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• ' ' j* jmv
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ijs #.jy
VOL. If.
NO. 4.
Th, Width <>r Tr**.-U. la Ua l>IS*rss, A
« «.Btrla. Oi 111 . w,ria.
Herr Coo. give. ,a O W. Annual
the tMtowihg pnrtientarsof thehlslnry h*»
and development ot railroad gauges of
the world: "After a battle of the
gauge,. 1 feet 6 Ir.che,. 4 feel*) Ini-lie^ ai.d
bf«clnnd7fte*. tt mm agreed Kn
gland, »hont ISM that a uniform
gauge of 4 foot tf) mol«.» .hoe Id \m
uned on all nee; ro id,, exi*opt thoae nl
ready Nerved by the 7 foot gauge. The
firat (i.nuoii roal, from Nuremberg U> of
Knrth. vca. built with 4 «mit Sj
tr ä SW
<w*ra>aiiy. Kmuei' .tarted hei
... ,\ . . ,, the
road, with a width between rail
... ... . , , , .
renter, of 4 feet 11 Inehea, wliteh ha, *
4 feet *J iuehos. Holland began with
6 foot 4 loch gunge, hut hau now al- ÜJ*
S~1 .»W. h-i. « , M », torU,
!H'*1, adopted the following resolulion,
wlfVh U to Hpplv to (remmny. Aim*
tria-Hungnry, Kranoe, Italy and Hwitx
"Tit-gauge of railroad, meaaurad
between Ike inner edge, of the rail
headahbaU. for nmd. hull! pr allen-, I "
*n£ktir tbi, rttmUkon take.
effect, not la* U-mk than 4 feet bj indite
on straight line.. more tharit Icet
f*.-t 9) Invhe* on «„rvv»."
in Russia the Mist road open«! in
ia-18. fron, SL Feuvr,burg to Zvskoe
Solo, »bout sixteen mile», hail a «
f,H,t gauge When the second road
was made iu UM4 from St. IWmburg
to Museo w. the Czar lixed the -Rushih«
giulffh Wt 6 foot, whWh tnereiwe ovei
the Kngli»h gauge was thought desira
ble for locomotive purposes.
In Asia, of tho British Indian roads, p<
•with » ooMe<t*»p lengSh' uf lASfr»
miles. slKMtt 7,4ft*» inlte, have n gang« ' e
d a foot fi) inches, the remainder Ik-
lug divided among six ganges freu. Ï
feet to 4 feet
lu Atuoriea, from lbe comparatively
smalt mileage of United States road,
with iWuot gunge, praclionlly the
whole of the United St, tes and t'nnn
dian railroads are of 4 foot H) inch to t
4 fiKit -I inch gunge. In Mexico, in
18H4. 2.0H.1 miles were 4 foot H| inch
ami 4134 3 fmjl gm^c Jr. llnmil.-at -><
theehd of IH*I, there -fere m«es J
of 5 foot 3 inch guage, and 4,Hit mile*
of various guag.-s red ween 2 feet and 1 ,
fect 7 inches, over 3.7-VI mile, tielng 1
meu-r. or 3 fee. 3J inches, so that this
muv Ik* considered the standard gang«
of Brasil.
In Australia Uie different «olnnie,
ralhvr singularly. have different,*"-™»"
gauge s—that of New South Wale, Ik
ing 4 feet H) inches; Victoria, A feet 3 I
inches; South Anslraila. *» feet 3 inches
hnd 3 feet fi inehe»; and the other col
onies, • feat ** Inches. The total mile
ago In operation in the world at the
end ofiKV, was 3d3.o4H miles Of thi»
ieitgLii 7i per cent- were of the 4 find
H) inch to 4 foot 9 inch standard. 12 J
per cent, had larger gauges and 14 pei
cent smaller. • T
as to
IC»w lb# IVbII-Kiiuwu California Million
•Irr Mrf»t a lioyUh Oath.
Mr. Lick was n„ver married, bu,
like many of the bachelors, as Miakcs
|tenni indifferently called the mem
bers of cither sex, he had hi* experi
One oT Ins apparently unexplainable
freak* in ('alifornia was to build a mill,
which was coiled witli uiahogauy and
other beautiful woods and finished in
the most expensive style.
There seemed to lie uu reason for thl*
form of extravagant folly until a little
romanes- of his early life came out.
Before he went to learn the organ
tnnKing business he had been appren
ticed to a wealthy milter in Pennsyl
vania. who had a pretty daughter.
Lick wos a comely and plucky youth,
and the two fell In love.
Full of hope and ttie pi-o*|K-et of hap-
piness. the young man applied to the
girl's father, giving him full informa-
tion a* to both their wishes. Where-
upon the rich Pennsylvania Dutch moi.
tieenme indignant and scouted tlie idea,
--Out, you beggar! Dare you cast
•yes ujwiti nt> daughter, who will in
herit ail my pro|K*rty? Have you n
mill like this? Have you a single
penny In you purs ?"
To this tirade the poor youth could
only reply that just liven he hadn t.
bat he miiided thnt thu day would rom«
when lie would have a mill omupnred
with which th it one would be nothing
more than a pig-sty.
Ho left the miller, hut he never for
got the cruet word*. No. after he had
Iss-oiue not only rich, but a million
aire. he built this mill, and wlu-n it
was finished it had every thing that
etmbi have nihted to the perfection ol
Us appoint meut
Its machinery was perfect and Us
walls and floor of the very bighost
He was no, side to bring th« miller
to see the (iiidlliti.-ul of his boyish
declaration, hut he had th« mill photo
graphed in every |rjsslhl« way. within
and witiiouL aud altnough hi* old
sweetheart had long since been mar
ried. h<* scut tier tether the pictures
and recalled to him the day when bu
had boasted of his mill.—Minneapolis
— Bosnier (cracking an egg) —
■•Welt. I declarer Walter (sie Hod
lv)_-What is it!" Boarder- "Why
tills egg bus a double yelk. Waller—
"Pooh! that'e nothin' —genTman's yU
Lid day had a oliioklaf!"
A Ora*» In.la^try Wh »h Hm llraa, Vp
Than. ùw wl*i'"h" ""h, , ,
which go™H»°
h*» ^ coon* principally from tn
dl>aa. tKat I. the a»tt«r qua Uj do«i
. en> ", L U * , .. ' J.'* ]
ai.d Mil. mu* b,»e«refutl.v «wil led ami
- •" -tr Xht.m, 1 ain
'j* *• ' ***.'"j .
Hie foroat aalt com.« u-*l in |ad i
of exceteu.^ ailhon^i Uo- .alt-wnter
«- ww w »,
,, the ootinlrv wherever ash i, iikeli to .
,* . , , , . . v,
grow. a. llie demand (or Himiier bv tile
' H ' | *'
ÜJ* - "«tt.u at: ure o ■.<* „«emi and j
_ __
» time when pglish »BW».
eon.,derod hy hall-player, to be the
**»1 materia! lor UaJN but there U
*-ry Hui« of thi, w^l m»v and non.
I " l profclooal . ball-playei* •
for , damp bat» for boy», ami iliwouri
«tnd Arkansas snppTM m.Ml of thl*
lumber. The Iwuliug baee-WU bat
in »* <he country is at tirand
K'U'hl*. Mioh.. and uuiliou. of »lira*
«- "re turned Wit yhnrly from this im
mouse drasan. M.lwuihee cog, -,
^-ond. while \ fm-ennes. Tnd.. Is lined.
JJ* W«»
country in Tn n Tnr bsl mmiiifm t ,
bu t t, rund Kiipu], and Milwaukee
p«,,ed the Hoosier town long ago. O:
p< »' r *C- n «*»riy every eity of lihptlrt
tun-« in the f^isl: man „fact uro« more or ,
' e *'' buta but none of tliorn
have any manufactories that compare
Ï wUh the Waits! Il twmswn» St Loot
make, n few hats, hut none that are
consider,m *rKt-eloj«i. except ocvs.,innai ;
on ** 'J* 1 1,1 'Vklual*
<>*»> hiff house In htaigo, that deals
"*•** *-* 11 every »in
to t *" r "dvertlse* for old ash * „goi.
in tongues, tobeu-ode into bate. IM* :
™n,-eru tM-H£th<W««nds amI thonsndjU
->< bats, wh.cb Uk-j cal. the "Wagon,
J 0 "«'™- !l '"' VC sujUmsod U» be made I
!')\ ,n ' ***' **" * ul ' n ' <> ' 1 * < T" n '
1 , nice little delusion, m It.s-p
1 *>» h ***" Ap,mm«ttox »pple-tr -e I
»»ne fake that was rung on the eoun- (
Hft 'J" ™'* »»'n-nder.
^ «>"* '»>9 U-icagn ...
** VÜI ' > w " l| mes as many
different,*"-™»" 1 " ^ on hate ;
Ik- 'J ,r . ** ¥ *J', W "V ** 1,1
3 I 10 »" 1 v ^ lc '™; 0, f »» d new „ the :
"W; b * 1 buy them ami !
>».• dealer get. »
a J ** ' ,r hlH «° <,ds - N> e ' el !-'
the |*" ly ***"" b,,,,py " ni c, * nt " nU " < "
tH*td I rçet Ion. j
Hsr ° w,rn ««» ^ I"
12 J 1 * kindergarten »tage», says a dealer
pei "> and manufacturer of Ii.mm-IviII giHsl» ;
T in NL Louis, "fancy hats were al the:
,-age. and manufaetuters and dealer,
vied with eiu-h other iu tlir-ir efforts to :
get up gaudy-looking sticks to attract i
the eye of the player». 1 11 those days'
bull players were proud of their bat, j
because of the elegant coals of pain:
and varnish, but now the professional»
take pride in the plainness of their
liuli-hitters. Dealers now make liai
for the professional trade ouiy of mill
bat. without polish or filagree, «loi»-- j
A Solid^siïvTr*W sgon _ Rosd.
"You mav talk aim,it nickel-plated
railroads."'»aid Vice-President L. T.
Stanley, of WM Walnut streck "but
.rhntdo.vou think of a MHi sllv.-r
wagon road* Th. Hoiwcshoc mine in
/ i»i _ ilfl4 , „ithiMitTh whMi it
wl w Uno did,, k fw i t ,
*rm# bull! lue) diun t knot* It wotiiu
|wti out thRt way. They iia«l to hnve *
road from the mine, a distance oft
three miles, over wl.leh heavy hn.,1
• to be drawn. They took the
, t i . 11,1 i
" h y *' d
th • !
way through n.c .»«me p:..,
ing over the road ground the rock
gnV, ..j ,\ U,-V had a he»** rain.
storm, mid when things go, dry- again j
i»fu»r tiii« min the wind bl*w ibe di»*t
1 m t . ! . ,, tl , M4k . w i
..tribe road, and all through the rood
»mhI. »vnry which way, Miey oould m*e j
big Streaks of silver. Well, tagy h-,
they didn't collar to the re», of that j
loose rock that lay at,out those shafts',
They sent away a to, of it to be assay
ed. and when the report came back
thev found thnt their road bed *#•
z . "
worth f*J» a tea. U wa» a little ex
penxivc U. drive over, but they had L
have the road, and 1 suppose thcy'vt
got it yet, if their mines have held out.'
—Philadelphia Press*
that ha* undergone three years of sea
soning. aud in general appenrnm-e arc
as rough and course n* a common pick ;
handle, but in |K-rf.-ctii>n of sii;*|>e and :
toughness of fiber, tliuy can not lx
suri Hissed.
Nearly every professional has hi,
ideal bat. and ail weights. lengths and
circumference, are tinned out to meet
the individual taste» of tiic players.
Most professionals are cranks to Mime
extent in regard to bats, und they
spend days and weeks, and sometime,
months in scrap lug. shaping and other
wise finishing up tlie I sit they expee'
to knock out homo runs with during ,
the playing season. Linseed oil i* nil
the dressing that profussidnals u.oi eu
their bat*. No paint or varnish is
ever allowed to remain on a slick after
the player can get an opportunity to
«crape it off, hence the manufneSsirors
maku whut is culled the profrosiona' '
u i»n
rock Hint lu*d biM*n t»k«*n from th«*
lay around in the way.
road ail
maend'-mixed the

K, «HT er Kaa Out.
The I»*t jsyue of the Arizona Richer
oontaln. the teHoWlag fthueriul ptaa-!*,
h-> >
,. N „ T A Snrt« —Last Saturday If
] night. . mm after eleven o'clock, noma
wbllM klenWty t, unknown are
fin* a chirge of bi.ek-.hot , u
jl °J1
**!itorl»l r.,.m dtiw#l> at y» aim»
where our roll* u.ually |dà<-r<t It:i8
t(l0 been there we »houid have
^ in „ue.ted on amlburie.1 ere H.U , w
«„t the eot wa,n t there We a M uo,;
»pot for the last twe.ve week,. We, .»,
. . ... , ... .*
have learned the way. of thi* com
•. . . , .. , .
nmnity at con-tderable ro»t and
energies and ammunition. He doubt
j e „ s wenl BWa j. { rom the window feel
>« he -- ™,U,»1 .J-.O L
***+ v v X,
••C.axt Ikix Y ^t. —TU« Ho*ton
Acme (4,win. C ompany i. billed for
| wo night, next week at farter'» Hall.
U Thi» may be a fln» K-c la,, combination
or ft Ilm J be » soffle ^hhwj, hi,-h
• p^X,. «„nf g%e Up rcfflf .honldnr.CflX*
hire tWleA at thl. ol?be«
lu date, and we shall not ex pro»»
our opinion In thi* l„mv"
.-KltRATA. Wo find we were in
error laÄl m «^*rd*o *he «Srs>v -
tnif affray hetwe'en"l„u Btll linkin'
an d Colonel Jonea We *up|H>nql nt | n
-, , hl . time ,h,« Colonel Jones wn, a
uafiiUe .„l-, t riby,r to thi. j.aper but
W W'¥j|' +
,- have never hrnl hi, name at ulf. On
the «»ntrary, Hon llakin ha, sub
scribed for five copies. We wore mis
informed as V> the following: '
, Hakte did Pot «<04 JouOT-» liw. ^ 0
"2. Dakin did not draw hi, gun of
"fi. Jone» did not offer u> a|H>logiza i
"We were hasty in saying thut of
; Dakin ought U> »wing frXim a Umb,
and that he had long l>een a terror to
the town. W e found him to be a mild,
oourUxms. geateai eltixwn. full of push *
«nd enterprise, and tils presenee I, a
: credit to the town. Colonel Jone» had
belter travel for his health as soon «,
aWo, iuuh ira cas., be ttsd, a town to
I milt him ladter he should buy it and
' settln there.
"Not I lit» 1 MK. —A correspond
-e I ent who signs Wua»«U i Uij »"ntj,
( to know why thw ltd.*er flows.
into the Hoard, of Alderiseu kn it*
corruption, and he adds that every Z
mother » son of them «mid be sent tc
; primrn for a thief. , e don t do.bt
this assertion In the deasl. «ut "B arv
the : not »ny mg any thing. \No have tlie
! wity pria« . g *hi. y-nv «• A *«*l fat
» price, and are not say mg a word^
!-' Btri kk tu. — Major Jim Smith
" vreaU-d quite a sensatbm by descend
j teg front the stage a, it reached town,
I" lA-t IrldayeVeirtug. ehwtitoVMim
ar nxiUtied hit» that hiMi4>«hr4|»tfcn li
; the Kicker had expired than he band
the: ed us two big silver dollars for a re
newal. The Major has put mtheymST t
to : year in Suite pn»orr; Having been sehr '
i there by mistake, a, his friend»
days' are convinced. He served bis term,
j like a mar. sail bus rMlirm-d Ut tht'j
bosom of his family and society, lit
has curds out for a -high coffee' day
after to-morrow, and the rike «rill i«j
there in legiona Detroit Free Press,
mill - - -
, , . . i
North 1 Hv»' thM*t.n
tt^.r ..ebf^aTTr«*»^.m.m u :
1 mills on Poet snomt •• K,li
1 * 1 « li, „li. « , «11 „ 1.1 '
"'kn e in them * L Jiff --»r.
oui u wn» i i 1 u m. i Ha i. -»n
,„1 ai th» ....
w- <£? ,1™ r*
I umlter nut ■■ il, (L ewrtolr fo. i»r
veal-» lhe SD U-,- „latte bv Tie,.
m.-ndous inraads seen, no more than
garden patch™. Puget sound ha
j j iWK ) mile» of shore line, aad all nioas l
thla liac and exu-adtee thenoa on Imih ■
side, fities and nnc*further than fl.^of
eyeeaa see. Is one vast and almost ua
broken forest of thote »nornmii. tree*'
T. Them is nothing like it anywhere on
lh c Pacific cca»L A„-official estimât,
! „vi ,h« a. im.M of Ü !
in n that rem at *s*:ut»Äu«N'fee.. o, '
it at 1 .1 _
, » thousand year, supply, even st thv t
enurinous rnle the titulier U oow be
* \ ns felled and uawod. Thr tlnilwr
oft belt oovee. 3O.OU0.000 acres in Wash
ln gton Territory an area equal With*
the s,„ W , of Vermont, Ma«-ach„sotte ■
m *. . ». », . t »j».
i smn* 1 on ■" •'« amps ire. is
d m " rl " u 't for T * "*"* T nd "TT
th • ! T' 'f r?*x "J 1 :
th« America, Australia, (cuirai An erica
and the Pacific (Wn islands '
rock Toledo Blade.
_ _ __
j Dude Gol , he Qu . rl . P
di»*t v
. w i lk a /« .1 __ . _ v
rood Dude (to channs «oqeamtajtec)- ,
m*e j I but *habhv-'looking feil«»w ix mnking
h-, right for ua Bet he wants to borrow (
that j money; 11«. hei I'll get ahead ol
him. Pioate, slr, ( can't you lend me u
' quarter or a dime to get something to
back j cat? |
*#• j bhaiiby Fellow— Certainly (hand*
I . * . . ..
ex out a quarter). Now. young man. H ,
L you a«« tl,rough twggigg Of thu gen
j tien, an J would like to spook to him.
out.' He is one of the depositors in my Lank
j —V. Y. Weekly. I
and :
Wonderful Hf«VM fro»*» th» World*»
(irraUvt t-un»l»or !(•(!« ml
lumber pile uipiiu a^-boyds
feet long aadtslk Ihci in ,
wou'd be an unprecedented sight it
the Fast, but a gentleman recently re
commun cuts from the gigantic fit
trees of the Puget sound forests
Those trees grow to tho enormom
height of 2Ô0 feet, aad the forests art
Ikr Hiau HmH. *■
Nicotine l# UN tit lb« W*n*t powerful
the nerve ,»*».„»" know,,. It. ..
> vlrahmce U con»*irrd to pnisatc ftrld.
If bird, la- made Ui inhale it. vapor ln |
amount, too .mail to he measured thev
are almost iiwtati't/ killed. It «•*.
, u lifeTo.VaUa. king a few.
.... «•»*""■
tanning at tiw nr nier -the heart,
A^lJ.dlfoi'nl lmf:r*fion of Ihi. la that
there i, no aulmtaiioo known which
, w „ „lernet I«, effect,: the .v.U-.u
either .... .. Me
.», „iptoiu of «ieqtjiie iHiiMming. !Ti«
.* * . .
frequent eXiMonoe of what 1* known a» ■
. ' . . ...
•■»moker, heart in men whose health
..... « . .
immediate injury will have ail tht
piemvant effect* reverxed, and will »of.
L . .»i,,.,.. » :
W. « <«» Vim .ft
h<hou mor^ m|»Mi wh**n to
w„, i, ,„e,i. (< , palpitation, pain. »,
^„„ation, in the heir.: (»)
then- I» uu tu>|adiU) jo the morn
ourVinAhiv «.*,-* L ,»at,Hi.ldetf,a„
.honldnr.CflX* al.recmted. mid
Jylp^.1 eatirtff; ,^,X !
ne,» of the mouth null throat, or moot
catarrh, appear- and Monies very
trouhlewmie; the eyesight become. ;
- laà' mmrovs»>Wm the habit b
abandoned: (f.) a desire, often a orav I
nt | n g for liquor or some other stimulant.
a perienoed. \
Hn ^paHuumtal ub«u valiou o
+ llW , i«uftlS ikidi k „ d „. }
average health Who tmd hi. using«»
i,f,, r perimi, ranging from iw<
months to two years 27 showed *,**.•«,
' injury to the constitution and lusiiffl '
^ 0 |«nt ^»«b. 9tt showed the «xi»b-mw i
of irregularity of the heart'» action.
dl*»rdered »töiuneh,. cough end era* ,
i n g for alcohol; III had interroittoney
of t! , e ,„, 1 *.. „ n ,| one had eon«iiniption
After they had abandoned the use o
to tohameo, within six mouths' time one |
half were free from all their foritiw
* vm yt,„ n , , im i tin- remainder bud it.
a covered l»v the end of the year. |
A great majority of men go far be- ,
«, y„„d what may beeaded the loniperaU !
to „f loba<a>St and evideaeo* of ..Idry
are easily found. It is only . ..
to have some iwunl of what the gen
eral health w«» previous to the taking 1
0 , fc|ld<t4 , h . ve o)Merva
^ ^ , , 0 „ r ^„ lluh , itm .
it* hlsbwy of tolmerm on the island of New
Z .. Hlahll , urni , h ,., H <)u ite sugg.wtlv,
tc illustration for our piirpime and on*- on
Korop.«,,, firs,
arv vlsfteff N.-W Zcalnmf . tl.ev Iniiml In th. ,
tlie „«tlve Maoris the most finely dwvwlopet!
fat RmJ |M , wl . rflll uf of the tribe
l„h«bith,^tl,e island, of the Farlfie .
bi„ee the introduction of tobaeeo. for
which the Mnoris developed a passion
^ikm* th v y hav^ fiom this !
uloue. U is said, beatm.- de.ii%iWJ in j
li nmnb*-rs.\nd St the swAe- Hm*. «,*• 1
dui-ed in st-iture and in plivsie.il well- 1
re- being so as to be an altogether inferior
t y|>« of men.— N. V,. Medical Journal.;
sehr ' -,
lit Tlie relations betw»»-n the I'hilist.m,. I
day and tlie israelii l»h elans were very d I f- !
i«j ferrant from those wfiieh subsisted be
tw.-en the latter aud their neighbor*
the Amalekite». The Philistines wer,
the inhabitants of the hixxsd and fertii,
! level which occupies the whole uf the i
west of Palestine! Between them and
and the l«raeliU»h elans there wit* kept I
up « sut-eesebMi o? yeuli-sts cxaetly Ilk* I
j th,«« whlen raged tr Seoiltind generic j
tiou after generation along the High-'
. i Hnd ii.„. tr w<- hud a histuev of Saul
"'Wtten by a Pkilisttnc hi«' suâtes, it '
u : ^ th, ' '-«Hv suce, of that Aie I
would I'fohahlv Ik> like the a.-,-mint
' whk '*> we iKMsess In our ortliraarv his
torl '-» of the battle of Harlaw. * Saul '
-»n ^ lypnmenN nt* n *ort of n
Donald of the Isles, and the great ex !
pedition in which he fell would be J«-. I
scribed a» a war rendered absolutely (
neoosssry for the »«curitv of Philistis
r* hy |f,e(jgB/»-,-ive la,,dsn,uf tliis wild |
i»r sioteitidn^r. pte Pbill-limw mnrthed
U "* P 1 "!** of Sharon, turned th, '
l'"ra""ntory of <'arn,«l. passed Haifa, 1
ha- «mi «-vaaecd. a. it would seem uno, »
l M, ' , ' d " , ' r,w " K*1 melon: or l-rhsp,
Imih ■ ll, '* v . .ti,rough the hills to the oust ;
fl.^of rmmdU a» rimUimes HL did. cejor.
ua- ' h - " d ' 1 ^ " f hi " L'™'*. «ho
' ,t ' rr « d "«raMh-r mule, by the d c
on '**•'«' "I will go on this road I
if <b«r.-is any going on it: he ye on the
! %"*' * "" M 'iTi
o, ' , l\ ,p™ of M^n
wa» «mm n *»i> in* niu^trm cm .mouiii
thv t i boa. Thc Phillsl u.-s whoha.1 pr.,b
be abljr the bijftfer battalion*, drovr the
Ifsmelite» In"spite of their' advantage
>»* l*o»lthm. up th- slopes of the moun- j
tai« an,« utter, y defeated them. ,
■ k « 1to I
hnrdty » child in who u*>«» |
is B(> { g„„w something alsmt the I'hilis
Une» Hi* imrujiiste relent hteS Uta,- i
1 : i* ,B «' -est know I :,c better opiuioi :
„suu- to Iks that they cnin,* fr m ( ret
'- .ml *erc . .t.Ylu raxte with th
P-lnsgians. R. „a„ ha, pointed out that
th« legends ,.f the war- between li.
^ l-meiiu-, some sort o
*>*rte*iibiHti**** to tin-- »lory of tt»** «m
rtHttid Troy, but after »11 our informa »
, kn| , Hbnilt ' , 6 .. m u ,, f , h „ w . mlti e„,
f wo thftiif»*. ho waver, arv «•••rtuin:
( tl lH , it was the Philnttiiies and
ol opt mi y of the nstw» of Israel, who struck
u the Kurop«>an olsM-rver Ks he looked at
to the country, which lie called Philistin»
| «r l>i"*,tn». and. socoudjy. that the
I'"hstine mereeuarics o 1 avid af
.. forded lust the cement thnt was wanted
H , u> U i- kiugdom of
gen- Judnh und ,.„ahtc tt to keep up Its sep
irul) , existence a* » kingdom after the
Jeath of bolomon. — Contemporary Be
I »us*.
A Wir-ldtr Trias ft lm h rr..s,l.|jr II »4 It*
«>rl«lé In l-tets.
*■ •"«■**•**» tea Kxiorixn«»
. *"•* li. M..ral.
.. , " ,hM 0,V,, '' n ' n
tton * ,n H*. vl*.. physio)*™*, defgjs n
| BM,n newspaper reporter* aie par- J***
tlcularly exempt from the vier of aul- ..
»M-. Thl* I, a curious ,„•, N., otl.e,
HMd. of work furnl.h a man with « !
™'»y — .for *--
lug haartlly dUgind.,! with hi. fellow ! WH
human being, und wo hwartllv anliam.nl get
.rf longer condwajeu.mig to he oountad
«nun J,hen
Thi reff.,, ion w«a forma, upo,gha,
<n„, . , , .
the rniiQii* „t*rk of Iu, ,'alUog hait ne
■ . .«
>eu. Krai to tlie ofliy |>( a weilkotiwn
q it I .»ih. wJti i
w „. , fh> . ,,, ,
y„^ Jrtk!l „»v <hm„wh fb throni» , i
: S^LS.T'* . .
1^'an^.w Äm"
. * ,
T**" '' ^
^ ^" nd * r " * hit ' »heet, with an
^ w»tud, wa. on«-th.A of a
^ ^ now belonged to th„Kce\l u ,„
! *}»*- *
'™ B r *i'® rle * .rememlien-ii that
* ^ ild ^ fa * hft * hw "'- ,f
; » nd ,,,,,, *-or.iv»wt,wt imaginary »n,„We
ln " v ** rv revolting way OB th" Sunday
I b »" , " rP - **"> what,was lpft of ber
h " d U '*" tak *'" U,i * WWtwulnr
\ mmgim. "
A » fl thi* wan why These hard-fea
} turrd, weH^ir—ed wp,,en andshipt.
«htrted ehutteilng girl, wore crow d Ing
»'*""<■ the pla.-e, forcing their way in
b> pass is a line around what urns loft
' »" erring womgig graüfy a low euri
i *«»• roroeout giggling, with »bat
, murtel may know any thing alaiut. ex
<-«pt that It was net SB lmpVtArtng cue.
It Was n wight ealsilsted to iimka any
tuan a confirmed miaugynisL
| There was. here and there, a nma In
line, but every iwnv took bis hat off with
at least some show of reverwuei«, and
| more than ouecaiue out witlt wet wyes,
, ' The reporter didn't go in. Heiliitift
! htvve to. lie took down from the e.-r
tlficates of death handed him iu tl„
outer ns.,,, .„ci, facts us he wanted,
ami turnoti to ratm-n tluwxi to the , g. ii.
1 •leman who had kindly ibti listed him
wUl , Ul(Jln (or thlit
y h|l lmpfM . lleJ , u „„„uling
at the head of the hier at the tine . mil.
^,|„g th ,. r ,,po rt „ r B im.uiidng Us.U.
said briskly: "Just put them bn. k ir
the oftlo*," The reporter complied uu
, oon.-ermnllv and went bbi w av
„„ . „ bridge and
rl »,, Z
. Z him and an -xmt^fortho .X
taker's man. Hotli, by the nature ol
ttl „i r voeulirm are hardened thi»
! "\h of X S 7d «.■ur«!
in j f OP , 1 , 0 »« alleged women' Wli-i,
1 e .,. UB1 , i„ u„.r,. for »Late of
1 1 ,. n,, -t,
Kol-hesU-rlleiiiis'-i-Kt" ' " " '
IUK ne»u r ueliKK-rBi. ;
' . .
f- ! Adam Vamlever, "the hunter of Tub
lulu." who died not long ago. miwlr
some remarkable e»<-ajK*s in tin- oom-se
of his carer. On one isq-ashm he had
fired at a large buck, near the brow of
i * precipice sane thirty feet liiglv. On
wei "if the buck drop he took it for
I granted he wo, about to die, when he
I approuohtel the nhimnl for the purpose
j °' cutting its throat To his great sur
prise, however, the buck suddenly
sprang to hi* feet and m vde u trcui*n
it ' d '«'* »« h '"' tl ' r - whb » Til *w t,f !
I throwing him off the lodge. Bf« what
was more remarkable, the animal sue
'n ««• tboiigh not until
' Vandever had obtain,,! » fair hold of
n l * ie buck*» antl»*ra, when the twain
! performed a somersault into the pool
I below. Tlie buck made its e.,ea|H>, and
( Vandever was not seriously injured
*" particular part. Almut a month
| afterward h.' kille,! a buck «hi, I, had
« bullet wound lb the lower puitfif Its
' ~>rk, whereupon be osmdud*4 Ib4t he
1 bad finally ... the anitttnl
» which had given bin. th..
; But the most remarkable e*cape
« hi, I, oid Vandever ever exporien,,^
h»p,H-n^ in this way II. had - ,e
c camped „pon one of U„- lofti.-si moun
I *»•"* '—„.ty llwas near
twilight iwatr. uel l*c loei heard the
Whh . v iew g.
»*\»* *»***'"»' *'"■'** "
be climbed ufHin hh ttniiu ii'*** hmiltier
wWch „„ u ,e brow of a sleep
.... ,» j,. ä
.I""?"* Whl '* u P OM
j bw,Wer h - •*>' dd -" > '«>1 « »wi.igmg
, scasation and to his astonl-hm r.t he
I , "T* 1° Th *
| ft^arful plunk»* into Inc ravine, half a
mile hohes him. As fortune would
i have 1 ,. the llmbof an oak tree dropped
: ,,ver the rock, and as l ho rook started
. . , , , .
<nm. ,t. tetter,sh hmndntion he so zesi
^ 1 ' , "T" ,, ) d "'T ' TT . Li
The dr»-adfu! crushing of tlui I», Wider,
o ss Itdemw-adrsl the m.mntein side, cam,
to Mm hunter * ear while he wnt* *\i*>
» pended In the air. and by the tin»* It
Rtnurkabl* K*r«pr» of A «In
a Fbiuoim %%r«tr
II imtrr.
•■Phew' Horrible' Kirsinith. lin t
that « campaign cigar your smoking*"
"Jehones.you're devilishly insulting
to-day. You can't buy oigars like , hi,
lor ta than twenty-five routs a dozen,
_a . * . ' »,», _, r ..
ism found your picture. -Chicago 1 rib
had rcaz-h-si the iKittom he dropped on
the very spot whicu iuid Is un vacated
hy the bowlder. Chicago Journal.
Resented the insult.
Hmvm W>*» f^f*.** 4 Wm .
Winn.' il lu doulistrv a. vet urn nUi. !
n ' V "o'lvaf Rw lmil!t enlerW teT,
n * j c, ,: . *" iiilaiml the
J*** ** *!
.. ., . , .. . s ,
ïïlXÏJi^MaïkÂ^aïïr *«
! rBeH^e^S.« .^«^ «^ , *7,
1, ï J t«£L v££Z ÏÏ+ -*>'l
! WH y. eno« uragod women in trying in U
get out of the narra* limit* in whiid.
.i,ev have him,, held I. taiin Krai. ! '*•'
Lm l ?r,ehh M Ton ' ' he
, 2 v,
ne ver» l other, from ttermnnv and hn
„.„„.I ... ... . .
gtamt have come to ottr eonntrv. Onrl
mi,,,, thei, ,re„ i„ , niy
miut'harnrn,*, „ho W the m»t . lever
tooth rxtr iet.ii in FoiirTnnd Tli-.t I, t
FtltsjEfJl Ï
^ •«* S»53feuJt;Ä: .
oxlnmit* moustiKD lmv« tu W »
Xuw Aork
, u ge uikw, homdf the ,uu
^teL^uôu.Tsk àrUem ring V
of ,„„ av shM WRs " |wl
lnslHlln . r of th „ Amp ^ rUa ^
«„p „„„ ,, r lh( . „ m ,.. ,, f th(> -Stat 4 -Iten-1
Ui] H l( . ( ,, |v stm was follow'd hv Mr i of
Kiste Hnllook. who (tiled the position I
«bl v until ,h.- i,n redgimri for the
,ame rea-m Tl • Am, Arlror Dental !
rollege rwc-IVe* women gladlv mid it,» P
indent, treat them with tho
LrrPH( «»t reneet even the media,1 i
student, ».-.-min'-to think women are. 1
In th»ir "sphere" In dentistry. .
Among the ld.biki dentist. In th' .
I'nited Ntnt,~ only sixtr nre womeu f *
would urge upon all women who arc *
cnntompliitiug the study of dentistry
the necessity of choosing that m-IiooI '
having tho longest course of sludv. I !
would have them recognize the fact
that dentistry is not only an art but
also a science. Toounmyseemlofor
get that »cience lui aua eertsin kuowl
like dunli.Uy, and iu reply wc would ;
> that u great man, women prefer to
ir come bo un. arid wo ar«. we believe,
P««ulterly .ucceesful with ohlld^n bs
oaum, we understaud better how to
manage »hum. We like the profession
and Klieve the time is not fir di.Uvnt !
wh.m women wilt cease to be r»gard«ii *
ol hy the tnuases ns out of h.-r sphere in
the praidi.-e of dentistry.—«'bloago 1
u r„,sa1»e^
,u | >*ve , »P'«s»*»"S ta* Mr a-at it Hris«»
T, t« art
The de. m,out of thenuKiern ..wtvs
; paper has had-no mon» remarkable of
îw.*i Ihao thi* l'haiitf«* it ha* pr«Hlut*k)d Ui
,, .. *. . J.. * - \
Uie prevnll ,,g idea» will, regard loud
vertiwii.g weiilj years ago the traue,
unie who made known what ivaros he
acverul In t tiicago, Minneapolis, aud
DotroiL The uniy lady who ha» «ver
occupied a profeasor * chair in tl*.s pro
ft-ssioual department of the University U>
of Michigan bu» tieeu a lady dentist.

f !
She !
, 1 oT
Dr. Margaret Humphry. She wae lor (
several years assistant dnmonslraiur t.
Dr. Walling, and delivered tlie cours*
of loctures 011 uiatcria metiies.
W'e have often been asked how wo
had to soil. exo«pt la the modest and
general way. was looked upon with
some degiee of »„»pieiou. and the pro
les»iunal man win»offered his services
of by public advoi ttanment
dem nod mit right as necessarily a quack,
for The change from that day to this has
he been almost coin plate, and yet it ha,
some about very gradually, and there
are some trades Hnd profession» In
which traces of the Old traditions still
t,f ! I-on g after the dealers tn many kinds
of mon-hand l»e had learned the vahte
of advertising and bad profited hy It.
there were almost a» many more «till
of governed hy the ancient prejudice who
preferred Ut purinh in retpeotàplé «*e
elusion rather than invito the public
to come to thorn. This wu* the car«
not only » ith lawyers and doctors, but
with jewelers, tailor», dressmaker»,
and malty other trade» that for * 0 ,.,«
Its reason wer« »lippo.ed t,. ftourisU only
he iu tlie dark. 11«» fashionable tailors
long ciung Ut Uie idea that advertising
*, 0 , not re.,».,,«*^-. and tiuu-e are a
few old-t,mem yet who can uot hnag
ll.cms.-lve, to auy tlimg more uudigni
tied than priv ate mvUaUou, te their
,e and imsc oa aghast white
younger nval^fitl the column, of the
IM -w.|Mi|M-m with attractive description*
of their go,sis and gather tn the custom
that nscl to go L,4ham.
tevrtb uiarlv no.hwd
h Iww rfinipl^ly h«t«piMr adv«Hi»
.... from Its „»».sdn
,, i . __ , ....
tionwith antnfcrh,relate of trade The
great ad rertlsem now are the loading
he hull»,-» not alone in the extent of tl.eir
* * Tf
a tor. J he nnc«*t gw hi«* of every nort, the
most fiishiouable clothing for men und
«union, the mostoostiy furniture, ear
pet* aad ornaments, whatever a pur
. r . ... . — . . v. .
Ohio«.., on possibly wan, that is rich
T T'T ,* «i."*, l ïL'Zl
cheap, he experts ,0 find desenbed fur
him ir the paper.
It U»tb f*»r the dealer» and for the public.
was oon
slid be»t trad«, while the facilities for
shopping have wonderfully increased
ami the people buy more and hotter
giKsi, than they ever did before. They j
t are hd, ordre— ed their hoinessro better j
furnished, thqy enjoy more of the com- |
for,» and luxuries oi life than any pro- I
hi, vious period and one matu cause i
«hi* t- m the g.-ueHtl quiesening of ,
.. ! r»ile Ihnt i»»iur»ttv res un» from in
rib „jvertisjqg. _ PbUadelphU.
Tims* ,
And Hie result of this is beneficial
on 1'hc largest and liett advertisers arc
every where those that do the largest
. — — » -- ... — - "IJut
I« I*. »««Mill UiMI.
A wottum ' whora * h, ' 0,,< * »"* •»
train, (old Lydia Jm-kson L~.
phere how she hep* her husband (rout
amok lug. "On our wedding day,'' .ha
*« W ' m *' ,lu wl " U 1 14
*7, ° f m ""*'***
-*>'l «hlm that t w- my pwpojm to
U ""'' ,J * ,, " lucl ,n >' * uid " iu
'h» 1 In our fumlty tlmre would
! '*•' 1,0 *e!*»rate »tandard, amt Whatever
he would thltik right forhl.mmlUhm.ld
lightod, and we were «uitted for au
, , .
ovouing of reading or hewing, when
, , ..... , * .
niy huslmad look u|> hi, pipe (or an
y-*«" .rr'r-'st 1
A, he proueeilnd. so did I.
t ctwilj- neraWhed a match,' lighted the
.." «Ul.- W«. - U„
. . . —
i of K r,,t, "'r >h»l* and stingy kind; it
I w,m i kill you. oven if you do take
*•'"* llr *' "moke with a bruu-pipe and
! "WW-heed lolmono. Hut you can
P r '"J u ve H>s »amo eff.wt upon youtwelf
wi,h n mllder Jrl: * 1 trembla e»
i " bo,,t lhu shoulders
1 lhi,,lt " 1 "' t "Penes may bo
. preeijiluted In happy homes t.y
. 11,0 fallaclou, th orb-, taught ut
f * tl.lé story. Why. sister. 1 have see»
* 1m> . v - " ffrunt. strong, rough Isiy.
h'urlis-n y enrs old. so wnniglit <i|Htn
' *»? » u > 1,d «vcH-ent cigar. m*t more
I ! '»»If smoked, that he levs
"»'»»U of a grown-up woman, a mar
riod woman, mother of oliildrwtt. may
«»• starting in on a pip,, -well. I
«Iw't » 'in «** think of it. that's alb
>' v '' «->» I« g» b> M some llmr l.r
! -Ight. and I wan res. just an well whh
* wu * the nightmare as I can will, it and
"oi -holler " till I wake up the whole
1 i'duse. Hut I can not eloee without a
parting word of warning. Don't you
listen to Lydia Lamphere on this
question, for »lie's y «ter friend, and I
don't want you to turn ugainst
Uer Yu „ p, Uu tilu .
m;l „ who klluÄ . mors about pipes
y liwl vmi «te«hout 1,„»bands ai d don't
' 4 . . . . / . ,
you go to *niokiiitf ill order to biviik
.. . „ R if dlm - t du ,
mi)fh , !snrn ltk „ j, „
, ... . ,, ,
do«-, ami them where would you be if
he should waul to quit? Don't you
smoke pijK-s: you chew. gum. if you
must do something wicked. Von can
worry thw immortal life out of him
w ith that if you'll only k,-ep at It. and
talk and chew a great deal at the same
time. That's very effective. You
keep the quid and your jaws going and
lie'll give up drinking, chewing, smok-
ing, Ikettiug. »we no, ho 11 grow
won».« about tlint, but he'll give up
every tiling cine. Unless, in a furious
spasm of insanity, he break» your jaw»
with a cricket bat mid jumps off the
bridge at the cud of the third week.—
Kooert J. Hurdettc. in Brooklyn Kugle.
-• m m- . ,
How to Keap Things Clean.
You see vvlint was
•vd la the story—the
gave up. Good
Story, n» fera» It goes, but 1 can't help
thinking what. oh. suffering sisters,
w hat would have happened if that
kind-hearted husband bail not releitl
<td. but had kept ou smoking, anil per
"''•bsl loviicd- nay. ui-gud his wife
U> ' ,imf ' V *'" t kU " 1 of »" evening
Wol ' ' 1 ,t! - v " hnt ki,ul 1,1
• evening would »he have enjoyed? Oh,
f ! sl»t«-r», never, no matter » liai Lydia
' l-ampiiere'» frUuid tells you.
! l,lMt cure on jour husbands—your re
*|ieetlvp htmhnuds. tliat la It won't
, work, wltlinll men. It would cureona
, 1 oT you of smoking; thnt I am sure of,
hill It wMiildn't Ik* him. You may
lj try It if you iu-e fond Of excitement
never try
stretched himself supinely ujtou tlie
cold Imsoni of the iubospilubie enrtb
and united with an unconcern that
would chill your blood for death. Uls
futher or the ditelor to come along,
and be dUiu'l care a cent wbicli got
the first whack ut him And when you
A good way to denn au iron sink is
to rub well with a doth wet in kero
sene oil.
Tu keep tinware nice and bright,
scour it every two or three weeks with
finely-rifted coal ashes
Strong brins may be used to advan
tage in washing Imdsteads. Hoi alum
water is al-te iwcoiuuiouded for this pur
■ It your dishes must lie washed in
hard water add a little milk to the
water aud do without soap. Try flits
ami see if you don't like iL
Soiled coat collars can he nihbrxl
with ammonia, aud then u woolen doth
laid over a hot fiat-iron held jus, over
the dotli to steam it without pressing
l'ni-pet» should he thoroughly h niUm
on the wrong »id*- first, and then on the
right side, so us to leave it fresh. Spots
may be removed by the use of ox-gail
or ammonia and wutor.
If yrnir fiat-irons trouble you, by
dropping black sjKs ks from the to)»*
Or sides when ironing, take them in a
pun of soap-suds and give them a thor
ough washing and dry quickly to pre
vent rusting.
In donning oil-cloths use no soap or
scrubbing brush but wash off the dirt
with water and ttannel. Then go over
with milk, and rub with a soft brush
til! dry and shiniug. — UouanwUe.
A New Reistionship.
for — ■ —
r GutoliardL to Utile Kth«L nine
years old Who wa» the gentleman
j who patted you on the head?
j Kthei.--That was my tether-iu-uiw.
| || r . GuvihurxU_What? A little girl
I jjgj, V ou have a father-in-law? You
i anust bft SthMIM
of , ^ "H*»""«'«
'*> '•H h " r b "' mamma got a dtvurea
, from him. Detroit Free Proas.
Kthei Well, he used to bo my regie

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