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To Provide for tlie Gravel
ing of the Sidewalks in
I Graveling Districts No, 1,
No. 2 and No. 3.
E Sec. 1. Be it Ordained by the
IOiCy Council of Provo city, that
tlie three bidewaik graveling difi
HctB heretofore established by
ithe Oily council, known as. Graveling
Districts No. 1, No. 2 and So. S, come
within the purview and meaning of
thiB ordinance, the boundaries of saia
districts being as follows: The side
walks on J afreet from JFirst to Fif
teenth street. Seventh street from A
to O street, and E street from First to
Twelfth;street, comprise dietrif t No. 1.
K, L, M and 2T streets, from Third to
Fifteenth street, and all streets run
nine east from J to N street; comprise
district No. 2. All etreetB running
north and south between J and E
streets, and all streets, running east
and -west from First to Twe'fth, both
iuclnBive except Seventh street, com
prise dietnet No. 3.
1 Sec. 2. A tax, not to exceed Six
I Thousand Dollars, is hereby levied on
the real estate lying and being within
the limits of said Bidevralk cravehng
districts, for the purpose of graveling
with mountain gravel and otherwise
ropairmcthe sidewalks in the aboye
named districts.
Sac, 3. The assessment for gravel
ing purposes shall be according to the
front rod, or traction thereof abutting
upon the sidewalk to be improved, and
the amonnt of assessment shaft be cal
culated on each rod of sidewalk ac
cording to the estimated need thereof,
Provided; that the aggregate tax shall
he within the limit herein named.
Sec. 4. The City Recorder or his
deputy shall liBt and assess the pro
perty according to the provisions of
this ordinance, stating the name of
the owner, or it unknown there so
stating, and Riving the number of 1 t
and block, and name of plat and num
ber ot rods, or fraction thereof, of:each
lot and piece of ground fronting the
sidewalks, and the amount of taxleyied
Sec. 5.-After the list iB made up
and the assessment appr-yed by the
City Council, notice shal jq given in
" borne newspaper of the completion of
; - - mrj,
W tll8 first publication of said
notice, and durinK the time speeded
herein the said list shall be open to
Publ inspection, and any person or
pLons feeling themselves aggrieved
Shave a hearing betore the said
Council Notice shall be given of the
"en the Oily Council shall sit to
hear anevances and complaints of
K errors in assesement.
H Sec 6 Tne Supervisor of btrt-ets is
Hereby constituted the collector of the
J assessed hy tuis ordinance. Upon
receipt by him of the corrected tax list
ue Tall furnish to each property
B tax-paver owning real estate within
the said sidewalk graveling district,
or leavUt his residence or usual Place
of business, or mailed to his addrebs,if
known, a notice of the tax assessed
against him, and when end where pay-
able, and when delinquent, and what
port on thereof may be paid in grave ,
and when the said tax is due he shall
nrt to collect the assessment and
to eniorce the payment of such Por-
tkn thereof as may become delinquent
-n Sie manner provided by tne laws o
the Territory, and the ordinances of
Proyo City for tne collection of city
bhall be responsible on his bonds ifor
the faithful performance o hie , dutie I
as collector of any and all taxes as
seBsed and collected under the provis
H ions of this ordinance.
H Sec. 8. -All taxes assessed under
the provisions of this ordinance shall
be due and payable on the third day of
3)ecember,A. D. 1S95, and any and all
taxes remaining unpaid on the first
day Of April, A. D. 1896, shall be
B deemed delinquent. . t.
H Sec 9 The tax assessed under the
H provisions of this ordinanca may be
Lid in whole or in part in mountain
gravel, t the option of the taxpayers
mm .h rata of fifty centB per load, o
H notlss than on" cubic yard, delivered
Tn thl ! sidewalk where the same is to
jH ggPase'd this 3d day of December,
MM A. D., 1895.
H Jos. B. Keeler, J
B President of the City Council.
Attest: JohnD. Dixon,
f City Becorder.
H Approved this 4th day oiiDecem
H v.pr A. D. 1895.
1 Meyor of Proyo City.
H Utah County, ss.
mWM Pbovo City. J
H t Tnhn D. Dixion, Recorder in and
H ol Provo City, Utah County, and
UM Terrifory of Utah, hereby certify that
mWM fhe foregoing is a full, true and correct
K SDi of an ordinance entitled "An
mWM nrnance to Provide for the Gravel-
B 8? ol the Sidewalks in Graveling
IH SStrictB No. 1, No. 2 andNo 3 "passed
H Slhe City 'Council of Provo City,
?;S&nSi have horeun-
H iu tesU to affixed the seal ot Provo
mWM - John D. Dixon,
mWM City Recorder.
Will be Sentenced on Satur
day, December 21,
itar Yet Throw the Case Out of Court
anrt Allow tho Guilty Man to Go Free
of Further Punishment Other Matters
iu Court.
Judge Rolapp held another late ses
sion ot the First District court on Sat
urday to conclude the tual of the
Ralphs adulleiy case, Allien testi
mony was offered upon the part ot the
government to prove that Mr. Ralphs
and Miss Duke acted for many monttiB
and upon many occasions as devoted
lovers and the cross-examination of
some of the witnesses who gave this
class of testimony greatly tickled the
large aulience out to hear the racy
developments in the case. The couple
weio traced at lako reaorts, at picnics ,
out riding, at dances, etc., and a rep
etition of what was said and done by
the two upon these occasions was
laughable at times, sentimental at
times, pitiful at times and sometimes
rather shameful. The two were no
slouches at the love-making business,
rather were thev experts ; and while
many of the onlookers learned some
"points" sb to "how it is done," not
one ol the witnesses for the prosecu
tion who gave this line of testimony
but has vowed that forever more here
after they will never, no nevera gain,
come into court to give away the secrets
of episodes such as buggy rlde3, etc.,
where what is said and done is eup
poBed to be said and dene in sacred
confidence. Much testimony was also
offered as to the good character of th9
prosecuting witness. The defense also
pruved the good character of the de
fendant Ralphs an1 undertook to prove
that Miss Duke went out frequently
with men and boys, drank beer and
otherwise behaved herself unbecom
ingly but it was of no avail. Tne
jury were out only a short time and re
turned into court with a verdict of
Sentenced will be passqd on Dec, 21st.
An attempt was.m ad e.taJiay&thfeiC&Ba.
JthSyTSSplAiir charge? umf
SoSensewas committed with oua
Teeme Duke. Miss Duke s fires name
iVnotTenie but Phena S. If a new
ml b , SStea and the.defendant's at
torneys succeed in getting the indict
ment quashed, under the circum
stances this will be a serious techni
cality for the offirers tor the govern
ment to cope with. The last grand
Srv for this district under territorial
rue was on Saturday discharged.
The state laws, it is ndd .mil
not apply to this case. If this is
?ue.it may transpire that Ralphs,
PUllly and deserving 01 pumsnmem
be a, will not have to go to Uil for his
cr,me nor pay other penalty than he has
already done in the monetary outlay
and humiliation of the trial just had.
I The grand jury in its final report
presented on Saturday announced that
the following cases had been ignored :
The People vs. Henry Tanner, grand
laTheYPecple va. WhitTock & Lund
holm, grand larceny.
The People ys. John Doe, arson.
Toe People vs. Rafield Rodgers,
grihe U JHi May Honey, adultery.
The U. S. ys. Oarolme Jacobsen,
a The V. S. vs. Caroline Smith, for
UlTte U. S. vs, Jefferson Carter, un
IaThfl1mEmeQrBhaw, adultery.
TheU. S. vs. O. H. Warner, ob
structing U S. mail.
Sty-six indictments have been re
turned; twenty-nine cBBea have been I
i ignored and two submitted to the next
grand jury.
Mre Mary L. Allred of Mt. Pleasant
who to , bSi married to J. Par ey 1U
red since September 18, 18b6 now
wants to be freed from her lord and
master, for the reason that he has de
serted her without cause since 1891.
She also wants custody of Ada Pearl
Allred, aged sixteen. Suit was Qled
Dp Price's Cf earn Baking Fosf ,
An English lady, traveling in Not
Zeand, waxes enthusiastic, over tbe
beauties of tho country, especially in u.
mountainous parts. She tells a fnmij
Uttle story about tho sharp witted driver
of the public coach iu which she made
somo of her expeditions.
At one point, where the steep roart
overhangs the river, Davis, the driver
always took the opportunity to lighten
tho load for his horses.
"Gentlemen," ho would say in an
Insinuating tone, "the Prince of Wales
alwavs gets out and walks here.
It is to bo presumed that he had usu
ally found his "fares" quite ready to
Minw in tho footsteps of so distin
guished 0 predecessor, but one day a
man who had already heard tho speech
moro than once, stole a march upon the
wily Davis, The ground was wet, anfi
tho passenger was not in a mood foi
oliuibing, so as they approached the
spot ho anticipated the driver's hint by
te "Davis, "the Princo of Wales isn'go-ipgtowallr'odav."-
" -
The U. S. Govri Reports
show Royal Baking Powder
Slionld Uncontrollablo Inipulso" Hu
Critaiual Conviction?
The Nev YorK Law Journal recently
contained r,n editorial article favoring
G modification of the test of insanity in
criminal cases. Tho ability to disfcin
guiBh boween right and wrong in ref
erence to the act committed and to
know that it was wrong is a standard
of mental capacity required in New
York to render a person responsible fci
crimes committed by him.
The Law Journal argnes in favor of
grading punishment according to the
mental condition of offenders who may
be "partially insane." Many alienists.
Including Dr. Allan McLano Hamilton,
do not recognize "rjrtial insanity,"
saying that a person is either sane oz
insane. The state m which tho mind
acts correotly as to its judgment, but
tho will is controller, by somo impluse
which tho mmd cannot master, is not
recognized in mdny criminal courts,
because it has been found that the ex
cuse of irreslstiblo impulse led to toe
great a number of acquittals in caseB
where defendants were really guilty of
serious offences.
In civil cases it is easier to deal with
persons whose minds are so affected
that they cannot come to correct con
clusions as to certain subjects. The is
rjos at stake are frequently loss impor
tant, and it is possible to learn whether
a particular act was done under tho in
fluence of the delusion or mental weak
ness which affects tho person concerned
rti oat uovoruineirt.
The Union Signal says with refer
enco to Cardinal Gibbon's sermon
against woman suffrage: "We are struck
with tho similarity between this utter
ance of a Roman Catholic prelate and
the woll known utterance of a bishop
of tho Methodist church. The ideal 0?
both is woman on a pedestal, rocking
the cradle and ruling the world! Wo
wonder how many American men are
ready to indorse tho statement that this
nation is under petticoat government!"
Or. Prices Cream Baking Powder
VorW? F5-P Hitffc 4ois totA Ololsnin.
A Child Enjoys.
The pleasant flavor, gentle action and
soothing effect3 of Syrup of Figs, when
in need of n laxative, and if the father
or mother be costive or bilious, the
most gratifying results folbw its use;
eo tbat it iB the best family remedy
known, and every family should have
bottle on hand.
PECULSAiR in combination, pro
portion and preparation of ingredi
ents,Hood's Sarsaparilla possesses great
curative value. You should TRY IT.
iiwifimy. .1,,,, Notice.
Ject errors in assessment of graveling
sfdewalks in Graveling Districts . TSTo. 1,
32! 2 and vo 3 was extended nntil
Tuesday, December 10, l89o at
iclockp.m.atthe Council chamber
Midlist i in tho hands of the City
Reorder and open to inspection until
8aid Border ot Provo City Council.
y John D. Dixon,
City Recorder.
Dated December 4, 1395.
Ballard's llorehound Syrup.
Shma, Croup, Whooping Cough and
ill disaaees of the Throat and Lungs .we
lliS grantee Ballard's SoreUmd
Surup to be without an equal on the
Show f .we of the globe. In suoport of
This statement we refer to every in
dividual who has ever used it, and to
every druggist who has ever sold it.
Such evidence is indisputable, Sold
by Smoot Drug company.
Strawberry Plants,
parties wanting Oregon Strawberry
Wants can arrange for them by calling
To properly fill ita office and tunc
ionsfiD is important that the blood be
nuie When it Is m such a condition
the body is almost certain to be
healthy. A complaint at this time ib
catarrh in some of its various forms. A
St cold develops the disease in the
head Droppings of corruption pass
ni2 into the lunes bring on consurap
5 The only' way to cure this dis
ease is to pSnfy the blood. The most
oS'nale c'ases'of wgJya?
tuedicmal powers of Hood 8 Sarsapar
ilia as if by magic Eimply beLauBeic
' reaches the seat of the disease, and by
PurimnK and vitalizing the blood, re
moves t cause. Not only does Hood's
sirsaparlila do this but it gives re
newed vigor to the whole system, mak-
fnRit poasiblefor gODd health to reign
I I supreme. .
The World's t:air Tests
shnwsd no baking powder
so pure or so great in Isav
The first quorum of elders will meet
every TueEdav evening in the vestry of
fhfponrth Ward meeting-house at
0'cl0Cb R.R.Ikvlnk, President.
Did You Read It?
The Capital City Commercial Col
lege has a card in this paper offering
instruction free to a number of per
sons. Did vou read it?
Regular dancing at the Sonthwoith
hall every Friday evening, comraem
taKoJSSer Hth, next. The verv beat
i Ail room musWill be m attend
ance. All are invited. Tickets 50c.
Dr. Price's Cream BaKIng Pow3
irTTITT'Bn niT,,l-,l,M,1 mm ,I..I.II1.11 UK ll J - . i mjj .nm .
' i '
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Change ot Time.
Begimng Sunday November I7th the
Union Pacific passenger trim for all
points south will leave Provo at 9:25 a.
m. instead oi 8:55 a. ra. ; trnin for the
north will leaye at 4:07?. to. instead of
2:50 p.m. ThiB trahf will make close
connection at Salt Lafc-a with th fast
train for Denver, OmaSa. Kansas City,
Chicago and St. Look- It you are go
ing east secuie your 'tickets via the
Union Pacific. GtV. Obaig,
3fj- Agent.
I'm Gome: a-Milkmulisir, She Said.
Whore are you goin, iny pretty maid?
To buy a niano. sir, ijesaid.
And which like you ' best, my pretty
The silvBr-toned .EMERSON, sir,
she said. .
And where can youfincLone, my pretty
maid? y
At Taylor Rros. Co.,"iajr, she said.
There tho EilERSOIv nd3,
'Tis the bdet ever madsk $
And no other I'll buy, fg
Though you axed me. SSsald. t
Important Change
On November 18th i4R. G. W. will
make the following changes m time of
trains at Provo : f
Tram No iJ from Salt Lnko will ar
rive at 9:30 a. m ; tranp No. 1 from
east will arrive at 10 :55 kind will not
stop between Provo tcl Suit Lake
city. Tram No. 6 for Sanpete wilt
leave at 2:55 p, in. orjocsLhour earlier
than on old turn1; UainlSo. 5 for Salt
Lake will depart at 8:68 p. m. A11
other trains same as bejgp.
Any person making purhases at
Howe & Taf t's aggregating S15.00 will
be given fiee a largo rsyon portrait
of themselves or aoy member of their
family. You will not have to pay a
fee to have agents notify you and you
will get a picture from the best artists
l.i the woild. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Ballard's Snow Iinicvut.
Mrs, Hamilton, Camtiidge, Ills.,
Bays: I had I he rheumatism so bad I
could not raise my h.ind to my head.
Ballard's Snow LinimeAi ha3 entirely
cured me. I :ake p!etibn:a.r3t'Sa;?
ingmy neighbors F&fred him of
has done fprme.njgvry jt? It
'uSVyyougood, It cures all
liflammauon, Wounds, Sores, Cuts,
BprSnS "to. Sold by Smoot Drug
Koit Raw: Old paitera Jat 25 cenvs
per hundred. Apply to the busing
jffica of TitB Dial' ATOP-
Notice to Tax Pavers.
For the collection of 1895 taxes my
office will close on the evening of Sat
UrThenameTbo? Arsons owing taxes
unpaid aSS tttatdate will be publish
ed according to law entailing addi
tional expense. LEYl0pENgHAW
Collector for Utah County.
A Sound Liver Aianes a Well Man
Are vou Bilious, Consipated or
troubled with Jaundice; Sick Head
ache Bad Tste m Mouth, Foul
Breath Coated Tongue, Dyspepsia,
oS aid yoTbloodi slowly beine
Sned, because your .Liver does not
onf nrmiPrlv. HEEB1NE Will CIU6 liny
tff7theliw, Stcmack. or
SSwbIb It has no qnal as a Liver
Seine Price 75 cents. Free trial
bottles at Smoot Prrtr corayp-ny.
Both the method and results when
Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant '
and refreshing to the taste, and acts
rently yet promptly on the Kidneys,
Liver and Bowels, cleanses the sys
tem effectually, dispels colds, head
aches and fevers and cures habitual
constipation. Syrup of Figs is the
only remedy of its kind ever pro
duced, pleasing to the taste and ac
ceptable to the stomach, prompt m
its action and truly beneficial in its
effects, prepared only from the most
healthy and agreeable substances, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it the most
popular reme'dy known.
Syrup of Figs is tor sate m v 1
cent bottles by all leading drug
gists. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it. Do not accept any
Substitute. .,
1 mmmss. CP!?
OSPB?' B! iiPff?PfH71l
riHiuis oLIiLyriiiil.
Has opened up a fiistclass shop one
half block sonth of the RobertSrhouse.
where farmers and public generally
can got their work done at living
AIiT- KINDS of '
give mm A CALL.
wi Saliflnal HpI7
ciimi liuiiuiiui Doiii
Yi, R. Pike, President.
S. S, Johes, Vice-Preaidont.
D. A. SwAit, Cashier.
J. C. Graham, Geo. Q. Cannon,
Geo. Taylor, S. S. Jones,
E. F. SHEBT8. "W. R. PlRU,
D. A. Swan,
General Banking buslnesa
Eschangr drawn on .Nw York, ObJ
cago, San Pranciaco, and all the
Principal Cities of Europe.
Sslelv deposit boxes (or rent nfc ?S x8
nirura. JU)d n.T?p&r1
F0ET urse by Maili
acsgaagBa Capital City 1
1 GoramercialCJollesjel
H metloby mall, jsreo oionargo, mj"5
K limited number of persons. IhlEB
B course will bo completed In forty lca-H
I sons. No ohargo for Diplomas.
H Address g
BpiV.iu..ljj-T-'ppj--?Trriry "',afvsnUiSFFx
Sign Writing,
Carriage Fainting,
Paper Hanging.
Shop one half block north of County (
Court houaa.
How mIae Fortune
8100 for every $10 invested
j can 1)0 made toy our new
SIO 00 and more made daily on amall in.
vesttnontB. by many persons who hvo away
TaUTis to investigate our noy and
UrtSmotuods, Past workings i of -Dbm
and highest references furnished. OurBook
fet "Pwnts & Hints" how to make monoy even
when on the wrong side of tho market and
other information sent FltEK
Gilmore & Oo., Bankers and Brokers.
Open Board of Trade Bids: . Chicago ill.
E STRAY NOTICE. 1 have in my possession
the . following descrined animals im
pounded as ostrays, or for trespass:
One white face yearling be'fer -crop .and
slit in left ear, under a"d upper slope and silt
iaiXyeXT!xVeA resembling
r-SSSon right shoulder but notlegiblej
tiaitihalfundor crop in leitcar and
I ggqnderbitinrightear.
rf rtamaeo and costs on said
aia bo not paiu within ton
f from date of this notice they will
Kltt to tho highest cashbidder at Spanioh
Fork city pound at3 o'clock on tho 12th day
otT?o,? "ktSnanish Fork city, Utah County.
Territory of Otaafthis 3. daV of December
18y5, Kces D. James,
poundkeenor of said city.
EciTttAV NOTICE. 1 have In my Dosses
SsUin tho following described animal im-
?lco it wUlbosold tothohiBhestcash blddoi
at tho eray pound at 1 o'clock p. m., on the
"SkSSSSnTdSfe city, Utah county,
territory of Utah, this 4th day of Nov,
1895, tc. Weeks,
Pnundkeenor of sl rf Cit
IViachine Shops,
Snprinc, Boiler and Bicycle
Kenairs. JKoilcr Flues weld
ed or replaced withNew One
Iron and SSrass Castings,
H,STAGG,Mgr. t Provo oity.
rO0.La.Oi6 JHC63iUlIl&. 31
There is a whole lot of sound H
and solid reason why the H, H. 9
Singleton Clothing company have m
so quickly crawled to the front. H
It wasn't blind luck, Oh no! Here ffi
are some of the Bargains that have 9
made them popular. H
200 Men's and boys Suits now on
sale in ten different patterns jffl
at $2.50 per suit, H
No Time to Talk. Bight to the Point S
60 doz. -white unlauudried shirts, any length of sleeve B
and size neck, New York mills muslin, continuous H
seams with gussets, value 60 cts. they go three for $1,00 E
40 doz. laundried shirts, made as above, value $1.00, they JW
go for 50c. Hfl
22 doz. Men's Stiff Fedora Hats, value $1.?5, they go ior $1,00 HE
GeletoateflMollier Hopkins boo Pants k Slits I
Riveted buttons, sewed with silk, double knee and seat. mm
Wtt have the best line of BOY'S SHOES rangingin price Ml
from $1.2-5 to $2.00, H
Ihese Prices PrevaijJintiL .tliLpimfiflnLJhiigLri ,, - m
is Tip Proo Murflwurp H
-acMLJ si m mM
gfi llavo Just Koceired a Big Lino of B
The Best on earth, Call and see them. H
Als.o carry a. complete Stock of BUI
Hardware, OutSery, Stoves and Tinware.
Wagon Timber and Plumbers Sup- mm
plies, Ouns and Ammunition. Guns n
to rent- Wk
L. D. WATERS, Manager. 9
fLOTBEW; - - - - - OTO,TAn B
t . ' H
SverytMag in Season at Lowest .Figures. H
.i ., HQ
The Good Things of Life, 1
Maiben Blook, J Street, Frovo, 9
None but the Finest Goods Dealt in at M

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