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H Awarded
H highest Kv:rWorId's Fair,
1 , W CE1AM
K A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
j from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
B Go to Barney's cloak sale.
WM David Day of Oaais, was natur
al alized before Judge Merritfc this forc-
H noon
IB GHA8. O'Deil and G. W. Snyder,
EH two transcients suffering with 1ud
M tronble, are being cared for by the
IH county, in the county jail.
B Gua LiA.es, James Hall and Jame3
H Dittmore are the names of thp chicken
B thieves who hsva been operating so
H extensively in different pans of Utah
H oumy of law, taking chickens from
H Provo BBnch, American Fork and
H elsewhere to the Salt Lake markets.
B A number of the chickens have been
H "returned to their owners. The men
H were taken over to American Fork to-
K day for trial.
fH Go to "Ktarncj 's cloak sale.
H Marriage license was ibeued today
H to James Clark and Armitta Teter-
Hj son, both aged 20 and both of Letn.
B The county court is about to con-
jB struct a bridge over Provo river near
jBj the month of the canyon and the city
H council of Provo city 1b about to con-
H struct a wier dam tnere also for the
H proper distribution of the waters of
B -.-fovo nvor during irrigation ceason.
H Committees from both bodies went up
H to the mouth of the canyon today to
H select a location and do other work.
H Both will be built at the eanae place
H the abutments of the dam being used
H for the abutments of the bridge, thus
H saving expense. It la estimated that
Hj the dam will cost in the neighborhood
H of 82300 and the bridge about the
H same.
B Go to Barney's clonic sale.
H Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
m Do not forget the special sale at
H Howe& Taft's Wednesday, Noy. 13.
B 1895. tSee circulars for particulars.
H Come early before the bargains are all
H gone.
B T wu pay yu ca a -owe &
H Taft's if you want groceries cheap.
B Those who trade with them know they
B are saving money every day. They are
B never undersold.
H Eobenbon .Bros. 33.00 shoes at
Hj Farrer Brothers & Co. "
HHj The Provo Meat Co., have the most
B complete Meat Market south of Salt
B Lake city.
H Go to Harney's cloak sale,
B Theke are many pood reasons why
B "" you should use One Minute Cough
B Core. There are no reasons why you
B should not, if in need of help. The
B ODly harmless remedy that produces
B immediate results. Smoot Drug
B Company.
H GO to Barney's clonic .sale.
B Fbksh hsh and all kinds of fancy
B ancl staple groceries at Howe & Taft's
B at lowest prices. Call and see their
B olives and Swiss cheese, just in.
B Theke ia no doubt, no failure, when
B yu take -e Witt's Colic & Cholera
H Cure. It iH pleasant, sets promptly,
B no bad after effects. Smoot drug Com-
B pany. -
H GiRL wanted Scandinavian prefer-
H red, general housework, care of chil-
B dren etc. State wages expected, ad-
H dress James P. OlBen, Springville,
j Utah.
B Go to Barney's cloak sale.
H DscBEEof foreclosure was entered
H yesteiOy in the First District coutt
H for 4U7.15 interest, costs, and $50 00
H attorney's lee against Daniel Xing et
H al ravor of Arnie Helgersen.
H This one is going the rounds of the
B papers. It's very appropriate: "There
B is more joy in a printing office over
H one sinner who pays in advance and
H abuses the editor on every occasion,
H than oyer ninety and nine who borrow
H the paper and Bmg its praise, without
H contributing a cent to keep it out of
H t-" the poorhouse."
H ' An Arizona editor wrote to a com-
H mercial firm in one of the big cities
H which did business in his section, so-
H liciting an advertisement, to which the
H latter replied by asking, "where does
H vour paper go?" With much prompt-
H ess the Arizona man answered, "t'o
K orth and South America, Asia.Africa,
H !jr fir J it is all I can do to keep it from
H t -1 ling to h 1." He got the ad,
H ', jxteb weather.
H -. TriE dance given at the opera house
B by the Denis club last night was a
H complete success.
B Get your girl a nice trimmed bat for
K $1.00, $1.25, $1.50 and $1.75, at R. A,
H Barney's.
H JReady xaaae Suits at Provo
B Woolen Mill company.
H Go to Harney's cloak: sale.
B " to Harney's cloak sale.
B The healing proprieties of De Witt's
H Witch Hazel Salve are well known. It
B cures eczema, skin affections and is
BJ simply a perfect remedy for piles.
BB Smoot Drue Company.
HB D. L. Dean has opened a real estate
H and loan office in bwasev & Martin's
H hank opposite the pnstoffice. j
H A. G. BAktley of Magie, Pa.,
H writes: I feel it a duty of mine to in-
H form you and the public that Do Witt's
H Hazel Salve cured me of a very bad
H case of eczema. It also cured my boy
B of a running sore on his leg, Smoot
H Drug Company.
H Go to Barney's cloak sale.
H Go to Barney's cloak sale.
H It was a revelation to mo on going
H into Berk's Jewelry Store the other
B day to see the elegant new line of bU-
H ver novelties that he has just received,
B consisting of Trilby Heart and chains,
j and the new fine gold long chains, sil-
B ver belc buckIeB and Jadies' waist sets.
B They are just the neweBt out.
H Co to Barney's cloak sale.
BB Acrrs at once, never tails. One Min-
B ute Cough Cure. A remedy for asthma
H and that feyerisb condition which ac-
B companies a severe cold. The only
j harmless iemedy that produces im-l
B mediate results. Smoot Drug Oom-j
The county court is called to meet
on Monday next.
Witnesses in the Brownlee arson
case are seen flocking about the 'cor
ridors leading to the grand jnry room
Joseph A. Thomas, foreman of the
grand jury was excused from service
yesterday and Joseph Ovard appointed
to the position of foreman.
"The cause of equal rights in f.exing
ton is evidently becoming popular,'
says The Press-Transcript. "Upon the
register for those friendly to enfran
chisement of women are the names cf
many of our most influential people,
members of the bar, college professors,
physicians, leading business men and
scores of names of our prominent wom
en, while a long list of names is alsc
seen of those who approve of women
voting for school trustees and making
women eligible for positions on school
boards. This list of names for school
suffrage is to be sent to the next legis
lature to help enforce the claims of
"5omen to this school suffrage.'''
"My son complained of aching
limbs and a tired feeling. We gaye
him Hood'e Sareaparilla and now he is
the picture of health." B. S. Smith,
Lock box 145, Mgr. Singer Manutactur
ing company, Provo, Utalh
Hood's Pills cure all liver ills.
The Dispatch smoked cigars at Bert
Hedquist's exnenee today. It heartily
wishes the benedict-elect anil his fair
bride all joy.
"Venison at the Provo Meat com
pany. Go to barney's cioaK sale.
.Notice prices ot meats on 3d page '"s
given by the Provo Meat Co., they are
the lowest. Give us a trial and be con
vinced, Go to Barney's cloak sale.
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Cough Cure as anv thing else. It's
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cough be One Minute Cough Cure.
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try it. Smoot Drug Company. t
Go to Barney's cloak sale.
For Halb Old papers at 25 cemj
per hundred. Apply to the business
fBca of Titr DiRPATcm-
Prerarfng For a Catling.
Kit Alexander had been warned aov
cral times for breaohes of school disci
pline and was at length reported to the
head master, who gave him a final
warning. One night not long after Kit
was again caught in mischief, and he
felt that this timo he was "in for it.'
A flogging by the dootcr was no joke,
and Kit determined to make what prep
aration he could that the wind might
ba tempered to the Bhorn lamb.
Dn rising the next morning he put
an first his undershirt, then a layer of
etiff brown paper, thon his jerseys, upon
these a sweater and over all a clean
white shirt, borrowed from his chum,
whose clothing was two sizes larger
than his own. LaEtly ho put on his coat
and vest
It was a very hot day in June, and at
morning intermission Kit whispered to
a friend: "I'm nearly stifled. I hope
he'll give it to me now. "
But the doctor said nothing, and Kit
went on stewing until dinner time. He
felt half inolined to dispense at least
with the sweater before afternoon school,
but fear of the dootor's cane deteried
All through the afternoon he suffered
untold misery, mopping his face until
his handkerchief would mop no more.
But at length, just before dismissal,
came a messenger. "The doctor would
like to see Alexander in his'study."
On entering the study the boy saw
the supple, snakelike cane lying on thy
"Well, Alexander." said the doctor
"I can go on warning you no longer.
You have brought this upon yourself.
But as it is yo.r first visit here for pucb
a purpose I sh,21 make your punish
ment somewhat milder. Hold out your
hand; four on eaohl" Youth's Com-nanion.
President fcteorge T. Angel) Df the
American Humane society has sent the
following to the legislature of everj
state: "It is well known to the Ameri
can press that many persons and how
many no sne can tell havo been bnried
alive. The father of the undersigned
came very near being buried alive, be
ing declared by his physician dead, and
all preparations made for his funeral be
fore ho could give visible signs of lifa
The object of this petition, which I hope
yon will canso to be proporly presented,
is to call publio attention throughout
our entire country to this important sub
ject, and I tako pleasure in sending n
marked copy of it to tha editors o? ev
ery American newspaper and magazine
north of Mexico, asking their assist
PECULIAR in combination, pro
portion and preparation of ingredi
ents,Hood'sSarsaparilla possesses great
curative value. You should TRY IT
NOTICE. For the Sunday School conference to
be held in Provo,Noyember the 16th and
17th, the Union Pacific will make rate
of one" fare from all Utah county
points to Provo and return for this
Tickets on sale 16th and 17th. Good
for return Hovember 18th.
G, W. Ckaio, Agent.
If you want to sea the best bedroom
set on earth tor the money, call and
see Taylor Bros. Co.'s $20 00 set. It's a
Nothing so distressing as a hacking
cough. Nothing eo foolish as to suffer
from it. Nothing so dangerous if al
lowed to continue. One Minute Cough
Cure Rives Immediate relief. Smoot
Drug Company f
Go to Barney's cloak sale.
Go to Barney's cloak sale.
It is a truth m menicme that the
smallest dose that performs a cure Is
the best, De Witt's Little Early Risers
ar the smallest pills, will parform a
cure, and are the best. Smoot Drug
nnmrafinv I
Taylor Bros. Co.'s stove trade has
I grown so fast that they have been
compelled to open up a separate stove
department, where they have the
largest stock in southern Utah. Call
and Bee their "Uniyeranl" cook and
heating stoves.
Go to Barney's cloak sale.
Go to Barney' cloak sale.
Say, why don't you try De Witt's
Little Early Kisers? These little pills
cure headache, indigestion and con
stipation. Tbere're small, but do the
work. Smoot Drug Company.
Howe ,& Tuft pay highest price for
fish and. jjsms, r t
A. TUno When rewiulne Styles Were P
ferreti by Men.
In point of fact, the early mediaeval
man and woman looke as muoh aliko at
Che fin de siecle whculman and his bi
cycle girl. Tako the king and queen in
b pack of oards They aro early media
val. Notice the surprising similarity
in their costumes the samo wide robes
and angular folds, the same stained
glass Etiffness. Novices at cards may be
excused for being at a loss sometimes,
at least until they have learned to look
for the king's beard.
Wjjl. the wane of the age of ohivalry
there came a singular exaggeration in
the toilet of men. They deliberately
Imitated the women. They allowed
their hair to grow long, cultivated curls '
by the hot irons and ointments and ac
tually wore chaplets, likJ diadems, to
curb their flowing locks. In the textura
and color of their garments they showed
the 6ame effeminacy, for they began to
nffect brilliant reds and blues and to
vtour costly trimmings and jewelry.
This, too, was ihe ago of the sighing,
wailing lover, fainting at his mistress'
frown. Every knight who could write
or sing posed as a minstrel and re
heirsed his love affairs. At every gath
ering of the nobility there was a child
ish prattle of love, cloying and monoto
nous for very sweetness. The sexes
seemed to have changed places. It was
the lover who was a Bhy wallflower,
who Washed and wont about woeful
and woe worn from his secret passion.
As we look over the poems of the niin
aesingers, those bards of love, the lady
ieems always unapproachable, listening
with contemptuous mien to the gentle
man's gentle advances. While he suc
cumbs to nervous exhaustion she goes
about her business perfeotly healthy,
either indifferent or cruelly conscious of
her power. W. D. MoCraokftu in Lin
Somber Christianity.
The Auld Lioht kirk when Dr. Chai
mors visited it was a terribly bare little
building. The elders were a grim set.
They kept their bonnets on their heads
till the minister entered, and they had
each a largo stiok in his hand, which
they used for "ohappin" their noses
through all tho service. The minister
wore no gown or bands. He gave a
very long sermon full of sound divinity,
but without tho smallest praotioal ap
plication and without a vestige of feel
fng. ai length Dr. Chalmers got out,
the dismal worship being ended, and
his word was, "If these people over get
to heaven, they will live on tho north
side of it" San Francisco Argonaut.
A Great Memory.
The Journal of Speculative Philoso
phy gives a remarkable instanoe of a
farmer in Indiana who could remember
what ho had done on every day for 20
years. He was repeatedly tested by ref
erence to tho notes made on. previous
examinations, and never failed both to
name the d&y of the week and to tell
what occurred to him on that day. The
words used in his narratives often
varied, but he always had tho events to
He had mentioned them before
A Dom For tho Staff, Which Will Ko
Be Cnacted In Now York.
An American playwriter has been for
tome timo engaged in the composition"
of a drama of contemporary life ia
which the chief character is to be a fa
mous American statesman, dow decep?
ed. Tho title which ho has chosen for
It is "Blaine, a Tragedy." It certainly
looks like bad taste to dramatize, at
least in this generation, the career oi
the American here named, but the au
thor maintains that he can do it inof
fensively and in such a way as to dig
nify his subject, as tho life of Mr. Blaine
was full of dramatic material, and as
there were scenes in it whioh would be
especially serviceable ibr a drama of
real life. He says that Shakespeare made
1 so of personages who lived not long
before his time, and even of some who
were his contemporaries, and ne gives
the names of other playwriters who have
used their acquaintances In their stage
compositions. When reminded that even
the greatest and most picturesque Amer
icans of past times, from the days of
Washington to those of Lincoln, ha
never been used successfully for dramat
!o material, as Shakespeare used tho
kings of England, he replied that this
was a thing which would surely yet bs
done in this country, as it has been done
In other lands, and that in anv event.
It is his purpose to begin the undertak
ing. "Is there any manager in New York, "
we asked, "who would bring out youi
"I do not know, but there is a man
nger in Chicago who will bring it out
If it suits him."
"Do you not fear that there would bo
a storm of popular reprobation if you
should make your chief character re
semble the original?"
"If there bo anything of the kind, cc
If tho work fail to provo attractive, it
Will be withdrawn after the first or sec
end performance. But there aro in my
subject such striking elements for afirsi
class stage drama and for a winning
one that I shall uot think of its failure
until after it has failed. "
"Would not the relatives of the d&
ceased statesman objeot to tha work and
get out an injunction against its per
"If such an objection shall bo raised
by any one entitled to speak with au
thorlty, or after that ono has bsen pres
ent at a performance of it, i will b
discontinued. The man of my title rolt
has been a subject for painters, sculptors
and other artists, and there is no good
teason why he should not bo made a
subject for dramatio artists."
After the playwriter had expressed
the views hero reported, Tho Sun report
er asked a theatrical manager as to tho
prospects of a drama of tho kind spoken
of. Ho answered that ho did not believo
a Bingle respeotable manager in Now
York or anywhere elso would bring it
out, and that, if brought out in any
American city, it would be a flat fail
ure. He believed that the execution of
the playwriter's project would not he
tolerated by tho theater going jomuiuni.
ty. New York &w.
A Child Enjoys.
The pleasant flavor, gentle action and
soothing effects of Syrup of Figs, when
in need of a laxative, and if the father
or mother be costive or bilious, the
most gratifying results folbw itB use;
so that Jtris the best family" remedy
known, a.ud every Jajn)y phouja. hjiye
1 ,
w-ff'jM' "' -HaulwiiuMjiinMubati mil mas
Sha Satlors Who Intended to Play a Trie;
Changed Their 31inds.
Once upon a time the daughters 0!
Thackeray saw that good mau thorough
ly and heartily angry angry to the
point of profanity. It was during thei
Italian journey, when they were re
turning to the ship in Genoa harbor af
er a day on the shore.
"We had to bo on board at a certain
time," Mrs. Ritchie says in her Mao-'
toillan paper, "so that we engaged a
carriage and drove quickly to the quay,
where the convicts, clanking in their
chains, wero still at work. A boat was
found, rowed by some sailors, who cer
tainly did not wear chains, but who
wero otherwise not very unlike those
industrious conviots in appearance. The
bargain was made, weall five entered
the boat, and as we were getting in we
could see our great ship in the twilight,
looking bigger than ever, and one rock
et and then another going off toward
the dawning stars.
"'They are signaling for us, "said
one of our companions. 'We shall soon
be on board. '
"We had pulled somo 20 strokes from
theshore by this time when suddenly
tho boatmen left off rowing. They put
down their oars, and one of them began
talking Tolnbly, though I could not un
derstand what ho said. 'What's to be
doud?' Baid one of the young men to my
father. They say they won't go on un
less we give them 50 francs more, ' and
he began shaking his head and remon
strating in broken Italian. The boat'
men paid no attention, shrugging their
shoulders and waiting as if they wero
determined never to row another stroka
Thon the steamer sent up two more
rockets, which rose through tho twi
light, bidding us hurry, and then sud
denly my father rose up in the stern of
tho boat where ho was sitting, and,
standing tall and erect and in an anger
such as I had never seen him in before
or after in all my life, ho shouted out
in loud and impatient English, 'D
you, goon!' a simple malediction which
carried more force than all the Italian
polysyllables and expostulations of our
companions. To our surprise and great
relief, the men seemed frightened; they
took to their oars again and began to
row, grumbling and muttering. When
Wo got on board tho ship, they told ua
U was a well known trick the Genoese
boatmen were in the habit of playing
upon travelers and that they would have
lent a boat for us if wo had delayed anj
kaurer. "
Setter Than Paint and Beefsteak For OS
iterating Evidence of Fistic Kncouiitere.
Those who mako a business of ablifr
erating evidence of fistio encounters is
tho shape of black eyes by painting tha
damaged optics no longer enjoy a mo
uopoly of such business. This I was told
by a pugilistic acquaintance whoso ox
perionco entitles him to be regarded as
an authority on tho subject.
"Massage treatment of the region af
fected, ' he said, ' 'will beat paint and
raw beefeieak all hollow. But it should
ba applied immediately after the injury
is received in order to prove thoroughly
efficacious. It does not require an ox
pert to do it. All that is necessary is to
move the fingers rapidly and firmly ove.'
tho hfuli'od surface and to keep it up
until the last vestige of discoloration haa
disappeared. The explanation is easy.
Where the blow has been received the
blood becomes congested. It is the clots
of blood showing through tho transpar
ent skin that producu tho black oflect.
The pressure of tLi fingers gradually
loosens tho clotted blood, which passes
off iuto tho general currents of oircula
tion, and fresh and proporly colored
blood takes its ploje."
However, as a rule, tho professional
"png" does not bother himself abou
accelerating tho disappearance of a blaok
eye. It is a sign which proclaims the
fact that its proprietor has recently fill
ed an engagement, and as such ho is an
object of envy to his less fortunate
brethren. It is the man about town,
whoso overindulgence occasionally
causes him to forget that discretion is
the better part of valor, who is apt to
profit most by the knowledge that mas
Bage, promptly applied, will remove the
signs of mourning from an eyo that has
been in violent contact with some other
fellow's fist, and thus obviate the neces
sity of inventing a story to account foi
it, which, however ingenious, will be
sneered at by skeptical and incredulous
acquaintances, some of whom may have
"been there themdelves. " New York
An American Family, Inclndlng a D02.
Hake a Sensation In Paris.
An American family in Paris, accord
ing to Le Temps, has excited some no
tice in that sensation loving.capital by
its conduct over tho death of a dog. The
animal was a great pet in tho family,
and on his falling ill all the experts In
dog maladies wore at once summoned.
As he persistently grew worse, he was
taken to an establishment for the cara
of dogs, a sort of private hospital, and
orders given that every attention and
effort should bo made to save him.
Members of tho family called two and
three times a day to inquire for Kwik,
as the dog was called; but, despite all
care, Kwik died, and thero was nothing
left for the sorrowing family to do but
bury him. An undertaker was summon
ed and poor Kwik made ready for the
grave. An oak casket, fitted into a sec- ,
ona one of ieatjj was prepared and a
grave made in the private plot of a
friend of Kwik's master at Vaucrosson.
All ftfiicial red tape was duly complied
with, and on the day of tho interment
the funeral cortege comprised three cat
The ceremony ended, tho undertaker's
bill of 90 was duly presented. This
Kwik's mourners found so very moder'
ate that the sum of $40 was added to
divided among tho gravejggers.
Worthy Your Confidence.
The success of Hood's Sarsaparilla
in conquering scrofula in whatever way
ifc may manifest itself is vouched for
by thousands who were seveiely afflict
ed by tbia prevalent disease, but who
now rejoice oyer a permanent cure by
Hood's Sarsaparilla. Scrofula may
appear as a humor, or it may attack
the glands of the neck, or break out in
drefidful running sores on the body and
limbs, .attacking the mucous mem
brane, it may develope into catarrh or
lodging in the lungs lead to consump
tion. Come as it may, a faithful
courp of treatment with Hood's Sarsa
parilla will overcome it, for working
upon the foundation of all diseaseB,sjim
pure blood, the system is clarified and
vitalized, ajid ylgor, strength and,
&BBltt reapp,re.a tq fte hp. p 7
Anything you want from B width to E E. B
Pointed toes, harrow square, black with H
Colored stiching, elastic Gaters with or 9
without large buttons, etc., etc., jfl
We have Ladies' Shoes at the following prices -allood value IH
$1.00, $1.25, $1 50, $1.75, $2.00, $2 25, I
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See hand bills for our- jH
On Thursday, Oct. 31st. B
moustaches grow. It's only necessaiy
to give them time and the encourage
ment ot our coBmetique to develope
them into respectable proportions. A
full grown moustache ia the pride of
youth, and nothing helps its growth so
much as our cosmetigue which costs
only 20c. a tube. We desire both
young and old to Temember that we
carry a full line of special preparations
and valuable remedies which ahould
always be in 'eady supply for immedi
ate uee in case of need. When you
want a thing, you want it, and very
often theroiBn'c time to get it. Moral :
Have it by you.
Smoot Drug Company.
A meeting of the chamber of com
merce of Provo city is hereby called to
convene at the county courthouse on
Tuesday evening JSTovember 12, 1895
at 7:30 o'clock. Important business
with reference to the trans-Mississippi
conference. S. S. Jones,
Did You Bead It?
The Capital City Commercial Col
lege has a card in this pauer offering
instruction free to a number of per
sons. Did you read it?
r Chichester a r,nc.Ih Diamond IJrnnd.
yJJ-V Original and Only Ocnulnc A
j-. ,fci gafc. always reliable, laoics uk asl
i"jl VkvaSi Drug-ist for Chichester Engtlth i?fa-ift
ft W&moni Brand in Kcd and Gold metallia VISW
-s tyKVSUnT.., sealed irlth blua ribbon. Take ff
JS 5(5 i&jno other. Refute danutrous mbititu- V
7 Af Ilm and imitations. AtDruaxu!.07iend4&
I t. Jm In rtampi for partlcnlara, testimonials ani
tt S9 " Relief for LodIe," in Utter, by return
Jv IT Moll. 10,000 Tcsttoontala. fame Paper.
v "Chlcli cater Chemical Oo.,MadIon Sqnare
floldbraU Local Druczlat- J'hlladn.. Pat
Dissolution of Copartnership.
The firm heretofore existing under
the name: and style of Malcolm &
Hughes doing business in the city of
Spanish Pork, Utah county. Utah ter
ritory is this day dissolyed by mutual
Mr. David T. Malcolm having pur
chased the entire interest of Mr, Wil
liam TJ. Hughes in the concern.will as
sume all debts and liabilities of the
firm and will collect all outdtanding ,
accounts due.
David T. Malcolt.
Wh-waji B.Htjghes.
Spanish Fork, October, 31, 1895.
Eegular dancing at the Southworth
hall every Friday evening, commenc
ing October 11th, next. The very best
of ball room muBlc will be in attend
ance. All are invited.. Tickets 50c.
Highest Cash Prices.
Until the middle of November, I will
buy steers from five month's old up
for cash. Also two car loads of fat
cows. WW P7 top prices,
No Time to Talk. Bight to the Point B
60 doz. white unlaundried shirts, any length of sleeve IB
and size neck, New York mills muslin, continuous H
seams with gussets, value 60 cts. they go -tlireefor $1,00 BH
40 doz. lanndried shirts, made as above, value $1.00, they Bfl
go r 50c. WM
22 doz. Men's SiiT Eedora Hats, value 1.75, they go lor $1.00 jH
Citato HoiMon&s Knee Pauls & Suits 1
Kiveted buttons, sewed with silk, double knee and seat. H
Wo have the best line of BOY'S SHOES ranging in price H
from $1.25 to $2.00. H
These Prices Prevail Until ilie Expiration of iiiis Ad, I
c o) ? ? m
A, O. SMOOT, Proprietor, H
Successor to Provo Milling Company. H
Manufacturers of and Dealers in B
choice dSm I
Good Treatment & Satisfaction Guaranteed jfl
Grain Received on Storage. Free Corn Sheiler. H

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