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The Sun. (Price, Utah) 1915-1932, November 19, 1915, Image 7

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mmmumuuummuummmmumuammmmmUMUmmmmmummumuumum WM
vnVEAIBER 19, 1915 IB
, ,
with new fall nnd winter goods. Dress goods of '
U;; ' all kinds. Hosiery! underwear, clothing nnd o
shoes. Showing the best grades nnd qualities we V,
have ever sold. Our grocery nnd hnrdwnre lines ; ;
'.', arc more complete than ever. Llvciythlng for ;
It ; the family, and at the right prices. ! '
:: o
w ;;
i - ::
1 Wasatch Stores Co.
.,, f Stores at Sunnysldc, Winter Qunrteis, Clear Creek and
Castle Gate, Utah. jj
f I '
" Ibastern utahI
n- W
k "
;; C r All I'tnh A n lllnnkot Auk
T ; I About Ilnte Cheaper
oml Quicker Than Wrlt
j ',', Inn letters.
, rmcu, UTAH.
N i
is jhHmDi
-n- Ti&cSraSQg?gaAfW?
Tho High Efficiency
, Govt, nqulynlont. 2104 Poundi
J Uncqunllod for Btoraeo.
Will Not Slack
Dcit of Stonmlng and Heating
ta4ependenf Coal 8 Cote. Co.
J Mines at oKnllworth, Utah
J Ocn Oftlcof, Walker Hank IIMr
The Most
ty Hi if shoes, woolen blanket,
' ' ii ml underWear oer m.cn
1 In it 1 section Just orrheiJ 1ho
1 1 Htv uniJ prices are no uttrnc-
f, Miu can afford to do but
J "1 tiling
j" H-H-r-M VIH-M-M-H-t-H-M-
Buy Here
J mplete aiMnrtment of uncut-
J r macklnuvva nnd winter drm
f I fJs Beo our line Out of
I" n ordera Hollolted
j H...4....4.
: Madsen Mercantile Go.
4? '
.In 1 1 Shoot" Woman I In n PuriiK (In
WiiiIhiii I Min lllniMir.
Nisten wn tin Hviir or nimlhtr
llllllllpt Wiellleela Of hlt week
win II l Mill I hi JniHttiese fiirfiimn
ulint and InstHtitl) killed Mix. V Pile
yi wife of it piMil lmll ii hit and
mini btltorer After killing thi Jitp
alien vwhiviiii Mill tiirnid (lit Kim
toward IiIh imn heart nnd flrwl He
also dlid luxtnntl)
It wn know u among tho JaiHtnexc
at .Nislin Unit eonsldt ruble Jealous)
IiiiiI ixIkIiiI helvvtin Mill nnd U)tno
husband of tho woman, pud Mill licul
tiled to linliiii tho woman to run
nun) wish lum On the morning of
tho triigcd) Mm t'jiim vvniS to tin
pool hall to sweep out llii" room
Irlill told Manager Henderson that hi
did not unnt to ko In work that da)
nnd In wit Mn Kolnit toward tin
pool hall Nothing furthi r wu seen
of cither hi in or the woman until nf
lir five HlmtH were Innnl K i ral
people who hrnrd tho shot ran to
ward the pool hall and tho mail and
w'oninn win- both I) line on the floor
An xauiluatlon of thr ImmIUh In
dicated Unit n struggle hud taken
plato betwiin tint innn nnd woman
In forp the Hhnotlntr incurred Tho
woinnu wuk Mnltrhrd about tin faio
nnd tho man had ucrlviil n nit on
hi fate, whlili hud ldentl Ihiii In
flitted with a ntoo poker, which wim
blinc mar
Thn Japnuine ut tint tonl iniup wiro
erj nnidi ixiliul oir tho triiKid)
und wcrt loud In their (onib innutlon
of Irlill The) lielared that Mm
l')(Uo wux it woman of louiddcrnhlo
rtflnemuit nnd nan er IiIkIiI) n
npiitid HinoiiK the Jupiitni'i' Hurt.
I'lriio, tho woman m htmbund, at
tempt! d to lommlt milddo Widnendu)
nluht nnd It uuk necomir) to hao
mm Mil) with him to pnxent him
from doluir w llo d.-ilnrd Unit tin
tiouble bitwiin lehll and bin wife
(linn up oir the ptniiM for u fcntlwil
tlmt wiih to lino bem kIui In honor
of tin lorouatlon of the i mpi ror of
Japan lutxdii) Oikmn wire to In
iutltid und n lwiKrcemftut arimo oir
who tbi) hhnuld be l')ino duliited
However lili m t of the Jupauiio In
dilated that tho kllllin: iiHiiltnl In
tho n fm il of Mim I )ino to run off
with Mill
Tho Sun Hiippllea rubber ctnmpH of
eer) dencrlptlon, hheep tasH and ear
mnrkH. KveothlnK In brniot and al
uminum kuoiIh Mall nrdvrM receive
prompt attention Addre, Tho Hun,
Trice, t'tiib AiHt
iuoitn: m (U'niiNsii(i'
Nonci s
(CoiihuU i mint) tit rk or tho rwpin'.
tle hIkdith for furthtr Inforinatlon )
noiici: to hi mums usi n:
of 1 lank ilbr decuiHtd t'redltorH
will premnt iliilniH with Mini In r to
thn undtrHlKUtd nt the MiithU Hotel,
1'rlct, I'luli, on or liforo tho 1 S tit
da) of Munh p 191J M VISION
M ISKKVI'8 Admlnlmrutor of l',ntuti
of Prank 1- iller
Plmt pub Nov 12, luxt ltt 3 101S
Mutter of tho Kuluto of Ivan Aibo lu
conseil t'lnlltorH will prenmt clalitm
vvltll mil lu I H to tin uudtrRlKued lit
8.'B Ibmtou Ulllldlui.' Halt Iiko ( It).
Utah on or In fore the IStlt du) of
March A, l 1911, AltTlll'It
IMwMV AdmluUtrator of tho Ktuti
of Ivan Axbt, l)iiuil
I Imt pub .Nov IS, taut Dei 3. 1015
Meeting I't It). Dirigible HcadltKht
Compaii), rlnclpul pluco of bualnesii,
1'ilte, Carbon count), state of Utnh
Notlto in hired) Klven to tho ntoik
liolikv of the Petty Dirigible Head
light compun) that n Moikliolilem
muetlnK Mill lo hold nn tho 13th da)
of November, 1915, ut Price, Carbon
count), Htato of Utah, for tho purpoio
of amendliiB tho nrtlcles of Incorpora
tion of the Petty Dirigible Headlight
compaii) no nn to change tho princi
pal place of hualneiuj of said corpora
tion from Price, Carbon count), tato
of Utah to Halt Lake Clt). Hult Ulic
count), Rlate of Utah Dated this 22d
day of October, A D 1915 AHTHUll
A. CAM.IBTEIt. Hicretar).
' Pint pub Oct 22, lust .Nov. 1.', 1916.
The t-ountv agent In without doul t
the mont Important fnttor In the de
velopmmt of th new ngriiubure
In t tnh won Salt UxUrn Tribune
I rnctlcal Information on farming dl
cm end In the laborntorlea in vnluelpxn
unloM It reneheii thp farmer, nnd the
count) agent In the tnot vnluablo fac
tor In dlwmlnntlng thin Infnrmntlon
At the present time Halt Ijtko count),
with ten other cntinller I profiting
greatl) b) having Itn farmer limtrur
ted dnll) at the linmln of the fnrm ex
pert There are nine of thenc !
agent In the state two of whom cover
two countie each Itobrrt II Blew
nrt cover Carbon und Knirr) countle
and K II llarrl Ulntnh and Du
chexne The work ha grown cr)
rnpldl) flnro It Inauguration In nil,
nnd till )rnr received n eclnl Im
petus In the melted appropriation
provided for In the fnmou Hmlth-l-eer
The count) ngmt. or hi t rototype
hnd hi beginning In thl ttiuntr)
about fifteen )enr ago, In the Hon
them Htnte when II hetnitc nece
xnr) for the rottimgrower to organ
ize In order to protect thelrtlndutr)
from the rnvnge of the rotton lmll
weevil The result of the movement
was tin districting of the cotton nren
nnd the hiring of un expert to super
vise inch dlrtrlrt The work wn lm
medintil) rue cessf ul beiituse tin far
mem with hi expert ndvlre wire
nble to control tin weevil to siith an
txtcnt that the cotton Indtistr) wn
mtvtd from wlmt liHiked to be cirtnlu
llciniiarkV I luo Itxumpb
AIhiih 1850 it similar sysli in wn
ertnbllshed In Denmark nnd h it re
sult that nation ha rim u from pov
ert) to n vei) piospirou laud In
fact Dcmmiik I the ngibulluml
tdn noineiion of tin tlmi Hhe tin
lenined the seen I of iii opt rntlini
both In produitluu nnd In mark ting
nnd lm iMlueiiteil her peiiple mnlul)
through hi r farm expert
Count) ugi nl work began lu Ptnh
In 1911 when U M Wlnsur now Irrl
KHtlon expiit for the state wn pent
Into the t IuIhIi Itastu hh fnrm expert
Mime thin the work ha gmdimll)
nnd slendlU grown until nt the pres
ent thin Hhoiil half tin state In nren
anil more than half lu imputation I
leielvlng expirt ailvbe i-instnntl
frum thee men
L'lb Imt u mw movement tin work
I nnd lias bei II subjei t to mm Ii op
position most of whbh come from
the bind shark tlther directly or
Indlrectl) V'ler mi III ntlempt to get
the count) ngmt to In lp nell their
latiils. Himeinisirupulou niil i stale
men liuvi luiiuihnl iiimpulgn ngalnsl
the ngelit nnd huvi silxcd ivir) op
poitunlt) to thwart hi plan. One
limn wim nlmorl ilrlviu from hi
count) b) tin se land xhntk.
Vgiut I'lnciil On Trial
In addition to thl positive hin
drance, tount) ngenl work ha bun
subjict to tho i vcie critic bin nnd
discouragement width nn nlwit) In
tore for a mw Idea Parmer are it
n rii)ir) wlsil) courervntlve nnd
the prai tic ablllt) nnd urifulms or u
new Idea must be thoroughl) demon
slrntnl before the) will uecipt It In
Halt IJike i mint) It fell to thn let of
II J Wibb to prove to the furmer
theie Hint the i-ount) ngent wn nn
intir) to thilr agricultural progren
and sue cess, lie wn on trial for one
mason At the end of Unit reason u
mil meeting of tin Hull Uike lount)
furmir wn hi Id to kct the opinion
of thn people u to whilhir tin work
wu n sue i ewe or tint Webb came to
the inciting. Ign irnnt or tin real pur
pose' thereof, und not knowing that
he was to be on trial He remained
In the rear or the hnll nnd listened
sfisll nm) breathlessly to the pro
ceeding or the meeting Pnrmer nt
ter farmer arose nnd expressed hi
nipmral of Wchh'n work
He so Veil m) hog by showing tne
hi w to eheek the cholera He
hiwed me how to select m) potn
tof In order to get the best )leld.
He told me to tilant wiet tlover In
mv swamp land I rouldn t raise n
ell tuitmnee nn thn land before, nnd
now 1 get n crop of hn) nnd about n
htindted dollar worth of seed I e
side These nn sample of the exprcs
sb n. Needles to ml) the meeting
resulted lu n wholesale and enthusias
tic nppiovnl of tount) ngent work lu
Halt I.nke count)
lie Mu-t He n Hxicn.
The life of the count) ngent I t)
no mean n simple one The require
ment made of him nn legion Ho
must have n wonderful fund of work
ing Infotmntlou III knowledge must
cover ever) brnlieh or rnrm work
Hi must know the various crop nnd
weed, their relation to soil nibl
in fixture nnd thn plant disease as
noilated with them He must know
the breed of fnrm animal their
feeding nnd rnre, nnd the treatment
of their common ailment tleslde
count) ngent ho I enlled 'professor
exiert . dot tor etc lie I asked
every iiurstlon from What the mat
ter with in) burse foot to 'What
wi mg with my bnb)
Tin count) ngent I eseelitlall) n
productive unit True he uses up
taxation but thl ninounl I Imiinsld
entitle iiimpared with what he xetvex
the fnrmei each )cnr either In pre
venting loseo or In encouraging bet
tirfHrmlng thcreb) produtlng larger
emits Por example he would pa)
for lilmstir b) cliiHklim it single out
break or hog ilmli rn
lie bi n e-nirler of fnit nnd experl
hi ii Norn one fai tin r to nuolher
When In rind n runner who l mak
ing giMtd he determine why nnd then
priwe-il id tell the neighboring far
met of thl mans stietes He I su
preme lu hi own count) anil Initiate
nil kind of plans and Ingenlou
wlirnm to rowell the hxttrlH of the
sin ti ) I'nllo Vnliiiibb.
lu some counties survey have bee it,
made or n iiumbi r or n presi Illative
fin in In certain hHitlltli whbh
shun the slue of each fnrm the
amount of cnpllal lepresi iiIchI the
diversity of the hitslnetw and the prof
It ni e ruing tlnnrroni Thl surve)
show ever) detail or the farming
huslnc, In liming out the weak its
well n the stntng renture of each
fat Ml Hurve) huvi been eitmplited
In ll)tle Park und Hand), and also In
Millard nnd Hivler eountle The
prime value of these record I that
each runner i nil mc vvli) he I fulling
nnd wh) hi lielghlHtr I silieeedluu
During the past )rnr two hundred nnd
lift) fariinr lu Utnh have retelvcd
letord or their Individual farm. The
rinext combination or farming et
found In I'talt I lu ll)de Park win re
the) have dalnlng dr) farming and
sugar bee t raising
Count) ugint wink otn up u m w
nnd I road Held for the right kind or
ii mull A rust hn the fund will
penult, thl part of the extension
stafr or thn Utah Agricultural college
will be IntrcuNcd Tin re I room for
sevt nil expert In einli count), und n
the lountlt themxelve tome to rml
Ue thl fait the) will le ml Increased
support to the movement which
mi una s i much to their progress
Correspondence The Hun
I.OflA.N, .Nov 10 Thill the potato
situation In I'luli I gittlng clewpt rut
I allow n 1 1) Slice fuel Shut the SltuH
Agricultural eollekt will luive rour po
tuto expert to glvi helpful tnlk nt
the xtute roundup thl )ear The)
lire A U Pratt of tile United Hlate
tli pnrlmeiiS of iigrltulluri !-"" D
HvveeS of Ciirbondnli Colo where lie
lm inio of She moHt extensive potato
fiimm In the West W II Olln ui.rl
ciillunil expert fur the Dinvir nnd
Itlo (Irundi und Prof fleorfce It Hill
of tho mile go botuii) ilepurtmint
who hu made u Hpeelul Hclentlfli
stud) of tho potato dUwixi nnd who
know Ii) txperlcnei how in detro
Tho wn) lu which both Curium nnd
Unit i tountle have I etui working In
iiiuki tin Ii loundup thl month u inii
ei I worth) of Imitation In oviiry
other lount) In Sin, stnle Hver)
bllHluowe iniiu ni") eoiinty ofrielul
evil) church offlimr und over) mltool
tine he i hu bull txertlng hi Influ
ent c to tin utinodt All ShMM fore
me woiklng together n one man fm
tho ublliulturnl puikriwi of the two
1 1. Illllll H
I xe oxientt wattr Intt In tin iwuxoii
In InlKutlng uiturall) dr) bind und
ull iiiiuh wheie nil n fit 1 1 I light II
pit) to Irrigate stall nna until
freezing wiuthir tome Abovei nil
hive tho ulfuiru un Irrlgutlou nfltr thl
browing Hiuxon U over Juc such lu
tho rail I worth two In tin spring
Water iIIsmiIvin plant food fiom the
soil while hind thut riinuln drv lutr
no Increase In plant fond Till It
reeomminded Id Pi or I M Wlnxor
Irrigation xpctliilUt for tin ngrktil
turul iollej,e of USuti nlxo Id Prnfiw.
nor llonur uh being espe chill) vulii
ublo for )ouuB on hard
Hoe is it xtur) the state court)
ngeutN nro telling und nil should know
i It A farmer living nt llenjamlii
had four nnd it hnlf acre or wuxtt
nlkull land from which he ree civic
small ur no rcturnn. He needed It tc
, awtet clover and harvented ttilrtj -1
Iliiudiid pound of i lover seed will h
hi cold ror i b vt u tent n mumd mt
ting him (3UU UO Pour and a half
I, n of ilover hn) wn sold for thlr
t) lx dollars, making it total of
$118 00 the clover crop lelded
lurge return Inside taking till ul
kali from tho ground There nre inuii)
waste lure thut uiiild bo iniiiln to du
tin xnuii thing xk tin count) agent
hImiiiI It He I the jimii who gather
fm IN about the best thing Hint the
farmer lire doing nnd I itlwaya will
ing nnd kind to ptx them on for
ever) farmer I c unfit
III NKI MININf. VrilVlllltf
lltltN ItlVKIt Nov II Mining
itellvlt) I bilng l em wed lu thl ills
trlil iiiaiiu'Hiioee und xllii providing
tin extltemetnt Mamt nil the Seerrl
tnr I ulrently loenteMl and netw nitiml
development woih hit starteil HII
vei UriHc of So It Ijk. (It) un inking
charge of the xlm plnii rllen iiwneel
b) Hlmsr Dahllng MhIcoIui PoIIIhihi
nnd Cliaib 15 Iiiii nnd the pmp
erlleg near WomUlde will be worked
ut emu with n kood xIiihI fortit of
men Tool und supplle un being
freikhtiMl out then from thl city In
(Irtind county llidert Womliulf n lo-
nl clt II engine i I lute rested with
Pief Marcus K June of Hult Uike
Clt) In Home vnliuible miingunese ill
posit that will likel) bo workod noun
! Prortiewor June hu hei u nt the prop
trtle xtverul du). The Hatoh Porte
liinii and other Interests In the mull
gittuxo field lire also uctlvct und have
Inturoxted uutHlde capital Man) turn
of ore lire being gotten out und a
soon us tho mud i united b) henv) ruin
dlwippuarM freighter will get bun)
tiling the urn lo Plo) Hwltcli 'list
runt of Dili tit), which I Hie limn t
loaillnt, point l4trge sculo ure being
put In tin lo
I If )uu have u houxo to rent or want
So reus u tioiuo Sry Hun adlct Advt
I Curbon hecS at The Sun Advt
It may be a surprise to jou to lenrn
thnt In man) rase croup con bo pre
vented Mr It M John Rlldn O
relate her experlenoo na follow My
llltlo bo) I mibject to entup Djrlng
the past winter I kept n bottle of
Chnuiherlnln a Cough Itemed) In the
home nnd when he began having
thnt crnupy cough 1 would glvo him
one or two dose of It and It would
llrvnk the ntlnck I like It 1 etter for
children than nil) other cough medi
cine I era use children take It willing
I), nnd It I imfe nnd reliable Ob
tainable ever) where Advt
Htnte Knglneem Orflce, Hnll Ijvke
CIS). USah Oct. II 1916 N'otlco I
hereb) given thnt John 1 William
son. whoso poMofflco ndtlres I Halt
Irftko Clt), Utah, hn made application
In netordnnco with the reentlrement
of the Compiled !.nw of Utah, 1907,
a amended b) tho Besslon Ijvwh of
Utah 1909, 1911 and IBIS, In npprn
prlnto five 5) cubic -feet of water
per second from Heaver Creek Car
lain count), Utah Halcl water will be
diverted at n point which He 330 feet
north from tho southenst corner of
tho southwest eiuarter of Pec 7, Twp
13 Hiiuth, llnngo R Hast, Halt Itkc
base nnd rierldlnn nnd cone)ed b)
mean of n ditch for n distance of
12,000 reel arid there used from Jan
liar) 1st to December 311, Inclusive,
of ench )ear for coal mining pur
pose. After having been no diverted
nnd used, the uuconstimed part of the
water will be returned In the natural
channel of (Ionian Creek, nt n point
3100 feet west or the oiilhrnt corner
of Hoc 21, Twp 13 Hon til, llnngo ft
Hast Halt Iwike base hnd meridian
Thl nppllmtlon I designated In the
stnle englneer'si office n No A31S All
protest against the granting' of said
application stating the reason there
for must be made b) affidavit In dup
licate accompanied b) n fee of $2 (0,
and filed In this office within thlrt)
(30) tin) niter She completion of tho
publication or thl notice W I)
IIKH1IH, Htnte Knglneer
Date o( first publication Oct 29
1915 date of completion of publica
tion Nov 29, 1916
Hlate Kngluccr'n Office Hull like
Clt). I'tnh. Oct It 19IS Notice I
here li given that John 1 William
son whose postufri e nil dree I Halt
Ijikt CIS) I'lnh hn made upplle-nllou
lu niTonhinco with the requirement
or the Compiled Ijiw of I'tnh !9!l?
a nmelided b) the Hcsxlnu ltw of
Ptnh 1909 1911 nnd 1915 to appro
priate three (2) ruble-feet of wnler
per second from Denver 'reek Car
lton count) Ptnh Hnld water will be
diverted nt n point w tilth lien 330 feet
norm or the southeast eonur ur tne
sotithwcKt eiuarter of Kcc 7 Twp J 3
Houlli Itiinge M Karl Hall take base
and imrlillnn, nnd ionvo)iil b) menu
of n elite It nnd plpt tine for n dis
tance of 13,300 feet, nnd tilt re used
from Janiiar) 1st to December 31st
inclusive, or each eur for railroad
purposen, After having been so di
ve rled ii lid used, the llhcoiisillttcil part
of tho water will be relumed In the
natural channel of eTordon Creek, nt
n point 2100 feet west of tho outh
casl corner of Hee 21, Twp 13 Houlli,
HnngH X I list. Halt Irfiko baso nnd
meridian Thl nppltcntliili I desig
nated In the stnle engineer!! office a
.No. 0310 All prole l ngnlnst the,
grunting of raid application, atntlng
Hie reason then for, must bn micle by
Hfridavlt In duplicate, accompanied
b) ii fee, of $3 0(1, nnd filed III till
of flic within thlrt) (30) dn after
the completion uf tho publication of
thl notice W D HHKItH, Htnlo
Dale of first plibllcatlon Oct 29,
1915, dato of completion of publica
tion Nov 29, 1018.
Htiitci Hnglneer' Office, Halt fkn
Clt), Utah, Oct. 2, 1915 Notice In
lienb) given that John Oalannkls,
whose poxSofflce ndtlres I Hunn)lde,
Ulnli, bah mnito application In art ord
ain e vvltli the requirement of lha
Compiled Ijvw of Ptnh, 1907, at
uiuelldid b) the Hesxioli mk of I tab,
11)0.1, 1911 nnd 1015, to npproprlaln
i ne fourth (U) of ii ciihlcfoot of
wutir per stionil from u spring In
. -j mm
inrtim ont Utah fld fprlng I iH
sue nt u point which lie 32A0 feet l
south and 1)00 feet east of the north-
Wot Mtrner of Men II Twp II Sunt II
Itango IS ICnst Hnlt Ivke bns nnd
meridian Tho wnter will to dlrted II
nt the spring nnd eonvejred by menu mm
of n ditch for a distance of 1200 feet flu
nnd there used from Mny 1st to Oe- jB
tober 31st, Inclusive, of eneh your, to
Irrigate forty ncre of land embrncul r
In tho west half of Hec 11 township i 1
nnd ran go nfor nld A much of 4 1
anld water a may bo necessary will j
be used during Ihe entire jenr for do- tj 1
inrstlct purpose Thl application Is 1
designated In the stftto engineer" of
fice n No 3'3 Alt protest ngnlnst
the granting of said application, atn
tlng tho reason therefor, must bi
made by affidavit In duplicate, ac- I
conipnnled by n fen of $2 SO, nnd filed E
In thl office within thirty (30) tin)
after the completion of tho publica
tion nf this notice W D linPttS,
' Htnte Knglneer
Ditto of first publication Nov 12,
1 1915, dato of completion of publlcn-
limy Dec 13 1915. t
location nf principal ptnen of bust- (
n ess, Wclllugtoii, Carbon count), Utnh
Nolle e There nre delinquent on the
following described Mock, nn ni count
of nn assessment levied on the 2d da)
of Ot tober, 1915, tho sovrrnl amount
set opposite the name of tho respec
tive! shareholders, a follow!
Name Amount. 1
Oeorge II Mllncr $7173 mi
Thomas June 2 02 jl
John A. Powell. Jr . 3 7 SI
Kin nk Tldwell . . . IJ 3i
Pnnii) It Vance I in R
P Dlmtnlek 2 Of S
Pill Worlo) .. 36 70 Mt
Ii II Tho) n . X9.IS H
A .. Marshall HI 11 B
Oningo TIUwoll . 117.75 H
W A Tha)ti 07.25 H
Jeffirsoii Tldwell A Hon $ in W
1) A Tldwell IMo m
John Hlmiuun I nt ,
II M V (loold 2 20 '
John C Vim it 29 SO
W H lllnkley . II in M
H A Holding I I
J II Tldwell 7n
Ca lo Hdwnrd . H
Hopklii June 19 I'O J
Itam llruiieh 1 IS l
Keth W Mnrnhnlt 1 5 On
Melville llruneh Js 20
I C (lriindvlg I l
John It. Pitppn It 10 B
I Htv Id A Tlinyn Kt 10 ,
Thomn Cliantr) 2 Sn
lleur) I Itleh 20 U M
l.llittdn MalHlall 17 111 ',
Ague Hawkins 10 00 UM
C II Tldwell 30 00 !!
Willie Tldwitl 21 t ?
Martin lllcli 21 00 UM
IV.ink P I'lsk 1X3 12 !
nnd In nifortlaiiee with the law nnd nil
ortli r of Ihe bonttl uf illerolorx iiiude ,
on Ihe 3d da of October, I01S LU
many share of ench pnrcol nf such
Mtoek n mu) be ueitNwtr) will l H
Hold nt thn front elenir of the post
of flie. Wellington Carbon count)
. Ptah nil the lOlh du) of December
, 1915, nt 2 o'clock p in of Mild date,
i tu pa) de HiKiueiit nssessmeut thereon B
I togilher with tho cost mid expense or B
. mile B
J W HII.U Hecrelnr) fl
I The ubovo I nil extension nf the B
, elate eif pu)ltleiil of the mild nse- B
ment eirdrreil b) tho board of el I ret- B
, lorn August 3, 1915 J W IIH.L. fl
- - I
iiiiiiiiiii rnvn i i i i i i i' t m.
H Tha Utah Saloon I
J W (lontry, Mnnnccr m I
'.'. rinrii Ittiort ti Hnitorn Ulnli fl
WHOIeKflAMJ AND Ilimvili '.'. II
Phono 7I.,. I
Wet He lit t r Hu) (hmmI. I
N ' . DejMtl I
1 Prun Chicago Hi I.011I Denver and tho ljwt 0 33 n in '
Putlrie Coast Mpilted 1
2 Prom Hun Praniluti Bait Idike Clt) nnd tho Wtwl . . 10 07 p m
Atlnntli) CouV I.lmlled ,
i Prom Purtlund, Qgden nnd Halt Uikn City 1 18 p in
Hun I'riinelHco nnd Chlciign Hxpreioi, Curries Mall
5 Pram Chlengii, Hi IiiiIm nnd Denver 10 29 n. in
Cliltmuo und Han Prieiulsco lOxprowe, Carrie Mull
It Pnim Dmnir, Ptiublo (lrund Jiinelhin . . ., , 8 08 p, m
Denver und Ogdeu Uxpiewx. CnriUtH Mull.
10 Prom Ogdtili nnd Hull IJtkt City t:50ii, m
Colorndo und I'tah Hxprew. Cnrrlem Mull
19 Prom Cliltwgo HI I.oii. Dsnver ... . SlSSa. m
Heenli' l.tmltod
20 Pnim Pirtlniid Unite H.111 Prone lnoo Halt Iike Oily . 7 III p. in
Hie 11 In Limited
fits l.Htvit Colton fur Cltwr Creek und Himfleid 2t52 p. ra
061 I.uM Clwir Crtvek for Heofleltl unit Colton .. . "tltu in
Troth No 5 Out of Price und Train No 4 from Halt Iotku
Qlt) Connect With Kcnfleld llraneh No 052
SIS IMiviM Thistle for Itlehfleld nnd Inturmedhito Point . . 10 20 11 in
ill I.eetvM Itlahflttld for Thistle und Intermediate Point .. 8 50 11 in.
138 Prom Helper for Hiiini)slile Mlxod . ., S 50 11 in
139 Prom HuiinyHlde for llelpsr Mined . ... 360 p m
HuuiD'Hldo und Hoofleld Uranvh TralliH Dull) Kxtmpt Hunda,
homiiHiiN in vii vndovsii.kvvii hv.
No I No .'
I.ouU' lllawittba 8 OOn m l.av 1'ilce 11:00 it in
l,tMivo Mfihrland 8 16 11 111 Arrive ttaxt Hluwnthu 12llSp in
LiHive Hlawutlia 8 JO n in Airlvu HlawuSha 12:30 pm ff
Leave Hunt Uliivvalhii 8 15 urn Arrive Molil land 12:15 p ill 13
rrlvo Price lOOOu in No 4
.No 3 lnvt Price) 3 30 p 111 II
I wive Mohrland 1 00 p m Arrlvtt Kniil llluwutbii ( i it p in R
Leuvo Hlawiishu 1:15 p 111 Arrive Hiawatha . . MO p m 1
Lonvo Ilakt lllnwathu 2 00 p in. Vrrlvo Mohrland 5 15 p in m
Arrlvo Price 3 15pm Arrlvo llluwiithu 530pm MJ
All Trains Dall) except Hunda) fl
Hpeolal Trains 011 Bundn)a for tho Convenience of Hall Team l

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