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L LA 1 T IJ j > J
f Awarded Highest Honors Worlds Fair
ni ea1LBaking Powdet
The only Pure Cream Tartar Powder No Ammonia No Alum
Used in Millions of Homes 40 Years the Standard
25000 worth of flour came over the
E G W for Boshard today
CALICOES from two cents upwards at
THE midwinter sale ot seasonable
goods at TG WEBBEIIS
FRESH oysters by the can or in bulk
at B F Fleiners in the Southworth
Hoods Pills are the best family ca
thartic and liver medicine Harmless
reliable sure
ANTEDUeliable man permanent
position Stamp and reference A T
Morris care this paper
iBOM 100 up received on savings
BOARD lodgings and furnished
rooms can be bad on 9th street be
tween D and EMrs M L Newell
DRESS goods i Dress goods Every
one should secure a dress pattern this
week at T G WEBBERS
PREACHING tonight at M E
church Rev J D Gillilan P E
will be with Dr LaVake Commun
ion tomorrow at 11 a m Revival
service at night All invited
A meeting was held last night at the
M E church Dr Illff livered a
discourse of an hours duration His
theme was Blessed are the Pure in
Heart A large attendance was pres
Elect a Public Printer in
Joint Session
For PrintingVery Little Else Was Done
By the Law Makers in Either House
Yesterday The Bill for Women Di
rectors Passes the House
A communication from the house
announced that the governor had
signed the bill providing for the sur
yeyintr of coal lands
Adems presented the claim of B
A Allen for 6687 for uncollectable
taxes of Piute county
The committee on claims further
recommended that the claims ofj Iron
county for 59 bounty on wild animals
be referred back to the county as the
duties of the auditor are plainly de
fined by the law
A majority of the committee recom
mended that 100 on the claim of
Parks and Thompson for 650 for legal
services be allowed Adopted
The committee on judiciary unani
mously recommended that the bill re <
specting the commencement of suit
be passed
The judiciary committee reported
favorably upon the bill in regard to
free employment offices
All reports from the committee on
judiciary were adopted
Hague presented the claim of the
Provo Lumber and Manufacturing Co
for 4234 for supplies furnished the in
sane asylum also the claim of S Lid
diard Co for S2070 for contract Work
done on the asylum grounds and in
the construction of walls and for ex >
Taylor moyed that the communica
lions in regard to public printing be
taken from the table
At 5 oclock the council reconvened
Taylor moved to adjourn Booth of
Provo amended to make the time for
the next session 10 a m today Car I
ried as amended and the council ad
Clark presented the claim of Millard
county for criminal prosecutions for
McBride presented the claim of
Tooele county for maps lurnished as
sessor amounting to 195
The committee on education pre
sented a substitute for bills presented
relating to public libraries wnich pro
vides that in cities of the first and
stcond classes free public liorarie
shall be established maintained and
enlarged to the use and privileges of
which without charge or fee all in
habitants ot their respective cities shall
be entitled under sucu reasonable rules
and regulations as may be formulated
and adopted respectively by the board
of library directors thereinafter pro
vided be appointed Tnc president of
the board ot education with the ad
vice and consent of the board shall
appoint a board of seven members
three ot whom shall be women There
are other provisions ot good nature
contained in it
llatcii presented a bill to repeal the
act establishing the office of sealer of
weights and measures
Johnsnooy requestpresented another
long medical bill Tabled
Allens bill for an act providing for
the appointment of women upon terri
torial boards where women or girls
are detained maintained or instructed
passed unanimously Tim bill was
suggested to Mr Allen while he was
VIsI nat the insane asylum
The bill to validate tLe issues of
school bonds was passed
A bill providing that police justices
may take lees in cases wuere tiie city
L s not concerned was passed
The council entered the chamber
iesidenil5ieeden took the chair and
he rolls of the two houses w ere called
und Taylor moved to proceed to the
lectiou of a public printer
Williams moved tue printing con
ract be settled on liEt Lost
Seaman wanted to know it the elec
lon of a public printer gaye the con t
< j G a
tract too WIlliams wanted the duties
of the public printer defined Allen
said it is the duty of that all ial to
I overlook the work that is being done
and see that the contractor does his
duty Allen thought that tae joint
session could not consider the matter
of the printing bids Hart wanted to
settle on the bids before the joint ses
sion took up the public printer ques
After two hours of talking Bloor was
elected public printer and the contract
for printing was let to the Salt Lake
Litho rphiug company whose bid was
not the Inmost but who do tory good
work and who employ union printers
The house resumed its session and
took up the bill providing that judges
shall charge juries before the argu
menlo of counsel On recommendation
of the Committee on judiciary the bill
was killed
Adjourned at 515
Set Kight
To the Editor of the EVENIVO DISPATCH
PROVO Feb 31n a recent issue of
your paper We note a report of the
proce dines at the academy on Thurs
day February 1st under the title En
j yable Visit While we appreciate
the interest taken in our school by
THE DISPATCH we feel nndpr obliga
tions to suggest that the report re
ferred to contains several points that
savors strongly of exaggeration and
Eome so far from the line of accuracy
as to be misleading Reference is made
to President now and Hon James
Sharp members of the board in such
a way as to infer that they were entire
strangers to the existence of the acad
emy building and the worKings of the
institution N w the fact is both of
these gentlemen have been practically
interested in the academy and some
what acquainted with it the first
through official reports and the second
through personal visit That they
were delighted and even surprised at
the attendance during these hard
times and even the practicability and
progressiveness in the work being done
is evident from the remarks they
We deem it proper to suggest also
that in the matter ot the academy being
pronounced the grandest institution
in all Zion reference was made to
the attendance the evident automati
city of its discipline and the energy
and interest in furnishing higher edu
cation for the masses of Zions youth
and training teachers for our priyate
and public schools and not intended to
include that technical knowledge in
special lines which is provided for in
our church university The academy
is jealous of her rights and privileges
but equally jealous of that characteris
tic of integrity which forbids claiming
mere than belongs to her
Now in respect to the financial phase
of thia report we are authorized to say
that Messrs Snow and Sharp gave
President A 0 Smoot no assurance
that the church could relieve the aca
demy of its present embarrassment
much as it might desire so to do
Trusting that you will favor this
communication with space we are
With kind regards
I THE DISPATCH is under lasting ob I
ligations to that great publishing house
of Geo Q Cannon Sons Co for two
volumes of Whitneys history of Utah
The work is bound the finest morroco
and is a neat bit of printing all in all
It is too soon for us yet to speak of the
excellence of the subject matter of the
work however Bishop Whitneys name
gives warrant of literay excellence as
well as patient conscientious and thor
ough work We will have occasion to
recur to this matter again ere long
Mr John J Davis is the agent for this
noble work for Utah county
Dr Prices Cream Baking Powder
Worlds Fair Highest Medal and Diploma
Regular Sunday Services at 2 pm
Sunday School in each ward except the 4th
which joins tho B Y Academy atlO am
A O SMOOT President
Al l j
Well and Happy
Thanks to Hoods Sarsaparilla Dull
HeadachesThat Tired Feeling
Mr W S Totea
Ban Francisco Cal I
1 One Off the greatest mistakes people make la
to lock the door alter the horse is stolen or in
other words to wait until they are sick In bed
before they do anything for the poor body
Neither my wife nor myself were real sick I
attended to my business and my wife to her
household duties dally But we had dull heavy
headaches and a little overexertion would tire
us greatly and my appetite was very poor So
we took three bottles of Hoods Sarsaparllla
and the result was perfectly satisfactory I be
lieve Hoods Sarsaparilla
Saved Us a Severe Sickness
And a big doctors bill If people would only
remember that I an ounce of prevention is worth
a pound of cure tiiero would be less suffering
in the world My advice to all who do not feel
Hoods S i la Cures
veIl Is to take Hoods Sarsaparilla according to
directions and you will be well and happY
W H TOLIS 145 12th St San Francisco Cn
Hoods Pills cure all liver ills constipation
biliousness jaundice sick headache indigestion
MR A J BECK IAN an experienced
hatter and dyer is at work here in the
shop of Martin the tinner repairing
and cleaning gents hats He takes an
old hat and for SI00 makes it us good as
new See him by all means and you
will be surprised at the result Take
vour old hats to him at once Clothing
dyed and repaired lw
r 1 < 1
A Hiffh Liver
TTstinllv has a bad liver He is bilious
II constipated has indigestion and dy
spepsia If there is no organic trouble
a few doses of Parks Sure Cure will
tone him up Parks Sure Cure is the
only liver and kidney cure we sell on a
positive guarantee Price 100 Sold
by Smoot Drue Co
AN immense sale of winter goods is
going on this week atT
THERE is not a pioneer living in
Utah who ever heard of flour being
sold at such figures as it is being sold
by Boshard at present If
The Tortures of dyspepsia the suf
ferings of scrofula the agonizing itch
and pain of salt rheum the disagree
able symptoms of catarrh are removed
by Hoods Sarsaparilla
FOR BALE Old papers at 25 cents
per hundred Apply to the business
office of TUB DISPATCH it
I WANTEDA full set of the American
Encyclopedia Must he away down for
cash Applyat this office
PROVO City Lumber company tele
phone No 31 will furnish you dry
cedar kindling wood ready to fire
six sacks for one dollar delivered
± itch pine dry wood cut to order for
sale V
mH + + + + 4ill + H4 + r + + + li + + m
Hair Death
+ +
5 instantly removes and forever destroys
objectionable hair whether upon the +
hands face arms or neck without dis ±
coloration or injury lo the most delicate
vskin It was for fifty years the +
T ecret formula of Era n1Jlsi
jWilson acknowledged by physiA
cians as the highest authority and
+ the most eminent dermatologist and +
hair specialist that ever lived Dur
+ ing his private practice of a life
time among the nobiliqy and ari +
stocracy of Europe he prescribed +
this recipe Price 81 by mail I
securely packed Correspondence con1
bfldentiaL Sole Agents for America
+ Address +
The Skookum Root t Hair Grower Co4
+ Dept R 57 South Fifth Avenue
New York 4
+ H + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 8
l L II 1i s
fIJIlA 2 1fI JL JlLII 11 ttJIIlft
jJ What is the condition of yours Is your hair dry
ale < harsh brittle Does it split at the ends Has it a rl
1 I lifeless appearance Does it fall out when combed or 5T
brushed ts it full of dandruff Does your scalp itch 3 a
i Is it dry or in a heated condition If these are some of rl
t 7 your symptoms be warned in time or you will become bald J
t Jsf
t Sicookuffi Root Ilair Grower sf
J 11 is whlltrot1 need Its productJe1ls notnn nccldent but the resultot sclentI o rP
diJffil I J research Knowledge or the dtcaaes or th hair and scalp led to the dlsco rI
1kr i iii ery of bow to treat them Skcknm contains neither minerals cor oils It
i I tI Is nota Dye but a delightfully cooling and refreshing Tonic By stimulating
i ly7 the folllcles it tops falling lair cures dandruff and OTOKS hair on bald
1 tIJ hi heads
1 1 J ds ft Sal Seep the scalp clean healthy and free from Irritating enpUona by
ill r Ii i zi i the usa or Skookum Skin Soap It destroys permUte insects icMth feed on
I b and destroy the hair
J 1 i Ifi I 11 l I If your drucglst cannot supply you send direct to us and we win forward
ii i 1I l A perjorSfori50 prepaid on receipt ot price Grower LW per bottle 6 for 4500 SP SOc i
BADi3XARK 57 South Fifth Avenue New York N Y
< =
I Keeps Constantly on Hand
Beef Mutton Port Veal Bolopa and Pork Sanssge
Free Delivery to any part of the City Centre St Provo
Third Door East of Cosmopolitan
The Good Things of Life
Mniben Block J Street Provo
None but the Finest Goods Dealt in at
4 IRVINE BARNEY Are Still on Deck IRVINE BARNEY Are Still on Deck
Second to None in the County
Our Silk and Fancy Dress Goods Department contains some Rare Bargains for Cash Call and see us Get our Prices
Buy our Goods Wear them Ifnot satisfactory we will make it so in reason
30 and 32 Centre StreetProvo
The earlier symptoms of dyspepsia
such as distress after eating heart
burn and occasional headaches should
not be neglected Take Hoods Sarsa
parilla and be cured
THE DISPATCH regrets to learn that
Oscar Cluff well and favorably known
in Provo who hag been suffering some
months with dropsy suffered so last
night that his death was momentarily
expected He rallied toward morning
and is some better today but still very
A MEETING of prominent business
men and representative citizens is to
be held this evening in the county
courthouse beginning at 4 oclock The
object of the meeting is to discuss the I
advisability of taking steps at once
looking to the securing of the removal
of the capital of the territory from Salt
Lake to Provo
We sell larks Cough Syrup on a
positive guarantee to cure all throat
and lung trounles It has stood the
test for many years and today is the
leading remedy for the cure of colds
consumption and all the diseases of the
throat and lungs Price 50 cents and
100 Sold bv Smoot Drug Co
THERE will be a benefit party given
on Tuesday evening February 6 1894
in the First ward meetinghouse under
the auspices of the board of directors
to L S Glazier missionary lately
gone to his field of labors in the south
ern states Members of the ward are
cordially invited to attend Tickets
50 cents
THE bchool trustees principals and
citizens directly interested in educa
tional matters throughout this county
neially will meet in this city on
Tuesday next at 1230 oclock The
purpose of the meeting is to consider
Dr Parks new school bill introduced
recently into the territorial legislature
Undoubtedly a set ot resolutions either I
favoring the bill or protesting against
its passage will be prepared and for
warded to the legislature The impres
sion here is that school officers gener
ally are opposed to the bill
FIRST District court met this morn
Ing and disposed of the following busi
ness E E Corfman vs J E Booth
judgment entered as prayed for in
the complaint together with costs
the Claude Heitman case was con
tinued till February 5th Belmont
Kenny vs S Liddiard Co de
fault set aside unconditionally de
murrer overruled and plaintiff given
leave to answer McGrystal vs Chris
tensensen default entered and judg
ment taken for the plaintiff for 34900
and 3400 attorneys fees suit was
commenced bv the Bank of Iowa
against Monson Whitlock of Sanpete
to recover 4000
An Important Difference
To make it apparent to thousands
who think themselves ill that they are
not affected with any disease but that
the system simply needs cleansmc is
to bring comfort home to their hearts
t as a costive condition is easily cured bv
using Syrup of Figs Manufactured
l > y be California Uljf Syrup Co
J 1
Morning Service 11 a m
Sunday school at lOa m
Christian Endeavor Society 645 pm
Evening Service 730 p m Theme
The story of a Spiritual Columbus Every
body welcome
HOSE Pastor
BAPTIST CHURCH K bet 5th and Eth
Sunday School 10 am
Morning Service 11 a m
Evening service 7 pm
Sunday Schof 10 am
Morning Service 11 a m
J vlc fJ
Junior Leage 4 u m
Epworth League 630 p m
Evening Services 730 p m
> W H LA VAKE Pastor
CATHOLIC Cor K and 8th
Matins Gam
High Mass 10 am
Vespers 730 pm I
Parks Cough Syrup
Has been so highly recommended to
us that we have taken the agency for it
and now ask our friends who are suffer
ing with a cold to give it a trial and if
it does not give satisfaction your money
will be refunded Every bottle is sold
on a positive guarantee Price 50 cents
and 1100 Sold by SWot Drug Co
THE officers here are confident from
descriptions given that the prisoner
who broke jail at Beaver recently are
two of the birds who sawed out of this
county jail not long since
Ballavds Snow Liniment
Mrs Hamilton Cambridge Ills
says I had the rheumatism so bad J
could not raise my hand to my head
Ballards Snow Liniment has entirely
cured me I take pleasure in informing
my neighbors and friends what it has
done for me Chas Handley clerk for
Lav Lyman Kewanee Ills advises
us SnowLidiment cured him of Rheu
matism Why not try it It will surety
do you good It cures all Inflammation
Wounds Sores Cute Sprains etc
Sold by Smoot Drug Co
Aid a
SUMMONS district of the territory
of Utah utah county
S G Sly plaintiff vs Jacob Muntz de I
Tho people of the territory of Utah send I
greeting to Jaccb Muntz defendant
You are hereby required to appear in an ac
tion brought against you by the above named
plaintilf In tho district court of the First judicial
dicial district of the territory of Utah and to
answer the complaint filed therein within ten
days exclusive ot the day of service after
the service on you of this summonsif served
within this county or served out of this
county but in this district within twenty
days otherwise within forty daysor judg
ment by default will be taken against you ac
cording to prayer of this complaint
The said action itl brought to obtain a judg
ment of this court against the said defendant
for the sum of 1250 and for costs of this suit
alleged by plaintiff to be dua fiom defendant
on tho sale of a certain mining claim situated
near the tot nof Lewiston Fremont county
Wyoming for the sum of 82500 of which one
half thereof plaintiff alleges to bo justly due
and owing to him
For fuller and further particulars reference
11 j hereby mode to the plaintiffs complaint on
lie herein
And you are hereby notified that if you fall
to appear and answer the said complaint as
above required tho said plaintiff will take
judgment against you for the sum of ls2f
and costs of suit
T > rTft t1T a Hh 1
witness tnoHon narvuy > Y omuii juageano
the seal of the district court
of the First judicial district and
SEAL for tho territory of Utah this 3d
day of February in the year of
our Lord one thousand eight hun
dred and ninetyfour
Dy F D1 HiaoiNnoTHAM Deputy Clerk
Chas L Urown attorney for plaintiff
DMMONS In tho Justices Court Vine
S yard Precinct Utah county Territory of
Utah Beioro Chas G Craig Justice of the
Peace John N Clark plaintiff vs John
Doe dotendant
To John Doe whose name is otherwise un
known defendant You are hereby requested
to appear before this court on tho 8th day of I
February A D 1894 at 10 clock a m of said I
day to answer a complaint filed against you
wherein said plaintiff claims the sum of S 00
damages caused by your animals trespassing
on his premises at Vineyard Utah county
Said animals are described as lollows towit
One gray horse nine years eld branded
on left thigh A
One bav horse eight years old branded
on left thigh A
One boy horse tea years ala no brands vis
ible And you arc hereby notified that if you fail
to appear and answer said complaint at the
time and plac aforesaid judgment will be
taken against you for S3 CO tho amount said
damage the cost keeping said animals and
the costs of this suit
Justice of the Peace
Dated this 34 day of February 18W
In the Money Market WlthdUS More We will for
The next T days
Gave you ONE DOLLARS worth of goods for SIXTYEIGHT and onehalf cents
On February 1st we take inventory between now and then we must dispose of at least
S7J500 Worth of o Winter stock
All kinds of goods No reserve We are going to CUT CUT CUT CUT DEEP AND
SLASHED We must do it too much stock thats the cause Now you have it
Some merchants complain that January and February are dull months Not so will
they be with us The wary buyer has been waiting for just such announcement as we
now make and whichis very startling in its nature but nevertheless true
Aye true 1hat our business has been extremely large but we bought very heavy and as a
consequence have too much stock
We will sell Take Advantage
TP J1 Ji i 1 3
Thats right It is to your interest that you should If anything is fair in love and war
why not in legitimate business If we must sell our goods and do so at the minimum
profit what care you Our loss is not your loss So we caution you to
Take ADVANTAGE of this the GREATEST of all SALES
And we have had some great ones
It is now a well known and undisputed argument th atwe are advertisers of
We do as we say always and ever Everything goes nothing reserved ac iS
Located in Hathenbrucks Store 14 Centre St Provo
p SWatch for our dodger which will contain a sample of the hundreds of the
most stupendous bargains ever offered an appreciative public Be on hand as the early
bird catches the worm

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