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The Filll Issociated Press Report r PUBLISHED SEMIWEEKIT
Elgfatrflve Cents a Month J OiLY 2so PEP ruAR
Frank McBride Brutally As
saulted in Salt Lake
He is Beaten Over the Head With a Re
volver Stabbed in the Leg and Bobbed
of His Jeweley and Money
SALT lliH July Hlhe Liberal
councilmen were all at the convention
tonight and as there was not a quo
run pi tiii no meeting ine council
cuild bi held
Fiini Alclliide a wellknown real es
tate < tgetit and son of Judge Mdiidr
0 0 S 11 ni ui 4 on Gotinneiviil ntr el iI it an
e II 1 10 1 this morning i iy two loot
t i n r hinted lust ii ctu
1t i1 Iilt Hiid iot t3 111 i V 1I
x rti ii I n c jiiu a < Jiatfciftii in 4fd 1
iiMi 11 > ev llf MRs tH ul I ttJi
I u ii h a1 ami m ao sb Ci l in
r Its1 no n f eiu RMI 5 I J Ia 1
a r JIII iuto br liurglir IAM i c
It and g isljOtK l orthtii 1 fi r Wtti
u 11
A vjKHial from Aiiwia 1II11C I
trial a sienfTa i ose is StIIlJlloitll 1 i yit
land of Imiiaiii III the MHIIJHI 111 t
ot the Late and that a matsu e i cx
1CIC 1 t
ExtnfF StlJau IJoit al1dJ i a
ln ge uidieiiee it tIueiteatreteiuigI
Hi L Inral county convention vaa
Keul here todiy Afteii pcrmnnentr
orall izit ion hud been ci lt t ted a se
ni < t lecolutiUis of the UMII Liberal
Jtt i ra Wln introduced i and adopted
li NUm on national party line is i d
nt uiue 1 l and a bid is i made for the la I
IIM I u vllk A L Williams ot this city I
Wai n jminated for collector Prof Col
lins i > r iierintendent of Mliools Hu
MV llaily and John Butters for elect
men The nominees for the Council
11 James Glen cnning Mayor
s Its partner U N I3iskin and P J L
Moian The latter is a plumber and
was nominated simply to catch the la
ltor vull Nominees for the House J
Malshall Tak Moritz W F Gol
tUIl Frtill3rCC y Lawrence I
W IT LriIuioUlwerS IUU stated thit I
he ould t > e a candidate for the House I
and hoii his name was presented pan
demonium broke loose To the sur
prise of all Powers came forward and
in a long speech declined the nomina
tion because he was chairman of the 1
committee The convention adjourned
at midnight II
Ilcfinlt of the Clohlnu in Wales Ainerl
can Coiniietltlun
LONDON July ltThe closing of
the great Welsh tinplate factories
made a deep impression here Out of
eighty about twothirds suspended but
on trustworthy information it is said
the clbsingnvas the leMrlt oE a joint
agreement So much tm plate hasbeen
ruphpil ver to escape the operating of
the MKif lev law that the American I
m1 IJI vp tAtaktJd and tho plCS
cu movement uaan effort to relievethe
market to as to raisetlie price
This had the disastrous result of rais
ing prices to a point that induced
Amcncins to build theiron factories
On the first of next month the owners
win decide whether the factories will
be opened or not Many are in favor I
of 11 oilmg the American market and
iiemng prices so low as to discourage
the home elWrts at manufacturing
Several manufacturers have sent agents
tfol the re ion of Alabama to investigate
the advisibiliryof putting up platetin
works there Thirty thousand Welsh
men are thrown t out of wark and are
eagerly awaiting the results
To Inv ilpat til Seal Fluner
WASHINGTON July 14 Acting Sec I
retiry Wharton < H the department of
state has sent instructions to Profes
h rs Mendenhall 1 ami lerriini the ex
pi it acents appointed to go to Alahka
to leain all the facts respecting the seal I
iiln lies TJicpeiitstiuctions are to col
lect all possible informanion upon the
subject of breeding places effects of
fn lajru sealing diminution of the nura
T < if seals proper lines of dematka
tion in the event that close seasons arc
f rilrc1 neicssHry and IIl1 j months
t < II l > included in siuh seasons The
I nUl States steamer Marion
vhiei will convey the agents to las
t t i nw at Port TOWllstnd Wahinc
I > r al1 l is expected to sail on thi 17th
Iiioroiiii tlni Xnicrlcnn Vriiiy
i W SUJNOTOX July ltFor the
JM t ytxt the authorities have been at
id npiMia to improve the quality of le
< ts in the regular army HO as to
J st u the I enentKce of the desert ion
liuh was growing alaimingly Extra
< iavrs ore mane to secure joung
men wlio sought the army ns a pro
fs 311 lather than a haven of rofuce
To this end the effort of the officers
haw systematical ly turned from the
< iI i H fo ilw count iv The effect of
I the efforts is beginning to show results
f and tHY are unore gritifviug than it
t A vuo4 exiiectexl they would be and the
I orticcrs arc wen > atisied that the policy
js a good one
Cflciiratin the Inll of lute Hn Hlo
rAm July 14The Fourteenth of
I July the anniversary of the fall of the
Jiastile was observed throughout
Fiancv with appiopriato
and general holiday > rejoicing In this
city theie was an imposing piocession
of the AlsaceLoraine societies
mous crowds of people saluted the men
jn line with ciies ot Vive la France
The procession stopped at the Strap
bun statue abel laid memorial wreaths
find boquets and tiicolored Hags upon
i President Carnot lucid s grand re
1lptitl while reviewing the lioow
IIHhin a garrison of Paris
A > rurdoroii Assault
liam Brennan and his wife Lizzie were
shot at their home in Jersey City
Height eirh this morning by PoJice
man llerson Urennan was killed
outright and his wifl mortally wounded
iglcer llyeison claims he had to UfO
insiistol to save his own life Tlw
jtragedj jfas tH ontc me of a murder
> us assauii by Brennan upon the po i
liceman wh < ivied him Mis Brennan
also took part Jn the assault upiin
Later Mis IJcewnsu ej this eve
AVorklnsr UJthont Pay
W A811 ToN July 14 Judge
Crounse of ej aska who succeeded
Gen BatcholliMj nf Xcw York as as
6i iltnnt secretary of jftfi trcasuiy will
f I ceive no pay for bis Kawiacp unless
the Senate confirms the iippojntmcii < llt
This ie in accordance with the opSnjoa
xf the Atoniev Gemnil that anv per
son appointed during the recess of Con
jjrtss to HIV Ofhg Lich was vacant
while that bodyiwasfn Cession is not
entitled to any c mpeiis iijflnijntil i af
tr the confirmation
Two Men BloWn to Pieces
XKW YOKK July 14There was an
explosion of dynamite on board the
steamship Gageity at Brooklyn this
morning by which two men were killer
and the steamer badly injured Men
were discharging a cargo when the box
of dynamite cartridges blew up Cor
nelius Hayes and Wm Reagen were
blown to pieces and four other men
painfully injured The explosion rais
ed the deck and blew a big hole in the
port side of the ship
Fnlil Ofl HU Old Grudge
GARDNER Me July 14 Thomas
Vachon a French Canadian laborer
aged about 26 from St Raymond Que
bec shot and fatally wounded Mrs
Nora Landry and then suicided Va
chon boarded with Landrys family and
when sick they turned him out when
his monev was pone The grudge IH
held against them resulted last night
in the shooting
Families Burned Out
KPCXAIIA Mich July HForest
I fm 1 yesterday Monday afternoon
i burned the hamlet of Whitney cigh
ten miles ve > t of here on the Felrh
Ibrnicli I of the northwestern road
Evm rf iinr burned nxcept the Moie
111J1 I kilns Seventeen fatal
hts vre hiI ell out
iHiQ Marshals Meet With
ILj I Public Disfavor
1i 1 i Ti Oiitroinc of ail Attempt l > y the ur
I 1Itts to Arrrxt the Drunken Crew
of the Charleston
SN 1uixcisco July HA Chroni
d 11 < San Diego ppecialays This af
ternoon Deputy U S Marshals Bred
I love Webb Wilson mid Grether en
i tend a saloon and attempted tj arrest
eleven sailors of the cruiser Charles
ton who had overstayed the shore
leave As Marshal Bredlove arrested
II one the others surrounded him and
prevented him taking the sailor The
deputies drew clubs and a free fight
ensued Tbestreets became crowded
with sailors and citizens and the fight
became general The patrol wagon
arrivin with reinforcements arrested
the sailor and he was taken to jail but
when the patrol left the cr9wd again
attacked the officers with pick handles
gas pipes and other weapons Officer
Grether drew a pistol as the crowd was
clamoring for his life Another con
stable drove up in a buggy
and took Grether away just in
lime for the crowd had grown desper
ate The other officers finally got away
and the wounded wern picked up
Robert Brown sailor died in a few
minutes from the effects of a blow on
the head Another sailor named
Burns is dyinc with a fractured skull
Deputies Bredlove and Grether are
badly bruised and a number of other
peisons injured The community is
greatly excited and the sympathy
i > eeius to li witl the sailers Threats I
ot lynching arc made against the dep
uties if the sailors can get their hands
on them It is said the deputies for
offered for deserters
the sake of a reward ofered
serters undertook to arrest the sail
ors whose shore leave has not expired
Wilson Bredlove and Grether have dis
appeaied Wai rants have been issued
for all deputies concerned
The Report Denied
NEW YORK July 14The report
from Chicago that the jobbers associa
tion of manufacturers of American
watches known as the watch trust
has been dissolved and that the imme
diate cause was the withdrawal of the
Elgin Watch Co from the organization
is denied by James I Xoyes the sec
retary and treasurer of the association
He declared there is no foundation for
the report Xoyes denied the Elgin
Watch Co had left the association
saying it had only expressed its inten
tion oheving the ant 1trust law nut
for that purpose it would alter Its rela
tions with the association but not
sever them
I Time Insurgents Victorious
SAX Unceio Cal > July HCom
i mander Janer if the Mixiimi Man of
War Demonats1in this harbor his
received dispatch from the Mexican
navy depaitmcnt to the ellcir that a
I umutai engigemeut tool jilac f the
I Chilian coast two day ago between the
SiiMiigcnt oinjper Magalans and Fevral
government vestejs The cneageu ent
I resulted in a decisive victory for the
iiiMirpents and two covenant ves
sels were alraogt destroyed
The Wild ItcporU Alisunl
ST PAUL July 14 According to the
Indian agent B P Schuber of White
Earth reservation the wild reports of
trouble pp there is absurd The Gov
ernment lemnyjed the dance house in
order to remove any possible source of
trouble and Indians Eay they are ready
to do anything that will please the
great fiiilisr at Washington
gurcrssfulTcKi Amor Vlatc
I WAFIUNOTOX July 1 Futtber
I tests with the American Armor PInto
made at Annapolis are proving the
ground last Saturday with gratifying
results Two tnreelnch all steel plates
prepared by Carnegie with surfaces
treated by the new harvey process
to give time process a complete test
under better conditions than thereto
fore realized the plates were made
with lees carbon in their composition
than three plates tested some months
ago The official report has not yet
jjeep received but the officers present
Bay the pjates satisfactorily resisted
the fire torn A Spound Hotchkips
f ShPIld lotchki
rifle a severe test
Fatal Gal zptiIon
ROCHESTER N Y July 14A gas
tank containing 30000 feet of gas en
Iijodtd at midnicht killing two people
JVopt Quotation
PnjL4nHLi > HU July I 4Wool is
steady Jfoptana fine J922 Terri
torial fine 152
CHICAGO July HWont weak dor
mcsticc fleece S0037
BOSTON July HWool steady Cali
fornia dung principally on a scoured
bafcis of 60 cents for fine 1
The trU qf IJlRm Wlndom
WINONA Mimi July J l4Time ap
praisal of the estateof the late I WiJ1
Windom was filed today It shows
the total value of the estate to be
txti f 4pI mil Paae
LONDON July HIJl the J louse of
Lords today the Irish land bill passed
its third reading despite the efforts of
Lord De mann to delay it
1rQ nti
i =
GOY Campbell to Be Bitterly
He Thinks He Will Be BeNominated
Unanimously But He i Likely to Be
Opposed by the Neal Men
bell will be the nominee of tho Demo
cratic Convention tomorrow for gover
nor of Ohio The contest will be shot
and decisive and will b concluded
with the first ballot Governor Camp
Dell will receive far more than enough
votes to nominate him but the anti
Campbell delegates insist that they vill
go on lecord in opposition in order t
prevent his unuuimius nomination
rims so far as the convention is con
cnned harmony is delihctattly reject
ed us an unnecessary political c > minod
ij and the oulj quotum now is i xviii
I ilc aiitiCiuipbell factions cary their
iievanes to the pdls There has
been many wordy warfares in the hotel
ioiiiea tijuay between Cauiibetl Dele
ates aud their druioiihtrative
gates dtUoustratve oppo
nents and in several cases ds > putes
went is such an extent that ad mi i era of
the Governor auswcicd with the threats
of the Hamilton county delegates tiy
declaring Campbell could be both nmi
iriatfd and elected without the help of
Cincinnati All tN > e d ppntes are di
jnecated by both Campln and Xial
lit their elteil is none the less felt in
the party ranks
nili ay angry uruiglu was in pio
uress this rveuuitr in tao lioit nt tae
Iluin Denier ulHce bctee7i ieti I
Nolan a Cal oil man und an > mnma
Lenr prize lighter ami William anti
lames Patterson JSel deUgitea il
tindeiatood tj be ti um Cincinnati i a
le was passed and in an instant re
volvers Were dutwn A lively fuilade
followed in which four or live shots
were fired with mild results An inno
cent bystander iiveivid one of the bullets
let alter which the weapons were
used as clubs with more appreciable
effect on the contestants They all re
ceived numeions Cashes over the head
and were hledns profusely when ar
restee This unfortunate incident
tended at once to restore more philoso
phical feeling all around Party lead
ers of all factions immediately united
in a vigorous protest against wrangles
and tonight petty disputes are dis
countenanced by all and a Btronc attempt
tempt made t restore partial harmony
The full strength of the Campbell
following was not appreciated until the
Governor reached the city this after
noon There is no doubt of my nomina
ton on the first ballot said he this
eveniiu to an Associated Press repre
sentative It is I simple question of
addition as I already have assmances I
from far more than enough delegates
to insure the nomination 1 think
he result whatever it may be will
be accepted philosophically by all my
worthy comoetitors and that the De
ocr y oLtfieir 8tato5 HXjireaetit arj
unbroken all front 0 to thsJ anemythW
allA mass meetirfr of AntiCampbell
delegates was held this afternoon at
which was discussed the questions
whether in the event of Cainpbt its
nomination the opposition should per
mit him to be declared the unanimous
nominee or insist on a Campbell roll
call and make the record show opposing
posing votes The committee reported
this evening in favor of opposing Camp
bell to the bitter end This persist
ant opposition is tho sensation of the
own tonight and has destroyed the
last hope ofl harmonious conven
tionThe convention has been in session
all evening and the platform is practically
cal completed except on the silver
question The tariff plank is founded
m that of last year I demands a re
duction of tariff taxes and denounces
he socalled protective tariff etc
The platform pledges the Ohio Demo
crats will ajd in every way in the effort
to muku it Buitttbltt pxhibit at the
Worlds Fair I is possible a plank
favoring free silver will be adopted
hut i so a minority report will be pre
sented opposing it
A Drunken Jinn Spree
IpjfNEAiOMs Minim July 14A
spuoial to tug 7rThipm > ip frpm Tacoma
bays Thomas Ilinekiny of Beadle
while on a spree her entered the
saloon and called all hands up for a
drink While the barkeeper was scrv
ng the crowd Ilinrkley pulled a re
olver and began shooting Wm
Jrannoa proprietor and George
ax collector instantly
rlurttn ujty tar colector were ii
stantly Killed and severaj others
vounded Hinckley and a Ian named
arrested JoiiglasB his companion were both
Au Ogden Thief Arrested
KANSAS CITY July 14A special
from Wichita says Nelson George
formerly the clerk of the registered
letter department at regstered
o3tcfjjce has been arrested on a giand
Jury indictment fop stuajlng n registered
package containing SS uQO eorge
stile the package fipm the Ogden office
ind reatldressed it to Kansas City and
cajied Ifr U t gl I Ie t later place himself
Ttro Triirruepf IlounfS Horn Down
Nsw YORK July 15Abqut 1 oclock
this morning tl fit tut Hy destroyed
two tenement houses 01 Satu street
Tho bnildin t wore four stories in
height and were occupied by sixteen
families Many occupants jumpad to
the ground in their night clothes and
four men were seriously Injured One
child is missing and supposed to have i I
Presidential Possibilities
CHICAGO July 14he Daily JVttca
U say q morrow There is a well
formulated plan jero 1 prospnt the
name Of ChiefJustice iMilIer fpr be
presidency Tho Acivs artiplp argues
that Hill and Gray may destroy Cleve
land but if so the < choice will fall to a
man other than either the Now York
or Indiana executives
Got the Leader of the Gang
GlijttmKATij July HTom Finn
ag o lg tipi leader of a cang of juvenile
buivlurg waa shot and m JtljfywQlijll
ed by a policeman this morning Tho
officer had been looking for him and
when ho halted Finn the latter timed
eeeral shots at him without effect
The policeman returned the fire bring
ing down Finn
OulUy ul ciIcnt C
CJllpln1 TJtWH
AHPBX Colo July Hho inqlc
on the brdies of the victims of Sundays
wreck was held today The jury found
the conductor and brakeman of tho ex
tra train guilty of criminal careless
Hess and censure the Midland rond for
ViaTing bnildinga in the y7 obstruct
I Lug the view
I l A
Killed by Lightning
KANSAS CITY July 14 Specials to
the limes from various points in cen
tral and western Missouri report disas
trous storms last night near Somahs
John Dillaids house was struck b >
lightning Dillard being instantly killed < 1
and his wife fatally injured
Acquitted em Ground of Insanity
LONDOK July HThe trial of Dun
can for 1 muiderous assault on his
wife in Wales took place today Dun
can was acquitted on the ground of
insanity and the court ordered him de
tained in custody
Damaging Cluiulmr
CLINTON Mo July 14A cloud
burst here last nicht which caused
creeks in this community to overflow
doing great damage to grain and wash
ing out several hundred feet of railroad
road track
MtVernon Biirnol
SEATTLE Wash July 14 A special
from I Vernon Wash says The
principal business portion of this town
has been destroyed by tiie los is i
about 50000
Southern 1iulllu Sale irnicll l
SAN Fuxcisco July 14 Southein
Pacific oflicw1 hem denied all 1 know
ledge today of the alleged s lie of lie
Southern Patilk fiilioid to the Htund
aid Oil magnates
The Payson Comnimicaii n in
Last Nihth Kmpiirer
Itin iiirinintrcil In the Unst UmnitnkaVo
lins nt h v Men iVhrt it its mlud
ih Trim try
The Etqiiiirr last night contained
the following conimunicdtioi
PAYSON July HLast night the
Democrats of this city met in can us
and appointed delegates to attend tin
Twelfth Representative district con
vent ion which is to be held in Spanish
Fork tomorrow There were only
iwentytwo present at this important
meeting notwithstanding the fact that
the city of Payson is Democratic
These sons of Democracy concluded to
instruct their delegates to place in nom
nation as candidate for the lower
louse J D Irvine with instructions
that he work for the division of Utal
county with Payson as county seat for
the new county
Immediately upon the publication of
tme above people could smell a rat
somewhere and n DISPATCH reporter
immediately struck out to see
if there was any truth in the latter part
of tho communication relating to the
division of the county Leading Dem i
ocrats ere asked if they thought there
I was any grounds for such actipri as
1X 1
ply was most emphatically I
Steps were then taken to find out
from Parson and in answer to a spe
cial message sent the Democratic club
there the following was leceived
EPITOU DISPATCH The report pub
lished in the Enquirtr tonight to the
effect that in the event of the t election
ot Mr J D Irvine to the Legislature
that he will work for a division of Utah
county with the county seat Payson
is a lie pure and simple No such in
structions were eyer given In fact so
far as is learned no one present ever
thought of such a thing We instructed
our delegates to nominate Mr J D
Irvine lor the legislature but we
never instructed him in the least to
work for division of the county and
do not blievesuch 1 a thing possible
Whoever sent the Enquirer the report
if any one did IS A LIA1 and
either Piesident hamper or mj self is
ready to moot him any time and at any
place he wants to and huil the false
hood into his teeth
Secretary Payson Democratic Club
What has the Enqubei got to say to
A Lcm Hrt < > r Jipas
NJW Yom July ltA large raft
of logs fourfifths of a mile lontr con
aining 33000000 feet of lumber and
which left St John N I June 28th
ias arriyed here
nItr II 1 iqior Pond
K > OKUK la July 14A DTosmer a
retire banker and for many yeais a
irotnlneiit citizqii of this city t died to
day tiHe1 73Ho
Ho Wants rrolvodnn
LONDON July nThe Home cor
respondent of the London edition of the
New York Hi raid telegraphs his pa
per that it is rumored the local au
Jiorjtjep of Putonja a OiLy ot Icily
laye YicllUpd the U S Consulate
here and that the Consul has asked
the officials at Washington for a permit
to dost his office and place th P archives
uuorpeptteotlfin of the German ling
FrOm Tuesdays Dally I
SHERIFF FOWLER received a telegram
from P V Junction last night telling
ilin to come tlipro out nest train and
signed by a man named Ilomoran
The Sheriff immediately telegraphed
to find out who Ilomeran Tas and he
received the following ° Im a sheep
man and want you to arrest the con
stable here Sheriff Fowler con
cluded that the constable would keep
so he waited here as then will un
doubtedly be the usual amount of
toughs with the circus
McEWAN Co invite the attention
of the people of Provo and vicinity to
their stock of general merchandise
f7ijcii they are offering at birizains
consisting of jadipV and i gmntsl war
boys and misses wear also ohildicus
wear of which we have been gettfng
new stock for the last few days and
more to arrive soon Our stock in
groceries all O K and at bottom pi ices
Dont forget that this is the best and
Hily place in town to get hops Give
us a call
The kqriq JJprfchsJ
Le ftclJitsta of time present duty for th
Ouctioa of everything that will co
i to the material vclfare and conn r
mankind arc alaioot unlimited an
Leu Syrup of Figs was first producer
is world vas enriched with the oii >
rfcct laxative 0 known t as i is the enl
nicely vhieU is iruy pif > lshlt oitl i
celling to the tate and prompt an
cturl cleanse tho system gently i
rpriiJ tIC or in fact at any tL
d the better it ij known lis more po
inr it becomes
Little CMldren Butchered
by Robbers
They Refuse to Disclose to the Fiends
Where Their Fathers Money 1 Depos
ited and Theyare Murdered
JOlU Tex July HThis morning
at an early hour two men went to the
home of George ewberry who is liv
ing two miles west of here Newberry
was absent and the men demanded
from his mother the money they sup
posed he had received n few days pre
viously The old lady told them she
had no money in the house v > hereupon
they tool her in the yard tied her to
the gatepost and slashed her throat
with I knife One mail then went back
into thplouse seized the child of seven
years d asked her where her fathers
money was The child refused to tell
him whereupon the ruffian took her
out intoHhe yard and cut her throat
with a knife Going back ho took out
the fiveyearold girl and twoyearold
baby boy killed both in the
kied same man
ner and then piled the bodies together I
The miscreants then went away The
old lady is still living but cannot re
cover The oiliceis are scouring the
country for the murderers
Destitution in Germany
JjBitLiN July HThe Vossische
Zeitung says Destitution among the
lower classes of Germany is becoming
intense Potatoes the usual price of
which is 11 marks par bushel now cost
6 I marks per bushel JJread is becom
ing dearer every week Every branch
of commence is suffering and many
bankruptcies are announced
rrinirkahii Story Told Hy a Little YVhcrl
ins Joy
Prrrsnuuo July 12 Charlie Snow
den an 8yearold lad was locked up
by the Pittsburg police lato last night
Today before being handed over to
the Huatine society until the Wheel
ing officials can consulted he told a
surprising story
1 live at Wheeling he began
I My father is a bad man his namei
George Snow den and he is the leader
> f a lot of men who do nothing hit
oreak in houses and steal He used to
nakp me help him I had to crawl il
window arid open doom When I re
uscd lie told me he would kill me At
ast I got away and took a train and
arne to Piitbbnnr My father and
another man killed a man down in
West Virginia I was lying in bed
Liiey said that they would do it i the
old man woke up The next day I
heard about an ole man being killed
it the place they were talking about
the night before and I know it was
my father who killed him I got away
as sonn as1 could Inspector Mc
j n galtraS 1 frstory jftefs t > Origin awl 11
ntelligenf and has a convincing mmnm j
nero l
The Iron Horse Will Soon Be Snort
ing Its Way Through There
We camel we spoke and we con
quered This applies to Democracy
and Goslien
Goshen is jubilant the iron horse
will soon bo snorting and puffing
through its quiet thoroughfares laden
with the precious minerals which na
lure in bygone ages has stored up in
her treasure house in the western
mountains and in order to celebrate
the event in becoming style the citi
zens have ordered a sot of brass instru
ments which Mr Giant of American
Feik delivered last Saturday night
and as a consequence the stillness of
the Sabbath evening was broken not
only by the lowing bovine as she wend
ed her way hoiqe from the pastnu
heie she had been brousing on the
uccnlent thistle and the fragrant mince
brush but now and then a loud blast
from the trumpet mixed with the
shrill tones ot the clarionet would
foreshadow the ravishing strains of
Strauss and 13epthocn with which the
ail of Goshen soon will tingc t Copy
ight applied 101
I am here in our enterprising towns
man N Johnsons camp He has a
fntrac here for grading and is busy
with a for e of men and teams prQge
iiting the uvk I is expaotod iralns
vill bermirnji fn r tiafllc inside of six
nontl s Siicccss Speed the
10lti lCCC = good
work I
Thii is 1 glorious person fo the
ramp Sl of the JOItIY fCP1 procured
beds on the second floor of the cimps
hay stack last night and the morning
> ieeyes woio laden with the aroma of
true Mocha boiled in an old wash basin
and served out in some castaway fri
cans Fioin the Spartan simplicity of
their fate your correspondency wait In
hopes that thpy were Democrats but
on Into viewing thorn I found out that
hey all to a man were in favor of pro
ection from workand igh w ges
and that they looked with lofty con
tempt on tho men who worjced in the
cnmp fpr a dollar and 1 hal and their
CAMP JohNsoN Goshen Julv Hit
Probate Court
In the matter of the estate of James
W Loveless deceased the court made
an order confirming sale of real estate
and personal property
In tho matter of the estate of Eliza
both Roach deceased for hearing the
ippication for approval of final ac t
count of administration and i ctiton
distribution Mary A Brnithaitc
railed to appear to establish her heir
ship to said estate King Hontx
fed petition praying that the whole or
said estate escheat to Territory of
Utah J W N Whitecotton filed
petition in behalf of Win Ilnaoh et
aI asking that said estate be distrib
uted to them hoy claiming tq be the
only heirs of said estate J H harris
attorney for Margaret and David
Stringer called attention to certain
claims against said estate filed herein
but on which no action had been
aien Tho court stated he would
bear evidence in support of said cjiipia
Objections were filed by attpinays
Whitecotton aiVd King Iloutz to Iqe
allowance qf any of said claims After
i full 1 hearing the court allowed the
cluim of Margaret StrInger for 875 the
total of dald claim being 8150 and le
ected all other claims The court fur
ther ordered a continuance in the I
hearing of final account and distribu
tion till August 2VS IgQJ
In the ipatttr of the estate at Thomas
Jarmnn deeiaied time petitionof ThoiiN
is L Jarnian and J E Booth mod
heroIn for letters or ndmlnistiatlon of
said estate was by order of this court
set for hearing July 25 1891
In the matter of the estate of Eliza
beth Roach deceased the petition of
h o h
Wm Roach et aI fined herein for a
decree of distribution of said estate
was by order of this court set fur hear
ing August iS 1891
In the mater of the estate of Eliza
beth Roach deceased the petition of
King c Houtz was filed praying that
the whole of said estate b escheated to
the Territory of Utah for the benufit of
common schools Set for hearing Aug
ust 28 1891
In the matter of the estate of Henry
M Parker deceased the court made an I
order of final discharge of executors oi
said estate
Republicanism Preached at
the Theatre Last Night
The Political Humorist Prom Michhra
Amuses a Jolly Crowd People for at I
Couple of Hours
From Tuesdays Daily
About 630 oclock the Opera House
band appeared On the streets hauled I
by a boy bearing a banner calling at
tm < tiiii to the fact that exCongress I
man lion would talk Republicanism at
he pj era House Accoidingly large
audience of ladies and gentlemen filled
the house When the curtain lolled up
mt 1 1 disclosed to the gentlemen on the
stage a good audience and to the audi
ence a ellurmngeJ stage with the
Amcrcau flag in the background
Seated on the stajio were a number of
prominent ladies and gentlemen of
Provo and Judge Zane of Sal Likeiud t
li G herr of Mic i n tJ
un m < ui n of Mayor Booth the naino J
of lion John A Blackburn was pie
sjnieii as ctairman
Judire JMackburn 8Suin d time eaair
said and then utroduced 11 Bon vno
Lades nnd Gentlemen I am go
ing to tak to you on the principles
of the two great parties and I
am going to discuss them
rom the standpoint of a Republican
I have been a Republican ever since
the party was formed and I do not al
low any man to tell me the principles
of that party because I have studied
them too well The Republicans have
defended the government whenever it
was assailed it put down the rebellion
r notwithstanding the fact that at this
late day Democrats tell you that it was
them that fought the civil war I is
true there was large number Demo
crats who fought for the Union but
there was ever so many who stayed at
home A large number of individual
Democrats went into the war but the
party did not behave well on that occa
sion I like to belong to the Republi
can party because they have always
stood oy the old flag And now about
the question of tariff There is noth
ing made by misrepresenting anything I
aud I will not misrepresent this ques
tion There is no country in the world
which practices absolute free trade
England is not a free trade country
as she has a tariff revenue She leyies
duties on the things she dees not pro
iicenndthis is just the opposite from
icemtithis i
jpartyTas < theyiplacevthese things tbliC ontlo
free list The Democrats say that a i
protective tai iff puts the money into
the hands of the monopolist and the
rich manufacturer at the expense of the
consumer I say that by putting the
tariff on things that we do manufacture
we lower the price We have had a
protective tariff for thirty years and I
know that things are cheaper now than
they were then The speaker claimed
that salt was placed on the tariff
list thirty years ago and from I
the time the tariff was put QQ salt the
price started to go down and it is now
cheaper than it ever was Hardware I
had also deareased in price since the
tariff had been placed on it Nails
steel rails silk goods crockery
cotton goods and wool had
coton Ioods 1 tar
iff placed on them and had be
come cheaper by it Grover
Cleveland in his message re
commended wool to be placed on the
free list and since that message was
sent there is not a Democrat who can I
look a sheep square in the face Linen
the Democrats said could not be manu
factured in this country but wo are
now manufacturing better linen than
any other CQimtiy The same with
glass I have no use for a man who
will not help to build up the town he is
living in After our town our greatest
obligation is to our nation < a u whole
Our free trade friemls always talk about 1
raw materia In fact they arc ever
lastiupSy talking l about it I you ask
any of them what is r AY 7 f torial they I
can never answer U Tie speaker then
enlightened the audience by claiming
that wqol ali pigiron were not raw I t
materials i
lie spoke of the sugar industry now I
being started in Lelu and the benefits
the country would derive from it
adding in connection that every Demo
ocrat in congress votOtl against the
County on sugay when fie McKinley
bill wjia holng passed Tin plate can 110
be made in this country and in three
years we will make better and cheaper
tin plate than vq are now importing
from WaJea notwithstanding the state
ment to thefcontiarv by our Democratic
friends The Republicans are always
devising means for the good of the
country while the Democrats always
kick against it Reciprocity was tho
work of the foriSlo brain o that great
statesman James G Elaine and with
this doctrine the country will be hens
fitted to u great extent Every Demo
oiat voted against reciprocity The
time has come when the people of this
Territory are joining either of the two
great paitios although there are some
who think the timo has not come t di
vide yet lot me toll l such that
whenever I see the Democrats starting r
to make eon verts I want to have a hand I
in it The speaker took up tho question j
or strong government staling that the I
n wanted I Lovernment
which would be rspnctod Threver I
the flag was floated J want you i 1
to ally yourgplyes vtth the party oi
proflrpsi mutt eduction for wherever 1I I I
the clioola ue thickest th rd YOl will
hid the Republicans in the
tnt nIHlbUCII1 ma
jority In the Bureau of Education
there is an atlas which indicates the
educational status of the different
States and Territories W litre the
greatest illiteracy prevails tho Btnteq
are painted black Where the great
est purcen aup of education exists it Is
purely wlqte The whitest spots on
that char are Vermont where I was
born i Ohio where I wag raited Michi
gan where I now live and Utah
where stand tonight Utah is too
great and well educated a country to
be ruled by Democrats Sho is des
tined for the party of progress the Re
publican party Xovvt If there ii any
one lipr yf hfi s t111 believes in the Dem
flcratip party why vote that way but
all I have to say la may God have
mercy on your souls I
The speaker closed his remarKs with
compliments to Provo and her citizens
for the reception tendered him
The speaker was very amusing in his
remarks and was loudly applauded
during his entire speedy
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tt Bt 10

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