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Issued and Adopted the Territorial
Convention in Session at Salt Lake Sat
urday September 15 1894
We the democrats or Utah in con
ventiou assembled hereby reaffirm our
adherence to the principles of jusiic
and free government which the demo
cratic party was organized to establish
and preserve and which have been
embodied in the platform adopted by
the democracy in their national con
tionsWo believe in a strict construction of
the constitution peoples grant of
power to the ledeial poverument
the end tnat the rights 01 the respec
tive states may be preserved that lOcal
seltgoyerum may be eecureu and
that personal J rty may be exercised
to the fullest extent consistent with
the jmohc safety
We believe in wise economy in pub
lic expenditures that officials should
I be held to a ctuct accountability tor
theIr acts that the employment of the
taxing pjwer In auy form by which the
few are entitled to the impoverishment
I of tue many by which trade is de I
siroyed or obsttucted by which trusts i
are created and fostered and monop
olies sustained is a wicked perversion
I ot the powers uesitued for the common
I good
goodWe heiieve in commercial and indus
trial freedom and resent all attempts
to pit ent its exercise in the pro 10
thin of education by the state
in the full development of our national
resource in the encouragement and
advancement ot home industries in
the protection of labor from the en
croachments of capital and in equal
rights to all special privileges to
none We demand the passage of a law for
the free and unlimited coinage of both
silver and gold ata ratio of 1 to 1C
without waning tor the consent of any
other nation and that the govern
ment shall pay out silver so coined BE a
money of ultimate redemption the
same as gold
We commend the democratic con
gress and administration of the meas
ures ol reform which they have suc
ceeded in effecting by which hundreds
of millions ot dollars will be annually
saved by American consumers and all
classes ot people will be bene
fited In the arrangement ot tariff
duties we fayor sued adjustment as
will operate equally throughout the
country and not discriminate as be
tween classes or sections We contend
that such duties as are laid on foreIgn
imports should be levied for revenue
only as contemplated in the national
We emphatically disapprove of the
course of tnobe democrats who by
Combining with the republicans thwar
ted the expressed will ot the people in I
iHierence to the tariff and prevent
ed the restoratIon of silver to its right
plaie as money
We endorse the income tax provision
of the tariff law by which a more
equtabie distiioution Is made of the
burdens of taxation and wealth as
well as want is required to contribute
its share to the public expense
We endorse the acts 01 the democra
tic congress and administration In
abulishiijg the oppressive and anti
American tederal election laws ani
thus tecuring freedom to citizens at
the yolls
In so i evising the pension lists that
the frauds which have robbed the
treasury of vast sums of money will be
pre ented in future while no worthy
pensioner will be deprived of the aid to
which his services are entitled
In restoring to a religious organiza
tion in Utah its personal property
< which was confiscated under 1 the pro
111I viuvima 01 law with the prospect ot tbe
furtner restoration of the real estate
also escheated
In the appointments which have
been made ot actual residents of the
ten torv to public office many of them
native to the soil oi Utah a policy al
togethei different from that of republi
can administrations
In throwing open to settlement the
Uintah and Uncompahgre reservations
by which a vast area 01 tillable graz
ing and mineral lands will be utilized
by white labor and skill and be added
loathe wealth ot Utah
In passing an enabling act by which
Utah may enter the union as a free
and sovereign stateon an equal footing
with the exfsting states For this Utah
owes a debt of gratitude to the demo
cratic congress and president whose
Kind treatwent of this teintory stands
out in striking contrast to that harsh
ness and enmitv extended by republi
can congresses ai administrations for
thirty years
We are proud of our delegate to Con
gress Hon J b Rawlins to whose
fidelity pereeyerence and splendid
political tact and energy the numerous
measures of legislation so beneficial to
Utah have been obtained His unpar
allelea success has demonstrated to the
people ot Utah that they made no mis
take in sending him to the national
legislature where he was recognized as
the peer ot his associates and a man of
rnaiHi and ability
We denounce the republican party
for its obstruction to those remtdcal
measures demanded by the country to
rescue trade industry ana business
from the chaos into which they were
drifting through republican legislation
s and misrule
For attempting to foist the blame
upon the democratic party for the ef
fects of republican maladministra
tionBy the demonetization of silver and
the unconstitutional and partial sys
tem of claes protection the masses of
the people have been impoverished the
agricultural and laboring classes op
pressed and the land disturbed by the
riots of dissatisfied workmen and the
cries of the unemployed
We point to the only republican leg
islature of Utah as a simple of the in
competency partisanship and folly
which that party would exhibit if
placed in power in the new state
In attempting to deprive the public
schools of onesixth of the revenue es
sential to their support refused to
grant necessary funds for the univer
sity the agricultual college and other
public institutions of an educational
and reformatory character tried to ap
propriate large sums of public money
bounties lor layered private indue
tries did make expenditures for which
no revenue was provid d drafted
memorials to congresscontaining errors
of fact and fallacies in principle re
sorted to evasion of duty and political
trickery which were disgusting to on
lookers and made the assembly a laugh
ing stock to the public
We appeal to the people of Utah to
adhere to the principles of the party
which has endured since the nation
was founded and to see to it that the
coming state shall rest upon the broad
foundation of those doctrines which the
father of democracy promulgated
We demand that the constitution of
the new state shall be framed on a
nonpartisan basis shall provide for the
equal protection of all law abiding citi
zens We demand that economy shall rule
in all branches of the public service
that public money Shall be expended
only fur public uses and that no class
of the community shall be specially
favored by the state to the detriment
of any other class
We rejoice In the fact that it is i
through the labors of a democratic del
egate that a democratic congress at its
mstregular session has given to Utah
the freedom for which she so long ap
pealed to republican admInistrations
in vain and that a aemocratic presi
dent signed the enabling act as soon as
it was presented to him
In view of the benefits conferred by
the democratic party upon this terri
tory and the utter absence ot any ben
efit received from the republican party
and of the undying orinciples of liberty
and equal rights which democracy up
holds we are fully confident that the
people Utah who are not forgetful
or ungrateful will so rally to the polls
in November that the victory of 1892
will repeated and Utah will enter I
the union crowned with glory as a free
and democratic state
The democrats of Utah are unequivo
cally in favor of woman suffrage and
the political rights and privileges of
women equal 0 Ill those or men includ
ing eligibility to office and we demar d
that such guarantees shall be provided
in the constitution of the state of
Utah as will secure to the women of
Utah these inestimable rights
And we demand that in providing for
the settlement and disposal of the pub
lic lands granted to the state of Utah
care thould be taken to prevent epecu
lat on therein and to provide for small
holdings and that the arable portion
thereof should 1e granted only to act
ual settlers upon and cultivators of
the same
We denounce as unAmerican any
society or organization that is pledged
to deprive any citizen of his right to
vote or hold office on account of his religious
ligious beliefs or nationality
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The Peoples Department of
The Dispatch Think For
It Write For It
Edited by Sam A Kins
Nature is made better by no mien
But nature oiakes that mien
And oer the art which you say adds
to nature
Is an art that nature makes
The above is conceded to be true by
every student of nature in its physical
and vital forms and it is equally true
in the domain of intellect
Every socalled improvement on
nature if traced backward to that i
which gave birth to the suggestion i
will be found to have its origin in
nature Whenever men depart from
the simple laws of nature in their mode
of living serious consequences result
And whenever men depart from the
teachings of natuie in framing laws for
the control of industry and commerce
they drift away from the moorings of
safety and stability
The law of nature relative to its un
restricted intermingling of the ele
ments is the only safe guide that men
can follow in their industrial and com
mercial relations Whenever digres
sions from that law are made indus
trial and commercial paralysis results
and just in proportion to the length of
time and greatness of the departure
from the natural law of interchange
are the inevitable consequences Na
ture demands the utmost farthing of
he penalty she inflicts for any infrac
tion of her laws
Every industrial and commercial
panic that has afflicted the human fam I
il y can be traced to obstructive legisla
tion or to some glut caused by over
production or unwise speculation
Protection socalled in the fictitious
or artificial values which it induces
stimulates production far beyond the
demands of the consumers of the pro
ducts and stagnation in those lines of
industry is the natural result And it
t lois to raafcon that the greater the
pro sction caused by higher tariff laws
nd the more uumeioua the products
hat ire thus protected the greater
will be tha incentive to production
and wben the markets refuse to receiVe
ceive the surplus products greater
tagnatiou will be the sure and natural
consequence and those that have been
engaged in manuf cturing those pro
tected commodities are forced to shut
down their works and discharge their
emp oyes
Thus dots tho stagnation caused by
prottction icsult in two evils First
suddenly throwing on the labor market
thousands of men and women that are
dependent on their daily toil for their
daily bread and the sudden lowering
of the price of products far below the
cost of manufacture
In order to check production and
maintain prices the manufacturers
form combinations factories are shut
down or the number j f their employes
reduced and the prul cts disposed of
in accordanre with the demands of the
consumers Ti us are the manufactur
era forced to the unlawful creation
of combines in order to protect them
selves from the inevitable consequen
ces of the protection for which they are
For more than thirty years the republican
ican party has been building tariff
dams in the stream of industry and
commerce Every few years they have
increased the height of those protec
tive dams and by eo doing have clog
ged and obstructed the natural chan
nels of trade until the mighty pressure
baa been so great that our industries
have been unable to withstand the
artificial strain and the result is that
wreck and ruin have come to them
An acorn may be planted in the soil
of a hot house and in the heated arti
ficial atmosphere of such a place its
growth will be so unnaturally stimu
lated that it will attain a growth in a
few years equal to that of fifty years
hi its natural soil and climate In an
earance it would resemble an oak but
ts fibre would not be nearly so dense
nor tougn and if exposed to the chill
ing blasts of winter it would wither
and die
Many of the industries of the United
States have grown up in the heated
and stimulating atmosphere of artifi
clal protectionand today the people are
witnessing the devastating effects of
such artificial growth
Suppose the industrial development
of our nation had been exposed to
natural trade laws and environments
growth would have been slowerbut
like the oak that has grown up in the
open air and subjected to alternations
ot heat and cold the industries of our
land would have been rugged and
healthy and would have weathered
the storms and tempests of natural
conditions Such a thing as a combine
which flourishes test under artificial
conditions would have been almost
unknown Strikes would b aye been
less frequent because the industries
would haye been developed in propor
tion to the needs of consumers and
overproduction would have been out
ot the question Every strike lessens
the wages of the employes by the law
of competition among those out of
employment for the privilege of labor
ing in those industries not affected by
Had unrpstrected trade been the
policy of tne United States the large
foreign element would not have been
lured to this land by the glitter of
higher wages and thus the competition
between American toilers for American
= < V
employment would have been reduce
I to the minimum Under the soi > allec
protection policy of the republican
party and the high wages incident to
the civil war wages in this country
were at the highest point thirtv years
aso and every time a foot or EO has
been added to the height of the tariff
dam wages have cone down As be
fore stated those same high prices for
labor have brought hither hundreds of
thousands of foreigners who not only
have been competitors with American
working men but they have become a
menace to the very existence of the
industries that attracted them tothis
land and to the government that
shelters them
The democratic party have charged
the protective policy oi their opponents
with the crime for it is a crime of
building up one section of the country
at the expense of another ano of foster
ing one industry to the detriment of
That indictment has been met only
with derision hut there is a case in
hand which eyery man and woman in
Utah can uiiderBtiud
Thirty years ago the valleys and so
called deserts of southern Utah were
covered with grass white sage bud
sage etc which furnished nutritive
and almost unlimited pasturage for
tens of thousands of cattle The
mountains provided a luxuriant sum
mer range from which the cattle would
emerge so fat and sleek that they
could endure the severity of winters
with but little loss of flesh or numbers
All it cost in those daysto raise a steer
was a week spent twice each year at
the spring and fall drives
The owner of two or three cows could
regain posseision of them at the spring
drives and by securing the calves
could turn them on the rich natural
meadows adjoining the town and make
buttei during the summer for winter
use In the tall tIe could turn out his
cows and the natural increase would
in a few years male him independent
But protection to the wool industry
came along and the stockmen as i
class have been ruined
Protection of wool so stimulated the
sheep industry that the mountains
and vallejs have been tIlled with
droves of sheep whose close grazing
and sBaip hoofs Lave destroyed the
forage vegetation in the mountains
and are rapidly killing the grass and
sage of the desert ranges
Jn addition to the natural profits of
wool growing the protection afforded
tho ownere enabled them to make trcm
fifty to seventyfive per cent on th in
vestment This fact stimulated the
industry all over the United States to
the extent that the supply of native
wools exceeded the demand and right 1
in the face of the highest tariff ever 5
known on wool it began to deprecIate
in price until competition in tba sell
ing markets and a still closer compe
tion lor western ranges had wellnigh
ruined the industry before the panic
which i 1 fifTjv tcniJafrle to the pro
tective policy finished the work of
ruin to the wool industry of the west
Now will not the most obdurae of
our friends the republicans acknowl
edge that those who raise stock are
one class and that cheepmen are an
other class Will they not concede that
the tariff increased their profits Will
they not ala > concede the fact that the
unnatural profits of wool growing in
duced an unnatural expansion of the
industry Will they not grant that
the million and over of sheep in Utah
denuded the range to the extent that
cattle cannot now live where ten or
fifteen years ago they would thrive
In short will not any candid man con
cede that the sheep industry has killed
the cattle iLdustry and that in so do
ing one class has suffered for the ben
efit of another class aud that this con
dition of things has been wrought by
the unnatural illogical wagedestroy
lug and damnable policy of protectionism
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Principal Cities of Europe
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annum S1tJrl npwarcl
Excelsior Seller 1141118
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the city
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Provo City Box 39
The on ly holder of a gold medal in
Utah Awarded at the Territorial
Fair 1891
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Salt Lake 825 Ant
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For the
SomjWookly Dispatch
jAIL V600

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