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T H Eo H E V E N I M 4 IMF
Wins it From Mailed Compe
tition Proudly
First in Her Splendid and Unapproach
able mineral Exhibit Silk Grown Spun
and Woren at Home Her School Win
nings Hurrah for Utah
Secretary McDaniel of the Utah
Worlds fair commission yesterday
made the following partial report of
the awards made to Utah at the
Worlds fair
The following is a list of medals
awarded to Utah at the Worlds Co I
lumbian exposition It is not official
but is complied from data in the secre
tarys office which was obtained from
the daily reports of the awards as given
by the Chicago papers and memoranda
obtained from tae jury of awards
About December 1st J Boyd Thatcher
chairman of the executive committee
on awards mady a written agreement
with the national organization of state I
officers which is composed of the
representatives of the teveral states
to supply each and every state
representative with a corrected
oiiiciai use ot awards on or ueiore
January 1 This official list has n < t
been received at this office yet and
judging from the condition of
things when I visited the office of the
award committee in Washington
about the 6th o December it will be
some time before this corrected list
will be ready Mr Thatcher also
agreed to supply the state commis
sions with a statement giving the re
port of the judges in full on each
award which report recites the decree
of excellence of the exhibit and gives
the reason for the award
In some instances diplomas have
been awarded with medals but the list
here given does not state where diplo
mas hare been awarded
Ontario Mining company Park City
silver sulphurets and silver lead ore
Don Maguire Ogden garnets and
Cactus Mining company Frisco cop
per bullion ore and other minerals
ContinentalEureka Eureka silver
oreState of Utah silver ores
Woolley Lund It Judd St George
silver ores in sandstone
Daly Mining company Park City
silver sulphurete and argentiferous
R Macintosh Sandy lead galena
and carbonate ore
Niagura Mining company Bingham
N lead galena and carbonate ore
R Macintosh Sandy cabinet of
Territory of Utah silver ore
Soldier Summit Elatorite company
Castle Gate elatorite
Rio Grande Western railroad com
pany Castle Gate elatorite and al
Fort Duchesne Gilsonite company i
Fort Duchesne gilsonite
Rio Grande Western railroad com
pany Castle Gate bituminous coal
Rio Grande Western railroad com
pany Pleasant Valley bituminous
Church Coal company Coalville
bituminous coal
Home Coal company Coalville bitu
minous coal
Miller King Lehi onyx
Pelican Point mine and two others
Professor Cederstrom Lehi onyx
Treweek N Salt Lake sulpher
Cove Creek Sulpher company Cove
Creek Sulpher
Dirty Devil river Salt Lake city
Russell Process company Park City
collective exhibit illustrating Russell
Church Granite quarry Salt Lake
city granite
Salt Lake Pressed Brick company
Salt Lake city red and white pressed
Anderson Pressed Brick company
Ogden red and white pressed urick
I Kate D Barron Buck Salt Lake city
silk map of the United States
Agricultural college Logan charts
photos and manual training
Utah territory collective educational
Salt Lake public schools primary
school work
Provo city schools students work
University of Utah school work
photos and charts
Salt Lake public schools thirty vol
I umes grammar school work
Salt Lake public schools ninety vol
umes high school and class work
Salt Lake county and Salt Lakajciiy
kindergarten work
David Coyner Nephi oats
John Carlisle Mill Creek oats
Edward Ogden David oats
James Jensen Cache oats
Agricultural college Logan wheat
oats barley and grains
Utah barley best in the world
J C Lemon Terrace alfalfa seed
o Utah Sugar company Lebi beet
Utah territory potatoes
Joseph Salisburry Millyille carrots
Charles Crane Kanosh wool
Rowe Morris Summerhays wool
Utah territory farm photographs
Utah territory irrigation map
The above list is for the mines and
mining agricultural and educational
departments Awards were also made
in the transportation department and
in the womens department Two
awards were made in the transporta
tion and quite a number in the
womens department
The Utah silk exhibit was by tar the
finest domestic display of silk made
from any state or territory I have no
list of the awards made in this de
partment The awards will be included
in the official report when it is received
I may remark however that the Utah
ladies have no reason to complain
womens work from Utah received
as cordial and substantial recognition
as that from any other state or
In regard to the medals I may say
that in due course of time the commis
sion will receive notice when they will
be ready and the public will be prompt
ly notified
It should be born in mind that the
above list is not official when the of
ficial list is received the exhibitors will
be officially notified from this office
The official list may change some of
the above awardsE
Salt Lake city Dec 30 1893
The fiith and last car of Utah ex
hibits is still out on the road and the
local officials are of the opinion that
it is sidetracked somewhere
Highest of all in
I JUDGE A G Norrell of Salt Lake
citvspent yesterday in our midst In
a conversation with a DISPATCH re
porter he expressed himself as feeling
confident that democracy in our cap
ital was allright and that Wm C Hall
would be the choice of the people on
Thursday next Judge Norrell is a
warhorse in the camp of democracy
and is alwavs fighting for her triumph
Dont forget him
SEND your First District court jury
and witness scrip through your banker
on Havercamp 5i Co Provo and re
ceive 91 cents on the dollar
In the justices court of Lehi city
Utah county Territory of Utah Be
fore A M Davis jusuce of the peace
Lehi City plaintiff vs John Joe de
To John Doe whose name is other
wise unknown defendant You are
hereby requested to appear before this
court on the 3d day of January A D
1894 at 2 oclock p m of said day to
answer a complaint filed against you
wherein said plaintiff claims the sum
of one dollar and fifty cents damages
alleged to be owing and due from you
to plaintiff for damages done by the
following described animals towit
One brown horse three or four years
old crippled in front feet no brands
One red and white cow about seven
or eight years old has blotch brand on
left shoulder has the tip of horns
sawed off
One dark blue mare about eight or
nine years old small star in forehead
branded 7 on left shoulder
And you are hereby notified that if
you fail to appear and answer said
complaint at the time and place afore
said judgment will be taken against
you for 150 the amount of said dam
age the cost of keeping said animals
and the costs of this suit
Justice of the Peace
Dated this 29th day of Dec 1898
rue Sunday schools
n reo
dbernacla George
1M Whittaker of
I Were
am Baking Ponder
rfect Made
aj e
i YOU are troubled
War with i
periods take Dr
written Idrenowned Prescrip
e in two treatments guarantee to
Price or
one trial
Write or call 1 on Lady
qt Second
South St
a tako City Utah
treate or
daily invited to call Imposed
fonts unsucc
y others cape
Whon You Want to Buy Dry Y Goods and N l1 oor is to g ipe La au t aid stS88 Us
We buy for cash and we buy to sell > > OlJit I JBJy > at bottom
We buy direct and we buy in quantities prices W8JYEa J1rs Yow
You will always find our stock complete child will be served as cheaply and politely as yourself
We sell at one Price and that the lowest comparison of our styles and prices will convince you that
We treat you courteously you should trade with us
A Satisfied Customer is Our Best Advertisement
PROVO cooP A SINGLETON St peri end nt
a cure What it has done for
others it will do for you Be sure to
get Hoods Sarsaparilla
IT is a noticable fact that the parties
given by Christensen Coleman are
the most enjoyable and strictly elite of
any for many years The very best
elements of our society are to be seen
at all their social affairs 1t
OLSONS band discoursed sweet
music in front of THE DISPATCH sanc
tum at 2 p m yesterday The music
proved a rich treat for the tired workers
therein Thanks gentlemen and may
the band have many more opportuni
ties to do like graceful thingp on future
glad New years days
DURING the past halfcenturysince
the discovery of Ayers Sarsaparilla
the average limit of human life in
civilized countries has been considera
bly lengthened Ayers Sarsaparilla
is everywhere considered the standard
bloodpurifier the Superior Medicine
THE A O U W lodge have issued
invitations for their First Annual
Ball The party will be given on
Thursday evening in Southworths hall
and it promises to be a grand affair
Ample committees have been formed
and they are all now energetically la
boring to make the affair a joyous
ABOUT two oclock this morning
Marshal Fowler arrested Jim King and
Fred Hmdmarsh for shooting in the
streets A little later he let them so
on their own recognizance on their
promising to put in their appearance
when wanted and at that time report
two of their pals who escaped
The last Session of the Late Democratic
Council Business Meeting1
Saturday evening our city council
held its last meeting and a vaat amount
of business was transacted and the
table comparatively cleared for the in
coming council The most important
thing transacted was the arrangement
entered into with Rhodes Brothers
by which the latter agree to keep the
wooden water pipe in repair for two
years to come to pay all damans
which may arise from the pipe line
and the present judgments standing
against the city otCnMoiied by the im
perfections the line They will give
a 5000 bond for the faithful perform
ance of their obligations The city
will dismiss the suit now pending
against the company
Liquor licenses were granted Knight
Brothers and Henry Harrison
Reports were made by the supervisor
of streets the police fustice the collec
tor of water rates and were accepted
Farrer reported on the revision of
the city ordinances that the work was
virtually completed and had been ac
cepted by the commissioners and re
commended that 6000 extra be paid
be Enquirer for additional work in
printing the same The report was
On streets and alleys McCullough re
commended on the petition of Alonzo
Pierce that the diagonal road between
Fourth and Sixth street commencing
on the block east of uP and Fourth
street and intersecting P near Sixth
street be closed and given in exchange
for land to open a road on Fifth street
from P up to a two rod lane also
land to open up Third street from the
A N Billings estate east side through I
his land to the county road
on the east side This has
I the effect of squaring the I
the blocks in that locality The report
was adopted same committee advised
the selling of a small piecj of land be
tween Fifth and Sixth street to Geo
A Moore for 4000
Commit ee on waterworks reported
that the deeds for right of way for
water pipe lands had been presented
to the parties hut they refused to exe
cute same and they advised action to
specific performance of their contract
report adopted Reports from the com
mittees on finance public grounds and
estray pound were accepted Claims
for salaries for the present incumbents
were allowed up to Decemcer 31st 1893
Parrer presented a 1 bill repealing
clause in section 97 which simply
strikes out the figures 6000 fromthe
salary of assessor and collector of
water rates as he is paid for this work
by being superintendent It passed
This virtually concluded the labors of
the best city council Provo city has
ever had and at the last meeting all
the members were present but Sim
AT the residence of the brides par
ents in this city at five oclock last
evening Dr Walter R Pike was mar
ried to Miss Hannah T Clark No
cards An elegant supper was served
at six oclock to the members of the
family and to the few friends who were
present The bride was attired in a
beautiful cream satin dress and a pro
fusion of white roses Judge Dusen
berry officiated There were present
Mr and Mrs Clark the brides par
ents Mr and Mrs John W Pike Mr
and Mre George Clark Miss Florence
Pike Mr Bert Thurman Miss John
and Miss Hill To the Dr and Mrs
Pike THE DISPATCH extends their
hearty congratulations and best wishes
for their unbounded happiness on
their matrimonial voyage
To the Public
The undersigned have this day sold
their entire drug paint and oil busi
ness known as the Excelsior Phar
macy to Nathan Sears of the Sears I
glass and paint company of Salt Lake i
city All accounts and notes due or to
become due to the firm of Pyne
Maiben are payable to Mr Sears and
he will assume all obligations of the
firm We take pleasure in commend
ing him to the good will and patronage
of the public and trust that he will re
ceive such support in the future as we
have done in the pastPYNE
Having purchased the business of
Pyne Maiben as above stated I hold
myself in readiness to serve all patrons
of the old firm and all new ones that
may come with the best of everything
in my line The name of the business
will continue as the Excelsior Phar
macy and Mr Pyne will be retained as
local manager
PHOTO Dec 30 1893 1 m
THIS morning
Logan and girt
before Justice
chaigfd with ha
from Jesse q urd
December 2b 1St
guilty and sentnd
81000 and cnsffliil
custody of the sht
they will serve on
The W
Cannot remain
blooming look an
which health 31
Tea by clearing th
makes the comple
of youth Sold by
SOJIE time ago
formed by J W
Thomas John bo
from today their
Whitecotton Jj 1
cotton has been lo
iiiblic to need no
John however
rofefsional life
Ann Arbor Law schl
he now bids fair t
in his chosen calk
wishes the new la
A Trust W
There is a great
felt against trusts
the Standard Oil
Plate Trust th
and other combi
are vigorously d
subject of contr
are more trusts
America and w
free trade foster
one form of true
has any thing to
the public repoi
UlU ti6y and
anda joy
During the fore
made bv the
Ilt Lake tw 0d
city an d
tl G George
dared Maeser Th e
ss Emma several John sacred
it1l a fine solo In
F were
rwere made
I and Whittaker and
arents enCOuraging
Eder I Pupils Goddard in Sabbath
r vored the con was in
I bin favorite congrega longs
Oing to do Brother
ay for the Sabbath
YESTERDAY Mrand Mrs J D Jones
gave a dinner to a genial party of their
Springville friends In the evening
they all attended the party at Christen
sens academy and had a most enjoy
able time The following are the per
sonal of the party Mrs H M Dou
pall Mr ands Mrs E J Yard Mr and
Mrs McDougall Miss Kittie Dougall
Mr Gideon wood Jr and Mr John
THE ball given last evening at Chris
tensens dancing academey was a joy j
ous affair There were present about
seventyfive couple and until about 2
oclock the giddy whirl was kept up
It was rather too crowded to be com
fortable dancing but the good feeling
that was everywhere manifest was
more than sufficient to counteract the I
effects of the large crowd If space
would permit THE DISPATCH would be
only too glad to make personal men
tion all of the happy throng as it is
this much must suffice the ladies were
beautifully and many of them richly
attired and to the strains of sweet
music a wealth of femenine beauty
kept time while manly strength and
vigor rushed madly on with fascinat
ing admiration and when the last
strains died away all were loath to say
good bye to New Years day festivities
FOR the first time in the history of
the Grand Lodge of Utah its next an
nual communication will be held out
side of Salt Lake city The last Grand
Lodge resolved to hold the twentythird
annual meeting at the city of Provo
on the third Tuesday in January 1994
it being the 16th day of the month If
all the lodges will be represented over
fifty Masons may be expected in the
Garden City The meeting will be
opened in the Odd Fellows hall and
be presided oyer by the Most Worship
ful Albion Bernand Emery grand mas
ter of Masons in Utah The following
are the other elected grand officers
Arvis Scott Chapman deputy grand
master Robert Lee Scannell senior
grand warden Alvin Charles Emerson
junior grand warden John Shaw Scott
grand treasurer Christopher Diehl
grand secretary
qrters for Everything
Greenhouses theLar Beet in Utah ATIV
the door EGO R
Mail Orders for DECO qnd Fort Douglas cars stop at
Pro mpty
50i S Attended
Tenth East St Telephone to Occasions
City Bead QUartere
= Salt Lal
e lH + 7 <
L uY ut h O
Rates from 100 to 250
JlMEJilCAN AND per day
COdvonient to all Busiaess EVtO EJN
Electrip s l ortions LJlIV
BeHs Rot of the City
and Cold
Electric LiglJt in Every Water Steam Heat
Steam Elevator Fire Sot and Cold Bath
Good Sample Escapes on Every
dOH1 Rooms Floor
MO Dining
O Room
GAN b tom on
PrOD co U Fifth Floor
La1e Cite ltal
When you Visit Salt
Lake at the Great
of the Swimminb Pool
I lJ N fTf R I U
52 West Third
The Most Healthful South St Salt Lake Gity
ealthful and
The InvigoratiDg Pastime
Elegance Convenience m1e I1naginable
be and splendid
Been Ito
o be appreciated arrangements must
3aths 25c Towels and
= sulfa washed by Troy Laundry
Call and See that Fine Stock of I
Opera Glasses Watches
Jewelry Etc I
U o J
8 ct
h ii iq Q p T I
ct I r
M g3 q
d O CD I
t S cf O
I > m ba < P
r3 il 1t m
b O
F to
CD d
Bargains for the Holidays
Joseph Jensen Assignee
REED SMOOT President M H HARDY Sec Tree
W R PIKE M D YicePreaident L U KINo
Wholesale f Retail Druggists o
Perscriptions Carefully Prepared Day or Night I
Flail Orders Proijipfcy AHeijtietl io r
I S5 S S Utah Statehood Assured ± u
S LI A 11 D = 5 r
Have Just Received the most complete selection of Xmas and Holiday Goods ever brought to Provo Call and examine
our beautiful Christmas Presents also new Raisins Currants candies and Xmas Sweet Meats at prices lower than ever
F before made In Utah t S S S
I < l

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