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1 E I YEIG D I 0
No2l9VoI 3 J
WeDuifI t taim
To be in the Lead
Still W B are Ho diY g ito race Ms Leel l
Cooperativo Institution
N B22 yards L Sheeting for one dollar
HO Vy Wfe iSW lCa rir5P
Wholesale rocers
The Merchants of Southern Utah
Especially those of Utah Co will find it i to
their Advantage to Trade with
Republicanism Expounded at
Payson by A L Thomas
And Very Little Else The Republican
Rally Did Not Hurt Democracy Any
Rather Did it Do It GoodNews Notes
or General Interest
A correspondent from Payson sin
inj himeelf Farmer Ja k sends THE
DISPATCH a Ions critical repot of a re
publican rally recently held there at
which Spanish Forks little ego Mor
gan and the great Pooh Bah exGov
ernorThomas were the ep akers Judge
Chadwick of Salt Lake wag there to
speak but long before the exgovernor
had gotten throuch the audience was
60 thinned out that it was deemed hest
not to turn the judge loose It would
pleaee us to publish he entire report
but circumstances compel us to give
only a condensation
Morgan occupied nearlv an hour in
delivering a school boy lecture on the
hietorv of the two parties and scored
not one point
The lecture that moat wearied the
audience and that woull have con
verted them awav from republicanism
had they remained to hear It because
of its glaring inconsistencies was that
delivered by Thomie He showed how
reciprocity had benefited the farmer
but failed to go on and show how a
more extended reciprocity which dem
ocrats advocate would benefit them
more He said that the manufacturer
< dare not nuke up the raw material he
has now on hand for fear of a reduc
tion of duty on raw mater Rl Many
in the audience says the correspond
ent erpreB ° ed themselves as being of
the opinion that the manufacturer
would he anxious to get what he hud
gn hand Into m tiu cttU l good and
sold before the raw material he has on
hand before it decreases in value The
ex governor thinks that free raw materi
al will he utter ruin to the manufacturer
aq be will be able to buv hs material
cheaper lie showed that the tariff was
Tot a tax as the duty on wire nails is
SJ cents and that you can get now all
iou want in Salt Lake at 2 rents per
ptun l There are a number Payson
merchants save our corresp ndent I
who would like the exgovernor to
give them the address of tae firm th
is wholesaling them at that figure One
merchant who is a republican said
he would take a ton or two H that
figure The speaker had two pieces ot
tin which he displayed before the audi
ence One was coated with the plate
and the other was not The coated one
he said was American manufacture
which he said was cheaper now than
I when the McKnley bill went into
effect Being skeptical that point
I called upnn our tin merchant the
next morning who said that he was
mistaken and to prove hie assertion he
showed me two invoippg of tin one
that was purchased before toe duty
was levied which was GOO per box
the other one of recent dve which was
7 50 per box And thus his argument
vanished Thomas said that American
plows are dearer in England than here
Having doubts a Out thi3 also I in
quired of an Englishman who bad just
come over lie eaiil there must be I
something the matter with hfl price
lst as he had wight the same plow in
England for S12H which he had to pay
1400 for heie Again he said that any
man was unworthy of citizenship
would appeal to the prejudices of n
people to sway them to one party or
the other and then he told hem that
President Brigham Young said so and
so and that the principles of the de
I tunct peoples party were eo and so ap
pealing to the prejudices of his Mor
mon hearers Thus VaS his whole
I harangue nothing but a batch of con
tradictions inconsistencies misslate
m nts and misrepresentations
Our little protection organ said the
house was full to overflowing and that
I a number of ladies eat on chairs on the
floor Wonder if he would have had
them sit on the ceiling It would be as
well before a man who att mpts to np rt
a meeting to attend it Had the Tunee
scribe been pres ° nt he would have seen
that there was room in the hall for 100
mrre than were present
There was a 1 person the next day who
had been leaning toward republicanism
before the rally and who paid that If l
had made him a bigger mugp > tban
ver as ha had been tivinr h r beat tJ
ue a r publican as SOUl of his ec
riends belonged to that v ity ai the
misstatements had lot u t tepuuli
t in party at leat his vote
Joseph Wignalls new frame house in
he northern part of town is nearing
oimiletion and will be ready for occu
pancy in a short time
A petition has been circulated
hrotiih the town asking the city coun
11 I to enact prohibition law and if
they cannot enact that to cnfjrc the
taws already in effect ag to the keeping
of minors out and he closing of the
saloons at the proper tii > e
The hum of the threshing machine is
now heard on every sde and if times
were with the farmer as they should be
e would have considerable money iu
mr midst this fall as all hate adund
iut crops of wheat oats corn pota
toes etc
The Payson base ball team is doing
all comers and it is flOW said that the
team is about to do up the Spriusville
nine after which they intend doing up
the Provoites after wuich there cornea
the renowned Famous nine of Salt
Lake which two or three years ago cur
team came near doing up and would
have done had it not been that their
catcher got his finger broke
J J McOlellan Jr is working bard
among our I hoirs and it is whispered
that before he leaves the town he will
receive a benefit concert from them
hich will be unexcelled by any con
cert which we have had in our musical
city heretofore
The Payson I 00 F lodge is work
ing up the excursion to Saltair on the
lUth and if joti can believe indications
there will De one of the largest crowds
attend this excursion that has ever
pone from the town The champion
silver band of this place will go on this
Otto Ellandson is building a nice
little cottage in the eastern part of
town Who will the bride be
Wm Worsencrot has built a nice
brick house nisi in the eastern part of
town and it is reported that it will not
he long ere be leads one of Provos
telles to the altar
> Or Prices fcrteatn 11Ug i owae
I world Fulr Hiffhest Award
The Following ia the List of Persons Ad
mitted to Citizenship Yesterday
Famed Inglefitld late of England
Charles A Lindstrorn late of
Sweden I
Ole Olesen late of Norway
C A Erikson late or Sweeden
Wm H David late of England
Thomas odds late of England
Samuel llieske late of Palestine
Andrew Housman late of Ger
James fI Talmage late of England
Hans Nelson late of wseden
Heiry Downs fate of England
Herman Tagge late oJ Germany
Chri3toober Schwab 1 t enf hp
many = fl MJrjpcua5lS311ioi r > ennm k
J ifdiii l JifliThn 1 late of Sweeden I
Lard L Olsen late of Norway
Jacob A Lundholm late of weeden
John Peterson late of Norway
Ilenn Frei Jate of Switzerland
Thomas DivPtt late of England
P A Johnson late of Demnatk
Arm Johnsonson late of Denmark I
Thomas Eugaldson late of Den
mark I
Simon Nielson late of Denmark
Ejolfur Gudmunsson late of Den
1 horstein PeteTson late of Denmark
John Jonasson late of Denmark
John R Johnson late of Denmark
Benjamin Evans late of England
C J Christensen late of Denmark 1
Fiedenck G IlaiiEen late of Den
Edward C Christiansen late of Den
William Evans late of Wales
E Ejoifson late of Iceland
Owen J Rowe late of Wales
Charles Browne late of England
Daniel Evans late of Wales
Albert 1 Markly late of England
lien Evan Jr late of Wales
Thomas I Evan late of Wales
Mayor Holbrook Calls a Meeting For
August 16th Select Delegated
To the Public
The third National Irrigation con
gress is called to meet in the city of
Denver Colorado for the seven days
beginning September 3 1894
At the above important convention
Provo city is entitled to one represent
ative Each irrigation company is
also entitled to one member Also I
each hortieultuial souety each body of
irrigation engineers the chamber of
commerce and board of trade
Believing that this mat er can better
be attended to in a public meeting a
meetutj is hereby called to convene in
the county courthouse August 16 1894 i
at 8 oclock p m for the rnjose I of
selecting delegates to said ocvention
It ip i very important that all irriga
tion companies especially be fully rep
resented at this meeting
Mayor of Provo City
A Card
To the kind friends who rcmem
tiered nq in the hour of oar beieave
inBnt and rendered us all the assistance
and consilatiou in their power we
wish to acknowledge our heartfelt
Mr and Mrs O W Hyde
Marvelous Results
From a letter written by Rev J
Gunderman of Dimondale Mch we
are permitted to make tni = e tract I
have no hesitation in recommendingDr
Kings New PiEc very as the results
were almost marvelous in the case of f
my wife While I was pastor of the
baptist Church at Rives Janction she
was brought down with Pneumonia
succeeding La Grippe Terrible par
oxvsms of coughing would last hours
with little interruption and it seemed
as if she ronld not survive them A
friend recommened Dr Kings New
Dipcoverv it wa quick in its work
aid hizHv satisfactory in redo ts
Trl br ttKs t free at Smnot Drug Co
Regular LZ 50c and SI 00
G J RWa Greats t3atrl l
J j
Highest of all in Leavening PowerLatest U S Govt Report
QYal B kin
Senate Bill < ie Accepte by
the House
Sy the House Making Sugar Iron Ore
Coal and Barbed Wijre Free Eepubli
cans Join with the Democrats In Voting
for Free Sugar
i I Dro I
WASHINGTON Augp3 In the house
this morning < Cha wan p Wilson took
the fluor immediately after roll call
The members eroiv ed around him
listening intently to e yry word Wll
son began with a reci i al of the difficul
ties encountered JET said each step
had been pursued will an ardent desiie
to support wiiii lion r the desires of
the house to resist wifit was regarded
as UKieasonabledermVda of the senate
H viewed therdillerences i in the
conference on the dis lilted
< items He
took up each piop sit un on sugar and I
spoke of the vastSprj t Us of the tingar
trust which world rf gilt from magi
of them He did d4 indulge in the
sharp citici8ID that t
5 expected on
the motives of the ser Ite conferees
Wilson spoke of tl tight made by
the house conferees f r a specific duty
01 sugar on tbegrom d that under the
ad valorem system Jt uld be irnpos
r sable to tell on accOUI 1 of the invoice
methods the exact dvantage wbulJ
would accrue to the ugar trust He
made the remarkable statement that
bo bad been creri iL f Jlld and
believed that the t r trust 14nttcipat
anti 1i tHtIn1t e lee sugar set d
l Ue had purchased Q Si20 O o00 worth ie
of raw sugar Iff i Was true he said
I the profits aocruin l I the trust from
Jj nl mt i hA n I
R up > U tpt UWerlCan
people anti the sUlZa trust 1t is a
battle in whch the tn 1St has taken the
people bv the throat n ad it will never
end until we have thiiwn off the grip
lucre was enthusiast lC applause at
this He proceeded to stat i that the house
conferees had been wi Hcft to concede
almost everything eXt ept these vital
items of sugar iron and coal The
senate conferees hud n so seewei will
I inc tocoueede much IJ It were app r
ently dominated by t1 onowlege that
II they concede Whl1lre representK
ti des demanlled the 4Ji i eonld not pass
and 111 agreement be sele8s WilsuJ
closed at 1105 ocJocW having taken
just au hour
McEBI8 Montgomery Me MiHan and
Turner corroboratt hi statements
I Mr Crisp folio ved tHa spoke with
much spirit and round after round of
applause greeted hifl remarks He
spoke of Ipe critical coy dit1on and aP
parent need to accept the senate bill
and then if need be intljoduce separate
bills for tree sugar iron and coal He
sad it was the senate bill or noth
ing I
AS long as there wts a desperate
chance 01 securing the concessions the I
house demanded wile in favor of
standing out but he was satisfied the
time had come when further instance I
by the house was useltfi He offered
a resolution instructing the house
conferees to recede troai i the disagree
ment and the ways and means commit
tee to bring in Eepanjta free sugar
iron and coal bills
A burst of applause g eeted the read
ing of the resolution but half a dozen
irate democrats were on their feet de
rnanding recognition prominent
among them being Bou ke Cochran of
New York
Mr Cockran declared hat there was
no necessity for the houjfe to surrealM
as yet and challenged i airman Wil
sons statement that 1 ur democratic
votes in the senate wool 1 be lost if the
fight proceeded He demanded the
names of the four senators but Mr
Wilson refused to give them
The previous question was demanded
on the Cnsu resolitiou and ordered b >
a vote of 112 to 21 Among those who
voted agnnst the previous question
were the Louisiana members Coukran
of New i ark and others Fifteen min
utes were then given to the opponents
of the resolution to state their position
WASHINGTON Aug 13The long
struggle over the tariff bill came to a
close at Q l oclock this evening when
the house by u vote of 182 to 107 de
cided to discharge the house conferees
from further consideration of the bill
recede frym its opposition to the 64
senate amendments and agree to the
It was a complete victory for the
senate The house made an absolute
The democrats who voted against the
motion were Mr Cockran of New
York Covert of New York Davey of
Alabama Dunphy of New York Ever
ett of Massachusetts Gorman of Michi
gan Hendrix of New York Jonson of
Ohio ° Meyer of Alabama Price of Ala
barn Tarsney of Missouri Warner of
New York
The Populists voted for the motion
The free coal bill was passed bv the
house yeas 160 j nays HH ArijWc +
ng present 1
Mr wn gq hq pGafe h t W d H
reeled by the rl > I > c caucus to I
I present the bJI
placing Iron ore on the
free list Mr WJo said he did not
I wish to consume any time The bill
I The vote to put barbpd wire on the
free list was Yeas 187 nay 84
After the free sugar bill had been
reported Mr Robertson of Louisiana
ffered an amendment reducing tht
bounty on near one eighth yearly
from uJy 1 1895 fo July 1 1901
The yeas and nays were then ordered
the republicans joining with tho dem
ociate In Doting for the free sugar bill
it pasing276 to 11
At 1025 the house adjourned until
OMAHA Aug 13 All the packing
houses were running almost U air lull
capacity tcday and man n en were
turned away lao applied ior work
The packers say that a great many of
their old men showed up for work and
those who are needed were taken back
and the other were paid off and told
that they would be Bent for if wanted
Some of the old men will never be
taken back
The strikers seem to be satisfied to
let matters take
ant they do not propose to interfere
with any men who go to work The
pickets fear that after the militia u >
gone the strikers will again commence
to intimidate their wroKmen and are
not in favor releasing the militia for
another week at least
PAliiSjAug 13The Board of Pardons
it was announced today maintains
the sentence of death imposed upon
Geronimo the assassin ct President
Uarnot next condemned to death on Friday
SHANGHAI Aug 13 There has been I
no confirmation of the reported engage
ment between the Chinese Pei Yang
equardiun and the Japanese fleet The
Juiiiesn fleet seems to have disap
peared and its whereabouts is a mys
iery Report lm it that Chinese war
vessels may shortly be heard from off
the Japanese coast
A FAHr i E 3AL of Hoods Sar
saparilla guarantees a complete
cure It is an honest medicine honest
ly advertised and it honestly CURES
Chnrm or New England Scenery
t There is something 2 the 21 o Eng
which is permanently attractive It is
never wearisome never monotonous In
winter the White hills are sternly se
rene and beautiful in their mantles of
snow and though less inviting than ir
summer appeal to tho imagination with
striking effect The variety of hill and
valley is such that even when tho snow
covers tho ground and nature takes on
the appearance of uniformity the charm
of the view is not lost but heightened
I have found the White mountains on
a frosty winter morning with heavy
clouds sweeping over the shoulders of
Mount Washington and the snow white
peak glistening in the sun as if it were
covered with diamonds irresistibly at
tractive to the imagination and awaken
ing strong emotions which could not
easily bo controlled There was a sever
ity in their outlines which never ap
pears when they are clothed in tho ever
green and the browns of the heated sea
son Donahoes Magazine
Italy produces 294 per cent of the
wine of the world Spain 238 per cent
and France 219 per cent the three na
tions producing 619 per cent of the fcg
gregato output amounting to 3370
000000 gallons
Dwarfs live much longer than giants
the latter usually having weak consti
cutions and soft and brittle bones
Brings comfort and improvement ana
tends to personal jtyment when
rightly used The many who live be
ter than others and enjoy life more with
less expenditure by more promptly
adapting the worlds best products tr
the needs of physical being will attest
the value to health of the pure liqui
laxative principles embraced in thi
remedy Syrup of Figs
Its excellence is due to ito presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative effectually cleansing the system
dispelling colds headaches and fever1
ana permanently curing constipation
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with tho approval of the medical
profession because it acts on the Kid
neys Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free froir
every objectionable substance
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug
gists in 50c and 1 bottles but it is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syruj
Co only whose name Is printed on ever
package also the name Syrup of Fig y
and being gull iafoizasd you will net <
lT > y c b1ijw l u o
OfUhA f C H
s of IItab I i <
y I i r 1 r
We have roan o Is for
c7 A 1 Pap or DJtterns
And have t concluded to ketp
i them on tin aft tirJ
nstlll y new
f pan
I i
1 1tt e will sell
cne any Piff
11 lr t r I we
liave in took nt the
uuifo m
251 price ofTen
Ten OeotS
9 i t a SECOND
We shall not keep stock ot
w hundreds of patternsbut every
r rf few days willreceive
3 receive new and
t selected designs in the usual
lt tll ll
lit will always have pat
I 1 f eras of the
L4 Lake designs in
4 Basque Costume Wraps Tea
1 LI f
Gowns and Ch1I drew s G
v 44 ar
men ts
I Ve want to
secur a the
1 q sistance of all our lady friends
to help us make our plan a
great success And in return
we will give them a firstclass
article of latest design for one
third the price formerly paid
232 for it
gDhw = LUU cJT51vkir
234 West Center Street Provo
The Star Moat Market
Cheever Brothers Proprietors
All Meats In Their Season
Only the Fattest Animals Slaughtered
Will be glad to see all the old Patrons of the house
Having lately returned from the South I am resuming
Business in Provo
Shops in the Rear of Excelsior Pharmacy
All Work Well z Promptly Done
Henry J Maiben
R a
Receiving Daily
m 3 Outi
S urrLitiire
lA7all PapsJ
Lace and Chenelle Curtains
Fo p1ng Trade

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