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IE FreeBig $50 Baby Ford Auto
Hfl For each 5 cents purchnHu you Ket 5 votes, the boy or lrl huy-
B inff the larKcat number of votes Jnnunry 1st nt G o'clock p. m. will
BH be presented with this automobile at our store.
H9 phi'.hh.'sih rnniinu AIHH'MIINT
Hl Argumeuta Pnx'iilotl lly t'ounol Tor
Hl dm Mnto Coiiti'iul Tluil Common-
H wealth In Supremo In All Mutter)
Hl of I,"gllulloii DcvMou liMMHlcri
Hl Some Time During dining Month.
H DHNVKII. Colo. Nov. J J. Tint olt)
S irf Denver nml tho, state of Colorado
Hl will present no further arguments (it
H the supifltie court In the eaae In-
H vulvlng Colorado's iirulillillliin loglslu-
H lieu, according t mi minoiineehiciil
H mudn toitiiy nt'tho nltorney general's
H offleo. Tin change In plana was
H made publlo Hhortlx before tho hour
f for (ln court (it convene.
Hj Arguments presented ly rouuacl fur
H t lit elate oontended (hnl tin' slate U
H mipremc In nil unit torn of legislation
H hiii) Unit n city linn no more right (o
H nut Independent!) of atuto llilur legls-
H lutlon (linn In fix niiinlrr ponultlea.
H Counsel for (hi? ilty urKiu-il that olllaa
HJ governed u ml it special I'luirlur poa-
H mm "special rlghla" In the regulation
H of (hi. liquor truffle. Tha nine U now
H before llm court, printed hrlefa hnv-
H lug previously been filed.
Hl TIik ootirt took orlKlnnl Jurlsdli lion
Hj In (ho mac lo determine whether tin
M clly authorities -if Denver poaoeeM tho
n right In Ihu saloon licenses extend-
Inir hoy oinl January I. IvKl, Hip dule
H Colorado's constitutional unci statu-
H tnry tirohlhltlon enactmciita become
B effective, A decision U looked for In
H December.
B It may ho n surprise to you to leant
H tlmt In many cases croup ran ho pre-
H vented. Mrs. II. M. Johns, Hilda, O..
H relates her experience ua follows "M)
H Utile hoy la subject to croup. During
H (ho punt winter I kept n hottlo of
H Chamberlain's Cough Itomody In llio
H hrtuic, it ml when ho Ih-kuii IiunIiiic
H thai croupy courIi I wouhl kIio him
H ono or two doara of It mill It uoulil
H hrvuk the nttnok. I llko It he Iter for
H children (linn any other uoiikIi inedl-
H vino lcinmc uhllilren tuko It nIIIIuk-
B l'. nml It In anfo and rnllnblr." Oh
BBH tnlunhlo cifrywhcrp Adt.
H ttmokc Hlk l'rl.le Clear TVI IS:
Carload of Tiilx-m Tnkni In Hy lie1
,K1or At hiinnynlilf'.
In flttltiK olmerMincr. It ncenied. of J
-Vnv Utnh I'roilueta Week." Hlntu
Ditlry nml Tooil Cnmrnlaalonrr lltdic
( Hmllh. nrllnif for thp t'nltfil Hlntpy
KOprilmpnt, Inat Tilrailny conflacnteil
n carload of Colnrado potnlom nt
Hunnalitt Candor t'ompcl thr nil
inlimlon, however, Hint the formula
nloilrr wua not molril hy imtrlollRm
for I'lnh prodtii'ti to Oo thla i-onfla
I'titlmr. I In did ao n a it ileptil) In
apector of tln federal food and driixa
hiiirnu on ndileea from the lener
lahoratory of tho htirentl that Hip
aptlila In (jueiitlon Mere mnltlen wild n
"aprlnit ro(" dlaenap.
Comtnlwloner Hmllli and I. II. ltn
nor of tho federal hurptiu Innperted
Hip eoimlKtunent of putatoea Inat week
mid anmplpa worn aclit In Homer fur
n (rat. Meantime, llaynor hna re
mined hla offlcea lo l)ener nnd hna
nppolnted Cominlaaloner Hmllh n dep
uty to look after the Interifita of tho
federal lillleau In thla dlilrlut.
Svctvlnry of htnto (Jrli An ICnrl) llo
r'INtiii't' Hi Ncu l.ni In Chit (..
I'ayineiit of tho mutual Mate cor
poration llcenmi tax lienan In tho nee
retury of alnto'a office Inat Monday.
Il yna tho flrat duy on which the tux
wua duo. hut tho mull hroiiRht acoroa
of uhex'ka. Tho tux liifoiuea dollu
iliienl IHtomher 11th. after whleh a
ten dollar penalty la annulled, and
after Apill lat of next year nit cor
poration whleh hae falleil to Hiy
will luuo their vhnrlora rexokiil h
prtK'lumntlon of tho Koicruur
t'nder tho now law piiaaod l the
Inal letllattire. the aecrelnry of elate
oxpoi'ta In collect nearly twlro ua
much lloonao tax ua heretofore Tho
old law provided for a arodatlon of
tho tax accord I ok to inpltulUutlou up
to the 12(0,000 oompiinlea. All mm
panlea onpltallied for more than that
paid u flat tux of fifty dollara. I'nder
(ho new law tho Krndntlon oontluuoa
up to tho 1 4.000,000 murk, nnd all
oompunloa i-npltnllied for more than
M. 000,000 pay a two hundred and
fifty dollar Mat rate
Iji1 )onr tho atuto rcullicd nhoiit
176.000 from tho oorpointlou lux.
Kiok mid brief work a apeclnlty
with Tho Hun. Aak for catlmalea.
Mull ordera aollolted nnd iilvon tho
oloaeat attention. Addreaa, The Hun,
Price. Ptuh Advt.
Hmoko lilk Pride Clear Tel IS:
i"K X 25 reduction on all of our strictly X
H X Hand Painted China for one week. X
m X Articles from 25c up. X
a pr.As.XT i:iti:ct.
A royal hlue elet la lined for thla
lienwnnt Kown Tho anuxly fitted
liawpie haa an npron-llko tunic, while
the effect la further nccentimted l
tho pookela, which nro ael like lhoe
on n Xormnnd) npton. Tho aliort akirt
la ipilte full, mid tho V ahapeil nock la
fltihdied with it turnover collar lined
with white aatln
Pn.nt Mttiiitloii (ho Vor( ImiiII)
I'or M'icriil N'li'oii".
Prolmldy (ho mint avrloua tar
ahortnKo whleh over confronted rail
roa da of the Inlermoiintuln eoiintr) la
now nt Ua helKhl. The Oregon Hlmrt
Line nnd the lcnr mid lllo flronde
nro IhiiIi ahott of cur a. Tho OrvK.ni
Hhorl I.lno cniiniil mui tho r"at
Kraln crop nlotiK Ita llnoa. Por the
flrat (lino In tho hlnlury of tho I'IhIi
aiiKitr liuliitr In eta are IioIiik IimiIoiI
lulu lioxonlH. Tho Rondolaa uimhI In
(ho hect trade nro In nrut ilunaad In
tho Haat on nccouiit of tho Iiom ateel
nnd iniinltlona ahlpmenla.
The tloalmr of (ho Panama nmuil
haa forced tho OroKnn Hhort Line to
aend niiHit of Ita IiIk iHixrara ICuat. mid
tho rullmuda (hero nro ImlilliiK them
nnd iHiilnic deinurrtiKo In order to Klvo
tritiiniorlatloii facllltlea to their pu
Irona. Tho Denver nnd Itlo Ornwlo la
ahorl of oara for (ho I'lnh nml flelda.
It waa (houKht there would ho aoffl
rleiil cura on tho Denver and Itlu
Orande to linudlo (ho coal truffle from
Carhon nnd Hmery itiiinlloa. hut tho
road fulled to Ket nil II needed Tho
cool weather of the pant few day a Ima
roaulted In n hltt Increase In ordera
mid (ho opernlliiK demrimon( la Ket
Hnu nil coal cura linloailed ua rapidly
ua poaalhlo nnd aelldliiK them to the
conl flolda.
In ordi r that tho WyomliiK flolda
ahull have nil (he car a noipaMiry to
iiiovo (ho coal Iruffli'. (ho t'nloii Pa
cific ayalcm will aeel. hhla on u thou
kund aleol vara uKliln tun duya Tho
heavy loud mid ahort haul traffic of
tho t'nlon Pacific nnd Denver and
lllo tlliinde la held roaponallde In u
Kreut luivikiiro li) theae rouda for tho
car ahortnKo.
iScvcnil IVrvoiia ,Moit Or Imx. lujurcil
Near Sullihi, Colo.
Nino maeiiKera mid five dlnlilif cur
iftiipluyoa were allRhtl) Injured when
two i leepliiK vura nnd n dlnlnK car of
tho Denver mid Itlo (1 ramie Paaaenxer
Train No. . eaat hound, waa derailed
htt Haturduv nhout aovon mllea wl
of Hallda, Colo. Tho derullment wua
alined hy n broken rail
I Tho Injured paaaeiiKera nro Arthur
Thoraon, Aberdeen. H D.t Mra. Arthur
Thnraon, Aberdeen. H D . Kd Behram,
IChloaRo, Mildred Claw Hon, ltaenni(h,
Mich , I'rledu Illankahlro, lluvennuh,
Mich.. Churlea AV Cull). Chltwood,
Vn., Henrietta Judd, Mitchell. H. D.:
Marvarot II Woodruff, Onialui, nnd
Mra. W K Itohorla, Denver. Colo.
llervvy anowa both eaat and west of
Prlco durlnK the puat week haa cauaed
numeroua delaa In the achedulea of
tralna throush Kantem Utnh
William How en, ued BS ypura, died
at Halt Uiko City lait Tuesday nlitht
of acute IndlRCHtlon Ho waa manager
of the Crane company, lco prealdent
of tho Halt lJkn Commercial club,
prealdent of tho Youni; Mon'a Chrla
Han naaoelatlou, an aetlvo member of
tho Altu and Itotury cluha and ho
loniced (i, tho Christian church. He
la aurvlvcd by hla widow nnd one
dauvhtor. Mlaa Ariio Man llowen. n
atudout nt tho Unlvcralty of I'tah. De
(fmiMtHl waa born nt Hnnnlhal, Mo the
homo of Mark Twain William llowen
will W remembered In Prlco as tho
man who sold thla rlty In person
(hen town tin wrought Iron, pipe
thai waa (ho begliinlnir. its It wore, of
the present waterworks ayatein. He
had many frletida throushuut Raalorn
Utah who will read of hli death with
rnuln aorrow
Hun edlots are one cent a word.
.Make jour want known through their
use Advt.
Plro Inaurunce It. f. Crockett &
Co Advt
Kvery memlr of (he high aihool '
family and a Ifltge umllngent of idii
denta from that Inatltutlon ro over
at Huntington today in attendant e ,
upon the farmerV roumlHp and home
keeper oonventlon, now holding a
week'a alon there.. Heveral othera
of Prleoa ptihlle aplrlteil cltlterw nro
nt there und altogether the rowd
irom hero will total somewhere nlxiut
a hundred people follow Ing la n
u.mplete pnmrnm or the roundup nnd
V'cdiiodny Novcmla-r f 'tit.
10 n m, Iteglstratlon
Addreaa of Welcome lllshup An
ion Nlolann. Hunllnglon.
Opening Addreaa County Chair
man. Irfira P. Ovoaon.
Ilahrtng Heef Cvitllo Aa n llualneaa
Prof John T. ttilne 111.
Piano Selection Dam Uxinnrd of
2 p m.
Proper Irrigation Methoda Pror
t 'Mila Wlna.tr.
How the llunhtilid Cun Aaalat the
Hoiim-wlfe In the ll.ime Mlaa Oer
Irude McCho)na.
luteal llarmera" OrganlaBtluiia and
Hom They Can Aaetat the Parmer
Allrt (luyinon, Hunlltigton
7 J p. m
Iced Itntlima Por Heef Cullle. Iloga
and Hhee Prof. John T. Calne 111.
Hong Huntington male quartet
Dividing the Dollar Mlaa Oerlrudo
'Ilmradii), Novcmlivr IHtll.
10 a. in.
Co-operation lletwcen Farmer and
HiiidneM Man Cauinlf Chairman Carl
8olB"MIilrl)rn Harmon. Prlco.
Marketing of 1.1 vo Stock Prof. J.
T. Cnlno III.
2 p in.
Dovlroa Por Accurnto Wnlor Meas
urement Prof. Imla Wlnaor.
Hong Mnlo quartet.
Koodh MIm (lertrtide MiCheyno.
How lloat the Ihialnoaa Mau Can
Aaakl (he I'nrmer Oeorge Miller or
7 10 p. in.
HtaroMitlcn l.ecdtre Prof. John T.
Calno III.
MiinIohI Nuinhera Hmery Hinko
Hyatem In (he Hume Mtaw Oer
lrudo MiChoyno.
Prlihi), NovcmlH'r IIMh.
IB u. in.
fnl Heliftliin Dr. Prank llnrrk
Violin Solo Carlton County High
Hehmd orrtuwtrH, Prof. A. Ilurgener,
DleoHMM of I'Mrm AulnwlaDr.
John I'redi rlek.
X p. in.
Proper Dr.-aa Por Hchwd Ulrla
MIm Alum l'rl of Prlre.
Iliiuao KiHMiratlon Ml Oertrude
Mi Che) no.
Ilttby lleof PrwlHellon Prof. John
T. Cnlno III.
Amount of Water Peed Ity (he Av
erage Farm CropProf. Uutla Win
aor. Public Clinic Dr. John Frederick.
7 20 p m.
Iluaketlatll llaino CurlMin County
High achiMil va. Monrluiul.
(Irund Hull Curium County High
Hthool orchwtra. Nlxun Hall.
Sulunhi), NovcmlHr SOtli.
10 u. m.
Cula of Meat Prof. John T. Calno HI.
Mixed Quartet Carbon county high
Meat Cutting Dcmotiklrallon (fat
steer) Hnrhocuc.
Soil PrrllUt)-I)r. Prank Harris
2 p. m.
How to Holeet Cuts of Meat MIm
flertrude McChejne.
I.unuh For Hjhool Children Mlaa
Anna Frost.
Chorus Kmery Htake iioudemy.
Musical Holecllon Prlro ucadomy.
Caro of tho Dairy Cow Prof. Hen
It. Hldredge.
Whut tho Heboid Hliould Do For tho
lto a mid (llrls Otmrgo Hickman,
Castlo Dale.
7 10 p. m.
Food For tho Infant MIm dor
triido MtCheyno.
How to Produce Clean Milk For the
Infant Prof, lien II. Kldredge.
Hong Mra. Fenton. Huntington
Dowi the Dairy Cow Pay On tho
ParmT Prof. Hen It. Hldredge.
Alkali Holla and Their Treatment
Dr Frank Harris.
Sunday, NowiiiImt 21m.
7 JO p. in.
Marketing Farm Produce O It,
(llllenple. Qreen Illver.
Chorus Huntington school girls
Milk Hanlttttlon Hen It. Hldredge.
Needlework Mlsa Oertrude MtCheyno.
Monday, Xnvcmlicr 2Jd.
10 00 n. m.
Does the Kxtonslon Dlvlalon of the
I'tah Agricultural College Aaalst the
Farmera Through County Agemy
WorkT Carl It. Marcusen, Prlco.
Duet Fenton mid oompany, I'un
tlntjton. Tho Kilo nnd the I.oeul Dairy For a
Community Hen It. Hldredge
Heo Dtseaaoa Jed Knight, Cleve
land, 2.00 p. m
Iabor Having Device In the Home
Mlsa Oertrude MeChoyne.
Doom Homo Kconomlce Clulm Aaalat
the I.ocl Womant Miu Omirge
Fullmer. Orurt;av)lh.
Cornet .tolo Alvln Young and mm
IMUi). Huntington
Draliiaga of Water lagged I .a ml.
Prof. Iiula Wlnaor.
Honey Productlow. Thomaa Chan
tiy. Wellington.
7 10 p. in.
How to Ilulld I'p .. Dairy Herd -Prof
Uvii It Hldredge
Homo flanltutlon-Mitts Gertrude
Md hcyne
i nppm niagara hid :
:f Wtf Silk Gloves :
ffiiioi and Hosiery;
r J&lfiMwk ,n lhc ntw co,orj are '
? ISmMm n?w on di$P,av The
Y Wmmr slov" arc two lntd .
Y Hi fliMrll! ' ln' b,ack and vvhite
x 1 1 IMlm sand and black, fajltn'
Y U IMB cd wilh short jlrap and
Y M$rfl decidedly smart in ap-
Y Z&fflL pearance. Double
Y Z JIPPcd and each pair
Y - guaranteed $1.25.
The Velvet Scarfs told about last week
have a decided hit. We sell the velvet for $1.00 per yard ,
or make the scarfs to order for $2.00 each. ,
x .
I Bessie Kennedy, Millinery, Inc.:
Piano Helccllon Rllxabeth Johnaon, I
Potntoe Culluro nnd Dlaensea.
Farm Dcmonatralor It II Htewnrt
Turadn). NovciiiIht 2nd.
10 00 a. m
Hog liaising Aa a llllslliesa. John
T. Calno III.
Violin Holo. Marl Oreenhnlgh. Per
ron. Holo Nina Nixon, Hunllnglon.
Hllngo For Heef Cuttle Humuel
Olngletuii, Perron
How to Orow Alfalfa nml Hwrit
Clover Heed Adotph Axelaon, Hlmo,
2-00 p. m
Hugur Heel ItaWng (li-orge Austin,
Hull ltko City,
Hnby Heef nnd Hprlng Ijimha on
(ho Pnnn-Iohn T. Calno 111.
Holo Mra. Hannah lconurd, Hun
tington. Heading Mia. Kntherluo llllllg,
IFrtQ tMIhCtt tlMu OAiKCO
a. ottaKT tvenue '
There are many people who tinvo n
dlxtrcM In tho stomach nfter meals.
It la due to Indigestion nnd easily
remedied by taking one of Chamber
lain' Tablet after ineala. Mrs. Hen
r Pudghan, Victor. N. Y writes
'For some tlino I wns troubled with
hcnilncho and distress In my stomach
after eating, nlao with constipation.
About six months ngo I began tuklng
Chamhorlnln'a Tablets. They regula
ted the notion of my bowels and tho
heudnahe und other annoyances ceas
ed In n short time" Olitulnnblo ov
i erywhere. Advt.
Norici: op nm: on hm:ci-iio.
In the DUtrlct Court of (he Heventli
Judicial District of tho Htato of Utnh,
In and For Carbon County Utuh
AaMHlation of Credit Men, Plaintiff,
va. o N Hill. Defendant Sherlfra
Sale To be sold at jiherlfra aalo on
tho llth da) of December, 1916, lit 3
u'eloik p m . at the front door of the
count) court Ipiiimi at Prhe. lounty of
Carbon, jtatc of Ptah. the follow lug
dettenbed proierty. lo-wlt Tho north
west quarter of tho southeast quarter
of Hectlun One (1), Township 16
Bouth, I lunge 11 Hast. Hull Iiko buse
and meridian, known ua tho Cedur
Park, In Curbou county, state of I'tiilt.
W K. IIKNKY. Hherlff
Dated, November 19, 1915,
Olt.W'D COPNT Ol I l( Us
MlltVi: WITIIOIT N p.v
MOAII. Nov 12- Or. . unirlu.
reached Its legal debt lit Jt for Hi!
At their meeting In Oi t r the coir,
ty cnmmlaaloncrs maih in i rder Ua
no more claims again t the gcni
fund bo paid this year i 1 thu ordf
nppllea to anlnrlea, nnd t offlcri
nro drawing no puv 'u.c comtoli
Hluiiera have decided th .1 m wirrtti
shall bo laalled lllilca there ore funl
on hand with whKli n pa the
HomoHiIng llko acven Hi urand hal
lara In wnrronla of 191 nml llll !',
atioa nro already outstnnillng and llil1'
oommlaalourra do not i r j. m u rflf
(hut amount Incrraae I
T powrltcr papers In v ti. ji tttiv
The Sun. Advt.
One Cent Per Wont IjicIi lnenk
No CI largo Aiiiuiuis.
Tho Han office, I5c prr hundred.
cd for light houwkii! g Atldm
II.. Hun Office.
leghorn cockerels f r i'- ly Mrr
J J. Welginaun,
weight alxiut I ISO P unJ. fag
eara old, bnindod on 'iftshouUer
Howard for return of animal to Mot
rla Marlelle. Hprlng Olrn luh
POIt SAM: Oil Will. TltADE Ml
hay or grain somo good furnltur
and n good organ, P O llox tit c
Kosy I.uncli I loom, Prl r I'tih.
Juat euat of Turner bulldlnr. ttrm
I It. W. Crockett & Co.
yenra, or for sale en easy tr"''
forty ucrea of land south of Trie I
walking distance, It W CrocktU
Mustang malter with 13 galley-'
In good condition. The Tjii
rou HAi.n on tiiadh- iv-Honsi
Pnlrbnnka. Morse el C gaoll
glno n eood aa new, t either '
shafting, belting, iiullc. lp "
bo seen at Tho Hun offl i
mid blank bonks of nn sUe or w
to order. F.ver) thing In romner
printing nnd office stall rcr' w
mates promptly furnlshcJ The w
Price, Utoh.
buy or grain or both, ,
Holton & Co. long mod I t met l"J
und A. IkiHi high and lov pitch, ti
plated satin finish, gold I r d U
peurl Inlaid finger tlpn In '"
aatln lined leather coao nt.l In '"
ly Al condition, In fact is I
when It inmo from the d MY
$65.00 hut will tako mi h lea
Intcrostod, call nnd see mo at is
i pendent Coal nnd Coke "rnptw
pumping station one mllo caat oi
per, or drop me n lino U the (ol
lug address. I U I'J. liot A
Hwell, Utah.
All Work Guaranteed and Prices Keasonable.
Photograph Work Of All Kinds.
Up Stairs Over Commercial Bank. PH, Utah. 2
H. llll rfrn 1 1 1 H-H IIHIIHI1IIIIIII -T!
? "V . m It's beginning to get cold. Many I
t V.tATA-.l "f yu w buy now heaters soon, ana t
i8llPCl w lh to call your uttontlon ta " t
iJ ill V VO ne lines wo carry. If l- ' uy '
alovo from us, you can rest auureu i
jou aro getllnir your moneys wort

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