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) I
Shot to Death in Wisconsin Corn-
iield After Gun Fight With
"Young Man Aeeueed of Forglno Fa.
thei'a Name Tries to Kill Officer
Who 8ought to Arrest Him
Woman Cautet Arrett.
Lacroise, Wis. Klmor Linker, twenty-three,
)ccd tnnnlnc nntl member of
-ono of tho wenlthlwrt families here,
vim shot to death In a cornfield nt
Sparta nfler n Bun fight with tho sher
Iff of Monroe county. Two bullets
truck the youth, ono of them piercing
tho temple.
Linker wag flednu nftcr his arrest
on a charge of forging Ids father's
came to n $1,000 check. He cashed
Jt at n Spartn hank on the Indorse
ment of n prominent Spartn vvomati,
whose namo hank ofllclnls and Monroe
county nuthorltlcs refuso to divulge.
Woman Cauies Arrest
' Tho woman caused Linker's arrest
rafter slio had communicated Willi his
rfather and teamed that the check was
Qcorgo Linker arrived In Sparta 20
minutes after his son's death. Ho Is
a member of tho Linker Itcalty com
pany, proprietor of tho chief business
iblock In Lacrosse, and of tho Linker
ihotcl, ns well as of other nlunblo
xeal estate. Ultncr was tho only son.
Linker prewnted tho check nt tho
tank and It was cashed without ques
tion on tho strength of Indorsement.
An b,our later tho hank was notified
'that the check was n forgery and
Sheriff Charles Smith was given a
warrant for Linker's arrest. IIo found
tho youth In a storo trying on a now
Youth Whips Out Clun.
Linker went with him to tho hank
And refunded tho entlro amount Then
tho sheriff took him to tho Jail. When
tho officer turned his back for n mo
ment, Linker produced a gun and ns
(JmlUi turned ho shoved It Into hi
The gun snapped, however, and ns
sthe sheriff dived for his desk to get
Two Bullets Struck the Youth.
this own gun, Linker dashed out of the
door nnd leaped on n bicycle standing
at the curb.
Tho sheriff overtook him with n cor
on tho outskirts of tho village and
Linker ran Into a field and hid behind
a shock.
When tho sheriff summoned him to
surrender, tho outh opened Arc.
Threo or four shots wero oxchunged
on both Hide nnd then tho shorirrs
bullet hit tho target.
II .Also Carries Off Solid 8llver Com-
i munlon Pistes From New
' nochello Edifice.
New York. A burglar broke Into
-fit. l'aul'H Kplscopnl church, New
Hochelle, drank all tho communion
-wine and loft with two solid silver
; communion plolos nnd a solid silver
i and gold bnptlsmnl fount.
Kntroneo was gained by forcing u
f basement window. The thief ex-
f nmlnod tho Icebox and closets, finding
I tho ko)8 of the vostry room In n lock.
er. The slher was all gifts from mem
bers nnd societies of the church. A
j slher nnd gold chalice wns found on
I tho floor of tho ostry closet, Avhore It
f evidently bad osenped tho burglar's
I Tho wine was Kept In tho vostrj
closet. Tho robbery was discovered
I iby Rev. Frederic Wnmmeisovg, rector.
. Why Florist Flipped Fast Freight
Wnbush, Ind. a 15. Dlttmar, editor,
remembered It was his wedding an
' tiherary nud sent some flowers
to his wife. Ho had a hard time
xplulnlng when he reached home and
f tnunil that tho florist had mado a mis-
I tnko nnd attached a mourning card to
j tho bouquet.
Bolton What nre you doing for your
Vlckcrs Coughing.
Simple Protest.
"Did your landlord N raise your
"No; he made us do It."
On the Other Handl
Smith "What Is meant by n left
handed compliment!" Smytlie "Ono
that Isn't right I" Cartoons Mogailne.
Her Case.
"Sho Is perfectly crazy about cake
and bread making."
"1 seu; a regular dough nut."
Quite 8o.
"Wo can have an open flro In our
"Oralo news."
Just as Qood.
"I can no longer offer my friends n
bumper." "Hut ou can tako them out
In your flivver."
Up In the Air.
"Ho hung upon her words."
"I wo; shu kept him In suspense."
lloston Transcript.
Waste of Time.
"I can read ltvggle Ilka a hook."
"Vou shouldn't wasto your llmo on
such stupid lltcraturo."
Famous Whoppers.
"Do you promise to love, honor and
"I do." Detroit News.
Knows Detter.
Mrs. drag ''Does your husband 'ex-
tcct you to obey lilmf Mrs. (Irlg
"Oh, no I He's been married before!"
Usage of Language.
"He's all wool."
"I can't cotton to him." Louisville
She "Dear, I want lo get a new car
pet this winter." lie "That Is n prop
osition I put my foot down on."
"Omo downstnlrs, sis, and gtt some
of these sweets." "I will as soon as 1
hnto taken my hitters."
Quite Plsln.
Dnnley "Oh, If there wns n tnx on
brnlns Huntley "Tho government
would owo ou money."
Natural Ability.
"How this patient duet keep up."
"Of course ho does. Ilu's an avia
tor." Extremes.
"Wo hao n rare eook."
"Then. Is over) thing she gives you
well donel"
Doth Ways.
"Did jwi Irj whew )m wre rednt
Ing, to roll In )mr apartment"
"Vee hut It whs a flat failure."
Knleker Snuie folks nwnlt tho ver
dict of history,
lloeker Hoping for n life sentence.
The Society Day.
Mrs. Pcjtnn "Hno jou over been
Introduced to Mrs, Win blood)" Mrs.
I'nru'tiu "Oh, n number of limes."
Essentlsl Chsracterlstlcs.
"Who's )'our frknd, Joel He looks
like n man of decision," "You've struck
Its bo's n hasvtmll umpire."
His Hobby.
"Whnt Is jour husband' hobby!"
"Complaining about my extrava
gance, I think,"
Quite Imaginary.
Professor OIo mo an oxamplo of
an Imaginary spheroid.
Student A rooster's egg, sir.
"Ho Is hurled In (taught."
"What n grno condition I" Haiti
more American. "
In Tente.
"Pop, what Is n tentatlvo'porform
ante!" "It's one of them open-air
shows, sonny."
A Surmise.
"What Is a gulf teel"
"I dnn't know, unless It Is tho kind
tlmj serve with tea balls,"
One Way.
"Mummy, I'm goln' to glvo Auntie
Maud my spade nnd pall,"
"Whatever for, Wllller
"Ho that sho own Mek It."
"Kick itr
"Yoe. Daddy said we should have a
lot of money If only auntie would kick
the bucket." Tlt-Illts.
In a Dd Way.
"I'm tolling ou the truth when I say
that I was much huppler when I was
poor "
"Then why don't jou lot your mil
lions go nnd bo poor again?"
"Unit would be of no use. I'd still
feel miserable thinking of those poor
follow cursed with money,"
Music Teacher Johmi), don't you
know what your mother sends you hero
Johnnj ror spite. She wants me
to bo able to play Worse than the girl
lu the next Hal. Boston Transcript.
Corners Man Who Refuses to Go
On With Ceremony and
Soundly Thrashes Him.
McKccsport, Pa. Deicrtcd a few
minutes before (he llmo for her wed
ding (o Carl II. Swanson, 20 years old,
of McKccsport, I'a , Miss Mahala Har
rison, 24 car-old telephone operator,
chnnged her wedding gown for a sport
suit, sent women relatives to Swan
son's homo for him, nnd, nt her own
home, ndmlnlstercd a severe beating
to the luckless near groom, using only
Iter fists.
Swanson, badly bruised and battered
nnd with both eyes blackened, went (o
bed to nurse his wounds, nftcr ho had
Administered a Severe Dealing.
been assisted to his homo by n brother,
who hnd witnessed the thrashing In
cident. Miss Harrison, with her
knuckles swollen, returned to the
Long before the widdlng hour Miss
Harrison and her attendant were
dressed for Hie ceremony, wearing the
flowers which Swanson had sent
Whin the bride was Hearing collapse,
following n long wait, n special de
livery boy left n letter for her. It
was from Sxvnnson and ho wroto that
the wedding wav all off. Ills mother
didn't want him to get married, ha
felt ho could not nfford to, and he wns
going nwny to forget.
The bride ipilckl) rallied and he did
not get away quickly enough She says
she hlltM In women defending (heir
rights ami their honor with their tlsts
nnd she demonstrated that she could
easily lake rare of herself.
Man's Action Resulted In Adding An
other Regulation to Morality Cede
of National Park, N. J.
1'hlltiilelphln. Another regulation Is
added to the morality redo of Na
tional Park, N. J, Hereafter It Is
against the law for male visitors to
hug the borough marshal while the
latter Is on dul).
In consequence of (Ids ruling b)
llccorder JAcob limits, u I'hlladel
phlnn, who gave his name a Michael
McCall, but who refused to say where
ho got tho stuff (hat made him net
that way, was fined 17.&0,
Thomas McCrosteu, another mils
delphlan, who tried to Interfere with
the arrest of MiCall, said he was
sorry and promised neer lo do It
again. As bo didn't do any hugging he
was discharged.
The marshal Is Henry Wcldon. He
was stnndlng near tho trolley terminal
when McCall lurched up and tried to
hug him. Weldon cojly sidestepped, ,
and then MiCall became exasperated,
and took n swing nt the marshal's Jaw.
whereas he was arrest wl. In the en i
suing scuttle the marshal's shirt was
5 Speed Maniac Hits Two;
' Caught as He Rams Troo
i Philadelphia. "Here I come ',
there I got" shouted John J
Ileverot us bis autotnhlle t
J knocked down Arthur Little and J .
J his wife, according to iwllre. i
, All Little saw when he sat up J
' In the middle of the street was
, a vanishing red light. Special J
J Polloemau llueksou of the l'eim t
i syhanla railroad saw the HCtl ,
J dent and gao clmse In an auto '
t mobile. After a three-mile ,
drlvo he trewl Ileverot literally J
' and flguratUely, near the l'lfl)- t
J second street entrance to Pair-
J mount Park. Ileerot smashed t
0 bis auto against a tree.
Then He Lighted a Match.
Philadelphia. For several dajs, Clr
nrdo Derusso, Sartnlu strtnt, near
South street, mixed strange coucoc
tlons In a barrel, police wi) Then he
pluced Iho barrel In front of his home
utid lighted a mutch to peer Into Its
depths. A blinding flash followed
airardo, his wife, Mollu, and eight
yeur-old Michael Mlgllcca, were hurled
to the pavement by tho explosion and
severely burned. They were takeu to
the Howard hospital.
We Quote a Few of Our Specials For Three Days I
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nre pleasing in this kind of weather pOD 1 M
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Genuine leather Puttees, look Heavy ribbed Oxford Sweat- H
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837 Main Street, Price, Utah. I H
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We il rmt advise liuw v.nes lo Imv
Invtehly lbee mvs. Onlv th-. with
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down the Muuntiiujr eost of I be table.
We will he triad In eo-operale with yon
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means mueli to .vou, for we Imv as
eetimmnonlly as ioili1e and sell in the
same manner. We Invite .vour eMip
eratian In an endeavor lo keep down
the cost of the daily table.
North Sldo Main Street
Soft Drinks, Cigars, Tobac-co,
Caudles, Nothing Hut the Ileet.
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i:d hiii:
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and tolmoeo. We're irewred to serv
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reosonalilo. We still eaim to lie head'
quartan) for the beet to he had. Out
stocks are larger and more varied than
ever, and we will appreciate a eoutm
tied sluire of jour juUromttfe
Main Street, Just West of Fostofflci
MnicK rnu rim icviion me
i partment of the Interior I nited
States Ijih1 Offhe At Halt iMke City
I tell. Dec JO, 111 SO NulUe U herel.)
Klven that Howard H N"os or Victor.
I uh, who on January It 1918 .made
Homestead 15 n try No OiOOVl for 1CH
VH, 8V)t 8W14. fc T. Ntt'H
NWH Sec 34. Tvv 1 8,.utli, IUime
II Hast, Salt lJlte meridtan has fllsd
it aloe of Intuition to make three year
proof to establish ulatm to the land
uhovo deeeribed before the clerk of
the dltrUt court at Castle Hale, lHah,
on the 1 1th day of Peltruar), lOl
Clalnmht names us ultneeNes "
Wells, Charles it Wells. J K. Wells
and William Pllllna. all of Victor,
i tan. ooyi.D u nuim.uY. nif.
liter. '
1 irst pub Dec 21, last Jan !1, 1021.
Yon wiH bare many isMM-Mion the
emttinif year, bat the most pne lex "f
all vriU be health. Without hinlth it
is dlffienlt to accumulate wealth, nnd
the man or woman without mnev
misses many of the letritimale cnj.iv
menla uf life. Tbia druv store has the
means of keeiii(c you well if vou keep
in loach with it. Our la rife and varied
sutdy of reliable remedies for slight
ailments m the secret of kimmI health
It ta easier to cheek tlmu it is to eure,
and these remedies nre for cheekuiK
siekiiesa before It reaches the staire
where n phyMcian is repiirel
Price Drug, Re,(ill Store
Main aad Depot Streeti '
UutjImmI) Knotts lilt 'Iroy nud
lis doiwl Worl.
V I., Wl tS-I'. Kcut
Calls For and IMIicr l'Hil.Mt
Vhoiie 3HO. I'rhv. I tali
' am: Hiaiiir icrricirM'.
aovernment equivalent. S10 lhs
l'nwiulil for storave Will not
i sunk lltwt of Bteamliia and heat
I UK qualities
Independent Coal &
Coke Co.
Mines at Kenllworth. Utah
aeueral Offices, Walker Hank
Hide. Salt Lake Cit).
Sufficient foraBt for elk in the
Jackson Hole district of )omint;i
militated in forest service reports
Six to eiuht inches of snow already
has Ullen and the temperature is
around twenty-eight degrees below
Lmericency measures are being
taken hy the govi-nment to provide1
provender for the elk in event of un
usual weather conditions The ani
mals are drilling back and forth be
tween the lulls and Jackson Valley
About a thousand head are around
the swamps north of Jackson
of ono hundred Tnenty-flve cents
The Sun.
We Carry I
Wizard Mops I
can bo had in two styles The dust ,-H
mop Is chemically treated and ab- H
sorbs dust without scattering It. H
The polish mop is treated with gH
Wixard Pollsli. It cleans and H
polishes the floor at tho same time. BH
Wizard Mops are tho convenient
trianslo shape which give them H
access to every nook and corner H
They have the adjustable elbow H
handle for ease In use Wlssrd H
Mops art priced from H
1150 to $2 (W I H
or dust -'SaUi.Jf'J sBasasa!
M11 IiBg,r KE-45 aBasasa!
that are IssSbW' H
gone over M
with a Y. H
WIZARD Wall Duster I
This convenient d aster is made of H
the beat yarn, chemically treated H
to collect and hold all dust. It LH
can U washed without injury. The H
chemical treatment ia permanent. H
Light and easily handled Com- gH
pleU with 00-inch handle, H
$1 50 to 52 00 H
J. C. Weeter Lumber I
Company I

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