
llvos nor living could bo of any -. Uu
to tholr country, havo felt their patr
otlam so strongly that they have will
Irsly and unflinchingly sent forth
thoso children and grandch' 'ren, who
should havo bcon a solace and com
fort In their Infirmity. In tho causo of
country which gave in return, noth
Ing but a cap and sword to bo hung
upon the wall
Tho greatest heroes of tho BlUlo
aro military. They have served their
countr" by IWittag for It Joshua
who sharpened his sword on tho
tables of stone till Us edge was keen
as the righteous wrath of Heaven;
aidcon who lod tho hosts of Israol In
tha seven days aclgo of tho city of
Jericho, and David who for tho glory
of his country wloldcd tho heroes
Then on down In history, romo tho
Greek heroes and patriots, among
whom stand out as shining lights!
Leon Idas who served his country no
faithfully at tho pass of Thermapalyo;
Mlthrldatcs, whoso patriotism was so
deep that ho hatarded everything to
unite In ono last strugglo for country,
Iho divided Hfcllftilc forces at Salcmls.
In tho Roman heroes especially waa
this military spirit embodied Tho
ono object of their lives waa to
achieve military greatness. Wo aro
reminded of tho Sclplos, Marlus, Pom
poy and Caesar
Not only was this military spirit
manifested In ancient times, but haa
Vfa4n- ,dpwnvhit(UAiHrlcan Jula-tory.-smi!
wo may quickly call to mind
many military heroos In tho short
lire of this nation Washington,
Marlon, droon, CJrant and Dowey
Theso nion spent every effort In tho
cauto of country and In thinking of
them tho iiuostlon arises, "Haa the
need of bravo mon vanished, or is
there a peaceful patriotism, moro
needful and moro noble than any days
or peaco can over knowv" Yes, wo or
tho present think that tho Interpreta
tion or military aorvlco haa bocn very
fitting and good for tho past; and In
part for tho protont, but wo feel that
lucre aro oinor uouer waya oi serv
ing our country than by fighting or
dying for It, Patriotism docs not
mean simply to carry a banner In n
procession, to shout when wo seo tho
Hag or to march off to war to tho ac
companiment nt martial rouslo and
tho cheering or tho crowd. We have
a deeper Interpretation it contains
the Idea or service, but this service la
the service wo can and ought to ron
der our country In tho llttlo things of
life. It la overy-day patriotism, and
wo show the degrco or depth or our
patriotism by our HVes, by thu way
we run tho raco or llfo.
It manifests Itsolf In the oxpresslon
In action of mental qualities which
vn ,. t.lrn .in tinfplnllam Tim trut
or theso essentlala Is Idealism, for to
lovo our country to tho fullest degree
wo must havo strong broad Ideals,
for lovo Is rounded upon Ideals, These
Ideals should stand so high that In
our aspiring to thorn, wo will have to
put forth a great deal of effort, and
our mental and moral capacities will
bo straightened and broadened In
order to exert every effort In tho ro
tulnment of our Ideals we muat have
ft) till In them So I would consider
faith as the second essential to patrl
otlam This faith ahnuld havo a
deep rooted and firm foundation, for.
U It woro over shattered, tho hopes or
realizing our Ideals will also be shat
tured This Is then another reason
why wo should sot our aspirations
high and upon such a solid base, that
nothing could Jar them
The third essential to patriotism,
optimism, Is clotely related to faith
lie who wrouiu uu ui mini service, 10
hlmicir, to hlo followmcn and his
country, must soo tho good things in
life Ho must feci that there is good
in everything Tho truly groat mon
aro those souls who are magnanimous
enough to overtook the fauit for the
hopeful possibility, who havo tried to
replace the evil with tho noble and
Inspiring, who havo had faith that
"(lod Is In Heaven, all's well with
tho world '
Loyalty, tho fourth attribute of
patriotism, growa out of faith and
optimism. That wh'sh wo bellovo In
and feel Is best naturally lbIU forth
our support at all tltuca. Wo should
uphold our principles with the dogged
ncss of a Socrates. Wo should chain
plon tho cause of right where ever It
np pears at school, ot home, In tho
town Passive loyalty la worthiest
Loyalty which manifests Itsolf in con
stant active support Is what we need.
Now a lovo, springing from Ideal
Ism, faith, In devotion, for devotion
Is tho outward counterpart and ac
companiment of the Inner mental
qualities. It la service, Ot what
good are the things which are always
going to bo done, or tho things Ltat i
ought to bo done? It Is tho thing ac
complished that count. Ono may
have Innumerable good intentions but
of what valuo aro they to any ono If
they aro never made manifest What
la wanted Is service; what is needed
Is service. ecrvlco to humanity at
large, and scrvlco to the Individual
On assumtng all theso qualities, wo
can detect an underlying something
It la deeper than Just lovo and moro
than tnero service tor It contains
them all This something Is patriot
ismeveryday patriotism It you
Patriotism Is expressed and do
vcloped through channels which are
tho very foundation ot our social llfo,
things with which wo are so closely
associated In every-day llfo that they
become a part ot ut. Bonio ot theso
channels aro freedom which marks
our every thought and action and ot
which wo find ovldenco In ovcry so
cial function, education, which aur
rounds us, and ot which wo, tho class
of fifteen, aro tho eager participants;
Industry, which Is so vital to our life
and existence, and lastly character,
tho thing for which wo strlvo most
diligently, and which Is most prlco
less. One of tho best waya to show our
patriotism Is by good cltltcnshlp. It
partakes ot tho subslanco coming
: from tho mouth of every one of these
channels. To bo a good cltlxcn, ono
must llvn a honest, sober, uprfght,
and Industrious life. Cltlienshtp
means tho fulfillment of all duties, to
aeir, to town, to city and to govern
ment or country, and as Oeo, Prlsblo
Howo haa said, "Wherever tha na
tional spirit Is most vigorous, then
tho state, local and Individual forces
will oxlst In tho fullest life Tho
sentiment of patriotism will bo found
strongest In happy homes, whero fam
lly lovo abounds. Tho man who tuvoa
his household, and his kindred and
his town and Ills state, best, will lovo
his country, bosL And the man who
Is full of tho highest lovo for home,
kindred, town, state and country will
himself becomo tho hlghost typo ot
Civic prldo la a big essential to
good cltltcnshlp for as Lauuco haa
nald, 'This country will nover bo bet
tor than tho men who make up the
country It will nover bo holler than
you and I and tho men and women
who stand besldo ua In our llfo's work.
If you lovo your country, stand for
the purity and goo4es and splondor
or tho city Jn whlCrryBCUwoll."
If a town has a heaC clean, whole
aomo appearance, It will Immediately
suggest Industry, thrift, and progres
sion The Individual character of tho
citizens or a community will bo re
flected in tho nppearanio or thut com
munlty. Wo hnow trom experience
that tho men or character and Influ
onco in a community aro tho men who
advocate civic pride. It has been aald
by many of tho great thinkers of to
day that national strength Ilea in the
strength and unity of Ita Individual
cities and communities So It Is with
Individual lovo nnd patriotism Wo
show our lovo for our country by tho
lovo wo show for our homo town Ono
cannot lovo tho wholo wortd, nnd no
ono In particular Tho man who has
tho most ot tho sonllmeut of lov.
will havo the most Intoiiso special
affections. Bo no one can lovo his
country and not lovo any particular
community In that country Now If
wo put forth our best efforts to
beautify and Improvo our homos, our
cities and our state, which nil go to
mako up our country wo shall havo
dona our duty to ourselves; p our
city, our stnto and to our country,
nnd shall havo established within our
aolvos tho essentlala nt good cltlten
ship and shall have oxprossed In that
way our patriotism to our country
Aa our country stands for Industry
and education, wo can show our pat
riotism In yet another way, and that
la by taking advantage of educational
opportunities, for an Industrial cduca
tlon la Included In these opportunities
as well as mero Intellectual develop
ment This fact Is Illustrated In our
own school. Thoro aro departments
for training tho studont In Industrial
arts and sciences, and along com
morclal lines as well as In mere cul
tural subjects, Tho samo la offered
In most ot tho big colleges und unl
Education develops freedom, free
dom of thought und action It do
volops Industry, and If wo combine all
these, freedom, Industry and educa
tlon, wo will Invariably have develop
cd character, and ihoroby have ac
quired thu ossentlals ot patriotism
tilinlliini. faith, ontlinlam. loyalty and
If wo havo developed this kind of
patriotism In u wo havo In our
possosslon tho vital essentlala of the
manhood nnd womanlucd for which
our country calls Wo vesicas th
Virtue which Includes all virtues wa
possosa a priceless gift which will
carry us through tho raco of llfo bat
tle scarred porhaps. but strong In a
character which has made our couu
try thq better for our having lived
Mystery Aboitt Proolout Stones.
That tho diamond and other pre
cious stones wero mado In the un
fathomed and fiery cuvoa of earth and
brought to the surface by volcanic or
other upheaval, Is well established,
capoclally in rogard to those of the
South African neldsfbut moro myste
rious than this Is thut Ihoy have been
tound In the paha ot the ancient gla
cial drifts or North America. They
tre held to bo very vaguely rotated to
all crystalline forms vhlch are others
of tho mysteries.
Conditional Orders Accepted Will iH
Have Marked Effect on Coal H
Copper mines of Utah, In addition H
to having sold copper In advanco H
which will keep tho mines running H
full tlmo until October 16, havo ac- H
ccptod additional orders which will H
keep tha mines running nt maximum 1
until July, 1910. Whether tho demand H
tor copper will bo aa strong after Oc- H
tobcr depends on whothor tho Euro- H
pean war enda beforo that tlmo. Dur- H
Ing tho last week thoro has been H
placed with tho selling agents ot the TH
copper output of this stato orders H
which will keep tho Utah Copper com- H
pany busy for moro than a year It tho H
war continues Private advices re- H
eclved In Ball Lake yosterday from H
tho east wcro to tho effect that tho fJH
allies wcro ordering many millions ot H
pounds of copper and that tho price '
might go higher In tho advlcoa the IJH
Information waa convoyed that all H
copper mines In tho United States iB
wcro far behind tho orders which had f fH
been placed.
Tho Ctitlo CoDDer company, the No- ikH
vada Consolidated, tho Inspiration M
Copper company, thu Hay Consolldat H
ed Copper company, tho Chlno Cop- H
per company and tho copper com- H
panics operating In tho Lnka Superior H
region and In Montana havo advance VJH
ordera which will keep them going M
until October, nnd tho conditional or- M
dcra which havo boon placed will keep tJ LVJH
them running full time until March, M H
and tho conditional orders which I H
havo boon placed with local com- I SJH
panlos will extend tholr tlmo until 1 JH
July Tho copper from Lako Superior, J jH
which soils at a higher prlco than B
Utah copper, la said to bo moro nialle- aH
ablo It ia understood In copper clr- HH
clos that tho Unltod States govern- , ltH
mont aa well aa tho governments ot Bl
tho allies havo entered Into a contract v ffJBH
Willi tho companies In the Lako Bu '
perlor district to take tholr entire out- , vVafl
put at an advanco In prlco. iVB
Runt at Maximum. i' j
Tha Utah Copper company is run' '. MVfl
nlng to Ita MutxMum capacity and BH
moro than 13.Wfl.Wfl pounds of cop- ) J "
per will bo produced at Bingham dur- T BH
lug this month, and It la expected BBB
that thu Juno production will speed BB
up tho mlno to about 13,500,000 BBI
pounds. This Is tho limit of tho mlno. ' -1
It will bo oporalod on this basis until I Cf ;
tho war la over. Officers ot Uio Utah "IbB
Copper company aald yosterday that BBBJ
If tho Bingham mines had been kept ABB
In full operation from August to April, BBB
tho mouths during which tho initios t jBJ
wero running at only halt tlmo, the ' j naJfl
copper produced could find an easy vBBI
market today nt 10 conta. -BBI
Reports from Now York stato that !
last week thcro waa moro than II.- BBB
000,000 pounds ot copper shipped from BBV
Iho Unltod States to England. Italy J jlB
and Franco It la Impossible, accord- ' " H
Ing to copper men, to get copper Into ? 'flVfl
Ourmany. TI lJfl
It Is not probablo that tha Utnh i IvBB
Copper company will employ any ( i i .&
ruuro men ln tho Immedlato future, aa ' f,j llSBB
Its forces aro full at this time, Aa ,, J1 ' JB
the mlno Is now over the apox, atrip- S ' (
pera will not bo nccdod for many , V 'IjdVflB
months. 1 'fJB
Women and Shetp. IbB
Why don't more womon raise sheopT ' pjH
In two yeara my flock haa netted mo 1 it jUH
241 per cont. My only loss by death . i 4,faH
haa been two Iambs. Tho yoarllnga I J ' fH
now have gave It pounds of wop) dur vbWJ
Ing last May Thoy are good ifcrado , J!JlH
Llncolna and Shropahlret. 1 fought vwBj
nine of each, ond raised one sheep t i tMVA
which was a cross Fifteen sheep cost 'aEMVJ
about aa much as nlno cows. Tho I f XSMfl
cowa would yield a larur Income than i 2tlttV
the aheep, but would require more j fflnaH
care. My flock needs 12 acres of pas- ijl iffB
turo In summer, Tho winter feed Is ' 1 IjB
stover. I cannot understand why moro 9 fsB
farm women do not becomo shepherd- '. j 'JSM
oases Farm and Fireside. ', 1 jnH
o p IbSBl
Baby Spiders. , ? ilQwJ
Tho parental love of the apldor la i &
very strong Tho fnmale carries, sub- ' !
nended on her leas, a small baa con- RllBl
tnlnlng the eggs, which resemble $ &lfl
whlto beads If tho bag Is pushed , (
away with n straw or stick, tho crea- 1 gSfl
turo will mako tho most despcrato 1 il
effort to recover It A apjdcr was once j' ffil
found whoso back appeared to havo a
granulated surface, but closer oxam- fij
Inatlon showed that alio was entirely I'SiBi
covered with her young On trying to cflS'l
shako them off, they attached them- ('Bil
selves to their mother by n thread, iMlSifl
and on throwing her to the ground, lflfwifl
sho remained perfectly quiet until kS'iEbI
they had all pulled thomsolves back 1l9U
by means of tholr extemporized cablo, jtgj olH
and spread themselvot over her body llwH
aa beforo. flkHfl
Worth While Quotation. tflBfl
"Anyone can carry his burden, how LhHH
over heavy, till nightfall. Auyono can liESiB
do his work, however bard, for oua IflBfll
day. Anvono can live sweetly patient 'SHifil
ly, lovlncly, purely, till tho sun goes SEbVI
down. And this is all that llfo ever vMbBB
.really means." Selected. tBBBBJ

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