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I T EVE N N G < DIP ATe H Ut h =
A Long Session With Little
Business Done
His RoaBonnare That His Business Af
fairs Will Keep Him out of the Citylio
EWaier Right of Way Accrosu the Stubbs
PropertyDam in Provo River
It is fortunate for Provos republican
city councilmen that THE DISPATCH is
not disposed to poke fun at them and
to belittle their work simply because
they are republicans as the Enquirer
was disposed to abuse the majority
members of the last council simply be
cause they were democrats A com
parison of the ability and work of the
piesent council with that of the old
woull so shame the citizens of Provo
who so foolishly threw the city into
the hands of the republicans last fall
that it is not here madethere is time
even yet tor the oresent council to im
The session last night was the most
sleepy session that has yet been held
It lasted three long hours did very lit
tle and adjourned with business yet on
the table During the fore part of the
session it was almost impossible for
President Oluff to net a motion made
and it did seem that if McEwan had
not been present no business what
ever would have been done As it was
every now and again the councillors
would sleep and for a few moments all
would be as still as death until Mc
Ewan would disturb the slumbers of
the solons with a motion which some
one would occasionally sleepily second
Along toward 10 oclock there did
arise a slightly spirited discussion on
the matter of furnishing right of way
for water to property owners in th
Stubbs pub ivhan south of town
also on the matter of placing a dam in
the Provo river to change its course
near the head of Tanners race
On the former proposition the ma
jority expressed themselves that as
Air Stubbs had sold land with all
rights and privileges those who pur
chased should go to him for their right
of way and not come to the council
The city supplies the water at the R
G W depot platform and it is not the
citys business to furnish a right of waY
The petition of Messrs Leonard and
Auderberg was not granted McEwan I
and Ross only voting against the report
of the committee
On the latter proposition McEwan
called attention to the fact that the
county court is responsible to a jnsid
erable decree for the change in the
course of the river The watermastei
was ordered to proceed to do one
fourth of the work necessary the pe
titioners agreeing to do threefourths
The county court will be asked to as
fiist in the work
John Outhouse fireman asked that
his mothers water tax and dog tax be
abated in consideration of the fact
that he is a fireman and has
worked without remunerationKnudstn
moved to grant petition Hoover
seconded McEwan and Halladay dis
liked to discriminate in favor of one
fireman also to establish such a bad
precedent as this and the petition was
Eldredge resigned as councillor
Photographer Conkling asked that
his un expired license be transferred to
T E Daniels
Henry Harrison was granted a retail
lIquor license
Superintendent Homer asked for a
pressure guage to be located in the
firemens hall
Land owners in the east field asked
for a new dram ditch to be cut through
James E Snows pasture
Justice Wedgwood reported eight
cases tried during March fines col 1
lected SMOO days served thirtyfive
two notices of appeal given j costs foi
witnesses 1200
Committees reported Recommend
ing repairs on east drain reducing Sun
Foundrys water tax from 50 00 to
84000 reducing Francis Peays water
tax to twenty acres remitting Newel
Knights and Mrs Leethams water
tax unfavorable action on Jacob
Everts petition for remittance of water
tax ordering foot bridge built acros
Easily Quickly
Permanently Restored
s and all the train of evils
v jrom early errors or later
excesses the result ot
I overwork sickness
wonyctc FuUstrength
development and tone
given to every organ and
portion of the body
simple nataralmethods
eeen Failure Impossible
2000 references Book
explanation and proofs
moiled sealed tree
Dry creek on C street between Ninth
and Tenth streets the placing upon
passage of a substitute bill designating
the boundaries of wards ordering the
construction of another pond to more
perfectly settle water before entering
the pipes of the watervorks
The salaries of city officers for March
were allowed 55310 D R Coray
not try fees 100 cleaning mush ice
out of waterworks 900 Coop 1025
Some claims for extra work on
waterworks were referred
T E DANIELS is making the best
cabinet photos for only 200 per dozen
at Union block All work guaranteed
to suit
ED BROAUIB and Pete Brown have
arranged a horse race to come off in
Scotts lane this afternoon Neither
of the horses are record breakers
SOme little money is up and will per
haps change hands
THE Rustlers have secured the ser
vices of the wizzard Eliason of Salt
Lake for their show tomorrow even
ing This young man is a marvel in
his line his tricks of legerdemain be
ing most astonishing
SHERIFF BROWS returned last night
from P V Junction with Thomas
Riley who was convicted belore Justice I
Crater of petit larceny and sent up
for thirty days for theft of clothing at
Clear Creek
T J PATTEN requests THE Dis
PATCH to say that up until the recent
unpleasantness with Wagener his fam
y got along very pleasantly with the
man The row of the other day which
brought Wagener and a son of Mr
Patten into the courts was brought
about by Wagoner attacking unawares
and beating and choking without cause
a younger son and was not in the na
ture of a family row as staled
No lover of the drama can afford to
miss that thrilling play the Spy of
Atlanta Toe plot is founded upon
one of the most dramatic incidents of
the late stupendous rebellion The
object for which the play is given
should be a sacred one to this commun
tv The old heroes of the war for the
union are with us are bone 1 of our
oone and flesh of our flesh they are
our neighbors and friends and richly
deserve the largest house ever crowded
into a Provo threatre Tile parts are
taken by those who an most capable
of rendering them This insures a
most delightful evening besides fur
nishing an opportunity to do the lId
boys in blue a kindly thing We wont
to sew this made the occasion ot < h I
e son
An Indiana rmerSnt8 the Murk High ud
Puzzles the Physicians
Since the case of George Woodruff
the Rossvillo Ind farmer has been
made public through newspaper ac
counts of his strange affliction numer
ous inquiries are being received from
medical men in all parts of the country
Mr Woodruff is a substantial farmer
well known in his and adjoining coun
Some two months ago upon retiring
as usual at night he found himself un
able to sleep Woo it as he would sleep
would not come The next night he
was also unable to sleep but felt no
worse for his wakefulness For twv
months he has gone with less than an
hours sleep On the third night a phy
sician was called but even under the
influence of opiates Woodruff refused to
close his eyes The only thing which
conquered his ailment was a quart of
whisky taken in rapid doses and that
only produced a half hours sleep Then
his attending physician gave up the job
confessing his inability to fathom the
mysterious ailment He had heard of
people sleeping indefinitely but here
was a case of a man who conldnt sleep
at all and who was apparently none
the worse off because of it Several
other medical men took a hand at Wood
ruff but each was in turn baffled
Woodruff complains only of a slight
distress in his stomach but his appetite
is unimpaired and he attends to his
duties as he did previous to breaking
the record as a man who defied ordi
nary rules of nature and to whom it
was all the same whether It was night
or day About three years ago he had
a similar attack but it lasted only a
Reports of his strange disease became
current several days ago but they were
discredited To satisfy all doubters
Woodruff has made a statement of the
truth of the reports His physician and
family declare that he has slept less
than an hour in two months and that
all his faculties are unimpaired His
physician will make extensive com
ments on the case for several medical
journalsSt Louis Republic
In the Fashion
Mrs Jackson ParkeWhat in the
world is keeping you up EO late
Mr Jackson Tarke I am writing an
article for tLe papers on How I Killed
My First Hog These literary chaps
with their stories of how they wrote
their first books are not going to have the
field all to themselves not by a jugful
Indianapolis Journal
I The newspaper laborers in the house
press gallery now sit on nice revolving
piano stools They are very popular
I Dr Prices ueaui i anaug Powder I
Worlds Fair Highest Award
It Is a Profitless Proceeding to Carry Coals
to Newcastle
There are more ways than one my eon
ol carrying coals to Newcastle and in
almost every case it is a profitless pro
ceeding on the part of the person engag
ed in it
Therefore my son have nothing to do
with that kind of trafficthat is to say
do not encroach upon anothers preserves
except to admire Do not attempt to
stock them with your own game
When a man is a salesman in a dry
goods store do not attempt to instruct
him by the ventilation of ideas of your I
own If he be an actor do not intrude
upon him any of your amateur notions
If a clergyman refrain from Scriptural
citation and exegesis when in his compa
ny If a professional humorist resist
as it were the evil one all temptation to
facetiousness paronomasia If a me
chanic do not presume to give him points
in his calling
But on the other hand my son do not
attempt to interfere with his speaking or
his calling profession or specialty So
long as you listen you make no mistake
and the wing of friendship molts no
Give ear to the story of his experiences
at the counter but interject none of your
own listen to and applaudhis spoutings
but spout not yourself receive with be
coming reverence his interpretations of
holy writ but meddle not yourself with
that which the lay mind is not supposed
to be able to cope withal listen and
laugh at his wit and whimseys but
hazard no joke of your own attend
while he relates his mechanical achieve
ments but vaunt not yourself in the
same line
It is a common mistake my son to
suppose that because a man delights in
talking about a certain something in i
which he is proficient he loves to hear
every babbler that falls in his way des
cant upon the same subject that because
it pleases him to exalt himself in a given
direction he likes to hear others in fh
same direction exalt themselves
When a man knows a thing thorough
ly o thinks he does which amounts to
the same so far as he is concernedhe is i
quite ready and willing instruct others
but he brooks no incursions by others
into his peculiar domain When he has
finished the exposition of his wares it is i
time for you to show up yours provided
of course they are of an entirely differ
ent line
There must be reciprocity in the com
merce of conversation an exchange of
complementary commodities Each must
give what the other lacks and receive in
return that in which he is wanting else
there can be no trade no harmony
You would not ship oranges to Flori
da ice to Nova Zembla or hot air fur
naces to Sahara Then why carry coals
to Newcastle
Therefore my son let each man pad
dle his own canoe as it best pleases him
Admire applaud if you willand it is
your best holdbut dont put in your
oar though he be swamping Boston
The most eloquent speakers are not
the most powerful says Hon John
Fithian of Illinois There are men
who could hold an audience spellbound
with a speech about a cockroach and at
the close of it the people would not
know whether the cockroach was an
animal a bird or a piece of machinery
I saw an illustration of this one time in
a political meeting One of the most
eloquent speakers in the country is Em
erson Etheridge and I heard him deliver
a speech that swayed the hearers like
music at the hands of a master There
was nothing that he could not do with
the crowd while they were under his
control His opponent had a voice like
a big bass viol halted and stammered
but confined himself to homely lan
guage and rather coarse ridicule I
watched the vote in that precinct and
the measure advocated by the eloquent
speaker scarcely received a vote while
the other man had carried everything
before him as if by storm II
Hadnt Seen Them All
Your great men seem to carry their
honors most easilysaid the observant
foreigner I have met several of your
senators and they seem just as common
as any one
That may be the case with sena
tors replied the citizen but you just
ought to meet a newly elected justice
of the peace Indianapolis Journal
A FAIR TRIAL of Hoods Sar
saparilla guarantees a complete
cure It is an honest medicine honest
ly advertised and it honestly CURES I
A Labor Lenders View ol It
The denial of suffrage to women whc
want to vote is a relic of the barbaric
spirit which gave the ruling power to
the physically strongest It is also a
most excellent illustration of the in
herent disposition of men to hold on to
any prerogative possessed by them It
is self conceited unenlightened mean
in a superlative degree Bostqn Labor
Dr Prices Cream Baking Powder I
Most Perfect Made
Highest of all in Leavening Power Latest U S Govt Report
Rbi r
An Aged Michigan Woman Loses 81200
on the Moss Grown Gold Brick Swindle
With eyes brimful of happy anticipa
tion an aged woman presented two
kings of bright metal to the chief
weigher at the mint She believed that
the two lumps metal were gold worth
80000 and when informed that they
were but copper and zinc worth 2 or
8 she turned away with a heavy heart
and sought the train to bear her back
to her home in Jackson Mich She hat
paid 12000 for the stuff and had jour
neyed all the way east to realize upon it
The story of the unfortunate womans
loss was told to the mint officials She
was Mrs Harriet Morgan who resides
in Jackson and with her were her son
inlaw Charles Hslleg and Dr Blanch
ard the family physicjan Some 13
years ago Mrs Morgan who is quite
wealthy had advanced to a nephew 6
000 to start a business He was profuse
in his expressions of gratitude and prom
ised that as business prospered with him
he would return the loan with ample
interest The nephew went away and
his aunt hoard nothing of him until re
cently She had about abandoned hope
of securing the return of her loan when
one day a stranger come to her with the
announcement that he represented her
nephew The latter had prospered well
in gold mining and as an evidence of
his success had sent her two gold bricks
or kings II These weighed fully 85
pounds and were worth 30000 These
the nephew desired to present to his
aunt in return for her loan and another
small payment Mrs Morgan delight
ed paid the stranger 6000 and re
ceived the kings which she guarded
carefully Philadelphia Record
A Great Question WhIch Is Agitating the
British House of Commons
The great question whether waiters
ought to be tipped is just now agitating
tho hoapo of common hod deal more
than the fight with the lords over the
employers liability and parish councils
bills of which truth to tell everybody
is getting a bit tired But the tip ques
tion affects the private pockets of the
honorable members and their interest
in it is consequently keen It has al
ways been the rule in the commons that
tho waiters in the dining rooms should
not receive tips because living wages
are paid to them but of late years tip
ping has pretty generally prevailed
and the men learned to expect tips as
much as though they were common cafe
waiters A goodly proportion of the
members however refused to counte
r nance the system with the result that
they have of late found themselves neg
lected Recently there have been so
many complaints that the kitchen com
mittee solemnly appointed a subcommit
tee to inquire and the result was the
Issuing of an order prohibiting waiters
from receiving tips and granting to
each waiter an Increase of a shilling a
day The waiters calmly pocket the
shilling but continue to take the tips
whenever they get a chance and it has
become a question what shall be done
with the honorable end right honorable
gentlemen who thus defy committees
and subcommitteesNew York Suna
London Letter
A Rich South Dakota Cattleman Dies Sud
denly Without braking a Will
A Chamberlain S D special says
that the immense herd of cattle brand
ed J B B ranging in Lyman coun
ty has been levied on by the treasurer
of that county for taxes The owner of
the herd was John B Smith who is re
ported to have died suddenly In Minne
apolis while on a business trip to that
city some weeks ago The Lyman
county authorities however have no
proof of his deathand there is no record
in the probate court of that connty
showing that his estate has ever been
probate Parties claiming to have held
a mortgage on the stock but who are
pow known to be rustlers have been
running the cattle out of the country
without any process of foreclosure and
the county treasurer finally came to the
conclusion that it was time for him to
act and accordingly levied on the bal
ance of the cattle for the taxes due
Nearly 10000 cattle were run out of
the country
Smith left from 8000 to 10000 in
life insurance besides the large herd of
cattle in question It is regarded as
very peculiar that his heirs have never
attempted to settle the accounts of the
deec z tiaounu
Hetty < < Green 03 a Belle
While credit must be given Mrs Het
ty Green for wonderful shrewdness and
business sagacity in building up her
foitnne it must not be forgotten that
she had a good start When her father
died he left her 9000000 to fight the
battle of life with It was more money
in those days than it is now He was an
old whaler and shipping merchant of
New Bedford named Edward Mott Rob
inson He married a Miss Howland
and the full name of Mrs Betty Green
is Harriet Howland Robinson Green
S6e was her fathers private secretary
for four or five years before his death
and in this way she acquired a knowl
edge of business matters Old Robinson
was frugal and economical to extremes
and among the lessons early impressed
upon the daughters mind were econ
omy and simplicity in daily life and
the value and virtue of money
Before the war began Mrs Green at
that time Miss Hetty Robinson the
heiress spent several winters in New
York and was almost a belle in society
She had considerable beauty of a robust
sort and her family and fortune were
certainly irreproachable
She lived for a time in a boarding
house on West Twentysecond street
and when she went to parties would
walk from there It is related that
rather than pay cab fare she used to
pull a pair of heavy stockings over her
stout shoes and tramp through the snow
to a reception or ball pulling the stock
ings off when she arrived and spreading
them out somewhere to dIyNew
York World
Alarming Symptoms
A patient who was very ill and under
the treatment of his medical adviser
was a strong temperance advocate and
a total abstainer His physician pre
scribed stimulants which on general
principles the patient refused to take
on the ground that the example would
be very injurious to his servants and
his attendants
The physician said My dear sir
you must take the stimulants You can
ask the servants to bring you warm wa
ter to your room for shaving You can
have the other II
ave there
I The patient did so Next morning
when the doctor called and inquired
about his patient the servant said Oh
doctor I am so glad you have cornel I
am afraid the patient is going ont of
his mind He keeps calling for warm
water for shaving Boston Herald
2njp ratorid3 originally a title of
honor bestowed on a victorious general
After the downfall of the republic It
became the title of the supreme ruler
and had the sense of our word emperor
1 h
q 1 1 J 1y1
m t s
Brings comfort and improvement ana
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used The many who live be
ter than others and enjoy life more with
less expenditure by more promptly
adapting the worlds best products tr
the needs of physical being will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy Syrup of Figs
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative effectually cleansing the system
dispelling colds headaches and fever
and permanently curing constipation
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession because it acts on the Kid
neys Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug
gists in 50c at Si bottles but it is man
ufactured by i i 3 California Fig Syrup
Co only whose name is printed on every
package also the name Syrup of Fig
and being well informed you will nol
accept any substitute if offered
M No Mistake t K This i Ye I
Start right at once to deal only with
The Mighty Power of low prices on
GOOD GOODS the force that
moves trade at
= = 0
The out go tax is the thing to be
looked after rather than the
income tax Watch the
out go carefully and the
income will take
care of itself
Buy your Groceries of
Farmers see ZEggertsert about
your Potatoes he is rustling a
Market and the Highest Prices
Come and see us
109 W 2nd South Salt Lake City
RBal HstalB InVB81mBn1
Eight Room pressed bricK Modern House excellent lo
cation 4500 will take land near Provo for 2000 balance
long time
Seven Room pressed brick house 3500 will take 1500
worth of Provo land with or without water right balance to
East Waterloo lots 5275 per lot Southeast part of the
City the choice location cement walks to car line Shade
trees etc
We Have the Largest and Most Approved Line of
Justices of the Peace Attorneys and all Others Requiring
Blanks will Find it to Their
Advantage to Order from us
Complete Assortment of
Ceo S Tavlor Manager
Bargains BARGAIN AT Barain I
Until January 151894 at which time our annual stocktaking begins Call at once Remember the stand 38j Centre St

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