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7 efbit l fesatcd rcss Report f Ij T WEONESSAYS AND SATURDAYS
no 110 US A YEAR
i HtglilC < OltU Month JU
Sensational Development of
Matrimonial Affairs
Years and He
Dead Nine
Mourned aa Yeas
Turn Up But is Not so Unselfish as
Was Thi ch ArdenOthsr News From
the Capital
SALT LAKE August 10A case ri
valing Tennysons Enoch Ardon ws I
before Judge Zane in the
Third District court today From the I
facts brought out it seems that some I
Gyseppa Pagsrio an Italian
years ago cPJa I I
mil his wile were living in Denver
They hud a beautiful little daughter
ant their domestic life appeared to be
unsullied and happy The Italan
however who Ind the loose ideas of
domestic ties peculiar to the SOlS of j I
sunn Italy one day turned up missing
This was in 1SS and after waiting
for some time to hear from him his
wife 80Ue finally received the intelligence of
his death Then she forgot his faults
mourned the
and in genuine sorrow mlnred
death of the father of her baby irl It
was while she was wearing the widows
weeds that she met J J C Bawling a
stalwart master carpenter and tie ac
quaintance finally ripened into love
all left Denver and came on to
Salt Lake but not until the wido had
promised to marry him lie soon es
tablished himself in this city and be
came assistant buiMing inspector n
position of considerable impoitance In
April 1SS8 ho Marled east notilvimr
his affianced t meet him at Grand
Junction Colorado She did so and
they were married there on Aprl 4th
and came directly to this city
where they have since esiclid 1 aid
their domestic Hie was as happy as that
which Enoch Ardens whIt v mid her
second husband enjoyed But Gysep
pa Puggio was not dead Alter ban
d nin his wife he visited Europe Iud l
lived th re several year and thn hs
heart tumd 11 agmn to his wife and child
in America and he came bad 11t
more to this hUll of the free lint the
Italian was no Enoch AHen he die
not look in at the window and then
turn away anain forever when ht
learned what had transpired during
his absence He promptly notified his
wife of his return and sent word fin
her t come to him to New York
There was nothing eise for her to do
Dawlinc and his wife parted with a
barrier between them stronger than the
giMve She went on to New York and
Dawling brought this action to have
his illegal marriage annulled after
learning the facts as set out abovo
Judge Ztuie signed the or er
Ie Is Not a Leper
SALT LAKE August 10 Something
J of i sensation was created at the City
hal t day when a police officer re
ported that he had found a leper in
Chinatown Marshall Young piomt
ELi rated u the matter ami found
i he 1PNRni JH
ir the a
ixe 9 ay keepml
q rlltipctItices Wl a8
1 rapped The skin pealeU off of the I
Hand although the member was all
right The Celestial was seen by the
officers who at once concluded that he
4 ofcers
had lepersy
Will Not Acnlii he Molested
SALT LIKE August IOThe Dispatch
path Pone express was making
usually wild dash fo the train this
afternoon when a policeman arrested
the driver for reckless dnvng When
the nature of the cause was explained
to Chief Young the rider was dis
charged and was given authority to
make his trips herealter without be
ing molested I
Jlupfil Transit to the Lake
SALT LAKE Auuust 10The West
Side Rapid Transit company signed a
contract by which they received 175
000 extending tUis line to the lake
This company already hns a road in
operation dan several miles across the Jor
fonl rlll Appeal
SALT LiLt August 10 Charles
Forl drum major of the Liberal band
who on election ni ht brutally as
saulted Motermin Craw was tnday
fined S50 by Commissioner Pratt Ford
will take an appeal
To Succeed CoI 1ace
Ttah Commission met today and ap
pointed W I Sells son of the Secre
tary to siicccd CI1 Page as registra
tion officer for this city for tie munici
pal election
Arcliltortt ll port
SALT LAKE August 10The ex
pert architects employed to examine
the plans of Monheim C for the
Joint city and county bUilding bent in a
lavorabfe report today
JIM coittturr TALKS
Ht U Anxious to Meet Either Snlllian
Milrliell or Slaviu In the Kiiif
NEW YORK August 10Jim Corbett
the noted California pugilist is in town
with Hs wife IIt > intends going out
with a dramatic company In an in I
terview today the lighter said
I shall post a forfeit of S10000 in I
Isew York befoie I leave and should be
glad t have Sullivan Slavin or Mit
chell cover it Of the trio I should
prefer a chance at Pony Moores boast
ful soninlaw Mitchell But then 1
am convinced that he is not anxious to
meet me As toMillivan 1 1 quite
willing to give him a chance at my
money Slavin can also get enough to
keep liimself in bread and beef for a
bng time if he beats inc
How about Jackson was asked
11 whipped Jackson as fairly as any
man ever defeated another The con
test was stopped by the directors of the
club who hal be loim odds onhe
black The very moment the referee
interrupted the proceedings Jackson
pullel off His gloves and hurriedly
sneaked nut of the ring
1 Alwt d J you think of Jim Hall
I bxed with him in Chicago and I
tell y > u he is a wond r 1 I have sparred
with some clever men in my life hut
bal is by long odds the cleverest boxer
I ever tackled
Do you think then he could whip
hI do indeed replied the Califor
nian emphatically
Beautiful Mrs Putter
LONDoN August 10Actor Kyrl
Belleu is as breezy and beautiful as
ever except that his black locks have
turned silvery grey Tie has been in
London since Thursday trying to find
a theatre for Sirs James Brown Potter
who is t play there next October So 1 I I
far he has not been successful and
leaves for Pans tonight lie takes
I I with Inn the two wonderful Ilogs pre
sented to Mrs Potter hi the 3liknko of
I Japan Belleu if i furious about the
reportjof his alleged marriage with
Mrs Potter and says she cleared over
100000 by her Australian tour After
Mrs Potter reached P Parthys she re
ceived a telegram from her sister Miss
Jennie Uiquhart announcing her en
gagement to Mr llaoul Duval a rich
young Parisian whom she met while
visiting Princess Ilatz Feldt nee Miss
Huntington at St Montz Dtirals
grandfather was commander of the
Legion of Honor and he has influen
tial connections in France Belleu
says that the costly 1 and unique pres
ents which Mrs Potter received in Au
strailia Japan and Ceylon would stock
a big shop
Another Sm liUp
NEW HAVEN Conn August 10
Xine Italian laborers were seriously in
jured two fatally in a railroad collision
sion near Bradford on the New York
New Haven and Hartford railroad this
moring i
A Womans Revenge which Cost
Her Life
Her Husband Kills Her and Then Cuts
Her Body Open to Get
the Will
BORDEAUX France August 10 Vic
tor Beige has just been sentenced at
Girinda asizes to life imprisonment at
hard labor for the murder of his mis
tress Mane BHiden The circum
stances S uloundlg the case me of the
straniiCft nd most peculiar character
and ate largely responsible for tiiviiifi
Berge 1 om th guillotine Beige
viae tathei is a small landowner at
Cuhoes deut tmt ot the Lot wa a
I medical student in this city He met
Mirk who was a dressmaker and
6h rJy afterward the couple com
menced living together By the death of
I a itui leu aunt Berge came into posses
sion of 100M trancd The will naning
I him lo heir he had in his possession
soul lie thowed it to Marie
vhiTeupon she demanded 1 that as rc
compeiibe to her he give iier one half < of
the legaiv This Berge lefused < to do
and the woman natchf lt1ie will from
his hand A terrific triigjIe ensubd
which was finally ended by Berge
throwing the woman Jieiiyily to the
floor but not however litlore she had l
by a final effort allowed the will
In a few lions fie woman was dead
and Berge in order to regain posses
sion of the will cut open tie body am
obtained it It was in this condition
that the body was found
Ilollria In a Poor Shape to Tackle Any
Nxw YORK August 10A telegram
I n es
1iV l eclare war a ins
Y i eCogniz tt b i Y
i insil i pI nJ li i is r
garded as authentic by wellinformed
persons in New York ConsulGeneral 1
of Chi F A Bellen when asked to
day what is thought of time probability
of a war with Bolivia said
I do not think that war has been de
clared If i had 1 would know very
probably still I admit that Chili wi
proceed against Bolivia a little later
Just now she is not in a fit condition to
war with Bolivia The majority of the
navy is in the hands of the insurgents
and Chili could not reach Bolivia over
mid because of the great deserts and
mountains As second President BaS j
mac < a get his new ships something
will be done I think
Etcher Obarrios ConsulGeneral of
Bolivia thought as Mr Bellen did
Chdi has long had a desire for the
ich country on the western edge of Bo
livia said he There is untold wealth
in the shape of guano bitroques etc
in the vicinity of the desert De la Afu
cama the Deserto de la Nevada aud
the mountain ranges wher j silver
mines are Bolivia now has no tea
boaids all of her ports having been
ceded to Chili after the last war from
Alien down Accusding to our treaty
Bolivia receives onehalf of the dutnvs
collected by the two countries and it
Was t insure i them that the belligerency
n l the insurgents was recognized Bo
ivia distinctly stated in giving that i
recognition that she still rca i
ognizrd the insurgents u hoe navy I
ommaiids lost of the seapons
Ms 1 Bolivia in shape t go to i war
Well hardly Htr army consols
of about 2000 men hit she has no fleet
revious to the last war she kept a
landing army of about 4000 1 have
10 doubt but that Chili l sooner or
liter declare war Bolivia though
wi do all fQ can tm avert one
The most significant feat mc of all
his is the emphatic denial whirh it
Rives to the recently Diihlished stit il
nent that the insurgents had no navy
ani were only able to maiut un thc revolution f
lution because of the distance from Bal j
nacedas tromps 1
Jamci Itum1 Lowell Daiiniroiikly 111 j
CAJIHHIDOE Mass August 10
ames Kubsell Lowell the cininenL
poet diplomat and scholar is daiiper
usly ill at his residence in this city i
andit I is feared that he cannot recover
from the general breiking down of his
vital forces which has now set This
state of affairs has come rather sud
denly for yesteiday no immediate i dan
ger was apprehended and this morning
it was noticed that Mr Lowell was not
so well and towards the afternoon
well defined of fever had
wll defned symptoms set
in and tonight it seems like hoping I I
against hope I
Not n Ouiiritm
Sur LAKE August 11Time City
Council did not meet tonight as there
was not a quorum present
THE people of Provo doubtless re
member old mal Shaeffers attempt rI
Miieide last spring by taking strych
nine in Judge Sutherlands office At 1 j
tel his recovery he went to his mimic
in Hock canyon where he has worked t
ever since emplov ing one man to help r
him A few days ago on retiring for J
the night he gave orders for his lan I
t cook breakfast for three The voting
man although thinking it a
strange reqiest he said nothing but
when he awoke next morning he found
his employer absent and a bottle of
rough oil rats and three sticks of
giant powder missing Shaeffers coat
and hat were in their place showing
lIe had gone off bareheaded The fel
low staved for awhile and Shaefler not
icturning he became alarmed and left
the t canyon lletnrning to town he told
the above story to A A Ferry at the f
court house Nothing has been heard
of Schacflr et and no action has been I
taken towards hunting him up
r 1 1
Her Crops Fail and She Call
For Hell
The Government Issues a Decree Totally
Prohibiting the Export of Grain From
LoNDoN August 10Both the Times
and Daily News have been collecting
exhaustive report from Russia and In
dia about the failure of the when
crops The results are more startling
than was supposed In view of the
failure of the crops throughout Great
Britain the Daily Yews admits that
unless abundant grain is forthcoming
from America Europe will boon the
Verne of starvation before the next bar
vest The Russian government has al
rely taken the extreme step of pro
hibifing all export of corn trom Russia
for the remainder of the year Last
year Russia bent nearly 4000000 quar
ters ot wheat to England nearly ole
thin of the entire amount imported
NEW YORK August 10 Bradstreets
publishes a review in which it places
the probable shortage in the Europeai
wheat crop at 281OOJ000 bushels only
177000000 can be supplied by the
United States and India and com
menting on it says
The report is an extremely bullish
one when Mr Bears wellknow care
and conservatism are taken into ac
count It will be observed how guard
jiiy rafeieuceis made to the probabl
emct of the short crop of rye in centra
and easter Europe and what the
probable effect will he if full allowance
be made for It Allowing 160000000
bushels ol wheat for export from the
United States to Europe mind 33000
000 bushels tiom India there would re
main fully SS000000 bushels to be 1 sup
pled bv AtiMratia Argentine Chili
Asia Minor Camilla and such other
countries as may bo found to have
wheat to pare
I graesituation caused by the failure
of the t l lOpS in Russia is causing the
greatest appiehension in all circles
The GraaManin declaics that the local
administration wil I he unable to make
provision for the inhabitants in the
distr > tsed provinces i speculators are
allowed to export corn or if the pi ice of
corn is not checked The paper de
ni mdi that the government immedi
ately place a heavy duty on the export
of rye
Mle Financial Messenger declares it
wl be almost impossible for Russia to
export corn this year
I is ollieialh announced that the
orenunent has not yet contemplated
iseuinc a decree totally prohibiting the
xpoFt of jjijiin from Ruhsia but the
paitial failure of the crop demands
that provision be made for the people
living in the ditiessed provinces ls and
consequently the export of grain from
conslqnelty provinces e will be restricted by
the authorities I
LONDON August 10he St James
Gazelle this morning prints the follow I
ing4 Judgintr frrm the returns issued
tiirmniciidy I 11 re fl lhed 1 the 01 coil ofqii II
bthbgiTumegrentiuieciine in the cx
egreat tleClne
pQrts frm Great Briian is tndlllt d
Iv due to the operation of the McKin
ley law in the United States We have
been told that the act would eventually
prove a misfortune to the United States
but its immediate object was to hit the
foreign manufactures especially those
of Great Britain and it is plainly evi
dent that this object has been at
Escapes From the Insane Asy
lum Yesterday
He i Overtaken by the Officers Wear
Pleasant Grove and Brought Back
t Provo
Yesterday afternoon a lunatic es
caped from the atyliiin hut was soon
nissed A guard Was sent in pursuit
vlio followed him into town without
ctptiuing him shortly aft ur his escape
a telephone inrasuge was Set to time
Marshals office and A A Fern
stepped ont on the street only to learn
hat he hud passe I I the East Coip He
ininedLitely star ed Warren Ferry ali
Jiin WilKins ftr him who pursued
Ii inn as hat 1 as iJeoige T Feays and
hen returned tt I town and got a rig
rini tie livery st ible Thev then con
inued the pursuit until Pleasant Grove
vas reached Th y thiii stai ted back
ilong the trtck and tound the loon
valking hiiFkh along time Muck t lie
mat c no rrsfctanee until liiii < icnlf >
acre pioduced I and then he objected
a rough siyng he would go quieth
lh S boy > placed him I the I buggy and
Mongiit him m IMC sifely When rtin
ling through imn he would sluiut to
tt lIOle he mine across Look out
1 ju coming
Shoitly after this 1 loon pi sd
t I trough Pr vo am theff one came along
ind accosted Tom rinirnuin stIlt i mig to
h1 tout a 1iiintii had escaped from
t he syliim aud ask d for a horse to
ijuIrsue him Tom tlhiu ht litwas 1 one
Mud iis horse Tin
I se the gnanis aut lent Til
f i How mounted and rode away and
I u I en Thorn was Jlt itt 1 that die fel
ow VHS crazy After an alisence of a
I few hours however he returned and
r ave up the horse
Inn I rrir on Mi Feet igtii
NEW Yom August 10So mom in
teivsiing man walks on JFull street
I Ill Ja K Keene Even in that
section w here big men are t < eel by the
liniuiied every week he is among the
few whom bankerb brokers and messen
ger buys alike turn to look at f they
are with stratmeis they point him out
auid whisper Thats Jim Keene
Perhaps no man could today make I
fortune on the Street and cremmte less
envy than Keene I is whispered that
he is even now fal on the roid towards
retrieving his fortune of ODO000
which Gould and AddLvm Carnmack so
coyly lat him out of ten years nao
Keen oflice is at the corer of Broad
street For a long time he had a din I i ey
little oflice of tie
llll olke in the third story
building and out ot his handsome for
tune he gathered a few odd thousand
dollars trom the flotsam and jetsam of
his millions lie started in moderate
ly slid Ito the market grabbed a good
stake and slipped out again and then
watched for his next oppoi tunity I
is certain that Jim Keene is on his feet I 1
again with a host of friends and fol I
No More SubsMi
CITY OF Muxico August 10There
iS no truth in the report of the resigna
tion of the minister of finance
A representative of the Spanish
TransAtlantic Steamship line I has
been trying to obtain the renewal of1 I
lrltLjTI j n 11J l JhJl W i o
the subvention by a hich tlC hue m
j binefltted but President Diaz will in
recede from the plan of economv up
whicli he has entered amid consider
that the era of subsidies to railwav
and steamship companies is past it
That IMnt VliNkoy
ATLANTA Mo August 10Last cv
cuing Frank Coffey aid several othei
quarreled over a pint of whisky A
light took place in which Homer SO
of lon J L McCulloiigh was shot il i
the wrist Frank Coffey was killed and
Robert Stanley cut so bad that he will
A Crazy Ctilimman Loose
SALT LAKE Aunust nA crazy
Chinamen created a panic in i
Third South street lear Franklin aye
nue this morning He escaped froi
the laundry where his friends wore cat
ing for him and went along the stree
howling like a lemon Then lie com
menced smashing the windows of th
houses along the street He was finally
overpowered by time police and taken to
Children Run Across a Lot of
Jewelry in Salt Lake
Nothing Yet Heard of the Three Convict
Who Escaped From the Penitentiary
on Saturday
teiday afternoon some childien wh
were playing in a lot back of Wes
Temple street came across a lot ot
jewelry which was stolen from a jew
elry store on South Temple early Sun
day morning Marshal Young tool
possession of thephtntand is now look
ing for the burglar
A pile of burning manure at the cor
nor of Fifth South and Fifth Wet
street took the flue department out oi
Sunday afternoon
Word has been received here I of the
death at Don lastm L 1 of Mrs
Judge 1 Hayden who with her husbauu
resided II this city for many yours
Nothing has ever been heard of the
three convicts whose sensational es
cape from the penitentiary on Seturdaj
cieatert considerable excitement here
Deputy marshals scouring the conn
try for the fugitives
England Alieail I Kiry Other Notion
NKW YotiK August 10Clms P
Cramp who has spent three weeks in
visiting the great naval yards of Eng
bug gave a dinner this week to the
officers of the Admiralty who offerei
him facilities for inspection In dis
cussing the result of his observations
Mr Cramp said There is no money
wanted in i fancy work in building
British vessels nat
dYih Yes Everything mW
the irit w lind t equipments of Ujit
ship le constructors know what
they want and do not bother with
doubtful posibilities as we do in Ameri
ea There is n good deal of dideienct
in the cost of war ships here and at I
home The excessive cost of our ships
fs altogether due to superfluities in the I
way of outfit and equipment ali also
lo the sevei exactions of unless mspec
ton As between America and Eng
and there is verv little difference in
he cost of merchant marine vessels
neb as those of the Inman and Sleen
mes but in naval architectures Eng
and is far ahead of America and every
other nation in the world
The Kinjicror Hrcnining Alurmrd
BERLIN August 10It is understood
that immediately on las return to tie
capital the Emperor will consult tH
statistics prepaied at his special re
quest regarding the population of A1 I
HceLorraine A number of statesmen
amid nitional economists will be invited
to a conference and means will be de
ised to stop the alarming immigration
to France which amounts to about
7000 yearly and which draws millions
in fact all of the ready money out id
the country It has been thought that I
i he pomp l of a court establi iilmiii at t
Stiasbuig by the governor Princo Ho
heiiohe might tell to make the people
content but that plan is a pronounced
failure as is also the extreme affability
of the governor which does not eel to
impress the people as it is intended to
SerloiK Sliontln Match
run icoTiin Ohio August 10
Vhil Police I Ofiiors Hall and Von
Kennell were attempting to nricst
Gemge Duhlmey who was tryinir tI
kill his wife Duhltn shot and killed
Hal all slightly wounded Von Ken
nell YOU > Kennell I I returned the fire
fatally wounding Duhlmey
And rhlj Now Sport Heavy Jewelry
About 8 oclock yesterdav afternoon
the i pity pri oneiP fivn in nnuiber who
were at work on Seenni tnt made a
bold 1 dash for liberty In a few min
nit S however quite a ciowd were
helping the onVers mid Olcr St mommg
pncceeded in eaituiing thiee of them
ThE B G W cir inspector caught the
oi her two lhmo v were brought l ick
to the jail and MarshalBrown adorned
their per son with a token of esteem in
t II shape of a hal and chain on euh
They Ire then sent out to work again
and appealed to be 1 timed down con
siderably when work they had completed
their days
On Snudiy night last John C Gra
ham wife and family were again
called upon to part with a dear
one Mr Graham infant child
Walter Peck aged ole month and one
day died of summer complaint Con
dolences are extended to the bereaved
family by all more especially as Mr
Graham has been I so repeatedly willed
to pass through similar bereavement
Assessor Clutes roll for 1891 amounts
to a total valuation for the city of Salt
Lake of fo965008 His salary is lixed
ai 2 per cent The rate of taxation is 5
mills on the dollar The bland and
childlike assessor will net about GiK0
a j ear for his labor He i was allowed
2i per cent last year but at these
figures the plum would be almost too
fat even for clttte
THE funeral services over the re
mains of Bs M L Roberts wete held in
the First ward meeting house on Sun
day afternoon Kemarks were made
by Elders S S Jones Joseph Clark
II Cluffand Bishop Johnson Very
appropriate and touching music was
rendered by the choir A large num
I ber accompanied the remains to the
cemetery Bro Roberts was a mem
her ot limo Mormon Battalion and ole
of Utahs pioneers being well respect
od by all who know him
1 fE wIn A CEPT
At LeastHe Says He Wit
Not Decline I
All Evidences Go to Show That Blaine
Will bathe Next Republican Nome
For PJ sid nt <
CHICAGO August 10 A Washington
special says The man who talkei
with Conger the Ohio member of tit
national Republican committee is au
thoritY ftmt the statement that Elaine
his hwalth permitting will be in the
iaiulsf his friends when tIme iiomi
itting convention meets in 1892 lit i
1S Conger broached the subject t <
iiiainejwho seemed rather indisposei I
co tfdkWKnit it at all Conger dwelt
hmgt hi upon the steadfastness ol
iilainita friends He recalled Humor
ills instances of their faithful adher
Ice tothmi under any and all circuin
taltt and said that his Maines
mendsibuglit to have something to say
The It bI I Cans generally wished fi
see him president all the victory with
iv her man as nominee
was uncertain
ane showed great feeling when
ongeiki limited upon the faithful service
> f Ins friends and he said he had eery
jispos IJ to serve them and the Ke
mm liiicgmpartv too and would not now
eciin < ithe nomination 1 advance
Uhethghhe toll Conger directly that
ie won take the nomination 1 do
nut kmmvvr hut this much I can say
tamely That Conger says Blaine will
UCF pt it and so now believe all of
iimine9 friends
A Mil II Treaty of Import
WASHINGTON August 10 Captain
iirni ok superintendent of foreign mail
tins ju returned from Vienna where
ie wis > In attendance as a delegate ol
MI iirtfirnationil pnstal convention
Tne principal event of the Vnnna con
untiiBj was the admission ot the Aus
11 1 I ai ir > emintries They agreed to conic
in I CvMiber 1st this year providell the
uiteiiiit nal postal rates were not re
luced r They claimed they could not
tiini a reduction of the present rate
to 11 country and Australia twelve
pence Und I irntu that coiintiy to this
six pHce fofc half an ounce This
OIJIIIY trill a oncereduce the rate to
tive pubctf Australia may keep its
rate at ten cents but it is likely it will
leduce il to live cents
Another tnmttCct l pf f interest is that
chanir jii the stee Of giimple packages
> f merchandise which may be sent
throw the mails to and from coun
tries iathe Union Tn > new treaty in
creases the limit to twelve by eight and
Jvir inches almost double the old
Yet another measure of public in
Hrest IH included in the new treaty
That n tfie clause requiring each coun
Ir JtL Union alter July 11811 to
ioSjida double postal card for foreign
seilie A double postal card for for
t 15 uiiSP wH costfourcents Tint writer
loot tiS his message on ono of these
eai v puts an address on the same
ti1ir1ciii mails the combination
t J
ffJ It au
1 > n J11trtft n I and writes his
reply on it addresses and ma Is it
Any country in Che Union will be re
quired tpMorward the card and the
country in which the double combina
tion card was bourht will receive it free
of postage both wavs
The new treaty which is to go into
Hfect in Inly 1S92 was concluded and
FiclIJ July 4th
Wasliington was made the place of
the next ineetinz
3xlmnstive Summary of the Report
as Completed by E A Wilson
City Supt of Schools
The report just completed by B A I
Vilsniof the Provo City School Dis
net in the county of Utah U T for
tIll school year ending June 30 1891
shows as follows
Number of schools Primary 5 in
ermediate 4 mixed 2 graduated
2 making a total of 13
Number of teachers employed 1C
tell i of whom were females and ti males
One of the hitter is nonMormon
Xumber of child en in the district
eUeen the ages of G and IS of non
0 l nmon parentageBuys i5 j girls
III making a total of 207
dumber of childien in the district
hltcell the mimics lit Gaud IS of Mor
11I011 parentage m Bos G32 girls G4S
iii 11 kins a total of 12SJ I Of this limn
her there m was a tital number enrollrd I
ollly 43 per cent ol tho children ot non
Iimon paivntagi and bO per cent of I
taB ci1 mreum of Mormon parentage I
Th average la Iy atendance of the
iiddien i i i of i iHiiMonnon paientage t vas
hurt i hree of the chilIrn of Mormon
arentage live hundred and iiUyto
lime percent age of the Mhocl popula
tioll actually attending school i a dull
drtn of nonMormon parentage forty
thrc per cent of Monnon paientage
ei4l i rry per cent
< ciioois hive hntii taught four full
t ruits including i one hundred and nine
yloti days that schools have been ac
laity in session
Tnire n tin four boys and one girl
imP 1 tinder the sire of MX years all
of Mirmon parentage Thirteen boys
nd luue girls over the age of eighteen
ears were enrolled nil of Mormon lU
re age
Tim nonMormon teacher was paid
forty dollars per month The aerage
ipiithly pay fur tf e balance of the I
iUe teaciieis was eightyone dollais
Slmi of the fern ile teacher foity dol
furs Ttieio was paid to teachers by
the trustees during the year in cash a
tlltall if Sa2J0 this being the total
ouipensalion all sources making an
avul age monthly compensation of
There were 1044 pupils taught the
mtneh of rending 1044 writing 1044
spellill 7S9 language lessons 412 II
ElIglih grammar 567 geograuhy 567 1
U hihtory 1044 arithmetic 1044
iijsiology and hjgienc oO coruposi
Lion 005 diHtving I2 elocution 847 I
music 114 natural philosophy 2 alge
hra S okkeejing 55S object les
SOlii 7S5 physical culture 948 morals
miimd manners
The grounds of the schools are valued
af jlOiaoriO tiuildings at 4221812
furniture at S40G55S uppuratns at
iTOJSO making a total valuation of
From a Goslten Democrat
EDITQU DESPATCH As the election
is in tile history of the past and the ux
tement it created is no more a few
words from Goshen relative thereto
might be of interest to the readers of
Our election opened on time with three
epunliiMii judges The voting was
Ih ely and was conducted strictly on I
party lines There u o no betting as
to results
Wiibii it was known that the presid
ing judge was the Republican cundi
ir 4 r
It fur Justice of the Peace became
parent to tae Democrates that they
Mild lose this precinct and some who
weak rather than be taunted wit
efeat bolted their own party and voted
vith the favored one
Now Mr Editor I would not reflect
> n the integrity of our judges of elect
on for I esteem them as the best men
> f their party in our vicinity but LS
me holding it to be the foremost duty
If a Democrat he stand on time watch
ower to guard that precious jewel the
re ballot and a fair count of the sam
i fair vote no favors and equal rights
5 alt and as Cesar would have Ins
rife not only free from coiruption but
ibove suspicion I would earnestly ask
Messrs Wliitecotton Huish Co
vhen they visit Goshen again to give
e he hoys a lesson on civil rights and
election reform Now when judges of
lection are all ofone party nomin
> es for olilce and registration officers
ill combined that makes a pretty strong
enttalized party government Too
strong for A DEMOCRAT
For Bale 1
Twenty shares of paid up stock in
the Enquirer company Easy terms
Apply at this office
Human Flesh Being Attached
a Wounclecl Man
The Scientific Operation now Being Per
formed on 3 Railroad Man Wounded
In a Wreck
NEW YORK August HThin slices
of flesh and patches of skin are being
grafted to the body of Warren S Low
a switchman on the Hudson Rive
railroad The patient who is at the
Manhattan Hospital was terribly in
jured in an accident at One Ilundm
and Thirtieth street last June He was
run down by a train and a section of
lesh nearly four inches square was
torn out of his thigh The wound did
lot readily heal and to make time
trouble worse gangrene set in Low
was to weak to survive amputation of
the leg and so the diseased flesh was
cut out
That of course deepened the wounds
and increased their area To fill up
the orifice pieces of flesh were taken
rom the patients body but he sue
cessfully protested against this procedure
edure Dr Bates senior surgeon of
he hospital then volunteered to be
come a martyr to science and his flesh
is being attached to that of the wounded
man Already two pieces have been
taken from his body
The first operation was performed
etersday afternoon and this was
followed by the contribution of
a bit of skin by the heroic doctor
These operations will be continued at
stated intervals until the hurt has been
cured If necessary other surgeons
zIthlve wilJltlg to subject them
Dr Bates and the switchman were
both doing well yesterday and suffering
comparatively little The wounds ol
both are healing slowly r and the process
of skin and flesh grafting is regarded
as a certain success
Another Railroad In Mexico
Huntington is reported to have ob
tained a concession from the Mexican
government for a railroad from the Pa
cific Coast to the centre of Mexico The
government will donate 17000000 to
build and equip a railway from nearly
opposite Cape St Lucas in Lower Cali
fornia to Torreon in the state of Coa
liuila a distance of nearly 1300 miles
This concession was formerly owned
by a man named McWood and the line
of survey was to have run from the port
of Guaymas through Sonora touching
at Culiacan in Sinaloa and terminating
at Torreon the junction of the Mexican
Central and International railroads
The Intel national is aLeady con
trolled by Huntington and this last l con
cession will give him a monopoly of
the important railroad traffic of Mes
McWood failed to carry the road
through and thus lost theconcession
Huntington will get 88000 a mile from
the tate of Durango for the line run
ning through that state
roi < onel By His Parents
Tiiburte has a special irora Seattle
Wastiingtoi ter saying that Willi
Lyitlu an 18 yearold ooy supposed to
have neeii slowly poisoned died ai
Providence yesterday The suspicion
was raised that the parents poisoned
the boy to get the property left to him
by lelatives A ciiemical analysis ol
tilt stomach w ill be made and if poison
is found the patents will be rested
A VuDiuii Scorned
KANSAS CITY Mo August nRich
aid ilJuvenals residence in Kansas
City Kan was wrecked by an explo
sion ol dynamite last night The oc
cupants escaped any serious injury
From all accounts the explosion was
caused by a woman with whom Juvenal
kept company before his marriage
Teachers Examination
The regular examination of district
school t teichers of Utah county and of
Provo city will be held jointly in the
Central schoolhouse in this city Fri
day and Saturday the 21st and 22d
must commencing at 9 S oclock a m
All applicants for certificates must pre
sent themselves on the first named day
Superintendent District Schools of
Utah county and Provo city
Absolutely Pure
A cream of tartai baking powder
Richest of all in leavening strength
Latest U 8 Government Food Report
r JIai I
lOOK oUt
MOOT pU G co
People Ensiling from Houses
are Thrown to the Ground
For a Few Brief Seconds the Day of
Judgment Seemed to Eeigrn Hills
Slide from their Foundations
YmiA A T Aug IL Daily arri
vals from the region of Sonora on the
Colorado river report the most wonder
ful changes in topography aud appear
ance of the country caused by the re I
cent earthquake The damage done
was principally to stockmen who have
lost many a head of cattle The Coco
jah Indians are heavy losers The In
dians predict that another earthquake
is liable to occur soon
LKUDO Sonora Mex Aug llTbis
point which is seventy miles south of
Yuma was the center of the great
earthquake of July 30 On Thursday
morning I premonitory rumblings gave
notice of the coming storm The earth
trembled underfoot then came a
mighty crash as though subterranean
artillery by the thousand pieces had I
been discharged The people rushed
rom I their houses at the first signal to
be thrown flat on their faces The
adobe houses just vacated wormed to
pieces were ground together and then
umbled in ruins The air was filled
with clouds of dust
For a few brief seconds the lay of I
judgment seemed to reign The teni
ded people cautiously rose to their feet
and moved about horrified to find that
Whore before bad been solid ground
now yawned cracks and crevices appa
tently without bottom Hills had slid
from their foundations and occupied
new stations The very river itself had
disappeared Where before flowed a
shallow sluggish stream of ochre was
non only a channel of mud
This did not however remain long
and the liver gradually reappeared but
yet in a diminished volume Reocmr
1IOO6J r hr ± 4 nhl11sm
cate a tidal wave of nuuaThei >
force Owing to the country being
sparsely settled no damage to life oc
curred so far as known and there was
little property to damage
Lerdo has been for years chiefly a
relic of blasted hopes The recent ec
centric millionaire Thomas H Blythe
in connection with General Andradleof
Mexico came into possession of a vast
stretch of country in time state of Sonora
bordering the Colorado river and com
mencing at the American boundary
line The extent of the grant was
about 300 000 acres The conditions
were that the country must be settled
by the colonization of a certain num
ber of families The soil is rich bottom
land adapted to the growth of most
of the proudiictions of the southern
states such as tobacco corn cotton
The textile plant known as wild
hemp grown on thousands of acres
During BIythes lifetime a few hogs of
tine bleed were placed on the grant
and have increased so greatly that they
are now estimated to number 3000
They roam at will along the river bot
tom and have become so savage as to
be dangerous to man They live chief
ly on the wild potato which grows the
size of a walnut The present owner
has a man catching the hogs and cur
ing the meat The Colorado river over
flows its low banks annually and con
sequently the country is naturally irri
The death of Blythe in 1883 left his
Senora colony scheme in its infancy
with very little accomplished His in
terest reverted to his partner General
Andrade The latter by the payment
of heavy expenses and bounties in
duced fifty tamilies mostly from San
Francisco to emigrate and settle on
his immense grant but he discovered
when too tote that he had not secured
the material which makes empires
Notwithstanding the fact that every
thing was furnished them Not many
months elapsed until they had nearly
abandoned Lerdo and found their way
back to Yuma and eventually to San
Leaving Yuma for the first few miles
ranches are scattering along the river
bank then a long stretch of deseit and
finally come the fertile lands of Lerdo
after two days tiavel Between the
river and mountains is the country
upon which the wrath of the Almighty
seems to have rested Time crust of the
earth is unsteady and unsubstantial
volcanoes spew out mud and others
rain boiling water and still others
send forth a thousand hissing jets of
Slight earthquake shocks are so fre
quent usually as to be hardly notice
able The slight rumbling of a passing
tremor may cause the stranger to make
a casual remark or perhaps be strong
enough so that the pious Mexican will
cross himself and mutter a prayer
Southern Arizona was the scene ages
ago of great seismic agitation Wels
have been found showing repairs thrice
made from damage inflicted by earth
quakes Not within the memory of
white inhabitants however have strong
buildings been thrown down or water
turned from their courses
ravels Alone Prom England to Portland
NEW YORK August 11James John
Lawrence the 9yearold son of Preai
dent John Lawrence of the Oregon
telephone and telegraph company ar
rhvcd on the Auroria last evening and
will start for his home at Portland
regon today His parents left him
with his uncle at Hams Gate England
three years ago A E Hill passenger
gent of time Chicago Northwestern
railroad met the lad at the steamship
list night Mr Hill will put him on
us West Shore train this evening at 5
clock with a letter addressed to pas
enger agents and conductors to aid
lim in his travels
Atto r n ayat Law
Physician and Surgeon
Attends all Calls Day or Night
Fashionable Tailor
m Cleaning Repairing Cut
I ting Ete
A full line of Samples kept Of For
eign and Domestic Goods
All Work Warranted
Spanish Fork Utah
H H s 81 JOHN9 J
Physician Surgeon
Specialist in Diseases of Women
Spanish Fork
Office at Boyack ItoMl
nr Teiefrrams promptly responded to
II US 3fiS < 733
Extra trains will be run to the
Dances at the Lake
For further information see Time
Tables just issued Tickets sale at
lie Provo Commercial Sayings Bank
Gen PUBS and Wt Agent
i Mention Horse Owners
i I have at my stable the great Worlds
Prize Winner
YennoiitH 2M 11517
lie was first prize winner at the Uni
versal Exposition of 1889 He is 4
years old and was born at Paris
1 France and has the gold medal of
honor from the Minister of Agricul
ture His weight is 2020 lbs He can
trot n mi > in m 4 minutes Terms 15
singie leap 25 a season Also
nntruS 5962
Weight 1090 Its This horse is also a
prize winner lIe is a standard bred
trotter sired by Portion he by
Planet sire of Datne Winnie
dam of Palo the fastest trotting
stallion in the world in one race win
ning the fastest three consecutive
heats ever won in a race by any trot
ter in the world MontnmV dam
Kosabei by Idol 17 he by Mem
brino Chief U second dam by Pilot
Jr 12 sire of Miss Russell dam
of Maud S 208f Terms 25 for
the season
asoDPrince Joe
The coach bred trotter sire Black
Prince he by Dictator sire of
Jay Eye See 210 < dam a tine
Morgan mare This coach bred trot
ting stallion can trot faster than any
French coach stallion in Utah and
also better bred for trotting he has
trotted a mile in ± 40 and paced a
in ile in 230 Terms 810 a leap 815
tor the season
I I have at my stable other stallions
from 5 to 38 for the season
Who has always took the highest prize
at the bait Lake Fair lor the last two
years is at San Pete with Sntton1
and Simeon
Mares rent from a distance will be
pastured one month free of cost if
bred to wVermouth OJ Montrose or
I Prince Joe
lUsxvs 3ftesax STwmfah Fork

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