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University of Utah
A Partisan Debate Occurs In
The Council
A Bill to Allow Defaulting Stockholder
Kichts Rodomptioa Ono to Eaable
rjA eBBGra to Catch Transient Sheep
HerdsOther Measures of More or Leas
In tho council yesterday an hours
time was wasted in trying to determine I
the meaning of a rule
The memorials on statehood silver
and bounty were read second time
A lengthy and comprehensive mil
itia bill entitled Militia Code of
Utah was presented by Booth of Salt
Booth of Salt Lake introduced a bill
for an act to regulate the recording ot
title notes or conditional evidence of
sales Also for the amendment of sec
tion 3474 chapter 3 title 9 compiled
laws of Utah providing for the fore
closure of trust deeds in the same man
ner as mortgages
Booth of Provo presented a bill to
amend section 22 charter 79 of session
laws of 1892 relating to the payment of
jurors witnesses and phonographic re
porters and providing that certifi
cates shall be received at their full
fuce value
Seaman presented a memorial which
I asked that congress donate the indus
trial home to the territory to be dis
1033d of in such a way as may be pre
scribed by act of the legislature
Williams introduced a bill extending
the veto powers of mayors and author
izing the removal of appointive officers
Williams introduced a bill to author
ize private parties to serve summons
in civil suits
Claim presented by Hon Jacob S
Boreman for 1750 equivalent for le
gal services was referred
In the consideration of the joint
memoral in favor of free silver a
partisan debate ensued The demo
cratic side nade an ineffectual attempt
tI incorporate two amendments one
stating that prosperity is i assu red only
when commerce is unrestricted and
one stating that silver was demone
tized in 1873 Booth of Provo and
Booth of Salt Lake led the debate
for the majority while Williams and
Seaman made able defenders of the I
democracy Williama grew very sar
castic in his advocacy of the passage of
the measure and Seaman followed up
the attacks with some very telling
points on republican measures and in
consistencies Hart of Logan too
did some very good epeakme and was
a power for the minority Booth of
Provo admitted the guilt of the repub
licans in their nets on silver and was
fair enough to admit that hard times
are due to republican legislation Tay
lor and Eldrelge distinguished them
selves by the wild nature of their
statements and the hopelessly illogical
conclusions they drew The silver
memorial was amended so that hard
times are blamed to demonetization
and threatened free trade legisla
Warner presented a claim tor 81750
from Judge Boreman for looking after
the interests of the territory when its
lands were being contested for on the
ground of containing mineral The
tends I were worth over 300000 and
there was a contest in the local land
office three berore the commissioner
ani two before the secretary of the in I
Standford presented claim SGG of
Corey Brothers of Ogden for livery
services for the benefit of the grand
Stjmdford presented the biennial re
port of A M Mueser fish and game
commissioner which he asked should
be read and 2000 copies printed for dis
tribu tion
Serve presented a claim of Spencer
Ol w on Co for 164 for stor
age Johnson presented a petition of resi
I dents of Sanpete county asking for
1 the passage or a law requiring rail
I way companies to publish lists describ
ing cattle killed by them
I Hatch presented a petition from the
county court of Grand county in I
favor of the passage of his bill pre
eented yesterday to attach part of > au I
Juan to Grand It is stated that this
change will be for the benefit of all I
persons concerned
The commission on capitol grounds I
Stoker introduced a bill on artesian
I wells designed to prevent the seepage
I of the upper country by the waiting of
water consequent upon the continuous
flow of water from such wells The
residents of the upper country have
been clamoring for such a measure for
some ttme
Powers introduced a bill for an act
allowing stockholders of corporations
to redeem their stock when sold for
nonpayment of assessment
Also a bill to provide for the pro
tection of game aud birds designed to
make grocers and merchants respon
Bible if any of the creatures enumer
ated are found in their possession out
of season
Varian by request introduced a
bill to provide liens for mechanics
remedying the defects in the old law
that operated against mechanics
Also a hill to prevent the introd no
tion of mlectuous diseases through the
agency of domestic animals awl to pre
vent the sale of unhealthy meats
McBride introduced a bill to allow
assessors to assess one month earlier
in order to catch those transient sheep
herds which are wintered here and
piloted in the spring before the season
gets around
After much discussion the eight hour
bill passed the house
The bill allowing barber shoos to
oppu f n Sunday also passed
I Dr Prices Cream Baking Ponder i
Most Perfect Made I
S W Los ot Lehi lndi filed his
bonds as official recorder of the rick
vlle mining district with Clerk
EDWIN WEBD planted suit today in
the district coUrt against W H Bart
lett Beth parties are of Springville
The suit is to recover 1R330 and 1635
attorneys fees on a promissory note
the face value of which is 14450
DAXIELBIGELOAV of Wallsbuig when
he appeared before Commissioner Dud
ley today waived examination and
was placed under 500 bonde Roger
Farrer and James Bean becoming his
Henry returned from Provo Valley this
morning and had with them one
Daniel Bigelow of Wallsburg a pris
oner Bigelow was arrested on a
charge of unlawful cohabitation His
alleged plural wife Clara Ostensen
who is mother of a bouncing baby boy
three or four months old gave bonds in
Wallsburg to appear before the grand
jury It will perhaps be remembered
that Bigelow was arrested some two
years ago or more on a similar charge
and skipped his bonds of 81200
Dr Prices Cream Baking Powder
Worlds Fair Highest Medal and Diploma
DR K G MAKSER delivered a most
able lecture indeed last evening before
the polysophical society or the B Y
academy His subject was Apostle
Paul and for an hour and a quarter
the old veteran talked most Interest
ingly giving out new idea after new
idea i to the many pupils before him
To the old pupils of the academy who
happened to be present the lecture
was a rare treat imlead a glimpse into
and retaste of the old time intellectual
feasts they used to enjoy so much
when the revered veteran was at the
tiead of the academy
BY reference to our amusement
column it will be seen that Friday
I night the management of the Piovo
opera house give A grand carnival and
masquerade ball which is to bo the af
fair of the season The lists of names
on the several committees and the
further fact that the affair is to be un
der the direction of the board of di
rectors as well as the management is
sufficient guarantee of the character of
the affair Let every citzeu of Provo
be present Let us have a good time
and help out the institution which is
of so great importance to the city
Will You be Cured
We will permanently cure any lady
who H i suffering with painful and irreg
ular Menstruation Hundreds of rec
ommendations at your service This
is the world renowned prescription of
the eminent physicion DR DE JOZA
and is used in all hospitals of Prance
since 184 Send 300 for one months
treatment and be convinced We give
a written guarantee to cure any case
i no matter of how long standing in two
treatments oriefund money Send all
inquiries or money to Lady Manager
Lake city Utah We want a lady to
represent us in every town in the
United States
N BA trial treatment sent on re
ceipt of 200
THE Dougall contest case will
interest the people of this county
next week The course to be pur
sued will be a commission will be
sent down to take testimony and final
action will be had in the legislature as
soon as the testimony is read and a few
speeches arc made This trial will af
ford an excellent opportunity to put
not a few of the republicans of this
county on the record in a permanent
sort of way
0T ES E KOT what we say but what
J Hoods Sarsaparilla that tells the
story outs merit When in need of med
icine remember HOODS CURES
IT is wonderful indeed the very great
amount of interest that isalreadv man
ifested among the veterans of the
Black Hawk Indian war in the grand
camp fire to be held in Springville on
Wednesday January 24th Not only
the veterans at the war but people of
all classes and ages in fact are in
terested and talking pleisantly about
A Card
TO TJJS La < < ieSD
DEAR LADY If you are troubled with
painful and irregular periods take Dr
DE JOZAs Worldrenowned Prescrip
tion We give written guarantee to
permanently cure in two treatments or
refund money Price for one trial
treatment 2oo Write or call on Lady
50 West Second South St
Salt Lake City Utah
Patients unsuccessfully treated or imposed
upon by others especially invited to call
Whon Y 00 Want to Buy Dry Good and Notions 7 Can and See Us
ww buy for cash and we buy to sell lf Our constant aim is to give you the best goods at bottom
We buy direct and we buy in quantities prices We IMIeLtee 3rcrurLriterests f urs Your
You will always find our stock complete child will be served as cheaply and politely as yourself A
We sell at one Price and that the lowest L comparison of our styles and prices will convince you that
We treat you courteously you should trade with us
r A Satisfied Customer is Our Best Advertisement
Jo UN C GRAHAM manager and the
Enquirer company defendants in the
suit for lible brought by R R Irvine
yesterday filed in the district court f
demurrer to the complaint The de
murrer simoly states that the complaint
does not state facts sufficient to consti
tute a cause of action It also states
severally that each alleged canse of
action does not state facts sufficient
to a constitute a cause of action
The Zion Medical Institute
The fact that Drs G W and A J
Shores have gone into a special line of
business or in other words have pur
chased the well known Zion Medical
Institute will be greeted with pleasure
when generally known Thev have
added a surgery to this popular insti
tute and are so well known that com
ment is almost unnecessary These
gentlemen have practiced throughout
the whole territory for many years
having begun practicing in Provo and
Payson and the surrounding localities
in 1838 until their field extended to the
borders of the whole territory Their
recent acquisition gives them a prest
ige which coupled with their well
known ability and the fact that they
are registered physicians and surgeons
a distinction not enjoyed by any
other practicing specialists
TLese gentlemen are contemplating
a trip next week through the territory
arranging to stop in all the principal
towns The times and places will be
announced later in this paper
Dr G W Shores and his brother
Jiave established a rate of 500 per
month for treatments of all kinds of
chronic diseases This includes the
medicine required and as many con
sultations as are necessary The rate
Of 5 00 per month is uniform to all
whether it be of an extremely had case
or not and to the wealthy as to the
poor Such an institute as this is is a
boon to our territorywhen in the
hands of men as well known as these
gentlemen are and it brings the aver
age doctor bill down to a minimun
Parks Cough Syrup
Has been so highly recommended to
ne that we have taken the agency for it
and now ask our friends who are suffer
ing with a cold to give it a trial and if
it does not give satisfaction your money
will be refunded Every bottle is sold
on a positive guarantee Price 50 cents
and 100 Sold bv Smoot Drug Co
TIlE teachers of the city are enter
taining their colaborers of the county
today in a grand banquet at the Parker
schoolhouse The midwinter session
of the U C T A is being held A
grand ball will be given this evening
AT the midwinter session of the U
C T A this morning the program was
ai exceptionally good one Tne main
feature was a lecture by Dr Maeser on
the Philosophy of Education As
this effort will bb published soon a
synopsis is withheld now A very in
teresting part of the program was the
discussion of the question as to whether
or no there are text books in the public
schools that can be despensed with
All the heavy weights in the educa
tional cause are of the opinion that
there are not At the banquet there
are three long tables well laden and
the repast is a superb one indeed The
banquet lentertainment toaato wit
humor songs recitations etc is
now going There will be a grand ball
this evening
Rather Steep
Than take in any other form is what
maqy people think and Park Tea is
m e for just those folks It cures con
stipation and though not a cathartic
moves the bowels every day Sold by
Smoot Drug Co t
SAVE your fences and try some of
Provo City Lumber companys tele
phone No 31 kindling svoid Also
pitch pine dry wood cut to order for
any size fire place or stove
WE have it now Send in your order
to Provo City Lumber company tele
phone No 31 and try some of our
pitch Dine dry wood cut to order
Highest of all in Leavening PowerLatest U S Govt Report
r t
THE Salt Lake Herald gives Bishop
Booth of Provo credit as being the most
fair republican in the legislative coun
cil and says without him the majority
would be at sea
THE Herald says that the democratic
members of tho legislature I threaten
that if the Proyo Enquirer is not kept
off their desks they will strike out the
enacting clause thereof
PUKING the wordy war over certain
points of order in tbi council chamber
Seaman referred to Booth of Provo
as Hthe senator froin Utah and that
gentleman promptly took exception
to uicknamesS L Herald
SUPTEAWLTNGS of the city schools at
the late teachers examination succeeded
in getting a first grade or territorial
certificate This certificate is good for
five years and honored in any part of
the territory Professors Walton and
Billings have been the only Provo
teachers possessed of one of these highly
prized parchments heretofore
Popular Everywhere
Beginning with a small local sale in
a retail drug tore the business of
Hoods Sarsaparilla has steadily in
creased until there is scarcely a village
or hamlet in the United States where
it is unknown
Today Hoods Sarsaparilla stands at
the head in the medicine world ad
mired in propriety and envied in merit
by thousands of woudhe competitors
It has a larger eale than any other
medicine before the American public
and probably greater tlian all other
sarsaparillas and blood purifiers com
Such success proves merit
If you are sick is it not the medicine
fur you to try Hoods Sarsaparilla
t N ry
Brings comfort and improvement ana
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used The many who live be
ter than others and enjoy life more with
less expenditure more promptly
adapting the word s best products to
the needs of physical being will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy Syrup of Figs
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative effectually cleansing the system
dispelling colds headaches and fevers
and permanently curing constipation
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession because it acts on the Kid
neys Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug
gists in 50c and 1 bottles but it is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrun
Co only whose name is printed on ever
package also the name Syrup of Fig
and being well informed you will no <
wept any substitute if offered
The Worlds Fair I
Cannot remain such without the
blooming look and radiant complexion
which health alone imparts Parks
Tea by clearing the blood of impurities
makes the complexion regain the hue
of youth So by Smoot Drug Co
THEKE is not a pioneer living in
Utah who ever heard of flour being
sold at such figures as it is being sold
by Boshard at present
JfivE percent paid quarterly on sav
ings deposits at Provo Commercial
Sayings Beak t
Good Hews to farmers
I am now prepared to take applica
tions for five year loans on improved
farms at ten per cent per annum
Local agent for the Middlesex
Banking company Office one block
east of Coop store Spanish Fork
To the Public
The undersigned have this day sold
their entire drug paint and oil busi
ness known as the Excelsior Phar
macy to Nathan Sears of the Sears
glass and paint company of Salt Lake
city All accounts and notes due or to
become due to the firm of Pyne
Maiben are payable to Mr Sears and
he will assume all obligations of the
firm We take pleasure in commend
ing him to the good will and patronage
of the public and trust that he will re
ceive such support in the future as we
have done in the past
Having purchased the business of
Pyno Maiben as above stated I hold
myself in readiness to serve all patrons
of the old firm and all new ones that
may come with the best of everything
in my line The name of the business
will continue as the Excelsior Phar
macy and Mr Pyne will be retained as
local manager
PROVO Dec 30 1893 1 m
Lafayette Floral Establishment
Headquarters for Everything
Greenhouses the Largest in Utah Mount Olivet and Fort Douglas cars stop at
the door
Mail Orders for DECORATIVE AND FUNERAL Occasions
PromptSy Attended to
507 S Tenth East SI elephone 629 City Headquarters 44 Main St
d 1 t Lake Oity Utah
RE TL 1590Ja
Rates from 100 to 250 per day
Coavenient to all Business Portions of the City
Electric Bells Hot and Cold Water Steam Heat
Electric Light in Every Room Hot and Cold Baths
Steam Elevator Fire Escapes on Every floor
Good Sample Rooms Dining Room on Fifth Floor
JOJ4N > MOJGAN5 Prop SaJfc Lake C3y5 1Hah
When you Visit Salt Lake at the Great Swimming Pool
of the
e e RNllllRIU
1 52 West Third South St Salt Lake Gitjr
fgt jB
The Most Healthful and Invigorating Pastime Imaginable
The Elegance Convenience and splendid arrangements must
be seen to be appreciated
Baths 25c Towels and suits washed by Troy Laundry
Call and See that Fine Stock of I r
Oera Glasses Watches Jewelry
U r
> r c
D < H l S3O trio
t3 o
cr p
f > t3O CD
o O CDet
CD 3 dfWfJr 1
H i
Bargains for the Holidays
Joseph Jensen Assignee
REED SJIOOT President M H HARDY Sec Tres
W R PIKE M D VicePresident L U KING
Wholesale IHI Retail Druggists
Perscriptions Carefully Prepared Day or Night
Mail Orders Pro pJ Abe sled 40
Brff1nQ AT
Until January 15 1894 at which time our annual stocktaking begins Call at once member the stand 28 Centre St

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