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Tononunni SAFE
Governor West Shows His
Good Judgment
The Council Confirmed Nearly all the
Governor AppointesIt is not Known
When Thursday March 8th 1894
W 111 End With the Utah Legislature
The Sunday session of the legislature
the necessity for which was due solely
to the action of the majority in delay
ing action on important measures un
til the eleventh hour was devoted
largely to sdunteiing this being
especially true in the house In the
council some business was disposed of
The governors nominees for public in
stitutions were confirmed except in
tne cases of Messrs German for the
medical board Dusenberry for the
asylum board and Milner for the re
form school board The militia ap
ointments all went throuuh
The appointments made by tue gov
ernor and confirmed as follows i
Deeeret Agricultural and Manufac I
turing societyPresident John R
Winder Frank W Jennings Fred
Simon Herman Bamberger JNelson A
Empey Septimus W Sears Amos D
Holdaway Wiley G Cragum John D
Peters James A Melville Abraham
Hatch Divid 0 Wiley Sr
Territorial Insane AsylumAlbion
B Emery Lewis W Shurtliff Reed
Smoot W W Woodring George C
Whitmore William Creer
Agricultural College of UtahAaron
F Farr Jr W S McCornick
Alonzo G Barber William P Nebeker
John W McNutt Achilles Perrin D
C Hubbard
Reform School John Watson Mar
shall A Breeden James H Moyle
Lyman R Martineau David Thor
burn Thomas F Roueche
Bo rd of Medical ExaminersAllen
Fowler J 11 Dart Joseph S Richards
C C Sbinnick John D Carnahan
McKenzie N Graves
Regents of the University of Utah
Moses Thatcher Robert Harkness
Lewis S Hills
Board of PharmacyClarence A
McCoy J B Farlow George A Fenne
more John JBoyden W A Wade
Board of Dental ExaminersJ 1 i
GuristlariEcu j r Jerman HI A
Whitney Joseph W ThatcKerTSt nle
W Clawson
Governor West is proving himself a
thorn in the side of the republicans I
and making for himself a splendid
record The people will appreciate
and Value his vetos His first im
I portant veto was that of the bill to pro
vide for the payment of witnesses and
jurors in which several reps were ap
pointed as court commissioners His
next was the veto of the bill throwing
the territory bank upon the old election
machinery He objected to this be
cause of the deterrent effect it would
have upon statehood the little time
that will elapse before the consumma
tion of this act and the shortcomings
of the old law The message on this
subject stated the case very forcibly
and brought forth from Varian the re
mark Well we cant do anythm
about it
The most important veto however
that has come before the two houpes
is the one the governor sent in yester
day in which he disapproved in very
forcible language of taking of a half
mill from the school tax and putting it
onto the general levy This was the
great republican measure which was
aesiened to cure all the ills that are at
present afflicting the territory It was
opposed in both houses by the demo
1 crats generally on the ground that it
would prove too great an injury to
the public school system if its pro
visions were carried out Notwith
standing this members on the re
publican side who opposed it were
whipped into an acquiescence in its
passage because they were afraid to
raise the taxes and more afraid
to bond They are badly confused
Some want to adjourn without action I
but as they do not wish to add to the
vast amount of democratic campaign
material they have already furnished
they hardly dare There are opposing
ideas as to what will be done That
the governor will allow no tinkering
with the public school system is a
settled thing The plan to shut up the
schools has been abandoned as unten
I able under such circumstances Some
Bay that tha taxes should be raised
others that more bonds should be is
sued The democratE are not be
ing consulted yet it may turn out that
they will hold the balance of power in
both houses on account of rebellion
already loudly thretened on the re
I publican side
The bounty bills and the memorials
inrsiatlon to lead wool and sugar
have not been beard from yet in either
of the houses and the majority of the
I members are feeling a little anxious to
know what will be done with them
There are conflicting rumors as to their
final disposition but none of them
have any foundation Their fate can
be settled only by the message of the
I governor
With the governor and assembly di
vided on some points it is doubtful
I when the last day of the present ses
sion will come to an end
1 T IS I NOT what we say but what
Hoods Sarsaparilla does that tells the
story of its merit When in need of med
icine remember HOODSCURES
Death In California of a Ian Who VTas
Once a High Roller In Europe
I S Scenti who had made and lost
millions almost in a day was found
dead in his cabin on Alamitos beach
California a few days ago He had
died from pneumonia
Scenti had a checkered career Seven
or eight years ago Paris was the scene
I of a great gambling craze which was
of short duration Scenti who was a
native of Spain and a man 60 years of
age created more excitement in gam
bling circles at the time than did Billy
Hurt During his short stay in Paris ho
managed to make several millions of
dollars through cards and other gam
bling devices known only in Paris and
Monte Carlo He lost his gainings as
easily as he won them
Becoming disgusted with the life he
sailed for New York with quite a snug
sum Several years passed over his head
and he was without anything save the
valuable jewels and trinkets which he
always carried with him Misfortune
having overtaken him as it eventually
does every man of his kind Scenti came
to California When he settled in the
little cabin by the sea he decided to
live and die in obscurity His life as a
hermit did not last long
Scenti avoided meeting people when
ever possible He lived from the sale
of his trinkets and sold them at a great
reductionSan Francisco Examiner
The Sort of Cars Which Arc to Provided
For the Czars Convenience
A new imperial train for the czar of
Russia is at present being built at the
Alexaudrowski wagon manufactory at
St Petersburg It consists of 11 car
riages of which one is reserved for the
railway officials a kitchen carriage and
two luggage vans With the exception
of wheels and the axles which have
been supplied by Krupp at Essen the
whole of the material is of Russian or
igin and manufacture By means of a
very powerful automatic brake the
train can be brought to a standstill in a
minimum ot time from every one of the
carriages The interior of the carriages
is appointed with much taste The win
dows are different on both sides The
side with the corridor has windows of a
uniform size while the windows on tho
t1eridcrnemadoin accordant with
ttTe requirements of the various com
partments The passages between the t
various cars are vestibuled
The carriage of the czar and czarina
is connected directly with the dining
room then come the large saloon car
the carriages of the grand dukes etc
The carriages will be sent on a trial
trip to Copenhagen Some of them have
already been sent to Vienna and back
Railway Review
A Hero
Of all the wretchedly underpaid
American consuls we think the case of
our representative at Santos Brazil is
the worst This unfortunate individual
a Maine manreceives the munificent
salary of 81500 a year His expenses
are 3000 a year He has buried his
vice consul has had yellow fever twice
himself resigns periodically but still
sticks pluckily to his post waiting for
his successor to be appointed and what
is more important to accept the ap
pointment This consul deserves well
of his country Bath Times
His > arne
The mania for giving a large number
of Christian names to one and the same
person is particularly prevalent in Italy
An Italian gentleman named Campag
na who nas just been naturalized a
Frenchman has given some little trou
ble to the French foreign office clerks in
registering his full designation Here
it is Vincendo Salvatore Maria Gen
naro FrancescoSales FrancescodAs
sisi Francesco de Paolo Rocca Michele
Crocifisso Emiddio Pasqqale Giovan
Giuseppe Geltrude Carlo Gaetana Al
fonso Ciro Andrea Luigi Gioran Geral
do AntoniodiPara AntonioAbatte
C wpHgna London News
Easily Quickly
Permanently Reiiored
and all the train of vfls
V from early errors or later
excesses tho results or
I overwork sickness
development wornretc FullBtrenctli and tone
Elven to every organ and
portion of the body
t BlmpleBaturalpetbods
I seen Failure Impossible
2000 references Book
explanation and proot
mailed sealed Tree
Hague Will Enter His Plea
on Friday Next
I Kllnerer Who Pleaded Guilty Gets a
Light Sentence for Unlawful Cohabita
tion on Promising Faithfully to Obey
the Law in FutureOther Orders o
It has como to THE DISPATCH that
readers have misunderstood its court
report with reference to the action of
the grand jury on the Alma Hague
cases Just why this should be is not
clear to the writer These reports have
stated that one indictmentfor embez
zlement has been found against
Hague One casefor making false
entrieshas been ignored and this is
resubmitted Eleven other charges
are also resubmitted
Hague is under 15000 bonds to
await the action of the grand jury on
these charges resubmitted and under
S10000 bonds to appear in the First
District court to plead to the indict
ment charging embezzlement and alleg
ing the sum embezzled to be 20000
He was to appear this morning but
owing to the defendants legislative
duties not being completed arrange
ments were made in Salt Lake with
District Attorney Judd for continu
ance till Friday next at 10 a m at
which time Mr Hague with his counsel
will appear in the First District court
at Provo and enter a plea in all likeli
hood of not guilty to the indictment
charging embezzlement Then of
course will come the delay in getting
out a bill of particulars and the setting
ot the case upon the calendar for trial
As to what will be done with the other
twelve cases pending of course no man
knows nor will any one know until the
grand jury yet to be subpoenaed and
empaneled have acted upon them
On Saturday evening Robert Shaw
was convicted of adultery Time for
sentence was fixed at March 20th on
the defendant giving a bond of 1000
An order of court was made instruct
ing the canstable of Fairview to com
pel John Turpin to pay at once at
torneys fees of 35 and 20 costs in the
case brought against him by his wife
This morning J H Klinger was sen
tenced to pay a fine of S100 and costs
having pleaded guilty to the crime of
unlawful cohabitation lx D Houtz
appeared for the defendantand made a
statement wherein be said Mr JKlinger 1
bad for some time past and intended to I
continue to obey the law
In the case of V L Thomas vs F
K Morris trustee for the Bullion Beck
Mining company arguments were I
made in the settlement of the state
ment on motion fora new trial several
amendments were made to the state
ment Motion for a new trial was made
by Mr Dickson for the defendant
which was overruled An appeal will
be taken
The case against J J Booth who is
in jail charged with forgery was set for
March 15th
Charles Davenport the slayerof John
Wood came to trial on a charge of
murder in the first degree It was on
January 9th of the present year that he
encountered Wood in a deadly affray
at Moab Utah
Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
Thurman is prosecuting the case and
S A King and E A Wilson are rep
resenting the defendant Davenport
is a wiry sixfooter of a dark complex
ion and appears to be above the med
iocrity in intelligence His experience
in the penitentiary and countv jail has
told heavily on his strength V ry
much difficulty is experienced in gtt
ting a jury
Dr Prices Cream Baking Powder
Worlds Fair Highest Award
CHIEF FOWIKB leceived a telegram
last evening from G H Grant stating
that another man had just been killed
in Westwaterthis time in Mrs Hal
letts house The chief and Sheriff
Brown departed for Westwater on P
G W No 4 last evening Rumor has
it that a man named Darrow was
shot and that Mrs Hallett did the
shootln This rumor is not yet con
NEWS came to Provo yesterday of the
killing of a man at 2 oclock on Satur
day in the mountains west of
Payson The only particulars given
are that the man live in Salem
was working in a prospect owned by
Lou Calvin and that the cause of his
death was his own ignorance in the
handling of giant pnwrtor
Sousa Reminds One of flikiscli and
From the Brooklyn Eagle
No one who likes fine music can be
Insensible to the charm of Sousas
w rk His men follow his slightest in
dication as If his brain and theirs were
one The smoothness of his shading
find creEC = mdos reminds one Nikisch J8
and Seidls orchestras and in fire he is
like the latter leader
Dr Prices Cream Baking Powder
Most Perfect Made
Kighestof all in Leavening PowerLatest U S Govt Report
Emperor William Wants the 85000000
Sparkler For His New Crown
I learn from London that the emperor
cf Germany is eager to purchase the
big diamond found at the Jagersfontein
mine in July last This monster gem
turns the scales at 071 carats and there
seems good reason for believing that it
is the very biggest in the world It has
been christened the Jageisfontein Ex
The Jagersfontein mine which is sit
uated about 50 miles from Kimberley
and within the territory of the Orange
Flee State republic is owned by a com
pany many ofthe shareholders of which
reside in England and few of them on
the spot For some time they have sold
the yield of diamonds fy public ten er
in advance The co tractors for the i
purchase of the diamonds in July were
Messrs Wernheim Beit and their
contract expired on the very day thib
famous stone was found Had it been
handed to the manager onlya few hours
later it would have fallen into other
hands I i
The Excelsior was found by a na
tive Basuto laborer named Jonas and
he could easily have secreted it as has
been done in thousands of cases no
doubt because it happened that he was
working at the time at a place where
no diamonds were expected to be found
However he promptly placed it in the
hands of the manager who did not for
a considerable time realize its enormous
value The natives at the mine as an
encouragement to zeal and honesty are
allowed a small commission upon the
diamonds they find and Jonas share
was about eSO This sum to an African
native is quite a small fortune and as
the bonus was supplemented by the gift
of a horse saddle and bridle the Basuto
left for his home a very proud man
On the spot the diamond was valued
by the official government inspector at
25000 but when it reached Kimber
ley n bid of 250000 was made for it
The offer was declined and the Ex
celsior was shipped to Europe It was
i a curious sight to feoe 1lIe parcel guard
ed to the Cape Town docks by a squad
of cavalry and a detachment of police
It reached England safely and imme
diately the value went up until now the
owners decline to part with it for less
than e1 1000000 It has been lodged in
the Bank of England for security and
at the present time negotiations are pro
ceeding for purchase on behalf of the
German emperor who is having a new
orown constructed and has an idea ap
parently that this particular gem will
add luster to the diadem He is not
however the only bidder in the market
and it Is quite uncertain what will be
the gems ultimate destination Jew
elers Circular
It Has Been Found That Pollution In TbU
Stream Increased the Death Bate
The city of Lawrence Mass is ex
perimenting with a filter bed with
which it hopes to purify the water of
the Merrimac river the source of the
water supply of that city The sum of
60000 already has been expended for
the purpose The experiment is being
made in pursuance of the discovery
made two years ago by the state board
of health of Massachusetts that certain
cities which had suffered especially
from typhoid fever were using water
from polluted rivers The board gave
assurance that by the use of filter beds
98 per cent of the bacteria organisms
some of which are harmful would be
The filtering was begun Sept 20
I since which time daily investigation
shows that this proportion of the bac
teria is removed from the water and
also that the water is so purified that
threefourths of the remaining 2 per
cent die before the water reaches the
dwelling houses The fact that the
number of deaths from typhoid fever in
that city during the months of October
and November of last year was qnly
one each month while formerly the av
erage for five years was five each month I
seems to furnish conclusive evidence
that there is a virtue in the plan rec
ommended by the Massachusetts board
I Troy Press
New Tears Cards In France
The custom in France of sanding ones
visiting card to acquaintances on New
Years day is rapidly I increasing Even
the establishment of a society for the
suppression of complimentary visiting
cards has been powerless against the
progress of fashion The French post
office officials have made an interpstina
calculation on the subject it is reCK
oned that in the department of the Seine
alone which of course includes Paris
8750000 visiting card were delivered
by postmen on the 1st of January 1881
The following year it had risen to
9500000 the year after to 13000000
and finally in 1894 it reached nearly
15500000 Paris Journal
Armour Met the Emergency
Philip D Armour is a man of vast
resources A few months ago an at
tempt was made by a grain corner to
squeeze him His own granaries wero
full and the combination refused to let
him have a square inch of space in
their elevators Armour bad 3000000
bushels of wheat to place and 30 days
in which to do it He sent for his build
er told him what he wanted and in 28
days the largest and finest grain eleva
tor in Chicago had been erected and the
grain stored in it Chicago Correspond
Tho Melancholy Pniiv I
Every one is glad to see the unpleasant
rumors about the Prince of Wales fam
ily set at rest by the appearance of the
princess in public with her husband tev
eral times within the past few days She
seemed pale wan and rather sad but it
should be borne in mind that melan
choly such as hers is represented to be is
not uncommon among women of her age
London Letter
A tabor Leaders View of It
The denial of suffrage to women wh
want to vote is a relic of the barbaric
spirit which gave the ruling power to 1
the physically strongest It is also a
most excellent illustration of the in
herent disposition of men to hold on to
any prerogative possessed by them It
is self conceited unenlightened and mean
In a superlative degreeBoston Labor
Tho Club Critic
The club critic is an interesting fea
ture of many womens clubs To insure
good feeling it is a very rotary sort of
an office whose privileges consist in
pomtln out any lapses with regard to
grammar Ensrlish and General stvle
made by the other women in their pa
pers and speeches It is by no means
a popular prerogative Philadelphia
Ohio Progressing
The Ohio legislature has just removed
one of the disabilities of married women
in that state by passing a bill providing
that the marriage of a woman shall not
disqualify her from acting as adminis
tratrix or executrix whether such mar
riage occur before or after her appoint
ment or Qualification
Brings comfort and improvement ana
+ snla fn TiprQrmn p > i T7Tnonf wTinn
rightly setr The many who live be
ter than others and enjoy life more with
less expenditure by more promptly
adapting the worlds best products to
the needs of physical being will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy Syrup of Figs
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative effectually cleansing the system
dispelling colds headaches and even
and permanently curing constipation
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met vith the approval of the medical
profession because it acts on the Kid
neys Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug
gists in 50c and 1 bottles but it is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co only whose name is printed on every
package also the name Syrup of Figs
and being well informed you will no
accept any substitute if offered
We Promise to do our Share in Selling
To Make Times Easy
Aprons Shirts Waists
Overalls etc
Eggortso Sells Thorn
Sugar Tea Coffee and
Family Supplies Generally
Horseshoes Nails PitchForks
Shovels Spades Hoes Rakes
Rope etc etc
Eggertsedells Them
In I Fact Eggertsen is here to minister to all your needs
234 West Center Street Provo
109 W 2nd South Salt Lake City
Real Hstat8 Investment
Eight Room pressed brie Modern House excellent lo
cation 4500 will take land near Provo for 2000 balance
long time
Seven Room pressed brick house 3500 will take 1500
worth of Provo land with or without water right balance to
East Waterloo lots S275 per lot Southeast part of the
City the choice location cement walks to car line Shade
trees etc
We Have the Largest and Most Approved Line of
Justices of the Peace Attorneys and all 0 thers Req uirin
Blanks will Find it to Their Advantage to Order from us
Complete Assortment of
Ceo S Taylor Manager
I Iaino BARGAINS ar81InS 1
I uuiuiiiu II AT uIu1IIo I
rr J INOWtAG afl information In M LOCksffilthLSFT S
tAG U P RV Agent InSnrpallnsw 2
v il
it ft W Ry Agent at Provo Snrpallnsw
Until January 151894 at which time our annual stock fiei l ii Agont Filing Kniyes Jt once Remember the stand 28 Centre Stj
HOWE a TAFT UTliERNAO1FJCCO 4 I Corner of F and v1 CROC RS
I < 2 r
H f

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