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Government Reports
S Ba inTP der5
Analysis by the Chief Chemist of the U S Agricultural
Dept proves Dr Prices to be superior in leavening strength
and purity to all other powders
< From Official Records
Leavening Gas
< S Cub in per ox
Dr Prices Cream Baking Powder 166
The award of highest honors to
Dr Prices Cream Baking i Powder
at the Worlds Columbian Fair was the result of investigation
by the Government authorities and leading experts in food
products It stamps Dr Prices as the best and strongest
baking powder ever offered to the public
IT is anticipated that within the
next few days the secretary of the ter
ritory will call upon the state banks
for reports of their condition on the
first or third of the present month
These calls come about four times a
year and one is now due When pub
lished the reports will make a splendid
showing as compared with the condi
tion of the banks last year at this
timeS L Herald
No betting is being done in Provo to
day to speak of but is reported that
some attempts to buy votes have been
made by certain republican workers
They should be prosecuted
R S HINES has no money to bet A
big bluff was made upon the street i
yesterday that he had 8500 to put up
against 250 Rawlins money George
Luft wanted t t taKe up the bet but I
Hines wouldnt bet
THE First ward choir is to give a
social party in the assembly hall in
that ward on Thursday evening next
Novembers 1894 Tickets 50 cents
WHISKY at the polls is a new feature
in Provo Republicans claim that they
are capturing many votes with it
LOOK out for Log Paul Hes run
nirg in many republican yotts Bet he
dont coach Jim Clove
JNO G LUTTON of Le Roy N Y a
prominent grocer and G A R man
says I have been troubled with in
digestion and biliousness for years
Tried Parks Tea and it has cured me
T recommend it to everybody Sold by
Smoot Drug company
OUR fruit boxes are made of the
clear Oregon pine They are the best
in the market A O SMOOT
Did You Know that the Smoot Drug
Co have just received a line of razors
Every razor guaranteed
jtfrvE percent paid quarterly on sav
mge deposits at Provo Commercial cSt
Savings Bank it
WHITE Baretz gloyes just the thing
for evening wear easily cleaned good
wearing at Irvine Barneys +
FOB HALK Old papers at 25 cenva
per hundred Apply to the buainess
office of THE DISPATCH
THE shoe department at T G Web
bers has given immense satisfaction
call and inspect it A
SYRUPS 145 for five gallons at Bo
phara Saxeys
BUY your fruit boxes from
Ready made Suits at ProVo
Woolen Mill company
THE saloons are all closed today but
considerable whiskey is being guzzled
JAMES E JONES JB of Payson is i
not old enough to vote He is only 19
years of age but its a safe two to one
bet that he feels today as much a man
as any voter He procured a license
today permitting him to take unto
wife Levla I Brimhall aged 17 years
of Payson
MAESER Brown and Gash are run i
ning away ahead of their ticketsin the
order named
WHERE oh where is Keeler
THIEDE the Murray wife murderer
was yesterday sentenced by Judge
Bartich to be hanged on December 18th
A stay of the execution will be had
however as his case is to be taken up
to the supreme court of the territory
and perhaps to the supreme court of
the land
CHALLENGES at the polls in Frovo
today are few and far between The
repubs are very insistent that their
man shall go off whether or no wher
ever they make a challenge
THE cheapest place for fruit boxes
and bee keepers supplies is at Geo W
Mickels Provo
lmoM 100 up received on saviu f s
THE Utah Valley Iron paint has no
equal For sale only byA
SOME beautiful fall dress goods are
shown at T G Webbers 11
REMEMBER that you get the finest
cuts at the Gem Chop house
RimnT orders of all V > niici nl IInrn
v v u un ours c Gem
Chop house ir
BUY vour ladies fine shoes at Farrer
Bros Co 41
WANTED Girl for general house
work Apply to Irs D D Houtz
FABBER Uaos Go have a full aid
fresh assortment groceries
ou should not fail to see the latest
styles in dress goods Their fall stock
is ready for yon atT
ftall seasonable groceries at low
est p rices call at Boshard Saxeys
LADIES shoes at 90c and 100 a
Irvine Barneys
Ci AP goods Good goods Dura
able A odslll Why it is astonishing
Goot jail dress goods 6 cents and up
warfs Dark fall shirtings 6 cents
an ipvards T G Webbers is the
f pli a v1 Ae you can get them
> tier sea of Wm ONeil have
beon seem as cook at the Gem Chop
houeo Mr OJtfeil is a first class cook
and wilx give entire satisfaction to the
mnn Yn Allots
IT will certainly pay you to call and
look that beautiful stock of china
ware crockery glassware and silver
ware over that Taylor Brothers com
pany have just received They also
have the most complete stock of
watches clocks and jewelry in southern
Utah 1t
JUST opened Gem Chop houseunder
Pyne Maibens drug store IP
A NEW line of fall shirtings and
domestics just in atT
IfiFir pianos an1 one hundred
Organs OL easy t > raid ftt Taylor Brother
THEY made no mistake when that
great furniture house of Taylor Broth
ers company decided to carry stoves in
connection with furniture and by ob
taining the Universal stoves and
ranges success is doubly assured Call
and see their beautiful stock
DEMOCRACY is triumphant Our
Joe will snow under his opponent tile
constitutional convention is demo
cratic Utah county will elect every
democratic nominee with majoritie
ranging from 300 up and it is a ques
tion if J ebi and Provo the republican
towns of the countydont return demo
cratic majorities At least will the re
publican majorities be reduced beauti
floods Pills are purely vegetable
and do not purge pain or gripe Sold
by all druggists
THE damage case of Marks vs Lom
bard was not concluded yesterday be
fore Judge King and adjournment was
had until Wednesday
TIIE DISPATCH goes to press at 4
oclock too early of course to publish
today any returns from the election
The returns will appear in full to
HON S R THUKMAN goes to Beaver
shortly after election to conduct the
cap es for the people that are to be tried
in a short term of the Second District
court about to be held
THERE was no session ofthe First
District court held today
NEVER did democrats rally to the
polls or take a liyelier interest on an
election day than they are doing in
Provo today
THE democrats are holding down
that Third ward majority fairly well
Boss GRAHAM smooth as oil wa
busy a while today coaxing Judge
Milner place names of republicans
I not qualified voters on the registration
and Myra G Perry aged 19 both of
Mapleton procured a marriage license
yesterday from Ole rk Halliday as did
also Samuel M Wing aged 24 o
Heber City and Cornelia Wilson aged
20 of Spanish Fork
A HEAVY vote is being polled
BOTH parties have succeeded in get
ting into the city practically all of their
voters who were away at work
The success which Hoods Sarsapa
rilla has had in freeing old and young
from afflictions caused by impure blood
is really remarkable Hoods Sarsapa
rilla is a building up medicine
w kQ8 Cream tsasg gg fg
i M da
THE republicans have laid a telegraph
wire into the opera house They will
have an operator on the stage and will
meet there this evening so as to be
comfortable while they hear the news
of their defeat
THE air reeks with republicanism
down about the Thirdto such an
extent that even the presiding demo
cratic judge seems to be affected by it
James McCune a man eligible to vote
in this precinct was deprived of his
right because the great swarm of repub
lican challengers headed by Ira Ken
ward Eph Homer and Judge Jones so
confused the man with their bulldozing
ways that his answers to questions
were not properly understood
Judge Milner and A D Gash
went down to the poll and thev
with others investigated the case All
fair minded men decided that Mr Mc
Cune was entitled to vote but his case
had been decided and there was no ap
peal from the decision allowed The
man with his wife are living in Ameri
can Fork temporarily just while he can
ply his vocation of pedlar at Mercur
When the weather gets cold he will
move back to Provo His permanent
home is here
New Statues New York City
Five new statues have recently been
set up in the parks and squares of New
Yorkthe Columbus
designed by a
Spaniard in Central park tho Roscoo
Conkling in Madison square tho Gree
ley at the junction of Sixth avenue and
Broadway the Ericsson in Battery
park and the Nathan Hale in City Hall
parkand among these the last named
is the only which can be called worthy
of its cost and its place either as giving
pleasure to the eye or as likely to inspire
spire imitative ambitions and patriotic
thoughts in the minds of our fellow citi
zen8Garden and Forest
A Child Enjoys
The pleasant flavor gentle action and
soothing effects of Syrup of Figs when I
in need of a laxative and if tho father
or mother be costive or bilious the
most gratifying results follow its use
so that iris the best family remedy
known and every family should have a I
bottle on hand
titnR r
t <
His Doctor Corrects Reports Which Are
Abroad About His Health
The numerous reports regarding the
ill health of the popo which have been
In circulation recently have induced Dr
Lapponl to make the following state
ments regarding the condition of his
The health of Leo XHI saya the
doctor is excellent Contrary to re
ports his nourishment remains the same
as formerly and his appetite never fails
him At 8 oclock in the morning he
takes a cup of chocolate and a bit of
bread At 2 oclock p m his luncheon
is served It consists of soup one or
two courses of meat fruit and a glass
of Bordeaux In the evening at 9
oclock Leo XIII again eats soup meat
fruit and wine His stomach acts with
marvelous regularity His sleep is long
and quiet He cannot be said to be los
ing his powers The pope has as great
powers of resistance as he ever had
During the great hettt of the summer he
has of course been affected somewhat
To give an idea of the strength pre
served by this old man of 84 years let
mo say that Leo XTTI takes pleasure in
going in search of great books in the
library some of them weighing as much
as 10 pounds and carrying them to his
working desk To those who say that
the pope cannot hold himself erect and
is obliged to allow himself to be carried
in a litter wo can simply reply that like
all his predecessors Leo XTH allows
himself to be carried in a litter when he
goes to the garden He gets into the lit
ter in his office But that is simply a
rul of etiquette Every day after onco
reaching the garden he walks for hours
at a time supported by his cane He
walks more easily than a number of per
sons of his suit In short Leo XHI
walks or at least stands up tor four or
five hours a day Only recently ha con
firmed 80 persons without feeling the
lelSb fatigue r
One of the curiosities of Brazil is a
tree whose wood and bark contain so
much silica that they are used by pot
ters Both wood and bark are burned
and the ashes are pulverized and mixed
in equal proportions with clay produc
ing a very superior ware The tree
grows to a height of 100 feet but does
not exceed a foota diameter The fresh
bark cuts like sandstone and when dried
is brittle and hardDemorest Mage
Dr Edson of New Yorks Board of Health
Says It Is a Sure Curo For Diphtheria
At a recent session of the state board
of health of New York Dr Cyrus A
Edson gave an account of the theory
and practical application of Dr Kochs
last discovery which ho considers an
absolute and infallible cure for diph
theria if applied within 86 hours after
infection To study and report upon
this remedy Dr Herman M Biggs the
bacteriologist of the New York board
of health had been sent to Berlin and
had just returned confirming all the
enthusiastic reports concerning the dis
covery which had made their way to
this country
It was the purpose of the health de
partment Dr iMson announced to ask
from the board of estimate and appor
tionment a sufficient appropriation to
fstablish a plant for the production of
this infallible specific which otherwise
would be too costly to be within the
means of poor people Dr Edson assert
ed confidently that if this remedy were
placed in the hands of the health de
partment it would eayo next year the
lives of 1500 people in this city
The division of pathology and bacte
riology at 42 Bleecker street gave an ex
hibition of specimens of bacteria under
tho direction of Dr Biggs Autopsies
were made upon two guinea pigs which
had been inoculated with diphtheria
bacilli The result showed that the
guinea pigs had developed the disease
Tho purpose of the exhibition was
principally to encourage the medical
profession to devote particular attention
to their investigations of diphtheritic
and consumption cases
It May Do As Much for You
Mr Fred Miller of Irvine Ill 1 writes
that he had a severe Kidney trouble
for manv years with severe paius in
his back and also that his bladder was
affected He tried many so called
Kidney cures but without any good
result About a year ago he began the
use of Electric Bitters and found
relief at once Electric Bitters is
especially adapted to cure all Kidney
and Liver troubles and often gives al
most instant relief One trial will
prove our statement Price only 50c
at Smoot Drug Co
Popular Preacher
Says HOODS Rallies the Vital For
ces and Gives Strength
< > 3 ev J Herritte Driver D D
IB widely known as pastor of tho First MS
Church at Columbia City Indiana and Is a
powerful pulpit orator His book Samna
and Shylock or a Preachers Plea for the
Workingman has received much pralw
from press and clergy Dr Driver says
Columbia City Ind June 3 1893
C L g od 8 Co Lowell Mass
DearSlrsAmongthe ralllers of all the > >
vital forces I regard Hoods Sarsaparilla aa
the generallnchlef Crowded and over
worked as a preacher and lecturer I some
times am conscious that I am not measuring
up to the best that I am capable of doing
Afew dosesa botttr or twoof Hoods
however greatly
nvlgorate My Body
Clarify My Mind and
Make me feel
Like a New Man
its a week I am up to concert pitch again
cheerful buoyant and ready for any work
and capable of any feat of strength or en
durance To all overworked professional
men Hoods Sarsaparilla Is a Godsend
Very truly yours
I Sarsaparilla
Kren when other preparations falL Be BUT to
get Hoods ana only Hoods
Hoods Pills euro liver Ills constipation
feOiou3neasl undloaalokhfladacha tndlaAAtW
BUY the Provo Holler Mills flour and
you get the best
SATTEENS in dark shades ten cents
and upwards at T G WEBBERS
AND now comes the news that Tay
lor Brothers company of Provo will re
ceiye in the next few days an entire car
of organs from the Chicago Cottage
I Organ company whose goods stand at
the head It will pay you to gat their
prices <
J THEY are selling childrein all wool
red underwear in all sizes ai 25 and 35
cents at Irvine Barney
FLANNELETES flannels linseys and
nil goods needed at this time of year
are selling cheaper than ever at
characteristic enterprise have put
Lemps celebrated keg beer on sale at
the Occidental The good old orthodox
price of this peerless product is 5 cents
per glass
THBEE car loads of the latest styles
in furniture have been received by
Taylor Brothers company Provo This
explains why they can undersell others
such immense quantities i <
RED Schoolhouse shoes 5 to 8 for 60
cents at Irvine Barneys This same
shoe has sold in Provo at 150 it
Ladles knit shirts for 75 cents and
SlCO at Irvine Barneys it
CALL at Farrer Bros Co and see
the new dry goods
BUY the Utah Valley Iron paint It
Is the best For Sale byA
NEW and cheap assortment of dress
goods at Farrer Bros Co
DOUBTLESS some day somebody
some where will make a better piano
than the Emerson Up to this year of
grace 1894 nobody has done so THE
EMERSON PIANO makes no false
pretenses claims no intangible merit
The things everybody wants in a piano
are an juristic case a full rich tone
responsive action and a guarantee of
durability To these features the Em
erson adds that of reasonable price
Sold on easy terms by Taylor Brothers
company Provo 1t
Cheap silver cheap sliver
Solid silver watches at half price at
Beaks jewelry store Come and see
me if you want a cheap watch
The Utah Goifnhf Prifit and BpilMral Society
It will pay you to call at their office corner 8th and J Street Provo or any
of the others for any information desired
No middlemen to take a large profit if we sell for you
DIRECTORS P H Boyer Springville Eyan Wride Provo Geo Clinger
Lane View D M Smith Pleasant Grove John Miller Spanish Fork George
D Snell Spanish Fork
W H Kelsey Springville Pres Jhos Leonard Provo YicePres
F J Covert Provo Secy J E Booth Provo Treas
Tae FINEST LIQUORS of all Kinds BEERS all the
Best Brands
Polite ttertdanC8
CAnter St PAt hetwen H and I street I ft HARRISON Prnrietor
REED SMOOT President M H HARDY M DSec Tres
W R PIKE M D Vicepresident L U KING
Wholesale R I Re ail Druggists
We Carry a Full Line of TOILET f ARTICLES PERFUM
Prescription Carefully Prepared Paw or Nightt
C t
he eason 0 p945
Unprecedented Cheapness
But Nowhere is that Cheapness so apparent as at
Their FALL AND WINTER STOCK is a marvel in this
particular Their Prices the Lowest Their Mam
moth Cloak Sale has attracted attention for 1000
miles around Their are a few of them left Secure
Childrens 75c 100 150 2 00 and upwards
Ladies 100 200 300 400 and upwards
DRESS GOODS in all shades and styles Beautiful at I5c 20c 25c 35c etc etc
with trimmings to match
Excellent Table Linens at 25c 40c 50c
Ladies Woolen Hosiery 20c 25c 30c etc Childrens in proportion Ladies Glove Grain
Shoe 90c Childrens Grain Shoe 60c
We cant mention half the articles we would like to but wo feel as though we had
denied you a great opportunity if we failed to say something of our
We are going to close out our Clothing and we
will beat any prices you can get in Utah on the same
line of goods
Mens Overcoats 275 and upwards F
Mens Suits 475 and upwards
Special Special
braat Blanket Sale
this week We will as we always do Discount all
Previous prices on these goods
No old shelf worn Stock at prices second to none
Always reliable First in Low Prices
f 1i1 iJj ItIiW Manager

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