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oi UI
Repubs in the House Ride
a High Horse
And the Party Whip Orackintr Right Mer
rily Lead and Sugar Memorials Re
pubilcan to the Core are Crowded
Throujrh All is Respectful in the Coun
The Salt Lake Herald in introducing
its report of yesterdays proceedings of
the territorial islature refers to the
majority of the house in the following
U With shameful aluse of their power
an utter disregard of all principles of
courtesy the republicans have begun
their reign over the interests of the ter
ritory of Utah and the unfavored
masses will have no chance to be heard
Only those who have a special indus
try which they want protected only
those who wish to haye a chance at
looting the public treasury only those I
who belong to the favored classes
need expect to have a hearing No
others should apply Emery is in the I
saddle Varian and Allen are applying
the whip and sour and no member of
the majority dares to fail to fall in line
when the party lash curls and cracks
about their ears Everything must
give way before the behests of the
The result of their private caucus is
then giyen by the Herald and their
highhanded and utterly unfair pro
ceedings in the house are detailed
Following is condensed routine report I
of proceedings in both houses
President Breeden introduced C R
No 15 for an act to create a territorial
board of horticulture and defining its
duties the board to consist of F J
Kiesel Peter Lowe C H Humstin
berg John C Herman and Thomas
Judd for the first term of office the
offices to be filled later by appoi ntment
by the governor
President Breeden also introduced
council bill No 16 providing for the
amendment of subdivision 7 section
3429 complied laws so that the section
will read If the judgment debtor is
the head of a family all of his earn
ings for personal services less than
8100 when it appears by the debtors
affidavit that such earnings are neces
sary for the use of the family sup
ported wholly or in part by his
H J M No8 relating to escheated
property of the church of Latterday
saints was read the second time and
the third and passed by a unanimous
vote H B No1 was amendea to provide
I t that salaries be paid only for actual
time employed and passed on third
HB No9 was read the second
time and referred to committee on ap
A message was received from the
governor calling attention to the re
j ports of the Utah Territorial Loan
commission and the biennial report of
the commissioner of schools of their
respective committees
A communication was received from
president of the board of trustees of
t e reform school inviting the council
to visit the institution at its earliest
1 convenience Accepted
A communication was received from
W H Bancroft genereal superinten
dent Union Pacific tendering the
courtesies of the company the oc
casion of the councils visit to the
agricultural college at Logan Ac
Claims against the territory were
presented by Henry Cohn Co for
270 and J C Watson for X120 and were
referred to the committee on claims
There was much useless discussion
and a disgraceful amount of bulldoz
Tolton presented a claim of R R
Turner sheriff of Beaver county Re
The committee on judiciary reported
recommending that the bill to
make eight hours a legal days labor
pass Pigman presented a bill to allow
barber shops to keep open on Sunday
Allen presented a resolution allowing
Utahs Worlds fair exhibit to be taken
to the midwinter fair without cost to
the territory
I Mason by request presented a bill
prohibiting attorneysatlaw from be
coming sureties Referred
Sears presented bill designed to
remedy the shortcomings of the law
on the redemption of real property by
making it obligatory on the treasurer
to give a redemption receipt that may
be made of record There is now no
provision for such a document
Johnson introuced a bill designed to
tax mortgages and to repeal the laws
on that subject passed by the last leg
islature Referred
Johnson introduced an act to create
the office of watermaster and to fix his
duties Referred
Parsons introduced a memorial to
congress urging the opening of the
Uncomoahgre and Uintah Indian res i
ervations I
The memorial on statehood reported
back by the committee was taken up
and passed unanimously
Then came the lead memorial and a
whole ocean of discussion covering the I
grounds that divide the two political
parties and the phraseology used
Powers did not believe that statements
should be made without due consider
ation He was not prepared to admit
that the Wilson bill would strike down
the lead mining in this territory and
was not prepared to say that its pas
sage would bring our laborers into di
rect with Mexican cheap
labor He does not believe in the tax
ation for the benefit of any class as a
principle but wants Utah to be bene
fited if th ere is to be any incidental
protection Others spoke for and
against and the memorial passed the I
democrats voting no the other not vot
I ing I
The silver memorial setting forth
that demonetization of silver has
wrought stagnation in business and
urging the immediate remonetization
of silver at a ratio with gold of 16 to 1
was taken up and passed with a unan
imous vote
The sugar memorial was taken up
and passed by the republicans voting
in the affirmative the democrats in
the negative Powers explained he is
in favor of home industries but not in
favor of the measure before the house
Hubbard made the same explanation
Stoker explained that he believes that
bounties are unconstitutional
The memorial wants congress to re
tain the bounty of two cents per pound
on American made sugars
vnuus worn
There is a decided return in the art
embroidery shops to the canvas work
cross and overstitch york of our grand
mothers samplers The revivals come
too with all modern improvements
The garish red green and blue wools
combined without any other idea than
to get a variety after the manner of the
beginning of the century work have
vanished and the pale tones of the art
worker of today are in their place Ban
ners sofa pillows screen panels and the
like are shown in the canvas and will be
welcomed by many women who have j
never attained the Kensington stitch
and to whom the mysteries of brush and
color are still a sealed bookNew York
Sim Ducgina Now Carefully Examines
and Tests all Jewelry Before He Puts
Up on It
Logan Paul a familiar character
hereabouts ofttimes gets broke so it
is saidat other times he is flush
Loge sometimes wears diamondsat
other times he does not
Sim Duggins another familiar char
acter hereabouts is always ready to
lend the boys some money provided i
they put up good and sufficient security I
and oftentimes has locked away in his
safe as many watches rins and other I
jewelry stock as eoine jewelers carry in
On yesterday Sim whispered a story
into the Officers ears that ran some
thing like this On January 2d in the
evening Logan came into the Diamond
saloon jubilant saying that he had
just made a killing He touk
out of pawn a valuable di
amond ling paying up the
interest and treating with every evi
dence of very good will About
thirty minutes afterwards Mr Paul
came back and said he wanted some
more money on that ring Sims
tender heart was touched because of
Logans misfortune and put up fifty on
the ring After a few days Sim looked
at the ring and examined it more
closely than he had done on the night
he loaned the money Judge of his
surprise when he found that it was not
Hthe ring but another ringthat
is the same ring leset and containing
in Alaska diamond The diamond rinj
had been sold by Jeweler Jensen IIP
testified that the diamond in the
ring was not the diamond it contained
when he sold the ring
Sim was in a quandary He tried to
get some better security his money
but failed At last he had made up
his mind to Jay low until the grand
I jury meets and go before that body
and explain his grievances realizing
as he says that he might sue get
judgment but fail to recover Yester
day morning he learned that Paul had
been trying to dispose of the original dia
mond and was getting ready to go to the
midwinter fair At once Sim had
Paul arrested The case was tried last
evening before Justice Wedgwood who
withheld his decision until Tuesday
next at 10 oclock
11 a cure What it has done for
others it will do for you Be sure to
get Hoods Sarsaparilla
Napoleon I who was a great admirer
of female talent when its owner did
not like Mme de Stael direct it against
himself used to say There are women
who have only one faultviz that they
are not men
q A p a3t anD
Au Object Lesson
Alice Stone Blackwell tells a delicious
little story It was town meeting day
in Barton LandingVt The ladies there
abouts had been tainted with the poison
of woman suffrage notions and a num
ber of them determined to attend the
meeting to see how the superior sex con
ducted itself on dignified public occa
sions They accordingly attacked the
hall in a body At the same day and
hour the schoolteacher of the place mar
shalled the pupils male and female of
the political economy class and took
them to the town hall also that they
might see how the sovereigns of this na
tion hold it level Arrived at the build
ing they found their political rulers in a
squabble and state of disorder only ex
celled by tho famous scrapping match in
the British parliament Unpleasantness
was in the air plainly To see bow in
the twinkling of an eye the members of
the superior sex snatched their feet off
the desks threw away their cigars
straightened themselves up hushed their
angry words and began cooing as gently
as a dove on the arrival of the visitors
was an object lesson both to those who
did and did not believe in woman taking
part in municipal government
Dr Prices Cream Baking Powder
Worlds Fair Highest Medal and Diploma
Highest of all in Leavening Power Latest U S Govfc Report
D I Bthiig
The Zion Medical Institute
The fact that Dra G W and A J
Shores have gone into a special line of
business or mother words have pur
chased the well known Zion Medical
Institute will be greeted with pleasure
when generally known Th < iv have
added a surgery to this popular insti
tute and are so well Known that com
I ment is almost unnecessary These
gentlemen have practiced throughout
the whole territory for many years
having begun practicing in Provo and
Paysoll and the surrounding localities
in 1888 until their field < < l extended to the
borders of the whole territory Their
recent acquisition gives them t a prest
ige which coupled with their well i
known ability and the fact that they
are registered physicians and surgeons
a distinction not enjoyed by any
other practicing specialists
Tl ese gentlemen are contemplating
a trip next week through the territory
arranging to stop in all the principal
towns The times and places will be
announced lator in this paper
Dr G 1V Shore and his brother
l have estibliehed a atiof 500 per
month for treatments of all kinds of
chronic diseases This includes the
medicine required and as many con
sultations as are necessary The rate
ot 5 00 per month is uniform to all
whether it he of an extremely bad case
or not and to the wealthy as to the
poor Such an institute as this is is a
boon to our territorywhen in the
hands of men as well known as these
gen tlrmen are and it brings the aver
age doctor bill down to a minimun
For Rent
Seven offices up stairs in the Union
block at reasonable rates and easy
terms Apply to
LI y
Brings comfort and improvement ana
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used The many who live be
ter than others and enjoy life more with
less expenditure by more promptly
adapting the worlds best products ti
the needs of physical being will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in th
remedy Syrup of Figs
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative effectually cleansing the system
dispelling colds headaches and fever
and permanently curing constipation
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession because it acts on the Kid
neys Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it imperfectly i free from
every objectionable substance
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug
gists in 50c and 1 bottles but it is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co only whose name is printed on ever
package also the name Syrup of Fig
and being well informed you will no
accept any substitute if offered
Invest a Million Dollars in Mining Prop
erty in the aiercur District
The announcement was made in bus
iness circles yesterday says the Salt
Lake Herald that the Mercur property
in the famed Camp Floyd gold mining
district has just been sold to a syndi
cate of Colorado capitalists for the
mere bagatelle of 1000000 a for
feit of 25000 having been put up pend
ing the final closing of the deal As
usual the officers of the company
which owns the mines and mill refused
to talk on the subject and leave the
mining world to conjecture on their
good fortune The report is vouched
for however by several the best
posted mining men in Salt Lake and
the declaration was made last evening
that the deal w ill be closed up within
a few days
I Colorado capitalists have their keen
eyes on the new gold district and judg
ing from their action in the very re
cent past are prepared to gobble up
everything in sight as soon as it be
comes sufficiently loose
A Card
TO TUB Ladies
DEAR LADY If you are troubled with I
painful and irregular periods take Dr
DE JOZAS Worldrenowned Prescrip
tion We give written guarantee to
permanently cure in two treatments or
refund money Price for one trial
treatment 2oo Write or call on Lady
56 West Second South St
Salt Lako City Utah
Patients unsuccessfully treated or imposed
upon by others especially invited to call
Rather Steep
Than take in any other torm is what
many people think and Park s Tea is
made for just those folks It cures con
stipation and though not a cathartic
moves the bowels every day Sold by
Smoot Drug Co
Better Than Statehood
During these hard times the good
people of Provo are enjoying much
greater benefit from the sale of Bo
shards cheap flour than statehood can
possibly bring them
SAVE your fences and try some of
Provo City Lumber companys tele
phone No 31 kindling od Also
pitch pine dry wood cut to order for
any size fire place or stove x
WE have it now Send in your order
to Provo City Lumber company tele
phone No 31 and try some of our
pitch nine dry wood cut to order
To the Public
The undersigned have this day sold
their entire drug paint and oil busi
ness known as the Excelsior Phar
macy to Nathan Sears of tile Sears
glass and paint company of Salt Lake
city All accounts and notes due or to
become due to the firm of Pyne
llaiben are payable to Mr Sears and
he will assume all obligations of the
firm We take pleasure in commend
ing him to the goad will and patronage
of the public and trust that he will re
ceive such support in the future as we
have done in the past
Having purchased the business of
Pyne Maiben as above stated I hold
myself in readiness to serve all patrons
of the old firm and all new ones that
may come with the best of everything
in my line The name of the business
will continue as the Excelsior Phar
macy and Mr Pyne will be retained as
local manager
PROVO Dec 30 1893 1 m
L afayette Floral Establishment
Headquarters for Everything
Greenhouses the Largest in Utah Mount Olivet and Fort Douglas cars stop at
the door
Mail Orders for DECORATIVE AND FUNERAL Occasions
Promptly Attended to
507 S Tenth East St Telephone 629 City Headquarters 44 Main St
Salt Lake City Utah
I I E C T 11 IID 189091
Rates from 100 to 250 per day
Convenient to all Business Portions of the City
Electn Bells Hot and Cold Water Steam Heat
Electric Light in Every Room Hot and Cold Baths
Steam Elevator Fire Escapes on Every Floor
Good Sample Rooms Dining Room on Fifth Floor
JoHN MO GAN5 Prop Sate Lake cty r t1ala
When you Visit Salt Lake at the Great Swimming Pool
of the
LNI 52 West Third South St Salt Lake Gity
The Most Healthful and Invigorating Pastime Imaginable
The Elegance Convenience and splendid arrangements must
be seen to be appreciated
Baths 25c Towels and suits washed by Troy Laundry
buyWheii Yon Want to Buy Dry Goods and Notions Call and See Us
We buy for cash and we buy to sell Our constant aim is to give you the best goods at bottom
We buy direct and we buy in quantities pt ices We Make Your Interests Ours Your
You will always find our stock complete child will be served as cheaply and politely as yourself A
> We sell at one Price and that the lowest comparison of our styles and prices will convince you that
r We treat you courteously you should trade with us
A Satisfied Customer is Our Best Advertisement
FOR SALEa threefoot nickle
plated show case in perfect order Will
be Bold at a bargain Apply at this
A Trust Which is Popular
There is a great deal of indignation
felt against trusts The Sugar Trust
the Standard Oil trust the Welsh Tin
Plate Trust the English Salt Trust
and other combinations of the kind
are vigorously denounced and H is a
subject jf controversy whether there
are more trusts in England than
America and whether protection or
free trade fostera them But there is
one form of trust against which no one
has anything to say That is the trust
the public reposes in Hoods Sarsapa
Dr Prices Cream Baking Powder
Most Perfect Made
FOR SALE Old papers at 25 cents
per hundred Apply to the business
office of THE DISPATCH
I Some cynic has said that gossip is tho
sugar of some womens tea
Call and See that Fine Stock of
Opera Classes Watches Jewelry Etc a
w p
v +
M tic N
h CD a
1 t b
° O GQCt O
d + Ct O
Q t > c
2 2 > ir tit 3 A
Er o < cAD 4E4 r4 Y 10Ci S r cr
< D d I w
= +
e3 I LiiR WAR E c c
= J2
Bargains for the Holidays
Joseph Jensen Assignee
REED SMOOT President M H HARDY Sec Tres
W B PIKE M D Vicepresident L U KING
Wholesale f Refail Druggists
Perscriptions Carefully Prepared Day or Night
Mail Orders Prom > plM AUerjdetl fco
Brain BARGAIN argains
Until January 151894 at which time our annual stocktaking begins Call at once Remember the stand 28 Centre St
f1 lt

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