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University of Utah
Republicans Are Having
Their Own Way
The House Leaders of the Opposing Part
lea Parley L Williams the Democratic
Giant in the Council No Strong Be
publicansThe Reps on Record to De
lay Statehood
The thirtyfirst and undoubtedly the
last territorial legislature convened at
Salt Lake esterday afternoon The
majority of both houses is republican
and the whole session promises to be
characterized by a strong party spirit
The minority will get little considera
tion at the hands of the majority
The following are the officers so far
elected Each officer was elected by
a strict party vote
M A Breeden of Ogden president
Percy S Sowers of Salt Lake chief
Henry R Adams of Nephi sergeant
Joel Hicks of Cache county enrolling
and engrossing clerk
R G Lambert of Salt I ake chap
lain William Henry Payne of Salt Lake
John M Hansen of Millard county
i A B Emory of Park City speaker
JC E Stanton of Salt Lake chief
F J Hendershot of Ogden enrolling
kd engrossing clerk
Tohn McKellar Jr of Teoele watch
tasmus Clawson of Sanpete messen
muel Y Clark of Sevier < h iplain
illiam Doxey janitor
ie proceedings of the council yes
ay were not of special jinterest
only preliminary and routine matters
being disposed of E W Taylor of
Salt Lake distinguished himself He
moved that the majority be allowed to
take their choice of seats and that the
democrats be given the privilege of
taking what was left The motion did
not prevail
It is in the house that the fight will
be the hottest Judge Powers may be
jid to have already taken the leader
ip in the democratic side and it was
de apparent yesterday that there
is no one in the republican ranks
eluding Sir Oracle Varian and
lie ponderous Allen who can
ape with him The routine matters
JPmd scarcely been disposed of when
Fudge Powers succeeded in placing his
opponents in the hole twice in quick
succession and he continued to have
run with them throughout the session
2 presenting the memorial to congress
asking that statehood be conferred on
Utah without delay Judge Powers said
he supposed there could be no division
of sentiment on the matter and in
view of its importance he asked its
immediate adoption without the delay
incident to referring It to a committee
Allen objected He wanted the me
morial laid on the table that it might
take the ordinary course and go to a
committee Of course the motion pre
vailed the republicans voting solidly
for delay and the democrats voting
solidly against it
Soon afterwards Judge Powers pre
sented another memorial in fayorof
silver and asked for its adoption but
Allen again opposed him and it took
the course of the statehood memorial
Then Allen introduced his resolution
to provide the members with news
papers etc and wanted it adopted at
once Judge Powers thought that if
the statehood memorial and the silver
memorial were not of sufficient im
portance to deserve immediate atten
tion this resolution could afford to
wait The republicans stood by Allen
to a man however although it was
evident that they were not entirely
happy over the record they had made
in a quarter of an hour
The house committee Jacob John
son CS Varian and 0 W Powers
fixed 11 oclock today as the time to
take up the Dougall ys Robertson
contest for a seat Judge J D Jones
is Dougalls attorney and Hon Ymi
H King will appear before the com
mittee in behalf of Robertson
The Worlds Fair
Cannot remain such without the
blooming look and radiant complexon
which health alone iaciarts Parks
Tea by clearing the bloo of impurities
makes the complexion regan the hue
of youth Sold by Smoot Drr Co
OTTO F 1lALM ERG is over from San
taquin on legal business
THE OXFORD gives he first of its
series of hops this evening
THE R G W train due at 1105
reached Provo today at 130 p m I I
WM HANSEN has planted suit in the
district court against James and James
F Dunn on a promissory note for 400
Fon SALEA thrcafoot nickle
plated show case in perfect order Will
be sold at a bargain Apply at this
THERE is not a pioneer living i
Utah who ever heard of flour beh
sold at such figures n it is being sold
by Boehard at present
It was fully expected by friends in
Washington that the new postmasters
for Provo Ogden and Park city would
be appointed yesterday but they were
not There seems to be no prospect of
immediate change in the office of pro
bate judge of this county
SUGAR went up oneeighth of a cent
yesterday and in consequence the di
rectors of the Utah Sugar company are
much encouraged The market is now
just where it was before the recent
slump and the indications are that
prices will not fluctuate much in the
near future
What is a Guarantee
It is this If you have a cough 01
cold a tickling in the throat which
beeps you constantly coughing or if
you are afficted with any Chest Throat
or Lung trouble Whooping Cough c
and you use Bollards Horehound Syrup
as directed giving it a fair trial and
no benefit is experienced we author
ize our advertised agent to refund your
money on return of bottle It never
fails to give satisfaction It promptly
relieves Bronchitis Sold by Smoot
Drug Co
Voted and Died
Mr John Wehner aged 82 years of
933 Somerset street died suddenly on
election day of old age He felt unwell
in the morning but despite his illness he
accompanied his son Joseph to the vot
ing placo of the Seventh precinct of the
Seventh ward at 1814 Ashland avenue
and cast his ballot While on his way
nome Mr Wehner was taken violently
ill He was removed to his home where
One diedBaltimore Snn
Best Known Signature In the World
No personal or financial news has ex
cited so much comment recently as the
retirement of a man whose signature is
better known and more widely distrib
uted than any other in all the world
The name of F May will no longer ap
pear on the Bank of England notes It
is no secret that his resignation of the
office of chief cashier was given under i
pressure There is no imputation against
Mays integrity and the bank will not
Buffer through himLondon Letter
Highest of all in Leavening Power Latest U S Govt Report
D BaMr ng
2 Powder
r WhO Yon Want to Buy DrY r Goods nd d L otions r Call y and 80e Us
T W buy for cash and we buy to sell fit ur constant aim is to give yoga the best goods at bottom i
We buy direct and we buy in quantities S prices We IMIaJsie YOur IIl terests Ours Your
You will always find our stock complete child will be served as cheaply and politely as yourself A
We sell at one Price and that the lowest comparison of our styles and prices will convince you that
We treat you courteously you should trade with us
A Satisfied Customer is Our Best Advertisement
WHAT DO YOU take medicine
for Because you wantto get well
or keep well of course Remember
Hoods Sarsaparilla Cures
A GREAT whirlwind of fire swept
over the worlds fair grounds last
night doing more than a million dol
lars worth of damage The cause of
the fire Is said to be revenge on the
part of a couple of tramps The Casino
Music Hall and Peristyle were reduced
to ashes and the Liberal Arts build
ing partially destroyed The foreign
exhibits were badly damaged both by
fire and water One fireman lost his
Ladies Read This and be Convinced
I have been suffering with painfu
and irregular Menstruation for ove
six years I have paid a fortune to the
best of Physicians and nave taken
nearly all kinds of patent medicines
and treatments but without avail
About one year ago a lady friend told
me to take DR DE JOZAS famous pre
scription which had cured her in one
months treatment I was very sick at
that time and willing to take anything
to cure me Consequently I have taken
a two months treatment of Dn DE
JOZAS prescription and can state that
I am not only permanently cured but
am now the mother of a healthy boy
I cannot speak too highly of DK DE
JOZAS prescription und am always
ready to give information regarding
this remedy Mrs R I HOMES 169
Madisonave Chicago We give one
months treatment to anv lady who
will send 300 to the SALT LAKE
MEDICINE CO 56 W Second South
St Salt Lake City Utah or give all
information wanted by writing to the
Lady Manager of the company Re
member we guarantee a permanent
cure in two treatments or refund
money Lady representatives wanted
in every town
N HA trial treatment sent on
receipt of 8200
ON Saturday last George A xusen
berry sold his interest in the insur
ance business to his former partner
Ed Knowlden who will continue the
business and be pleased to meet new
and old customers at any and all times
Mr Dusenberry will engage in other
business here in Provo soon
at Payson on Monday aged fortythree
years She was the wife of Daniel
Stark a prominent citizen and leaves
seven children Mrs Lewis Ramsey
alse died Sunday night of old age be
ing eightythree She had been blind
for twelve years and had lived in Pay
son eight years She was formerly
from the state of Illinois
A FIRST class fight took place today
about noon at the back of S M
Duggins saloon between two men both
of whom are no clowns at the slugging
business They are John Homer an
employee of R S Hines and Mr
Titus who was proprietor of the Bon
Ton restaurant A few passes were
noticed at the bank corner between the
two but the mill was suppressed on ac
count of the place being too public A
short time afterwards they met at the
saloon named and Titus was heard to
say something about betting 500 he
could put his opponent to sleep
Homers coat was off in an instant and
he led the way to the scene of the
battle Only a few blows were struck
when Homer clinched and floored his
man administering in the mean time a
few right banders Titus had met his
Waterloo and arose covered with blood
and bruises Homer was also be
smeared with blood but it proved to
be the other mans claret From what
could be learned it appeared that Titus
was the aggressor although a differ
ence of ninety cents between the
parties was the original cause of the
Dr Prices Cream Baking Powder
Most Perfect Made
Notice of Dissolution
Notice is hereby given that the co
partnership heretofore existing be
tween George A Dusenberry and
Robert E Knowlden under the firm
style and name of Dusenberry Si i
Knowlden is this day dissolved by i
mutual consent All outstanding debts
and liabilities will be paid by the said
Robert E Knowlden and all debts due
and owing to the said firm to be paid
to the said Robert E Knowlden
Dated January 8 1893
For Rent
Two dwelling houses centrally lo
cated Rental to suit the times Ap
ply to A O SMOOT JK
T7STRAT NOTICEI have m my possession
ESTRAY following described animals im
pounded as estrays for trespass
One red cow and calf cow about four years
old some white on the bellcy point ol left
horn off crop off both care no brands visible
One rod heifer about two years old some
white on tho belles bush of tail white crop off
both ears upper bit in right upper and under
bit in left car branded BBfllIPalii
i J
If damage and costs on said
animals bo not paid within ten
days from date of this notice they will
be sola to the highest cash bidder at Pleasant
Grove estray pound at 10 oclock no m on the
18th day of January 1591
Dated Et Pleasant Grovocity Utah county
territory of Utah this 8th day of January
PoundkeoDor of said City
A Nonce given the midwinter re
ception at the B Y academy by THE
DISPATCH named cards as one of the
means of entertainment and failed to
qualify the statement by saying the
game of authors The interesting
part of the busineess is that in less
than twenty four hours the stake presi
dency had bounced the professors
about it In less than a week the pres
idency of the church were after them
and leading citizens of the city county
and territory have been pouring in let
ters and iuquiries in such a flood ever
since that the distracted faculty see
nothing in their sleeping hours but a
huge interrogation point Gentlemen
and ladies it was not the wicked cards
with which high low Jack and the
game is played it was innocent c irds
All this goes to prove how widely THE
DISPATCH is circulated and how care
fully the morals of the students attend
ing the B Y academy are looked af
A Trust Which is Popular
There is a great deal of indignation
felt against trusts The Sugar Trust
the Standard Oil trust the Welsh Tin
Plate Trust the English Salt Trust
and other combinations of the kind
are vigorously denounced and it is a
subject of controversy ther there
are more trusts in England than
America and whether protection or
free trade fosters them But there is
one form of trust against which no one
has anything to say That is the trust
the public reposes in Hoods Sarsapa
For Rent
Seven offices up stairs in the Union
block at reasonable rates and easy
terms Apply to
La J
Brings comfort and improvement ana
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used The many who live be
ter than others and enjoy life more with
less expenditure by more promptly
adapting the worlds best products to
the needs of physical being will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in tho
remedy Syrup of Figs
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative effectually cleansing the system
dispelling colds headaches and fever
and permanently curing constipation
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession because it acts on the Kid
neys Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug
gists in 50c and 1 bottles but it is man
Ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co only whose name is printed on ever
package also the name Syrup of Figi
and being well informed you will nor
accept any substitute if offered
Nervous Excitability After Death
Experiments made by M dArsonval
with an instrument ho calls a rnyophone
prove contrary to the older opinion
that nervous excitability may exist for
man hours after death The old test of
the muscle shortening is no doubt not
applicable long after death has departed
but as the sound given out by the myo
phone proves the death of a nerve is
much less rapid than has been hitherto
supposed and a nerve may act on mus
cle in a state of electric excitability
without producing more than simple
molecular vibration
Knew What to Say
I didnt hear it myself but I know a
man who says he was present when a
Mrs Newlyrichsaid that when she visited
Pompeii she went right up and looked
down the creature explaining that as
she wasnt Irish she didnt see why sho
should speak with a brogue and say cra I
ter New York Recorder
A Card
TO THE Ladies
DEAR LADY If you are troubled with
painful and irregular periods take Dr
DE JOZAS Worldrenowned Prescrip
tion We give written guarantee to
permanently cure in two treatments or
refund money Price for one trial
treatment 2oo Write or call on Lady
G West Second South St
Salt Lake City Utah
Patients unsuccessfully treated or imposed
upon by others especially invited to call
Dr Prices Cream Baking Powder
Worlds Fair Highest Medal and Diploma
Notice of Dissolution
The partnership heretofore existing
between the undersigned firm of con
tractors and builders is this day dis
solved by mutual consent H H Wells
letiring from the busineas All con
tracts will be finished by Ben R Race
Provo January 2 189
PROCTER Academy will open on
Wednesday Jan 3 1894 New classes
formed in Geology Zoology and Physi
ology Latin Greek and German cla I
ses continued Tuition 1 per month
Better Thall Statehood
During these hard times the good
people of Provo are enjoying much
greater benefit from the sale of Bo
shards cheap flour than statehood can
possibly bring them oJ
To the Public
The undersigned have this day sold
their entire drug paint and oil busi
ness known as the Excelsior Phar
macy to Nathan Sears of the Sears
glass and paint company of Salt Lake
city All accounts and notes due or to
become due to the firm of Pyne
Maiben are payable to Mr Sears and
he will assume all obligations of the
firm We take pleasure in commend
ing him to the good will and patronage
of the public and trust that he will re
ceive such support in the future as we
have done in the pastPrNE
Having purchased the business of
Pyne Miben as above stated I hold
myself in readiness to serve all patrons
of the old firm and all new ones that
may come with the best of everything I
in my line The name of the business i
will continue as the Excelsior Phar
macy and Mr Pyne will be retained as
local manager
PROVO Dec 30 IS93 1 m
L fayeUe Floral t Establishment
Headquarters for Everything
Greenhouses the Largest in Utah Mount Olivet and Fort Douglas cars stop at
the door
Mail Orders for DECORATiVE AND FUNERAL Occasions
Promptly Attended to
507 S Tenth East St Telephone 629 City Headquarters 44 Main St
Salt Lake Oity UtFlh
n i R 33 C T E I > 189091
Rates from I I 100 to 250 per day
Convenient to all Business Portions the City
Eleclri Bells Hot and Cold Water Steam Heat
Electric Light in Every Room Hot and Cold Bathe
S cam Elevator Fire Escapes on Every Floor
Good Sample Rooms Dining Room on Fifth Floor
JOMN i r40 GAN j Prop Salfc Lake City ll ah
When you Visit Salt Lake at the Great Swimming Pool
of the
52 West Third South St Salt Lake Giiy
The Most Healthful and Invigorating Pastime Imaginable
L The Elegance Convenience and splendid arrangements most
be seen to be appreciated
Baths 25c Towels and suits washed by Troy Laundry
Call and See that Fine Stock of
Opera Classes Watches Jewelry Etc
i Q > yet o
0 LT1 CD
O OJ 0
c p 3 0
a > 3O
> P
rl P m
to et 1
9 ti M
r1 r a
CD d of
Bargains for the Holidays
Joseph Jensen 7 Assignee
REED SHOOT President M H HARDY Sec Tree
W R PIKE M D VicePresident L U KLTG
Wholesale fI Retail Druggists
Perscriptions Carefully Prepared Day or Night
Mail Orders Sro tpUy A e > sea fco
argalns AT argalns
Until January 151894 at which time our annual stocktaking begins Call at once Remember the stand 28 Centre St
< < r Iti

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