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The Provo herald. (Provo City, Utah) 1909-192?, February 23, 1909, Image 2

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WW "'! ' 1
EmFe mam
ra0 " H
raBt i ",ll'lh" "jJjtl" - - - - ...--. . .. ,.- -- - iiifcnhiiMMMmflUlini iooaawa I m i -- ki . u . . , l - - - - - - - i Jl.ru a imi I HMHSH SiiHi ill" JfafwlAaifti.tfJ-MAnlAi'WtlfciIMfaiMMiA . . , . fMMX
WL, the provo herald
Iloif" An irej,rdrtij if. ??rrl. ,.n.t n,rU.t -f rrfM t-H'i .
nUKT Mrul lTtli (.'.iiiM,
HfV lMUl evory Tncidny. Thr(llY m1 Hhmtthy
H . HereJd Publishing Company
IDE ' Both PhonPB
jf J.IAVn I.ARWW. FniTOll.
MM', "tf r-a nt thpTMfnprrrrnvn City t UtCh, for trnnsmlMlon throuizh tb
mi malls as fcrnnd'clnmi mntter.
MM n ''' .. 4 ,..,.... hi wr
Hg !t months,., ;.. ..,.,,.',.,. .9M
Jd Thr monllm ...,.......
BM On mcfntb .......,.,,... si"j
Vf Onm 'fc'-wr y ....... y'
Wt' PlKMonth . . .. t-
Vf Thr monlhii wniii.mi.-i.m.mw. .fr
ftf! On month .....". j. .-
II I am not Mile t nnrne His rr?m for the folloll't' tv'tH lor Mi
E W )DSn 'llBt ,l '" uplaH1wn mp' ,,nt 5t '" ,0" food o low. Tim Mokcr
Iw 7 a 1,an n"t ,f rr(k, 1 n Ui'h uncrown editor lilt him n npire rap.
Wjm lie wysj
WW v A 'l0rt ''WO "fro n wild nss from Pern WB tirnneht to Oio UnHnl
Ml Su, on H'O tMmiWp "MpwW," Put )ut before ln nut nnlanitol
Hv from tl) vmwJ he took n Potion tn VWf. Tlie pr wore Idmooll out trv-
IS K K few depf on Hie vrjrpl nnd In Wlllntr li'mwlf. frMcud of lurvn(r ifon
flf ' wo, raptMn hod Mm dumped Into tl'P fnrrin-f, flo thn ns Ip-
IH; o came fuel to help the vmel on Up way. Every wmimmHv )ma a hnnvm
I Ir of mhn t0 k,k t evervthlnpr In tlio community, finoli n Motar hud lii
i 9 . BiI!on. IIo docs nomo eood In tlio world, hut It In after lio Is dead.
I I .' The knocker or klolcor b,,i,l8 "p rotlunff. Ho if) ft pirnaito upon tlio
I 1 community, feeding upon the rljfhtfl and Intcrwla of others. But tliero
ul Ll ' cheer"1 bought conntiotod with the kicker. Ho Boon kicks him
BHtfP elf olear out of the community. Give Mm n little timo nnd lie will kick
R W . hmeet to death like the wild ass from reroin.
Mj There is no pereon Iwr repected In the community than the kiok-
H I er' He ,,8H few real friends, and they are ashamed to have his
1 J y name mentioned in connection with theirs.
El l T,,e k!cker '18 in the way of all progress. IIo is met with
MM ", in'1' PhoM" of society, iu btisincw, in politics nnd in religion. 8o encli
WM community kIiquM ramvuibar that tlio kicker will ho there. Hut ho
H&f(; not diecetn. raged, the kicker licl-h you uftcr nil for ho nmgnifies your
I1B' faults, ao you will he ablo to pco them youwolf,
Mrr - .
'Bffi Thero ' an Interertlnp fl(rht beintr wagwl in Washington that has a
tMm- principle wore vital than nqmo Involved In out politics. The capltnl
fm l" " prK,nJ,tIon 'or ,1)e prevention of cruelty to animals that is one
eME: . ' ,l, mr8t ,cHve ,n IJ, country. In late years It has developed so
ra much strength that it Ins become a menace to everyone who neglects or
WW mistreats domestic animals. As might be exited it has made many
yMW ' 9k wof AoM. who have beeu liroupht to the bar of Justice through
IBi I,,, ,BlviJJP ,lie lnte"t of our four footed fellow laborer, the horse,
IHl' aP a !0FhB8 bn formed known as the "Horse Owners Aiisocla-
B tln" whichlii endeavoring to have a bill paused by Congress which
BR will o cripple the .Society for the prevention of Cruelty to animals,"
HI IS to pnctieally annihilate it, The bill is essentially misleading as it
B wdvor to convey the'ildea that the Horse Owners Associat'on wishes
MW W to'huwanB work'under a new and better law while the actual
W purpee;toufestoy;"the organlwition that has been doing this work
PHn fffeewly for many years. Thocuse would bo paralleled if tlio in-
A, nateef tt pealtentiary were to frame a law by whioh, the courts
Hp: ""&$ b nulled and the criminals were to be plactd on the bench,
Hp UnfortuHfttely In Mm rush of a closing session of Congress such a bill
HPJ& wight eecape-the attention of Congrwman and it Would bo well for
9w$T; oonetltuents everywhere who aro interested In a square deal for man's
? beet twrwni, the horse, to write their Congressmen about It and draw
JHgf thslr "ttentkw to the real purpose of the bill upon which they might be
HS sailed iwonw or.kter to vote.
Hj Harriman is to have $100,000 bar in his terminal station at Pitte-
H lu,rK' Break the news gntly to the prohibition wave,
H Current Tlme-Table
IHiPr' No. 6 for nil points eaut o ,
I " 2 for all points eatt " " vi?
m ::saSfe- . .:,Hr
HvH.v ' . , i-BXvn -pKovo ron wst
mm t "Kar-" ..;;.r.
M gar::.:::.:;::: S-v
WfiPP for " Points west and north ... . , . .', . p gj .. I
iWr.i ! wferHebo, ,. 9:30Bni J
1 I irmfaHSrn,0TO,,,a,l,,0,ini , I
BBBvI ukt 1 , "clt..... mnim il'jH p til H
WV I jm T1 """ l Ugtfea and 1)euver Wlt niro, Free l
B V I .L S !0"7, U,ro"Sh 8lwPin " " Ignt dinera on
DBS I G;P-T,A. G.A.P.D. Agent.
iHK" ""
Cast ki Gate and Gear Creek 1,
for M x I
Uta.h Timber Go.
160 WeM 3th North Street,
PROVO, - ... UTAH.
JlOTH I'lli'MWi .lUbKIMF W. PUNN, General Manager.
Sunshine, Fruit and Flowers
within 24 hours of your my denr. It's the plnccforreM ord rw
rcfltion, health and plcpfnrp. F'shirp, Golfinp, Aiitoiwhlllng
Y" V"tirr ffd other out door swirtp may I e indnlced in every day
in the winter. ' '
Fifty Dollars R.oind Trip I
Is the fsrp ard tickets are irmd six months for return. Ask the g
SALT IAKJ3 "POUTK map to tell von how vou enn po tn
Bouthern California nnd rctuni vm Rm Francigco nt a slight ad- S
dltionpl cct opd stop over nicpt anywhere.
Irforrcatfcn and ffclefs, 169 So. Wain SI. Sail lake
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (
mimwun inimiuiMMaBBi iiiiiimiiiihiwi"
i Provo Foundry 5 Machine (P
I TH.QS. r. r i r. nroNT. nanagcr 5
I Self Oiling Mining Cars. Mine Cttfes. J
Engine and Boiler Repairs. Iron, and ;
Brass Cmtinrfs. Etc, ,', ,',
i -1ii ,,i
West Center, Provo, Utah S
:l Is
! COAL CO. !
You 'phone 226 D or 59 Red. Wc bring the COMFORT
Opposite Woolen Mills. ' '
The Overland Route
All the Way.
Means comfort all the way
when you travel cast. Don't
buy a ticket via a broken route
Go Direct
' Tell the opent, "THE OVER'
LAND ROUTE as far as it
rocs." It means -snvinp of time
n avoidance of changing cars,
I broken connections, etc.
I "You'll Know When You Go."
I Ask any Short Line Agent for
1 rates and particulars.
4 k '
U yoH cam help ft Kodol prcvemts Dyapepata, by
effectually helping Nature te Relieve Indigestion.
But don't trifle with Indigestion.
X treat ssbt peepU wfce lare
trifled vita lndlciUoa, kT Ma
orrr for It fht &rre or
sbroato dyippil& rutd. and
Ur Kart not ba oM to cr It
Um Kodol and prsrstt IutIbs
Errront Is mbjwt to ladlfM
tlon. atomicti dtrangoment follows
toaach sbuit, Jutt as nsturally
and Juit as mrelr a a sound and
bralthr stomach raaulu upon th
Uklnc of KodoL
Wbaa you axperlenc aoursm
of itomach, belchlne of ga and
nauitatlng- fluid, bloaUd aanaation,
gnawlof pain In th pit of the
stomach, heart burn (sc-callad),
dtarrhoo. headacbea, dullncaa cr
chronla tired feeling rou ned Ko
il.il AU ilnu ilis nuKXsi juu mini
Kodol tb batter. Eat what you
want, t Kodol dlftat It
Ordinary papain "dripapala tab
bti," phyilci, etc, aro not likely
to b of much baneflt to you, In
J1iUt ailments. Papain is only
Mrttal dlfMUr and hyalea aro
not dlcaators at all.
Kodol la a parfaot dlreitsr. It
yoH oould aa Kodol dlUogaTrj
partlolf of food, of all kinds. Is tb
class taat-tubui la our laboratories,
yon would know this Jutt as wall
as wo do.
Natura and Kodol win alwaya
euro a alck atomach but In ordar
to ba ourad, the itomach muit real
That Is what Kodol dues roita tha
atomaoh, wblla the atoroacb seta
volL Juat as almplu u A, B, C
Our Guarantee
CI . tvt dnifiiit toJ n4 (t 4h
Ur txiit!., Tt klur iou ' u..4 u
lira gnt.tii ( lb tMtllt U T" v.a
kuB.Mlr Ih.i ),.. ml 4oii til
fvod, r.lurm tt boklia 10 U'liurl tJ
a. will r.fund your ut.o.r wliluiui qa.
mil ii uij M B 1 1 mil y ." ' i
SIM tor lh botll.. IMa'l i.iliil. .11
rujil.t. kuotblourru.rrki4t -k4. ,
TDU olt.r t.ppll.4 lolli.Ut. tuiil. tn)f
ad la but an. In .mil Th. Wtf V '
tl. ooot.la.ltt Uuu u MUik a in alu
cuil bottle i
Kodol la prepared at tha lalwira
torlesotE.O.DeVlttACo.,Chiciutu :
For tulo by Smoot Drug Co.
amwyyyffWwyff7BpH('iirLor 'I "" '"' """""" tuaMHinarniSMOWiiiai i IIIOI , ,
ilnrcnutrn That on and after this date I will discontinue paying rent on I
KtoULVfclf some other mnn'-? house nnd will ben, property owner my self. I J 1
',' will Buy a home of my own and pay the rent monthly as install- I I
ijients each month on it. 1 will buy a home in Provo from j
W. H. RAY Co,
The Up-to-tlic-Minute Real Eslate Men.
"IF Yon ffnp't Kill tip farm the Bprm Will Hill Yon"
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz: :
The l "Pay rent e lorg as you
Jive geim" i& Ihe mot Ireacher.
cue germ known to ihe human
I Yotsr Cold, Try It
i Tho uniform succor that h&o attended the u3 of ls remedy in the cur of bad
I colds has mudo it one of the most popular rnedlcin23 in ue. It can always be
J depended upon to effect a quick cure and is plcatsant to tal:e.
I It contains no opium or other narcotic, and may be given as confidently to a
1 child as to an adult. Price 2U cents. Large size 50 rents.
TMSsWWIlWHil IWH 'ilWi'Mli ii.lLil...I1..iJ-.-jAW-JjIJIilI II I' i UM ' ' V ' W "i In i I. Hill i 'ii r'lmrHWjl
Drsvc Fire Laddies.
often rrcclcfrctc Imrnn lnittlnp out
11 res, then use Itucklen's Arnlcn Halve
nnd forget (helll, it "on ilrlvesout
nnln. For Hums, ScitMa, Wounds,
"uts nnd Drulses Its curlh's grentest
denier. Qntokly cures Hkln eruptions,
Old Sores, Holla, Uleers, Felons; best
Pile cure Hindu. Relief Is Inst nnt. 25o
at Bmoot l)ti(l V(l,
Let ns IflUDilry our luce curtnirs
I'rovo Stpnni laundry.
Theie Is not nny lictter Riihe thnn
neWltt's CnrWklirec! W'ltrli Hnrel
9nlvc. We heroliy wnrn ilio mUUf
Mint vo nre not reipnnMbln for uny in
luHous cllVots rni'Ktd from worthier
CarbolUed WUolt Hnnel FWve, the
original. It Ufrood for nnytlilntt when
Huahelii needed, but It U esiieclnlly
KOOd for piles. He suro you get tte
Witt's. Bold nt rnUce Drug Co.
larti1. hi' H,r iat
KAltl. J, Tl!OMKN. opposite Ulo
Qrnndo depot IjUnohossor(l qulok
ly. Meals 2A enta.
President Helps Orphan s.
Hufidreds of orphans hsve been
fielped by the Preshlent of the Indus
'rial and Orphan's Home at Mncon,
On., who wrlteai "Wc hnve nvpd
Electrlo Hitlers In this Institution for
line years. It hiw proved n mont ox.
ellcnt medicine for fitomnch, I.tvcr
ind Kidney troublw. Wo roirurd It a
meof the best family medicine on
arth." It Invigorates the vital or
rnns, purifies tho blood, nlds illttes
lon, creates npiKte. To strotiathon
and build up thin, ynle, weak uhlldreu
r run down jieoplo It has no uijuhI,
Rest for female complaints, Ouly 60o
nt Bmoot DniR Co.
... , ' ' -i ' '
This is Worth Reidintf
Leo F. Zellnlskl, of CP Gibson Bt.,
Huiruln, N. Y.( ny! "I cuted tho
most annoying oold sore I overbad,
wlthUucklen'sArnlcaBalve I applied
Hits salve once a day for two days,
when ocry trace of the ore wbhroiio."
Ileitis all t.nreii, Bold undur (.uatHulku.
nt Smoot Drill Co; li.xi.
"NVesatioty our customerii. JSmi
ton & Blako Furniture Co.
Oflico ovcrMcCoard Hrvw,Sh m n
pr imitlrrblnlniMliift looatitrlet, nr NO rcc IJ
M Twn MAWK.C.Tpitt. and t nTTtflt.r tl
-Jrwport on ltfIiULltilj ALL DUtlNISI fcj
dltlll07LY CONriOIHI.AU lICM unite. J
e- lutltfly. mpatotntf rwrrrm . I
a Wblf.wAK. iiiv.iitoti Mimiitlh.r.onrh.iiw1. kj
M t'tlolllowtoo'e4lnnrtrlatpntKVIIl in Oft
f -nUoiMwmii.y Hiwtiirvi.MniHvjuiloihrr iH
Lf . UtuU. maituiiotL hrni freo laanrfciarcw. P
3L50I Seventh St., V.'asMncton, D. C
issKsttsssttsrowawsoMaisssinai1wsosswssmsf- wmwwmr9mmmimmmmmmmmmmwmmmmmmmMimmimmmammmwmmmmm
It will pay yoi to call and i
? see us for any of the )
? following: J
Wogons j , Wind Mills and
J Ruggics ! Pumps 1
. Harness Gasoline Engines !
? Plows Stoves ( ,
L Harrow Ranges J
Manure Spreaders ( and j
J Hay Presses ; Barb Wire J , j
? And all and everything else in the Vehicle and j
S Implement Lino 7 !
Pravo Vehicle I lipleiit i
i 155 and 1ST We-sst Center
J Castle Gale, Gear Creek, Rock Springs 1
I Get It now while yon can.' We have plenty, Teieplinim J7
j Smoot 6 Spaf f ord j
D JmmmW B sV jf M aJab vfira k
Pu.v. hc&t . PackiKgCo. I
47 Korlb Atademy Avcniie. : em tbam m
.l.,.TTi7rifiarraT-TO-rtiii-r'--i'r-i-ti,-.r.-TT.Tlf-T ,.-, .,,,
""''r'nir'r''''aB' -"-"iT.aiini mwnwinr
wjSMaaMsaHaBBa 1 t

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