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To the People of Utah Delivered at Salt
Lake Oity en Saturday June 16th by
the Territorial Da ocratio Oonvanti
Resolved That as the convention was
not called to make nominations or
formulate a platform ot principles the
following be adopted ae the sentiments
of the convention to be presented in
the form ot an address to the people of
We the democrats of Utah in con
vention assembled hereby declare our
devotion to the time honored principles
of the denioci tic party as enunciated
in the national platforms and imbed I
ded in the harts of its members
We are emphatically in favor of
equal rights to all and special privil
eges to none of the greatest possible
liberty to every individual compatible
with the pubic welfare of the advance
ment and support ot home Industries
of the maintenance of local selfgovern
ment to the tallest rightful extent
and of a strict construction of the na
ional constitution
We are in favor I of such reform
the tariff as is consistent with the in
terests of the consumer and the pro
ducer and declare that duties upon
foreign imports should be levied upon
the luxuries so far as possible and not
upon the necessaries of life for the
purpose of providing revenue for the
necessary expenses 01 government and
not for the special benefit of any class
or private enterprise We are opposed
to the bounty system by which the
many are taxed for the enrichment of
a lew
We demand the speedy passage of
the bill for trriff reform now pending
in the senate including the provision
for an income tax by w inch those large
property holders who are best able
shall bear tHeir lust share of the bur
den of taxation And se denounce tile
obstructive policy ot the republicans
in congress oy which a heeded meas
ure to provide public revenue is de
layed causing uuceitiinty and doubt
in coumeiciul and manufacturing
circles and thus paralzmg industry
and arresting trade To the factious
hindrances which are sill thrown in
the way ot the Wilsau bill by repabli
can senators are due to the slow pro
gress it is making and the disasteis
that are consequent upon the delay
We demand the restoration ot silver
to the constitutional position it occu
pied as money previous to the act of
1S78 by which the republican party I
cast down that historic and essential
money metal and caused the increas
ing disasters which beginning with
the panic of 1873 and bursting forth at
intervals with terrible severity de
pressing the agricultural interess of
the country creating unrest and dis
content among the oppressed laboring
classes and increasing the armies of
tramps which swarmed over the land
culminated in the panic of 1893 and
still spreads its blight upon trade and
We call attention to the undeniable
fact that the republican party took the
government from the democratic ad
ministration in 18S9 wiih more than a
hundred million dollars in the natIOnal
treasury and turned it back to the
democratic party in 193 with a treasury
practically bankrupt
We denounce the silver policy of the
republican party as a system of miser
able makeshifts to palliate the repub
lican financial crime of 1873 and de
claie that only in and through the
democratic party can the people of the
United States expect the reestablish
ment of true bimetaliem which in
cludes the free coinage of silver at the
ratio of 16 to 1 with gold We believe
that this can be done with safety and
profit to this nation by American ac
tion independent of European agree
ment if international cooperation can
not be Immediately obtained
We denounce the republican policy
of protection as embodied in the infa
mous McKmlej law and reaffirmed bj
that party in its most recent utter
ances We regard it as an assistant
agency to the prostration of silver in
producing the poverty and distress and
social calamities of various kinds which
still afflict our country
We deny that the high tariffs placed
upon lead and wool and other commod
ities have raised their price or benefit
ed the producer of such materials
while they have been oppressive and
detrimental to the consumer and the
country at lar e
We cordially endorse the democratic
Ollfrress and administration
In repealing the obnoxious federal
election law and thus promoting the
freedom of elections
In formulating and endeavoring to
enact a bill to reform the existing ex
orbitant system of tariffs
In revising the pension lists so that
while all persons deserving the aid of
the country for services in Its defense
shall be secured in their rights impost
ers and fraudulent pension agents
shall not be permitted to further bleed
the body politic
In the exercise of the federal forces
to suppress lawlessness where power to
do so is clearly vested in the federal au
thority and declining to interfere when
it would intrude on the rights of alocal
government i
In the restoration to the church of I
Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints prop
erty confiscated under the provisions ol
congressional law j and we favor the
immediate restoration also of the real
property EO escheated in view ot the
BOW indisputable fad that no pretext
remains for charging that the majority
of the people of Utah are in opposition
to national authority
In the passage through the house
sad its report in the senate of a liberal
and excellent bill for the admission of
Utah as a state on an equal footing
witn the existing states and we urge
its speedy enactment as a measure of
simple justice to the oldest and mopt
prosperous of the existing territories
Jn the appointment bona fide resi
dents of the territory to the various
offices in the gift of the government in
stead of men from other sections of the
Country unfamiliar wIth our people and
the situation of our affairs as was
the rule under republican administra
And we further endorse all efforts to
maintain the dignity and authority of
the government and remove the effects
of over thirty years of republican mis
rule We endorse the official acts of our
delegate in congress Hon J L Raw
lins and offer his able and successful
services as evidence of democratic en
ergy and fidelity to the interests of the
people of Utah
We denounce the hyprocriey that
portion of the republican press and
uarty which infamously endeavors to
charge the effects of the legislative
errors of a third of a century upon a
party which had but just entered into
power when those terrible evils over
spread the country The logic which
argues that effects precede their causes
is lit reasoning for a party which af
firms that the foreigner pays the tariff
tax on the imported goods purchased
by the American people
We arraign the republican party for
its treacherous course in relation to the
BOcalled industrial armies Hav
ing brought the laboring classes into
the conditions under which they suffer
through the ylcious legation of
long career of power republicans have
I fostered if not eliminated the move
ment upon Washington by thousands
ol the unemployed They have inter
fered with the efforts of the juJicmiy
and the executive in different places
to enforce the law They have encour
aged the massing at the seat of goy
ernment of thousands of homeless men
made desperate by republican leg
islation hoping that their presence
would embarrass the administra
tion and convey the false impression
that the party in power is responsible
for thirty years of republican misrule
In this arraignment we include these
local republicans who have endeavored
to cast ridicule upon the governor op
probrium upon the judges and insult
upon the militia and the constabulary
while those officers were engaged in
preserving the public peace and seek
ing to turn back the tide of poverty
which was flowing into the territory
We deeply sympathize with the dis
tress of our lellow citizens the unem
ployed working people of the country
and particularly of those who are
dwellers in our territory We deplore
the policy which has brought into our
midst large bodies of destitute men
who have been supplied with the very I
means that was required for the sup
port of the resident poor and some of
whom sought to obtain the work which
was needed by our own population
We declare it to be our conviction that
only by the reforms which will be in i
troduced by a democratic congress and
administration can relief be afforded
to the oppressed and needy working
population and prosperity be assured
to the toiling masses
We denounce the false pretenses re
cently put forth by leaders of the re
publican party by which they seek to
decieve the voters of the United States
into the belief that they are friends to
silver by linking it withthe heresy of
protection The terms bimetalism
and the enlarged jse of silver by
which they seek to dazzle the eyes of
the west and the south are only catch
phrases to fool the unsophisticated
They do not mean the free and un
limited coinage of silver at the ratio
of 16 to 1 which is the only true solu
tion of the money problem and the only
genuine bimetallic policy
We denounce the national republi
can party For its false pretenses of
sudden regard for the people of Utah
against whom in its platforms and by
extreme legislation it indicated intense
hostility from its inception Its simu
lated affection is coincident with the
appearance of a possibility of republi
can support in the territory and tl1at
its support was the only cause of its
new attitude It is the unselfish tend
erness whicn the spider feels for the
We denounce the only republican leg
islature of Utah territory For its
waste of public time and money in
vain endeavors to manufacture party
For its opposition to the educational
interests of the territory by refusing
to appropriate sufficient funds for the
agricultural college and to carry on tile
university according to the provisions
of tha law creating the institution and
requiring the establishment of neces
sary departments and aiso by endeav
oring to cripple the public schools in a
scheme to take away part of the rev
enue necessary to their support and di
vert it for the purpose of giving boun
ties to benefit private enterprises
For striving to commit the represent
atives of the people in memorials to
congress to gross misrepresentation 01
fact and egregious blunders in princi
For defeating legislation which would I
be for the general interest but not fa
vorable to republican advancement
For making appropriations after re
fusing to give necessary support to the
educational institutions and the deaf
mute reform school insane asylum and
kindred institutions and neglecting
to provide sufficient revenue to meet
the appropriations inconsiderately
The spectacle of republican legisla
tors running away In hot haste to avoid
an issue which they had raised them
selves evading the officers sent to ar
rest them and hiding until a republican
majority could be assured thus stop
ping the progress of public business in
the upper house of the legislature and
bringing that body into public con
tempt was a scene unparalleled in the
annals of our country and exhibits
the republican party in an attitude of
cowardice and absurdity
The republican legislature showed
more bombast and less capacity more
parsimony and smaller economy
greater partisanship and narrower
statesmanship than any other legisla
tive assembly in the history of the ter
We endorse the action of Governor
Caleb W West in the interposition of
the veto power vested in bin by law
to prevent the enactment of vicious
and partisan measures and insulting
and misleading memorials by which the
republican legislature would but for
his action have injured and disgraced
the territory And we recognize in
the governor a firm discreet and able
executive whose influence has been
cast on the side of law and order and
the public welfare generally
We confidently appeal to the citizens
of Utah to stand by and support the
party of the constitution and the peo
ple from which alone political redemp
tion can come to this territory and per I
manent prosperity to the nation j
which will demonstrate the superiority
of its principles and policy as soon as
measures of reform it has inaugurated
can be put into force and produce their
effectfi which works for the greatest
good to thE greatest number which is
the ice of monopolies and the friend of
the masses which does not depend
upon an one man however powerful
tor ia guidance or its victory and
which will maintain and hear off tri
umphant those sacred doctrines and in
stitutions for which the fat iers of our
country fought and bled en J to which
we hereby pledge our faitu our devo
tion and our enercies with the full
conviction that success will crown our
efforts and Utah will enter the Union
AS a free and vigorous democratic state
Cable tfruiii yiteoii Lil
Dear Gresham One more boon I
I trust in your affection
TIs not to murder Dole the Kna
Nor put down insurrection
Tis not my crown but me to BJIV
I write in deep dejection
And so a package I must hive
Of Parks Tea for my complexion
Greshams Answer to Queen Lil
When I received your cablegram
I thought I sure would faint
For though I often use Parks Tea
Tie not for your complaint
I feared that Mrs G would think
Wrong about our connection
Till on her dresser there I saw
Parks Tea for her complexion
Bojcl by Smnot Drag company
< 3
They Sometimes Have Battles With Bees
For the Svrcit Booty
The love for sweet things is a craving
of nature in all living creatures and
birds will sometimes run great risks to
satisfy it Bears in their eagerness to
get at the honey in a hollow tree will
sometimes wedge themselves into so
small a hole as to endanger their lives
and many forest birds such as wood
peckers blue jays and thrushes will
run the danger of being stung to death
in their endeavors to obtain the sweet
honey that the bees store in the hollow
trunks of trees Sometimes they will
attack bees on the wing and snap them
up for the tiny speck of nectar contained
in their sacks Blue jays often take a
position near beehives and fish all day
for honey Every returning bee is
caught but not devoured for birds will
kill the bee only that they may sip up
the honey Unless driven away a few
such bird robbers would soon denonu
late a hive
Occasionally the bees organize and
fight the birds They issue in a body
from tho hive and make a bold attack
upon the assassins In the quick sharp
conflict that follows the birds invaria
bly get defeated Indeed they do not at
tempt to resist the onslaught but seek
safety in flight If the bees surround
one of the birds quickly enough there
Is little hope for the robber They settle
down upon him and sting him to death
He may fly away but the bees cling to
his back and sides tenaciously His
flight soon becomes less energetic and
more and more uncertain until at last
he drops to the earth and gasps out his
life among the leaves and bushes while
the bees return triumphantly to their
In the wild forests the honey loving
birds sometimes make an organized at
tempt to drive the bees away from their
homo in tho hollow trunk of a tree
They first discover the place of the hid
den treasure by following the bees on a
warm sunny day and if there bo an
opening in the tree largo enough to ad
mit them they plunge down the hole in
a body
Then there follows a sharp conflict
inside the tree the birds snapping at the
bees and cutting them in two at each
snap Tho only chance for tho bees is to
light on tho backs and sides of the
birds If they fail to do this they are
soon routed and the rich treasures of
sweets are captured by tho enemies
These battles terminate in various ways
sometimes tho bees and sometimes the
birds coming out victoriousOur Ani
mal Friends
The Laws Delay
In a recent lawsuit in Washington
the court was frequently compelled to
cut short the cross examination of wit
nesses by a certain lawyer who was said
to believe in the quantity rather than
the quality of questions His point
evidently was to make tho case last as
long as possible The following which
is given as nil illustration of tho man
ner of his questioning exemplifies the
remoteness from common sense of some
of the methods of law practice I
Counsel to the witnessWas it
You think it was white
Yes II
It is your opinion then that it was
You are sure it was white
It is your impression it was white
It wasnt black
You are sure it wasnt black
I am
Wasnt it a little dark colored
What color was It
Here are 10 questions nine of which
are unnecessary But if the lawyer had
succeeded somewhere in the question
ing in undermining the certainty of the
witness ho would have made a small
point for his side of the case and from
his clients point of view his long wind
ed examination would have been justi
fied Youths Companion
Counterfeits In Philadelphia
Moro counterfeit money is said to be
in circulation in Philadelphia now than
ever before Among the counterfeits is
a dollar silver certificate marked Plate
No 1G Tho check letter is A series
of 1801 Another bogus 1 dollar note
has the check letter B series of 1880
Other counterfeit 1 bills that are afloat
in great quantities contain the check
letter D series of 1891 A bogus 2
note is also very well executed It has
the check letter A series of 1S8G
These counterfeits have been scattered
around in profusion Others of larger
denominations have lately made their
appearance One is a rather carelessly
executed 5 note series of 1880 letter
D Another note for tho same denomi
nation has tho check letter D series of
Bogus small coin is to be met with on
all hands Quarters and half dollars are
the counterfeits which are cleverly made
and are detected by the shopkeepers only
by ringing on a glass metallic or mar
ble surface Philadelphia Press
A Moment of Doubt
A good many soldiers north and south
must remember moments which will
enable them to sympathize with the
spirit of a question recorded in a south
ern magazine
On a tiresome night march a Florida
soldier sleepy and worn out fell into a
ditch by tho roadside There he lay be
moaning his fate when the next regi
ment came up and hearing his moans
some of tho men hastened to his rescue
As they stood him on his feet be
draggled and demoralized ho turned D
one of them and said
I I say stranger dont you think
South Carolina was n little hasty
W P BAYES of 240 Jone street
Omaha Neb says of Parks Sure
Cure My wife has been constitu
tionally wrecked for years Tripd
everything fruitlessly My druggists
persuasion backed bv his guarantee
induced me to buy a bottle of Parks
Sure OUre The results are truly won
derlul Parks Sure Cure for the Liver
and Kidneys is a positive specific for
the disease or Women Sold by Smoot
Drug com pan v
Houses for Jftenr
Apply to Evan Wride corner 0 an3
venth Bkeets Provo t
w >
Provo Mail Servi e
0 PGoing South 920 a m
R G WGoing East 926 a m
R G WGbing West 1155 a m
U PGoiDg North 432 p m
Salt Lake and Salina East 355 p m
Salt Lake and Salina West 415 pm
U P From Salt Lake 920 a m
R G W From the West 926 a m
R G WFrom the East 1155 a in
Salt Lake and Salina West 355 p m
Salt Lake and Salina East 415 pm
U P Mail from South 432 p m
The general delivery stamp and reg
istry windows open at 8 a m and
close at 530 p m
The money order window opens at 9
a m and closes at 4 p m
On Sundays and legal holidays the
general delivery and stamp windows
are open from 12 m to 1 p m
Mail pouches close thirty minutes
before the arrival of trains
Reception Assimilation Exer
tion In these three words the sum
wary and very nature of the genuine
Baunscheidtism is expressed
The following is one of many testi
monials that Lrfve been voluntarily
To whom it mail cgmxrft
This is to certiry tnat in the winter
of 188087 when 1 was in Syria as a
traveling missionary and having con
tracted bv getting wet and cold a
very bad toothache and earache Mr
Fred Raile then in Jaffa Palestine
and now in Provo city Utah relieved
me of my sufferings within a few hours
bv an application of his resuscitator
oleum sJjaunscheidtii so that I had
no toothache for many years
I will further say that after working
in the mountains of IJaho and Utah
exploring prospecting developing
mines and being exp > sed to heavy
storms sometimes being out all night
i was laid up with rheurnatsm and
heavy backuGiieTT went to Provo to
Mr Raile for relief and after one I
single application May 1892 I was
cured completely ot my pains and en
joy full health and vigor again I give
this testimony tJ Mr llaile out of
thankfulness recommending him and
his science to all the sufferers within
his reach
Suture Regulates Fatness and Sllumcsi
With an Iron Kule
Fatness and slimness come by nature I
and are therefore often impossible oi
remedy for it is of no use and it is ut
ter folly beside to fight against cues
constitution You can affect that con
stitution to a certain extent but beyond
that extent which wont please either I
the too fat or the too slim folks you can
only do harm defeat the very object you
try for and worst of all throw yourself
into ill health It stands to reason that
if a man or woman comes of big boned
stoutly built stock he or she may reason
ably bo expected to inherit tho tendency
to corpulence Conversely suppose man
is born of family stock which is notable
for its thinness and slimness it mry be
and generally is worse than folly for
him to expect by any process of iegxling
or otherwise to be come a stoaiid well
So let us realize this big fact at once
that we have to face the question oi
our constitution first of all and as sen
sible people to see aud discover whether
our fatness or our thinness is part and
parcel of our natural build Rest assured
if we are fat by nature it is useless to
attempt by diet or otherwise to reduce
our bodies to slim proportions Many a
man and woman has paid the penalty of
such rashness by inducing disease
through their outrageous efforts to
thwart nature Let us be sensible then I
about this fatness question and see
clearly where as rational beings we
stand It is possible to keep even a fat
body within its own limits by reason
able care and diet just as it may bo pos
sible to fatten up a thin person within
limits again by a regulated course of
food Whatever you may do in the way
of thinning or fattening you can never
safely or what is more to tho purpose
permanently attain yonr aim by the use
of drugs If theruls any cure for fat
ness at all be sure it is to be found In
the food and in the food alone Health
Harpers Bazar
Harpers Bazar is a journal for the nome
It gives the fullest and latest Information
about Fashions and its numerous illustra
lions Paris designs and patternsteel supple
moms arc inuiMieiiEible alike to the home
dressmaker and tho professional modiste
No expense is spared to make its artistic attractiveness
tractivenes ot tho highest order Its bright
stpries amusing comedies and thoughtful
essays satisfy all tastes and its last page is
famous as a budg < t of wit and humor In its
weekly issue everything is included which is
of interest to women The serials for 18D
will be written by William rilack and Waiter
Jiesaut Short stories will be written by Alary
E Wilkins Maria Louise Pool Ruth McEner
Stuart Marion Harland and others Outdoor
Snorts and Indoor Games Social Entertain
ment Embroidery and other interesting top
ics will receive constant attention A new
series is promised of Coffee and Repartee
Per Year cJ i 1
Postage Free to all subscribers in the
United States Canada and Mexico
Jho Volumes of the Bazar begin with tho
first Number for January of each ear When
no time is mentioned subscriptions will be
gin with the Number current at the time of
receipt order
Bound Volumes of Harpers Bazar for bree
years back inneat cloth bindiugwill be sent
by mall postage paid or by express free of
expense provided the freight does not exceed
one dollar per volume for 700 per volume
Cloth Gases for each volume suitable for
binding will be sent by mail postpaid on
receipt of 100 each
Remittances should be made by Iostoffice
I Money orders or draftto avoid chance of loss
Newspapers are not to copy this advertise
ment withont the express orde of HAR
New York
Excelsior B Roller jY11118
Free delivery to all parts of
the city
Lowest Possible Gharnes Made
ash Paid for Wh at
C ooUta N
TJnder new Management
Headquarters for Commercial Men
Mrs Thos Roylance
Uptown Office in
Provo Com Savings Bank
Yard Telephone 17 I
All Kinds of
I Merchant Taflaring
When You Want
First Class Work
At a Reasonable Price
Call on
Si PETERSON Merchant Tailor
Half Block North of First National
Bank Provo
Work and Fit Guarauteed
Is I
FQr the
For the
SeflWeky Dispatch
DAILY 600p
i i
7 > rIIII
TYbur neXiiweeks washing
Ut r
11I look w will be cleaner and will
Ijg done with ess iabor if
Clairette Soap
5S used Tha clothes will small SWeefcera
will last lonarar CLAIRETTE SOAP Is
pure it cleans but does not injure thc
fabric It 1 does riot roughen or chap the
Mill iJ2n use it Bo Youf
Flailing M ill
Corner 8th and N Streets
All Kinds ol
Building Contracts
Terms to Suit the Times
Building Supplies Furnished Embracing
Sawinp Planing Scroll and
all X inds of Mill Work
Proyo City Market
Corrected Weekly
Wheat per bushel SOc to TOc
Oats percwt SlOOtoJl13
Barley per cwt JOe to 4100
Butter per lb JUc
3hickea each 26c
Eggs per dos IOu
All alfa seed per Ib Sc
Jeans per Ib old 4c
Dried peaches perlb 5c
Driedapplesper Ib 5c
Potatoes per bushel Ole to Ole
Onions old pOI lb 8c
5eef porlb 4 to Be
Pork pcr Ib 4tf to 5c
Mutton per lb 4 to 60
Veal per Ib eo 4 to 5c
flay wild per ton 500
tar alfalfa per ton 8400
Cabbage per Ib lc to 14c
Raspberries per qt Sc to luc
Blackberries per qt lOc to 1c
tring beans per ID Icto oc
Apricots per bushel 21 00 to 31 23
Apples per bushel a c to SUe
Peaches per bushel 75c to fi20
Plums 3100 to 312
Rio Granda RailIroadl
The only line running two through
ast trains daily to
Effective April 29 1894
Train No2 leaves Provo 926 a m
Salt Lake a0o a m Arrive at rueblo
630 a m Colorado Springs 751 a m
Denver 1030 a m
Train No 4leaves Provo 935 p m
Arrive at Pueblo 625 pm Colorado
Springs 800 pm Denver 1030 p m
Connections made at Pueblo Colo
rado Springs and Denver with all lines
east Elegant day Coaches chair cars
and Pullman sleepers on all trains
Take the D R G and have a com
fortable train and enjoy the finest scen
ery on the continent
A 8 HUGHES Traffic Manager Donvor Col
B F NEVINS GA53W Second South
Salt Lake City utab
1C HOOPHU G P T A Denver Co
UiI1aq B1dgk8fflih
Horse Shoeing
Wagon Repairing
Etc Etc
J St US blockelnorth of First National Bank
PlOVO Utah
Provo 0 City Box 39
The on ly holder of a gold medal in
Utah Awarded at the Territorial
Fair 1891
Florist and Landscape Gard
ner All kinds of Fruitand Orna
ments in season Japanese Chinese
and Australian rare plants
Roses and Evergreens A
Specialty Lawn Grass seed extra
Mail all orders to
C H Blomsterberg
437 WeSt 3d street
Provo THEpr Co
Makes a Specialty of
Digging Gleaning Repairing
Closets Cesspools Drains
Removing Garbage of all kinds
All Work Promptly Attended to
Gardening and Lawn Making
Will Contract to care for gardens and
make Lawns
LawnsJ W CABTIEH Manager
H 0 Addre twal DoUrarft Frovo
u < <
f 1112
Fair Views
I Tliet t Lon L iiiiReirn1illc b i
i FAIR VI KVS each Portfolio con
taining 6 views and each view accu
rately described Vipws of the Main
Buildings State Build nga the Mid
way Views of Statuary etc
These ten Portfolios will be given
without cost to any one who will send
five new yearly subscribers to THE
the regular subscription pricj Address
In Efroot JLvrliyi 18B
No 2 For Grand Junction and
pointsEast 9J28am
No4 For Grand Junction and
points East 935nm
No 6 For Springvllle Thistle San
potoand Sevior 355 pm
No8 For Springvillo Spanish
For Payson and Eureka 620 pm
No1 For Salt LakeOgdenAmFork
Lehi and the West 1155 a m
No 3 For Salt Lake Ogden Ameri
can Fork and Lou d the
West 1017pm
No 6 For American Fork Lob and
Salt Lake
415 pm
No 7 For American Fork Lehi and
Salt Lake 825 a m
No1 From Denver Grand Junotion
and pointsEast l15 am
No 3 From DenverGrand Junction
and points East 1017 p m
Noo FromSpringvllloThlstle San
pete and Sevior 415 prc
No8 From Springvllle Spanish Fk
Payson and Eureka 825 a m
No 2 From California Ogden Salt
Lake Lehi and Am Fork 926 a m
No4 From California Ogden and
Salt Lake 935pm
No6 From Salt Lake Lehi and
American Fork 35pm
No8 From Salt Lake Lehi and
American Fork 620 p m
I The only line to ogdon and Denver without
change Free reclining chair cars on through
trains Through Sleeping cars to Denver
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