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ft vis« I h n leather. (Iom Calf, Kan |«r«a
Patent l.aathar and Cordovan.
lu lier choice of leather Dame F'ash
Ion ■how* the same fii-kte mind as ir <
her selection of dress goods or other
wearing apparel. l>ast year a very
pronounced demand was ex|»erienced
for Kusaia leather, and this year it
seems probable it will be more ex
tensive. The distinctive odor which
character!/.«» the article
to have a peculiar fascination for the
general publie, and they are no longer
content to have their pocket-books, their
purses, their hags or their belt* made
of Russia leather, but they must wear
their boots shoes or slippers marie ol j
thi' same umlcriul.
But of all fashion's pot Icathnr* not
calf is this summer thu favorite
Two year* ugo it was unknown. This
Slimmer, in nil the many original designs ,
for tasteful footgear, OOM calf plays s
very conspicuous part Its soft, vel
vety feeling and appearance no doubt
comutend it to the favor ol the ladies
It is really calf, smnlt skins ul line liber
being selected. The dyes ure peirola tad
or ao/.od through it; hence its nnine.
TTie velvety feeling is given to the flesh
»ide'by n series of sandpapering, while
the grain side of the skin* is slightly
pebbh*d. This |xo mits of many com
binations from the same skin.
Thus a
shoe may have a vamp the velvet side
outward and quarinrs grain side out
and as the head and neck of the skin are
always slightly darker In shade than
the butt, those parts are used for trim
minga The peculiar texture of a calf
skin iwinits of it* being dyed n
•'fast oolor" in any oolor and shade
from jet black lo a bright orangem
cream white. Though gray. tan. and
russet are the most in demand, close ad
he rents of tho "intest" aru now calling
for "blood orange.' Not only is oo/s
ealf h<;ing used in the manufacture of
shims, but it is also used to quite an ex- !
tent by the makers of albums, pocket
book*, hand tings card eases. |ien
wl|ier*. and a thousand other novelties,
Nor is tills all, (or Uie dressmaker,
hsve caught the popular erare, and
note salf now adorns tlie head gear ami
serves as the latest in dress trimmings
Kungnroo is another of fashion's fa
vorite*. It was first used in the manu
f actum of sillies about twelve years ago.
stmpi which time it hna gradually
grown in favor. A* it has won public
favor entirely bv Its merits, it will
doubtless retain it* popularity for somt
It lias the virtue of being both
durable and very easy to foot,
strength is so great a* to defy the |mw j
The kun
er of ordinary men to tear,
gansi was first hunted fur sporL
Austral tan eonsidered that his visiting I
English cousin hail not "done ' the |
country If he returned without enjoying
the excitement of a kangaroo hunt. The
kangaroo is now hunted for profit, the
hide being worth from seventy-five U:
eighty-five cents a |tuund. A-shooting
injures the hide the killing is usually
done by clubbing.
During 1N8M upwa'-ds of 7Ü0.00II kan
garoo hides were imported into the
United States Add to tills the nonibei
of hides rousuined in F.uro|m, and it
soetus no wondor that the Australian
(tovarnmcnl is now discussing tho ad
visubility of limiting the annual slaugh
1er of kangaroo*.
Datent leather is one of the things ol
fashion's fancy. Tlte better grades o
paUuil leather shoes are made from
putent calf. It may be surprising U
mony to learn that no patent calf it
■Mde in thi* country, but it l* all iro
ported from Germany ami France,
Bonin few years ugo the tanners her*
spent considerable money in trying U
make a patent calf that would compur*
favorably in quality with the im t »ortet
article, but wore unable to do it. l*at
eat leather and patent calf must not b.
confounded. Of tho former large quan
titles are made here, it being tanned
from cowhide, while the latter is from
calfskin. Small calfskins of fine filiei
are selooted. During the process o
tanning tliey are stretclied, else Un
jairnn would soon crack. The procès
of laying the japan followed In Ger
many and Franoj is a secret the Amer
icon tanner lias uot yet learned A
first quality patent calf. 4f not ex|MKie«'
to -udden i-haugn of mtpsntiuw, »;i
wear quite as woll a- the ordinary calf
The quality .may be judged by the bril
lianoy of the jot btaok. If the japai
has a bluish cast, de|iend upon it tin
quality is not first-rla-s, and let not th<
itiioolhesl-longued shoe salesiuau de
octve you.
Cordovan lia, taken the place of aili
gator for wear in wet weather
too. is largely Imported from Germany.
It is made from certain part* of the
horse hide, and is a very durable
lent lier. It i* impervious "lo wa:er.
and ha* a very smooth surface,
not itti|H>rted in sid<u, as are most kiud
of leather, but comes blocked to tli,
Unlike caif. Ii
j t p
*ha|M- of the vamp,
does not stretch in wearing, but retain,
the shape of the last until the shoe i
worn ouL A foa years ago it was vert
expensive, but recently Uie tanner
have conquered many of the difficulties
in preparing the hide, and. with re
du.-ed cost, it Is now quite popular.
Aa to what I» the comlof leather n<
man can tell. Aimoat evtsry u iimal.
am) even reptile, hau played a part in
the make up of fashionable foot gvtir
It whs only a few day»aj;o the r«>}Nirtei
aaw in the cutting room of a «lipi**
manufacturer the «kina of a mocvasii
snake measuring eight feet and its mat«
measuring seven feet These were t
be inode into »lippei s. and the -ma
pie,--- to Ik- made into pocketlxKtks. -
N. Y. Sun.
while they may be efficient in Horn« re
■jMM'tfs, are fpmeiaily act down urn 2*i. I•
- lo whs biftiatfa
The militia of the Jifferent Siatctp
— Hatt<*r Bread.—Put one cupful of
Indian meal to soak over night in boil- '
ing water enough to cover it. In the
nioruing mid two thoroughly bouton
og»T**. one pint of milk, a half-tea*
spoon of »mit f»n»* tablo-sjHH»n '»f laro
or butler Thin with water jf Umi
thick; beat hard and hake a ni**e brown
in u hot oven.
— Drinter's wife set two hsnsto
day." Drlntor (halfasleep) -"Miuioo
or lumpuriel?"
pROT^CTrow or weeds.
Inrirukahlr farrlrMnrM of Whl« h Maary
f armer« %re fltiiltjr.
Morn protection is given to l)ia
weed crop (and also the insects) than
ing to improper
may be mi pooled
seasons of preparing the land for
crops. After the wheat crop 1* cut
the i**int next to be Minddsnd Is how
to treat the land after the crop is off
The amount of labor to lie IteMowed
on the field next year, and the value
of tin* crop to be taken »»IT, ih largely
Influenced by this year's treatment ol
the Held. If the farmer could pre
vent weeds from springing up hi* item
of labor would be greatly reduced,
and « is a matter that not only de.
j serves consideration Iflit must be con
eidcred in time to put some method in
practice by which weeds can be pur
tially prevented and less labor entailed.
The regulation of the
, should be under the control of the
farmer, hut to do thi* some system Is
required, and the woods must not be
overlooked in order to give the regu
lar crops alt the labor.
It i* not customary to plow in the
summer, just lit the busiest time of
harvesting, but when the farmer is
wrI crop
busy then is the weeds' npixirtunity.
They take possession and grow. They
will not grow as well when the seed is
uncovered as when covered, and the
opportunity of the farmer should be
lo induce them to grow. Instead ol
leaving the stubble land Idle for tbe
weed« to grow on, with the tin
covered seeds remaining to be
plowed under for a spring crop,
the stubble laud should be
plowed as soon as the wheat crop is
off It should not be turned under
deeper than one or two inches, if |»msi
ble. and if the soil is light the culti
valor may serve to break it up. The
seed* of the weed* will then germinate
(ns also tbe seeds of any grain tlial
may be on tbe ground), and when the
! plants are well up the land should la
plowed a little de#|ier. thu* turning
under the weeds a* green manure and
giving any remaining sei-d* nil oppor
(unity to sprout and come up. The
land should then he 'eft until late in
the fall unies* the Weeds are nearly
matured, a* they shouid never bo ul
lowed to m-ihi.
l-ato fall pinwing turns up the in
sect* that have buried themselves and
exposes them to the mild,
any more w
ing deep in the soil, they will else be
brought to the surface, sprout in tin
spring and la- caught by the spring
plowing. Farmers may complain that
ul stMvis remain, from lie
j this method entails three or font
plowing* and cost* too nuieh. (.'on
sidi-ration will conviniv Ihi-m that
I there will, however, he le»* work to
| do lighting weed* the next season mid
tb«i the yimr will Und
fewer plowing*» nrntessiiry und the
niunlwr of wihhIm greitily redmed
With Ihe inetlifMl priM*tt«*«*(i of [oitving
the stubble iuntl unplowed until fall or
spring, the wood* and insect* are pro
tected, more labor Is required and
the following crops are robbed of moist
ure and plant fond.—Philadelphia
Ra«n«r Snarl. r«r Ih. Poor llw.lianla
'' sketched l>y Dr. Gouverneur M
Smith, in a pa|>er on '-W listed .wun
beam* | nosed House-top«.'' Thr
Oriental lia* no difficulty in the innt
*® r - B** lives on the top of hi* house
« considerable part of the year, and
builds his rmif with an especial eye to
I »hat sort of occupation. \\ by may
"*» »*"* B)' pitching our tents ii|Hin
them, or by taking them as they are,
exeept that the roof coverings would
have to Ik- made more solid, wo might
"»•'e our ihm.I» eotnfortable sojourn
l "K p!m-<'s and lnex|»-nsive summet
health resort*.
*'Koofl«ig." says the author, "can Ih
contrived suited to this climate, and
«•nduritig as |>»vrmrnt A pleaaurt
might ornament each residence,
limit- Imunded by the area of the
dwelling; neighborly consent could
«W"" »»>o range, turf and flowers
A brightening the plan. Iron-framed
! »*"» glass-inclosed ri»inu or <*U|Hilar
®8uld I«' a d ded , which would prove
Useful during all -en-un», artifieia!
beat I.poring brumal inclemency
If *ueh adaptation of house-tops would
H " advantage to the affluent,
*ho can esa-ape city life during the
summer, how much greater advantage
would Ih- secured to the tenement
Tr nr nt» ul II ...I
A plan to make our house-tops nse
with delight by the inmates. 1 he
provint ty of o|s-n breath tag place*
«' »heir r,s>ms would endear them
a--l«*ei; and again, round a family
Ii lantern, gropes might gather to road.
<w, or engage in games, and thus a
distriels! * * * For
; higher jjtimIahI tenement hmiiMtn aut*h
frf«}» air fiu?UUlo* wotilil Ihy htiilvni
p to tlieir humble homes Summer
moonlight evening* could have a new
i- hom.-felt pleasure could quiet n-stle-r
spirit*, craving questionable or illicit
amusement-. More true enjoyment
might In- observed in such groups
»ban ou the piazzas of fa-iiionabie re
* or '''- I-and lord* could arrange for the
j tÈdy ami dec«»rative care of their home
11 alteration in structure
I the upper #t«»ri^» of honmu, now stuffy
pla«'«*' enough, could h«« made light
aud airy, aru! attractive as resort*» of
j play room» in inclement weather—I
j Popu ar 8c*len« t e M«»nthly
periodi<*al »weeping of nn» », a» well
a» the hall» and »tair-way», and.
anions a very large cla»» of reapect
aille p«*or. pride would »timulate hi a

— About four htiudrtul itrul fifty cubic
f<N l wf w « n |»Hck.*d timothy buy in
fflow or ntack wil* make « ton.
— itm most snowing man in the
oourse of the longest life wil; always
have much o lea- n; and the wi-«i-l and
i b«L much to improve. Miuftes
— Much a* friend* add to the happi
oess and value of life, we must in the
main do|>cnd on ourselves; and every
one is his own lie»; friend or his worst
i —Jf there are those who will plan
j «vil, there are always those who will
carry it oui. But it 1» the piaunmg ot
tbe leader, rather than the doing of the
subordinate, that merits chief blame. —
& & Time*
Once a Weak.
"If you w
me. .*nd trouble haunted you.**
ft» wh ta* tered low,
••Weighed down four aoui in doubt, what
Would von d*.. v *
Td tail aoiin one my troubla, wer« 1 y ou,**
With accent alow,
ft he »ad. And yet agniii: *Tf you »era m#,'
Me laid, "and loved a awuat laaa tenderly.
What would you do?"
Flu «tote irrt w her die©* and drooped her
he ail :
"I think i ü go and tell her w," ahe «aid,
"If I war« you."
"Ah. awed! 'tt* you
mean. my lilt!« lova—
1 lova you. Flo/'
Yet lower drooped her *un kissed head »bow
The rove» on hcr bciwt; » frifhleaed do va
Ne'er Auilured mo.
*'l lov* you. de»r." he »«Id «»»in; end she—
Klcr »newer e'er will be » mystery,
'Tv»» •» d
What's that?"
Higgins mad» a dive for something in
tween his thumb and finger, ami
Slapped his thigh joyfully as he said:
"A livc-dollar gold piece, sure a»
guns! First money I ever found in my I
life! I'll have me u now hut out of
thst, and take the bullies home some
—Cecil l*crcy Puole, In Harper', Weekly.
How Hi«*
« cUl.r,»It'll the |»i«co«ery of
a H«»-|t»ll«r bold Pbre.
••Jee Whlllikens!
the mud at his feet, fished it out be- !

toy* and something lo my wife!"
A moment later he met two friends
and said:
J^iythe, how are you? How're
you. Ha et ? S'posing we step into,.,
'. * , . ,
Archie Hvnn t place and take some
thing. I vc just found flveoollnr. and
. .. ....
I II set -m up on the strength of tL
What.set up ' cost eighty cents. 1
and ten minutes later he ml tbneo of I

the --bov* from the oflits- and gen
erously "set up" 'Vigors ail 'round."
Then he tossed tveatv-five m ats Vo !
a blind ts-ggar and gave the office boy
ten cents for blacking his IhhiIs
He wrote a letter to ills married sis
ter thst morning, to which was the
following postscript:
"I ph-kisl up five dollars on the
street to-day. and inclose two of it,
with which you may get the children
something from Dncie Henry."
•Hines* I'll go down to the Darker
House und get my dinner to-day in
stead of to tho lunch-counter 'round
'lie corner.''he suid at main; "1 can
.fford something extra Ui-day. "
Then he paid a dollar aud a half
or anew straw hat, spent a dollar for
toys for thu children and unothur dol
lar for a vase for his wife
"By Jove!" ho said, us lie was pass
ing a theater, "my wife's been want
ing all the week to go und sei- laitta
and I suid we couldn't afford it, but
Imaged if we cun't when a follow
picks live-doilar gold pieces up out of
! the mud!"
A day or two later Higgins found
rallier siiia-r amusement in covering
a slus-t of paper with the following
"Thing* bought with five doUnrs 1
found Wednesday—Hut, dollar and a
half; theater tickets, two dollars; oi
; gars for boys, fifty cents; drinks (or
boys, eighty cents; beggar, twenty
five; office boy. ten cents; Sister Nell,
two dollars; dinner at Durker's, dollar
and a half; toys for children, u dollar;
vase for wife, u dollar: box early
strawberries, fifty cents; neck tins, dol
lar and a half; new cane, ninety cent*;
pound candy, forty; gloves, dollar and
a half; guve wife, one doilur and a
half; total sixteen dollars and ninety
five t-ents.
"If I'd found twenty dollars I'd have
gone into hanki uptey, hanged if I
wouldn't." lie said, as hot-.irned tonne
of the boys and borrowed a dollar to
Iasi him until Nul u id ay.—Time.
Vi«e Hayiiiu» Whirl» Foil from the l.lpa
of tireat f*hil«»«optierxr
Cowartlit» is tho greatest giver of
Sparc moments are the gold dust of
He who is devoted to every body is
devoted to nobody.
If you note ait the details you have
Dot seen the whule.
Deliberation, too fur prolonged,
defeats it- own ends.—Nelson.
Bands make tbe mountains—mo
ments make the years.—Young.
Habit renders wrong-doing of any
kind a sort of second nature.
Nothing is degrading which a high
m;d graceful purpose ennobles.
Truth has never yet proved futal to
any one; there arc too many antidotes
To owe gratitude oppresses a course
nature: to receive it oppresses a fine
Socialism is the fantastical younger
brother of a n-ariy spent despotism,
whose inheritance he claims.
The gardens of modern poetry Uki
often betray a nearness to tlie drain*
of the elties.
Ther,-Is not enough religion in the
world to ndmlt of the annihilation of
For many natures it is us much a
duty of cleanliness to chungo opinions
as lo ehunge clothes.
Not »hen il i* dangerous to tell Ihe
truth will site lark a prophet, but only
when it is tiresome.
Those things » hielt engage us merely
by their novelty van uot attract us fur
any length of time.
Man should command hi- !h--h os a
slave hi* master. The domiuion of
the enfranchised is the most imiteri
He that hoaslfth himself tu know
every thing i- most ignorant; ami lie
that prose moth to know nothing is
Plato, R ('. 427.
Oui age is the night of lilt- a- night
is the old age of day. Still, night i*
full of magnificence, sad for many it
is more brilliant than the day.
If you have built castle- in the air
your work need not be iost. tout R
j where they should is-. X"w pul the
iuundutious under them —iLio .au.
i un -st wi
thir j?rx*ate.«t hold on happin» 39 < 9 . i
lo tread
firmly «mi faithfully in the !
j path of duty; knowing and
•ceming loss i
for ua
t«» f ?i<* ». m* i a Ukbva rh.it bi
unctimes greatest gubi j
Me Luuia Maga/uio.
I - Tna great
j 0«*»** 1» this;
gie* to »'agnate,
many irons in the tire
poker, tonga and ail, keep them ail
lug. — Aduiu Clarke.
*ret of human happi
Never suffer
your ener
Tbo c»ld adage "too
If ou can not have
an un
ion many.
—''iii-Ii a tiling a* bringing it libel
'nil against « newspaper bn« not boon
in I Inly for filty year*. The
lielief la that « 11 .-eka to toll
Ihr truth.

If it is mistaken. a frank
statement to that effect sati-He* the
— I he Daris Figaro describe* King
Alphonse XIII. a* the happiest and
beat-loved of all the rulers ol the
He U «aid to lie* a very beauti
fnl child, with a laughing face and fair
hair falling down over his shoulders.
— When Dr. Wells Williams
Canton, in I «H», there
went to
wiMt only one
Chinese convert, and the penalty for
teaching foi eigner* the Chinese lan
guage « a* death. Now there are S3.
UOO convert*.
— V\ tiutover mitigates the woes or
increases the happiness of others is a
just criterion of righteousness. One
should not quarrel without a reason
sufficient to vindicate one through all
the courts of morality.
—However good you mar he, you
have fault*: however dull you may be.
you can find out what some of them
are; and, however slight they may be.
you had better make some not too
painful, but patient —efforts to get quit
of them.—John Kuskin.
—Thou mayst fw sure that he that
will In private tell thee of thy faults is
lity friend, fop he adventures thy dis
like, aud doth haxnrd thy hatred; for i
_ , ...
there are few men that nan endure it,
, ..
every man for the most part delighting
. . .... 1 . ..
in self-praise, which 1s one of the meet
, , , ,, , , .. .
1 'V'"" * '" l K h «*" ch "'*> -«•
I ""f S,r "
—1 lien- is nothing which more ex

°PP°»»r of a good man.
! tha0 U, * t whi,-h If'*»* out of "
f*"*"" 1 "" "f »he fact that it is use
'"** u> ••'«.-.iw- with one who does not
T*" 1 J* , ' ,ir H " * h o •» «'"j»*» in
lus words and ways feels the sting of
self-possessed silence on the jiert of
him whom he is ilt-treating. — 8. 8.
A Docket Cigar Ca*e and five of 'Tan
sill's I iiiii-h." all for 2tc,
ll Is tb>- fisillsb aim of tbr sthrtst to scan In
ItiiUuilc with a microscope.
J-lin I. Wood, of Stratford, Out., was
cured •'( cramp* In the legs by wearing
Ai.ii is k's Dimi-s Di.astkhh. Mr. Wood
"Some three months ago I was taken
very sh k with severe pain in the small of
my Pack over the kidneys. The pain was
excruciating. 1 applied an Al.l-ro< It'*
Dollps Dt.AMi.lt- over the affected regt- n
and lisd relief almost within an hour. At
the some time, in conjunction with this
trouble, I hsd very great nervous dia'ur
Inuicc, »fieriing my legs with cramps so I
could scaieely sleep. Meeting with such
.eress with my bark I applied s plsa'er
under tin-knee on each leg. and In three
days was eompli-lely cured, and have
never been troubled in either way since."
• aud ntrb all
He Trw
Hate idle
lit all word* aud actio«».

-, rr- -S 3 pg
r. s. ST A N DA It I ) S< ' A L K
- liFIIVhKH* —
Free of fr«*ttfht on .N» day» trial, warranted S
year.» only #37. Give ua a trUI and w«j will
zzzivlmcm >ou that our Scale ia the moat simple,
reliable ami durable nmuu «Cured. Addr^r*
F. < ll»mi A\. Acral,
% I hast.) . Hr.
nco cnotft oiamond srano A
TL. wl) rwMBM»HUfcr«hS.
■ • - a*e*1
TT»It m Uhrr.
f 4 m ^
•ay Pirat*« Cura for (V«. I
tlien have thru» return
have made Ihr >lUra«v
« life-U»tH study I
■riLarav utfau
rarasd y
failed is
rveeivtaa a cure HhkI »Imm
U -tllr of aiy lufalhUr r s easdy
i N -
h V
U» «ofd fie»e
Otse Ktj-f«* aotl »*. et l HBe»
H G R*MiT M O IBS Pearl HE. Nee York.
^ i praarrlba and fully ea
d«»rae Ht« li »• tbe o»iy
•ueciflr for the certain car»
Of thiadiraara
A materdaat. N Y.
We have «old Rt» » for
«nan» year«, and .1 baa
ftven tbe boat
1 TO » DATS.
nrae.tr a, w.
cv.icago. lit
Sl.ee. fioM by Drusslsu
Ai*»l rx|fu»w »«* rvprvrant tRe
Pai ilir Land Anil Loan C o.
Ill thlscoauty B»-«t of relre-acr« n-jnlrel A I
ply *1 Home outre
Flood Mwllitlax. ssaa Fraorlsre. Cal.
Ku in's
««fa nut!»«
«»nt tm-«fctiM( «rat«*« mV Ini.wbti lirsuKril
llitob-raltlc lutin It wa»t-*lk*d Ia fcihh
*• imm curat!
triBln! ut*-» 11 it
f »»ir of who
Mijr «»nfriB that I o«>
«<> raUrf. I
DiV |.r*rib. ut «imh| liriUthttiKK K.wbh'ii
In mv ratmi«ii<>n U IriVMliwYtlr «a a blmml
'•»svJll.lt IhtW ITT,
■rZT N luth Hi . Ml. Isuiilw. Mu.
I l fl* I-M
huhv wl.
i*ii,..t ssiu ■Br-'f.ii.t, wfU'ii for h luiw
.IralrtkyFU hrr hrIeM rrllraly,swl
• 'i.-wioLii .*f it»'r life. Tbswi u r
1 -. f »* I tt * v ** h*r. Binl »*• E»'**
Hwifl't «h»-!i snow PU ra d hrr rll
vl* , Mil l she I« n«»w «alt* Bll«! Iirart V.
► \ Oki.k. Wilt*» l*otnl, tVaaa.
iWnry «»I
• • ' Hotel f««r h«ik ClvlHU
RI-mmI Iiimium «II«! B*l\b'0 I«« mu If»* rar«*
It i tail«'« I fr»*e*
The Celebrated F rench Cure,
I * >> if*« s A
»f ih©
«I «Ml
ei tin - * 1 1 * h ■
»«<«»«, |ol
or « M"«»
er iud'titf«
.t *
iiMcnrlioo. »
Hf*»ui 1*1*0 !
• ««i«. 1'tiM.nnUoi) Nurtmii
W©mk Mr».
nu» n
n I
! "
. I
*f r**»
•i h
•xe* fur a».uu mu! by
X XX till II N«,| AltANTKS: teffflvwn f*«Y
•t, »««
i* r...!.».. t,n| ThotaaaiHta off tMlannwii
fnvm Mdau«l likiiik el win r©rnia»»©ut)v
CjD*j)») Afmf .IIITINU < irr mar (r»>© After©«.»
H<»ld hv DtraiMc A |j»ur. Ifrun
'♦»te w.« »hin Eton hi#.. !*nrtiaud. Or.
N. P. N. U. No. ail^P. F. N. Ü. No. »71
I tn©
i*i», ©or. H*v
Wr ssim.- mi«v wlllliutlr *n w-uualiitsare in
• I »rri»ïr thau a friend on (1*11
hair Thai Mtrrel ff.lrl!
Ih»u't let that iMautlful girl fade nod droop
lute !t;r«lldUm or »Ink lut' ait early »rare for
want of timely t are at the moat critical »tage of
her life. Dr Piere*'« Favorite I'rearriptiou will
aid In regulating her health and eatabllabiug It
on a firm hnai» aud may save her year« of
chronic aufferlug and ©mj*e«t)i©Qt itohappitiea*.
A more pleasant nhyatc
v*»u un .-r vs ill find
Than Pierce a «mall -Pellet»."
The Purgative kind
Help •mnehody worse off thau vnuraelf. and
you wilt And that you are better «»IT than you
HrlibC» IH
About two yean »«<• our «laughter had eou
to au
4» i liehe« «round
w the knee. After
»ration of thr kidney*, wbirh éevr'uMMl
f»ri»ht'« pise«** Her body w m* «wollen
etionnou» «ix« —me »au ri
tb<* wai«t. and If* im* be«
phv»it iaa« had «heu up ber nuts I determined
to have her try t»r Keunrdy'* "Favouit* Kkh
kbT. 'of Koodout, N. V. «ira^lually the «well
tu» was reduced from 4. to W inche» Abe be
»au to gain strength, and was able to welk
I without fatigue We do not know how to ex
pres« our gratitude for what It has doue tor
child. We are confide*! the Favorite Remedy
will do ail that is claimed for it—surely God
. and we earnestly
re co mme nd it U» all stiffrriug from kiduay dis
order«—#*. D. Van Htisklrk. Itemarest. S. Y.
Da. Kkxhkdv'* Favokitk Kkmeov. ramie at
Koudout. N. Y. $1; 6 for kV
Hend for M, bow to rare Kidney. Ll%*er aud
H1 <mh| <ll»ttr«t* II
baa li li'Mfd It In this
The ansd painful way may lie the rich
but It Is not tbe right one la-canar it Is the
palufnl _ ^_
' Stick lo your huainea«." Is very good
advi-e. but «till there are a great many
le in the world wb<> have no regular
and profitable bu.ine. to stick u»: and
i *»d there are othrrs who are following a
line of buaineae which ia manifest'y un
suited to them. Now. when s-'ch is the
case you had better write to B. F. John
son Sc Co., Richmond Va., and see If tbev
cannot give you a pointer. They have
helped a great many men and women
along the way to fortune, and now stand
re*,!) to assist y«u, too.
Morr hrsrt« plnr awsy In arrrrt snrnlrii I..r
tbr want of klnittit-rr than Imm any other ral
amity in Ilf.
"Irass'a Brearblal Turk»«" an an
pflVfllfE Couirb Riiiwdr Sold ont if its hojrr».
Frier 2.S rt«
The country la floocsd with poor loilt st toss of
"Und of North Csrotls* Pina Cat Hssokt^
Tohkcno ~
_ Pllll I_
gmeam i
the Oraai t'atswv Ura Mthsl
aahr is
; OO.
Vlmjr. Hduapiea worth »V.1I
Unes not under bonwa' feat
•—water Halktr Bela
Beider tw» Bctlv.Bleh.
Dr. Spinney A Co
las First BL Call Of
• 1'urusud.ot addrwe
AFUcy. A**-, da« u» m««m or «bu«e. et» rad.
«ratio« should avail thnoMlvm of onr treatment
*Y*r fS-äSs
at their h unr* hr
km or I ndis
Wftk Back. Nervous
ftllYBEUL etc., cured
Frtaad or g uld« tu * adlock.
— ar«oLB*ALK%an »«tail dsalskr
— fink —
Fishing Tackle,
Font Hdla.
I to,ing lilovsa.
Indtsa < 'lutta
Masks. Foil».
r Vilot
Western AgsnU for
A.G. Spoilt «Bras'.

Hic-yciss. Vcloclpwtm, Tricycles.
IN A I •? Meres* Nt_ rarllaad. Or.
*RS*,-M -Toss
An Army Veteran,
Who ha* f*TO»>*hlr MiflYrvd »ora than mny
wo»»«*» in s%«t*-rl» a today. Taken
al« k white In tira Ar»), h© hua rmiur.-l
untold »Hoi»!©* «lu« ©. IH-M-rlMitx hi« flr>t
Miu^tiui» h© a;»i«l **lljr h**«*l a» h©<l an«1
«njr «ppctite wma poor. I f. U a fiiinim*»* at
th© pit «if th© Monta»'!), nu.| ba»l Ibi»!r in mv
•ith, whir© my aktu ««> aon»*Ti
U »«S fôW. 1 il. xt fell pain« iu
»y tett-k and around th© l«»w«-r |»ortitm o/
■n i*i ' ■. •• -I Both < -«i :t i- «liar odor and
c*«l»»r in tli© water 1 ptom-A, wld» h »ha
»©A itfv -)t on© »Im© aii«1 fri t« at uthura. Ho»©
fini» * it p«tfli©d »•* to void IL an»! aintin ir
waj» atm«*«t iia|iu»<ltilo to do mj at all. Ki
«all» 1 te*«nn
in)©* hot
pa*m rirar bl«M»d aero»*
with thofrr©*«t©«t«Train anduauny."
K*» I©«« !h.irt 90 ©tu in©nt |»hysi« iiiu* af
t©ud«*d Mr Kurlniah «t v«rto*i* liunbut
»*! on© of them von Yd h©ip him. II© w«
«: **I
alive and well to-day. wlwdly tbroa^b thu
of llutit'aK©m©<l) will* u
t4H»i m© from the verge of tli© grave.**
Thi« fir* rit K*'m«sty « UIm/Wh carer all
Kiducy, Liver and Urinary Jhae « uh*«.
won«!«-rut! |*»»ur©r
For Mal© hy all Deal©r«.
C. S. < HITTKNTON, Owsral Afral.
lia I ull4*n ML, N. Y.
That UMukrr*« *14 Waasaa
Dracritotl m th© uurwvrr hiU>d. 'Who 11 \ ***1
u|K>n uotbiuR hm vituai» and driuk
' would WtEf bv qtltet.'* wa* tind«*oM©dlyi
trouM©«) with ©hmute tu«!ix««t iuii M©f virtual*.
Mkr thoa© of mauy other eMprh p*rt*m*
dig©*tiY© ««»wer« h»i> become impair. I. did«'
S0** with her. TM* wa* before Ut»- «r» h of
HoftHIrr i st«>ma< h Bitter*. or some on© of her
uuiiierou« Irlruil« and rrisUvr» would
dotibtedly luire persuaded her to try »hr srrrat
speflflr for dysfMM*fiU. « o«*»ti|». tlon ami hilltmi«
uld kiavf boeti a Mi* a»un* of wlf
MMloo on their joirt f«*r -h* « •
nave laru cared and ©oaaed to ilUturh ih
with her clamor. The most otjatliiatv c[ I
iixllfcation, with IU attendant heart hart». Ha
tu lente, const «nt unranlurM of the «to !
of the nerv«-«. an* completely over**«»»«- i,% tit 1»
•overetin* ramed» Chill» and fever and bllloH*
remitteut. rheumatism and kidney troute«**
alao relieved by It.
«1 vet
« i.
i Mg
I at
-h und
f generally the bigger tbr man » br«rt »*. tin
Whit# Elephant of Slam, Lion of Eng
land. Dratmn of Chin», Crass of Ss User,
land, Banner of Persia, Crescent of Egypt
Double Eagle of Bussia. Star of ChiiLTne
Circle of Japan, Harp of Erin.
r ibese buy a box of the genuine
McLa.nkh Cki.khua TKl. 1,1V KU
Piua, price tt> cenu, and mail us the out
side wrapper with your audre-s, plainly
written, and 4 cent* in stamps. *Vr will
then mail you the above'1st with an el>
gaut package of oieogrsphic sud chro
matte tarda
Fuad',» Hh. si., Ptttkboho. Da.
Tom loiTok- Please Inform you- reade-»
that 1 bare a positive remedy for the above
named dtseaaa. By tu timely use '* —-**
glad to .end two bottle« of my reme
dy rasa U> any of your readers who have
sumption If they will aeud me their exprès,
and postofBre address. Kespertfullv
T. A. B'XKfPM. M C.. 1st Pwsrl st. New York
Nothin* is
reveal It.
secret hut time and truth will
tleasampitas amrely Cared.
of hope le
shall I»
Hr wlm Is nrrrr xaHtjrof fotltisi Is nnt
as hr linkst nr.
The iKeulisrity ot Dobbins' Elrririr
8os|>i* that it sets right on the dirt nml
s/iiiim in clothes and makes them purr ....
snow, and at tbe same lime It pvrmrrrrs
thr ctotkr* and makes thrm keep cleat,
longer. Have your irr. cer i rder it.
What W'uipturr U tu a bltM'k of marhlr rthira
tH»u Is to thr soul.
Are Offering First-Class New Engines at Half Price.
Write for Description and Price«.
II. I». (sllKGOItY Jk C«.,
90 » 99 N. First Street. Fortland. Oregon.
lf # You Are Sick
With HFadach*. Neuraljrla. Rb moati|»i l»y*|«*t*
ala. BUIouhm'r«. HUnmI Huiuoo. Kklié, Musm*.
rtaaUpatkRi. Fnnale Troultlea. FVver and A gu?.
8!cepl*Nknec*. Farual Faralysls.
traUoti. um* FaiiM*'« (\Wrj r«imp(»und and !«•
currd In each of th««r the eatiae ts m*mal or
physU^al overwork, auxiety, cx|*miiv «»r iiftlarin
Uie eA*et of whleh U ki «t-akeit thu Bervoua «y>*
teiu. rmiltiox in otw* of theae <Unhh n Remove
theCAtTiK with that »reat Nerve Tunk-. «u*l tbe
RHti LT will disappear.
■»Vf ni Pm
Paine s Celery Compound
Ja» U Howss «prtn^-W Ma— . «rit,-«
" *J»inr'» Lriery 1 <«ni»'UiU rautsS !«• rxielled •"
a Xsnrr Ionic In my raw- s . u*l,- lakli ■
WFHurht « Rn-Ht « huiiir» My ncrv-uttui» entirely
disappeared, and with it the WMilttuit atfe« tlijii
of the stTtmach. heart and livwr. and the ah-lo
U»t»e of the sfUUnTi was wonrterfu ly ittvlcorat<Nl
I tell my fneiuD. if «k'k as I lauvt been. Faines
oiery compound
Will Cure Y OU !
Bold irj dnurxirt* tl;aU(u*r- I'r.-iwri-l ot;';
by WsLis, Hu m ,Kiwi- .v fa. Burhuxt..i> vt
_ , . _ — ...... .
Fir the Aged, Nervous, Debilitated
' / a - '
— A —
Dilicim Used)
itataUiy h*
-■ M'li!
Tlie Great Cure
Mit [?t* y
\f%rn id !
at Tara J
:• i eo
A Regulator of the Liver s Kidneys.
- «. •
Scrofula, Hheumatism,
ME enfin
Salt Rheum, Neuralgia,
And all other blood and Skin Diseases.
- m
It is a positive rim* for all those 1'ainftil, Delicate
< oinplaints und ctKii|dieatisl trtjuliles and Weaknesses I
common among «str Wives, Mothers und Ihnigliters.
Tlie effect is imini-diate und lasting. Two or Hirse
das s of l»r. I'iirdi-c's ... taken dailv keepa
agllP» tl.ebh.sl
RffiEOY I tintly oradkiUt ffniii tin* avidcm all traun of Scrutiüa, |
flüflKI |1
um S
K)l, tin» liv««r und kidvtcv*
ive, an*l will en
Sait HImmiiii, or any otlu r form of Id.*«! dine»**.
N*» mediciru* ever intnxlu«^*il in tliiu « ou ntry has met
w it It Ntic'h r»'ieiy sale, nor given a u*h univemai sutishw-tioii
wheik'Vpr unnI us that of I Mr. PantiT'a lC« !in*d $ .
Tliiu rniHuly hau Iweit usc»l in the hospitals tlirou rln*ut
tin* «»Id worlii f« »r the past twenty-live years, as a H|a-cific
I for the above diw*aH«*s, and it 1ms ami will ctin* when all
other no-*-'ailed remedies faT,
Send for puuphlft «»f tc tini«*i»i.il- fr*»»ii tliONc who ha\"e '
! l«*en cured bv it» um . Dniggiata m* 11 it at f 1.00 per
boltln, Try it atul )«» c*«ivintT*»l.
i iiw
«t»«« it
HA! fPACTmui 1 >T
, ■
™ Pardee Medicine Compart,, Rochester, N. Y.
At Ihutumm *»»* litum
ra* of xws s*l at •<
—•*• *" " ■" rt "
j*.... arc* « 11 *.«
RNh|/|[Z|J|# » r«««t.s. 'r
« IWWH f » STS» Tg»tl
**-- ms umi .—- ■—
*—.-ras M*s euan-tsc'cMS l«aa* flf«r.
itrrtM* UvklllDt rr »
Kituo-ll you ns.-s su OM Sore thst Deed,
h.sllnit. suit thst other remedies hsve failed to
hesi; or s breaking out or Itching of the scalp
or body or a Boll, Burn. Cut, or sue aliment tor
which a Halve I. suitable, buy a iVcent bo« of
Belli a« naive, which la Warranted to
< ure when everyth lac else Mils If not kept by
your drumtUt »end » cenu la .tamps to I. C.
hcusBt. Alt.. Astoria, Or., and receive a box
by 1ml _
af lbs Ml iilnlipk
r, Wall Paper. MsUonrrrgjllAaksU, ■se
as4 Hasdi
ess. lira«*. M «incisas; Clocks,
ip lor full Hal by Am Mail,
»ttTuebuuy aui waDut—ull
t •/
JtursbB- „ " 1 » ' A»k t r* „ jT^TosT Unît lâku
*** »*»«, m IU«
. i, _ # N
 i//v ce #/'•/»// J FOR
" J f ■
A Codt Co/Of ed ||)
j ■
Surments hcfiewcd ) CENTS
A Child can use them \*
u a
«>wk» .nUrU tor nil Faner uwd Art WOfk.
At dm.ni»i* sun Mir-hain, l^rr H—W tree
*wi; «• .- - •'■»mm.*.

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