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k rt r fssoc aied res8 Reporl i > i WEDNESEAYS AND SATURDAYS
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Salt Lakes Board of Educa
The Newlyelected Members Present
Their Commissions and Qualify the Old
Members Ietirin
SALT LAKE July 23 Todays real
estate sales were 41870
The old Board of Education wound
up its labors tonight and the new
board was organized All the newly
elected members were present and
qualified Col N ll on was reelected
vicepresident and J B Morcion
At the Liberal convention held stt
Park City today Harry JIines of I
Murray was nominated as candidate
to run for the Seventh Council dNtrct
and E P Ferry of Park City from the
IVnth Representative district G A I
Short its nominated for county super i
intendent of schools ali Edwin Kim I
ball and John Shields helectmen
Harry Van fooihees the young man I
who stabbed E 1 King during the i
light last Sunday night had an exami
nation in the Police court to day on a
charge of assault with intent to mur
der He was bound over to await the i
action of thj grand jury the bonds be
ing GxeU at 3000
Urpttrtril to lave Toujrlit
CHICAGO July 2 A lnvnte dis
patch received here this morning from
St Paul said that Hal and Fitzsim
mons fought this oruing at White
Bear bike and th all won iu seven
rounds An AisO it Press reporter
with the party tea ihs there is no
t uth in the Mon 1 that they have
not yet left S P
ST PAUL Jul f i The Fitzsim
inonsHall contest I 1 ely off so
far as this tate is tonvvjicflj but the
minors is still rife thir will come
elsewhere K M i Ftnk of the
Olympic cub 6fN < M Onans hopes
tobecuie the naenjor uls club during
the fallTtor xvinter Tonight he com
pletcdgirrangements with Carol and
Myer for 1 light for a purse of 5000
John r Uts Ui > Jlii Forfeit
NEW Yofei July 23 Charley John
son of Brooklyn on oehalf of John L
Sullivan called at the Herald office to
day and deposited 5100 to bind the
match with Frank Slavin for the
championship of the world the money
to be held until teptember 1st for
Slavin or his hackers to cover
sviiiaiiimLmLmiu Good Friends
LONDON July 23tn explanation of
the disgraceful quarrel between Mit
chell and Slain in Liverpool on Wed
nesday Mitchell writes that Slavin
and himself had been to the races and
indulged in liquor freely During the
sparrnjir JSlavitK lost his temper nan
tPlI JeriiL t t qyurd he I
men shook hands suppeo < tmaAvin d
together Slavin iclegraphs that he is
lidbest Qf frieitsivith Mitchell J
spite iQf these assurances the theatre
in which the puirilists wem givintr the
exhibitions has cancelled their engagement
Killed in n 1rlzc Fight
Ham Boyd and lohn Myford living i
at Black Diamond quarreled several
days ago Today it was decided to
fight it out in the prize ring The men
accompanied by friends pitched a ring
and stripped for abare knuckle contest
Three terrible rounds were fought at
the end of which both were bleeding
profusely When the men came up for
the fourth round Boyd seeing the
opening rushed in and delivered a
tremendous blow on Myfords neck
just on the jugular Myford staggered
back a few steps and fell to the ground
insensible He diet an hour later
Boyd himself came to this city and surrendered
Herbert Admits Nominated
CHICAGO July 23 Herbert B
Adams of the John Hopkins Univer
versitv of Baltimore was today nom
inated by Director General Davis
chief of the department of Liberal
Arts and confirmed by the direc
tory W K Carlisle of Wichita Kan
the son of Senator Carlisle of Ken
general tucky was elected assistant solicitor i
I > aoRht r of the Revolution
WASHINGTON July itThe recent
ly incorporated national society of 1
Dainrhterfl of the Revolution has elect
ed the following officers President
Geneirjl Mrs Benjamin Harrison
w Secretary Mrs General Geo I
Shields RegistrarsGeneral Mrs
KwjUMiia Washington and Mrs Howard
I Clark
Fatally Injured at a FIrS
CLEALUJI Wash uly 2A fire
this evening destroyed the entire block
of business buildings The losses segregate
gregate S50 000 with little insurance
lichiiel Cimtirhon and Theron Stafford
were fatally injured
New Tork Money Market
EW YOUK July 23The stock mar
ket today was even more stagnant
than it has been the few preceding
days and it remained from the opening
tH opniug I
to the close almost entirely devoid of
A ratal uontr Explosion
BING n AMITON N Y July 23Tile
boiler of the Lees steam saw mill at
inevah exploded this atteruoon kill
ing James Shaw Frederick Wheeler
and another man whose name could
I not be learned
A nUy AIInuHnt
MONTREAL July l 2tTJlc wholesal
m llinery and fancy dry goods firm of
John McLpan et Co has assigned Lia
bilities 8281222 I
Fatal Roller Uxploslon
LircnriELD Ky July 23The boil
er of a portable engine on the farm of
James Durbin in Edmundson county
exploded yesterday killing three men
and injuring five others badly perhaps
Killed Whlf CronHlnc the Track
J H Johnson aged 70 tried to cross
the Northwestern tracks with her four
yearold grandson at Lamoille this
evening in fiont of the train Both
were killed
A Terrific Storm
WELLSVILLE Ohio July 23i ter
rific wind rain and electrical storm i
L I dated here tonight Trees wcr upi
i 1
loniu m many mal buildings were
bldwn over and cellars hooded by a
ruh of woter that exceeded anything
ever seen here Crops of all kinds suf
fumed enl y Tclegiaph i telephone
and fire alarm wiies were rendeitd
practically useless
lllalne Will Ito ISrady for 1892
DETROiT J ul > 23Time Tribune says
Captain Gavett ot this city yesterday I
received a letter from J H Manly of
Augusta Maine in response to a letter
written by him Manly asserts Blames j
health is almost fully regained He
further states Blaine cannot become 1 I
Riindidatc for the Republican nomina
tion tit in his Manlys opinion if the
parts wants him for a standard bearer
in 1S92 ail it has to do is to nominate
him jl
A Chinese Leper Horribly Burned
SAX PitANcifeco Cal July 23 i
Wong Ah Kee an inmate of a local
Chinese hospital for incurables was I
so horribly burned last night that I
death would be a relief The hospital
is only willed so by courtesy and is
really the dumping place where sick or I
friendless Chinese are placed t awrit
then end It is located in a basement i
under an undertaking shop at least I
twelve feet below the sidewalk I has
a forbidden aspect and the stench
which arises from the rows of bunks
piled three deep is overpowering Last i
night there were in the hospital 1 ten i
patients and the body of a man who
had died Thursday afternoon About
9 oclocK Wong was cooking opium and
upset the lamp He was too weak to
upset over and picked it up so the
bedding caught lire and while lie AWIJ
enjoying What proved to be his last I
Pile of opium the bed caught fire and
he was enveloped in the flames His I i
cries were so feeble they were un
noticed and it was not until the smell
or the burning rags attracted the at
tention of the keeper of the place that
he rushed forward Mid pulled the bed
ding off the burning Kee The poor i
I Celestial was so horribly burned it was J
difficult to remove him on a stretcher
I The Vatican Wants to Draw Xear to I
I ROME July 2tIn connection with
the reception accorded Monday to Man
ger Perrata the new Papal nuncio at
Pars by President Carnot and nun
cios announcement that he hoped to
draw closer the ties existing between
the Vatican and France it is learned
that prior t his departure from HOle
ferrata had a long conference with the
Pope and Cardinals Ratnpolta and Ho
eU As a result of these conferences
he must have mapped out a line of con
duct for the application in Prance of
the republican policy i of Card inal Lavig
erie Time Vatican 1 absolutely decided
in spite of the threats and persuasions
of the monarchists to continue tHe poli
cy of adhesion to the Republic in order
t o restore France to the union and to
eligitms and political pacification A
renewal of the triple alliance will only
give strength to this evolution which
vill make a new depirlnie in the international
ternational ecclesiastical policy of the
lolv e The programme of Ferratu
wlllVtitisist in applying thisprinciple to
he t5tttitutouaUrich ol thtHffpiirtyjt
MPibu in the Chamber of Deputies
s econd inprevailing upon theBishofs
and clergy to make a solemn act of ad
feston and thirdly t constitute a
vast Catholic union in the county out
side of the old dynasty parties The
Vatican wishes above all that monarch
ial parties should not meddle in the
lUre A D Gash Scores a Decided
The Republican Party Allows His Chal
lenge For a Debate To GoBy
Will the gentleman or the paper thai
claims a street talk amounts to a chal
lenge and an acceptance please explain
the following questions
1stHave you and can you uroduce
time question Unit was to be debated in
writing signed by both parties
2nd Where was the debate to take
3rd When was tho debate to take
4thIf there was any question agreed
upon who was to take the afiirmative
and who the negative
5th How many hours or minutes
was each speaker t have
Gth Who was to speak frt who sec
ond and who last
These are questions that have to be
settled in all debates and the chal
cme of Mr A D Gash was made
clear on all thee points 2u one ac
cepted the challenge and hence Mr
Gash in behalf of the party cores a
Again suppose a man should say to
another Ill bet you 5000 on a cer
Lain proposition and some fellow in
the crowd should say I will takr the
bet but does not cover it with money
and no writings made as to the terms
of th > proposition would tho panics
cnosider it a bet afterwards Certainly
not Money talk TmeDeocia9c
paity put up its money in uie lorm oi a I
challenge mentioned the tim place
question affirmative and negative of
the question but no one accepted it
Hence it scored a victory
Again huppose one man should
say to another You own that corner
across the street 1 will pay you five
thousand dollars for i The reply
would be hI will take i But no
money or notes are paid and no ilced
is made out could the man come in
atterwaras and maintain that it was a
contract Certainly not
binding cntrct Crlaillv
The Democratic party through 11
Gash made u m challenge in language
plain mId simple yet nobody accepted
Can Brnll an the Enquirer or the
first ten or hIm eon men who were pres
ent and heard the jtrefct talk prom1 mice
the answer to the question propounded
I they can IM give an iutelligtnt an
swer then we hold the t truths to be self
evident that we have scored another
We suppose the Republicm commit
tee in not accepting the challenge did
1 not want to support a hoodlum to de
bate their side of the question and
I yet didnt want any of their strong
men snowed under
Ax excursion will accompany the
Denlmalter and Dyer Rifles from Salt
Like this morning The boys will add
much t tho procession with their
handsome uniforms and glittering
accoutrements I a band accompanies
them it will make five bands on the
streets to day The boys will go to the
lake in the afternoon and give exhibi
tions in drilling etc The Enterprise
band noon will be at the lake in tho ufter
Around the Bloody Giiillo
tine in Paris
Men and Women of the Lowest Type of
Humanity Render Sulphurous the Air
with the 2oulest of Language
PARIS July 23 Horrible scenes have
been witnessed the past week on and
about the place of De La Roquetle
where criminals are executed by the
guillotine Crowds of the lowest of the
low have assembled there every even
ing and passed the night in the vicinity
eagerly waiting to witness the execu
tion of the murderer Berland and his
accomplice Dore OnJSaturday morning
ing a large crowd gathered about the
place in the expectation of seeing the
execution which was postponed on ac
count of the marriage of Executioner
Deiblers non Since that time Sunday
inoiningexceptudjVoyous and their foil
sorts as well as a certain number peo I
ple of the better class have gathered
every morning about the prison and
the execution place singing
shouting fighting and using
profane language This morning the
crowds were more riotous and other
wise offensive than usual Consequent
ly the police was compelled to charge I
the grounds making many arrests and I
somewhat clearing the air of the neigh
borhood Gargottes cages and other
public resorts in the neighborhood
llc resors
huve throughout the week been doing a
boommu business as a result of this
bloodthirsty expectancy and when the
I police had cleared the streets the offi
cers had another quite as lively task of
clearing out the most disorderly of I
these drinking places Here again
many arrests were made and hideous
drunken men and women yelling and
fighting were escorted to the police sta
tion soiling the very air through which
they passed by the horrible language
with which they profaned it
Jack the Hipper In France
PARIS July 23TwG murders simi
lar in character to those ascribed to
Jack the Ripper have been committed
I in Marseilles within 1 week A man
giving an Italian name twice took
looms accompanied by a woman and
In each case the woman as afterward
found mnideicd having been strangled
I and then mutated A letter sent to
I the police stated these crimes were the
i beginning of a series
A Big iirrliaM
I NEW YORK July 230ne of the at
torneys for the New York and Boston
syndicate which has purchased all of
the street railways of Detroit Mich
said the consideriition wis something
over 5000000 The motive power on
nil the lines will be chanced t electric
ity This will throw about 2JIOO horses
on the market lIe declined to give
names of the members of the syndicate
CormHtd Uirler nJhrn Sulcfrod
son as n eel 4Jl L uis
this t i ffio Mhot and killed Dennis
1 Ryan another saloon keeper of the
same place and then blow out his own
brains The reason is unknown
I Jlottrnt Veatlicr Ever Known
i PORTLAND Ore July 23 The
weather bureau report says The tem
perature today has been higher thaI
ever known in this city the thermom
eter reaching 102 degrees Iso piostra
I tions reported
Real Estate Transfers
William Kirk to James H Kirk part
of sc 8 tpGs2e
Ann Taylor to John Cowan part
of sec 34 tp S s 2 e
Shadriack F Driggs to David W
West part of blk 1112 and 1H plat A
Pleasant Grove
David F West to Matilda West part
of lot 3 blkl and lot 7 blk f Plat A
1 Pleasant Grove
b Orville Markham to Parley P Pace
I part of sec 23 tp 8 s r J e
Win Roach to Parley 1 Pace part
of sec 24 tp S s r 2 e
Murrillah 0 Adams et aI to A 1
Adams et aI part of section 21 tp 5
s r 1 e
John 0 Adams and wife to A B
Adams et aI part of sec 21 tl 5 s r
Mary A Quincy to Peter Nielson
part of sec 2 tp 7 s r2 e
United States to Mary A Quincy
patent deed to part of sec 34 tp 7 s
12 e
Midway Memoranda
MIDWAY Wasatch Co Utah July
meeting of the Midway Democratic
Club the following citizens were nomi i
nated for the town incorporation Al
va J Alexander president D Van
Wagener Andrew Bergener Isaac
Juc bs and lohn U Buehler Tie
named nomi
three first were already
nated for the same positions bv the
Citizens milieus about two weeks ao
l eltr aimil Buehler are tie repie
seutatives of the GermanSwiss ele
ment One of the nominees of the
Citizens caucus is ineligible hence in
all human probability the Democratic
j candidates certain of victory
1 loiier Day is tube celebiated most i
ly 1 at Schneitrrs Hot Pot Bfhing Re
sort when tlr Proo nine are expected Ito I
to meet the Ileber baseballists
Henry Van Wagoner will light up his
brick kilns after this week to fill a I
large contract for Hon Abram Hatch
I Time Democratic demonstration at the
I Opera Hou e to morrow night on the
i 1 occasim of the visit of Prof J I
Paul and Judge J Judd will undoubtedly
j cal forth the lirsjest audience that has
ever greeted any political speaker in
Provo Tho Enterprise band and
Democratic Drum corps will go to the
depot anti escort the gentlemen to
GAY LOMBARD Henry Johnson aud
I S I Xewabaum of American Fork
had a very nanow escape from drown
I ing The gentlemen came 10 I Provo on
the train Suniiav morning with the in
tention ot sailing hack to American
Fork in a yalch recently purchased by
Henry Jnlinson J from Julius J Jensen I
I When only a few miles from Provo tHe
m boat was oertukcn by one of the mo4
II Revere gales of the season The ooat
was tossed about bv time wind ant
waves like a toy ali finally capsied
I For a couple of hours the victims drif
ted about on the lake hanging to the
boat for their lives Late in the night
I they drifted into a lot of bullriihhes
and then the boat became fast The
gentlemen made I an attempt to wade
i ashore in which they were successful
after hours of wandering and ploughing
through mud After reaching terra
I firma they were shoeless and hatles
They were kindly entertained by Geo
I root
tiL t
From Thursdays Daily
Tne heat glows more intense ev r
OvriCEii WHIT r ran in a druik Ids
l D Houtz and W I Brown we
to Santaquin last evening to talk Di
PROF J I PAUL spoke at Spaniel
Fork last evening Dr Shores o
Provo was alto present
T I SAJIUELSON returned last nigh
from Salt Lake where he had the prh
lege of hearing Dr Miller of Omaha
W L DYKES has been appointe
Deputy United States Marshal for th
counties Elder of Tooele Juab and Bo >
N P 1 MADSEX of Lake View was a i
caller at THE DISPATCH office yester
day the paper He expressed his appreciation 01
A BEAUTIFUL bouqtit of flowers
tastefully arranged adorned tin
Mayors desk in the council chambei
last night
TORN out to the big rally in I In
Opera House Saturday night Prof
Paul will reply to exSenator HorrV
rdcent speech
IT was remarked by some who at
tended the Liberal convention eter
clay that it resembled a veritable pan
demonium at times
YlTDI HAYES or Draper an1
Elizabeth A Draper of Provo wen
married by Judge Jones yesterday in I
the county clerks office
JunG DUSEXBEHUYS lawn presented
the appearance of a miniature hike las
night in the moonlight A surplus oi
water had submerged the green
LARGE quantities of Democratic lit
erature have been received und can b
had at Democratb Heiidqiirtrteis in
the old tithing otlice Help yourself
und piSS it on
F W C IlATiiExmiucic is the onh
business man in town who decorate
his show windows in honor of Pioiuei
Day His window was radiant with
the national colors
l TimE officers last night received a diP i
I patch from Pa son instructing then
11 I arrest and hold two boys about b
I eams of age who were with j the Won
I derland company Officer Wilkins pro
I ceeded at once and run tho boys in
I and they arc now in custody Th yaft
I from Tintic and ran away from lunif
and joined tho company at Paysou
I The parents are expected to arrivo to
i day and take the prodigals home
I DK WAr lt R PIKE has Leei
placed in nomination as a candidate I
I time Legislature by the Dcraoeiuts of th
I Eleventh Representative District T > W
I Jlnquirer thinks tho doctor has more
ability tss a uiidicul adviser than s a
law maker This may be true and ftt
the same time he may be the best legis
lator in Utah county I will not do ft
say because a man is aood at ole thin
he is not good at anything ehse1itmt
I THE usheis in the Opera IouS
should be taught n lesson of courtesy
I before they are mtde to learn as thej
I will be no doubt i they treat ever
one as they treated a lady and gentle
man on Wednesday evening The gn
1 P thi c 4 <
doorkeepers To ake i elii whjcWi
1 I pointed out to him He did so wlili i
along camp a pert and dapper youiif
I man who ordered him out of the seat
I i When the gentleman attempted to ex
plain hi Iis told lot to give any bu
I talk but to move As the gentleman
lid not have a coupon he moved to I
ether seat and the sitter rested Now
I if this usher tries I his dodue on Oil
I fellow that is burger than he is he wil
find himself in the soup
Glittering All Over Vita Signs
of Activity
Politics tho AlAbsorbing Topic With
I Democracy On Top As
j Usual
EUREKA Utah July 23Special lr
THE DISPATCH The Liberals held
count convention in Sheas hal i Satin
day the 18th inst and nominated
their candidates for the county officers
to be voted for in August
The Democrats had a grand rally in
Shaes hal on the moning of last Satur
I day The speakers were Mr William
I Condon and Mr W I Casady from
Salt Lake They are both able men
made a speech of an hour each in which
they clearly showed the political situa
I tioii in this territory at the present
I time I is refreshing to hear time
I truth told once in a while The bait
i was well filled with solid sensible men
who listened attentively veigiuimig thor
oughly the different points and argu
I ments advanced by the speakers
John S Tats occupied the chair
We were favored lately with a visit
from Moses Thatcher Vi rn 15 Preston
John Beck and several other member
ot the 15 B Co who although they
I came on a business trip met with time
people in the S D S church in tin
i evening and had a good time for a
I i couple hours
We need more such meetings to ope1
the eyes 01 the people in regard to th
mottvts that prompt the leaders of tlu
Liberal party to still carryon a fight
that common seusu and humanity can
not sanction
The railroad is approachinsr us iron I
the east and the inline of Tintic is i
certainly flattering The other parts of
the district arc steadily improving as
well as Eureka
We have a new Courthouse a ne
livery stable a line largo brick store
a new Methodist church and several
other buildings in course of election
There are three railroad camps be
t veen Ilomansville and Eureka and
the wok is progressing rapidly
John Becks Caroline J is doing
wonderfully well producing from GO to
75 tons per day
Eureka is a growing town the popu
lation of which is hteatlilv increasing
The mines are producing more and
better ore than ever
John McChrystal is putting a hoist
at the I Gray Eagle
The Euvek and the Heck neve
j done better
j The Keystone is making regular
I shipments Omit
I representative wool man came up from
the sputi last night and will stay her
until after tho August election and
help to elect the Democratic ticket
I Tin County Board of Equalization
was in session yesterday and went
over the tax lists making a number of
remittances Some of the petitioners
were turned aw y without the remit
tance and coiipequently felt sore
< iL
Order of the Procession this
The Sunday Schools of Provo City and
Surrounding Wards Will be Out in A
Their Glory
At sunrise the National colors will be
minted and a salute of twentyfour
tins by Captain Thomas Allen and
A B JIalladay and playing by the
At S oclock the meeting house bell
will ring as a signal for all the schools
If f the city to assemble at their respec
tive meeting houses to form in proces
At 9 oclock the bell will again ring
Che bands will play as a signal for tne I
schools to form in general procession
inder the command of Captain Jaires 1
E Daniels marshal of the day and i
his aidw
First Ward Sunday school will form
n West side of Courthouse block fac
ing north
Second Ward school will form on
outli side of Tabernacle block facng
Third Timpaiiogas and Lake View
schools will form on the north side of
Tabernacle block facing east
Fourth and Pleasant View wards i
< orm on the north side of the Taber
nacle block facing west
The Methodist Episcopal and Con
ncgational schools will form next to
e ml Ward school with their lespeo
tin teachers
At 980 oclock the schools will march
through the principal streets in the
c tvthe
The Denhalter Battalion and Dyer
Rifles of Salt Lake City will join the
Committee on decoration Soren
Jensen Henry Cheever Jos Sawyer
C Tweives and others
Committee on water J T Arrow
aniith and aids
Meeting called to order at 10 a m
by Assistant Superintendent S S
Jones president of the day
Chorus by all the children
ipieMusic Prayer by Bishop Alexander Gilles
Opening speech by President A 0
mOt in behalf of the Pioneerd
Recitation The Pioneers Mrs
Annie Atkin
Song First Ward Sabbath school
Recitation First Ward Sabbath
Exercise First Ward Sabbath school
Chorus by all the children
Song Congregational Sunday school
Exercise Second Ward Sunday
Song or duet Second Ward Sunday
Recitation Lake View Sunday
t rlYLm l
rigbam Young under direction of
rof I E Giles
Benediction IJishop Tanner
Song by the schools
Prayer Rev Frank Forbes
Song or Duet M E Sunday school
Exercise Third Ward Sunday
Musical Selection Third Ward Sun
tiny School
Recitation Third Ward Sunday
Selection Timpanogos Mandolin and
Guitar club
Recitation Pleasant View Sunday
Chorus bv tho children
Recitation Fourth Ward Sunday
Song Fourth Ward Sunday School
Exercise Fourth Ward Sunday
Prayer by Pros I II CHUT
The Republican Convention
to the
The Republican delegates
ixth Council District convention met
in the District courtroom at 1 oclock
Dr Simmons called the meeting to
order and was elected temporary chair
John Dixon was elected secretary
Committees on credentials and per
manent organization were appointed by
he chair
On motion of J J Fuller the plat
lrm adopted by the county conven
lon was adopted by the Council con i
The secretary read the platform
The committee on permnnent organ
nation reported recommending Don C
Johnson as permanent chairman and
j D Dixon as pecretary
Mr JoluiBdii assumed the chair and
called fo the report of the committee
on credential1 The committee re
ported recommending big the following
naiued gentlemen to seats in the con
Promo First Ward Jj Holbrook C D
Glazier C S Thompson
Proro Second Ward R I Dodd Chas
DcMoisey W R H Paxman
Proro Third iVaidW J 1 Taylor W
S HoldawJiy I I Bean
Prow Fourth ilmrdF J I Simmons
I D Dixon John Grier E E Dudley
Povo Fifth WardJJ Fuller Ben R
EMredge I S Pvni
Benjamin Bachman alternate for
Mr Eldredge
Sprinqville C Johnson F C Boyer
Rchard Thorn loses Johnson E P
Brinton Robert Miller L J Whitney
Lake Siorc Jas Aiken
Lake View Samuel Bttniiell
Provo Bench James Adams
Lehi Oley En son Geo Evans J
G Uibb S W Ross Geo Webb alter
nate American ForkJ B Roberts Harry
Timmins J 1 Wooten J l Pribyl I
James Grant
Pleasant GroreF Beers D ally
Win M Frampton Alex Bullock Arte 1 I
mus Hohnan alternate
Mpinf Eph Uealy Lincoln Carlisle
DrapuC J Irwin J i W Smith J E I
Day J H Smith
South Junlan Wm Holt t Albert
Jtiverlon Edw mirth Rushton
1J1tuirdihiittt mis Nell
Tho report was accepted
The chair announced that nomin
ations for I representative to the Legis
lat Council from t the Sixth Council
District would be in order
Dr Simmons in a neat speech of
fered the liame of J E Booth as nomi
nee for that office
The nomination was made by accla
A committee was then appointed to
go out and Smut Mayor Booth and bring
him into the convention
In the meantime the Chair made I
short speech in which he congratulated
the convention for their excellent nom
mation paying the Democrats had put
up a good man and that it therefore
behooved the Republicans to put up a
better and he thought they had done
so It required the Republicans to
trump the Democratic King with a Re
publican ace
J Booth came forward and said
he had just heard of the nomination
bat he hoped that there would be as
much cause for rejoicing on August
4th as there was at the present time
He claimed that he had always been a
Republican and had never been a
Democrat either by word or act and he
defied an j one to point to a word or act
of his that would proclaim him 1 Dem
The speaker referred to some talk on
the street in reference to Geo Suther
land having signed the petition for the
disfranchisement of the Mormon
people which was circulated in Utah
He denounced this as false bct he
added it being false didnt cut any
figure with Democrats
Il Booth then talked on the work
he had dOll in the Legislature claim
ing that he had formulated more of the
laws passed by the late Legislature than
any other man in that body He had
framed the bill on bounties on home
manufactures and worked it through
both houses The governor had not
vetoed any of his bills The one on
bounties had caused a circulation of
300000 in Utah county alone He
then dilated a while on the superiority
of the Republican party over the Dem
ocratic and thanked the convention
for the honor conferred upon him con
cluding by saying that he felt perfectly
sure of the election now
Mr Timmons an individual from
American Fork said ho had been to
Santaquin and had been surprised to
see the large number of Republicans
there He told how he had downed J
H Paul in all the arguments he made
and how he had succeeded by his mar
velous logic in converting nearly all the
Democrats in the southern end of the
county He scored THE DISPATCH for
spoiling his name wrong terrible
I crime I I and also for saying he used bad
grammar You ought to hear him 1
In his blustering way he knocked out
all the Democratic arguments that had
ever been advanced after which the
meeting adjourned
Commissioner Hills to Run
for thc Legislature
The Other Gentlemen Who Allowed
Themselves to Bo Sacrificed on the Put
uptobaXnocliedDown Ticket
The Liberal County Convention met
in the District couitroom yesterday at
11 oclock
Emery Hill called the meeting to or
Mr Ebert was nominated as tempo
rary chairman but he declined
Thomas E Dallin of Springville
t3r Vrnn3ftnc m
that he was pleased w preside over
I such an intelligent body of men
Some uilhcully was experienced in
securing a secretary but R S Hines
was at last elected to that position
Tho chair stated the next thing in or
der would be the electing of commit
tees on credentials ali resolutions
Emery 1111 moved that the commit
tees be appointed by the chair Carried
Euicry Hill James Macbeth and 1
Miland Packard weio appointed on
A committee < m permanent organiza
tion and order of business was ap
pointed as follows Chares X Red
held Mr Ebert and Davis Clark
Mr Brooks stated in regard to Lake
Shore there was only four of them left
and they had all agreed to come and
represent themselves but he was alone
in the representation
Emery Hill moved that the commit
tee on credentials be dispensed with I
and all Liberals be admitted to seats in
the convention Carried unanimously
The convention took a recess until 1
On reassembling at 130 p m Chair
man Dallin called the meeting to order
ali made a little speech announcing
that all Liberals present would be al
lowed to participate This saved the
committee on credentials the agony of
reporting that delegates were present I
from three or four precincts only and I
allowed the many from Provo who just
dropped in to remain ant partici
nateAlex Sutherland was chosen perma
nent chairman and responded in a
rambling zigzag sort of way or in the
words of a lellow Libeial he was fixing
it to let himself down easy when
he got ready to go out
of his old party He said if he had
been here he would not have signed I
the petition for disfranchisement but i
he would disfranchise the whole terri
tory till we got to our senses and knew I
how to vote He had never said any I I
thing mean about the Mormons lie i I
didnt tiink they wanted statehood I
now I was an impossibility to get it
anyway and he didnt believe that was
what they divided for But he was a
Liberal jut the same The Liberal
party had been called a bastard party
but this name hadnt been given bya
Mormon or any oue who had ever been
a Mormon
I nuiht have been by some one who
was used to that kind of business lie
said The committee on resolutions then
reported Aa every reader of TUE
DISPATCH knows the platform ou by
heart so we will not publish it
Nominations for county officers were
now made as follows
Selectman from the south James
Mclieth of Payson from the north
D W Holdaway for county superin
teudent of schools I 1 Dom al for
coroner W D Bennett of Provo
Now ensued an interminable mixup
as to the number of candidates for the
Legislature to be voted for and as to
where the Seventh Eleventh and
Twelfth districts were The matter i
was finally cleared up and the following
persons were chosen For Repre
sentative for the Seventh district An
ton Chmteiisun Eleventh district J
E Hills Twelfth district John Mor
wick Sixth Council district James E
Mathews Eighth Council district
Rev G W Martin
I Some of thedelegates thought the con
vention was stepping beyond its bounds
I a little in nominating men for districts
I which were partially out of the county
hut on the principle of majority rule I
the balance thought not
There were forty delegates present
including one lady
A county central committee of nine
was appointed as follows John Dal
lin Thomas Loughtney Lewis A
Lewis I B Sterritt David Hone H
W Davis Newell Knight Richard
Brereton A A Noon
Time convention adjourned witl
three cheers for Liberalism
They Put Up a Strong Ticket
for the Legislature
Warden Vandercook Threshes An Amor
ous Convict in the Presence of all the
Prisoners in the Penitentiary
Special to the Morning Dispatcn
SALT LAKE July 22 Warden Van
dercook punished a convict at the pen
itentiary in a novel manner this morning
ing It SEems that on Tuesday Joseph
Hedges who is a trustee was at work
on a farm near the penitentiary where
tho 14yearoM daughter of Will Smoot
started across the place Hedges
seized her aud tried to forco her into
the building for what purpose can be
easily imagined He would certainly
have succeeded in his purpose had not
the girls cries attracted some boys to
the scene and the convict let her go
The girl told her father of the assault
and this morning he took her to the
penitentiary and laid the whole
mater before Warden Vandercook
The latter hal the convicts drawn up in
line and told the girl to pick out her as
sailant She at once identified Hedges
and her father was with difficulty re
strained from assaulting the fellow
The warden then took a short buggy
whip and belabored the brute until the
whip was worn out He then took an
other whip and used it up in the same
manner The punishment was some
what brutal but was fully merited
A lau named Charles Miller ap i
peared before Commissioner Green
man today and swore out a complaint
charging liis wife Georgia Miller and 1 I
Spaniard named Jim Sonora with
adultery He stated that the
woman was his wife through
the common law of marriage
they having lived together since 1882
11n I July last the softeyed Spaniard ap
peared on the scene and the fickle
I Georgia went off with him When
brought into court both defendant
pleaded quilty and were sent to the
penitentiary to await sentence Had
they not pleaded guilty they could not
have been convicted as there was no
marriage between Miller and the
The Republican County Convention
was held in the Federal courtroom to
day and a splendid ticket was nom
inated The candidates are as follows
For Council Geo A Lowe Robert
Harkness James Sharp For House
E l Critchlow Louis Colin
James Devine Nick Treweek
Van Harrington and A W Carlson
These with the candidates for the
I county offices nominated some time
ago make up a strong ticket Resolu
tions were adopted congratulating the
people of Utah that the time has come
when past conditions can be out be
hind them and under the banner of
the great national parties they can go
forward in thedevelopmentof the great
territory in which they live The resolutions
lutions then set forth Uiatthjj CgnYUQ
jonty of the people off tblY nl
yield allegiance to the Republican
party that they are uncompiom
isingly in favor of the protective
system and the remonetizing of
silver and free coinage of silver they
are opposed to the distranciiisement
of any citizen except for crime where
of they shall have been convictrd ant
favor the free exercise of amnesty
to all citizens disfranchised on account
of polygamous relations who will obey
and uphold the law they endorse the
sentiments of Chief Justice Zinc and
pledge themselves to advance the free I
school system On the subject of state
hood the resolutions say We deny
that the Republican party is organized
in Utah to piocure or unduly hasten
statehood and such charges are not
only wholly false but tend to injure
time business interests of tho territory
by creating false alarms and endeavor
to present false issues The question
of statehood is not involved in the
political issues or in the
present polical pre
sent movement for division on national
party lines and any discussion of that
question is premature
A frightful shooting affair which will
result in the death of two men occurred
in the Twentysecond ward of this city
this afternoon I seems that Tli
Hall had a small gang of men at work
near his place digging a ditch and his
next door neighbor W J Seeley either
objected to the work being done or to
the presence of the men At all events
I I he appeared on the scene at 4 oclock
I this afternoon and commenced abusing
Hall and the men Hull stood this for a
time but finally he went up to Seeley
and gave him a good thrashing The
latter then rushed into his house and
got I pistol and coming out a moment
later opened a fusilade on Hall None
of tho shots took effect and Hal re
treated into his house where hogota rile
and going out again tok up a position
about 100 yards from Seeley The lat
ter was about to fire again when Hal
anticipated him and sent a ball through
Seeleys left lung Seeley kept his
I I position and fired two more shots both
of which missed Hal but one of them
struck 1 workman named L S Morris
I who was simply looking on in the
groin Seeley then fell to the ground
The physicians state that the wounds
of both men are fatal Hal got on his I
horse and rode to the City Hal where
he gave himself up A1I who witnessed I
he affair exonerate Hal from any 1
blame Seeley is a married man and
has several children Morris is n
stranger here
Census bulletin No 85 is devoted to
agriculture and irrigation in Utah It
s a valuable condensation of facts re
hating to this territory Even com ar
atiye figures with results in Arizona
and New Mexico are also given
There are in Utah territory a total
of 10757 farms of which 972l are cut
iyated by irrigation The average size
of irrigated farms is twentyseven acres
The term irrigated farm includes
only the area on which crops are raised
by irrigation They are classified as
follows Five irrigated farms of 640
acres or upward j thirteen oH from 320
Lo 040 acres sixtyfive of from 100 to
320 acres The remaining 9641 farms
under 160 acres in size comprised over
90 per cent of the total irrigated and
average twentyfive acres each Salt
Lake county has the largest number of
irrigators 1264 with an acreage of 25
392 averaging twenty acres to a farm
and averaging in value of products
2673 per acre San Pete comes next
and Utah a good third The smallest
number of irrigators is in San Juan
county being only thirtyeight with
777 acres averaging twenty acres to the
The average cost of water right is
S1055 per acre and the average cost of
preparing the soil for cultivation in
cluding the purchase price of the land
is 1610 per acre The average present
value of the irrigated land ot the ter
ritory including buildings etc is re
porteAas 8425 per acre showing an
apparent profit leas cost nf building
of 85760 per acre The aei i < mnua >
coat of water ut1 cent pera v hich
deducted from the terat annual
value of products per acre i es an
average annual return oi li7i2 pet
acre Utah had in 1SS9 iW17 irrgatel
acres Arizona 66S21 ant > ev Mexu
91745 The first emi tf water in An
zoom is 707 per acre in Ntu Mexico
55S and m Utah 10v wink the an
nual cost of thes territories is respei
lively S155 154 and 01 The teragc
value products per mitme i is i 1 92 iu
Arizona 1280 in New Ma ar 1
S1803 in Utah
Mr Porter the superintendent of tho
census says
ThH invariable tendency todencril
as irrigated nil land tc winft water
has been applied within an recent
period by artificial means Lnul to
which ditches so far destitutt c t watei
have been constructed ami e > en lana
for which water rights utnly are
claimed baa placed the o nslts ofiue
under the necessity of alsoli filv re
striding itself in its utluti bulletin
on irrigation to land on i hili i cr ijs
were actually raised b > the art L ialap
ulication of water caning the census
year 18S9
The use of flowing wells ft > r t Lo irri
gation of gardens orchards aiil vine
yards was considered so inip tart that
at tIme taking agricultural nsus
the enutnvrators obtained tlu > lutmliec
of artesian wells owned bv f n > 1i 1 rmer
The total number wa1 L > t Facts
concerning the depth cost ll > w etc
were obtained from the o n rs r if > is7
wells The average depth H ii > > 4 ft tt
and the average cost 77t > o nor well
the average cost per foot in d 11th 1
mg 53 cents The duimttr of > tluai
wells ranged from one and a quarter t >
four inches or in a few cats to si
iuchen or more the averagf iuinjt frtni
one stud three quarters to two and one
half inches limo average am tint ot
water discbar l by tinso well equal
26 gallons per wiiuite
Each sumaeftil flowing vtU will ir
rigate 474 arts HveraKtn ii cost ot
1T37 pet acre It should h noted
however that tins average u st is i esti
mated exduMelv from stRLesaiul flow
ing wells mini that a large amount < a
money has bten expended itt bmkiuic
wells without any return
These Howm welts ar > < < nflned
mainly to the lower 1 parts < > i the vallevs
along the root ot the VVasuteli moun
tums amid to > 1mm cm strum at posits
from the u it beds ti > Im water
which forimU tied thi V ill i iand
which hums otmi nainod Liki lk > nnf
villc AIj r t j eistein hcrvs 01
Great Salt Lak and OL I tali hake
these wells me particularly nii leruus
but they tie ifi O in uumlx is the
hipher arouil is readier I ihe depth
as a rule ranires from thirty i tict on the
lowest ground up to 400 feet ur more
nearer the edge of the vallfv The
deeper wells ou the low ground art
more or less brackish or saline hence
then areof little value
Time bulletin is a brochure ot fwent
four pages quarto and is complete c
far as it goes It reviews the gi umusrapf
ieal feRtareSflt bith and a
which vary so greatly in their watt
snpply and in topographical outlines
Each county is treated in turn and a
synopsis given of its industrial agricul
tural and topographical conditions
And altogether it seems to be a care
fully compiled census document
To Be Held iu time County By
the Democrats
Prof Paul Will Give the Teopte of Utah
County Some Good Straight
Tariff Talk
sAruaDATJLv 25
PHOTO Opera Honseliol Paul
and F H Djerol Salt Lake City
Axzxmcn FORK Judge Jndd and
Prof Paul
TUSbAT tnt 28
IaLtsAnT GROVK Jmlge Jtidd and
W H King
By order of executive committee
W 3T DosBsitRKRT chairman
The Old Colonel Dies
MirwMrxrz July 22 Lieutenant
Col J E m Tonrtelotte forraerlv inn
oral Shermans chief of staff died at
La Crosse tonight
Hotel Arrivals
Harry Timinons American Fork C
A Granger Lehi HEN Phelps J R
Stephens G F Reach Miss Lizzio
Thorpe Rev Father Kousselon Salt
Lake R H McCone 5epbi L W King
Chicago J L Hurt Nevada Mo
J E Clinton G U Schenck Nrphi
Frank II Hotzhimer John Beck Elias
Morris Salt jahe W A Wilson Park
City Chits II Lawrence Chicago Mrs
W S Owens W T Cams Chas M Davis
Sail Lake John H MeCbrystal and
wife Eureka J E Jennings Salt Lake
TE Johnson Colordc Springs B G
Krans New York C Stewart Silver
City WII Hofheimer Salt Lake
AT the Lehi sojcarfactory everything
is going along nicely Most of the
heavy machinery has been placed in
position Over 125 men mime eniplo > ed
in and about the plant ami work is be
ing rushed with a view of having every
thing complete and in readiness for the
sugar beet crop about September 1
Chief Chemist U P Dypr arrived at the
factory Tuewlav and will at once proceed
to work analysis of the beets under cul
tivation to determine whether Utah
soils are particularly adapted to raising
beets and contains sufficient saccharine
to make the industry profitable The
reports coming from all sides are that
the crops are looking favorable and will
prove a success
A WEDDING took place in the parlor
of the Hotel Roberts yesterday after
noon Time contracting parties were
James Brady and Lydia Thomas of P
V Junction Rev Frank Forbes per
formed the ceremony which united the
hearts and hands of the couple Con
gratulations wore showered upon them
bv their friends
Gao StrrnEKLAjfD has returned
from San Pete and Sevier counties
where he has been stumping for the
Republican party He is highly de
lighted with his trip mirth says a man
is a foci that thinks the Mormons are
not sincere in the political move
He was well treated wherever he went
and one of the best political meetings
he ever spoke at in his life was In Rich

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