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Wholesale brOCerS
The Merchants of Southern Utah
Especially those of Utah Co will find it to
their Advantage to Trade with
The Chinese Seem to be Get
ting Worsted Badly
To the GnmafcJne The ABBaugin Looks
Upon Death asa Martyrdom Oouragro
ComradesVive L An archie His dry BB
ie Leaves the Court Boom
WASHINGTON Aug 3An official
telegram from Tokio received tonight
states that on the 28th of July a por
tion of the Japanese troops at Seoul
marched against a much superior force
of Chinese intrenched at Shan Ytng
A battle ensued and after heavy fight
ing the Chinese were put completely
to rout and a large number of prison
ers and munitions of war were cap
tured by the Japanese
On the morning ot the 30th the Jap
anese proceeded to march against Ga
san Shan Yen is situated between Seoul
and Gasanprovince of Asan where the
fight between the Chinese and Japan
ese resulting in the loss of 2000 Jap
anese is reported to have occurred
It is the opinion of the legation of
ficers here that the reports from Chin
ese sources containing rumors of the
defeat of the japanse at Gasan are
probably gross exaggerations though
no dispatches referring to a light at
the latter place have yet been re
LONDON Aug 3A dispatch to the
Times from Tien Tsin dated Ang 2
1145 a m saps
The preamble of an imperial edict
4u l 1 issued recites phi > lW8 claims in
Corea its hundreds of years suzerainty
of that country and the constant
assistance it has rendered the vassal
king to subdue rebellions
China it continues recently sent
forces to Corea with this object Ja
n without right also sent troops
and refused to withdraw them She
has further sunk a transport carrying
Chinese soldiers and her action has
been condemned by other powers
The emperor places all the military
authorities under Viceroy Li Hung
Chang who will protect the rights of
the empire He also orders the cap
ture and destruction of Japan ships
wherever found
It is probable that a copy of the
edict will ba communicated to the rep
resentatives of foreign powers today
lieved here that the United States
steamship Charleston now ingin the
stream off Mare Island navy yard
fully equipped for sea is soon to sail
for the scenes of trouble in Asiatic
JJKKLIN Aug 3A dispatch from a i
German official source at Tien Tsin
says the German gunboat Iltis wit
nessed tbe sinking of the Eow 8hung
It IB added that the crew of the Ilts
rescued 150 Chinese struggling in the
water The dispatch con rms the re
port that the Chinese were victorious
over the Japanese in the recent battle
at Asan Corea
LONDON AUG 3A dispatch from
Tien Tsin says all the deserters from
the troops marching to Taku will be
beneaded todav
LONDON Aug yp dispatch to the
Standard says It is reported there
has been a fresh collision between
Chinese and Japanese troops in Corea
It seems that tiaei tne r ecent defeat
IUB Japanese assembled their whole
available strength and took the offen
sive achieving a decided victory over
the Chinese Details are expected to
WASHINGTON Aug President
Cleveland has practically decided to
unite with Great Britain Germany
and Italy to preserve forcibly the
neutrality of what are known as the
treaty ports of uliina during the war
I The Chinese government bas been
tUlly informed 01 this intention and it
is understood the emperor will submit
Without protest to their forcible occu
pation of his principal ports
Ispl 6 Aug 84t tbe cOflc1nion
of the trial of Ccesaro Santo the mur
derer of President Carnot the prisoner
was sentenced to beg executed by guil
The prisoner seemed even more
defiant today than yesterday and took
his seat with a mocking smile upon his
face Le Blanc a fellow prisoner with
Cajaro at Marseilles testified that
Ca arc told him he intended to kill
President Carnot probably at Lyons
when the chief magistrate visited that
citv That is a lie interrupted Cajsario
excitedly I never told you or any
one else anything about mypians
Le Blanc cont nued Csesaro con
fessed to me that he was designated by
Jot IfTbat
That is untrue shrieked ire
sarioHow untrue asked La Blanc
turning to the prisoner I said to
you after you had made thrt remark
but who would be so bold as to kill
Presieent CarnotV I saw him in Paris
surrounded by troops and police
You answered he will be chosen by
lotThere was great excitement in the
court while the prisoner and Le Blanc
were speaking to each oher Latter
Le Blanc said
Caesaro told me he had often seen
King Humbert the streets but he
added that to kill him it would be
necessary to have a rifle and shoot him
from the street as he would be surI
loundtil by solalers
That is a lie shouted the poisoner
I was never chosen to kill President
Carnot Moreover absolute liberty of
action prevails among anarchists
The prosecatiug attorney reviewed
the details of the trial and demanded
the jury not to hesitate to do their
duty M Dubreuill for the defense
made an appeal for the prisoner
At noon the jury retired and after
and absence of fiteen minutes an
nounced a verdict of guilty without
extenuating circumstances The pre
siding judge j M Bremllac pronounced
the sentence of death by guillotine
Caesaro exclaimed Vive la revolu
tion sociale
The prisoner was imtnediatlev hur
ried towards his cell As be left the
court room he cried Courage cam
aradedl vive la anarchiel
British ship Cambrian Chieftian sup
posed to have been lost en route to
Coquimbo and on which 85 per cent
was paid seveial weeks ago for rein
surance is reported safe in harbor at
ialtal Chili
A letter rom Captain Thomas was
received here today
Several weeks ago the British ship
Dee from San Francisco arrived at
Valparaiso having jn board the wife
and child of Captain Thomas and sev
eral of the crew of the Cambrian Chief
They reported the Cambrian Chief as
probably lost
During a terrific gale the vessel hal
been dismasted Just at nightfall the
Dee sighted the Cambrian Chief in dis
tress and succeeded in getting a boat
to her
This boat rescuedMrs Thomas her
child and several ot the Camhrians
crew A second boat from the Dee was
sent hack for Captain Thomas and the
others et his crew The gale increased
and in the darkness the Dee lost all
trace of her own rescuing crew or the
Cambrian Chief When day droke
nothing of them was to be seen It
was known that all of the Cambrian
Chiefs boats had been smashed ann
there was thought to be no hope for the
men who bad remained on board or for
the rescuing patty from the Dee
Tne second chapter of this thrilling
tale of the sea now comes from Cap
tain Thomas
He reports that the gallant rescurers
from the Dee reached his vessel in
safety When dawn came and the
Dee was no where Is sight despair
seized this little band of sailors
But finally when the pumps were
sounded and it was found that the
yessel was making very little water
hope came back to them Jury masts
were rigged and at last the Cambrian
Chief was got under slow way But
heavy blows were encountered and
several times Captain Thomas had to
ake in nearly all sail in order to save
his masts Another peril was yet to be
encountered however During the
ships slow progress toward the South
American coast nearly all her pro
visions had been consumed and it be
cume necessary to put the crew on
short allowance and latter on very
short allowance
When the Cambrian Chief reached
Taltal the sailors had just strength
enough to shorten sail and drop anchor
They then sank down on the decks ex
hausted and waited for tbe shore boats
to come
Much of the vessels cargo of general
merchandise was jettisoned during the
storm that dismantled her
Dr Prlces Cream Baking Powder
Worida WskxtHxSxl cad Dfetoms
Under tho shadow of thy wing I bide
And bless the storms that drove mo to thy
Secaro ns bird in mother nest I sing
Under tho shadow ef thy mighty wing
WhY do we wait for cruel blast and cold
For bitterness of heart and loss of gold
For last goodbye their knell of hope to ring
To drive us to tho shadow of thy wing
Why linger we till ashes from tho flame
Of mad desire corroding hate and shame
Shall turn us gray and old era we will bring
Our hearts to shelter math thy brooding
Tis when our ores are blinded wlh their
And see no light nor hope for future years
Nor happiness nor peace nor anything
That wo discern the shadow of thy wing
When tempest tossed tear stained and blind
wo see
When deaf to earthly sound wo list for hog
When hoarse with sobbing and despair we
For then we seek tho shadow of thy wing
Close to thy heart of hearts do I abide
And bless the storms that drove me to thy
Secure as bird neath summer leaves I swing
Protected by the shadow of thy wing
Eleanor Kirks Idea
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cure His pa honest medicine honest
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Highest of all in Leavening PowerLatest U SJ Govt Report
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AB 9lLtUTlEttW p
Devices zT1satArerirnc f t1et
For SlatiglitjartUiat t w
youdIihaginations Grasp
Indicationsare that when two Euro
pean armies eventually meet on the
field if the war talk ever resolves itself
into actual conflict a good many men
will faint away in terror of their ad i
versaries The I inventions which have
been brought out lately in France Ger
many and Austria and which have been
purchased by the governments of those
countries are innumerable and every
one of them is designed to slaughter hu
man life at a rate that appals the imag I I
ination The most intense and theatrio
secrecy is maintained concerning all
these inventions and only a few gen
eral facts regarding them have been
mad public The German army it is
understood is armed with rifles which
will send a bullet through four men
standing one behind thither at a dis
tance of 2M miles from the rifle Aus
tria has a machine gun which shoots
several thousand bullets minute which
is operated by steam and controlled by
a single gentleman with fa waxed mus
tache and a monocle in his l left eye who
lightly turns a crank At least this is
the condition of things according to the
latest illustrated journalist hand The I
man with tho eyeglass can turn the
crank fast enough to sweep 30000 or
40000 men into eternity during the
luncheon hour
Incidentally a German tailor has in
vented a Coat that makes tho wearer i
absolutely indifferent to bullets at any
range and the Italians have machines
for throwing very email and almost in
visible torpedoes a distance of nearly a
quarter of a mile The torpedoes de
scribe a parabola in the air drop into
the camp of the enemy and explode
with force enough to kill 100 or more
soldiers if they happen to be in the vi
cinity Great numbers of them can be
thrown at a time and a pleasing and
cheerful feature of it is that there are
no disagreeable odors nor any smoke
whatever when the explosion occurs
M Turpin of France is tho latest hero
in this direction He has invented some
thing which is so altogether awful that
the taxpayers have requested tho gov
ernment to give H Turpin a great
amount of money so that h3 will not
turn MsImiushiiia vipiiiW FeTiCiiiiij a
This machine is operated electricity I
and according to its inventor it Is of
so terrible a nature that it will do away
with all fortifications throughout the
civilized world This is merely a detail
of the execution which this machine is
expected to accomplish Forts will be
of noose because Turpins machines
would rend them all into atoms and at
a distance of several miles a man can
mow down the enemy at the rate of
20000 at an engagement The facts are
inspiring but there is a lack of detail
about them which is in accordance with
much of tho literature which has lately
been put forth by the various MUll
chausens among the war officers of Eu
rope The Turpin invention so far out
strips everything else according to the
critics of modern warfare that it will
insure universal peace One maohins
alone is enough to devastate a country
New York Sun
What Is Expected of Them and How Their
Work Is Graded Why If qno ot Them Ar
Old enone Reporters Experience In
Securing Important Information
When the chief of tho service of in
formations consents to annex a de
butante his aptitudes are first utilized
in the department des chiens creves
This is the professional slang for pick
ing up such items at the policq stationi
as sire not sent in to the prefecture Foi
this work he will be paid 2 or 3 cen
times a line for those inserted on the
average about one in twenty of what he
minds in These modest auxiliaries have
only exceptionally the perspective of
power to make themselves rioted In
deed their role is limited for if they
learn of an accident or im affair out of
the common run theymust telephone
the fact to their papers from whence
the chief sends as soon as possible one
or two staff reporters but if the late
ness ot the ltanr or the gravity of tie
wen justifies sucu r initiativo the
titular of the chiens creves1 I becomes
somebody In this case if he is clever
he can render his journal special service
by avoiding a beat and he will be
well recompensed This is why over at
tho Cafe du Coq dOr consumers some
times hear a young man at a neighbor
ing table shout gleefully to his com
rades At last Ihavemyflrstcrimei1 J
and the comrades press his hand and
congratulate him warmly
Perhaps he is promoted to the dignity
of enquetour or interviewer Now
he receives a retaining salary of 50 to
60 a month and is paid extra for all
tho lines he writes so that he usually
earns 25 to h30 weekly Ho must give
his definite measure however and show
if he really has the gift of the profes
sion for after two or three failures ho
would be thanked and have his head
cut off Of the 150 reporters who each I
year spring up on the Parisian pleas
eight or ten at most survive and become
corporals and sergeants in tho profes
sion To succeed it is necessary not pnlv
to have good health perfect Bearing Q
Qourtes7 and education which permit of
being received tW fYWl w0 but gtct
t ft W
tf S t r 1 r
f i
power of assimulation The reporter
may know nothing but he must be
qnick at understanding everything It
is necessary that n question being given
he should know in a few instants who
is the person in Paris the most probable
to solve it He must go to see this per
son or some one olso equally informed
and in 20 phrases of an interview gather
a clear net and precise resume of the
responses to make He must also have
the scent of a detective and above all
love for his profession
I know a Paris reporter who was sent
out to writo about the doings of a for i
eign sovereign then at a French water
ing place Ho went to tho chateau where
tho monarch was stopping but was po
litely kicked out by the grand chamber
lain We telegraph daily the latter
said news relative to his majesty to
our national papers You can take from
them for your columns This did not
satisfy my confrere Ho had been sent
at much expense on this special work
and it would never do for him to do
nothing during his sojourn A brilliant
idea struck him Ho had got acquainted
with an old man who had formerly been
employed in tho telegraphy department
of the army So he said to the exlien
tenant Would you ba capable of writ
ing out the value of tho letters trans
mitted by the Morse system by simply
hearing the ticktack of tho instrument
Parbleu that is only the infancy of
business answered the other Well
sir I will give you a louis every morn
ing if you will come and pass a quarter
of an hour at the postofiice
The next day at the hour when the
dispatches from the chateau arrived
those two men were very busy in the
office over an imaginary correspondence
but as soon as the Morse instrument be
gin to tick tho old man inscribed on a
sheet of paper letters of foreign words
ho did not understand The reporter
read these words over his shoulder He
immediately translated them and the
official dispatch was scarcely off wher
ho sent tho same thing in French to his
Paris paper The telegraph employees
naturally supposed that this literal
translation was given to its sender by
one of the sovereigns household while
as for the royal guest and his grand
chamberlain they had the pleasure of
reading in tho Paris journal details cou
corujngHiIieinselvcsIcmgfbaforo their
national papers arrived
When a reporter has in analogous cir
cumstances shown the resources of his
mind he generally obtains a fixed salary
which assures him a revenue depend
ent of tho fluctuation of actualities
He is for instance charged with rela
tions with a cabinet minister reports
of expositions public reunions etc but
even in favorable conditions it is excep
tional that he gains more than 200 a
month Moreover tho fatigue is such
and the nervous tension so constant that
the employment cannot bo filled for
many years This is the reason why
there are no old reporters in Paris and
why those who are more than 40 years of
ago are pointed out with pride Long
before that age those who are able to
make their careers as journalists are
classed as artioliers They have
shown that they can do reporting other
wise than with their legs and hen they
know the honor of the first page and the
joys of signatures I am glad to add
that generally these articliers what
ever their rank or employment preserve
in their hearts good ppinion of these re
porters and there is a local saying to
the effect that one becomes a journalist
ist he is born a reporter Paris Cor
New Orleans Picayune
When you see a counterfeit coin on
the sidewalk always pick it up You
are liable to arrest if you try to pass it
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tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used The many who live be
ter than others and enjoy life more with
less expenditure by more promptly
adapting the worlds best products to
the needs of physical being will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy Syrup of Figs
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in the form most acceptable and pleas
mt to tho taste the refreshing and truly
oeneficial properties of a perfect laxative
utive effectually cleansing the system
dispelling colds headaches and fevers
ana permanently curing constipation
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met vith the approval of the medical
profession because it acts on the Kid
neys Liver and Bowels without weak
ping them and it is perfectly free from
very objectionable substance
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ists in 50c and 1 bottles but it is man
ifactured by the California Fig Syrup
jo only whose name is printed on ever
lacfcige also the name Syrup of Fig
and Uauig f1I1 tefo5ratsd jouTm not +
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< 9 L
234 West Center Street Provo
The Star Moat Market
Cheever Brothers Proprietors
All Meats In Their Season
Only the Fattest Animals Slaughtered
Will be glad to see all the old Patrons of the house
Having lately returned from the South I am resuming
Business in Provo
Shops in the Rear of Excelsior Pharmacy
All Work Well Promptly Done
Henry J Maiben
Receiving Daily
Wall Paps
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For Spring Trade
u fe3

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