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IOHN L BARTOW Editor and Prop
Two weeks from tomorrow will close
one of the most remarkable political
campaigns which has ever been waged
in any state or territory of this union
Remarkable for many things indeed is
this campaign I is the first really
hotl contested battle since the divis
ion on national lines and it istruly re
markable that the Mormon people have
been able in one effort to pull themgelvc s
so nearly out of the prejudices of a
lifetime and t get up upon the high
plane of national politics Under their
4 previous theocratic methods the church
saved the citizens from all worry as to
politics especially upon national
themes In a day ail this is changed
and the good people ot Utah arrange
themselves upon national lines and
enter the battle as fierce earnest and
enthusiastic partisan democrats and
republicans I IS evidence conclusive
of the entire good faith of this people
and it can no longer be said of them
that they are only shamming and that
ulterior and unknown influences are di
recting the political bearing of partici
pants on either or both sides of the
battle We think it is high time now
that the charge of bad faith be with
drawn No people have ever been I
more outspoken and determined than
these in conducting a political cam
We think too that the advantages
have aU along been with the demo
ciats I the first place we have at
the head of our ticket by far the
best man A man who by his
ability has attracted the attention of
j the nation and who by his patriotism
and love of Utah has won the lovecon
fidence and favorable attention of the
men of Utah The republicans have at
the head of their ticket a man remark
able for no peculiar virtue He is a fair
speaker only but he has won no dis
tinction as a man of affairs He has
been but as yet a trifler in the affairs
of life He has given no evidence of
the possession of those high qualities
which BO greatly distinguished his op
ponent There is nothing which par
ticularly distinguishes Mr Cannon and
point to him as one of all others to en I
trust with interests so grave We all
know that he is not and we also all
Know that Rawlins is the man of all
others in this territory who may be so
entrusted and with entire safety The
amnesty proclamation of Mr Cleve
land i another circumstance which
i wins the confidence and good feeling
of th people of Utah I must neces
sarilly have a good effect in the dis
position of the vote The general ex
cellence of the democratic county
tickets over those of the republicans
especially on the constitutional conven
tion delegates is a subject of general
and almost universal comment This
must effect the result favorably for us I
and very powerfully too Thus we
Bay that the advantages so far have
been powerfully in our favor
We have had in the field as cam
paigners more illustrious men more
eloquent speakers and abler men in all
respects We have made no mistakes
We have made a strong clean canvass
They can charge us with nothing un
seemly or wrong and do it truthfully
We haye had no Joseph P Smith I
breaks we have had no Booth jokes
no redheaded men escapades no
Looses The fact is we have made a
clean manly campaign and they are
vastly beaten in all the aspects of the
fight This is why we look to the end
with the utmost confidence that vic
tory is assured for the entire demo i
cratic ticket both county and state I
A certain pious republican in Alpine
is industriously circulating the state
ment that it is the wish of the first
presidency of the Mormon church that
the republican party should prevail
this fall and he quotes as his authority i
a certain bishop who in turn named a
higher church official as his source of
information No doubt this same
scheme is being worked elsewhere just
as it has been in every campaign since
the division movement We know the
republican organ in this city is openly
appealing to democratic Mormons for
assistance to that party But as our
readers have been informed from time
po time the church authorities bays
repeatedly denounced such false
claims and the Ueseret News has as
often rebuked them
On Saturday evening last the News
again takes up this matter and se
verely castigates those who try to
make it appear that it is the will of
Diety that voters should support cer
tain men platforms or political doc
trines and adds
The Inchest human authority to
which the Latterday Saints are under
obligation by virtue of their chnrch
membership and religious professions
to look for counsel has suggested to
them distinctly and repeatedly to in
vestigate forjthemselves as individuals
the teachings of all political parties
extant in the country and the merits
and capabilities of the candidates they
respectively put forth and then vote
accordinJ to the conscientious convic
tions which are produced by such in
vestigation They have been advised
to be pure and to keep aloof from the
evils and abuses that usually character
ize electoral campaigns Further than
this there has been no announcement
nf the will of the Lord upon the sub
ject and we trust our readers will take
early and corstant opportunity to re
buke with all severity every attempt
thus to use the sacred name either by
comparison 01 intimation in the realms i
of the scramble
We repeat the injunction of the
News to rebuke with severity all
such attempts to impose upon the peo
JUDGE lOWERS is a great orator and
Saturday nights effort at the opera
house was one of the greatest of his
life Wit humor pathos ridicule
solid argument irrefutable truth his
tory and poetry were each In its turn
called up to duty in this most master
ful speech Vast good was done No
reasonable man could stand by the
array of figures and facts presented
without feeling that the whole argu
ment wan with Judge Powers There
was an immense throng present The
house was packed and the immense
audience cheered the speaker to the
POWERS is a holy terror to shams and
pretenses of all kinds le dressed some
ot em down Saturday night in the
Provo opera house in good style The
speaker pleased whoheard himeven
the republicans Read the great
speech on the third page of todays
DISPATCH I will bear a close read
ing and it is grandly worthy of it too
I Is talk like this which punctures the
pretenses of the God and Morality
party I Frankie can make head
after this hell prove a good one to be
sure One cannot help feeling pity for
the poor little fellow in his hot lead
TIE democratic glee club covered
itself with glory Saturday night Mr
J W Booth the author of the song
tb3y sang won imperishable glory
His takes offwere simply superb and
when the rich mellow voices were ad
ded to it the charm was overpowering
The wonderful applause the thing re
ceived was rich guerdon to both the
author and the club I was well done
IF the people would work for purity
in poltics or anything else they would
not work with a man who besmirched
his wife and his own home before he
had any legal or moral right to call it
his by that tender name This is a
pretty fellow indeed to be bellyaching
about purity in politics or anything
else Bahl It is disgusting
WE agree with the Enquirer and
Tribune as to the propriety of their
discussion of the question as to what
party kept Utah out of the union
Stick a discussion constitutes a terrific
arraignment of the republican partv
Joseph F Smiths declarations undei
this head are a terrible circumstance
to the dismayed republicans
THE Enquirer fully endorses the
goldbug theories of Prof Tanner One
can hardly believethe statement but
it is true nevertheless But just now
the republican party is making a series
ot the most gigantic mistakes ever
made by any political party since the
world began
THE DISPATCH Dodger tackles
something today a little in excess of
its measure and something its enyious
rival has never dared to undertake
We are sure our readers will appro
ciate the favor
TIE venerated and beloved presi
dent of Utah stake was on the stage at
the opera house Saturday night Pres
ident Smoot is a true blue democrat
lET the democrats watch the
Tintic colony on the day of election It
will pay to do so I
POWERS is a bold able powerful
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c J
3 1 2
0 f dB PntlURS 3
Below is given the great speech of
Hon O W Powers of Salt Lnkej as
delivered by that gentleman at the
Provo opera house on Saturday even
ng October 20th 1894
The speech was delivered with
masterly skill and it was freely
punctuated with hearty and loud ap
plause from the vast audience
Mr Powers said
JV Chairman Ladies and Gentlemen
In this the Garden city of Utah with
its valley of fruits and flowers and its
clear crystal lake one ought not to be
compelled to argue to any extent in
behalf of the party of the people and
against the tory party of these latter
days Because you are a people of
home nd the democratic party is a
home loving party it believes in home
rule it is opposed to special privileges
and to the t rule either of kings or of
aristocrats I always feel at home
among iou and you always seem to
me my neighbors When I lived here
I learned to like you and to like your
town and I have never taken from my
heart the flowers of metiory which took
root whe wen daily met
I is also a pleasure for me to address
youbecause the Tirnpanogos tribe of the
einocratic party of your city has
joined hands with the Tuscaroras and
unite thin evening to do battle against
our common enemy under the leader
ship of Hnwlins who has honored the
democracy by accrpting its nomination
for congress When I say that the
democratic party has been honored by
his acceptance i spaak advisedly
His record In congress is such that
he ranks among the leading men of the
land His services have been puch
that lie is recognized as a statesman
His sterling integrity and rigid adher
ence t what is right independent of
party expediency mark him as a leader
of men His name adds lustre to the
democratic banner and with him as our
candidate we need no platform Those
who have observed his straighforward
course even though they disagree with
him politically are obliged to recognize
his worth and they are only able to ad
vanes the argument that he is a demo
crat as a reason for voting against him
He has advanced himself to that posi
tion that the strongest words that his
opponents can say is that he is better
than ho partv he represents That is
the kind of a man whom the democrats
have nominated and I firmly believe
tbat he will lead the democratic hosts
to a great and lasting victory His
defeat would mean the defeat of the
peoples cause It would mean that the
voice or one ot the ablest and bravest
advocates ot silver would not be heard
m Its behalf It would mean that one
of tue truest of Utahs public servants
u uid be discharged in order that a
repuuiiuan partisan might gain I
would mean that in Utah a man who
is brave enough to battle for the right
no matter what the consequences is
not appreciated by those whom bu
laithfully served We may grant all
tue arguments of the republicans to be
true when they loudly declaim against
the democratic party and yet Rawlms
IS worthy of your votes for republicans
day thiit ha i better than bis party and
that they admit that he has never worn
a bras collar about bis neck chaininK
uiitji to the advocacy of anything tend
ing to the injury of his people In his
public life he has been actuated by no
mean nor unworthy motives He has
pursued the right as he has been en
abled t see the right and re has not
knowingly permitted any injustice to be
done even to the least lullatiitial and
the lowliest of our people He has
been tue servant of republicans popu
lists aDd democrats He has not lav
ored the Catholic nor the Amormt he
has not discriminated between the
Mormon and the gentile He has been
without fear and above reproach seek
ing only to advance the interests 01
Utah and 1 her people
Such a man is needed in these trying
times in the congress as our repre5enta
ive The great issue before the American
can people todayand one that must be
settled betore we can have perfect and
lasting prospeiityis tLe financial ques
tion Under our present laws we are
chained gagged bound hand and toot
by a merciless Suylock Back of the
thrones of Europe back of our finan
ciers and legislators sits thu money
power dictating terms and cracking
its whip over the heads of the enslaved
masses The elided coach of Dives
every day rides over Lazarus Every
day new schemes are launched bring
ing the working people nearer to the
condition of peonage toward which we
are tending The concentrated forces
of capital which were mobilized behind
the entrenchments furnished by the
iurDshed re
publican tantf policy are constantly
devising means to make the people
their abject slaves What England
could not do with shot and shell she is
accomplishing by means of the money
power and is making of America a de
pendency to Lombard street Taking
advantage of the cunningly devised
protection laws she has invested in our
stocks and controls many of our lead
ing industries She has enslaved us
with debt She has purchased our
securities until we are compelled to pay
her each year 8200000000 in interest
and through the craven policy of the
east she has been enabled to compel
its payment in gold Our capitalists at
home united by the cohesive power of
public plunder have by means of our
tariff laws created gigantic trusts and
monopolies that have the industries of
the land by the throat and which sow
the seeds of poverty among the masses
The first ray of light that has greeted
the people for years shot through the
dark clouds when the Wilson bill
crippled although it wasby the senate
became the law of the land It came
to the people like a rainbow of promise
painted upon the heavens bythe hand
of divinity I brought home to all the
glad truth that the outer works of the
enemy had been captured Like a
liberty hell it rang out the tidings that
the hosts of greed and of mammon
with their money their lobby their in
luence their vast political powerafter
a legislative battle of a years dura
tion had been forced to a conditional
surrender Our flag has been planted
upon their outer works never again
to be struck down and the life blood of
trade begins to flow through the arteries
of the nation and to warm into life the
lopes of the people The victory which
democracy secured in the last congress
for the toiling masses is as great in its
way as that which was wrung
from King Lhu by the barons at Run
But the fight is still on and the full
measure of relief which the people BO t
> 1
sorely need is not yet obtained Battle
alter battle must yet be fought in the
halls of legislation before there will be
handed to the people the full measure
of their rights The tireless and aggres
sive foe is not jet beaten to the death
The people of this fertile and this
fruitful land will never remove the
usurers yoke until River is remonet
ized and is placed UPLn an equality
with gold The laws which favor
capital and which debase labor must
be repealed The privileges which
have been given to the creditor class
and which bear so heavily upon all
debtors must be abrogated The policy
which has increased the yalue of money
and decreased the value of propertv
must become a thing of the past Uolci
must step down from the throne and
manhood must receive the crown This
war against power and pelf must be
waged by the masses of the people
The spirit which inspired your fathers
atBennington and Bunker Hill must
thrill you The determination to gather
again to yourselves the privileges and
advantages which have been stolen
must be fixed ana immovableYou have
entered upon no holiday campaign
The press ot the east a powerful nnd
influential force is almost eolid against
you Pelf interest and the combined
power of money will seek tc thwart
your endeavors You will find the
united republican party giving you
battle ana the goldite democrats will
traitorously fire in your rear There
vill have to be a concerted movement
by all nen who believe alike and it
devoUes upon the men of Utah to take
their first step in that direction by re
electing Rawlins to congress
I is conceeded that be cannot be
movEd by expediency or party clamor
It Is admitted that he is brave enough
tortriticise any man no matter how
great nor how popular he may be who
is against us in this fight And what
we want is a man in congress tried
tru and fearless and not mere prom
ises which tickle the ear when made and
which make the heart sick when they
are broken A platform declaration is
nothing uness you have the man who
will carry it into effect The ringing
declarations of conventions are for
gotten after the election has passed
and unless the man chosen is a plat
form himself the wishes of those who
named him are too frequently of no
avail The strongest of our men and
those who have been tried and not
found wanting are needed to cope
with the eastern financiers and the
paople of Utah should act wisely anc
for their own interests I was sur
prised and disappointed the other day
when 1 read in the republican organ
of Utah that the republicans of
Utah must make haste to put them
selves in accord with the republicans
of the east We all know where the
republicans of the east stand upon the
silver question They are against us
But I Had hoped and believed that
the republicans of our own territory
would stand with us I they are to be
in accord with the sentiment of the
east then we must fight the battle
alone for the battle must be fought out
and the right must be made to prevail
I republican candidate for con
gress is lin accord with the views of i
eastern republicans then he is not the
man to represent the farmers miners
merchants and working men of Utah
He is an untried man He is ambit
ious and anxious for preferment and
the path to honor ir America today is
unfortunately more easily traveled If
one puts himself uin accord with the
n of the east The republican can
cthttejdnot yet pro en that he is
better than his party a He promised
us when he acoepted the nomination
that he would not resign if elected I
presume that by that remark he de
sired us to understand that no conduct
of his party or his party leaders would
force him to yield up his office in order
to preserve his aelfrespect and his in
dependence Is he the man to take up
the work which Kawlms has begun for
our interests and carry it i to success
Aud that is the question which you
must ask yourselves when you come to
You must also remember that the
party whose standard he bears is un
der the denunciation of the monied in
terests 01 Wall street In the empire
state the republican party has nomi
nated a London banker tor governor
Hon Levi P Morton He has a bank
in New York and he has a bank in
LoEdon In no eastern state has the
republican party sounded a word in
convention for free silver On the
other hand the democrats of Ohio of
Michigan of Illinois of Indiana and
other great states are for silver
Enough democratic state and territor
ial conventions have declared for silver
to control the next denrcratic na
tional convention I is safe to assume
that the next national campaign will
be fought with flee silver written upon
the democratic banners unless the
cause of the people before that time
meets with the success it deserves
The hope for silver men lies with de
mocracy Here in Utah the democratic
party has declared for free silver
whether any other nation wan to it or
not and that will yet be the slogan of
thejjational democracy More than
that the next democratic candidate
for president will be a free silyer man
The democratic party has always
been the friend of silvei True there
have been reverses just as there have
been in tariff reform but in view of
the record no reasonable man can com
plain of the demociacys record on this
question Individuals have differed
from the party but the party has al
ways been right
Senator John P Jones sajs
Having become fully convinced that the re
publican party organization is unalterably
opposed to uiu ii uu uuiuuxu ui buyer at mo
ratio ol 16 to 1 or M all oxcont witn the con
cant of foreign governments and at 1 ratio to
be dictated by thHn I have to announce I
cn no longer act with that part
Speaker Crisp democrat says
1 am in favor of the free coinaio of eiver
The Ohio democratic state platform
We believe silver should be restored to the
position it occupied as money prior to its
demonetisation by the republican party and
t that end we favor unlimited coinage of
silver at a ratio of 16 to 1 and with equal
legal tender power
The majority of the democratic statt
platforms make the same declaration
Franklin McYeagh democratic nom
inee for Senator in Illinois pays
Silver ought to be romonetized The coin
ago of silver ought to be frre
And in another speech says
I believe as much in the benefits to bo de
rived under tariff reform as any man in the
United statef hut I do not believe that final
ultimate prosperity will come to this country
through tariff reform alone
Sliver must become a part of the standard
currency and equal with gold because thero
is no possibility of doing the business of the
world with gold alone
What hups have silver men from the
republican party What indication is
there that it will shake off Shylocks
yoke and become the champion of the
masses r McKiniey is their director
general in matters of political economy
and in his opening speech in Maine in
his candidacy for the presidential nom
ination he said not one word in behalf
of the white metal ExSpeaker Reed
Y r T J
l I
jsrwe 85 r
is lanothef republi8ah candidate foi
president and ne bag placed himself on I
record as opposed to silver coinage
without the consent of Europe Benja
min Harrison is another and we all
know where Harrison atands upon the
silver question Levi P Morton is also
siver queston
in line for the high office and he is a
gold bug of all the gold bugs Don
Cameron of Pennsylvania i in disgrace
with his party in that state because he
said a few words in silvers behalf On
the other hand the democrats of the
souththe west and of the middle states
are true friends of silver and they will
dictate who the next democratic nomi
nee shall be I
The only way that we haye of judg
ing as to what the republican party will
do is through its past history upon the
financial question The Bible says
By their fruits ye shall know them
Lat us see what has been the course of
the two great parties upon this all im
portant question By so doing we will
party not do any injustice to the republican
In 1S73 republicans demonetzed
silver In 1875 republicans defeated a
free coinage bill In 1876 when the
democrats had a majority m the house i
for the first time in sixteen years a free
coinage bill was vjted for by 121 demo I
crats and 36 republicans voted against
it In 1877 another free coinage bill
received nearly the same vote In 1878
a dem cratic > silver bill which restored
the status of the silver dollar passed
the house over the presidents veto 122
democrats voting for it and 52 repub
licans voting against i In 1878 in
the senate republicans tried to defeat
the BlandAllison act authorizing the
purchase and coinage of at least 2OOO
000 of silver per month 0a April 8
1886 record page 3300a bill was voted
on in the house on the free c inage of
shyer 96 democrats voted for the bill
and 93 republicans against On the
same day record 3300 an amendment
was offered to suspend the coinage of
silver 51 republicans voted in its lavor
and 130 democrats against In the
house on June 26 ISSo L3 republican
voted for free silver and 130 against On
April 8 1888 30 republicans voted for
silver and 98 against In the same
year on June 7th 15 republicans voted
for silver and 127 against In the sen
ate on June 171890 15 republican
voted for silver and 25 against On June
71890 record page 58i3 a motion
was made to recommit the bullion bill
or Slieiman law socalled and with di
rections to report a bill for the free
coinage of silver 101 democrats voted
for the motion and republicans voted
against it On June 25 1890 record
page 6510 MI Bland offered an
amendment in favor of the free coin
age of silver 112 democrats voted for it
and 130 republicans voted against i
In the house on March 21 189211 re
publicans voted for silver and 64
against In the senate July 1 2 189211
republicans voted lor silver and 19
against In the house July 131892 9
republicans voted for silver and OU
against In the house on August 23
Ifc93 on the vote to repeal the Sher
lan law 111 republicans voted for re
peal and 13 against On October 28
1893 record page 2920 when the Sher
man law repeal was before the senate
a vote was taken on the question of the
coinage of 2000000 ounces ot silver per
month 23 democrats including Mr
Allen of HeIrs a and Mr Kyle oj
South Dakota voted for it and 20 re
publicans against On October 30
1893 record page 2938the senate voted
for the repeal of the Qherman law 24
republicans voted for repeal and 21
democrats against In the house in
1893 on the Bland free silver bill 15
republicans voted for silver and lit
against In the senate on the same
bill for it passed the democratic houae
18 republicanb voted in its favor and 20
against Whenever the silver question
has been betore congress republicans
have voted it down Had they jjiueo j
with the democrats on that queauoii a
any time during the past 20 3 tarssilvei
would have been reuionetized coinage
wouli have been made free ana unlim
ited at a ratio of l to 1 and piusperit
would have blessed this peop By
their fruits ye shall know them ano
I do no injustice to republicans II
charging that there is no hope iu
silver through the medium ot then
party As well might silver republi
cans attempt to suspend the laws o
gravitation as to attempt to brea r iht
chains which unite them to tho goldet
And s e must nave free silver coin
age at the ratio of 1 to 16 i care tt
free the slaves which the money power
has made It is tht boast 01 the ie
publican orators that their party nudt
free tour millions or black men Grant
this and yet the truth stares us in the
lace that by means republican finan
cial more than ten white
men have have been enslaved to ole
black man madu freeAnd this is slaver
most oppresdive and degrading The
masses of the people have been bound
ProinetheuShke to gold while the
vultures of usury are pecking at their
vitals Tantalus like the people are
surrounded by the waters of lire from i
which we may nol drink In the midst I
of plenty we are in want with the
bounteous provisions of u generous
trod we build soup houses for the poor
and pack about the burdens for the
rich Tale nation should learn something
from history As was said by the
United fcstatea monetary commission ot
1878 At the Christian era the me
tallic money of the Roman empire
amounted to 1800000000 JBy the end
of the fifteenth century it had shrunk
to 200000000 Dr Adam Smith says
that in 1455 the price or wheat in Eng
land was two pence per bushel The
monetary commission says that popu
lation dwindled and commerce
arts wealth and freedom all
disappeared Tne people were
reduced by poverty and insery to the
most degraded conditions of serfdom
and slavery The disintegration of so i
ciety was almost complete History
records no such disastrous transition
as that from the Roman empire to the
dark ages The discovery of the new
world by Columbus restored the vol
ume ot precious metals brought with
it rising prices enabled society to re
unite its shatlereu links shake off the
shackles c feudalism and to relight
ind uplift the almost extinguished
torch of civilization
How did the new world in 1893 cele
bratuthe great discovery of Columbus
I invited all the nations of the word
to come to our shores and display then
productions I built the magic White
City by the lake and astonished the
earth with its enterprise and industry
At the same time by its legislation it i
gave the final blow to the white metal
which had been to it such a faithful
servant and which had made the
woilds fair possible and added still
more to the burdens which have op
pressed the people since 1873 At the
very time that the millions were VIew
ing the wonders of that marvelous ex
position honest labur seeking employ
ment that it could not find clustered
hungry and shelterless about flat
statute of Columbus on the lake front
with no hope in its heart and with dis
pair painted in its lusttrlesa eyes
More than twenty years ago the
r8rt crime against the people in the
emoiietizsition of silver was perpe
trated During all those years it has
beau in the power of the republican
party to give relief to the people for
it has had control of the legislative
branch of the goyernme t through its
control of the senate Why if it is m
favor of silver has it not rectified the
terrible wrong By their Iruits ye
shall know them and the frui given
us by the republican party has been
dead sea fruit which turned to ashes
on the lips It is through democracy
that relief will come It is the de
mocracy that must make tbe tight
Let us examine this silver question a
Kttle and see if we cannot make plain
the fact that silver should have re
stored to it the money function In
arithemetic the figure one is a unit
All sums are multiples oi that unit It
is the necessary basis from which to
start And so in creating money a
unit or starting point essential At
the beginning of this government con
gress declared silver and gold to be
money In 1792 the silver dolhr of
371 > grains was created the unit of
values All other money counted from
this dollar Gold money Counted from
that Silver was the basis and the
eagle was equal to ten silver dollars
The ratio between gold and silver was
at first fixed at 15 to 1 That is the
silver dollar was just fifteen times
heavier than tbe gold dollar In Ib3l
the ratio was changed to 16 to 1 but
the silver dollar was not changed The
gold dollar was made lighter The
silver dollar remained the same con
taining 37H grains from 1792 until 1873
In 1873 the unit clause ot 1792 was
changed so that it read
Tlmt the gold coins of the United States
shall bo a one dollar piece of the standard
weight twenty live and eighttenths grains
shallb3 the unit of value
At the same lime free coinage of sil
ver was abolished by stealth and
fraud The bill vent through congress
like the silent tread ot the cat Sil
ver was no longer upon an equality with
gold and all values were measured by
the gold yard stick Gola grew in
value and silver depreciated The ar
gument is made that the commercial
value of 371J grains of silver is not
equal to a dollar The reason is found
in the fact that there is no longer the
unlimited demand for silver which
free coinage creates The commercial l
value of any article is governed by the
law of supply and demand Free coin
age means unlimited demand and the
supply of silver is limited England
demonetized silver in 1816 but a Ger
many Prance the United States and
the Latin Union had their mints open
to silver tho demand was sufficient to
maintain the equal value ol the two
metals at 16 to 1 The United States
closed its mints to silver in 1873 Ger
many the same year France and the
Latin Union in 1S74 and silver rapidly
declined in commercial value As is
shown by the United States statistical
abstract for 1892 page 50 from 1687 to
1873 the commercial ratio of gold and
silver was never in any year lower than
I to 1 and never higher than 1 to 16i
which tor almost two hundred yeaH
was a variation ot only about two
points Up to 1873 the coinmexcial
value of the two metals was kept at a
parity notwithstanding the varying
supply of tile two metula But when
eilyer was demonetized toe hgorcs
Clanged From 1873 to 1893 the value
of gold jumped rapidly until it reached
the point where one pound of gold was
equal to thirtytwo pounds of silver In
200 years under free coinage there was
only a yanation of two points In
twenty years after silver was demone
tized there was a variation of 16 points
There i in the world according to
the report of the diiector of tbe mine
5727018b69 in gold money anu
553biO5713l6 in silver or a total 01
75 7590215 The deinonetizetion 01
silver has reduced the redemption
money of the old to a little lese
tuau onehalt the origin amount
Silver now circulates thu same ae
paper money Bath are itdeemable
in gold bilvtr is only money in the
nettle that certified checks are money
ocrickly speaiug tuere is no money
uut leuemption money
IS OW leI us go a step further The pri
mary value ot property ia its exchange
Baltle l there was no money barter
jud trade would 01 necessity be tht
rule Unwieldy articles wouiu have tu
JB pa std irooi one to another Hence
Jia ueceasuj for money I has two
iiuahtiea l has v lue in and of itseii
the gives it an
government i exchangt
alue The government stamp is a
crthcate ot ua quality and quantity
the tree coinage of money does not in
crease its exchange v luo but it giveb
to it 1 fixed value Actual money be
ing cumbersome to handle in all trtna
actions there was conceived anothei
kind ot money represented by checks
back notes and the like all of whicii
are redeemable in gold 80 long ab
there is sufficient redemption money
to meet the credit money there is no
danger of financial disturbance The
demonetization of silver destroed one
hall the redemption money As a con
sequence there was a steady decrease
ol values New and greater debts were
contracted to pay old ones From 1873
to 1893 tailing prices continued until
the indebtedness of this country in
notes bonds mortgages and accounts
reached the enormoia amount of forty
thousand million dollars The indebt
edness of the railroads alone was five
thousand millions Iu 1890 there was
the great Baring failure in Europe
which shook the world As migut have
Jden expected in 1893 the grand crash
The troubles financially that we are
now and have been suffering cannot be
charged to democracy They date
back to the republican financial policy
in the sixties to its uncalled for and
terttlic contraction of the currency in
order to resume specie payments to its
legislation in favor of capital to its
cruel and unjust tariff policy and to its
demonetization of silver That it is
not due to tariff reduction but it IS
due to the scarcity of money is shown
by tie fact that it prevails oyer the en
tire world
The Salt Lake Tribune the other day
The American Grocer tells how the
tariff adds to the burdens of the people
I supplies a table which makes a beau
tiful object lesson and we commend it
to the tender mercies of Judge Powers
I gives the wholsale prices of some of
the leading articles in 1869 and 1894 as
1869 1894
Flour per barrel i 662 i 330
Sugar per pound 13k 041
Coifee 151 181 i
Ta 59 20
Rice 06J OH
Mess beef per bbl 1111 819
Mess pork I 3104 1380
I Lard jer pound 1SI 071
Butter 251 25 +
Uhtve 1 10i
Utilised tomatoes No3
per doz 210 95
Canned Corn No2 per
doz 275 80
Canned peaches No3
per doz 350 1 SO
Canned salmon No1
per doz 3 75 155
The Tribune says hIt will be seen
that only one article la higher and that
is coffee
Now the republicans Have claimed
that the tariff keeps up valuea and
keeps up the price of labor This table
s offered to show that I has an oppo
site effect Whin the products of
farms tall in value labor falla in value
The articles enumerated are nearly all
prolucts of the farm I proves that
all the while that the farmers have
been paying tariff taxes to manufac
turers and to trusts and syndicates the
aricles which he has to pay with have
been falling in value I is true as the
Tribune save that the tariff has re
duced the value of the farmers pro
ducts But m addition republican leg
islation bas added to the decrease In
1869 values were almost up to war
prices The republican policy of con
traction had just been entered on
During the contracion policy fourteen
hundred miiliona of greenbacks were
called in and bonds issued This cruel
poiic decreasedall values and caused
fortyseven thousand iaiitiresi After
the contraction policy vas carried to
an end these republicans uemouetizea
silyer and values were reduced still
more I thank the Tribune for this
table I
To increase values we must increase
the redemption money ot the land We
must aJd the silver to the gold We
pay England annually SlDO 000000 as
interest and we pay it in gold Mt s
ued by bimetallic prices it takes
400000000 of the product ei I
the land to pay this There is nt
money enough in tus world upon u
cold standard to do the business of the
world There is thirtynine hun
dred million dollars of gold in the
world and this is only 250 per capita
When the Tribune talks of the tariff
reducing prices why does it not call
attention to wheat cotton and silver
In 1872 silver was 132 per ounce
wteat was 140 per bushel and cotton
18 cents per pound In 1882 silver was
113 per ounce wheat 119 per bushel
and cotton lI cents per pound In
1893 silver was 72 cents per ounce
wheat 63 cents per bushel and cotton
7 cents per pound Did the tariff do
thip I it it Jid then the sooner joa
wipe out the tariff the better
The great question today lathaiinan
cial question and it has been bravely
mat uy the democrats in Utah In their
platform they declared for tree silver
whether any other nation wants it or
not This should be the policy of Amer
ica Those who hesitate bcause finan
ciers of the east say that it cannot be
done should remembei that in 1776
business men of New York passed
strong resolutions against the declara
tion of independence just as tney pass
resolutions against an American
policy now We have got to
polcy Iave come to
that policy or remain slaves Ihe in
debtedness of the United States
Jnied ap
proaches forty thousand million dollars
The interest on that at uveper cent is
two thousand million dollars per year
We havo have about 1600000000 of
all kinds ot money and only
about 3600000000 ot this is told The
terrible interest which we pay like a
great sponge soaks up the fruit of our
labor There is only 8165000000 of
gold produced in the world annually
and we haye to pay England alone
00000000 as interest ± ree silver
would double tIn value of all property
It would create prosperity and u would
furnish work lor the laboring man
Free coinage would establish the pari
ty of toe two metals We are big
enough and strong enough to take all
the silver that would cone com it and
give back merchandise and products m
exchange France and the Latin Union
did this with England on a gold basis
and the ratio was kept at 15 > to 1
We would have the aid of Mexico
South and Central America and the
Asiatic governments France would
also tali in line We would nays all the
silver countries to aid us that there
were in 1873 except Germany and Aus
tria It after a trial gold should ap
preciate in value leave the silver dol
ian as it is and put less gold in the gold
dollar We have done so beiore and
we can again Free saver would not
drive out gold any faster than it is going
now If you diyide the number of
JUUCKS oi silver money now in the
world by the number of ounces of gold
money m the world you will find that
there are 15 ounces of silyer to one oi
soid One to sixteen is the natural
uitio and america can maintain it
Why wait for capital to consent to
yield up some of its illgotten privi
leges Why not lead the way for the
diiifering masses Why not speak as
iiranklin spoKe when he war our min
ister to Kuglaud He attended a ban
quet in London and toasts were re
sponded to by the representatives of
irunte England and the United States
England came first and her premier
took his glass and said said Now
drink with me again to England the
sun that gives light to the world
France came next The French min
idter closed an eloquent speech by say
ing Now drink with me to France
the moon that controls the tides of the
world Franklin came last He lifted
Tiis glass and said iSow drink with
me to the United States the Joshua
that commanded the sun and moon
to stand still and they stood still
We need the spirit of Franklin
Let us say to the European usur
erd Stand still And if Arner
ICH thus speaks they will stand still
That is the policy of the democrats of
Utah Tbat is the policy of Rawlins
That is what silver men demand Why
not then vote for Rawlins and demo
The only answer that is given is
that the last congress partially relieved
the burdens of the people by the reduc
tion of tariff taxation Republicans
seek to beg the ssue by crying hard
times and decrying the prosperity
which democratic legislation is making
possible Sincef the new tariff law
putting wool on the free list went into
effect the price of wool both in this
country ana m Europe has advanced
between 7 > and 10 per cent The ex
planation given by the New York
wool merchants is that the new tariff is
responsible for the increase Thomas L
Gill manager of the New York Wool
Warehouse company says
Manufacturers hays not understood
the situation They are beginning
now however to appreciate the ad
vantage of having theWools of other
countries admittedfree The import
ers have madesdrrangements to handle I
Australian tffia South American wools
direct froof tlie growers through one
source in New York The idea is to
bring the foreign wool into direct con
tact not competition with domestic
wools so that the manufacturer can
nee which cf the two is best suited to
his wants The reason why the price
has advanced in other countries is that
many American buyers are there com
peting with the trade that the growers
formerly controlled It has increased
in this country from natural causes
The price of wool in foreign coun
tries is always higher than here and the
grade is higher Therefore the free
list will not affect the domestic grow
ers but will give the manufacturers an
opportunity to make another grade of
gqols The future of the wool trade
will be governed by the law of supply
and demand
I would rather have that mans tes
timony than all the ashen colored ora

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