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1 tie > sitS Qt Del THE DISPATCH I
JOB < > q 0 ih115 l jh K = r ° WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS
< u
A Grist of Business Trans
acted this Term
Four Days Occupied In Wlat
ters of Interest to the
Resignations Appointments i
Allowing Claims Hearing
Reports Etc
D The County Court met on Monday
pursuant to adjournment Fudge J
D Jones presiding and the members
and officers of the court present
Ninetyone citizens of Santaquin
asked for the incorporation of thajt
town Referred to the county attor
ney Provo city council bv J M Jensen
city recorder asked that the county
relinquish its right to the diagonal
road running from Douglas residence
to Milners in Provo city Referred
to Judge Jones and Selectman Hold
wayGeorge 11 Ash et al asked for
ts ht1nce ill keeping open a certain
road in Pleasant Gr ve precinct Re
ferred to Selectman Lund and the
county attorney
James Stratum et al asked that the
road running between sections 21 22
and 15 township G south of lange 2
east be made uniform in width and
that the county surveyor he instructed
to survey the same Referred to
Selectman lIol away
James Cullimire et at asked that a
justice of the peace and a constable be
appointed for the southern part of
Pleasant Grove precinct Referred to
Selectmen Lund and Iloldaway
Joseph li Thome et al residents of
Pleasant Grove precinct asked fur an I
appropriation of S850 for the extension
of the grade from Provo Bench north
to Pleasant Grove Referred to Select
man Lund
E C Ilenrichsen asked that some
assistence be rendered to Jens Ander
son a sick indigent l person now at his
residence Referred to the county
J R Twelves coroner of Utah
county submitted reports of inquests
held before him at the Territorial In
sane Asylum over the persons and filed
on dates as follows Joseph H Chris
tensen and Annie Benson March 4
1891 Ilyrum Draper March 27 1891
Heber J Boneham May 24 1891
Charles Meacham Alfred Fuller and
Lorenzo Rickards May 25 1891 He
also reported an inquest held over the
remains of Charles Stewart filled May
251S91 Report accepted
amesGardner justice of the peace II
sSXjfcsirgn arenjjr tetllSnijiia uestJilijjlrij
betel re mm May 8rl89O5v lf tl c re
mains of Leonard Sourly Report i
accepted and the sum of 816 allowed
as costs
The resignation of Henry Sargent as
road supervisor of Clinton was pre
sented and accepted On motion of
Selectman Jones John T Moore was i
appointed road supervisor in and tor
Clinton road district Utah county
James E Hall assessor of Utah
county submitted the assessment roll
of the property of Utah county for the
year 1891 showing the taxable proper
ty of the count to be 810351607 The
roll was accepted and Tuesday July
21st at 10 a m was set as the date
for hearing complaints of errors in as
sessment and petitions for remit
tances and abatements The compen
sation of the assessor was fixed at 1
300 for the year 1891 to include the
assessing of the several school districts
in the county where special tax have
been levied Utah Territory to be
charged a pro rata of said salary The
compensation of the collector was fixed
at 3100 to include the collecting ot
the special school taxes and the Ter
ritory to be charged a pro rata of same
Judge Jones requested that his vote be
recorded No on the compensation of
the collector
On motion of Selectman Jones it
was ordered that a rate per cent of
two mills on the dollar be levied as a
county tax for Utah county for the
year 1891
On motion of Selectman lioldaway
it was ordered that the sum of two
mills on the dollar be levied as the rate
per cent for county school tax for
Utah county for 1891
J D Jones AD Iloldaway and E
A Wilson to whom was referred the
matter of adjusting the school district
boundaries reported descriptions of
various school districts and recom
mended the adoption of resolutions
establishing said described bounda
ries and the setting aside of any
former boundaries that might come
in conflict with same
On motion of Selectman Lund the
report and resolutions were unani
mously adopted and the superintend
ent of schools was instructed to have
printed twentyfive copies blue print
of HIP map of said school districts and
furward to each trustee in the county
one of said maps with a copy of the
description of the boundaries of the
several school districts heretofore or
A communication was received from
Edwin Lee road supervisor of Spring
ville calling attention to the ft ct that
parties in said precinct were fencing
up the county road Referred to the
Probate Judge
Judge Jones and Selectman Ilolda
way reported submitting a plat and
field notes of a survey of the county
road at and near Lake View bridge
with the claim of Mr DeMoisey for
surveying said road and making plans
and specifications 3250 and recom
mended the approval of the plats and
the allowance ot the claim Report
Judge Jones reported having heard
four insanity cases during the quarter
ending May 311891 Report accepted
and the sum of 42 50 allowed as costs
The reports of justices of the peace
wore received and cost liIls allowed as
follows William II Brown 810330
L P Lund 615 James Gardener
The following reports of justices
were referred to the county attorney
T J Patten J S Boyer J E Gam
net and P A Smith
The petition or John M Xordstlom
for assistance in the case of Richard
Berglin an orphan eight years of age
was referred to Selectman Ilol away
The following claims were present
ed audited and allowed
Bancroft Whitney Co law bonks
831 Ormel Wilkins jailor SfJOO TITF
DisiATCH printing S14J5 C H
Bloomstcrbeig shrubs etc 1335
Pyne Maiben prescriptions for pris
oners 1815 H J Maiben painting
in Courthouse 875 A A FerrCj haul
ing gravel 1050 Provo Steam Laun
dry washing blankets for jail 1045
Smoot Deal t Co coal 152oTalol
Bros Co rope matting for recorders
office S9G5 H K Ebert tool chest
etc for county 1050 GatesSnow
Furnituie Co chair and basket 6750
Provo Coop Institution 3035 Rocky
Mountain Bell Telephone Co 3550
James Boydon services as scavinqer
1960 F IT Simmons quarantine
physician 7050 Provo Book lv Sta
tionery Co 3185 J E Booth labor
on school district boundaries 1140
V L Ilalliday services in purchasing
Provo Canyon road S13 Thomas Fow
ler sheriff 875550 Salt Lake Litho
graphing Co records etc 8925 John
Williamson et al service on Lake i
View bridge 8170 A D Holdawny
selectman 5020 L P Lund select
man S64 20 John Jones selectman
10540 Jos D Jones selectman 8354
E A Wilson county superintendent
of schools S127 50 Provo Woolen Mills
Co electric light S100
Justices of the peace reported
amounts paid into the treasury for the
sale ol jstrays as follows John S
Boyer Sprirgville 3 75 L P Lund
Pleasant Grove 530 John S Willis
Lehi S930 L K Stewart Benjamin
In accordance with a report from the
county attornevtbe following witness
fee appropriations were made to jus
tices of the peace T E Hills 518 A A
Noon 2215 John S Bnytr 81071 r
E Booth if6075 II W Bat nett 4J
The report and claim of T J Patten
was laid on the table and the report
and claim of J E Gammett was re
ferred back to be itemized I
The county attorney reported as fol
To the Hon County Court of Utah
GENTLEMEN At the March term
of the county court a communication
was pr sented by George T Peay and
1 T Thompson in which was stated
that Salt Lake City and certain canal
companies of Salt Lake county were
violating the provisions of an arbitra
tion determining the rights ofthe citi
zens of said county and Utah county
to the waters of Utah lake and asking
for some action to be taken to prevent
damages and injury to the citizens of
the latter county The communica
tion was referre I to me and the county
quarantine physician I see nothing
for the county to do in thp matter If
private rights are interfered with if
land is being inundated by the wrong
ulox carelesa actg I of the corporations
nu oveTn menfa1cqurC of equity will i
afford adequate relief If any provis
ions of the penal code is broken and
complaint is made the person violating
the law will be dealt with No com
plaint so far as I have heard has been
made that art offense has been com
mitted by the corporations alluded to
or their servants I
County Attorney
Report adopted
Selectmen Iloldaway and Lund re
ported on the petition of A G Kectch
et al praying for the division of
Pleasant Grove precinct > nd tlie ap
pointment of a justice of the peace
and a constable recommending that
Sa petition be not granted as far as
the division was concerned Adopted
JudtiP Jones and Selectman Ilold
away reported that the basement of
the courthouse had been fixed up as a
recorders office and recommended that
the sum of S490 be appropriated to
Thomas Liddiard for dong said work
Report adopted
The selectmen eported the various
disbursements on insane fund and
highway fund during the quarter end
ing June 1 1891 appropriations
for the coming quarter were made as
follows Insane fu ndl1olda way 200
Jones 50 Lund 850 highway Hold
away 250 Jones S1UO abstracting
county records Judge Jones and Se
lectman Iloldaway 200
The following salary accounts were
allowed William II King county
attorney S150 V L Halliday county
clerk 225 C A Glazier treasurer
100 A L Booth surveyor 550 Hans
Nielsen janitor 120
Alfred Harper was appointed justice
of the peace and Ezra Walker con
stable for the southern part ot Pleas
ant Grove precinct
J J Craner was appointed mad su
pervisor of Utah county
After due consideration the salary
of the t county clerk was established at
1200 per annum
A communication was presented
from Robert Pliers calling attention
to the fact that Jed Mercer of Ameri
can Fork held the dual positions of
precinct constable and city justice of
the peace and asking that a change be
made Referred to the county at
An nnrder was pwed and order
ed published provid 112 for the incor
poration of Samaqum precinct under
the laws of the Territory
William II Henry and Charles E
Rumel asked for a county license to
sell liquor near the southern boundiy
line of Provo City on the county road
leading to Springville Granted
Court adjourned until July 21st
Estray Notice
I have at my place one roan cow 3
Years old branded with an anchor on
right ribs Owner can have her ly
paying for advertising
Lake Shore Utah Co Utah
Prospects Fair for Provo Ship
ping Product I
The Elegant Specimens of
Serpentine Rock Just
Taken Out
Machinery On the Road For I
Properly Dressing the I I
We had the pleasure the other day
of seeing a sample of serpentine fllar
ble that came from the Provo Slate
Quarry No 1 situated one and one
half miles east of the depot at the
month of Slate canon and owned by
Messrs Ilathenbruck lv Pike of this
eit °
eitThe sample is certainly the finest
piece of stone for ornamental purposes
we have seen produced in Utah
In conversation with Mr IIathen
bruck we are enabled to furnish the
following statistics obtained through
actual experiments with the rock
ColorDark green weighs a little
over 170 pounds per cubic foot crush
ing weight 20000 pounds per cubic
inch The rock has been carefully
analyzed and shows the following
Silica > 6050
Alumina 1970
Iron protoxide 7S3
Lime 112
Magnesia 220
Potash 318
Soda 220
Water 327
Acids have no influence whatever
over the rock It will stand the
weather for centuries without scaling
hence it is very adaptable for outside
house trimming The grain is dense
admitting no absorption of water
Every piece can be utilized as it has
proved to possess the qualities of the
best known stones for razors and all
wood working tools where a fine edge
is required It is used for mantels
stairways knewel posts billiard
bureau and table tops tilings side
walls and in fact eyerything where
strength beauty and durability
is required It can be worked into
every conceivable shape by carv
ing turning or planing
In connection with the Serpentine
the gentlemen who own the Provo
quarries have also a purple rooting
slate that has all the requisites of a
superior quality The cleanage is
perfect smooth and even well com
bined with toughness for durability
A roof finished and covered with this
material will outlivagcuerations with
out any repairs whatever
All fragmentary pieces of various
sizes suitable for furnace linings is
also very valuable as it withstands the
action of fire oxides and carbon those
very essential requisites for blast fur
naces When crushed and made into
bricks the rock has the quality of the
best grades of fire brick Of course
the latter uses are auxiliary features
of the stone as the main uses house
riinminus inside and out and furni
ture purposes are very remunerative
We merely mention the other purposes
to which it can be placed in order to
demonstrate the utility of the material
The prices for the finished material
either for roofing or furniture purposes
are extremely moderate The con
sumer saves on eastern prices from
50 to 150 per cent and this not count
ing the money lost in breakages on
account of the shorter haul
Wherever the samples have been
shown they have been pronounced of
the best quality and in eastern mar
kets dealers and shippers have not hesitated
itated to say it is equal to the best
quality of the best Welsh slates
Arrangements are being made now
for machinery with w Inch to saw and
dress tle serpentine slates As soon
as this arrives the lucky proprietors
having an ample market will be ena
bled to run the quarries to their full
capacity the year around
The roofing slate has to be split by
hand and trimmed by machines the
machinery for this latter purpose be
ing on the ground now All that is
ticking is the experienced slate split
ters Mesbrs Ilathenbruck f Pike
are desirous of communicating with any
parties used to this work if any are to
lie font d in the Territory
There is no doubt but what the ef
forts of the owners to open up this irn
> urtant branch of home industry will
be crowned with success and wo firm
ly believe it will become a greatsonrce
of wealth to the whole Territory Just
as soon as one slate quarry is fairly
lawn bed on the sea ol commercial pros
perity other slate quarries will be lo
cated and opened up in this Territory
A good slate quarry will be a source of
revenue for generations to come It
differs 1 somewhat from the rest of metal
mining the projects being perhaps
smaller but a slate quarry is of longer
duration and hence more staple
Jlic Boston Lumber Yards
In Flames
Another Fire Attributed tc
Provos Periodical
Fire tug
Thursday night about halfpast ten
an alarm of fire sounded through the
city A few men were standing on
the Bank corner some Of them being
members the Enterprise band returning
turning from a political meeting and
laving their instruments they imme
liately blew their horns which soon
attracted attention Judge Wm II
Brown ran to the Courthouse and
rang the fire alarm Crowds were
soon hastening towards the file which
was found to be the Boston Lumber
Company The fire engine and hose
cart soon arrived and the hose was
ran out but owing to the rough con
dition of J street from the Courthouse
corner the lire was shaken out of the
engine and about fifteen minutes
elapsed before enough steam was
secured force the water through the
hose In the meantime crowds of men
were busy carrying lumber doors
sash etc from the builincs Which it
was soon found could not be saved
The firemen turned their attention to
thp piles of lumber at tho back of the
building which with hard work by
the people was saved almost intact
In the therttre almost a panic started
after the alarm was given and be
tween the third and fourth arts the
theatre was almost deserted Most of
the people however returned
Mr Boston estimated the loss at
about 5500 of which amount he had
insurance to cover 4700 A can with
coal oil was picked up and it was at
first thought that it had bean usdd to
s ° t the place on fire but one of the
men who arrived first found it in the
office and threw it out The origin of
the fire is unknown but it was un
doubtedly the Fork of an incendiary
Mr Boston states that for two or three
mornings before the fire he has found
the gate fastenings broken and also
one of the office windows The loose
papers were saved but the safe was
too heavy for the few men who were
the first to arrive and bv the time a
crowd had collected the fire had got
too much of a hold
Little Kittie Hughes of Wooster
England aged twelve years was
reared in the lap of luxury sent away
to a boarding school and there for the
first time it was told her that she was
an illegitimate child Heartbroken
she stole away bared her neck of its
covering and laid it upon the rail of a
fast express line and held it there un
til the train cut her head off This
story is short but there are heartaches
and tears in it
The disembodied spirit does not al
ways appear in darkness and through
a medium The account comes that
in a photograph taken of an old home
stead at Webster Mass recently ap
peared something iot provided for by
the photographer When the nega
tive was developed there was revealed
the face of an aged woman looking out
of a window There was no explana
tion of the startling appearance but
the face was recognized as that of tho
mother of the owner of the house dead
for some time The window from
which the face appears looking was
one by which the old lady sat a great
deal when alive
Judge Goodwin presented Harrison
during his tour through Zion with an
issue of the Salt Lake Tribune printed
on white satin In acknowledging the
offering this Excellency must have said
something of a magnetic character as
Goodwin pis weakening on his past
financial record and promisingsoon to
join Warren of Wyoming and Hill of
Colorado in the conflict of ratio I
fake i
a 1 m m > jj Y rft i
Ttie tin P WZf n kcnnd bigcrop
snide are being worked by the g o p
leaders for all they are worth but l
there is no evidence yet in sight that
tends to create the belief that the
hayseeds are going to bite with that
greed that has heretofore characterized
them The g o p will not reach first
base in 92
Alliance men in the South are justi
fied in acting with the Democracy on
all questions as between the two par
ties The mob who for years have en
deavored to force negro supremacy
upon the Southern people have noth
ing in common with honor and de
cency and hence there is nothing to
expect from them
The American Bible Society report
10413 families in five counties in
Maine who do not own a Bible or at
tend church What a terrible condi
tion of affairs this would be in the
Our design for the new silver dollar
has been rejectedfired bodily We
favored substituting a ragged farmer
for the Goddess of Liberty and the
words keep off the grass on the re
verse side
Q S1I1i1tCJP
I = a
Absolutely Pure
A cream of tartar baking powder
Ugliest of all in leavening strength
Laest U S Government Food Report
Iliuno MA 4KET 1itEIIO3t1f
Corrected Semiweekly by J II Boshard
GKAIN Buying Selling
Wheat new No 1 milling
pur bu S cu
Oats sacked per cwt 175
Burley brewing No1 per
cwt 125
Barley brewing No2 pr
cwt 115
Barley feed 125
Burley chopped 140
Corn chopped 8175
Com chopped 1 S6
High patent 235
Straight grade 210
Other grades 190
Corn meal 225
tolled Oats per bbl 773
Bran and Shorts UO
Timothy straight per ton K 00
Timothy mixed per ton 13 50
ted Top per ton 11 r > 0
Wild per ton 10 50
Lucerne per ton 7 00
luttcr beat per lb 25
Butter Utah 22 I
Eggs per doz 15
Lucerne seed per lb UPs
Cental Sacks 07J4
seamless sacks 21
Table salt per ton 1500 i
Clean coarse salt per ton S 00
lictail prices arc about 15 per cent higher
A Building Season Represent
ing 250009
Work on the B Y Academy
and Central Buildings
Progressing Lively
Contractors Report All the
Work That They Can
Talk about dull times in Provo
said a prominent man to a DISPATcn
reporter the other day you just look
around and see the money that is be
ing expended in buildings this year
and consider the amount of employ
ment it is furnishing and then answer
the question for yourself
In obedience to this behest the re
porter started out and the following
is a partial list ot the buildings being
rushed to completion in Provo
First we have the B Y Academy
there is no wind about its comple
tion as masons and carpenters have
been working for some weeks now
and the result of their labor is that
the places where the weather and
small boys had played havoc have been
rebuilt and in addition to this the
basement story has been capped n ith
a vet y handsome course of white stone
from Kyune Price Canon Joists
fourleen inches wide have been placed
for the floor of the smaller rooms
while trusses twenty inches wide have
been used in the spans of about thirty
feet and over The building will be in
order in a few days when fifty men
will be started with nothing to retard
the work to the completion of the
The Central building opposite THE
DISIA TOIl block is the next largest
building and already its basement
walls are beginning to peep above the
ground TLe basement walls are
built of red sandstone brought from
Spanish Fork Canon As the west
front of this building is to be built of
this same stone the number of masons
already employed will be kept at work
besides an addition of about fifty
bricklayers and a number of carpen
ters who will commence operations
next week We will then see Provos
handsomest business block boom up
towards the clouds Ben R Eldredge
is building in conjunction with the
Central building a structure of the
same demensions so that the block
will be altogether about 100 feet
In the matter of residences Provo
again comes to the front as some of I
the houses being built are the pret
1 ttiest tit the country Richard Brereton
iSr erecting a brick resitlencesone
story and a half containing nine
rooms and fitted up with all the mod
ern improvements Just across the
street south Judge J D Jones is
building just such another building as
Mr Breretons with the exception
that it will have one room less
A W Pierce has the contract of
these last mentioned houses the cost
of each of which is about 82500 East
from Judge Jones Teddy Crane the
engineer of the Woolen Mills is build
ing a neat threeroomed brick house
James Snyder has the contract for the
E Lund the architect has a house
in course of erection on N street be
tween Eleventh and Twelfth the walls
of which will be of concrete It will
have about ten rooms and will cost
over 2000
The reporter made a call on Geo W
Mickel Co and from them learned
of a large number of contracts they
had for buildings and of which the
following is a list
Geo Gee a thirteenroomed brick
house on the corner of W and Ninth
streets to cost 2700 Mr Gees son
will build a few feet westa two
roomed brick house at a cost of 800
These two houses will be models of
modern excellence
Alex Iledquibt a fiveroomed brick
house in the Fourth Ward at a cost
of 1300 also a barn to cost 200
James Richardson a tworoomed
brick house in the Fourth Ward at a
cost of 700
David Bonnett Fourth Ward a
neat tworoomed frame house at a
cost of 500
Mrs Allman on Fifth street be
tween Nand 0 a sixroomed brick
house at a cost of S1G50
Jos Giles along side of Mrs Allman
is building a fiveroomed brick
house at a cost of 1200
Mies Strong on Third street be
tween K and L a neat brick house of
four rooms Cost 1200
Steve Bee is building an eight
roomed house on the corner of Fourth
and F streets which will be the most
substantial residence in the city when
completed It will cost in the neighbor
hood of 2500
Gotlieb Klinger is building a two
roomed brick house in the Second
Ward at a cost of S700
Mickel Co are fmuring on six
other residences In addition to this
list there are a large number of struc
tures being built of which we have
mentioned from time to time such as
the Knudsen Bros two houses costing
about 1200 while there are others in
the Third Ward unmentioned
Anyone looking over this list can
see at a glance that there is a great
amount of money being expended at
the present time in building and this
is bound to circulate and so benefit
the town The season has opened up
fairly and there are many other build
ings to be starte before tall
Tis now the little boys
Intent on summer joys
Go bathing evelJ stream thE yfil1l1 find find
Returning homo they feel
While twisting like an eel
The little shingle patteringbehindhintVhind
Euro Prompt Positive
1 r i i 3 r to for Impotence Lose
M ffo r Manhood Seminal
= r > l3sons Sperm atorrhea
o r Nervousness Self Distrust
i Loss of Memory l ° c Will
matte you a STRONQ Vigor
ous Man Price 100 0
C I Boxes 500
Satelal Directions Mailed
wlh each Box Address
This Space Belongs to
Book and Stationery Dealers
Successors to FELT OLSON C CO
1 EY
f 0
i r 1
Mew Coods arriving almost daily Call
soon and call often
Ceo W Mickel Co
GAO vS MI2Ii Mr Aaa
Carry the Largest and Finest Selection of
Sen or Ca11 for Satnp1es
Two Blocks West and two Blocks South of Courthouse Provo Utah
Contractor and Builder
Estimates Promptly Furnished on any kind Work
provo U1jah

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