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.psgsl THE PROVO HERALD tgstsp I
T. IT. Bo'in, tho SMidehikpr
tw fVfl ngpnt. who- Irft Iipi-p
Vv. 24'K sff,'p '"'''ni? '"1m,, ,'IP
ronn"n's mnnpy, came, hpforp
s Jwtoe Poth tndnv for ppntenrp lip
i hnvine ppfprwl P1'1 of jrniUv
' Ff'nnlv On being nfletl if Iip
nnylhimr " "V w',v peoce
jhO'iM not be pronounced siid:
"All I hvp to pay, judge, is that
I mado the mistake of mv lifp, nnd
Im here to make amends, nnd
mrae here willingly, ntid if, there 1p
my mercy for n mnn in thnt posi
tion I fhnll bfl crateful for it."
Jiuii'P Booth-Thero is one
thing I don't understand nfter the
Ulk I had witli vo'i the-nther daw
yousiid tint this wnp tlio only
thine ngnicst von. After (lint Mr.
Ri5nfL.ehl came in and ho wpb
vfty anxioiiB thnt notinn ho taken
ijslnst you far hlgamv. Mr. Ron-
b your brother in-law, is he not?
JWin Yes ho is supposed to
Jiule Booth. Do J on moan
tutytlntym did not nnrry his
Holm No I married his
tljter) hut tho way ho Hnd the fam
ily h ive treated 1119 T have hud
nothing to do with them for a long
time. If there is anything ngniiibt
,ma it is s imething thal( has been
(rottsn up by mv enemies, Mr.
Hiss is my eneinv, I know. There
his been a lat of newspaper talk
xftoiit wlinre went after- I left
Pro'o, which I positively deny.
JiiuV Huth Well tho ne'vs-
"jnper tcports.wtll have nothing t.
I'n with thin mntencn und neither
will whit Mr. Riss Slid. He
time to me voluntarily just as yon
fl"nl ai.d I could not reconcile the
two statements. The judgment of
tlie txmit is that vou be eo'dioed io
ilie stute pr bou fur the term nt
three years.
Wrij Druery of Springvillo re
mved a telegram Sunday morning
tUting I hit George Druery, Ins
m, Wis klllpd Hitunhy, in iiiuic
ui tent Goirye Dmecy w.h well
known in Sp i gvllli where he
live. I for a, number of years. He
Wil killeii whiln worliimr Ht, the
Dil wells near fiikeralie'd, 0 tlif.
AVm. Druery has go 10 to Iniuu
h..mu his sin's b sly. Hu will ulso
thring ho ue Irs sun's widow, wbu is
tlie daughter uf Albert Jluiisen of
J hn Hirns is in fioni Nuvadu
where he has been engaged in min
ing for several yeirs.
Orson Manwarimt nnd Jetfre C.
nimoet', hith ol Miplelou,- mvu
taken Ut Hceusu to wed.
AM-Lauhpr Shots at Botts'
(3et diir jiri'i-H before you buy.
ft-iTrr-nuit'itw'.K 'lit WinTeTp-nrtrh-
I'ixlit luiiehcs, lis of cltup tell on
r the health. Hulltster's Jionky
M aitiMi TeH clears the blow!, aidB
li('Ktii'ii, reliee fillip nc; make
H ""d teuiim your Imtlih. Gu-aiesi
B tmne, i'tu ur Taliletu, 85 cents.
Mih m Drug (V,
B Are you going EaMV If j3u are
B Iledbo bear iu mind tliut the Salt
B Lake IlouiE can "ticket yem to the
B Very best advantage, saving twelve
H huurg to Chicagn. See your near- J
B est Silt Lake Route ageut, or write
B to Kenneth C, Kerr, District I'ass-
.B enger Agent, Salt Lake City, Utah, I
B Our Hardwure Department
B Cinpltte. At Butth'.
The Silt Luko Royal Bread is
'or grouines. tf
B Wnntetlr-Girl to do houbework,
8 Eapiire at 157 No. -Academy
H Aveque. 25
IN 110
Elder Hnnjimin Clu(T, Jr. wn
intrrdurrd by Pvrsiilpnt Keeler ss
he prel-pr for thp nfternonn hipp
'nsf nt thp Tnliornaeln Sunday. FTe
staled thnt it hnd been five voire
tfnrn hn. hnd Ipft lipre to ppept p
ponition in fexico. He explained
ho reoFoni for his nropplinK thp
pnpitfoh. to uive him on opportunity
to lpnrn thn Inncunpe nnd Btudv
thp nni ipnt ru?n no abundant in
that country nnd bearinir finch nn
important part upon tlie Bonk of
Mormon history The climnto is
ipiite warm, seldom gnintr below
sixty degree" nnd frfrpiently reach
ing one hundred or ovpr, the aver
iirc is about eiclity-five. The in
hibitnnts are Tndinns, Mexicans nnd
Spanlnnls. Many of tho people
ire very little above siv.iges nnd or
Mcconnt of the varied condition of
the civiliaiitnn, it is hard to give p
correct idea of 'the people, nnd the
country. Somo are very hisrhly
civilizel, well educated nnd living
in beautiful dwellings, othjers are
ignnnuit nnd joor. Tt is generally
this cl8ps of people that do the
work, thoo who can read nnd
write refusing to work nt minimi
labor nnd seeking easier employ
ment. There are many classes of
people in Mexico from the pure
bred Indian und Spiniurd down to
the Mexican. Some of the Tndianc
tud Spaniards have not internum
ed while others have and sr ran be
found nil grades or types of people.
I'l'o religion of the people is of the
(Jrithoho iergunsion altlio imt.ul
a very g(Ml characler. Tlie duy
ot feisting nnd religious, ceremoniis
re observed by the people and U
-tiiuli an extent iu a me instance
that it cuui-es mm h nunoyauue to
the employ cis of the large pluuta
tioi.H. It will take a greater power
than man puttjessos to prejrare ihie
piOplu to receive 'the (Jospel of
Jeus Christ, their habits, cuutouih
mil religiiiuu traditions are opposed
to progress nnd ndvanccineut.
The Anthem, "Lonl of lleveu,'
'Viis Ming by hu choir.
Elder duiK-s L. BfO.vu was tin
next sjieaknr nnd diniHiurbed upm
the wunilertul iiilluouiu tha religi
on Ins upon the huuuti mind tu.ii
iih prcgrt'Si on earih. Tlie people
ihuiilil be willing to do soiiiHthiu
tor the ch 1 1 reii Jit. is the doiug ot
duty that givespleasure; there )
no oilier kind' of employment that
p-ijs so liberiiiy.
The neu I of impressing the
children with the importunce ot
religion,- was ii subject, the speaker
thought, that ciiictrus tleeply every
parent of the Mormon religion,
How V i'n ike this important iin-
piesiou was a ijuesiiou that every
father and in ilier bhould think
wrii'UHly about. The thoughts of
. poeshiiiif wealth hiitl getting pleas
ure are the only ones that impress
the world at large und they tend
to tlegrade rather than elevate, how
can w stem tins tutu of frivolous'
The thoir sing for closing, "I'll
Serve My Uutl Foievtnnore," anil
the congregation jotued iu the Dox-ology.
A thousand new. houses wilj be
built iu Provo this Bummer and no
'doubt yutir family would like to!
own one of them. Competition i ;
B'j keen anil money is io plentiful
you can have your own way with
the loan men. We will loau you
money und let you commence pay
ing interest when ymr home is
i-omplfcted. Come in uutl talk it
over with ub. W. II. Ray & Co.
I J, F," Newton waived examina
tion iu Justice Noon's court to the
charge of toigcry and was held to
the district court iu 20oo bouds.
Mm. .lelin Alexauiter Htlilln;,'. tlie teautlful Ainerlcnn.wnmnn who flgnrt'd
In the hriicatluiiul ttlvorcq suit in KiU'liurpli. Scotland, Ik well known Iu Wnsn
luittnn. Uofoie lier ninrrlase to t.Mi hip Hlie wn MIsh Claru Kllmbotb Taylor
ami vu a popular tiinire In uis.o ir lus at tlie enpltul. The divorce trial
Involved kiiiiu uf'tlie !ilj;lu"-t umnei n, :u;'hi'il. Inchidliiff Viscount Northland,
whom Stirling named n irek-nii'.n In the ease. Mrs. i?tlrlln rhnr-'rd the
lifiinttiirt Mrs. Mnhil I.Mihe Athrrtin .is Lcluu respuiisthletfor her marital
tronhk'H. f I
' (My WalterJ. Bloun)
PredicltotiH that tins present leg
'slatuiu will not pats any kind of a
bill dealing with tlio liquor tralliu is
Irecly inmlu in Salt Lake today by
members of both thn house and sen
ate. The question uppeirs to be nar
rowing down to u cube of t'yu'u kill
our bill and wo will kill yours,"
tud hb a cold matter of fact this i
just what moie than one tutmber of
hO'h the seiirtte and house ivunls ti.
me done.
That more than tine member of
the hti8H is Kitting tired of the
tiht whs evident when Representa
tive Cannon, the author of the bill,
assisted by Repiib"entntive Fuller
of Weber tointy, commenced the
ciroitlatiou of a cull for a caucus ot
tlie Republican members of the
hou-e to lie held itnniedutely after
adjournment to decide what the
houbo would tin on the prohibitum
question. Signatures to the tall
started off met lily until they had
Btcured about ten names ol mem
bers of tiie h'jiise, then tliey ran J
against u sing. One member to
'w libii" ITie" t-uli " IVlfs"1 pavwiww 'Ifd1
not mince words. Said he: "VuJI,j
what do you propose to do in this i
tnatteiV Why hold u uatioiif? We
have pissed the bill up to the sati
ate. Don't b-'nis, of )Ol enthus
iails think that it would be a goo I
thing tu wait und see what the beu
ale is going to do with it before you
call a caucus to decide what we are
going to do uext? Why. B'tmo of
you fellows have got au-jdea that
yop ate the whole thing, house ben
I ate uutl the people of Utah on this
quebtiou. No, I wout ngn your
call for a caucus; I wont be pres
eut, and L wont be bound by any
thing that you do. I am getting
1 good and tired ot tho whole thing
' aud I will vote just as I plea-e on
tbn whole nutter in the future."
Another member to whom the
I'cull wus ptebeuled a moment later
luaid: "Well uot for tue. We;
1 have got rid of the thing for the
timu hninjr nt least. I nm not one
of thoM) who are iuvitinir trouble,
nor looking for it. If the bill dies
in the t-ennte und I never hear of it
iiraiu I will not Hhed rny tears,"
That tli id quMieti is splitting tho
Republican party wide open is ad
mitted by more trttn lino q! the
party lenders in this oily today,
Tha fellows in the leuishituro ure at
Ittibtsnmunf them, nre trying to play
m the square, or at loistunthe.y
think home of their constituents
want them to play. Others aie
playing to the ualle'ries. They Hro
uut huriHt i'i their stind und they
know it. In fact, sime of them
have admitted it.
There ' has been n wonderful
I'hanu'H iu the feeling of Mime of llu
members of the hotice on this ques
tion within tiio Irst few days is evi
dent. That pome one higher limn
the po-cnlled "lederal bunch" is
I tuking u hand in the fight is freely
I admitted. That whatever the
"bunch" may hive dune in tho -way i
of promises prior to the meeting of
tin legislature, or prior to tho cam- j
"pi'it! 'n, w;ip"(Fimer Tiy anil " wit IT The '
consent of those higher up, thiVH
from whom the bunch takes their
their orders, lips not been denied, i
Tint tlie "bunch" bus made no de-'
tiial of the charge that 1ms been re
peatedly hurled ut them iu tlnsj
matter goes for nnthin. Tliut'
thobe who have nude soma ol these
charges ngaitiMt the "biiuch" would
not duro to maku tho sumo kiud of
cliarues against tin j who control
this Utile cohort of body politics in I
Utah is a forgone conclusion. It
i an eisy thing to kick the "bunch"
ut the present time, forgetting tb tt
it is tins same "bunch" tint made
it possible for over two-thirda of the
present legislature to uttach their '
nHinvs to the stale pay roll. I
In muMiK'tiou with the change of ,
sentiment on this question ot pro-1
bibiiion it might not be amiss to I
renumber tliut the member to 0'H-I
grceu from Utah is said, aud this,
The following orders wcro nunleij
Ltiella A. Tnylor vi. D. O. '
Wnid, rdniiniMintor; set for hear-i
ng Murch Int. i
Estnfo of I'ermelin .Trno FtHrr, I
lurompetent Cnurtliind A. Starr
appointed gunrdinn, bond fSJ.'wiOO.
Estate of Elinbcth Kelly, de
cenad; Itltprs of ndrnlnitrutton
ifstied to PhiMp 15. Kelly.
Irwin HotiFi holder et al., tnin
orfj den'prrer to )etit'0u to nx
chtit'go properly sustained. Peter
Adinifon, "Win. Peol nnd Wm.
Kelly nppoinlcd npprniFerS.
In the we of tho Esmernldo
Copper Co, vs. Ji hn A. Pace, tho
detunrnTtn utigwer wob overrulwl.
Ann R, Gny vs, V. C. M. I. nntl
A. B. Bcckhill, motion for anew
ttiaj denied.
Abstract of Judgment from Judge
Whituker's court in the cnpo of L.
W. Lund vs. Niels Monson Iimp
been filed in tho Fourth district
court. Tho judgment including
cokIs is for 8G7.f5.
Estiite of Wm. Hurbeck, drcens,
c'; onler nl sale of rpal petalo.
In iho cse of J. O. Wnid, rd
ministrator vs. Nellie' 0. Euolston
et ul, judgment for 787.50 in
savor of plaintiff nntl do'cpdant to
pay costs. Each to pay his own
Judge ' Lewia wns down from
Salt Lake todty to hear the Bur
beck estate isise in which Judge
Booth is intcrcstetl.
too, by pome of bis most nrdent
friendp, recently wrote a loiter to
the man vln is suppieid to lo
slated for his Eticrrssor, announcing
that ho was not iu favor of the pusa-1
igrt of the Oinuoiv bill or anv oilier
billH tleuling with the liquor qutm
t;on. Thut the real b ss of the Repub
lican party in Utah is taking a hand
in the fight uguiiibt the pussitgu ot
the Cannon bill wns the btulemeot
mule last night in this city by a'
well informed lrty,
It will be remembered that dur-
tho hint few weeks one of tho most ,
artlput ndvncaliH of the Cannon bill !
Iiih been Al'ostlo lleber J. Grant,
the man who introduced the prq-1
hibition resolution in the October
Cotiferuuco. It may bo just us well '
I to remember nt tins timo thut Ap NM
He Grant 's tho only member of the!
quorum of the twelve who have
I taken any uctivn part for or ugaiiist
the liquor question. Apostle Grunt
Iihs been supposed to be acting for
tliu church in this mutter, but has
he',' President Smith left ft r u visit
to the Sandwich Islands u few tluys
ago without giving out any public
statement ns to the wising of the
cbiircb on this nutter, uutl ho ulune
ii iitithorily fur such a siatcinunt.
' His couneilorH, Anton II. Lund
'and John R. Winder, have made i o
I public statements as to their feel-
j ings on the matter. J t is said thut
: the "singing apostle" received u
letter u few days ago from Sen
'irtoi w'liu'j'jt'iu tv liiLTi'"hi3 "vv.'jfl" UTntiTy-'
but firmly udvibtd to "play in his
own buck yuid" und nut to try und '
"but in" on the republican party
ami its members with advice iiimI
council, That he would 1j use
if lie was to try and . lo ik ufter the
i interests of the party of which he
I claims to bo u member aud that if
be had done so us hat) the bemor
senator from Utah he might now
'bo drawing 85,ooo per ycur us a
I United Stales senutor.
This iH not exactly the wording i
of tho letter but it wus one that
made Apostle Grant set up aud
take wjme notice. According to
tollable iufprmatiun this letter wus
bhnwii by Mr. Grant to ut leugt two
people und f-otneoue "leaked." One
thing is certain Heber J, Grunt has1
JWil BRH""l.cal Uo .IUIM HI llJU JllW"
hibition fight during the last week
us he wub fur three or four week
J before.
It cm ho sifoly siid thnt tho fl.
V. IT. Bapket Bull fpfim wph dp
fealtd Saturtlay by Referrc Pinknoy
Tho gamp wnu bptwpn thn local
boys nntl thn I P, S. U. team, the
hitter hnvlnrr tlin highest percent In
the Tnler Oolleginlo Chnmplonshlp
scries. Tho local boys did thoir
best but were unable to overcome
the decision given by tho referee.
Tho pcoro wns 82 to 20 in favor of
tho 8nlntK nnd wns probably the
fiercest fought giune over seen In
this city.
Tho results of this gsnic practln
nlly decidis thp phani!nnHhii for
this venr nt basket ball.
Tho lHrgPst crowd of thn season
wns In nttendencs and considerable
complaint wris reeWpred ngninst
the ininngemoiit for tlio manner in
which ijie crowd was handled,
Tho linoupi
0. Y. U. Posllloii n. H.
t'hnmberlalu. ... ! V, ... Taylor
Meldruin ,....', R, F Lund
H. fihiUtlan.on ..." ..Antlernon
JChrlNtlanmm .. ,. 0, ..West
.lone R. (1. Miller
Summary Kleld baskets, Cham
berlain S Meldruin, 5; II. Chris
tinnson, Taylor, Liiud, 4) West, 8:
free throws, Moltlruni, 8; Taylor,
10, Iteforce, Pinkney, SjiR liakcj
umpire, Adams, Logau,
Prof. Chamberlain will de
liver niiolher lecture before the
' societyfor Philopophio Rwearcb
next Krithy tvoning, l'eb. 2(J, at
commercial olnb rcom 3 ".
Subject, "Physical Basis of lleretl
ity," which promiceH lo bo of ex
ceptional interest. As the seating
oipucity is limited admission will
bo by card. Apply to secretary or
, program comuulteu,
Fpiuk Bums was mntpoced to 2Q
days iu the city jiil for V'igrauoy
ibis morning by Justice Noon,
Business of importance to every
member of Provo camp No. '182
will be disciiSHtl at our regitlur
nieeting Monday, March 1, lfloO.
All Woodmen uro requested to be
A. V. Uoiuhon, Clerk
3t Prnvo Catnji W, 0. W,
The basket ball game played be
tween the 13. Y. U. anil thoOrcgou
team lust night whs one of the
jhuitlest guines of tho season. It
j wus won by the hicnl team iu u
score of 'Hi to 24.
It wus anybody's gome from the
start to the finish, aud at the end
of the first half the visitors hud u
lead of 14 to lo. The B. Y. U.
boys picked up in tho second, und
at the call of time tho score wus
tied with 24. Extra time was call
ed, and iu thq uiixup for the ball
J. Christenson scored a basket from
the field, winning tho game. The
I lineup:
II. Y. U. Oregon.
1 Chomberlnln
.Salisbury If Benton
Meldruin .... rf Heed
II. Ulirltencn c ... U. Bhnw
J. Chrlitensen ... lg Maitln
Jones rg . . U. Bhuw
Referee Teats, umpire Rote.
Baskets from tho field Chamber
lain, 2; Meldrnm, 2 .1. Christeu-
I T .,,- O. Po,t O. W BIlm- I
14 Martin 2; 0. Bhnw 1. One point
lawiirdCd Oregon. From free thrQW
Meldrum, lojReed, 7.
By October 1 , it is now expected H
Georgo J. Gould will have com- ''H
pleted his Western Pacific railroad H
from Salt Lnko to S-ili Fnincisco, H
and then the Goulds will have a 'H
Urst-oliiM trans-continental Byste.m 'H
with n daily through service from
tidawnter to tidewater. .
The now of tho vast sums to htj
expended in Improving both the (,
Denver v Rio Omndo and the
Missouri Pacific wns given out in ( H
Denver today, and at tho snmo ilmo
It wss nn non need that Ii. B. Ski Iris
of Salt Lake, yho has tt contract
to ftirnislt nil the labor for building ,-H
the Western Paolfjc, has received in-
structlonn to brgin immediately eiK
gaging men to work on the Denver
nntl Rio Grande und Missouri Pa- . H
cif'io improveincuts, H
Every foot of the Denver and .H
Rio Grando track between Denver H
anil Silt Lake will bo carefully H
gono over, it Is stated, reballasted . .;H
for tho entire distance with river H
gnivel and disttitegratetl granite, H
new ties put in und wherever neces- H
sory new UO-pountl steel rails are H
to bo laid. M
Two complaints were lodged in H
Justice Noou'b court Siturday H
nhnrglng Charles Hedqulst with B
selling liquor on Sunday tho 7, to H
George McMahon and to Henry M
Ellison, lie pled' not guilty to H
selling.. to .Ellison and guilty to H
Milling to Mt'Maho'ii. ''''-H
Afterwunls he changed' hrsli' 'H
to ono of guilty in both cases aW '.H
was fined ?7.r) in each cser whichf H
ho paiil. H
There is nothing su convincing H
in thu people no to be dead In earn- H
est. Threo ycqrs ago, wuon umr ;h
entie lpunett firpt jrhdttcQil lite 11
groat and tmotvcsfiil play, "Tho M
Holy City," ininlaeru wero Inulln 'M
etl to doubt tho propriety or moritl- yM
ity of a Bible piny on so sacred H ,H
subject, some going bo far ob. to ,.
bratul it, unheard, ub n suorllege. M
Hut, upon tho uuthor's earnest In- M
vitation to them to visit it, their H
denunciations wero turnetl to praise M
nnd they becamo lis highest eulo- ,vll
gists and ofton solicit and atlviso ;H
their parishioners to seo tho pluy,
decluriug it tho most vivid and life- -
like lesson on the life nnd times of
John tlie Baptist and our Savior
that Ins ever been presented In this ,1
country. It is not u tiresome, long
drawn out sermon, but a great play
tolling n really beautiful heart ,
Htory. Therein no -man or woman ( ?
ho depraved but that will bow the
JWjMUtia-iU'JaiJirijjmjHLjloara( .
his tiny child lisp "Now I lay me '
Down to Sleep." Bo It is with huh m
beautiful play. While it mny'not '
contain one laugh, the lightest and W
most frivolous or tho most burden- ,
ed and sinful uro held entranced
and spell-bound. It comnwuds '
reverence, it does not ask it. Its ',
earnest realism tbrilla us whether ;
we will or not. '
Would you like to borrow mon- M
ey on your city property, either in .
Provo or other towns in Utah coun. .;
ty? "Vo have a surplus of money Ifl
for lt)i)g time, easy payment loans f
and will make very liberal terms
on amoll loans of $3oo.oo to ?5- .-
ooo oo each. It will pay you to M
call und see us if you can ime auy ,'iM
lot tliiH money. W. II. RAY & Co. '1
Your eyes carefully tested aud $IMb
.it with the proper glasses by Dr. Illl
Bindseltnan at Taylor Bro. f ' 1
i I ?
o J

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