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University of Utah
The Council Peaceful The
House Clashing
The Republicans Again Force Delay On
Both Measure The Great Majority of
Committee Plums Go to Eepa Not a
GreatAmount of Work Done as Yet
Allen and Varian and their followers
of the majority in the house continue
bulldozing Judge Powers is the thorn
in their side How they do hate him
the democratic minority and every
democratic measure All is quiet in
the council
On the statehood and silver questions
the republicans have become mixed
worse than ever The democratic side
recognizing that the questions are
likely to come up for consideration in
the near future have been anxious to
give expresson at once to their ideas
on those questions but the republicans
have resorted to dilatory motions in
order to hold off consideration unti I
they can endeavor to make an impres
sion that the measures emanated from
their side For this attitude they were
roasted to a turn yesterday by Powers
who claimed that the republican leaders
are untrue to their constituents when
they delay consideration of such im
portant questions
Varian carried out his promise to
introduce resolution against the tak
ing off of the tariff on wool and also
made an attempt to show that the re
publicans are in favor of the people
by handing in a memorial asking for
statehood Allen brought forward a
memorial on the lead question and a
memorial asking congress to give the
Industrial Home to the Salt Lake
schools Two billp were introduced in
the house and one in the council mak
ing eight hours the working day on
public works A bill was introduced
in each house extending the time of
redemption in forced sales of real
estate from six months to two years
Several other bills of leseer importance
were also introduced The other busi
ness done was mostly of a routine
A bill introduced by Breeden pro
posed to abolish the office of county
collector the duties of the office to re
vert to the county treasurer Further
provisions of the bill require that the
added compensation be determined by
the respective county courts such
added compensation not to exceed
Taylor introduced a bill regulating
the practice of dentistry in the terri
tory providing that a board ot five
practicing dentists appointed whose
principal duties are to examine candi
dates and issue diplomas Referred
President Breeden of the council
gave each of the democratic members a
chairmanship on the committees but
distributed his fayors somewhat un
equally among the minority members
giving Lund onlv three places and
Adams onh four and giving others as
many as ten Speaker Emery did not
deign to give even one chairmanship
to the minority but gave the plums to
his confreres In the council Hiram
E Booth received the most coveted
plum in the chairmanship of the com
mittee on judiciary and thus is made
the republican leader in the house E
W Taylor gets the next beet in the
appropriation chairmanship Alma
Hague got there with three important
chairmanships mines and mining uni
versity and agricultural college and
railways while Alma Eldredge cap
tured the committee on memorials
In the house Varian received the
best plum the judiciary committee
and also the one on manufacturing and
commerce Allen got memorials and
elections Parsons has the appropria
tions On the important committees
the democrats are strong
Allen presented a bill providing for
th maintenance and enlargement of
public libraries in cities of the first
class and secondclass Referred
This provides for putting such instruc
tions under the boards of education
and levying special taxes for their
Was McKim Murdered
BOISE Ida Jan 9Vhat promises
to be one of the biggest eensati ons ol
the season in Idaho is developing in
connection with the death of William
McKim at one time superintendent of
the Bonaparte Hill mine a promi
nent property in Rocky Bar
In 1887 McKim mysteriously disap
peared and it was thought at the time
that he had absconded taking with
him money belonging to the company
Some time ago a skeleton was foun d in
the Boise river which from some
articles found on it was identified as
being that of the missing superintend
ent In addition a witness was pro
duced who said he saw Mckim drown
The Bonaparte mine is a splendid
propertybut since McKim disappeared
it has not been worked Owners of the
mine now here doubt whether the skel
eton found was actually McKims It
is charged that other miners in Rocky
Bar have been taking ore from the
Bonaparte Hill mine by working below
and that it has developed great rich
ness Parties here are trying to bond
the mine and others are endeavoring
to lease it
It is broadly hinted now that McKim
became cognizant of the underground
work and that parties killed him and
then threw him into the river on the
theory that dead men tell no tales
Detectives are at work on the case but
are very reticent though it has leaked
out that evidence has been unearthed I
A hich will bring matters to the crimi
nal court
Scofieltl Items I
To the editor of THE DisiArcn
Mr John Tones of Winter Quarters
has prevailed upon the management of
the P V Coal company for medical
treatment It will be remembered
that on September 25th last an aci
dent occurred in the Winter Quarters
mine whereby electric motorman Mr
Jones had a narrow escape for his life
The electric motor jumped the track
and caused serious injuries and some
broken bones to the said gentleman
His sufferings have told heavily on
him He is now very crippled Mr
Jones will accompany Dr Smith of
Scofield to Salt Lake city on the morn
ing train and he will probably remain
there a week or so under operations
We the people of Scofield and Winter
Quarters wish Mr Jones success and a
return to perfect health
It is officially announced that the
U P coal mines at Scofield will start
up again in full blast on the first day
of February next The people here
are rejoicing over the report and the
prospects of the good times coming
The majority of the miners at Winter
Quarters have their homes at Scofield
town and are moving their household
goods from Winter Quarters to this
Cold weather Bitter cold At 730
last Friday morning the thermometer
indicated 33f degrees below zero at
this point the coldest weather this
winter thus far
Sleighriding seems to be the all ab
sorbing topic of the day You can hear
the merry chime of sleigh bells most
any time
Work In the coal mines is rather dull
Men are leaving camp almost daily
Scofield Utah Jan 7 1891
Wife Murderer Davis to be Shot
Enoch Davis is to be shot after all
So says the supreme courcof the United
States Another confirmation of the
generally correct rulings of poor Black
burn On the ninth the court of last
resort confirmed the action of the I
lower court
DISPATCH readers generally remem
ber the particulars of this revolt
ing caEe It was shown in the
trial that Davis was a dissolute and
hardened character who naver aimed
to rear his family in a respectable way
and made life miserable for his poor
wife whom he butchered entirely with
out cause oue night last spring after
wards throwing her nude body into a
potatoe pit telling his children that
their mother had gone off on a visit
when they began to cry for her The
crime was committed in their cabin
near Vernal in Emery county
As the court of last resort has passed
upon this case there will now be no
unnecessary deny in executing the
lenience of death hanging over the
prisoner Davis will be brought to
Provo where his trial was held to be
shot The execution will be in charge
of Marshal Fowler
Protecting Vegetables In Winter
It does not seem to be generally known
that light in the winter time is the chief
agent in the destruction of vegetables
otherwise hardy and especially light
shining brightly on the plant when
frozen A cabbage or turnip that is ex
posed to the light rots readily but will
keep perfectly sound if but slightly cov
ered with earth This principle should be
remembered when collecting vegetables
together in largo masses for protection
It is often customary to cover such
sets of vegetables with some light ma
terial such as leaves hay or straw the i
result of which generally is simply to
form harbor for mice which are much
more destructive than the frost itself i
Water has of course tp be excluded
and if the vegetable plants are set close
ly together and covered with boards to
keep out the rain it is generally all that
is required Water must be excluded
or else rotting may result For this pur
pose it is good practice to invert vege
tables The cabbage especially must re
ceive this attention They are almost
always inverted when placed together
under boards or covers for protection
and in fact where no covering at all is
used they will keep perfectly well when
invertedMeehans Monthly
Woman School Commissioners
Women were elected tothe position of
county school superintendent in several
counties of the state at the late election
Among the number are Miss Mina
Wheeler in Crificnden Mrs A T Mil
lion iu Madison Miss Lucy Pattio in
Franklin and Mills Katie McDaniel in
Christian There will be a host of fe
male candidates for this position when
the next election comesOwensboro
Prefers Domestic Service
Elizabeth Banks once private secre
tary to the British minister to Peru will
publish in a London < daily series of
articles concerning her experiences as a
parlor maid and housemaid in English I
families The title will be In Caps
and Aprons Sho recommends domes
tic service to poor girls in preference to
shop wtJrk
A Trust Which is Popular
There is a great deal of indignation
l felt against trusts The Sugar Trust
tho Standard Oil trust the Welsh Tin
Plate Trust the English SuIt Trust
and other combinations of the kind
are vigorously denounced and it is a
subject if controversy whether there
are more trusts in England than
America and whether protection or
free trade fosters them But there is
one form of trust against which no one
has anything to say That is the trust
the public reposes in Hoods Sarsapa
For Rent
Seven offices up stairs in the Union
block at reasonable rates and easy
terms Apply to
Brings comfort and improvement ana
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used The many who live be
ter than others and enjoy life more with
less expenditure by more promptly
adapting the worlds best products to
the needs of physical being will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in tho
remedy Syrup of Figs
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative effectually cleansing the system
dispelling colds headaches and fever
and permanently curing constipation
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession because it acts on the Kid
neys Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug
gists in 50c and 1 bottles but it is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co only whose name is printed on ever
package also the name Syrup of Fig >
and being well informed you will not
accept any substitute if offered
Home Industries
The following from Industry a Cal
ifornia engineering paper would seem
to point in the same direction as some
transactions nearer home
The Carnegie Steel company con
tinue to import their tools from Eng
land The last is a heavy hydraulic
press by the Whifcworth company at
Manchester Eneland the parts of
which were sent over in d fferent con
signments and one imported as un
manvfactwed iron One piece received
recently weighs sixtyfour tons and
the whole press when completed will
weigh 1500 tons Why such machines
are not b nghfc here no one can under
stand The immensity of the s
is certainly not an impediment There
are firms in Philach Iphia that could
mst and fit up a hydrmlic press of any
size quite as well as the Whitworth
company but not at the same price if
the duty is varied Mr Carnegies
idea of tariff is that it should pertain
to what he sells and not to
what he buys W J SILVER
A Card
TO THE LadiesJf
DEAR LADY If you are troubled with
painful and irregular periods take Dr
DE JOZAS Worldrenowned Prescrip
tion We give written guarantee to
permanently cure in two treatments or
refund money Price for one trial
treatment 2oo Write or call on Lady
58 West Second South St
Salt Lake City Utah
Patients unsuccessfully treated or imposed
upon by others especially invited to call
Whon Yen Want to Buy Dry Goods and Notions Call and See USB
We buy for cash and we buy to sell J Our constant aim is to give you the best goods at bottom I
We buy direct and we buy in quantities < fi prices 7o Z aloe XToCLTrICxitO3LrostsOoTrs Your I
You will always find our stock complete child will be served as cheaply and politely as yourself A
We sell at one Price and that the lowest comparison of our styles and prices will convince you that
We treat you courteously you should trade with us
l A Satisfied Customer is Our Best Advertisement
Dr Prices Cream Baking Powder
Worlds Fair Highest Medal and Diploma
Notice to Delinquents
I will commence to sell the property
of delinquent tax payers Monday the I
15th Take notice accordingly
Tax Collector for Utah County
Notice of Dissolution
Notice is hereby given that the co
partnership heretofore existing be
tween George A Duaenberry and
Robert E Knowlden under the firm
style and name of Dusenberry
Knowlden is this day dissolved by
mutual consent All outstanding debts
and liabilities will be paid by the said
Robert E Knowlden and all debts due
and owing to the said firm to be paid
to the said Robert E Knowlden
Dated January 8 1893
Dr Prices Cream Baking Powder
Most Perfect Made
A Proper Reference
In the Heralds report of the proceed
ings yesterday in the lower house of
the legislature appears the following
Nebeker said he found on his desk
a copy of the Provo Enquirer and
moved that it be referred to the com
mittee on education Laid on the
ta ble
HOODS CURES when all other
preparations fail It possesses
curative power peculiar to itself Be
sure to get Hoods Sarsaparilla
An English dressmaker who was fined
40 for overworking her assistants ad
mitted that two girls in her employment
began work at 830 on Tuesday moaning
and worked continuously until 630 on
Wednesday night 34 hourswith an
hour and a half for rest
The Worlds Fair
Cannot remain such without the
blooming look and radiant complexion
which health alone imparts Parks
Tea by clearing the blood of impurities
makes the complexion regain the hue
of youth Sold by Smoot Drug Co
THERE is not a pioneer living in
Utah who ever heard of flour being
sold at such figures as it is being sold
by Boshard at present
Notice of Dissolution
The partnership heretofore existing
between the undersigned firm of con
tractors and builders is this day dis
solved by mutual consent H H Wells
retiring from the busineas All con
tracts will be finished by Ben R Race
Provo January 2 1894
Highest of ell in Leavening PowerLatest U S Govt Report
D 18akin
1dL Powder
Rather Steep
Than take in any other rorm is what
many people think and Park Tea is
made for just those folks It cures con
stipation and though not a cathartic
moves the bowels every day Sold by
Smoot Drug Co
Better Thau Statehood
During these hard times the good
people of Provo are enjoying much
greater benefit from the sale of Bo
shards cheap flour than statehood can
possibly bring them it
SAVE your fences and try some of
Provo City Lumber companys tele
phone No 31 kindling wod Also
pitch pine dry wood cut to order for
any size fire place or stove
PIIOOTEU Academy will open on
Wednesday Jan 31894 New classes
formed in Geology Zoology and Physi
ology Latin Greek and German cla
ses continued Tuition 1 per month
To the Public
The undersigned have this day sold
their entire drug paint and oil busi
ness known as the Excelsior Phar
macy to Nathan Sears of tile Sears
glass and paint company of Salt Lake
city All accounts and notes due or to
become due to the firm of Pyne
Maiben are payable to Mr Sears and
he will assume all obligations of the
firm We take pleasure in commend
fug him to the good will and patronage
of the public and trust that he will re
ceive such support in the tuture as we
have done in the pastPYNE
Having purchased the business of
pyne Mniben as above stated I hold
myself in readiness to serve all patrons
of the old firm and all new ones that
may come with the best of everything
in my line The name of the business
will continue as the Excelsior Phar
macy and Mr Pyne will be retained as
local manager
PROVO Dec 30 1893 1 m
L ay8tti F foral Establishment
Headquarters for Everything
Greenhouses the Largest in Utah Mount Olivet and Fort Douglas cars stop at
the door
Mail Orders for DECORATIVE AND FUNERAL Occasions
Promptly Attended to
507 S Tenth East St Telephone 629 City Headquarters 44 Main St
Salt Luke Cat Utah
kl C 7fE B > 38I > 0 > 1
Rates from q 100 to 250
i II per day
Convenient to all Business Portions of the City
Electri Bells Hot and Cold Water Steam Heat
Electric Light in Every Room Hot and Cold Baths
Steam Elevator Fire Escapes on Every Floor
Good Sample Rooms Dining Room on Fifth Floor
JoJirJ MOG N j Prop Sail Lake Cifcij 1J ail
When you Visit Salt Lake at the Great Swimming Pool
of the
LP 52 West Third South St Salt Lake City
The Most Healthful and Invigorating Pastime Imaginable
The Elegance Convenience and splendid arrangements must
be seen to be appreciated
Baths 25c Towels and suits washed by Troy Laundry
Call and See that Pine Stock of
Opera Classes Watches Jewelry EtcH
m v O J
H 1
lildt o p
1 = W
0 CDas
c asct
I > c
Q COct
S ct
1 r
Bargains for the Holidays
Joseph Jensen Assignee
REED SHOOT President M H HARDY Sec Tres
W R PIKE M D VicePresident L U KING
Wholesale t q I Retail Druggists
Perscriptions Carefully Prepared Day or Night
Man l Orders Pray y AHerjdeci to
B2rff1nQ BARGAIN AT So argalnsl I
Until January 15 1894 at which time our annual stocktaking begins Call at once Remember the stand 28 Centre St
r t

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