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The f6patah
SuUJeotto CJi FO Without Kotirc
PaeVTrnlnGol Vjjb Leave ProloJ20a m
trt 320pm 650i > in
llupr the dei L l oer Pync fc Mal
THE East Cop is closed on account
of stock taking
STANDARD calic oea f cents a yard
at AIcEwnn 0
SOMIKK goods for ladies at less than
cst at McEwaii 0
REMEMBER that the firemans cx
cureion to Castillu is on the 19th of this
JUST in nt McEwan Cos a fine
line of mens pant shirts and sum
mer underwear
A KUMKEK of miniature lakes have
been formed on the streets by the
recent rain storm
BOARD WASTED With private fam
ily in the First ward by two young men
Address this office
Lift men and tcnn vintc l
nt once Apply to S M tones Ai
Co Erovo BJlah
THE Arcade restaurant or at least the
place which was used as such has been
turned into a millinery store
Money to loan to person nn
lJc ipif iiiKT iMiildliigr stt Geo IV
Kliclccl A Co Brovo
LANDSCAPE and picturesque sign
painting done on reasonable terms by J
bar Jepperson Prove Utah
flowing well driven in front of his new
house just est of the Allman house
A VICKY neat fence has been built
around the premise of Walter Cox in
the Second ward He is a rustler
you bet
THK firemens excursion to Castilla
on the 19th will be the Quest excursion
of the season Let everybody attend
and have a good time
Mies LIMIE CLAIm daughter of D
T Olsrk lifer a very pleasant sojourn
of five months in sunny California has
arrived back in Provo
AXOTHEK carload of tools and an
other of horses were shipped last night
from Provo to Price canyon to work on
the McCullogh contract
CAMPAIGN banners of all descrip
tions and as cheap as the cheapest on
short notice by S F Kershaw oppo
site Opera House Provo
TAPPANS dance at the lake last night
although slimly attended was enjoyed
by those who did attend
tlO ntend Jeppersons
quadrille band furnished the music
WAITED To complete our office
file two copies of Tin MoaNING DIS
PATCH for Thursday July 30th also
copies of July 29th and August 1st and
SthPART of the old smelter purchased bv
the Sun foundry recently arrived yes
terday This firm is shipping a good
large amount of cast iron work to Salt
SUIT WKLIIV of the IL G W has
sent word that he will have all the
winesses present icquired for the prosecution
secution of the Pullman car robbers
next Tuesday
PIlED KIXEBAR contemplates building
soon The foundation has been dug
and the rock is on the ground ready
for the masons His lot is on Sixth
treet between 1 and C
For SALE or rout a large brick house
g aafe I tv Ji 4tosy
known as the propertyof James Dunn
for articulars apply to
4 McEwan tv Co
WASTED Two or three good men
at the Singer Manufacturing Cos of
fice no matter if exrerienced or not
can assure you good pay
2t J C YKRGIX Manager
E A WILSON Dr Hardy and Geo
Brimhallhave returned from their trip
to the mountains They report having
bud a good time and are looking well
after their outing
THREE mining location notices have
been filed for record in the recorders
office J J Knight et al located the
Spar Mine and D Mahoney located
the Forlorn Hope in Tintic mining
district The other was a paint lode
located by Otto Hudson near Lehi
MRS W J McElwAlNE of Dixon
Cal is the guest of our fellow towns
man Mr D T Clark She is highly I
delighted with our beautiful country
She intends to remain in Provo for a
couple of months We hope she will
continue to enjoy her stay
THE longlooked for consignment of
childrens boys and youths clothinc
and knee pants luc just arrived at
McEwan Cos The goods have
been inarked away down to meet
the stringency of the money market
and the want of the people
THE Union Pacific has sent circulars
tl the agent along the line notifying
them to receive and forward all speci
Jens intended for the mining conven
tion at Cheyenne free of charge A
single fare rate has been granted by
the company to those who wish to at
tend the convention
CHARLES COO is building an addi
tion of seven rooms t his residence in
the Second Ward which is nearing
completion This will make his house
in the shape of 1 double T which when
completed will have all the modern
improvements A flowing well will be
driven and the water piped into the
MARSHALL BROWS WaS kept all day
yesterday auctioneering off the restau
rant furniture and cooking utensils of
Sang L the chinaman who has been
running the restaurant opposite the
Oprl House Sale were very slow H
T Osterlph doing most of the buying
The auction will be resumed today t
in oclock
A DAY or two ago as Benny Walton
was trying t put a bridle on his horse
the animal threw his head up quickly
catching Benny under the chin and
lit ting him off his feet His tongue
was caught between his teeth causing a
pevere bruise Since the accident he
las not hon able to eat anything and
talkinp causes severe pain
A HORSE hitched to a post in front of
Harrisons saloon yesterday suffered
great pain caused by the bit cutting
his mouth and from which the blood I
Unwed copiously 1 had been hitched I
by a very short chain which slipped to
1lie bottom of the post and the animal
in struggling to raise his head cut his
tongue The horse was finally relieved
L l the owner but not until agreat deal
i > i blood had been lost
Two new contractors have started
business here in Provo They are from
I > < iiver and have come to stay Al 1
though only here three months they
lae completed a residence for Mrs
Polly Carter on Eighth street between
Y and F which workmanship with
in and without cannot be excelled
They will start another residence on
Monday next for Mr Smith about one
block est of Mrs Carters Anyone
desiring to see good workmanship
should < l and see these residences
The names of the gentlemen are W W
Parnell and R R Bishop See their
1h in tins ismIe i
With Significant Reverbera
tions From Illinois
And Tew Scattered Whispers A the
Way Down From Wasatch County
More of Leos Midtruy JIuslnRs on 31 any
Cut ale as et that spirit of evil lives
With a small Imnd of desperate fugitives
The last soul stubborn fragment left unrivcn
Of the proud boat tbat last stood fronting
I mean the party of destruction which
calls itself Liberal while it is be
coming yearly more and more illiberal
so much so that I doubt whether in its
ranks can be found corpu als guard
of Liberal such as they are Kentrally
understood in the United States where
a Liberal id i a secularist not a sec
tarian I thinker not a howler a pro
gressionist not an obstructionist In
fact I am certain that a vast majority
of apostate Mormons who rarely if
ever conscientiously join anoihcr
church or creed except it be Spiritual
ism alter leaving the Church of Jesus
Christ of Latterday Saints havegiven
up in disgust all and any affiliation
with the Liberal party socallod
which now has nothing positive or
noble to fight for and only the Mor
mon church and people to fiirht against
while forming the most heterogeneous
conglomeration of Infidels IrilallibiK
ists Materialists Methodists Agnos 1
tics and Baptists that was ever put
under one hatHr a fools cap I
While referring to the Liberal
party which has no reason to exist ex
cept its hostility to the Mormon peo
ple I will just quote a little phrase
the Peoria Demokral German put j in
its Associated Press report about the re
cent elections in Utah under date of
Salt Lake City Aug 4 Full reports
of yesterdays elections show that the
Liberals irhaterer thai may mean have
elected twelve membeis of the Legisla
ture three in the the Council and six
in the House Of course the six is
a typographical error for nine and I
am not picking that out but pointing
to the clause italicized by me What
ever that may mean
I continue translating According
t another dispatch the Liberals have
conquered the city by 900 majority
And from Ogden city the telegram
reads The Democrat have won the
day against the united efforts of the Lit
erals and Republicans e1orl3
Again I did the italicizing But any
reader will do the thinking and the
more EO if they learn that the staunchly
Democratic publishers of the Peoria
I Dtmokrat B Cremer Bros are pretty
well posted on Utah affairs having paid
this territory more than one visit the
result of one of which is reported on
pages 100 to 102 of Vol I of my As
You Like lta little tome which bv
this time I hope has a good many more
friends among the lovers of good liter
ature in the beautiful Garden City than
it enjoyed a week ago ere I vas so
greatly and grandly favored by Provo
Xote welLThe united efforts of
the Liberals and Republicans Xow
who were the traitors I ask once
more Who sold out Who stabbed
their allies in the back with Apache
treachery Xo wonder that to the out
sider the term Liberal appears as an
undefinable nondescrips as a question
able whatever that may mean
Maybe the Messis Cremer failed to I
keep posted on the recent situation by
such solid DemocraticLiberal or Lib I
eralDemocrat as exMayor F J Kie
set of Ogden and Legislatorelect
Ijibob Moritz of Salt Lake City Or j
tuu Co DlnaiiiSF ui ll
thS connection break Let the small
band of desperate fugitives in the yale
of Khorassan answer for themselves
From the same issue of the Peoria
Demokral August 6th I also glean an
item that may have some reminiscent
interest for a majority of THE DISPATCH
readeis I tells of a recent visit of I
Bishop Spaulding to Nauvoo I I
where Rev Reimbold celebrated his
silver priesthood anniversary hay ng II
served the Catholic congregation of that
city as spiritual adviser for twentyfiv
years The gentlemans family immi
grated from the old Rhine cathedra
city Cologne about fifty years ago and
settled at Nauvoo after a sort sojouri
at St Louis The aged mother of Rev
Reimbold is still alive and is liviu
with him in the residence which the
Mormon prophet Joseph Smith erected
before the exodus At least so says the
Democrat Possibly some former resi
dents of Nauvoo may remember the
family which certainly was of some
prominence even at that early date
But t come nearer home 1 thin
it may please your fruitraisers at
Provo Pleasant Grove and other porno
logical paradises to learn that our lead
ing paper is considering their as well
as our own welfare Although the
Wasatch Ware has not jet declared its
stand on national politics the editor
being a Democrat however and the
foreman a Republican the paper ap
pears t believe in free trade as may
be judged from the following extract
which meets the hearty support and
loud echo of Wasatch county people
Ieddlers are beginning dump Utah count
fruits Into the Provo ralley cellar but no
M o lively as the would vrers it not for the I
ceriSe which is placed upon their business
If the license were so arranged that I man
could peddle what he raises withoutliavinc to
pa3 for the privilege it would bo a great ad
vantage to the con i eUJgr as ft is the
fruit biij ir has to pay lots of tariff t get 1 Ute
That fruit license benefits the county
or towns but little while working a
harm to the general public as do all
Chinese walls in the shape of protec
tion or any other tariffs
This same paper takes up the cudgel
in behalf of Hon Abram Hatch as to
whose ultimate fate at the ballot boxes
of August 3d we are yet in uncertainty
up our way I appears the Price Tele
giah made some unmannerly and un
manly remarks about Mr Hatch re
fee ing with illdisguised and illbred
bitterness upon his manhood individ
lalitv integrity and Americanism
The Wane Tory properly repulsed these
innuendoes of time Emery county paper
Inasmuch as TnE DISPATCH has already
spent quite a little space on Wasatch
county politics ours having been
about the closest and toughest fight of
11t campaign I deem it only just to
Mr Hatch to indorse from my Inde
pendent Democratic standpoint the
remarks of the Wave
Even though tho WaFatch candidate hiss
Ktn beaten he has consolation in the fnvt
hat after servingas a Legislator for nearly I
juarterof a century his services have been
solicited by all parties without his declaring
himself for either
J is equally true too that inasmuch
as it was hinted that Hatch had a
lankering for the office which is falso
Over a year ago he made a statement
that he would not go to the Legislature
again but when appealed to by the peo
ple of Wasatch he relented and said
As a last resort to insure us a repre
sentation in the Legislature I will ac
cept the nomination but notas a Dem
ocrat or as n Republican Xow of
course i there was anv irregularity
it was more from a lack of manage
ment in the party organizations of all
the three counties interested and a
lack of mutual understanding among
the leading spirits of the different sides
of the campaign In conclusion 1 hope
for some time to last of this contro
versy I trow THE DISPATCH is safe to
< t
indorse the following language of the
Wave regarding the possible result
As forMr Olson we krow but little about
him and hare nothing to say except that while
he was here he behaved like a true gentleman
and if elected we believe he wilUlischar etno
duties of his office to the best of his ability
Our rain harvest has began on the
east side of the river on the west side
they are still rustling with the hay
The weather is hot Once in a while
a breeze fans the almost parched face
and a cloud in the sky gives promise of
rain still everybody is quiet and con
The trustee are getting ready for a
strong pull in tH district schools this
fall and winter with as good a team us
they can secure with the scarcity of
reafly I I competent teachers who are wil
ling to forego city allurements for
country tranquillity
We now have two blacksmith shops
running in full blast from Monday
morning till Saturday evening
The brass band boys are taking a rest
from musical muscularity while ex i
ercising their brawn in the canyons
and fields to provide for next winters
material want
S J Schneiters fine and spacious
balneary establishment the Hot Pots
though the season opened late is hav
ing a brisk run and enjoying great pop
ularity strangers Hocking hither in
quest of teem cation and health in num
bers that enliven our thoroughfares
and give the place a never known vital
ity and vivacity Pirk city furnishes
the largest contingent of visitors hut I
am certain if the sweltering good Pro
vonians but knew the attractions of
the Midway Hot Pots they would be
traverbiiig the canyon in merry squads
to while aWay a part of the heated term
near the month of Snake Creek canyon
Ask Mr J R Boshanl lie appreci
ates our healthy chine pure water and
tranquil air Provo city and Provo val
ley are good friends and n close neigh
oors anyway mremme HH j say yes
and remain
Yours fraternally
MIDWAY Wasatch Co August 12
The Tramps Xow in the Cooler
Are Xo Novices
It Appears That They Have Got Away
With Many Valuables But Are Now
About to Receive Their Reward
TIE three tramps who stole the valise
from the R G W train on Tuesday
night were arraigned before Justice
Brown yesterday on a chum ge of burg
lary The complaint was sworn to by
James Vincent conductor of the Pullman
man car from which the valise was
taken The fellows pleaded not guilty
and the case was set for next Tuesday
at 2 oclock
A new phase in this case is just be
ginning to bo developed Among the
goods found with the valise there was
some underwear pants handkerchiefs
towels which did not belong the con
ductor Among the clothing a Colo i
rado Midland time card was found On
being shown this Mr Vincent said that
last week a valise had been taken from
a R G AV train which belonged to a
man who had traveled over the Colorado
Midland and it the man could be found
he would probably identify the goods I
and give a description of the rest as he
had stated in Ogden that the valise and
contents were worth 5700 The rail
road people will endeavor to find the
man before the time the case comes up
From Fridays Daily I
I LU S IALBKOWX returned yesterday
I s
Dn MAUL G MAESEU and wife re
I turned from Castilla yesterday after
THEUE is very little hope entertained
by the physicians for the recovery of the
sick man at the jail
G iV passed through Provo yesterday
on his special going east
THE Democratic muni ipal ofhYcrs of
Springville have received their certifi
cate from the Utah commission
J I YCUXG superintendent of the
Utah division of the L P spent sev
eral hours in the Garden City yesterday
A ricxic party at the lake yesterday
afternoon got a soaking as their festiv
ities had just commenced when the
rain struck them
Puoro has cause to be proud of her
police officers as they are always on the
alert and seldom miss their man Keep
it up boys the public appreciate you
THE attention 1 of the public 1 is called
to time adv ol Irvine < N isarney in tins
mornings issue All who desire bar
gains in dress goods will do well to call
on them next Monday
THE rain storm yesterday was more
severe at the lake than it was in town
It WItS thought by some that about
three times as much rain fell at the lake
in the same time than fell here
J D IXGALL was before Commis
sioner Hills on the charge of unlawful
cohabitation yesterday morning He
waived examination and was bound
over in GOO Y I Ilalliday and J R
Boshard went his bonds
THE report published in an evening
paper in this city stating that Mrs
Mary Taylor died is entirely without
foandation as the lady is well and 1
hearty AVc make this correction in
justice to the numerous friends of the 1
IT is expected that arrangemen Is for
the Masonic excursion to the lake will
be completed this week The public
will remember that the date of the ex
cursion was set early in the season but
it had to be postponed on account of bad
A CLOUDHUKST occurred in Spanish
Fork canyon yesterday afternoon just
above Castilla which washed hugh l
boulders down from the mountains
With the exception of washing the
wagon road considerably no damage
was done
RAY BACH MAX son of Benj Bach
man of this city who is lOW in Port
land Oregon was married a few days
ago to Miss E Bleach of that city
Hay was at one time t a very prominent t
young lan of Provo as no doubt will
je well remembered
II S WALMS division superintend
ent of the Pullman car service was in
Proyo yesterday on business He ex
pressed himself ts highly pleased with
he prompt and eflicient action taken
by the officers in the arrest of the men
vLo stole the valise from the Pullman
car on Tuesday night and said that
vhen the robbery was reported in Og
den the common expression was Well
the Provo officers will get them Mr
highly Vallis complimented Officer AVilkins
TUB hunting party consisting of
Messrs Havercamp Daniels Knowl
len and Gray of Provo and Mr Gin
tel of Salt Lake who left here on the
4th inst for the mountains returned
last night The are all burned and
jrown as a nut but are enjoying excellent
lent health They visited Strawberry
alley and Currant creek which borders
on tie Du Chesne country and had
abundance of sport in hunting and fish
ing They all express thcmselses delighted
lighted with the trip but are glad to
e back in Prove
= < v > rr
James Russell Lowell Laid to
His Well Earned Rest
The Service sWere Simple Impressive
The Funeral Brought Togethera Great
Number Noted Literary Men
BOSTON August 14 Simple but im
pressive funeral services over the re
mains of the late James Russell Lowell
was held in Appleton chapel Cain
bridge at noon to day The chapel
was crowded to overflowing and many
were unable to get in I is seldom
there is witnessed such a gathering of
those distinguished in literary and oth
er professions as those gathered to pa
their last tribute of love and respect to
the deceased author critic poet and
diplomatist There was no service at
Elmwood the poets latehome Short
ly alter 12 oclock the funeral proces
sion moved into the church Mrs
Burnett in the deepest mourninir was
escorted by he eldest son alI the rest
of tie children came next followed by
the nurses and servants Bishop
Phillip Brooks and Rev William Law
rence dean of the Episcopal theologi
cal school of Cambridge met the re
mains in the vestibule Rev Mr
Lawrence reading 1 am resurrection
etc as they procedtd with the casket
down the church The honorary pall
hearers were Dr Oliver Wendell
Holmes Christopher Crunch John
Holmes Prof Charles Elliot
Norton Prof Child C F
Choate Gujrge William Curtis Wil
liam Dean Howclls Prof John Bart
leit and esident C W Elliott of the
Harvard I I University The coflin which
was borne by the undertakers assist
ants was covered with black broad
cloth and bore a silver plate on which
was inscribed Died August 12
1S91 James Russell Lowell aged 72
years o months The floral tributes
were very few in number and modest
in character An Ivy wreath picked at
Elmwood rested on the head of the I
casket Another wreath of ivy from
the field hung over one corner of his I
reading desk and a wreath of roses I
from Mrs Putnam lay upon the floor
at the base of the pulpit The services I
in the church were very simple as ben
efitted the nature of the man consist
ing solely of Episcopal service for the
deuI and a vocal selection by the tem
ple quartette of Boston The body was
not exposed to view and was taken to
Mount Auburn immediately after the
services at the chapel followed by about
fifteen carraiges Thee were no ser
vices at the grove While the body
was being conveyed to its last resting
place at Mount Auburn the church
bells throughout the city toiled and
flairs were displayed at half mast by
order of the
tle mayor
J 1 McCAUSLix our genial post
master is building a neat addition to
his residence on I street between
Seventh and Eighth I will he fin
ished in Eastlake style and will be an
ornament to that part of the city A
porch will alpo be added to the west
side and when the new picket fence is
completed i will be one of the pretti
est cottages in Provo The millVace
however is somewhat of a detraction
Time council should at once takefsteps
to have it covered j
NICOIEXA EKICSOX tie girl i who
was the author of the fires in the Itoyer
House in Springville was taken tjtrfftfe
luslice JJoyer ytstQniavIui I < > jan >
ination wasuriiere li con
fessed that J wants to see us coirii and
was held t4use and not JI If the
annul jury i aihnc I
< CIl
t butre 1S cus
lody Til ma5aItiifcarecl
tip awl thd noc ViPIP iAas it
always hat pap t ho
tels south t UOC PliIJI utfuxcite
ment has cHetffi8W 22JP ° l1 K oring
yule goes on her peaceful way rejoic
A SUIT has been entered in the Dis
trict court by Andrew Hood vs J M
Battic both of Scofied The suit is the
result of the school election held at
that place on July 13th when both of
the t gentlemen named were running on
opposite tickets for the office of trustee
5evemitv two votes were cast thirty
seven of which were cast in favor of
11 Hood and thirtylive for Mr Bat
tie The judges of the election refused
to count the votes for Hood because
the term of the office was not stated
on the ticket on which his name ap
peared Mr Hood brines suit to have
Hattie ousted and himself placed in the
office The case has been set for Au
gust 2lth King Houtz are the attor
neys for the plaintiff
Teachers Examination
The regular examination i of district
school teachers of Utah county and of
Provo city will be held jointly in the
Central schoolhouse in this city Fri
day and Saturday the 21st and 22d
mst commencing at 9 oclock a m
All applicants for certificates must
Al applcants certlcatls pre
sent themselves on the first named day
E A WiLsov
Superintendent District Schools of
Utah county and Provo city
Why They Dislike France
The heads of the big European na I
tions have good reasons for their dis
like of France Twice in its career in
the past hundred years France has
started movements which upset several
governments in the old world and
shook a few of the rest of them Its
present prosperity under popular rule
is a constant menace to every monarch
in Christendom The restoration of
cither the Bonapartes or Bourbons in
France would in a figurative sense be
greeted with a regular Hallelujah chorus
by every crowned head from the Thames
to the Neva and from the Mediterranian
to cmocrat the Arctic oceanSt Louis Globe
In Business Again
I is with pleasure indeed that Tun
DISPATCH is enabled this morning to
Il icle the fact that our esteemed
fellow townsmen Dunn Co have ef
fected a satisfactory compromise with
their creditors and started up business
again at the old stand The gentle
men comprising the firm will he found
i as courteous and obliging as ever and
are highly deserving of their share of
thin public patronage Good goods and
just value for the money expended with
them t will be their motto A stock of
new goods is on the road and the pub
lic are invited to renew their old time
friendly calls upon this deserving firm
Payson Pointers
How hot it is
The Francis hotel will soon he completed
from bottom to We
pleted uotom top usually
say from top to bottom as we say
thunder and lightning but I suppose
it Is the proper thing to say lightning
and thunder
The linn of Urewerton Irvine Co
if it seemed possible have increased
their sales since the election jfov
friends come in to see the new Repre
sentative and they generally make
some purchases before leaving
I The popularity of the place has been
increased and everybody appears to bo
satisfied i we except the Liberal con
stituency and the dissatisfaction in
that quarter comes secondhanded be
ing ordered by the Tribune YET
From Thursdays Daily
MRS JANE BEE is still very low
HEUB PyjfEa little girl is improving
Tuny out and help the fire boys to
make their excursion a success
THE findings in the case of DI Shoe
bridge vs Mrs Jones have not been
returned yet
THE harness stolen from the premises
of Lou Stewart in the Second ward has
not been recovered yet
THE Tabernacle choir bad a rousing
practice last night a large number of
the members being present
DIPHTHEKIA is racing in the Second
Fourth and Fifth wards of Logan and
an epidemic is likely to followT
THE band contest date has been
changed from August 20th to tho 25th
A special train will be run from Ogden
TIIEKE is a prisoner in the county Jai
who is suffering much pain from being
leaded Lr Bicktord is attending him
B W Dnioos Sn of Pleasant Grove
was in Provo yesterday He spent a
few hours in the city He was on his
way to Springville
A 3IEKTINO of the Fourth ward Glee
Club will he held in the Fourth ward
assembly rooms this eveiiintr at S
oclockprouipt A full attendance is de
Tun Firemens excursion to Castilla
should be patronized by the public
The date has been changed to the 1Jth
when a special train shall be run from
Lehi Tickets however are good on
all trains
TiE funeral services over the re
mains of Dallos Scott were held in the
Methodist church yesterday afternoon
Appropriate remarks were made by
Rv Jeffreys and music was furnished
the male
by quartette
Tin soil from the excavation for the
new building next to the Coop cloth
ing house is being used to cood ad
vantage by Newell Knight in making a
I bed for a lawn in front of his residence
on I street between Seventh and
E C DAVIS the tinner has been
awarded the contract for doing the gal
vanized iron work on the Young Mens
Coop store in Spanish Fork and also
for the galvanized work on the new ly
on bank The two jobs will be worth
about SSOO
RECENT reports from Dixie say that
the weather down there of late has
been exceptionally warm yet this con
dition of affairs is highly necessary for
the proper mil effective ripening of the
immense crop of semitropical fruit
with which our Dixie friends are
blessed this year
THE three tramps arrested on Tues
day night at the depot were before
Judge Noon yesterday morning One
was sent up for ten days and another
for fifteen davs the third was found to
be suffering from a foul disease so that
Justice Noon suspended sentence and
he was turned loose
MK O IT BERG having returned
from his twoandahalf years trip to
Juirope announces in todays DIS
PATCH that he has resumed control of
his undertaking business at the old
stand one block north of the depot I
where everything in i his line of busi
ness win oe lurnisnea on shortest no
tice and at reasonable prices
Tun R G W is
TI cruel in running
away from Nephi on both sides But
did the company think what they were
doing They also ignored i Moroni and
that town has gone back into obscurity
and Mount Pleasant is putting on so
many airs that she will only allow Mor
oni a weekly mail when they are cry
ing for a daily service
TiiEdite cf f theFiremans j excursion
RTcastilla has been postponed one day
on account of the R G W being una
hum to furnish cars for a special train
The excursion will now take place on
the 19th instead of theJ8th inst The
boys should Imve the support of every
one as they labor for tfye good of the
city without remuneration for their
A YOUNG lady working in the Tempi4
kitchen at Manti met with a very seri
ous accident on last Saturday She
was engaged in bottling fruit and in
some unaccountable manner a bottlt
broke and the glass cut a deep gash in
the young ladys wrist severing an ar
tery and before assistance could he ob
tained the young lady was very weak
from loss of blood
THE queen of Madagascar takes a
bath once a year While she observes
her annual custom the populace sing
hymns and play drama When she
emerges from the tub arrayed in robes
of royalty and decorated with crown
jewels a mightv cheer goes up from an
umished crowd In Madagascar it is
regarded as an act of tremendous
courage to submit to the cleansing in
fluences of water
TIE Utah American Salt Lake city
is no more I feil into the tureen
whelm a cold and irehmcholly plunk I
was I Liberal liar and a pet of the
Tribune The American was founded
on principles not in harmony with its
appellation and its sudden demise is
is but an exemplification of the old
truism that those whom the gods love
are not in it
TIE Richfield Advocate says Now
that the railroad is so close to our
quiet settlements in Sevier county the
county is being infested with tramps
and other characters of an unsavorv
kind A few days ago some ladies Iii
Richfield were badly scared which
h 11 f fn h I + In
VUU Ib n J uV muc
priety of firmly securing their doors
and windows with locks and bolts that
the public peace and peoples valuables
may be spared the invasion of unwel
come vistors
S S WHITE an aged and highly re
spected citizen of Pleasant Grove met
with a very serious accident a few days
ago He was leading from the bal a
horse another animal was standing in
the stable and kicked at the animal
Mr White was leading whereupon the
later animal jerked back and the un
fortunate mal received the blow in
stead He was kicked with great force
both feet of the horse striking him on
the left side and hip The bruise is
very severe but no bones are broken
I and it is expected Mr White will be
about all right again in the course of a
week or so
J K IXOAMS of Hurtington
Emery county was arrested last week
by Deputy Marshals Monahan and
Parsons and yesterday morning came
to Provo for examination according to
the promise he made the marshals
He no sooner struck town than ho load
ed himself tith bugjuice and came
near being run in as a drunk He
appeared yesterday afternoon before
Commissioner Hills for examination
but was so intoxicated that the exam
ination had to be postponed until this
morning at 10 oclock Ais attorney
D D Houtz was disgusted with the
conduct of his client
SEVERAL of tho young men and
youn ladies of Provo have formed a
jockey or riding club and considerable
inteiest is manifested The club in
tends to come out in costume before
long and it will undoubtedly be a pretty
sight to see faces in
young facts gay cos
tumes participating in this heiilthgiv
ing exercise The members of the club
are as follows Dr Hull Nellie All
red John Watson May Knight Earn
I est Buckley Miss Hathenbruck Charlci
I Peterson Lottie Chapel Charles Nut
tall Miss FalTer Milton Jaques and
Miss Fiddler The first meeting of the
club takes place on Sunday morning
James KtiseH Lowell I
Mourned Deeply by Vl
iI I i
The Wires From All Quarters of the Globe
BringTributes of Eespect and Words of
Mouriiinsr and Condolance
IOSDOX August 13Time Times says
Thin death of Lowell is probably mure
keenly and wideiy felt in England than
would be that of any other American
or indeed any lan not 1 fellow
countryman With his death there
passes into history a really remark
able mind whijse reputation will grow
with time Corrupt politicians hated
him but lie goes to the grave mourned
by all that is j best in America and amid
the heartfelt regard and admiration of
The istandard says America may
claim the distinction of his birth but
his fame belongs to the wide world
speaking the English tongue
The Daily Xeas says Lowell will
be lamented in England not less than
in America lie was ever a lighter and
always tn the side of truth honesty
justice freedom mercy and peace All
the other London Imbruing newspapers
contain comments and lung obituary
Bret Harte has written as follows
To my pride as an American in frank
admiration and living appreciation ot
Lowells intellect and character 1 have
to add my own expressions of sorrow at
the loss of one of the most fastidious
and cultivated professors in my culling
critics and one of its gentlest yet manliest
Many telegrams from English men
prominent in literature dramatic and
other walks of life are being received in
this city expressing sorrow and deep
regret at the death of Lowell Among
the telegrams received this morning
was one from Baron Tennyson The
aged poet was a close friend of s
and the hitters death affected him
deeply Lord Ttnny sons message
says England ard America will
mourn Lowells death They loved him
and he loved them Pray accept for
myself and mine oar sincerest sym
pathy with Lowells family
BAIt IlAunou Me August 13
Secretary Blaine when informed of
the death of James Russell Lowell ex
pressed his deepest regret When
asked if ho would not make some state
ment of Lowells career as a diploma
tist hy declined
BOSTON August 13Dr Oliver Wen
dell Holmes was much affected by the
death of his lifelong friend James
Russell Lowell although as he
Husel olI alhough says
lie had known that it was coming for a
long time He declined to talk on the
subject for publication
jSjswnintYroiiT Mass August 13
John Greenleat Whittier was much
hocked to learn of Lowells death
Too bad too bad he saidit is in
deed a great loss to American letters
md to the word
Will Chinese Be at the Fair
The question has already been raised i
whether Chinese who profess a desire I
to enter the United States for the pur
pose of visitin the Worlds fair will be
permitted to do so Then seems to be
a sinister suggestion lurking back of
this but if there is a desire to permit
bonafide Chinese visitors to enter the
country it cal by gratified if Congress
will ridopt the sensible cwurse of leg
iaeririgtiise i already here mil who
are entitled to remain and presenting
I them with means to identify themselves
With such a law even alleged mer
chants might be allowed to enter for
they could be speedily excluded if they
I Subsequently turned out to be laborers
San Francisco Chronicle
SorE time ago a deal was entered in
to between the Sun Foundry and W
W Riter of Salt Lake city whereby
the former purchased from the latter a
large smelter stamp mill and a sixty
live horsepower engine which was
situated in Tintic and Had fallen into
I disuse as thc mine at which this
plant was located has been abandoned
I on account of there being no ore to
amount to anything to run it A force
of men went from here over to Tintic co
ship it to this city and after consider
able labor they managed to get it to
the railroad and placed in on the cars
The wagon road from the mine to te
cars was washed out in several placei
This the men had to rebuild to enable
them to haul a load They accom
plished it however and two carloads of
this machinery are expected to arrive
in Provo today The plant is com
paratively new having been run only
eleven days
SALT LAKE August 14A big row
occurred in Salt Lakes Darkest Afri
ca at an early hour this morning The
colored people were out in full force at
a coon hoedown given nt the corner of
First South and Fourth West streets
Among those present were two athletic
negroes Sam McDowall and Sidney
McWilliains Along about mid
wight the guests were some
what hilarious and during the
dance McDowall and McWilliains hac
several collisions Each seemed to
think it was intentional on the part of
the other and finally the men came to
gether on the principle ot hit first mind
iixpliiin afterward A few blows hind
been exchanged when McWilliains
suddenly drew his razor and slashe
McDowall across both hips inflicting a
couple of ugly Avomuls lie succeeds
iu standing the entire crowd off until a
policeman arrived The latter placet
McWilliains under arrest but when
hey reached the sidewalk the coon
igalu went down for a razor and the
JolLeman let him escape A squad ol
jltiecoats are now searching for him
Chronicles Yunia correspondent made a
rip to the town of Lerdo Mexico
which was reported destroyed by the
earthquake July 30 He reports the
accounts of the earthquake exager
ated Xo houses were destroyed lie
failed to find te place where the Col
orado river was reported to be pouring
into ti lispure in the earth Tliere was
no tidal wave in tlie Gilf of California
and the shock was hardly felt
New Yoiuc August 13 Richard
Crocker the Tammany Hall leader
was asked what he thought of the prop
osition to nominate Cleveland for gov
ernor of New York Ho replied I
do not think he would accept the nom
inationso what is time use of discussing
him as a candidate He would refuse
the nomination of it should it be offered
to him Le is a candidate for Presi
dent and would not run for governor
Would Tammany Hall support him
if nominated for governor
Certainly and Tammany Hall will
support him loyally and zealously if he
should be nominated for President
Our organization worked hard and earn
estly for him for governor in 1882 and
for President in 1SS4 and 1SSS
Chairman Edward Murphy of the
Democratic State Committee said
Oh what is the use of talking about
Cleveland running for governor I do
not believe he would accept the nomi
nation if it were tendered to him by
ELLSWORTH Minn Aug 14Time
most terrillc windstorm that ever passed
over this section of Minnesota strink
Ellsworth yesterday afternoon and left
thin town pretty nearly a complete
wreck The Iowa Minnesota and De
kohl elevatT was iompltteiy blown to
pieces The Congregations church
was partially Mown down Dwellings
amid Burlington depots llnd irreat
damage Fortunately no jives were
lost There is not a building in the vtll
age not damaged The loss will reaen
A dispatch from Lake Benton Miim
says that place wsia visited l y the most
destructive hail storm destructive hail
storm yesterday that was ever known
in that vicinity Nearly every pane of
glass on the north and west side of the
buildings was broken In the country
everything in the shape of uncut craiii
in the path of the storm was annihil
A terrific rain and hail storm passed
over Fuhhi Minn The hail stunes
were larger than noo e eggs and poured
down for half an hour brertkin hund
reds of windows aniljstrippuig leaves
and small branches frosu the trees The
farmers report corn and flax badly dam
aged Most of the wheat oats and
barley had been cut but what was
standing will not be onethird of a crop
1 D tngall the man who was ar
rested for unlawful cohabitation and
placed in the county jail last nieht
was robbed by the prisoners some time
in the night He was on the outs id
of the cage and happening to go close
to the bars one of the toughs reached
out through one of the small openings
caught him by the beard and pulled
him up close to the cage lie held him
in this position while two others WPII
through his pockets Ingall says they
took 5 from him The first intiinalio
the jailor hud of any funny busimuess i
was when he heard some one say
Hold up your hands you son of at
b He ran in and found they hunl
the fellow by the beard but hadgon
through his pockets
D IL Houtz attorney for Ingai
says that he has a mind to hare the
jail birds prosecuted
And Summed Up For Bus
The Gist of the News of Many Thins
That Have Been Flashed Over the
Chilian insurgents are rejoicing overtime
the arrival of Maipo with arms and am
Selling liquor without a Hcen e lutes
been discovered in the state capitol at
Atlanta Ga
The president has refused an applies
thou for the pardon ofCharles L Whit
of Utah convicted of adultery and sen
tenced to four months imprisonment
Secretary Tracy says several vessel
in Behring sea have been ordered to
proceed as soon as they can be spared
to China to protect American interests
The mayor of Kansas City Rain wa
h aimed m efiigy Wednesday night A
policeman cut the efiigy down tester
lay niiiniing amid took it to the police
At Chicago on Wednesday Edward
A Wilkms was appointed receiver ot
he National Capital Building auimi
Loan Association of North Amerka jim
bonds of 810000
C A Fargo one of the new senators
of the Cherokee nation says he wil
ntroduce a bill in the Cherokee coun
cil in November to sell the Cherokee
strip and divide the proceeds among
the people of the nation
Two young women ones handsome
Danish maiden have been found locket
up in a vile den in Chicago The in
tent was to force them into lives of
shame but the police presented The
keeper of the den is under arrest
Clark Lide one of the largest rail
road contractors in the world at one
iuie and zi close friend of Lincoln amid
i staunch supporter of his adiuinistra
ion died at Denver Wednesday even
ng He leaves an estate valued at
Rev Dr A L Lindslev ptofessor iu
be Presbyterian theological school at
Oakland Cal and one of the most
prominent ministers on the Pacific
roast died at Portland Ore Wednes
day from injuries received in a roan
wap accident a few days ago
The steamer Mary Powell which
was taken to Green river Utah by
rail to navigate that stream and
Grand river was launched on Wednes
day It is intended also to investigate
the ancient cliff dwellings along those
rivers and reach Colorado river if pos
At Minneapolis on Wednesday night
Thompsons feed mill was crushed by
the bursting out of the adjoining wall
of the Star elevator under the enor
mous pressure of wheat Thompsons
loss is 24000 that of the elevator
company 325000 Six thousand
bushels of wheat were let out of the
Five hundred Y M C A delegates
from all lands convened at Amsterdam
on Wednesday Brief reports of the
work in different countries were pre
sented Richard C Morse of New York
reporting for America They own
threequarters of the properties owned
by the associations and employ twice
as many secretaries as all other coun
The insolence of the Salvadoran gov
ernment which is conveyed in the fol
lowing telegram received from United
States Minister Pacheco Steamer
City of Panama detained at Libertad
and declared confiscated by the author
ities for not having clearance papers
from La Union which were refused the
steamer for not giving up refugees
is to be investigated Pacheco has
been ordered to protest against the con
Our readers will be shocked this
uorning to hear of the death of Mrs
Uuckly wife of our esteemed citizen
William buckley which occurred last
uisrht at > 1 Jlo oclock
Mrs Buckley had been suffering
from in attack of acute bronchitis
which started abouttvo weeks ago but
umntier time cure of Dis JJirkfont and
Simmons she imuroved greatly and
vestrnhiy was feeling better than she
lad felt for some time She sat up all
lay and ate and drank more heartily
than she had for days previous Her
hysicians called to see her iu the af
enioou and she seemed to be getting
along nicely She remarked durum the
lay that she would sit up until late so
is to tire herself in order to get a good
nights rest I
At a quarter past ten she desired to
go to bed and was carried into her bed I
oprn when paralysis of the heart
seized her and like the snuff of a can I
He her life went out
Mrs Buckley is about forty years of
age and is the mother of seven chil
Iren She was married to William i
Juckley in England her native coon
try She emigrated twenty years ago
aine to Provo where she has resided
ever since She has beet a hard work
en and has accomplished much good
among the community The sympathy
of the entire community is extended ti
tin bereaved family in this their houi
of trial
f I ± i
Wf r
Both the method and results when
Syrup of Figs is taken it is pleasaat
and refreshing to time taste ail act
gently yet promptly on the Kulncy
Liver and Bowels cleanses the sjs
tera effectually dispels colds heal
aches and fevers and cures habitual
constipation permanently For a
in 50c and 1 bottles by all druggists
1 r Jl c
I < i G
Absolutely Pure
A cream of tartar baking powder
Highest of 1 in leavening strength
Latest U S Kovernnient F o < l Report
flttentioii Horse Owners
I have at my stable the Jret Wt > ri vs
Prize Winner
Yemontli 22503 11517
Ho was first prize winner at the Tra ¬
versal Exposition of 188 lie is 4
years old and was born at Pal
France and has the gold mnlal of
honor from the Minister of Agucnl
ture His weight is 2020 lbs He c < m
trot a mile in 4 inmntes Terras Sli
single leap 25 a season Also
MOlt 5962
Weight1090 lbs This horse is ulsi 1
prize winner He is it 1 standard bred
trottjohsired by Portion he by
P ciiiggrg s iajtittfiii Dif v W i n u tp
clam r A an tIe fastest trotting
stalliojh m n the world in one rare win
ning ube fastest three consecutive
heats ever won in a race by any trot
ter in tJie world MontweV dam
Rosabffi by Idol 17 he b Mera
brino Chief I second dar by Tilit
Jr 15 sire of Miss Russell1 dttu
of the seitson Maud S 2081 Terms 3 ft
Prince Joe
The coach bred trotter sire Back
Lrince he by Dictator sire nt
Jay Eye See 210 dam a tinr
Morgan mare This coach bred trot
ting stallion can trot faster than an >
French coach stallion in Utah and
also better bred for trotting he bus
trotted a mile in 240 and paced a
mile in 20 Terms 810 a leap 315
for the season
I have at my stable other stallions
from 5 to 58 for the season
Who has always took the highest prize
at the Salt Lake Fair lor the last two
ears is at San Pete with Snttori
and Simeon
Mares sent from a distance will be
pastured one month free of cost if
red to Vermouth Montrose or
Prince Joe
Physician and Surgeon
Attends all Calls Day or Night
M B B lJ M D
I I Physician Surgeon
I I Specialist in Diseases of Women
peiiis1i Fork
I Office at livyack hotel
I elejfrnins promptly responded to
PROVO CiTY 9ia ill
7i ± V a 311 1O j > in 5O1 > p IU
D am oo h U21
11 5 U 72
Extra trains will 0 run to the
Dances at the Lake
For further information see Time
Tables just issued Tickets on sale at
he Provo Commercial S Savings Bank
Gen Pass and FVt Agent

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