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UDlven1ty of Vlb
11meuI0 utice
Will commence on the 16th inst and run for four days
Our frieuds who are accustomed to this and look forward to
it will not be disappointed
16th 17th 18th 19th
We Commend
HomemMade Goods
Which are Kept by us in Every Depart
Please e Inquire Wen Toil o Want t to Bily M
Werative Institution
The Utah Statehood Bill On
The Calendar
it 11 Likely That the Admission Will
Take Place in 1895 Faulkner Says The
Bill Will be Voted on as Soon as The
Tariff Bill is Out of the Way
Herald Special
ator Faulkner today reported the Utah
statehood bill and the measure has
therefore gotten a favorable position
on the senate calendar
He says tie bill will be pressed to a
vote as soon as the tariff bill is out of
the way From talk heard among re
publicans other than those of radical
views the tariff bill ought to pass early
m June and go to the conference com
Tne senate committee adopted the
house report on the Utah bill
Senator Faulkner says he has main
tained right along that at the proper
time the etateh od bill would be re
ported this eetsion and he now asserts
posilively that it will be passed beft re
it closes Could he have had his way
the tine for actual admission would
have been sooner but he had to con
ciliate some senators who the ught the
dates provided will hebelter anu insure
quicker action
It is quite probable an effort will tp
made to change the dates when thi I ill
is taken up
Friends i f Utah think it could euIy
be arraEed to have the admission t ke
place next year instead of the year
alter There is general satisfaction
however that the committee has re
torted the bill at all Its opponents
tried their best to prevent any action
this session
Victorias Shortbread
There is an old woman up at Perth
in Scotland who communicates with
Queen Victoria every day in the year
Her majesty is fond of most things
Scotch among others shortbread Now
for some reason or other shortbread can
not be made in Eulgaud as should be
But a few years ago her majesty discov
ered at Perth an old woman who could
make it as no one else even in Scotland
could make it since which time the
same aged dame has every day baked
with her own hands a cake of short
bread pafTcjd it herself and dispatched
it to the queen Philadelphia Ledger
Dc Prices Cream Baking Powdef
WorWe f sir Highest award
Kindergarten Exercises
The closing exercises of the Kinder
garten Training school will be held at
the B y academy Tuesday May 22ml
at 10 a m All are cordially invited
to attend
Music Orchestra
ChorusUp to Me Sweet Child
hood Looketh Training School
EssayPlay Jane Hallantyne
Plays Kindergarten children
Essay The Kindergarten as a
Training for Mothers Minnie Fair
Music Orchestra
saySequence of Gifts and Oc
cupations in the Kindergarten Ettic
SoloVenice Pike
EsayThe Connection Between
the Kindergarten and School H len l
Address Professor Cluff
Choru8Come Let us Live With
Our Children Training Class
n a cure What U has done for
jthers it will do for you Be sure to
I get Hoods Sarsaparilla
For This Friday Evening May 18 1894
At the Brigham Young Academy
Piano SoloMiss Freda Barnum
Piano Duet Misses Austin and Snell
Sentiment Dr M H Hardy
Song Miss Emma Bird
TalkProf G H Brimhall
Piano Solo Miss Eva Maeser
AddressProf B Cluff Jr
Seme Mies Lillian Spencer
Speech Vice Presideut WE Rydalch
SentimentProf J B Keeler
Piano Solo MISS Rose Young
Public invited
Dr Prices Cream Baking Powder
Moat Perfect Made
I By their bitter attacks on the Baun
I scheidt treatment practiced in Provo
by Mr Fr Raile special Baunscheid
ist tne phjsicians have been com
pelled to place themselves in a curious
position but as the matter has emen
ated from a layman x nonprofessional
man they oppose it openly and priv
ately dissuading their patients from its
use Hut the public feeling no rivalry
and daily testing its efficiency its use
is rapidly increasing among the intelli
I gent people of this community who
I have learned to distinguish between
i the good and the evil in medicine as in
1 most other things and any physician
j who against a fuller knowledge at
I tempts to deny the goof resulrs of this
new mode of treatment thereby fur
felts the confidence of his more inblli
I gent patients u the detriment of hs
pecuniary interests This system of
the treatment of disease is new only in
I Mr F Raile of this city is fully pre
pared to apply the treatment to the
cure of Rheumatism all kinds of heart
i j troubles urinal complaints too much
or too little urine and if he does not
cure you he will ask no pavOlly
I heart failure ia incurable I
What the Court and Law
yers are Doing
And Its PersonelThe Provo Stars Do
Shine Newsy Notes and Personals
Hendersons Rhubarb Pie Turns Out
To be Made of Grapes
XKPHI Utah May 18th 1894fCor
respondence DISPATCH Young Chi
cago has been assuming metropolitan
airs during the past week The session
of the district court has brought many
strangers within her doors and the
good people of the town have done all
in their power to nake their guests
welcome and at home
Messrs Shimmin and Wing have
fitted up the old Foote Hotel and
are now inviting their friends to pay
the Hotel Windsor a vi sit while
gjod natured Mr Goldsborough still
receives the sojourning strangers at his
homelike residence
Mr Goddard of the Co urier possesses
aspirations aside from newspaper fame
and glory and at present he is posing
as the Patron saint of the dramatic
art announcing both publicly and
privately that he will furnish t nightly
erfo > mancts during this fesaiou of
court True I would not have the
readers of THE DISPATCH think that
Mr G the editor is doing all this
simply for philanthropic purposes and
humanitarian motives for I dont can
didly believe he is His appearance
dent in jicute it and besides rajney is
a wonderful factor these days in the
affairs of men and nations
In his theatrical movements Provo
plays no small part for there is
tnat Appy Hinglish Tom Osboru
with his genial countenance and bow
legs making a good officer in the
li + dy of Lyons and a successful
Sketch Artist in Lynwood with
pleasant Chas Olson looking fierce and
terrible in his villainous character and
melodious Fred charming the peo
ple by telling them that God wont
love them it they dont be good Miss
Clomiuia Pratt the talented young
actress of Salt Lake is winning new
laurels and adding mush to the success
of the Venture and by her side
stands Will Hyde with his fi ie oice
g iCciui uiuvcLueuiH merer nuiiiug un >
eh nicies expTes unless face MiEI
P arl Et i rut Spring ille is well re
Cdived as are many others of the com
pany t
In court matters the grand jury re
fuses to go to work until 10 oclock a
m and insists on closing promptly at
12 m and manages to put in about two
hours in the afternoon In fact it is
said the good members from Nephi
consider it outrageous to think that
hey should be expected to work tor
Uncle Sam more than four hours
per day and especially when court is
only to convene in Nephi until the 2nd
day of June That is to say
the work should last as long as possi
ble in order to keep the town full
This much credit howeyer is due
t h it h 1 th a r e tvo r kin
them kUOb WllllO KUCJ 01D t Ul < XIUg
they accomplish something In three
days about 10 indictments were re
turned and two cases ignored i
Yesterday some of the Provo and
Utah county officials were down tel
ling them how Carter and his aids
stole a train and how many of the
supposed good citnens assisted them
to keep possession of it
The trial of cases commenced in
earnest yesterday but indications are
that the judge will keep the boys engaged
gaged during the balance of the term
Quite a number of the members of
the Provo bar havu been present dur
lag the week
Ju ge Howatt and JT Richards are
resent attending to the criminal busi
ness and Judge Henderson came down
from Salt Lake long enough to get the
Captain Davis homicide case continued
much to the disgust of the ephi i peo
ple nnd to relish the rhubarb pie at
the Windsor whichafter consuming two
or three pieces he found it to be grape
pie That is I have Mr Whitecot
tons word for it
Judge J J Knight and W H King
stopped off last evening on their way
up from Beaver
Wool is coming into Nephi by
wagon and train loads from the surrounding
rounding country
Mr and Mrs Judpe Smith find home
like accommodations ap the residence
of Mr Forest
A host of witnesses are in town
The Enquirer libel case is attracting
in advance considerable attention
And further the pencil moveth not
The poet writes of the music of the
woodland depths but he omitted to say
that it is the pine tree that gives the
pitchLowell Courier
Easily Quickly
Permanently tUftOTGJ
and all the train of owns
v Irom early errors or late
excesses 1 the results of
overwork sickness
worryctc Fullstrenrth
development and tone
given to every organ and
portion ot the body
simple naturalmcthods
ImmedlatolmproToment seen Failure Impossible
2000 references Book
malice a and proofs
moiled Billed tree
lff ft y
Highest of all in Leavening PowerLatest U S Govt Report
p DYal Bakins
Cl r Powder
G t ILW1 L tu fE
Gentlemanly Bide the Tins Driver VTia
Defended the Fair Sex
Gentlemanly Dick he was called
and the speaker took his pipe out of his
mouth and glanced around the waiting
room where he and two comrades were
sitting watching for the night express
with the hopo of getting a few passen
gers for the hotels They were all bus
drivers young and hearty looking fol
Yes mused one of the men 11
know who he is I seen him one day not
long since Ho had just rescued a poor
croppy looldii dog from the boys and
said he was goin to take it home to his
gals What was the reason of his bein
called Gentlemanly Dick
Didnt you never know asked the
first speaker
I Nope Lets hear about it Ive had
some curiosity to know and the other
two men lit their pipes tfresh and set
tled themselves comfortably in expecta
tion of the forthcoming interesting nar
Well you see ho uster drive for
the Brown House Drove their best bus
for eight years and he allus tipped his
hat to the passengers Some of them he
seen so often he got to know em and
theyd say some pleasant thing now and
then to make a feller feel good One
night him and me wos settin round this
here stove and there wos four fclleri
come in They sat down in that there
corner and the speaker jerked his
thumb toward the spot indicated and
begun to talk I wos settin here smokin
and Dick wos smokin too Ho wasnt
sayin much but seemed to be doin some
deep thinkin Every little while ho
would run his fingers through his thin
gray hair
All of a sudden one of them fellerr
let out a string of oaths as long as my
arm And the speaker held out a good
brawny specimen for illustration
Dick didnt say nothin but he
looked up sudden and scowled then he
puffed away on his pipe again Finally
one of them made a remark Well it
was pretty sweepin Twas about wom
en in general and there wasnt no get
tin round it It mado me hot Well sir
Dick got right up and walked over to
hem r
Ty Fez Ivn vo 1 fl A
years and in the same space of time
Iyo never heard so much profanity vile
talk and slander as Ive heard from you
fellows tonight in 20 minutes Then
ho went on I had a mother and a wife J
God bless em and Ive got one sister
till livin though I haint seen her for
years and it makes me shiver in my
boots to hear the way you speak You
are all good lookin chaps and seem well
dressed and respectable For the sake of
your mothers sweethearts or wives quit
talking such wickedness I dont mean
to be harsh I only speak with the prix
ilege which comes of old age
Them fellers sir if youll believe
me 1 eeC t still and never spoke l all the
wane that vies was aiaium Finally
one feller who knew Dick the biggest
one in the crowd said in a hearty way
Thanks old fellow I say boys three
cheers for Gentlemanly Dick And they
were given with a hearty will Then
ono after another got up and sneaked
out in the night Hello here comes
the express Hope shes loaded for this
hero town And the men all left The
little waiting room which had served as
a lecture room was vacantChicago
Why Chinamen Change Signs I
A Washington street Chinaman I
banged his sign the other day name
find all One of his customers after the
sign had been changed stopped in to II
= IT jionT ChiHuinsii bad taken r c2
session ot the place fie lonuci the same
laundryman as had been there for a
good many months
I What did you change tho name on
your sign for was asked of him
Oh that nothin Only sign name
Thats all
Why dont you put your own name
on the sign
Oh seo if I Sellee place cant sellee
sign See Any name good sign Thats
He then explained that it was a com
mon practice among Chinamen to change
their signs frequently and that by so
doing they believed that it encouraged
trade and thus reimbursed them for the
expenditure in red paint and unpro
nounceable characters Buffalo Ex
In 1800 the girdle makers trade was
an important industry in every part of
Europe Girdles were the fashion for
ladies of rank whose position was
shown by the girdle This article was of
leather adorned with gold or precious
stones and was often 12 inches wide
The Red sea is supposed by some to
have derived its name from the large
quantities of red coral and pink colored
fuel which it yields but the name is
with more probability derived from the
ancient Iclumjea sea of EdomEdom
signifying red
Tho age of whales is ascertained by
the size and number of laminae of the
whalebone which increase yearly Ages
of 300 and 400 years have been assigned
to whales from these indications
In China the name Chang is pro
nounced Jong with the long sound
on the o This may account for the
nickname John as applied to China
Brings comfort and improvement ana
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used The many who live be
tel than others and enjoy life more with
less expenditure Iy more promptly
adapting the wouo J best products to
the needs of physical being will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy Syrup of Figs
l Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative effectually cleansing the system
dispelling colds headaches and fevers
ana permanently curing constipation
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met vith the approval of the medical
profession because it acts on the Kid
neys Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug
gists in 50c and 1 bottles but it is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co only whose name is printed on every
package also the name Syrup of Figs >
and being well informed you will not
sprint AUV nnh t5tiiw H oflwrixL
ROB ROY No 1339
First Prize winner at the American Horse Show at Chicano in 1889 Rob
Roy is un imported Stallion registered in the English and l merican Hackney
Stud BOOKS He is of a beautiful chestnut color and has gre t style speed and
action is sixteen hands high A model coach animal in every respect
Service Fee for Season 51500t Single Service 1000
SAXON 2nd 1111 > 3939
Was imported to America in 1890 Registered in England and America
He is a beautiful Hacknev colt four years old bay with dark markings full oi f
life and fire kind and obedient a magnificent driving or riding animal with all 1
the grace and stately carriage that come from good breeding
Service Fee for Season 1000 Single Service 500
Pedigrees and Prize Winning Certificates can be seen upon application The
above terms for this class of stock are low If preferable to cus
tomers I will take instead of money Hay Grain or Scrip
at market prices delivered at farm
The Hackneys are beyond a question the best carriage horses now on the
market and also command the highest pres They are essentially farmers
horses for when they cannot be sold tor coach animals they can be used as
general purpose horses on a farm i their combined good dispositions with their
great strength endurance and action peculiarly fitting them for both purposes
Their heads are neat their ears small they have good full eyes with plenty ol f
room between them neck fine and nicely arched their shoulders flat and clean
very deep running almost in the middle of the back bone flat and extremely
hard legs short and well set under i backs short and very level grand quarters t
well rounded tail set on in proper place and carried elevated They pick up
their feet sharply with snap and action
Single Comb Brown Leghorns and White Wyandotte ChickenE
From the best Breeding Hens in the east Eggs for hatching for either or both
varitiea 200 per 13 375 per 26 500 per 39
H E CARY The Ell sort i Fruit Farm
Six wild north of Proyo near the mouth of Frgvo can on Address mail to Prove
Trade with Eggertsen
Are you ready for the question
Demanded the presiding officer of
a Womans club Yes yelled
the unmarried members
then tell him you
trade at
And youll hear it pop responded a
pretty matron in the front row
faUing in Love
Remarks an English Journal is a
lost art but it neednt be If
you look at the Dress Goods at
Eggertsens you will fall in Love
with them or with the Women
who are adorned with them
Cheao notoriety provesto be an exoensive
luxury to those who following flaring
announcements and do not remember
Last all the while
Trade with EggoftsoJn
109 W 2nd South Salt Lake City
RBal Estate InVB81m8nl 1
Eight Room pressed briar IVlodern House excellent lo
cation 4500 will take land near Provo for 2000 balance
long time
Seven Room pressed brick house 3500 will take 1500
worth of Provo land with or without water right balance to
East Waterloo lots 275 per lot Southeast part of the
City the choice location cement walks to car line Shade
trees etc
We are in the Market for
ii 1rIRl l ic VE II WhIBI li
Of all Kinds the Earliest possible to Purchase
All Country Produce Handled
Consignments Solicited o
Our aim is to Supply a Prompt Cash Market for all Sorts
of Produce
FreshCOKNER Pitre prhgsJi
Pure Drugs Chemicals Proprietory Medicines Toilet Articles
Fancy Goods Etc Etc Etc
We have the largest stock of old and strictly pure LIQUORS
old Hermitage heads the procession
Prescriptions a Specialty Compounded day or night
a S Hines
H tlK

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