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University of Utah
To Be Done By Congress is
To be Considered by tho SenateIn the
House Votinjr on the Tariff Bill and
Pondln Amendments Will Not Begin
for a Week At Deuet
WASHINGTON Jan 21From present
indications the senate will divide the
time this week between the federal
elections bill and the question of the
bond issue
There IB a positive agreement upon
the part of the republicans to take up
the elections bill with a view to its I
final disposition
On the other hand the continued
postponement of the discussion of the
subject would seem to indicate they
Have made some design quietly brush
ing the subject aside until the tariff
bill shall reach the senate and ab
sorb the entire time It is evident the
democratic leaders have some appre
hension of his course and have deter
mined shall not succeed
It fill be impossible to keep the bond
quTetion entirely out of the senate
and there is a possibility it may be
subject to considerable uebate
According to the special order voting
on the tariff bill and the pending
amendments in the house will begin a
week from tomorrow
The coming week will witness a fight
over the bitr amendments to be offered
to the bill from the democratic side
The full measure of the democratic
opposition to the bill will then develop
and considerable bad blood will doubt
less be manifested The sugar men
will make a strong fight on the ground
that sugar is a revenue article ana in
accordance with the dictates of the
Chicago platform should be made
dutiable to supply the deficit which it
is estimated the customs schedule of
the Wilson bill will cause But the
Chances for the adoption of a sugar
duty are slim Tuesday is set apart
for the consideration of the amend
ments of the free coal and iron sched
ules If the republicans join with the
coal and iron men they will make the
vote cbs but the democrats of the
wave and means committee manifest
no alarm
Later in the week tbe internal rev
enue bill including the jncometai
wilt tobably be offered aa n amend
ment to the bill If the advocates of
the income tax are successful and the
measure is put on the tariff bill as a
rider it will cause several democrats to
vote against the entire measure
A High Liver
Usually has a bad liver He is bilious i
constipated has indigestion and dy
spepsia If there is no organic trouble
a few doses of Parks Sure Cure will
tone him up Parks Sure Cure is the
only liver and kidney cure we sell on a
I positive guarantee Price 100 Sold
by Smoot Drue Co
INVITATIONS are out for the grand
I masquerade ball of Friday evening Its
going to be a success sure People are
already preparing their costumes
Several dancers irom other places will
THE famous Christensen ore hestra of
ten pieces will reach Provo from Salt
Lake tomorrow and furnish nans icier
I the Oxford club dance in the evening
They will remain over Wednesday and
1 and ball Wed
give a grand concert on
nesday evening in the Christensen
I dancing academy to which the general
public is cordially invited
W r BLACKBURN nephew of Judge
Blackburn late deceased in going over
the effects of the deceased is coming
across many rare old relics and papers
of deep interest to the family Among
I these latter is one dated Springfield
Ills January 1 JS62 It is the com
mission signed by Richard Yates then
governor of Illinois of Wm I Hunter
as second lieutenant in company F of
the twentvfirst Illinois regiment vice
1 D S Blackburn promoted D S
Blackburn a Drother of the judge is
still living as is also Mr Hunter who is
a warm and devoted friend of the
family The promotion papers of JJ S
Blackburn were also found folded up
with the commission above referred to
At the meeting of sportsmen held in
the courthouse last Saturday afternoon
i there was a large attendance M It
Barratt game commissioner of Salt
Lakewasdown and gave the boys some
good encouraging talk A move is on
I up there to further protect by law tne
game and fish of the territory A
united action of people residing in
1 different parts of the territory will re
sult in much good At the meeting
the following gentlemen were appointed
a committee to draft and present a bill
for a law to be discussed amended ana
gotten in shape to suit all if possible
I I at a meeting to be held at the court
house on Tuesday afternoon at 2
oclock B A Barney A D Gash M
P Madsen George Kerr S Jepperson
J Smith and F Hindmarsh
How Susan B Anthony Elizabeth Cu1y
Stanton Record History
teIf you want to know how mother and
Susan B Anthony act together said I
Mrs Lawrence Mrs Elizabeth Cady
Stantons daughter Ill give you a let
ter I wrote about them when they were
writing their old history of womans suf
The letter was written in 1885 but
Mrs Lawrence asserts that things are
much the same now as then It was
dated at Tenafly N J where Mrs
Stanton was living
4 Mother and Susan wrote MrsLaw
rence are busy all day and far into the
night on volume 3 of The History of
I Woman Suffrage As our house faces
the south the sunshine streams in all
day In the center of a large room 20
by 22 with an immense bay window
hard wood floor and open fire beside a
substantial office desk with innumerable
drawers and doors there visavis sit
the historians surrounded with manu
scripts and letters from Maine to Lonisi
ana In the center of the desk are two
inkstands and two bottles of mucilage
to say nothing of divers pens pencils
scissors knives and erasers
teAs these famous women grow in
tense in working up some glowing sen
tence or pasting some thrilling quotation
from John Stuart Mill Dumas or Secre
tan I have seen them again and again
dip their pens in the mucilage and their
brushes in the ink These blunders
bring them back to the facts of history
where indeed they should be if that
blessed word finis is ever to be written
Sub rosa it is as good as a comedy to
watch these souls from day to day They
start off pretty well in the morning
They are fresh and amiable They write
page after page with alacrity they laugh
and talk poke the fire by turns and ad
mire the flowers I have placed on their
desk Everything is harmonious for a
But after straining their eyes over
the most illegible disorderly manu
scripts I ever beheld suddenly the whole
literary sky is overspread From the
adjoining room I hear a hot dispute
The dictionary the encyclopedia all the
journals neatly piled in a corner are
overhauled and tossed about in the most
emphatic manner
Susan is punctilious on dates moth I
er on philosophy but each contends as I
stoutly in the others domain as if it
nuiuuojvrtAi yaiuwmmprovince come
times these disputes run so high that
down go the pens and one sails out of
one door and one out of the other And
then just as I have made up my mind
that this beautiful friendship of 40 years
has at last terminated I see them arm
ia arm walking down the hill to a seat
where we often go to watch iuo sun set
in all his glory
When they Te am tliey I feo tra1bG
to work where they left off as if nothing
had happened I never hear another
word on that point The one that was
unquestionably right assumes it and the
other silently concedes the fact They
never explain nor apologize nor shed
tears nor make up as other people do
but figuratively speaking jump over a
stone wall at one bound and leave the
past behind them
As Mrs Lawrence said things are
much the same now with the two friends
as they were eight years ago when Mrs
Stanton was only threescore years and
ten and Miss Anthony was not yet out of
her sixties They live in peace and har
mony still Miss Anthony is still the au
thority on dates and Mrs Stanton still
writes the state papers They are still
criticised and sometimes ridiculed but
they are too strong in their own convic
tions and too broad minded in their tol
erance to do otherwise than laugh about
And they are still planning for greater
work than ever To the constitutional
convention of next May is to be present
ed a petition signed by a million men and
women over 21 years of age asking that
the word male be expunged from the
constitution At any rate that is the
work planned by these two friends
New York Sun
Popular Everywhere
Beginning with a small local sale in
a retail drug store the business of
Hoods Sarsaparilla has steadily in
creased until there is scarcely a village
or hamlet in the United States where
it is unknown
Today Hoods Sarsaparilla stands at
the head in the medicine world ad
mired in propriety and envied in merit
by thousands of wouldbe competitors
It has a larger sale than any other
medicine before the American public
and probably greater than all other
sarsaparillas and blood purifiers com
Such success proves merit
If you are sick is It not the medicine
for you to try Hoods Sarsaparilla
THE monthly meeting of the 1
Womans Suffrage association will be
held in the vestry of the Provo meet
inghouse on Friday January 26th at
2 p m Speeches songs recitations
and readings will be rendered by some
of Provos talented ladies All inter
sted in the cause of womans suffrage
are invited
Dr Prices Cream Baking Powder
Worlds Fair Highest Medal and Diploma
The Reported Sale of the
Mercur Mine
To aXmrge Syndicate of Colorado Capita
lets Headed bv Hon Henry R Walcott
A Check For 25000 Was Given to
Bind the Contract
DENVER Jan 22It is reported on
good authority that a Denver syndi
cate headed by Hon Henry E Wol
cott have purchased the famous Mer
cur mine in the Mercur district Utah
for a consideration of 1000000 The
mine is located in a liuiestome forma
tion and is a heavy producer of gold
ore ranging in value from 8 to 16 per
ton which is successfully handled by
the cyanide process at an average cost
of S3 per ton A check for 25000 was
given to bind the bargain
From the very start Denver capital
has been prominent in Mercur camp
which is today the most successful cy
anide dirtrict in the world the lime
stone ores being peculiarly favorable
to this special process Mr Wolcott
and a party of friends who have been
absent in Utah for over a week re
turned here last Wednesday The
evening of that day Mr Wolcott started
for the east for the purpose it is pre
sumed of closing the deal
The Lewiston district in which the
Mercur mine is located was worked as
a silver camp in 1871 For a year or
two the camp was quite lively but
when the surface ore disappeared the
mines were abandoned Four years
ago a gold vein was discovered near the
worked out silver vein and the miners
gradually returned The ore carried a
large percentage of cinnabar The
vein hap been traced for two and one
half miles and is described as both
strong and certain
The Mercur property is a flat vein
and is worked after the manner of coal
mines It is trom eight to fourteen
feet thick with a Ditch towards the
east Five tunnels have been run in
thus opening a distance of 1100 reel
Three other tunnels are run in from
he west In 1892 the cost of mining
was 195 per ton and the mill operat
ing nine months turned out 90000 in
gold ap a cost of 250 per ton The
cyanide process is used and the en
larged mill is operated by electricity
juS et7itl ouvput for luat ycuir mrgely
xcee < Pd the figures for 1892 but are
not yet at hand
Dr Prices Cream Baking Powder
Most Perfect Made
And a Good PostmasterThe People of
Vineyard are Well Pleased With Him
and Treat Him to a Royal Surprise
On Friday last the good people of
Vineyard precinct did themselves
proud by again surprising one of their
friends This time the tortunate vic
tim was the postmaster Charles C
Just as the little gentleman was settl
ing down for a quiet evening a gentle
knock was heard at the door and over
fifty persons loaded down with every
conceivable kind of home production
in the eatable line commenced to
file into the room impressing upon the
mind of the postmaster a true meaning
of a succesful surprise
Mrs Charlotte Nordstrom and wil
ling aids were not long in making a
row of tables look as though President
Cleveland had nothing at all to do with
hard times
Previous to asking a blessing to be
bestowed upon the sumptuous repast
before them Mrs JVordstrom presented
sented C C with a handsome rocking
chair Thanks of course were returned
turned by the recipient for the respect
shown him by his friends after which
ceremony the company turned their
attention to the various tempting
dishes which dainty han ds had pre
pared for the occasion
As soon as supper was over the manly
voice of Mr John Clark was heard
callng out Take your partners for a
pl lain waltz Dancing was kept up
until the weesma hours when all retired
tired fully satisfied that a complete
surprise had been perpetrated upon
our worthy postmaster
VINEYARD Jan 221894
TnE February Forum will contain an
impartial review of the whole Ha
vaiian controversy by the eminent
historian Mr James Shouler of Bos
ton who as a student of international
law has gone over the whole matter
especially for the Forumto make it
plain without any partisan purpose to
n a cure What it has done for
others it will do for you Be sure to
get Hoods Sarsaparilla
Highest of all in Leavening Power Latest TJ S Govt Report
cop Baki
id Powder
Woman as a Peacemaker College Girls
and aiarrlngo Womans Building
Women In Iceland Bolts and Collars
Taxation Without Representation
This is the season when the complex
ion specialist smiles happily in anticipa
tion of a golden harvest later on This
is the season when breakfast griddle
cakes and dainty bits of sausage begin
to appeal more to Miss Roseleaf than
grapes and oatmeal and hot rolls and
smoking muffins seduce her heart from
graham bread This is the season when
she does not like to venture forth into
the wind but sits near the register in
stead and lets the coal gas begin its
deadly work on her skin This is the
season when she stays up late o nights
and lies abed late o mornings when
her cold sponge does nop seem inviting
and when she opens her bedroom win
dow just a crack before she goes to
sleep All of which means that Miss
Roseleaf will be Miss Sereandyellow
leaf if she continue in her reckless
In the first place she must sleep with
the fresh air pouring into her room as
much as possible Extra covering on
the bed and a screen at its foot to pre
vent a draft will renderithe course a per
fectly safe one Osygan is even more
potent than cold cream Ito bring the lily
and the rose to their proper places Then
she must not abandon that cold sponge
each morning It is something with
which no young woman can toy She
cannot stop taking it for week and
then resume unless shg I wants to leave
the world gracefully an attack of
pneumonia But by talking it religiously
every morning and rubbing down after
it she can send tile blood dancing
through her veins snap her fingers at
the cold and make her skin hard firm
I nd healthy
knd sionaJY Hosele S rJ1fn1gtir
xally lot pre she b a efief1 cPpto flKT grains and
fruit On the days when the fleshpots
of Egypt tempt her and she falls a vic
tim to her fondness for fri ° d things she
should indulge in a OUble amount of
outdoor exercise
Every day rain s qw dust hail or
unshine Roseleaf rkjt go forth and
cultivate her conapli in in the open
She need not also cuHate chapped lips
and cheeks though S 1 may wear a
thin spotless veil 4
At night the oatmea rag l should come i
into play Roseleaf ace should be
washed thoroughly in fot water with
soap or oatmeal TI it should be
rinsed in hot water in A aich benzoin has
been dropped Then she should dry her
face and throat gently dip her fingers
into cold cream and begin a gentle mas
sage Her forehead should be firmly I
rubbed with the tips of her fingers The II
place where tho little frown leaves its I
mark should be stroked up and down
The place where laughter leaves its i
mark in wrinkles about the mouth
should be rubbed up and down with the
thumb The lines beneath the eyes and
the crowsfeet should be stroked from
the nose outward very gently and very
firmly Then her chin and throat should
be massaged back and forth up and
down until she knows that not a tell
tale crease can remain After which
Roseleaf may say her prayers and go to
sleep happy in the consciousness that
she has done what shecouldfor her com
lexion New York World
TIlE cortege bearing the remains of I
Mrs Anna SmoC Rom the reSI
dence of M C Newell of the Fifth
ward where the good lady died to the
stake tabernacle will Lsave i the resi
dence tomorrow at 1230 Funeral
services will begin at 1 oclock
friends are invited l
TO THB Ladies
DEAR LADY If you are troubled with
painful and irregular periods take Dr
EJozAs Worldrenowned Prescription
tion We give written guarantee to
permanently cure in two treatments or
refund money Price for one trial
treatment 2oo Write or call on Lady
56 West Second South St
Salt Lake City Utah
Patients unsuccessfully treated or imposed
upon by others especially invited to call
A D GASII as attorney for James
R Francis of Heber today filed suit
in the First District court aerainst A
Hatch Co and Willard M Murdock
constable of Heber The suit is to re
cover 162650 damagesalleped to have
been sustained i by the defendants
levying upon and selling under execu
tion some oats bay wood and a horse
of a total value of 12680 The com
plaint alleges that this property was
exempt from execution
Brings comfort and improvement ana
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used The many who live be
ter than others and enjoy life more with
less expenditure by more promptly
adapting the worlds best products ti
the needs of physical being will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy Syrup of Figs
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative effectually cleansing the system
dispelling colds headaches and fevers
and permanently curing constipation
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession because it acts on thp Kid
neys Liver and Bowels withoil Weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance
S 1Jltr ia frelesV 1 iJ1
ufaetmed by the California Fig Syrup
Co only whose name is printed onever
package also the name Syrup i Fig
and being well informed you will no
accept Any unlMihjte if nf rEd
HIBgant t lorltls
Fair Views T
The 5t t1 Louis Republic
FAlk VIEWS each Portfolio con
taining H views and each view accu
rately described Views of tbe Main
Buildings State Buildings the Mid
way VieVs of Statuary etc
These tan Portifolios will be given
without cast to anyone who will send
five new yearly subscribers to THE
the remilir subscription price Address
TSTIIAY NOTICE I have In my possession
ESTUAY described animals im
pounded as estrays or for trespass
One roan spotted cow young branded
oi left hip under crop on lelt ear
One jvsirJng1 calf roan spotted crop off
right and upier bit in left ear
Itdatnago and costs on said animals bo not
paid withiraten days from date of this notice
they will b f1S Id to the highest cash bidder at
Payson CilJ etray pound at 2 oclock p m
oil the 2tb lay ot January Ib94
Dated at Iayson city Utah countyterritory
of Utah bis 18th day of January Ifa94
Poundkeeuer of sail City
117ST1LAYNOT1OE1 have m my possession
EST following1 described animals im
pounded as estrays or for trespass
One iron roy mare colt about two years
old branded O on loft thigh
Ono white speckled yearling heifer branded
non left ribs under bit in right ear and
ii under slope in left
If damage and costs on said animals bo not
paid within 6 days from the date of this
notice they will be sold to the highest cash bid
der at theoJiringville estray pound at 2 oclock
p m on the 27th day January 1S94
Dated at Springville city Utah county
Territory Utah this 22d dayof Jauuary
R LiMiU >
Poundkeeper of said City
Il afayeUe flora stabIishment
r Headquarters for Everything
Greenhouses the Largest in Utah Mount Olivet and Fort Douglas cars stop at
the door
Mail Orders for DECORATIVE AND FUNERAL Occasions
Promptly Attended to
507 S Tenth East St Telephone 629 City Headquarters H Uain St
Salt Lake Oitv UtAh
Rates from 100 to 250 per day
Convenient to all Business Portions of the City
Electric Bells Hot and Cold Water Steam Heat
Electric Light in Every Room Hot and Cold Baths
Steam Elevator Fire Escapes on Every Floor
Good Sample Rooms Dining Room on Fifth Floor
JoMN MOtGAJl j Prop salt Lake CiUj ll4ah
When you Visit Salt Lake at the Great Swimming Pool
of the
U 52 West Third South St Salt Lake Gity
The Most Healthful and Invigorating Pastime Imaginable
The Elegance Convenience and splendid arrangements must
be seen to be appreciated
Baths 25C Towels and suits washed by Troy Laundry
Call and See that Fine Stock of
8 = t
= i CD
0 H 0 00 0
c = 0
10 UJ m
H gm
W m
Bargains for the Holidays
Joseph Jensen Assignee
REED SHOOT President M H HARDY Sec Tres
W R PIKE M D VicePresident L U Kum
Wholesale I Retail Druggists
Perscriptions Carefully Prepared Day or Night
Mail Orders Proijip Jy AHeJded to
Provo City Box 39
The on ly holder of a gold medal in
Utah Awarded at the Territorial
Fair 1891
Florist and Landscape Gard
ner All kinds of Fruits and Orna
ments in season Japanese Chinese
and Australian rare plants
Roses and Evergreens A
Specialty Lawn Grass seed extra
Mail all orders to
C H Elomsterberg
437 West 3d Street
First National Bank
A 0 SMOOT President
W E PIKE VicePresident
D A SWAN Cashier
General Banking Business
I Transacted
I Exchange drawn on New York Chi
cago San Francisco and all the
Principal Cities of Europe
Safety deposit boxes for rent at 3 per
annum and upward
I argalns I BARGAINS argalns I I
It I I 1 J AT X d =
Until January 151894 at which time our annual stocktaking begins Gall at once Remember the stand 28 Centre St
f < I

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