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'I IBW-W-1" I
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H . . .,M,,MMMaMiiMWMlMM'WPW'w"i",MBMI I I I lllll IBIIII I I IIIMWCMW M M II I I y I I M III , -- - - . .. ITT -Mill IBBBbI
BBflBBBBi m w ' " . i - . . . ... a SBBBB1
Hj Too Tired to Smile
Hj Weak, Weary and Worn
H Dizziness, Impure Blood Cured by
H Hood's.
H Many weak and -worn-out "women
Hj know just "what this means. In totally
Bflfll jV unfit condition
MB jS(sifPb or wor' they
9 rliINiv orco themselves
wE pxij&S through the daily
BI j" y routme of duties,
91 jHg I almost too dis-
sC rP &$!: $r& couraged to even
n "jlook for relief.
HI &S yu4 'J"But fc s c
3m v$J r l.m found in Hood's
KB pl iGfpSarsaparilla,
BBJ reiWswrciii which makes the
n BliJIIIPII blood pure' builds
UK a u tiie,-ncrves
SBj Sin. Wm. smith makes '"the weak
IraK NcwTorkCitj-. strong and givea
MB ft cheerful spirit. Bead this:
IHj "I have suffered more than tonguo can
BBfj tell from dizziness and severe pains in my
BH head. I also felt bo low spirited that 7
BB often gala I wished I was dead. A friend
Bj suggested that I try Hood's Sarsaparilla.
SBJ I gave it a trial and was mora than sur
BJBJ prised to see what a great change canir
BBH over mo &f ter I had taken the first bottle
DB I felt hotter right away. I have now taker
H rf ooa s Sar8a-
IIB I &&&&&&& parilla
HM nearly five bottles f-n -cascy
BBB and am happy to say & .!&
J I am entirely cured. ?k J
I would advise all S&p' &&&&
PHB suffering on account of impure blood to
BHj tryHood'sSarsaparilla. It will cure." Mks.
Bfl Wir. BarrrH, 319 E. SSth St., N. Y. City.
EB Hood's Pills becom le favorite catliarUa
BBBb wIUj everyone w'jo trios mom. Sicperbox.
B Slrano to tell, the familiar term 01
HHJ Lonthasnothin;;inits origin sign riicant
H of fastiug. It is derived from tho Saxor
H term lengthen, tide or spring the
BHj time wheu rach successive day stea a
K few minutes from its night. In English
H literature we havo repeated allusions to
H Jack o' Lent, a sort of puppet, general-
H ly personated as a lean and ragged scaro-
H crow, whioh hoys jeered and threw
H Etones at, much as tho Guy Fawkes of
J Etones at, much as tho liny Fawkes of
H later days was treatod. " fl'' '
Hj Needles antedate history. They were
H Grst made in Amciica in 1080.
H For Rale Old papers at 25 cenva
Hj per hundred. Apply to the business
H ofllce of Thk Dihpatoh.
HHi Important Change.
H On November 18th the E. G. W. will
H make the following changes in time of
H trains at Provo:
Bj Train No. 2 from Salt Lake will ar-
H rive at 9:30 a. m. ; train No. 1 from
BJ east will arrive at 10:55 and will not
B stop between Frovo and Salt Lake
ftBH city. Train Ko. 6 for Sanpete will
HB leave at 2:55 p. m. or one hour earlier
BBB than on old time; train No. 5 for Salt
Bj Lake will depart at 3:58 p. m. All
H other trains same as betore.
B Notice.
H Notice is hereby given to all persons
yflj having claims against the estate of
H George Mitchell, deceased, of Ameri-
H can JTorK city, Utah, to file such claims,
H with the undersigned, within one
Bj month from date, or be forever barred
H All persons indebted to said estate,
Bj are hereby required to settle their in-
Bj debtedness at once, by calling on the
H undersigned.
j E. A. Henroid,
B Notary I'ublic and attorney in fact for
B the heirs at law of (ieorge Mitchell,
H deceased.
B American Fork, Utah Co., IT. T.
B Notice.
B The iirbt quorum of elders will meet
B every Tuesday evening in the vestry of
B the Pourth Ward meeting-house at 7
B o'clock.
BBJ It R. InviNK, President.
H I'm Going- a-Milking, Sir, She Said.
PaB "Where are you going, my pretty maid?
BIB To buv a Diauo. sir, she Baid.
WM And which like you best, my pretty
WM maid?
hBH The siiver-toned EMERSON, sir,
BHj Blie said.
H And where can you find one, my pretty
B maid?
BBS At Taylor Bros. Co., sir, she said.
SI There the EMERSON Btsnds,
BBB 'Tis the b-st ever made,
HB And no other I'll buy,
B Though you aed me. sbe said. t
ESTUA.Y NOTICE 1 navo in my posecsbidi
the following- de&cribea animal Im-
Mj punded as estrav or for trespass:
B9 Ono rod nnJ white spotted heirer. branded
Bjg -r -vn on left hi) with crop off right ear und
BS. slit in left ear.
BR If damage and costs on said animal bo not
M paid within Uu days from dato of this no-
BJB tice it will be sold to the highest cash bld-
BB der at tho Ppanish Pork City estray pound at
BW 2 o'clock p. m on tho 29th day of .lor.
BB i8Pr.
BJB Dated at Spanish Fork City, Utah county,
BJ Ttjrriiory of Utah, this lath daT of Nor.
BBBJ PoundfeoepDr of said city.
WANTED: A rehab'e, ac'ive gentleman
or lady to travel lor reliable established
BBBJ boueo Salary 6780. payable $15 weekly, and
BB monoy advanced for exponces. Situation
BBB steady. Keferences Enclose self-addressed
BB stamped envelope, H. E. Hess. President
BH Chicago.
Court of Cta bounty, territory of tnah.
In tho matter of tho estate of Marcus Erick-
BBH son. deceased
BB Notice of time and place for hearing of po-
BBfl iltioD for admission to probate of will.
BB Pursuant to an order of said court in said
BBB matter, notice is hereby prlven that Monday
BBB the 25th day of November, A.D. 1895. at 10
BBB o'clock a. m , at the county courthouse. In
BflB Provo f Ity, Utah county, territory of Utah, In
BBB tho courtroom of Bald court, has been
BBB appointed the time and place for the hear-
BBfl "nfc' of a petition of A- A. Petersen, praying
BBB for tho admission to probate or a certain docu-
BBh ment therewith presented, purporting to bo
BBB tbG l&8t 'otU md testament of Marcus
BBB ErickBon,decaaed,when and whore all persons
BBB interested may appear and contest tho pro-
BBflj bate ot said will, or tho granting of letters
BBB testamentary to A. J. Evans and A. Pcter-
BBb eenas prayed for in said petition.
BBS Dated at Prcvo City, Nov. J3. 1895.
Bfl cierko'tM-nrobatoiuw . nth oonrtvTJ,T,
H pyaoe & Thurman, attorneys f qv petiOonef ,
Tore Wallace's Pants and
Brought a Divorce
Por Preachinc Mormonism ThatEelieion
Construed to ba a Menace to Peace and
Dlirnity and Go od Morals Judd'a
Ohanco'a for the Judgeship.
Chicago, Nov. 20. A rent in the bi
cycle trousers of William Wallace was
the indirect means of bringing out a
decree of divorce today. LaBt summer
Wallace and his friend Benjamin
Fisher were scorchinc along the street
when Wallace fell off and wrecked his
trousers so badly that he ecorched hot
ter than ever to get out of the way of
the police. He went to his friend
James Hull and appiied for the loan
01 pair of bicycle trousers. Hull ac
commodated him and eooa Wallace
and Pisher were scorching once more.
Wallace felt something bulky in the
pocket of the Hull trousers and ou in
vestigation found it to be a letter from
Fisher's wife to the owner of the
trouserb. Then more scorching was in
order, while the husband S -night Hull
and satisfaction. He failed to find the
man and went to his wife. She is a
truthful woman and Fisher began
proceedings for a diyorce, which was
granted him today. jNIra. Fisher is at
Atlanta, Ga., and her husband still
has possession of the fatal trousers.
Jacksonville, tfla. Nov 20. A
special to the Gitizan from Tallahassee
says: Elders Nebeker and Rogers.who
came nere on juunuay 10 sow seeaB 01
the Mormon laith, were arres'ed to
day. They were charged with being a
menace to the peace, dignity and good
morals of the city. They offered no
defense, atid were lined S230 or sixtv
dajs in jail.
The mayor stated that execution of
judgment would be held in abeyance
lor one hour, duriDg which time thsy.
would be permitted to leave the city
under the escort of the chief of police.
They immediately lett town, and said
they would leave the state.
judd's chances.
Herald special.
Washington, D. O , Nov. 20. Ban
ton McMillen, of Tennessee, will ar
rive here in a few days and Tennessee
ans here now say that he will urge
Judge Judd for the United States dis
trict judgeship in Utah.
Governor West will haye the support
ot Secretary Carlisle. He has been at
the Carlisle residence considerably
since his arrival in Washington, and
there is no doubt that he and the sec
retary are good friends, but whether
or not Carlisle will recommend the
governor for the judgeship, is a ques
tion with the Tennesseans.
If he does so, Governor West's
chances for the office will be good, not
withstanding the opposition that he
is expected to develop in Utah among
those wno are opposed to Mr. West for
tbie office.
It is said that Mr. Judd's friends
may try to effect a deal, whereby Judd
will be elecfed to the judgeship and
Governor West made district attorney.
fiho iViltfd Htoj.
There is one patron or fhe Nortl
Pennsylvania street lino who has th
reputation of being most dreadfully dis
agreeable. Tho conductors say ho is a
kicker, and the neighbors say ho has the
dyspepsia. Anyway he generally creates
& scene wherever he goes, but since 9
recent experience ho is a little particu
lar about his conduct on a street car.
He boarded a crowded car at well,
omo street between Ohio and Seventh.
The aisle was filled with person? hold
ing on to tho straps. He stood for a sec
ond in tho doorway and glowerod ai
those within. The conductor placed his
naud on tho shoulder of the bad tem
pered man and said:
"Pass on, please, and don't stand in
ho doorway 1"
Tho disagreeable man turned his head
1 bit ana snapped in return:
"Don't get gay. btop yonr pushing,
or I'll report"
Tho unfortunate man, while making
this speech to tho conductor, did not oh
jerve that a woman was attempting tc
pass out Take many others, he thought
the car had stopped for him alone. But
his orabbed remarks were cut short by
an energetic shovo from tho lady passen
ger. She thought his cutting remarkE
were aimed at her, and in a high pitohed
voice she replied:
"You are insulting, sir, and very nn
gentlemanly. I must get out, and if yot
are not enough of a gentleman to allow
uie to pass I shall do some reporting.
The bad tempered man tried to explain
and apologize, but tho woman brushed
past him. All the passengers heard the
remarks and witnessed the incident, an?
the disagrcoable- man looked trulj
fihamed. Indianapolis Journal.
There will be a meeting of the Dem
ocratic jJrum corps tomorrow (Thurs
day) evening at 7:30 o'clock sharp. All
members are requested to be there as
there is business of importance to be
tiansacted. Geo. Gkoubman,
Drum Major.
The U. S. Gov't Reports
show Royal Baking Powdet
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
ao Said So Once, nnd nt Another Time Hk
J'roved It.
When Lord Liverpool was forming
his ministry, in 1822, ho thought it alw
tolutoly necessary to havo Canning ai
tho foreign office, although awaro that
the appointment would bo obnoxious to
Georgo IV. Tho Duke of Wellington
undertook the unpleasant task of com
municating Lord Liverpool's detorml
As soon as tho king knew what was
wanted of him ho broke ont: "Arthur,
it is impossible. I said, on my honor ai
a gentloman, ho should never be ono cf
my ministers again. 1 am sure you will
agree with mo that I cannot do what
said on my honor as a gentleman i
would not do. "
Another man would have been si
lenced, bur, the great soldier, always
equal to an emergency, replied:
"Pardon me, sir, but I don't agree
with yoa at all. Your majesty is not a
gentleman. '
Tho bold assertion startled tho king,
but tho dukowent on, "Your majesty fa
not a gentleman, but tho sovereign of
England, with duties to your people fa?
ahovo any to yourself, and these duties
reudor it imperative that you shoulS
employ the abilities of Mr. Canning. "
"Well, Arthur," said the king, draw
leg a long breath, "if I must, I must."
Although he did not like being told
ho was not a gentleman, Georgo IV had
once, at least, while regent forgotten he
was ona This was when ho flung a
glass of wino in Colonel Hamlyn's face,
with "Hanilyn, you are a blackguard!"
Tho insn'ed officer could not return
tho compliment without committing
something liko treason it was out of
lhe question to challenge the prince,
whilo to let tho insult pass unnoticed
was equally impossible.
Tho colonel filled his glass and threw
lhe contents in the face of his neighbor,
saying, "His majesty's toast, pass it
"Hamlya," oried the regent, "you'it
a capital follow! Here's your health."
And they were fast friends from that
ereuing. Hew York Advertiser.
Sttrt to Be Setter Than Hcrr Dowc'o BoUst
'Proof Culmu.
The Dowe mail coat, still in prooeaa
of perfection, is already to be sup
planted by the Boynton shield, saya
Arms and Explosives, an English jctir
nah The shield i nothing more than s
steel plato a foot square, which weighs
just eight pounds. It s mwle in euch
a way that it can be suspended from the
rifle of a soldier, and it will alw$
maintain a vertical position, no matter
At what angle the gun ts held. Standi
or kneeling, tho soldier is protected to p
large extent behind the plate. When in
a kneeling position, he is almost entirv
ly hidoen by the plate, whioh, instep
of interfering with his aim, he? pa hins
to sight The barrel of the gma fits inw
a groove at the top of tho plate, And by
means of slides at the ends a number ol
plates can bo strung together, thus form
ing a veritable "Chinese wall" for &
row of sharpshooters.
The "EovuedoCercleMilitaire" pro
nounoea ho Bnvnto& shield juBt st
serviceable as the Dowe cuirass lndevse
oora effective
field Many allies Sqnar fairly Tccmln
With Seal.
Late in February tho Newfoundland
sealing Htoamors break through tho ice
In St. John's haibor and make thoir
way to somo northern outposts, lying
Ihere tmtil March 10, tho earliest date
on which the law allows them to "go
to tho ice. " They stand out to sea until
they meet the immense fields of ice
from the Arctic ocean. Those fields are
often many square miles in extent and
fairly teem with seals. A great seal
hunter told mo that the sea seemed
suddenly oonverted into an ocean ol
seals and ice. Tho steamer breaks into
the jam and floats with it or skirta
along tho edge, tho crew, 200 or 800 in
nnmber, takiug to tho floating ice ai$
living thero for days aud nights.
The young seals fatten so rapidly that
sealers say you can actually ace them
grow while you aro looking at them.
The poor creatures are easily killed,
blow with the butt end of a gaff finis,
tug them. The hunter then "sculps, "
or skins them, inserting a sharp knife
tinder tho fat, and with marvelous dex
terity taking off the "pelt" skin and
fat together in about a minute and a
half. A party of men will "pan" their
pelts pile them up to the number of
about 1,000 and thrust a gaff with tho
ship's flag into tho pan. When ther&
aro pans enough, tho steamer breaks in
to the ico and hauls them aboard with
a donkey winch, or the men drag them
to tho vessel's side.
Tho Newfoundland seal hunters al
ways speak of seals as "swiles, " nnd
for our word carry they say "spell." A
Bohoolmaster who had been listening to
a seal hunter's story said sneeringly:
"Swiles! How do you spell swiles?'
"We don't spoil 'em," replied thA
hunter; "wo most generally hauls
ami" Gustav Kobbo in St. Nioholas
Schoolboy (wearily) What's the use
of learning all this stuff?
Teacher It is chiefly to cultivate the
Schoolboy Don't you think it would
be more sensible to buy a phonograph?
Good News.
Dr- Price's Crara SaWng Powder
A Jonrncy Across the Continont In Mulct
Xs liko a Voyage.
The journey across the continent from
west to east in midwinter is very much
liko a voyage. When ono lands at St
Paul from the overland train, it is with
all the sensations of making port after
having passed over tho icebound sea of
tho plains.
The uniform dazzle of miles of mo
notonous snow, broken only where h
sinks to indigo shadow or swells to
crests of intolerable light, has lor days
given to the world outside the pani e
centiment of immensity rarely matched
by the moving sea.
There is majesty in tho limitless
sweep of lovel oarth, so slightly over
rched by the level sky, bat majestj
that becomes desolation when seen in
initmate relation to human life.
A furry team of horses struggling
across tho plains, drawing a meage
slpdge load of firewood along a narrow
trail in tho snow to somo unseen farm
house, hibernating through the long
winter months for tho resurreotion oC q
few fierco weeks of sunU-ier sunshine; L
little schoolhouse of unplaned boarda
perched on a swell of tho vast, silent
landscape; a farmhouso backed by hvrn
and corral, with a tiuy yard in fro'v
enolroled by a tawdry frill of white
washed paling, showing yellow above
the snow all these, with.mile3ofsnow
betweon, pierce ono with a keener sense
d loneliness than could nny persona)
Tho human element is so inadequate
that ono passes these scattered evidences
of a struggle for life as in a sound ship
one might pass a frail craft at sea.
Thore are eaglo minds upon which
this solemn hostility of unconquered
nature acts as a challenge; ono sees this
in the voice and step and eya of men
who havo built Dakota and Montana
towns. Sturdy and unjwed, they have
fought their way and wrested for there
lves a foothold on tho great inhospS
table plains.
The level iridescent blazo of cloud
less winter days, the treeless prairies
nflarno with color inatgrinlizod in
thonsand wild-flOTfyenjfifctyareary swells
of autumn brown, lifted hero and there
into sharp butt as of threatening stono
each in ita own way impresses tha
imagination, but repels tho nestling b
itinct of hamn socLino man
In Battle Crook, Mich., Marcs ", 0
woman's loag-ao was organized. Its ob
ject is the promotion of all literary, mn
sical, soiontifio, philanthropic, educa
tional, artistio and social movements in
which women ore interested. It is pro
posed to make it auxiliary to the Leaguo
of All Women Societies now in the.
oity. Tho officers elected are: Presideut,
Mrs. Eugene Glass; vice president,
Mrs. C. M. Ranger, Mrs. L. A. Dudley;
secretary, Mrs. Frank Dunning; treaa'
urer, Miss Cora Leon; also a board ot
managers. The leaguo starts ont with a
membership of over 800 prominent wo-nou.
Home Missionaries.
The home missionaries of Utah Stake
are appointed to preach on Sunday,
Nov. 24th, 1895, at the wards desig
Jame's Whitehead I Provo lBt ward.
A. Manwaring 1
S. P. Eegertsen jr. J Provo 2nd "
Oscar Wilkins f
Wm. S. Tanner ) Springville
Chhs. Monk )
Jos. E. Wilftins ) Mapleton
Geo. H. Jex
Daniel King Spanish Fork
Wm. Monk J
Wm. H. Gardner I Salem
Jens Jensen )
Wm. Wignall I Payson
Charles L. Olson f
Jonathan S. Page Benjamin
Charles Brewerton J
C. D. Evana ) Lake Shore
L. Holbrook f
Wra. Bramall Spring Lake
M. M. Johnson J
Andrew Lovesreen Santaquin
Ewd. W. Clark
Eli B. Hawkins I Goshen
George Hand f
George Ekins (. Provo 3rd vard
A.M. Wilde 1
Joseph i. Wadley j Provo 4th '
Louis P. Lund J
A. B Walker Lake View
Elias Astin )
James T. Thome I Timpanogos
A. J. EvanB )
M. D. Atwood ) Pleasant View.
Edward F. Wadley )
Taos. F. Carlisle Pleasant Grove,
John A. Vance f First Ward.
Heber Harrington ) Pleasant Grove,
John W. Svkes ) Second Ward.
John Woodhouse I PleasantGrove
Hyrum Baker f Third Ward.
O D.Giazier ?
V. L. Halliday ) American Fork
Ttonder "
Jamee BDjden Lehi
Thos, John 1
James H. dinger ) Cedar Valley
Andrew Madsen 1
Hours of meeting: Lake View ward,
10:30 a. m. and 2 p. ni.; Timpanogos
ward,, 2 and 7 p.m.; and in the Provo
ward meeting houses at 7.30 p. m.,
Springville 2 p. m.: Spanish Fork 2 and
7 p. m. ; Salem 2 p. m. ; Payson 2 aDd
6:30 p m.; Santaquin 2 f). m. ; Go3hen
2p m; Lehi 2 p. m.; Alpine 2 p.m.;
American Fork 2 and 7 p. m Pleasant
Grove 2 p. m, ; Fairfiela ld:30 a. m.
Cedar Fort 2 p.m.;Hiehland 2:30 p. m.
Spring Lake 2 p. m.; Benjamin 2:30 p.
rn.; Pleasant View 2 p. m. Lake Shore:
2:30 n. m.
9r, Price's Cream BaKing Powder
W Kj'S F? m&i lN! &$ Pfcras,
On November 20th will be noted for the extraordin-
a-ry values offered. m
We have selected three lots of Goods for Sacrifice I
LOT NO. 1. - w
TweDty-five Handsome large White Red Spreads they ae a splendid quality of H
MarceJles and are worth 1 ?5 and 52.00 each they go for this day only at $1.09 each. 9
LOT 2. Twenty-five doz. fine all linen Tray Cloths just what is wanteds when you B
give a social party, these cloths are worth 25 and 30 cts. each, will sell for this day only ifl
at 10 cts. WM
LOT HO, 3 fl
Ten doz. Men'? Vicuna wool Underwear, they are the Biggest Bargains you. evT-sriW- H
worth ?5 each, they go at 35 c- see windows for goo Js and come early if you 'don't want to
gtleft. .
3Q and 32 QE lfTEi STREET, - - - PROVO GBTY,
X.oblacho'8 Tolce.
Lablache had the most magnificenS
bass voice ever known to tho lyrio stage.
It had a compass of two ootaves, from
E flat below to E flat above tho bass staff.
He was a man of prodigious size and
strength, and his voice was proportioned
to his physical dimensions. Nothing
was able to overcome or drown it, and
through tho tones of the largest chorus
it boomed out as lustily as though alone.
More than onco ho broke a window pane
by the strength of tho vibrations caused
by his monstrous voice.
Jilrs. I'oiucucare ac rront window
Policeman Yes, ma'am. What's
wrong, ma'am?
Mrs. F. Nothing's wrong, but I
wish yoti'tl step -into-tho kitchen and
tell the cook not to burn tho meat, as
she did last night. I'm afraid to. Pick
Me Up.
A Silsmms,
Friefd Have you completed yom
Author Not yet, I am sorry to say.
1 navo maae six couples happy for life,
but I have still got an old general and
a shoemaker's widow on my hands, and I
somehow they voa'fc match. Fliege&d
Change ot' Time.
Begining Sunday November I7th the
Union Pacific passenger train for all
points south will leave Provo at 9:25 a.
m. instead of 8:55 a. m. ; train for the
north will leaye nt 4:05 p. m. instead of
2:50 p. m. This train will make close
connection at Salt Lake with th fast
train for Denver, Omaha, Kansas City,
Chicago and 3t. Louis. If you are go
ing east secure your tickets via the
Union Pacific. G, W. Craig,
A meeting of the W. S. A. will con
vene in the vestry of the meeting
house, Friday next, "November 22nd.
Officers and members are all requested
to db present in the forenoon as offi
cers will be elected for the ensuing
year, commencing at the hours of 10
a. m. and 2 p. m, All are cordially
Mns. Johanna Patton, President.
Mas. Sarah Cluff, Secretary.
Both the method and results when
Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste, and acts
gently yet promptly on the Kidneys,
Liver and Bowels, cleanses the sys
tem effectually, dispels colds, bead
aches and fevers and cures habitual
constipation. Syrup of Figs is the
only remedy of its kind ever pro
duced, pleasing to the taste and ac
ceptable to the stomach, prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
effects, prepared only from the most
healthy and agreeable substances, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it the most
popular remedy known.
Syrnp of Figs is for sale in 50
cent bottles by all leading drug
gists. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it. Do not accept any
s PEszsme, oil,
Profitable Reading. I
There Is a whole lot of sound m
&nd solid reason why the H. H.
Singleton Clothing company have 9
so quickly crawled to the front. I
It wasn't blind luck, Oh no! Here I
are some of the Bargains that have I
made them popular. 9
200 Men's and boys Suits now on B
sale in ten different patterns 9
at $2.50 per suit.
.o BH
Good Advice to Farmers. r It Is a well established fact tha H
Do not contract vour potatoe crop farmers who sold their potatoe crop H
unless the party contracting same last season through the Utah County
pays down at the time the agreement .. . . , D ."au 0"a,,y BB
iB made at least ten cents per bushel ruit & Agricultural society got from H
Call on us and we will tell you why. $10.00 to $20.00 more for each carload H
U. O. F. & A. Society, than those who sold otherwise. Be IB
F. J. Covert, sure and see ua this season before you H
Secretary and Manager. sell. f j
fw Iffa ve .lust Received a Hig Line of 9
The Best on earth, Call and see them. 9
AIho carry a complete Stoclc of H
Hardware, Cutlery, Stoves and Tinware.
Wagon Timber and lumbers 8up-
piles, Cuns and Ammunition. Guns I
to rent
L, D. WATERS, Manager, I
Everything in Season at Lowest figures I

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