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Evidence ill the HalletSniitl h
Murder Case
father of Deceasedand Others TheState
ment by the Prosecution Represents
Smith aa Doing a Most Cowardly and
Gold Blooded Murder
The jury which is to determine as to
the guilt or innocence of C H Hallet
and J AV Smith accused of killing in
I cold blood Royal Grant at Westwater
on February 25th last is composed of
the following named men
George Peery
B Barnett
A Paxton
J Rogers
C Nielsen
S W Watson
W H Boyle
L L Coray
S W Woraley
W S Dithers
John Daniels
Samuel Saunderson
The witnesses for both sides of the
case are excluded from the courtroom
during the progress of the case Ac
cording to the statement of the case as
made by Judge Judd the prosecution
will introduce evidence to prove that
just before the fatal encounter G D
Grant and his sons Frank and Royal
were living at Westwater near Grand
River That Hallet kept a boarding
house at the station that Smith was a
stranger in the vicinity living with
him The H Box X stock company
had built some fences and corrals for
their convenience near the station A
house they bad used was about two
miles south of Grants and about the
same distance from the railroad On
January 12th a man named Wells sold
these shanties and fences to Frank
Grant Hallet claimed the improve
ments and had put some of bis goods
in the house Hallet was mad be
eR use of the sale and made some ugh
throats against the Grants On Feb
ruary 25ih the Grants went to snake
logs they had cut preparatory to the
erection of a building The old man
vraa driving the team Frank and
Royal were walking behind They ob
served Hallet and his son with their
guns on the run Hallett pulled his
gun on the old man and the
boy went around the house
Royal said Take down your
gun and lets talk it over and in
stantly thereafter a shot came from the
direction of the house which shot
killed Royal Grant That shot came
from a gun in the hands of J W
Smith Old man Grant said to Hallet
Youll suffer for this Suffer for
what replied Hallett I havent
shot and he laughed a loud guffaw
over what had been done
father of deceased was first witness
With tears in his eyes and a trembling
voice hf told of the killing as related
above first giving a description of his
premises and telling of the purchase of
an interest in the Bar X ranch by his
son Frank Told of getting a gun at
Captain Davis place before going to
work that Sunday for the purpose ol
killing rabbits After the killing Hal
let followed him and his son some dis
tance with his gun drawn The old
man saw Smith fire from the corner oi
the house He did not anticipate
trouble that day The deceaseds coat
and vest were identified and offered a >
Cross examination by Houtz Hal
let had put some boxes water pipes
and some other things in the house i he
appeared to be stopping there but was
taking his meals at Davis never saw
Hallet dOing any w > rk there Aftei
the shooting I heard he was attempting
to take up a homesteaJ a year ago
last September Hallet came tfj the
place but he has made no improve
ments heard of one notice that bad i
been put up in a ditch but it was not J
on the land in question I was undeI
the impression that II illet was in p i
session of the land wnen i wt nt ove
it Witness confessed to having a
Winchester rifle and revolver at home
Royal owned na firearms the reason
for getting Captain Davis gun was be
Easily Quickly
Permanently Restored
sad all tbe train of evils
from early errors or late
excesses the result of
overwork sickness
tvorrretc Fl strength
derelopmcnt and tone
given to cry organ and
portion of the body
simple natnralmetbods
l eeen Failure Impossible
2000 references Book
explanation and proofs
mailed sealed tree
cause he had no cartridges Frank
usually carried his revolver with cim
I Had you heard any threats against
you it you came there
You beard Hallet intended to
keep you off
l Yes
And still you droye right up
Didnt Hallet command you in the
name of the law to leave his land
Not that I heard he only told us to
I go back
Mr lout took the coat which Royal
wore pointed out two holes on the left
I sleeve and asked the witness if he had
ever seen those bullet boles before i
I i i i Witness said he had not anddid not
believe they were there at the time of
the shooting
Dont you know Hallet is a cripple
and cannot runH
No sir I saw him run
D Grant was recalled for further cross
I examination and Frank Grant brother
ot deceased was next placed upon the
stand He corroborated his lathers
testimony as to the particulars of the
shooting He produced a bill of sale for
the improvements on the Bar X ranch
He went on the land first on January
15th Testified to having guns and I
pistols the day of the shooting They
borrowed the rifle from Captain
In crossexamination Frank said he
always carries a pistol that a person
needs a gun in Westwater That he
thought Hallets claim to the ranch
was not a good oneand as the improve
ments belonged to witness he deter
mined to pro on the ranch and take pos
session Hallet had told him he would
get hurt if he went down He snapped
His gun at Hallet
M Mercer testified to having heard
Hallet say before the shooting in the I
presence ot Smith that the sun would
not shine on that whiteeyed s of a
b I G ant meaning Frank lone
Frank D Darrow who purchased the
Captain Davis ranch testified that on I
one day in February when he had I
Roy Grant working for him on a piece
of the disputed ground Hallet told him
that it those fellows meaning the
Grants wanted war he would give it
to them to the bitter end Witness
ma seen a notice on the premiss
warning trespassers not to come on the
Pat Shea had heard Hallet say if
either of the Grants come in this house
Ill kill them Witness is a cow I
puncher for Capain Davis
A Bullet Passed Through a St Louis Man
liraln and Yet Ho Recovered
Emil Witzky after occupying a cot
at the City hospital for over two months
with a bullet in his brain is now walk
ing about nearly as well as any one and
will be discharged a cured man iti the
nurse of a few days
Witzkya case is one of the most re
markable that ever came under the no
tice of St Louis surgeons It is much
stranger than that of the man Tesson
who attempted to commit suicide in
Forest parka year ago Tesson lingered
between life and death about a month
but finally died from the effects of the
bullet which lodged in the center of
his head Tesson never got up from his
bed after sending the leaden pellet into
his brain and for that matter was un
counscious nearly all the time Wit ky
is as rational as any man walking the
streets He shot himself over the left
eye after having trouble with his wife
and motherinlaw
From tho paralysis it caused in his
right leg Dr Marks decided that the
ball lodged in the back of his head on
he left side The jagged hole in the
forehead finally healed over and after
remaining in half dead state for near
ly a week Witzky came to He was noi
able to move for fully a month on account
count of the paralysis No sensation
was in the right leg whatever Needles
could be thrust into it or it could be
pinched or burned without his feeling
the pain Three or four weeks ago the
paralysis began to disappear It was
thought strange indeed by Dr Marks
and the other pnysicinne for the bullet
bad not been removed and no reason
was apparent for the deadness to disappear
appear Yet go away it did and since
that time his recovery has been steady
as clockwork How that 88 caliber bul
let plunged through six cr eight inches
of his brain and remained resting among
the tissues without causing instant death
or perpetual idiocy passes the compre
hension every scientific man who hat
heard of his caseSt Louis Glow
BlMf red
When Thomas B Reed was n boy BC
8 stcy goes he used to put on a big
apron and help his mother with the
housework which afforded much atnujfc
ment to tho other urchins of Portland
who were fond cf calling him sissy
One day he was churning while the
boys stood about guying him Ho finished
ished the job and then took off his aprcp
and thrashed half a dozen of theft
That was the last heard of sissy
I Lewiston Me Journal
Hoods Sarsaparilla is the best
most reliable and accompishes the
greatest cures HOODS CURES
And One Hundred and Thirty
Are Giyen Employment
Operating Expenses Are Otherwise Cut
The Mills Were Only Shut Down for
One WeekAre Now Running on New
Styles of Goods
After a rest of one week the machin
ery of the Provo Woolen mills is again
in motion This morning at8 oclock the
ears of Provta residents were greeted
with the pleasant sound of the factory
whistle and the hurrying to work of
the one hundred and thirty odd em
ployes was indeed a gratifying eight
The board of directors when they
meet on March 27th and determined to
close down left the matter of starting
up again entirely in the hands of the
executive committee of that body with
Instructions to thoroughly overhaul all
departments and ascertain whether or
no operating expenses could be cut suf
ficently to warrant the starting up of
the mills This committee has done its
work well Its report was presented
to the board of directors and accepted
and in consequence the factory started
up this morning
The wages of the employes haye not
been shaved except those of a half
dozen or so of those who were highest
It all depends now upon the em
ployes whether the mills continue to
run They haye been put to work on
the old basis and so long as they ac
cept the terms and conditions and re
main at work the factory will continue
to manufacture cloth They are working
now on some new styles of cassimpres
and the management proposes to use
every effort to make the goods of better
quality and keep abreast of the times
with styles etc so that the goods will
sell to the best possible advantage
Dr Prices Cream Baking Powder I
Worlds Fair Highest Medal end Diploma
What a Woodpllo Indicates
What a satisfaction it is to see a gon
erous whole souled woodpile It gives
one a better opinion of the world and
brings up a rich flood of memories and
associations One has no need to be
told that the owner is the father of half
a dozen boys and girls and that the
neighbors like to gather under his roof
daring tho long winter evenings when
the snow and wind outside but empha
size the warmth and cheer within
One has no need to call on the imag
ination to see the great pile of extra
logs in the corner waiting their turn
at the fiery carnival dancing and glow
ing in the fireplace or the half circle
of merry story tellers gathered about the
hearth eating Apples and cracking nuts
and exchanging experiences of farming
and hunting with each other
What an open large hearted hospital
ity such profusion of wood suggests It
never occurs to one that the owner may
be niggardly or churlish Such a pile
of wood can only belong to a man
whose heart is large enough to take in
the whole neighborhood
But what a contrast is the woodpile
across the waya 1 few sticks that even
tho house dog refuses to sleep behind
No wonder the boys are thin and sick
ly and the girls weak and discontented
One can scarcely imagine a smile or a
bit of laughter or fl jest passing through
a door that overlooks such a pieDon
ahoes Magazine
Parks Con h Syrup
Has been so highly recommended to
us that we have taken the agency for it
and now ask our friends who are suffer
ing with a cold to give it a trial and if
it does not give satisfaction your money
will be refunded Every bottleis sold
> n a positive guarantee Price 50 cents
end 100 Sold bv Smoot Drug Co
When Apparently Freezing
Do not take a person severely chilled
or apparently frozen into a warm room
to be treated The first thing to do if
the condition 7eqnires it is i to attempt
artificial respiration as in drowning
Rub the limbs very gently with snow
or cloths wrung out of cold water until
good circulation is established Give
stimulants small quantities at a time
as soon as the patient can swallow
When fully restored warm the room
very gradually cover the patient with
warm blankets and give beef tea pr hot
milk For tho treatment of frozet
hands feet or any portion pf the body
the same principles apply Rub slowiy
and very gently with snow or cloths
wrung ont of cold water while the
numbness lasts Then if tho caso is se I
vere enough to require further treat
ment consult a physician New York
Or Prices Cream Baking Powder
Worlds Fair Highest Award
Highest of all in Leavening PowerLatest U S Govt Report
po Bakiig
1d Powder
Reason to Believe That Wo Will Have to
Guard Against the Plat ie This Year
For over two years the Asiatic cholera
has been epidemic in western Russia
but as we have had reports of the sub
sidence of its ravages during the win
ter months there was hope that there
might not be a recurrence this spring of
the unhappy experiences of that season
in 1892 and 1393 We regret that the
dispatches at hand ore unfavorable
There have been violent outbreaks of
the disease during the past week at a
number of the populous centers of the
western provinces one of the most vio
lent of them as far west as the city of
Warsaw and from that place both Ger
many and Austria are again directly
There is reason therefore to fear
that New York will have to be on the
guard for yet another year and that
there will be need for the utmost vigi
lance on tho part of the officers of our
quarantine service We do not doubt
the ability of these onacers to maintain
the safety of the city
It is to be hoped that the European
governments represented in the interna
tional sanitary commission which has
held a conference in Paris will provide
for the prompt execution of those de
fensive measures which have met with
the approval of the delegates This au
thoritative commission was organized
for the express purpose of preparing an
anticholera programme acceptable to tho
leading powers of the world and it will
be a public shame ir the recommenda
tions jt has made tbra year shall be neg
lected as were those made at its session
of last yearNew York Sun
A Novel Case In an Oregon Court In Which
a Lady Offers to Show Her Feet
Spectators in Justice Woods court
yesterday morning enjoyed an hour of
comedy in which H D Carmine and
wife and Mrs Luella Runyon were the
principal actora
Cnrmine was on trial on charges of
assaulting Mrs Runyon and tearing
and destroying a cape belonging to her
The complaining witness testified that
she was a chiropodist and that she had
contracted with Mrs Carmine who is
a dressmaker for some dresses and a
cape agreeing to tender her professional
services in return When the dresses
etc were completed Mrs Runyon
called for them but found that Mrs
Carmine didnt need her services but
wanted her money Carmine interfered
jn the trouble which followed and man
pged to tear the gape and get himself
mixed up with the justices court
When Carmine was placed on the
sfand and had told his version of the
affair he was asked if his wife waif
troubled with corns or bunions The
attorneys for the defense excitedly ob
jected to this and had a wordy war with
Deputy District Attorney Malarkoy
which resulted in a victory for the de
fense the court holding that a husband
was not supposed to tell all he knew in
regard to bis wife
When Mrs Carmipe took the stand
however the objection no longer held
and she was compelled to admit that
she had a small corn which never
troubled her In the discussion of
corns and bunions which followed Mrs
Runyon demanded that Mrs Carmine
allow the court to examine her feet and
Mrs Carmine won the day by spirited
ly replying that she was willing to do
BO if the court thought it necessary
Carmine was discharged from CUll
todyPortland Oregonian
We Killed a Bear
Rev J W Bradshaw of the Congre
gationalist church of Ann Arbor Mich
preached a sermon against woman suf
frage on a recent Sunday morning being
greatly concerned lest the bad women
should outvote the good women The
Ann Arbor Democrat reviews the ser
mon and calls attention to the fact that
there are so few bad women compara
tively speaking that as a class they nev
er attempt to assert themselves in any
place of civil government whatever
The Pemocrat says that Mr Bradshawa
sermon carried little conviction and pro
ceeds to console him in this fashion
Be sure women will vote the con
servatives to tho contrary notwithstand
ing and when that day comes bad men
and women will largely become a factor
of forgotten history while the present
opponents of the cause will grasp tho
hand of the pioneer and proudly ex
claim We killed a bear didnt we Peg
fry II j
Klralfys Projected London Amusvmen
ParK Will Coat a Million I
Imre Kiralfy is at tho head of a com I
pany of English capitalists which pro
poses to take a long lease of Earls
court in the west end of London and
build one of the greatest amusement
parks in the world The plan for the
enterprise is outlined by Charles B At
wood the Chicago architect who de
signed tho Art building and other struc
tures of the fair He has juit returned
from London where he has been as
sisting Mr Kiralfy It is proposed to
produce a replica of the Court of Honor
as it appeared at tho Worlds fair The
reproduction is to be exact and on a
scale of onethird The lagoon the Mac
Monnies and electrical fountains the
peristyle and the facades of all the
buildings bounding the court will ap
Arrangments will bo made to re
produce all tho grand electric light ef
fects on fete nights Other features of
the amusement park will be a Ferris
wheel 50 feet larger in diameter than
the one at Jackson park a theater ca
pable of seating 10000 people in which
will be produced America and a
large hippodrome such as are conduct
ed in Paris Over 1000000 will be
expended in the work of construction
Chicago Journal
grievance of the Paris Walters Which IS
Considered Just Grounds For a Strike
There is much dissatisfaction among
Parisian waiters and a general strike
among them has been spoken of It is
estimated by their trade society that
there are 40000 of them out of work
I and the men contend that the masters
I take advantage of this to cut down
their earnings Practically fixed wages
are unknown The men pay so much to
the masters in proportion to tho busi
ness they do Thus in great cafes on
the boulevards they have to pay at the
cash desk the full selling price of what
ever they serveplna 5 per cont In Borne
cases it is said the rate has been In
creased of late to aM and even TM per
cent Of course this percentage repre
sents a portion of their gratuities which
they have to give up
In Paris the general rule is for cus
tomers to give tips at the rate of a
halfpenny for every 10 pence expended
This is at the rate of 5 per cent which
would show a loss to the waiter of 2M
per cent on tho larger percentage In
practice however the tips are higher
as no one gives less than a penny how
ever small the purchase and some cus
I tomers of course give more than the
recocnized minimumLondon News
Brings comfort and improvement ana
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used The many who live be
ter than others and enjoy life more with
less expenditure by more promptly
adapting the worlds best products to
the needs of physical being will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy Syrup Qf Figs
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative effectually cleansing the system
dispelling colds headaches and fever
and permanently curing constipation
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met vith the approval of the medical
profession because it acts on the Kid
neys Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug
gists in 50c and 1 bottles but it is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co only whose name is printed on ever j
package also the name Syrup of Fig
and being well informed you will no
accept any substitute if offered
IM No Mistake t K T1118 i Ye I
Start right at once to deal only with
The Mighty Power of low prices on
GOOD GOODSis the force that
moves trade at
The out go tax is the thing to be
looked after rather than the
income tax Watch the
out go carefully and the
income will take
care of itself
Buy your Groceries of
Farmers see ZEDggertserL about
your Potatoes he is rustling a
Market and the Highest Prices
Come and see us
109 W 2nd South Salt Lake City
RBal RslalB InVBslmBn1
Eight Room pressed bricK Modern House excellent lo
cation 4500 will take land near Provo for 2000 balance
long time
Seven Room pressed brick house 3500 will take 1500
worth of Provo land with or without water right balance to
East Waterloo lots 275 per lot Southeast part of the
City the choice location cement walks to car line Shade
trees etc
We Have the Largest and Most Approved Line o
Justices of the Peace Attorneys and all Others Requiring
Blanks will Find it to Their
Advantage to Order from us
Complete Assortment of
Ceo S Tavlor Manager
Iuu UI11 S S S 5 1 AT uuuIIu
1Jntil r uary 15 1894 at which time our annual stocktaking begins Call at once Remember the stand 28JCentre St j
0 t
S55 S
5 5 L 5

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