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ffrtvo ,uw Bn assessed, valuation of rWT TBT "WT "M"""'V HHf". "Hf" ". BT V ie"". 1iW "tur '(I 'W1'. A " Btf" ' " , ,.-,. r,..., id.,.., " H
llOkXllJ pB0T0 CITy UTAHt SATrtRnAYi FKB11UABY 20. 10O. I I NO. 19 I I
The proposition of building a fine
pud between Proyu and 01 Distend
' li now practically a decided fact.
jt, mrellnp was held in the Com
pereinl Club yesterday morning to
insider the matter and the meet
'ty was satisfactory to say the
j JtfsL Committees representing the
t(,fnmcrcial club, eity council and
' punty commissioners, Telluride
I (jwers (Jo., nnd the property own
'ri along li proposed road wore
k ji ttpiidiuice, ni tl all were euthus
if with the id en of having h good
t At the meeting this morning Di.
p. V. Tavlor was elected Chair
uvn. .I. T). Ltrson, Secretary.
u h. L. Nunn was oallel upon to
feiifs the proposed Boulevard.
Mr, Nunn said that hn had for
nine time been considering the
(Misportition fnclltt:es and now
, offered the sum of $5000.00 if the
city nnd county would do their
' ibire. Mr. Nunn considered that
t th proposed Boulevard would be
o threat use to the residents of
this town.
A. B. Walker representing the
County Commissioners stated that
tbe Board had not discussed mat
ters to any great extent but assured
the meeting tint everything possi
ble would be done by the county,
' Iq complete this road.
George Powelson said that the
dty council comtnitteo had report
ed favorable on the road Improve
ment and the council had decided
jo complete the boulevard within
'"tie city limits. Mr. Poweleon
guiranleed that this will be paid
for within three years.
Reports wore heard from J. R
Stubbs, Mr. GIaicr, and Mr. Jor
tersen, these men represented the
I properly owners along the pro
posed boulevard and they all ex
pressed u desire to, see the road
The following committees were
appolqted to (aka charge of the
(Joiflmltteo on location, Mayor
. Ohirles F. Decker, E, A, Butler,
John R. Stubbi, L. S. Glazier,
0- H. Ward.
Material committee, W. L. Bier
aoh, EJ. A. Jacobs, Frank Went.
Finance committee, W. II. Riy,
Dr. F. W. Tylor, J. William
Knight, L. L. Nunn, Fred Fergu
wn. The meeting was d mrued mib
Jct to the call of Dr. Taj lor.
Etltrta will be made to obtain
the services of n specialist ou road
building, who Is now in the em
ploy of the government.
Another Unhappy Couple
Make Known Troubles
MiUL Florence Siintjetonj of
Bprmgville, commenced suit for
divorce against William Singleton
oo the grounds of desertion. The
puriies were married In Provo Dec.
17th, 1G07, aud the desertion dates
from Feb. 10th, 1908. Plaintiff
nsks for alimony costs, and 100
attorney fees.
Social functions of winter, mid
night lunches, low of sleep tell on
the health. IIollister'B Itocky
Mountain Tea clears tho blood, aids
digestion, relieved fatigue; makes
and letains your health. Greatest
tonic. Tea or Tablets, 35 cents.
Moore Drug Co.
A marriage license has-been issu
ed t ) Ambroso Fatheriughum aud
Jessie Smith, Ijuth of Lehi.
The case of D. O. Waid admin
istration vs. Nellie G. Egelston has
' been taken under advisemeut by
Judge, Booth.
There was a big attendance at
the prohibition meeting held Thurs
day in the tflhernncle under the
aufpiccBof the "Woman's Prohibi.
tion Campnlen club. Tho meeting
wos presided over by Miss Alice L.
Uevnolds. Invocation whs offered
bvRev.,,1. Challein Smith. Vocal
selections were rendered 'by a chorus
of young Indies nnd tho Schubert
President Ncphi L. Morris enm
m enccd his nddrrr s by Mating that
if the women knew their strength
the Pnloon would not last lonfS
This wis more especially true in
Utnh where fihe hnd the suffrnee,
nnd ho was glad that the women
had now become nwaknned to the
importance of thp quettion, and
were taking an activo pnrt in thin
crrcat movement. Tie oxpresfpd
ereat pleasure that the upper house
of the Ipgislature was hecominp
more interested in the will of the
people than they had been in the
Mr. Morris spoke exhaustively
on the prohibition movement nnd
its growth until in 1908 'elp.ven
thousand saloons had been voted
out of business, and the year 1000
would do better still. Ho took the
position that tho siloon, through
their violation of law nnd decenov,
hnd done more to bring about the
prohibition movemontthan anything
else. lie told several stories allow
ing instances of terrible conditions
growing out of this deflauce of law
by the siloon mam
Mr. Morrit took up all the argu
ments,, against prohibition: The
confiscation of property, loss of
revenue, the alleged unconstitution
ality of prohibitive law, etc., low
ing their fallacy. The individual
phase of the question was tuken up
and the great evil regvlfting to indi
viduals aud the Iipthc were graphic
ally portrayed. The protest of the
bunkers and business men were not
to be wcighou against one woman's
No political party could resist
this tidal wave of prohibition and
if it were allied with tho liquor
business it would go down with it.
The politicians were beginning to
find this out, and were not so sure
that) the prohibitionists were
hysterical fanatics and they would
be fnoro sore that they were not
before the present term of the logis
hitijre expire.
Mrs. K. li Shepherd took for
her fyxt the story from the 20th
chapter of First Kings where Ben
udud advisers tolk mm Unit the rea
son thahw forces had been con
quered by AFia6,j forces was be
cause A hub's god was a goJ of the
lulls, und to wait till the buttle
were fought iu the valleys, the
Almb would lose. She character
ied the wosIF olTlie "proliuTHibinstw"
in the past as attacks on certain
peaks tho church, the school, eto.
and spoke mobt eluquently of the
great progrets prohibition had
The audience sang "My Countr)
'Tia of Thee," led by Mi-ss Hill.
Benediction was offered by Pres.
J. B. Keeler.
George MoMahon, who abstract
ed u few bottles of wine from the
Elkhoru Pharmacy bhow window,
entered a plea of guilty to petit
larceny. He was sentenced to pay
u fine of $40.
Are you going East? If you aie
please bear iu mind that the Salt
Lake Uoutk can ticket you to the
very best advantage, saving twelve
hours to Chicago. See your uer
tst Salt Lake ltoutu agent, or write
to Kenneth C. Kerr, District Pass
enger Agent, Salt Lake City, Utah.
The ffenornl onlpr of tnternntlnnnt pmrnKPrnrntn wu rvered In th cai
of Gcorpe WcstlnRtiouoe, .Jr., and Mm Kelyn Violet llrocklebnnk. Mr. VTeit
lnRhouse Is one of tho nlikntt youim men In AmiTlcn'H ImHlnpsi world, and
MIm UrncMolmnk Is tlie ilnticlitvr of n wt'iiltliy i:iirIIhIi pnrl. Their mntch U
the llrit In inauy jeuru wIktp nn AiihtIviid Iihh nmirlcd mi Knfllstj hclrcs.
The pupils" of the city schools
aro busy this week passing their
monthly examinations. The teach
ers in general are more favorably
impressed by the results nttained.
Dr. Peterson spent mo6t of the
time at the teachers' meeting Mon
day evening in discussing concept
and percept.. II o also answered
general questions perpounded by
the teachers pcrlniniug to penman
ship in the public schools.
An mchestra has been organized
in tho Timpnnogns school under
tho tutorship of Samuel Jepperson,
Superintendent Rawlings spent
Monday, February 15, 3009, in
Salt Lake City. In the forenoon
he visited the U. of U. training
school, and in tho afternoon he
met with tho cxecutivo committee
of the Utah teachers' usJOiiation.
At the meeting it wns decided to
hold tho noxt U. T. A. in Salt
Lake City, December 28th. 29tb
und 30th.
The fiiiiola Club spent a verj
enj i) able evening at tho homo ot
Mr. and Mix. A. W. Joins.
Games, music und a delicious lunch
wns the program of the evening.
MifS Tenipie Penroid left for
Salt Lake Wednesday where she
will join n party of friends who
(envo this week for California.
aiVand Mrs. Charles W. Tho
man entitotnined at a Social Friday
evening in liA'lor of the &. O. MTIT
employees. MuSib and cards were
the order of the eveuiMJg.
Mr. Fred FinluysonNfJitertained
about thirth friends at fiVr home
Friday evening. The dpcotWtiouB
were red and white. Games wiffV
played, after which a musical pro
gram wus rendered.
Miss Grace Puxman euteituined
the numbers of tho Priscilla club
land u few invited fiihnds at her
home Thursday evening.
Tho Ninteenth century club met
Friday afternoon with Mrs. Samuel
Schwab. Mrs. Jennie Cheever
j read extracts from "Letters from
Greece." During reuss the hostess
served chocolate and cuke.
' Miss Laura Petri Adams spent
Saturday and Suuduy iu Salt Luke
A party of Provo people were
-r -
T. II. Bolin charged with em
bezzling 12oo 'from the Stude
baker Bros. Co. kn this city, for
which ho was tho local agent prior
to November 24j when he left the
state, entered a plea of guilty to
day iu the FourlhDistrict court.
Sentence was- se1or v Tuesday,
Bolin says the amount he took is
not so large es the company claims.
Our Hardware Deurtment is
Complete. At Botts'.
entertained at a reception tit Spring
ville Wtdnesdny evening, given by
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Smith, Mr.
uuil Mrs. L. C. Deal und Miss Etta
Johnson. The guests from Provo
were Mr. and Mrs. Win. Roylance,
Mr. and Mrs. ft. E. Knowlden,
Mr. and Mrs, W, B. Woro, Mr.
nnd Mrs. J. R. Hodion, Mr. nnd
Mrs. Ed. T. Jones, Mr. uud Mrs.
Edgar McArthur, Mr. nnd Mrs.
N. H. NelBon, Mr. and Mrs. David
Openslmw aud Mr. aud Mrs. W.
E. Uydalch.
The Elks entertained nt their
club rooms Wednesday evening at
u whitt party. Prizes were award
ed Mrs. D. D. Houtz and Mrs.
Warner. j
Mrs. Ida S. Dusenberry euter
taiued the B. Y. U. faculty and
the members of the Bmoot family
at the Gymnobium Wednesday
evening in honor of the anniversary
of the birth of her father Mr. A. O.
Smoot. About one hundred guests
were present. Dancing and a inusienl
program were the features of the
'oveilTilg: TtJo InrH wan -mimV
beautiful with flowers and paper
buttei flits.
Another Mine Enters
(he Incorporation Field
k The Arbroath Mining company
ha3 filed urticles of incorporation
witlX the couuty clerk. Provo is
the principal placo of busiuetts.
The capital stock of the company
is 5o,ooV n shares of lo cents
each based P" the valuation of the
following Coining claims in the
Leamington mining district, Mil
lard County, 'iho Arbrotth and
Arbroath No.b J to 12 both in
clusive. The diectora and officers
arc: T. N. Taylor, president;
George Mnrrison, vice president;
A. B. Morgan' Secretary und treas
urer; Louis ilson and Eunice L.
m MEN blown!
Calvtn MoFnte, aged 80, and
.Take Hodge, aged JiO, both living in
Eureka, nnd tho latter ' married,
were killed hist night In the Iron
King mine, where they had a con-
j tract to run a 200 drift on tho 600
foot level. The men wire found
this morning nil blown to pieces by
'John Shea, the foreman. Tho men
wero killed by a premtture cxplo-
j sion while pluclng giant powder in
drill bolcf).
j Clarence Bennett's "The Holy
1 City," ih thu first and origluul. All
I others are mere imitations. It is
the o"U one that tellw the bnuti
ful old Uiblo history with a tpirit
of reverence uud devotion. Ills
c acifixion and raurrcetion, true o
bible history, truo to all the details
of our dear old faith. Others have
sprung up In imitation, but they
were Irreverent nnd impure nnd
they failed. In llitso dnjs of pro
gressive thought, playwrights uud
j theatricol managers think it neces
ury for the financial (mi'cesa of a
pluy to introduce immoral scenes to
cater to the morbid nnd depraved
tastes of the vicious, thus profaning
even the Hicred themes of the bible
The second team of the B. Y. U.
went to Nephi last night and played
basket lull with the team in that
city. Tho Provo teum won by .a
score of 23 to 12.
Mrs. T. W. Dunyon, sister of
Mrs. D. D. Houtz of this city left
yesterday morning for the L. D. S.
hospital in Salt Lake to undergo an
operation for appendicitis.
New Fruit and Pro
duce Co, Incorporated
Articles ol inonrpoaation of tie
Provo Jjencl) Fruit and Produce
company have been filed with the
couuty clprk, Provo Bonch pre
cinct is the principal placo of busi
ness. The purpohe of the inoorpor.
ution is to produce, buy nnd sell
fruit, etc. The capital stock i
$20,000, iu shares ot the. pur value
of 3100 each. Tho following are
the directors and omVers: Uriah G.
Miller, president; Samuel Cordncr,
vice presideutj John L. Snow, treas
urer; John S. Park, W. Jame
Cniduer, John A. Phillips, feecre
tary uud manager,
Funeral services will bo held
over the body of little Florence
Klrkwood Sunday at 12:30 o'olook
ut the Sixth ward meeting houhe. !
First Church of Christ Scientist,
02 East Center street. Sunday
school ut 10 a, in. Lesson. Ser
mon ut 1 1 o'clock, subject Mind."
Wftni-ilHy pyppu'ir icpJjinoi'M.
meeting begins ut 8 o'clock. Free
reudiug room oben daily from 2 to
4, except Sunday.
Card of Thanks
We, the husband und relatives
of the lute Mrs. Calviu Fletcher,
extend our heartfelt gratitude to all
who in any wuy ministered to ou
welfare and comfort und who ex
tended so lavishly their love uud
sympathy in our hour of trial.
Calvin FLETcnr.it.
Dr. Slater has told his bloodtd
mare, Kitty S, to Muddon Co., of
Lixiugton, Kj. The uuluial wi 1
be shipped to the blue grusH state in
a few days. ,
Funeral services will be held
over thu body of little Florence
Kirk wood Sunduy ut 12:30 o'clock
at the Sixth .Waid.
A convention of Parents' Class
Supervisors of the L. I). S. Sunday
schools is being held today aud to
morrow in this city for tho districts
embraced tn Alpine, Utah, Nebo,
Wnsatch, Juab, North ntid Soth
Sanpete and Suvlvr Stakes, with u
good representation present,
Tho following members of the
Union bouid were iu attendance:
Elders D. O. McKay, S. L. Itich
nrds, Henry Peterson, George II.
Wallace and Howard Driggs.
Beaver Luke Mining
Co. Is Incorporated
Articles of the Beaver Lake
Muting company hnvo been filed
with tho oonnty clerk. Provo is
the principal place of bwlncM.
The cnpitul slock is $loo,ooo di
vided into shares of the par value
of lo cents ench. The following
aro the directors and ofileers: W.
D. Donohcr, prwhlont; U. J. Bry
nnt, vice president! A. T, Pnlin,
nccretary nnd treasurer; M Y
Price and Grant O. Brnrloy. The
company owns the Victor nnd
Victors No.s 1 to Ifi, both inclus
ive, mining claims in Beaver Lake
mining district, Ifeavor CHnty.
Wnntod Girl to do homework.
Enquire at 157 No. Academy
Avenue. 23
We aro selling enormous quant
ities of fancy china on account of
our special prlcM. Nice cleatr pjji1
totoes GOo per bushel. Funny
mnrshmcllow crackers, fresh from
the factory, 20o per lb. Just re
ceived n large stock of novels and
detective stories, lfio or two for 25a
Wilford Perry, 338-342 W Center.
Elder Benjamin Cluff will be the
princjrul speukpr at the tabernucle
Sunday afternoon, I (la subject
will bg "The Lamanites in Mexico,'
Good mtulo and everybody Invited.
Elder ClufT has just returned
from a five years' sojourn in the
state of Tobnsoo, Mexioo,
Mr, Bradbury sold his interest
in the Hex Theatre some days ago
to Miwrs. Snow und Cobb. This
has always bteii u populur show
house and tho, new managers intend
to keep It In the high Mandard hue.
The latest films and new illustrated
songs will be given every evon
liug. Mr, Bradbury hue been
' with the new managers for the lust
week that they might get on the
'ropes" of the business,
A marriage license has been issu-4'1,-AUiutliui-juiiLi'yiih
V. Spalnhower, both of Spring
Notice l hereby .given that nt a
meeting of the board of illiectors of
the Moapn In eminent Co., held on
the 10th day of Feb., 1000, nn asess
raent of fO.OO per share was levied on
tho outstanding nnd subscribed as
sessable capital stock of tho corpora
tlon, payable Immediately to h. V.
Hinckley, Secretary, GO N. Academy
Avenue, (Holbrook Itlock) Provo,
Any stock upon which this assess
1 ment may remuin unpaid ou Tnunday,
March 2.1. 10O9, will be duliniuent nnd
advertised for sale at public auction,
and unless payment (b made before,
will be sold on Tuesday, April 13,
1003, at the hour of 2 o'clock p. m. of
said ilay to pay the delinquent iuscsh
ment together with the cost of adver
tising and expense of sale.
L. V. Uiwcici.KV. Secretary.
Olllce, (JO X. Academy Ave., Provo,
First pnbllcotlon, Feb, go, 1009, roh23
The Provo commercial elub held H
a special meeting last evening for H
the purposo of dlscuuing the Dei H
Moines plan of city government H
with a view to advising the Utah H
county members of the legislature H
how tho club stauds on the qtiea- H
tlon. The meeting was not well M
nttended owing to tbe short tlmi of M
notice, but onneldcrablo Interest wai M
manifested although most of the H
speakers regretted that thoy were H
Acre not better informed on the M
mihjcor, their Information bfting M
very general in its nature. H
Vice-President lUvercamp pre- M
sided mid rolled ou J. E, Frisby
to give n explanation of tbo Dm M
Moines plan which lie did. 'H
All the speakers favored It In J
principle and admitted 18 advant- l
nirwto lareo cities where there U M
Piiffic'ent business and revenue to H
justify Its adoption but some quw- H
loned whether H was so well H
ndnptefl to the conditions of smaller H
oltlwi nn normint of the greater ex- H
pensoof the new method ol city
covrrnment. H
Wm. E. Roylanoa was In favor H
of letting Salt Lake olty try the
mpthod'flrst. H
Myron O. Newell brought out
the question of Increnswl expenee M
and questioned the adaptability of 1
the Des Moines plan to small cltlw, vfl
ns did Epn Homer who was one o! H
the,JlMi prwont who spoke on
th i ouestlon. H
Mavmr Decker favored' It, and , ll
was favorable to the ImmetlWV "
odoptlon it the plan. So waa Dr. M
F. W. Taylor, President Poweleas , ,
of the city council, O. F. Johnson
II. F. Ilulsh and others. 'M
A motion by W. J. Startup to
tho effect that the commercial club H
favor tho Pea Moinea plan In the"
government of cities of tlie second M
olass carried with only one or two
diFsenting votes. Thin action will
be communicated to the Utah opiw
ty members of the legislature, M
briefly and generally ptated the H
Pen lolnfg plan of city govern-
ment will do away with the city 'H
council. In Its place will be elect- H
cd three or Ave commissioners, who H
with the mayor and the auditor, .H
will devote all their time to the .H
business ot tho city. They wll be H
elected under the primany election H
law mctliod which will to a great H
extent, eliminate party politics. Of 'H
course as these men will devote all M
their timo to the city's buslnecs, em- ,H
ploying nil city oflieers, etc.. they H
will receive a greater salary than
the compensation now paid to the ,
mayor und caiincllmcn, and the M
claim of those who favor the plan H
Is that the municipal interests will H
bo looked after so much better than I H
at present, that tho change will H
irovo advautsgeoua to the olty, as ,M
It has done In large cities, such us H
T5eT Moines,' GalVeStbinm' titim H
large cities where it has been tried. H
Ail-Lcathcr Shoes at Botts'. H
Get our prices before you buy. H
John M. Wilson, formerly of
Provo, but now traveling for an H
Ogden house, is In from eastern . H
Utuh. He states that on the 12th
a snowplow and engine on thb rail- H
road from Dragon to Mack were H
derailed and roled about a hundred , il
feet down the mountain. Tbe ec- H
ginecr, whose namo Mr, Wilson (H
lias forgotten, was so badly iujured H
tiiat be died iu a few hours. Mr. H
Wilson reorts an unusual heavy H
fall of snow in eastern Utah. It H
Is two uud a half feet deep ou the ,S
level ut Price,
m jl,! y ... SmSSKL

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